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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2023 7:00am-9:01am PST

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local at local updates. and "today" show is coming up. have a great morning. this, morning. it's february 15th, this is "today." emotional vigils, family and friends honoring the three students killed in that campus shooting rampage. >> a piece of our community is gone. >> what we're learning this morning about the victims, the students still recovering from injuries, and the investigation to try and uncover a motive. she's running. >> even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in america. >> former south carolina governor nikki haley jumps into
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the presidential race, the u.n. ambassador under donald trump becomes his first republican allengerer as the 2024 race begins to take shape. growing outrage. concerns mounting after that fiery train derailment in ohio. nearly two weeks later, do harmful chemicals remain in the air, the ground, and the water. >> don't tell me it's safe. something is going on. fish are floating in the creek. >> the message from officials to anxious residents. called to action, the faa launching a rare safety review after a string of frighteningly close calls on the nation's runways. >> cancel takeoff plans! >> just ahead, what all passengers need to know. all that, plus on the stand, alex murdaugh's sister-in-law testified at his double murder trial about his behavior after the deaths of his wife and son. >> i think everybody was afraid and alex didn't seem to be afraid. >> we're live at the courthouse, as prosecutors prepare to rest
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their case. their case. and they love a parade. a massive crowd, up to a million people, set to take over downtown kansas city, for the chiefs big super bowl victory party. today, wednesday, february 15th, 2023. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." wednesday morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. nice to have you with us. looks like chiefs kingdom is going to have a good day, good weather for today's parade, but it is a different story elsewhere. that parade is going to be epic. by the way al is tracking conditions all across the country, from possible record high temperatures here in the northeast, to parts of the midwest and the south, on alert for severe storms later today
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and tomorrow. a full forecast straight ahead. we want to start this morning at michigan state university, we're learning a lot more today about the three young students whose lives were cut short in monday night's mass shooting, and investigators are trying to determine what led to the gunman's rampage. nbc's jesse kirsch joins us from the campus in east lansing. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. you can see the memorials to three lives lost continuing to grow here on michigan state university's campus, and they are memorialized beyond their school community as well. meanwhile, new details and questions about the gunman coming to light. this morning, another u.s. college town grieving, after the nation's latest mass shooting. michigan state university announcing sophomore brian phrase fraser, junior arielle anderson and junior alexandria verner, were all killed when a gunman opened fire on campus monday night. >> we would like to honor her. >> verner honored tuesday at a vigil in her hometown of clawson, michigan, her former high school principal describing
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her as an exemplary young person. >> you try to surround yourself with people that make you feel good as a human being, and that's what al did to everyone. >> in a statement, anderson's family saying in part, the aspiring surgeon was passionate about helping her friends and family, assisting children and serving people. fraser was president of msu's phi delta theta chapter. a good friend to all of his brothers. >> i think all of us are numb. >> five other students remain hospitalized. this fraternity surveillance video shared with nbc news appears to show the suspected shooter, anthony mcrae in the massacre's aftermath, his father says his son became reclusive, evil and mean after his mother died two years ago. but still, no official motive. more than 600 miles away, police in new jersey say after mcrae shot and killed himself, authorities found a note in his pocket that indicated a threat to that community, prompting schools there to shut down
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tuesday. although no threat was found. back at michigan state, the latest gun violence to stun the country prompting some parents to come pick up their children from school. >> the minute we saw her, the tears started and we just hugged and held each other. others can't do that today, because of what's going on. >> we have learned the suspect had a criminal history as well? >> reporter: that's right, savannah, in 2019, he faced a felony charge carrying a concealed weapon, he also faced a misdemeanor charge, possession of a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle and he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and he served probation. savannah? >> jesse kirsch at the scene of the latest shooting rampage, thank you. also, this morning, the 2024 presidential race is heating up with former governor and u.n. ambassador nikki haley throwing her hat into the ring, becoming
