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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  February 14, 2023 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. next on "nbc bay area news" tonight, a staple of local and national politics is out. senator dianne feinstein retiring next year. tonight, we're talking to her friends and colleagues. >> she showed that a woman could walk into a nightmare scenario at city hall and restore calm and bring people together. >> who will take her seat in the senate? we've got some insight. also, how do you make up for decades of racism? a group in san francisco trying to figure that out. one idea for reparations includes a one-time payment of $5 million. feeling the love this valentine's day. from city hall to classic cars, we'll show you how couples are
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declaring their love across the bay area. we've got hail and rain moving through the bay area. there it is, you can see it, you can hear it, hail hitting the windshield. this is 101 and 280 in san jose, outside our nbc studios in san jose. rain coming down in the parking lot. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cold and damp valentine's night. >> scattered rain, also really cold temperatures with that wind that kicked up from 20 to 50 miles per hour. the radar first, what you'll be able to see here is we have now started to dry out from any kind of isolated rain that we saw
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just a few hours ago. everything is really pushing off south of gilroy. so the next thing we're moving ahead towards is the cold. you felt it today. it's back again for tomorrow morning. freeze warning in effect for the north bay, east bay, south bay, those inland valleys. temps ranging 28 to 38. but windchills that will make it feel like the mid to upper 20s. i've got a closer look at what to expect in your microclimate, details coming up. not often do we have a politician that's broken so many barriers and lasted through so many chapters of our lives. it is now the final lap of public service for 89-year-old senator dianne feinstein. today the san francisco native announced she will retire at the end of her term next year. feinstein's political career spans decades. she started as san francisco's supervisor in 1969.
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then the first woman to serve as board president. she became a household name in 1978. supervisor feinstein took over as acting mayor after then mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk were assassinated at city hall. one of the darkest days in san francisco history. >> the city was very divided. there was palpable hate. my job was to put the bricks back together again. my job was to put a kind of feeling back into the city. >> feinstein served as mayor until 1988. she then ran for governor in 1990 but lost in 1992. she and barbara boxer became the first women from california to ever be elected in the u.s. senate. it was dubbed the year of the woman. feinstein is now serving in her sixth term in the u.s. senate. she's the longest-serving female senator in u.s. history. tonight we'll be talking in-depth about her impact
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locally and nationally. we'll hear from former senator boxer and former mayor art agnos. who might replace her? that's coming up. another look at a brutal hit and run caught on camera in the east bay. a 77-year-old woman survived but the video is hard to watch. tonight, police are looking for anyone who might know the person responsible. take a look. it happened saturday night at the first presbyterian church in castro valley. you can see a white nissan altima backed out of a spot as a woman pushing a shopping cart is crossing the street. the car narrowly misses the woman. the driver and the woman appear to have a brief conversation. the driver continues to follow the woman in the parking lot. you see it right there. then swipes her right there, causing her cane to fall on the ground. this is where it gets even worse. the car circles around the parking lot and once again hits
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the woman. this time knocking her to the ground. the car drives away. that woman was injured but will survive. as many communities are rethinking how they police, san francisco's adding funding for police. mayor breed today asking for $27 million to hire more cops. she wants the money added as part of the city's budget. the mayor's office says the police department has 340 fewer officers than it did just in 2019. right now sfpd is using overtime to keep visible officers in areas like union square and the tenderloin. it will be up to the board of supervisors to approve this budget proposal. a return to the big announcement from senator feinstein. a trailblazer, a political giant, soon a retiree. she's spent three decades fighting for californians in the u.s. senate. among her accomplishments, leading the charge to pass the 1994 ban on assault weapons.
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that ban has now expired. and repealing the defense of marriage act which meant the federal government recognized same-sex marriages. today nbc's ian cull spoke with senator feinstein's longtime friend and colleague. >> what was it like being trailblazers? i know that there have been plenty of challenges with that. >> yeah, it's so hard to describe. they called 1992 the year we won, "the year of the woman." i started to think about it. i was laughing because we did triple our numbers in the senate, but we went from two to six. so there were 94 men and six women in the senate. we worked together hard any time there was a california issue. for example, if there was an earthquake, a flood, a fire, we always had those moments. and we would get together and i'd say to her, you take the tall senators, i'll take the short ones. and we would spread out and try to cover the whole place. but we had a lot of fun
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together. and as i say, major disagreements but it never became personal with us. i think that's an important message for politics today. >> in recent years, there's been reports of senior giulianis saying it might be time for her to step down. how do you think she's dealt with all of that? >> knows senator feinstein as i do, i know that she would stay there forever if she could. because she loves the work. and considers it kind of a mission. i tried to tell her many times, diane, there's life after the senate, it's great. you can go out, people want to see you, you can give speeches, you can explain how things get done, you can teach a course, you can help other people in many other ways. but her passion is elected life. >> great perspective from senator boxer. another person who knows senator feinstein very well, former san francisco mayor art agnos. great to see you.
