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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  February 10, 2023 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> here at home, i feel like i can just roll out of bed, take a shower, get my coffee and go to my desk versus having to spend a lot of time commuting. >> reporter: this is what antonia's workday looks like three days a week working on disability. >> all the work i do with students and colleagues in hybrid is primarily on zoom. >> reporter: one of the many employees whose work arrangement was impacted by the pandemic significantly. the census survey showed the number of people working from home tripled between 2019 and 2021, 6% to 18% of workers. the bay area led the way among metro areas. >> the bay area is heavily concentrated on tech,
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professional and business services, finance to a lesser extent. those are the sectors where there's lots of scope for remote work. >> reporter: the professor has a monthly poll of attitudes with other researchers. their findings highlight vast disparities across demographics and earnings. >> the kinds of jobs that scientific, technical workers have, they lend themselves to remote work more than working in a factory. >> reporter: although women have a stronger desire to work remotely, men, specifically white men, are more likely to be given that option. it's no surprise in san francisco out of 200,000 people working from home, 53% were white, 28% asian, 10% hispanic and only 3% black.
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the director of the low wage program at uc berkeley labor center. >> part of the reason so many women and workers of color were affected more severely by the pandemic is that they're overrepresented in those industries that pay low wages. >> reporter: as a result of the dramatic change in the work force, technology that supports work at a distance is playing a crucial role. even for journalists like me. >> google and zoom are investing heavily in this. you even see the patent applications with the trademark office. >> reporter: 13% are still fully remote. 58% are full-time on site, 29% in hybrid arrangements. employers plan to keep workers at home 2.3 days per week on average.
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but there's a difference of perception of how productive workers are not in the office. >> we ask workers whether they think they're more productive when they work from home, most say yes, a little bit more productive when they work from home. when we ask their employers what they think, most, not all -- a little bit less productive working from home. >> would you say it's a bad thing for the economy or good? >> it's largely a good thing, but it does present big challenges for some parts of the country. central cities being the primary source of vulnerability. >> antonia is saving time and money not commuting, but people who work from home spend less money in central cities, hurting support businesses, reducing commercial property values, sales tax and transit revenues
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as well. will you take another job you have to be there five days a week? >> absolutely not, i will never work five days a week in the office ever again. >> according to the experts i spoke to, there is a lot of bargaining power on the side of workers asking for more flexible work agreements and they're telling the companies to work with that autonomy. >> 888-996-tips or a lot of moving parts now on 22nd avenue in san francisco. investigators remain on the scene after the house fire and explosions yesterday. at the same time the neighbors are coming back to assess damage to their homes. christie smith has the latest. >> reporter: this is video
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showing the moment an explosion happened on 22nd avenue yesterday. when you're seeing is a home two doors down from the site of the explosion. the shock wave was so strong it literally blew the doors off and rocked the sunset neighborhood. neighbors felt the blast and many homes were damaged as well. >> loud bang, things fell off the walls, the house shook. i ran outside, not sure what was going on. >> reporter: she stayed on the block with her grandmother and they were evacuated. she's back home and repairs are under way. >> we're okay, really lucky. a lot of doors were damaged. >> reporter: a relative shared video from inside the home next to the explosion. the damage is extensive and the home has been red-tagged as uninhabitable. a half dozen homes nearby have shattered windows, being boarded
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up as the homeowners call their insurance companies. >> facing the street, the door cannot close. the room facing the street is full of glass. >> reporter: a neighbor shot this video yesterday. the fire ultimately killed one, injured three others. >> we had 50-gallon drums, buckets with chemicals in them. they'll be evaluated by the task force and dph. we did have members from hazmat out yesterday. >> reporter: today heavy equipment was brought in to clear the debris from the home at the center of the blast. nbc bay area news. >> some of the evidence taken from the home in san francisco was transported today when problems occurred. crime lab workers were
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transporting tanks like propane tanks from the house. the driver heard a hissing noise and pulled over near the daly city b.a.r.t. station. the tank was leaking. firefighters won't say what was inside but it triggered evacuations and the closure impacting daly city and colma b.a.r.t. stations. they were closed about four hours, a headache for the commute. no one was hurt. the u.s. military shot down what they're calling a high altitude object over alaska. the department of defense has been tracking this device the last 24 hours before shooting it down this afternoon. it was 40,000 feet, about the same altitude as commercial planes. president biden gave the order to shoot it down on the recommendation of the pentagon after it investigated this unmanned object. >> last night a couple of
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fighter aircraft surveilled it, tried to glean as much information as we could about what it was to have a sense. another such flight today and you know, ended in a shoot down. >> we don't know what it was, who it belonged to. this is a week after the u.s. shot down a chinese spy balloon off the carolina coastline. our celebration of black history and heritage continues, a chef that helps bring the community together and a special guest to help share her story. looks delicious. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we have spotty rain on storm
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we're celebrating black heritage, spotlighting the people who bring people together in the community. what better way than cooking?