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donald trump's first official republican challenger. nbc's senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the newest presidential candidate is set to hold her first campaign event later today in south carolina, with nikki haley signaling she is ready to formally take on donald trump. >> i'm nikki haley and i'm running for president. >> reporter: 2024, taking shape this morning, with former u.n. ambassador nikki haley jumping into the republican race. >> it's time for a new generation of leadership. >> reporter: coming from the 51-year-old, that argument is a swipe at both current president joe biden, who is 80, and former president donald trump, who's 76. after serving as governor of south carolina, haley joined the trump administration, her former boss now her current competition, as she signals she's not backing down from any kind of fight. >> china and russia are on the march. they all think we can be
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bullied. kicked around. you should know this about me. i don't put up with bullies. and when you kick back, it hurts them more if you're wearing heels. >> reporter: haley pushed for mr. trump's re-election in 020. >> donald trump has always put america first. >> reporter: but she's walked the line between support and distance. like after january 6th, suggesting we shouldn't have listened to him. though she ultimately opposed his impeachment. >> i mean at some point, i mean give the man a break. >> reporter: haley said in 2021 she wouldn't run if president trump ran, adding i would talk to him about it, and mr. trump is not letting her forget that, referencing the comment in a new statement, wishing her luck. craig and sheinelle asking haley in october about the 2024 race. >> i'm thrilled with the accomplishments we did together, we had a great working relationship, but right now, we'll see what he does. >> reporter: haley may be mr. trump's first formal opponent in the republican primary but she won't be his last with florida
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republican governor ron desantis widely believed to jump in, although he is dodging for now. >> nikki haley announced her plans to run for president today, would you plan on following suit? >> wouldn't you like to know. anybody else? >> mike pence in iowa, and suggesting any formal announcement probably wouldn't come for several months. and south carolina senator tim scott set to have events in his home state and iowa next week. >> and a lot of republicans are thinking that the water is warm and maybe trump is a little weaker than he was politically, is that setting up a scenario with the nontrump vote divided and trump, and frankly that's exactly how he won the primary in 2015. >> you are talking about a potential splintering of the field, savannah, as many people get into the race as expected, not just desantis, haley, scott,
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maybe pompeo, youngkin, and there is also the possibility, and it is giving some 2016 vibes. think about that. that is when mr. trump won the new hampshire and south carolina primaries with only about a third of the total vote in those states. like 33, 35%. there weren't monster majorities. partly because of how big the field is. now, listen. the former president is still popular with a lot of republicans. but he is less popular than he used to be. which is why some opponents see an opening. right now, you've got some very early polling showing it is basically him and ron desantis, right at the top of the field, trailed by basically everyone else. those numbers obviously could change a whole lot as more and more people, like nikki haley, officially throw their hats in the ring, savannah. >> thank you. we say good morning to craig who is going to south carolina later after the announcement by nikki haley. >> i am. in fact, we will talk about what a crowded field would mean among other things, i will head down to the palmetto state after the show to sit down with the former
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ambassador, her first network interview since announcing her run for the presidency. we will have that conversation tomorrow for you, right here on "today." meanwhile, there are some new concerns this morning over the massive train derailment and toxic chemical fire in eastern ohio. nearly two weeks later, residents are sounding the alarm about their health and safety. nbc's ron allen is here with details about this one. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. state officials insist they have been carefully monitoring and testing the environment since the derailment, but at the same time, there have been reports of residents complaining about health problems like sore throats and headaches. some even considering that pets farm animals and wildlife have died because of potential contamination. it's been 12 days since the fiery derailment of a train carrying hazardous chemicals through east palestine ohio and the planned burn to prevent a potential catastrophic explosion. residents worry about what is in
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the air, soil, and water of their rural community. >> don't tell me it is safe. something is going font fish are floating in the crick. >> reporter: some 3,500 fish lied in local waters in the days after the derailment. but insist extensive testing shows there is no threat to other wildlife or humans. they say there is only anecdotal evidence of residents getting sick. and no confirmed connection to the hazardous chemicals aboard the train. >> i definitely have a right to flow what was on that train. >> reporter: still, for the first time, state officials suggested residents returning to the evacuation zone use bottled water, especially if they have a private well, while testing continues. the governor was asked if he would return home, if he lived near the crash site. >> i think that i would be drinking the bottled water, i would be alert, and concerned. but i would probably be back in my house. >> reporter: an answer leaving some residents with mixed emotions. >> i feel about 80% safe. >> reporter: ben ratner and his family live about half a mile from the crash site.