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you took over from mayor feinstein i believe in 1988. tell me, what makes her so special? >> what makes her so special is that she kept her cool. she kept control of her emotions and all that was necessary to keep this city going in the right direction after some enormous challenges. not only how she started when she became mayor following the assassination of supervisor milk and mayor moscone, but all the things that happened during the next ten years that she was mayor. from the white panther party trying to recall her, the age crisis where she developed a budget that was more money spent here in san francisco on aids than president reagan spent throughout the entire country. she was committed to all of those issues and more. the patty hearst kidnapping. a variety of things that always
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tested this city, and she was equal to the test. raj, if there's a hall of fame anywhere for elected officials, she's at the top of the list. >> those are some dark times, mayor agnos, the late '70s and early '80s in san francisco. did she help resurrect this city and region? >> there's no question. she kept the city on a steady keel and performed in an outstanding fashion so that when she ended her ten years, she was selected as the most effective mayor in the country. that's because, for example, she saved one of the icons of san francisco, the cable cars. then they performed during the extraordinary 1984 convention which was a showpiece for america of what san francisco was all about. and that was all under her leadership. >> great insight. from mayor to senator, how did
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she navigate back then and even now a male-dominated congress? what do you know that we don't know about her? >> she never gives up. she never gives up. once she takes on a cause, once she takes on an issue, she stays with it. so for example, in the senate race, she lost in 1990 but she didn't give up. two years later she was back at it with barbara, as you just discussed with her, and succeeded. and for the next 32 years earned the respect and affection not only of californians but people throughout this country. >> final question for you. are you hosting the retirement party? what's that going to look like next year? >> well, we're going to talk to her. i think barbara touched on it when she is so focused, mayor feinstein so focused on public service, she's going to have a tough time decompressing. i think barbara and i can help
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her with that. she said there is life after politics and we'll show her some of it. >> always nice to see you, thanks for making time for us this evening. >> thank you, you're very welcome. let's move on. we're talking about senator feinstein and what comes next. we sat down with nbc political analyst from nbc lx, noah pransky. >> reporter: there was concern in the democratic party if she didn't step aside there could be a real issue. because she is becoming a little less effective, missing more votes. in 2019-2020, she only missed about 2% of the votes. the last two years, she's missed 12% according to gov track. that number is growing. her staff is doing a great job continuing to keep the office running, to help the people of california. there was concern politically speaking what would happen if she did decide to run again or even left it ambiguous. every senate seat is important. the last thing democrats needed
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was some sort internal strife that might open up the door to a republican in california. >> who's next? adam schiff and katie porter jumping in the race. do you anticipate a lot more people? >> there's so much on the line. i don't want you to interpret this as an endorsement for katie porter, but i'm going to borrow her white board idea for a quick second. you've got two candidates in. porter and schiff. but there is a lot of talk about barbara lee and potentially talk about ro khanna, although his future ambitions, whether presidential or for the senate, we don't know. the big one, could an outsider jump in? someone who is a self-funder or a big name. "the rock" or elon musk or arnold schwarzenegger. really, we're talking a big money election here. so someone who's got $100 million in the bank and wants to self-fund would be an immediate contender. right now no one's jumping
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forward but there's a year to go until that primary. >> always something to think about, thank you to noah. up next, the complex issue now of reparations for african americans. one recommendation in san francisco, a lump sum $5 million per person if you qualify. how's that going to work? what else is on the table? also unique weddings happening on this valentine's day across the bay area.
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welcome back to "nbc bay area news" tonight. how do you make up for decades or centuries of racist policies? a group in san francisco is working on recommendations that could ultimately become a national roadmap for reparations for african americans. among them a $5 million lump sum payment to any eligible black resident of the city. the group is known as reparations -- known as the reparations advisory committee. earlier this year its members put together a report that details systematic racism in san francisco. this group listed 110 different recommendations for reparations. today those recommend races got a new endorsement from the naacp. >> if we were paid back, if we were paid back -- even the $5 million wouldn't be that much. >> joining us, tinish hollins, the vice chair for the reparations advisory committee. let's start with that $5 million
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lump sum payment for a single person if they qualify. how did you arrive at that number? >> that recommend race was put forth by the economic subcommittee. we're looking at the types of harms that black americans have experienced over the decades. there's a lot of room for what that financial compensation could look like. it could be up to $5 million. but we believe that doesn't even begin to address the harm our communities have experienced. >> how many might be eligible? whether $5 million or $1 million and where does that money come from? >> i don't have an answer to that. it really depends on how many people meet the eligibility criteria, and where the money comes from would be determined by board of supervisors. >> is there a way to have a healthy discussion about this? if someone is on i posed would they just be dubbed a racist right away? or is there a way to have
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community discussion about this? >> we've been holding community discussions about this over a year. in a very civil and very community-centered way. with not just african americans. this conversation will continue as the process moves forward. we invite members of the public to tune in to the reparations advisory committee. meetings happen monthly. participate in the community discussion, and more importantly, approach this in a civilized manner to talk about the harm that we've experienced and the recommendations being put forth by the community. >> a respectful dialogue would be critical. 110 recommendations. can you tell me one or two others that stand out to you? >> absolutely. we are calling for access to financial education, we're looking at creating a public framework that would really minimize the discrimination for lending and other resources that african americans need to be able to stabilize home ownership and businesses.