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>> we like when it involves food. we're getting an assist from our former basketball player and current nbc bay area. >> the chef talked about her background and what makes her food different. >> i'm excited to be with you in the kitchen today, i want to learn something to use at home. i'm a single guy. >> we're going to make something super easy. fried rice, oxtail. oxtail here, day-old rice here. cabbage, snap peas, garlic. shred the oxtail off the bone.
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>> so southern comfort food with an asian twist. what does it mean? >> i grew up with two grandmas, both who cooked. it's literally a combination of me on the plate. >> one's a chinese immigrant, the other a homemaker from the south. >> yes. they didn't know each other, one didn't speak english, other didn't speak cantonese, i lived between them, so they had to see each other. my earliest memory of cooking with them was when i was 4. in one house i was washing greens ten times in the sink. at the other house i was plucking feathers off chickens. >> is this a way for you to share yourself with the world? >> it is. a lot of people question what is cajun cooking -- not c-a-j-u-n,
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c-a-s-o-u-n. >> i like it. >> you're going to drop it back in here. >> what would your grandmas say from this fusion you created? >> they saw it all the time because that's how it came together. my chinese grandmother loved -- >> back on the fire? >> yes. loved my other grandma's collard greens. they would switch out food when they switched me out. there's the garnic. look what you can do. >> oh, my gosh. >> you did that. >> who would have thought it. >> this is festus' oxtail fried rice. >> chef festus to you.
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she didn't want to open a restaurant but loved cooking for the community, she started in the pandemic selling from her home, then opened up magnolia street restaurant and kitchen, named for the street she group on. >> when you're the only chinese family on the block in west oakland, you kind of merge everything together. my family is so mixed that, you know, that's just how we grew up. it wasn't any big anomaly or phenomenon. >> being mixed, did you ever feel like you were embraced by both sides? or weren't black or asian enough? >> my chinese name is jin-jin. but outside of our unit, it was different. >> she's fluent in an original dialect of cantonese.
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>> you see chinese lady walking down the street with this brown girl who speaks perfect cantonese, they're looking, where did you get her from. she would do things to make it easier for me. would be giving me a bath, scrubbing and scrubbing and i didn't know what she was doing, i wasn't playing in the dirt, i'm not dirty. >> trying to get the black off. >> trying to get the black off. if i got too dark, hot outside, make we walk to chinatown with an umbrella not to get a tan. >> you're one of the backbones of this community. what do you want people to experience in the food and culture? what do you want them to leave and walk away with? >> love, pride, and joy. being able to feed our community, which we do every week, that's so important. because we are community-based. we are rooted.