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their kids are back in school after being out for a week. >> it sounds like you're still worried. >> i think more so worried for the long term. >> residents have filed multiple class action lawsuits, seeking damages from the rail operator, norfolk southern, including free health monitoring and screening. the company says it has already paid residents more than a million of assistance, and that it's committed to cleaning up any contamination. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you. all right, now, let's move on to the latest on the devastating earthquake in turkey and syria, and the somber milestone, the death toll climbing above 40,000, with an unknown number of people still missing. but incredibly, nine days later, some trapped under the mountains of rubble are finding ways to survive. nbc's kelly cobiella is in turkey with this. hi, kelly. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, hoda. the death toll is still climbing. you can actually see the power of the earthquake at my feet where the earth literally tore apart.
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every day, there's still small miracles. this morning, clinging to hope, this 42-year-old woman carried to safety, almost 10 days after the deadly earthquake. searchers and survivors refusing to give up. at least nine people freed from the mountains of concrete and twisted metal that used to make up their honestlies tuesday. these rescuers finding an outstretched home of a 65-year-old survivor, later pulled out after nearly nine days. rescue crews digging long tunnels to reach them. many exhausted, some sleeping on piles of debris. more than 200,000 homes in turkey were destroyed, or so badly damaged, they'll have to be demolished. turkey's president saying more than 35,000 have died in this country alone. close to the fault line, the quake's changing the landscape. this used to be a single olive grove. now separated by a deep canyon a mile and a half long. tens of thousands are homeless and hungry.
7:14 am
these volunteers feeding a thousand people a day. >> no food, no water, no help. >> reporter: amid so much destruction, incredible stories of survival. this morning, those two brothers who were rescued yesterday are recovering. one of them said that they ate protein powder, hoda, to stay alive. >> oh, my word. well, you know, kelly, there are so many people here who are looking for ways, they want to help out but they don't know what to do. what should they know? >> reporter: yes, so if you want to donate, and there is an enormous need, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. first, pick a charity organization that is known and is already on the ground. that way, they can act quickly. also, make sure your donations, isn't tied to any specific activity or program. and above all, give cash, not
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material goods. that way, aid groups can remain flexible as the situation on the ground as you know, hoda, is still very fluid. >> kelly, thank you. we have a mystery solved kind of. we finally know who won the record $2 billion powerball jackpot back in november, california lottery officials announcing yesterday it was edwin castro, the person who bought the winning ticket at a gas station near los angeles but castro declined to attend the news conference, he wants to remain private. in california, lottery officials are required to release the person's name but not age or other information. and he released a statement saying he is shocked and ecstatic and chose the lump sum payment which amounted to $997 million, and he said bye. >> edwin castro, not a neighbor. >> it sounds like he's a smart guy. 7:15. mr. roker, what have you got? >> we got a lot going on in the weather map. good morning, everybody. let's get started.
7:16 am
24 million people under winter weather advisories, watches, storm warnings, and even some blizzard warnings up around the dakotas. and we've got a risk of severe weather as well, with the system that is developing really rapidly, 14 million people at risk, tornados likely, a few of them, intense damaging hail, and in this red area, significant tornado threat, from memphis, to greenville, ef-2 or greater, these are the overnight nocturnal tornadoes, twice as deadly as the normal ones. and tomorrow, we are even more concerned. 32 million people at risk for severe weather. we're talking about a thousand mile swath, from cleveland, all the way down to new orleans, and with this enhanced risk, it is the first time since january that the storm's prediction center has issued an enhanced risk, there have been eight of them so far since the beginning of this year, that's unheard of, that's climate change helping us, and significant tornado threat, from birmingham, tuscaloosa, hattiesburg, again, ef-2 tornadoes, heavy rain,
7:17 am
we're talking about anywhere from two to three inches or more, from memphis to pipeville, down to montgomery, alabama, and then as you go to the north, the cold side of the storm, developing storm system, going to bring heavy snow, anywhere from 6-8 inches of snow from wisconsin, des moines, all the way into the rockies. so we've got a lot going on today. over the next 48 hours. but we're going to get to your local forecast in the .next 30 seconds. i'm gonna go to the caribbean! or is it... the caribbe-an? and it's almost too beautiful to post... almost. with amex, it's never a question of if you're going to level up. it's when. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