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we're looking at many recommendations around education. really making sure that black students are closing the achievement gap and have the opportunity to attend college free of cost. there are, as you mentioned, 110 recommendations in the advisory committee report that really urge the public to take a moment to look at the draft report and see what resonates and how this can really improve conditions for all san franciscans. >> as we wrap up, what's next? who will decide all this? what's the timetable here? >> the recommendations -- the final draft report will be presented, it needs to be approved in june of this year. the committee will sunset in 2024. the final decision about the recommendation and what the city of san francisco can do will be made by the board of supervisors. in the meantime, the community will continue to engage in the reparations advisory committee meetings. >> these are some big
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conversations, big decisions to be made. we appreciate your insight tonight and your time. tin. sch hollins, vice chair of the reparations advisory committee, have a good evening. >> thank you. valentine's day, a tradition getting married at san francisco city hall. today more than 250 couples said i do. a lot of smiles, a lot of kisses. that's more than double on any given day. the couples came from all over the globe. the city brought in 22 deputy marriage commissioners to accommodate all the ceremonies. a across the bay, lovebirds got the chance to tie the knot among some of the world's best-known muscle cars. here's nbc's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: we're at the cobra experience, a classic car museum in martinez filled with beautiful and unique shelby american ford cars. this car is the dragon snake. it's one of only two in the country valued at $8 million, built in 1964. but the cars weren't the main attraction at this museum today.
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14 couples tied the knot here courtesy of contra costa county. the county offered the museum as a destination wedding location. and 14 couples took them up on the offer. we watched couple after couple say "i do" today. a beautiful thing to witness just in time for valentine's day. definitely a day these folks will remember as they cruise into marriage. in martinez, jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> love is in the air, so is rain and hail. jeff is going to come back with us to talk about this microclimate forecast that's microclimate forecast that's evolving by the hour.
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okay, if you're in the south bay you might be seeing this. rain and hail. jeff is back with us. we like this. a little valentine's day cold blast here. >> it was good. it was hard after sunday's weather. remember that? sunday was spectacular. >> sunshine. >> cozy weather. cozy up with someone tonight. >> you never know, valentine's day. we had sunshine, 60s and 70s on sunday. now here we go, the wind, the cold temperatures. even a little bit of rain. moving into microclimate forecast, in any kind of rain tonight, that has now all moved out. so the focus continues to be some of this on and off wind i think we'll see into tomorrow morning. wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour, especially in the mountains. then tomorrow afternoon you're going to be happy to see this,
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any kind of wind will be calming down. some gusts will bring windchills. look at this, feeling like 28 in calistoga. 27 dub line. 25 san jose. feeling like 36 in san francisco. with the windchill. through the afternoon, less in the way of wind. we keep sunshine. that's going to have us with warmer temperatures tomorrow. upper 50s and low 60s. friday, slight chance of showers. dry this weekend and timps in the 60s. may have been valentine's day today but i'm loving this weekend weather better. as we wrap up here, mario lopez just getting started with "access hollywood." tonight's "access" is an oscar nominee extravaganza. they all gathered at this year's official luncheon. everybody wanted a piece of tom cruise. thanks to "top gun: maverick" it's his first nomination in over two decades. jamie lee curtis, it's her first
7:26 pm
ever and she gets emotional talking about it. colin farrell is really enjoying his return to the spotlight. >> don't put on it. >> you don't have to -- oh -- oh yeah. >> with me shorts, though. >> hey, my guy used to rock that all the time back in the day. just in time for valentine's day, kelsea ballerini's raw and revealing short film all about her divorce moments away on "access hollywood." >> mario, see you then. tonight on nbc primetime, 8:00, a new episode of "night court" followed by "american auto" then "la brea." at 10:00, "magnum p.i." then our 11:00 news with reaction from former mayor willie brown in the wake of senator feinstein's upcoming retirement. a look ahead at a critical day in oakland on the fate of its police chief. that does it for us. for everyone at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. we hope you enjoy your evening. stay warm. see you at 11:00.
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tonight on "access hollywood." >> i am just -- it's been really beautiful. >> an emotional jamie lee curtis at a first academy luncheon. the stars can't get enough of tom cruise. >> the fact is that he's seen me in anything is sur real. >> do you want theaclyxa truth? ♪ >> h spilling the details. breaking down the details from the new short film. >> he proposed to me. >> will you marry me? it wouldn't be valentine's day without a celebration of love. we are rouin


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