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i'm in it to win it until the wheels fall off of oakland. >> thank you for teaching me to cook and sharing your story and what you're doing. this is amazing. >> thank you for coming. >> that is cool. >> got to go there and eat. >> i loved that conversation, too. enjoyable meal. weather, had to pull out sweater, jacket, i was bundled up today. >> a hard turn after yesterday. >> you warned us but didn't know it would be that extreme. >> i walked out the door, oh, man, it's still winter. but if you have plans in weekend, we're not looking at rain all day saturday and sunday. live sky camera network from emeryville towards san francisco, we have clouds rolling in. bullet points to expect tonight. spotty chance of rain, keep that into tomorrow morning, then
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looking at wind and also additional shower chances in my seven-day forecast. what we're dealing with is a system dropping down, bringing cold and a rain chance into tomorrow morning. pinpoint it, this is the center of the system right off to the north. counterclockwise spin is the center of low pressure. there's not a lot of rainfall, it's taking a drier path. storm ranger mobile doppler radar. we have scattered rain, a track over the peninsula, showers into redwood city and then moving through black point and el verano. 6:47. rainfall is scattered into 11:30 tonight. tomorrow morning, low pressure
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spins around, we'll see widespread chances of rain from santa rosa down to the peninsula. moderate and a few heavier pockets, but it's not going to last long. by the afternoon, watch how quick this kicks out of here. it 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, we get sun and some cloud cover mixing in. because of the quick movement, rain totals are on the low side with this one. trace amounts to about 0.25 inches across the bay area. sierra, snow totals up until 10:00 tomorrow morning 2 to 5 inches. after 10:00 a.m., we're looking at good travel weather, especially into sunday with sunshine to go skiing through south lake tahoe, all the sierra. numbers start out in the low 40s. jacket with the umbrella. north bay is 40. daytime highs, keeping it in the
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50s the entire bay area. 58 in napa. 55 in palo alto, 56 in san jose. seven-day forecast, drying out saturday afternoon into sunday. wind, 15 to 35, chance of a spotty shower. dry wednesday and thursday and looks to be a system next to the coast friday to offer additional rain chances. right now doesn't look like anything big. my job, i'll keep an eye, you sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend. >> big weekend, saturday and super bowl sunday, lot going on. still to come, do you wonder what it takes making the footballs for the super bowl? we'll take you inside the factory that's b ee
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ready for the weekend? more than 50 million americans are expected to bet on the super bowl. an estimated $16 billion will be wagered. this marks the first super bowl to be played in a state with legal betting, arizona. >> people have been doing this for thousands of years, you know. i think the evolution of the industry here demonstrates an acknowledgment of the fact it's always been there. >> you don't have to be in arizona with the emergence of online betting and all the apps. eagles are favored to win by
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1.5%, it's a toss-up. >> my friend asked me to join her pool. i don't gamble. where do the footballs used come from? all nfl official footballs are made by hand at wilson in ohio. intense and detailed. employees cut, sew, turn, stamp and lace each ball before they're inflated and weighed to perfection. they've been stamped with the team name, the location and super bowl lvii. next, a break from super bowl to talk about the warriors. big news unfolding right now. yesterday's big trade might be business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ this is odd. yesterday's big warriors trade with like three, four teams, might be nullified. all these problems. >> james wiseman to the pistons and gary payton iii back is in trouble. >> gary payton ii was at chase center but did not practice with the warriors. the defensive specialist was acquired from portland with two second-round picks from atlanta
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in a four-team deal that sent james wiseman to the pistons. but it could be in jeopardy after gp2 reportedly failed his physical. he has a core muscle injury that could sideline him up to four months. head coach steve kerr had little to share about the deal this afternoon. >> i'm not at liberty to talk before it, anything with the trade, until it's finalized. >> reporter: gp2 was a key part of the warriors' championship run last season. they were counting on his spark off the bench to fight back into playoff contention in a loaded western conference. >> a lot of teams in the west got better and stronger, already some teams that were strong to start with. the conference got better. >> reporter: warriors have until tomorrow to make a decision.
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stephen curry, suffered partial ligament tears february 4th, will be out another ten days at least. the team says he'll be re-evaluated after the nba all-star break. nbc bay area. >> this throws a wrench in everything. were so excited. >> the physicals -- >> it happened with the giants. >> yes. jessica aguirre. at 6:00, the weekend rain on the radar again, tracking changes to the weather. a time line how long this could stick around. demanding the green light, a south bay developer on a hunger strike, refusing to eat until the city gives him approval to continue his construction project. a battle over a five-year-old case in san francisco, an officer
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involved shooting causing controversy in the d.a.'s office. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. a deadly shooting is shining a light on the rift between the new district attorney and the man she helped unseat. current d.a. jenkins doesn't want to take up the case, calling it political. that former d.a. is firing back. sergio quintana with that and a letter asking for help from the state. >> reporter: brooke jenkins spells out why she would like him to take over the manslaughter case against the former police officer who shot and killed tate o'neill in 2017. he was the first of three officers criminally charged by former d.a. chesa booudin.
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she feels it was politically motivated. it is our intention to dismiss the charges unless the attorney general's office takes it over. former d.a. fired back. >> she's scapegoating me to hide what it shows about her. she will not hold everyone equally accountable under the law. but she says there's a higher burden of proof than in a civil case. this is from a high-speed police chase of a carjacked van. the rookie officer fired through the window of his police cruiser. this case against the former police officer was first considered by former san francisc


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