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today we are going to see a cold start and sunshine as our temperatures inland reach into the upper 50s. tomorrow, more clouds move in that will linger into friday. it's overall going to be cool these next few days with breezy winds. going into the weekend, it looks really nice. much more comfortable. topping out at 66 degrees on sunday and also more dry weather on weather. guys >> all right, al, thank you. still ahead we will have the very latest from trial of alex murdaugh including the odd behavior his sister-in-law says he displayed after the murders of his wife and son. we're live at the courthouse where the prosecution is nearing the end of its case. plus the faa's rare call t action after a string of recent and alarming near misses at u.s. airports
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♪ zyrteeeec...♪ works hard at hour one and twice as hard when you take it again the next day. so betty can be the... barcode beat conductor. ♪ go betty! ♪ let's be more than our allergies! zeize the day. with zyrtec. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here is today's top stories, including a deadline on deciding the fate of oakland police chief leronne armstrong, currently on leave. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we are hours away from finding out whether or not oakland's police chief, who is suspended right now, still has a job. oakland police chief leronne armstrong is accused of mishandling a case involving officer misconduct. it's an accusation he denies. the oakland police commission's newly formed discipline committee, which was supposed to meet monday night, will meet tonight instead and could decide to fire the chief, impose some
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sort of other penalty, or do nothing at all. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. we just got the latest data on retail sales. americans are spending way more than economists expected. another example of how we think the economy is going one way and then the data shows the opposite. the white house has made a deal with tesla to open up thousands of tesla chargers to other electric car drivers. you'll use a tesla app to pay for the charge. 7,500 chargers in all. part of washington's effort to make it easier to drive an electric car. good wednesday morning. it's starting out very chilly in a lot of spots as we are now seeing it freezing in concord, as well as below freezing temperatures in santa rosa. elsewhere it's breezy and our temperatures are in the low 40s. we're headed for the upper 50s for today. and our temperatures only get slightly milder over the next couple of days, with low 60s tomorrow and then mostly upper
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♪ it's a b ♪ it's a beautiful day. >> we're back. 7:30 let's look back, ya'll remember, yesterday, our valentine's day. oh, my gosh, filled with love. five surprise proposals for our incredible couples, i mean were you not -- oh, my gosh, look please i can't. >> they were all so different. all the couples were different, but the love was universal >> the reactions were fantastic. >> i thought about that so often yesterday, i was like wasn't yesterday the greatest day
7:31 am
it was wonderful. a busy half hour ahead, we will begin with the closely watched trial of disbarred south carolina trial alex murdaugh >> the prosecution drawing closer to resting the double murder case against him after jurors heard more testimony from murdaugh's sister-in-law yesterday. nbc's catie beck has been following the story from the beginning. she joins us from that courthouse in walterboro, with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys maggie murdaugh's family members have stayed largely outside the spotlight of this case they are rarely seen in interviews or in court appearances, until now the jury heard from maggie's only sister yesterday, who spoke to her just hours before her murder on tuesday, the jury hearing compelling and heartfelt testimony. >> she was just a really, really good person. >> reporter: maggie murdaugh's older sister marian projector, describing shock and anguish the night she learned her sister and nephew had been brutally murdered
7:32 am
>> i just couldn't believe it. i didn't think it was true. >> reporter: then her fear after the crime, that a cold-blooded killer could be on the loose >> i think everybody was afraid, and alex didn't seem to be afraid >> reporter: proctor says a short time after the murders, she asked alex if he believed maggie and paul suffered, saying he assured her they did not, something she now says is hard to believe also, in the days after the murder, she testified, alex was oddly focused on the deadly 2019 boat crash case, involving his youngest son paul, but never talked with her about a search for the killer. >> he said that the -- i thought
7:33 am
the number one goal was that, and i thought that was so strange because my number one thing is to find out who killed my sister-in-law >> the defense trying to paint a different picture of the murdaughs, introducing a seemingly happy photo of the family about two weeks before the murders, even having maggie's sister describing alex and maggie's marriage. >> it was good it wasn't perfect. but maggie was happy >> proctor also explaining how she learned of alex's alleged financial crimes and testifying that maggie knew about her husband's addiction to opioids. >> what specifically was the concern? >> pills prescription pain pills. >> also taking the stand tuesday, roger dale davis jr. who looked after the murdaugh's dogs, describing them as a close family. >> i've never seen that man even raise his voice at his wife or kids, or seen either of them argue. >> reporter: the court battle will be over witness eddie smith, he is the man who is accused of helping alex murdaugh in a suicide for hire plot after the murders. prosecutors haven't said whether
7:34 am
they definitely will call smith to the stand defense attorneys say they look forward to the opportunity to question him craig? >> catie beck for us once again in south carolina, thank you. we'll turn to laura jarrett, nbc's senior legal correspondent, good morning, laura, obviously the sister-in-law had testimony to offer, but it also packed an emotional punch as well, near the end of the prosecution's case. >> i think she was there to sort of humanize this person that the jury has heard all of these gruesome details about for the better part of yesterday, gunshot wounds, and so much that's really hard to listen, to and i think she was there to say look, this was my sister, this was somebody i loved, and she is also there to describe sort of these weird interactions that she's having with the defendant after the murders, where he appears not to be that interested in trying to get to the bottom of who actually killed his family, and so she was there to try to say to the jury, look, if something like this had happened to you, wouldn't you want to figure out who did it, and she said he never seemed scared, he never seemed focused on that. >> interesting the prosecution is laying out hd
7:35 am
its case, but a lot of the wright writups say it was kind of disjointed, over here and then over here and over here and it sieges on things that are clear when we see the newscasts but when you're in the jury box. how is the prosecution doing >> we all get the benefit of seeing everything that they haven't scene, there is a netflix documentary coming out, an hbo document recollection they are not supposed to see any of that, and you wonder whether the prosecution has really been able to connect all of the dots. for instance, they keep introducing this video where you hear alex at the moment right before the crimes happened, he said he was never near the kennels, where this video was taken, but they never explained that that's the reason it is interesting, right they never sort of had that opportunity, and that's what they're going to have to do in closing arguments. they are going to have to tie
7:36 am
all this together and explain all of those dots that they tried to introduce. >> it is interesting to hear witness after witness verify that it is in fact alex murdaugh's voice on that snapchat video let's talk about two potential witnesses to be called, cousin eddie as he has been called by the prosecution, perhaps, bit state and this idea that the jury suggesting that in fact they may in fact call alex murdaugh to the stand. would you call either of those witnesses? >> i think they're both pretty risky for similar reasons, which is the cross-examinations of those witnesses would be pretty ugly for cousin eddie, he is this miss curious character we have seen the video of him. the idea that he is part of this murder/suicide plot as catie laid out, the prosecution seems to want to say that the part of doing that was to try to distract, for alex to say, look, the killer is back on the loose. the other side will say that he was doing it to try to collect insurance money for his son. it's all sort of bizarre it may seem like a diversion for the jury, but it is certainly prejudicial because it is part of again, this bizarre set of circumstances. whether in fact they call alex to the stand, again risky, because they will bring in all of the financial crimes and there's plenty to cross examine him on, too. >> laura, we shall see thank you very much. >> thank you. we've got a lot more to get to this morning, including some
7:37 am
"cocaine bare". >> based on a true story. first though tom big names dropping by studio 1-a, antman, paul rudd and also elizabeth banks and keri russell, the woman behind it, it is a wild movie called "cocaine bare". >> based on a true story. first though tom costello taking a new lookout after the fallout after a string of close call force passenger planes. >> that's right, craig, the acting faa chief is so concerned about close calls on the nation's runways, and that united plane that nearly slammed into the pacific ocean, the acting faa chief issuing a call to action on safety, hours before he is on the hot seat on capitol hill behind me we'll have the story coming up ag on the couch. so i can wear my jacket or jeans one more time, before i wash them again. it even makes shoes smell fresh. it doesn't cover up odors with scent but actually fights them and freshens.
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so you can have clearer skin and noticeably less itch. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. welcome back this morning on in depth today, the head of the faa is issuing a rare call to action on safety. >> and it comes after several close calls on runways a united plane nearly slammed into the pacific ocean in hawaii nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. lots of close calls it seems like lately, tom. >> this is a big concern the acting faa chief says we're in the safest period of aviation but we've had several high profile close calls, they should serve as an important safety reminder that we can't become complacent
7:42 am
hundreds of lives are on the line every time an airliner is in the sky, and now, the faa convening a safety summit in march, looking hard at recent incidents to see if there ar any connecting trends that now need to be fixed to avoid a tragedy. the message from the faa this morning, we must not become complacent the acting chief, who will appear before congress, looking into the faa's massive computer outage last month, issuing a safety call to action, writing to staff, now is the time to stare into the data and ask hard questions. the order comes after several very close calls >> cancel takeoff. >> at jfk airport in january, a delta airlines flight forced to abandon its takeoff after an american airlines flight taxied across the same runway, a potential collision just seconds away the american pilots have been subpoenaed to appear before ntsb
7:43 am
investigators on friday. after originally declining the interview, since its audio recording. >> this is only recently that we've been encountering a crew's refusal to be recorded and we said we've been doing this for decades. >> in austin, texas, this month, another close call fedex is on the go >> a fedex plane forced to abort its landing to avoid colliding with a southwest plane cleared for takeoff. and a very serious close call on december 1th in hawaii, climbing out of maui headed for san francisco, the 777 suddenly went into an extreme unexplained dive more than 7,000 feet per minute. flight radar 24 shows the plane coming within 800 feet of slamming into the ocean before pulling out of the dive in an extreme climb, then continuing on to san francisco. united tells nbc news after landing at sfo, the pilots filed the appropriate safety report.
7:44 am
united then closely coordinated with the faa, the union, on an investigation that ultimately resulted in the pilots receiving additional training. the ntsb only learned of the incident this week through news reports, and has now opened an investigation. >> these are all instances that could have been avoided, if people had been more cautious, more careful >> so, tom, back to that hearing today on last month's massive computer outage that grounded thousands of flights nationwide, what can we expect to hear from the faa about that >> yes, so that was on january 11th, when the notam computer seuts system went down, the first shutdown since 9/11, the faa blamed contractors for accidentally deleting critical computer files during a upgrade process. we now learned that the problems run much deeper than this. this is a 30-year-old system it is archaic. it needs to be completely overhauled so congress is going to be asking questions about upgrading that system. they're also going to be asking about these close calls, and probably about those balloons that we've been chasing for ten
7:45 am
days now >> lots of questions all right, hopefully some answers. tom costello for us, thank you. al, what's up in the air >> what's up in the air? what's not on the ground in a good portion of the country? snow it has been a warmer-than-usual winter for the eastern half of the country. out west, snow on average, from the sierras to minneapolis, casper, wyoming, bismarck, minneapolis, denver, flagstaff, tahoe city, all above averages this is the snow season compared to a 14-year average but not much snow from the plains all way to new england look how little snow we had in new york 19 inches below where we should be 25 inches below normal in cleveland. six inches below in st. louis. and we're not going to get much help coming up over the next few days record highs likely from rochester, new york, boston, you'll see 15 degrees above average today. roanoke, 69, that's 20 degrees warmer, and nashville, look at you, mid 70s and tomorrow, more records likely, from buffalo, boston,
7:46 am
with 60, and 62 here, maybe even getting to 64 tomorrow in new york city. lexington, kentucky, 68 degrees. but then temperatures do take a we're feeling the chill here, as our temperatures are starting out in the valleys near freezing. the wind will gradually calm down today and our temperatures will reach into the upper 50s, with sunshine. tomorrow, more clouds move in. we're going to start near freezing and head for the upper 50s. and then also a mix of sun and clouds on friday. only 56 degrees for a high. but the weekend is looking nice. we're going to see some of our valley temperatures reaching into the mid-60s and we'll
7:47 am
and that is that your latest weather, guys. >> al, thank you. all right, coming up next, if you love baby surprise announcements, you do not want to miss this morning boost, that's coming up right after this and i struggle with my weight. for us, covid is a whole different ballgame. in fact, you could be one of almost 200 million americans with a high risk factor that makes covid... even riskier. which is why you need to be ready, and have a plan. other risk factors including heart disease or being inactive... even being over 50 or being a smoker can put you at serious risk. could that be you? find out. go to and know your risk factors. then, make a plan. because if you get covid on top of asthma, like i did... the last thing you want to do is wait and see. be ready.
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♪ coming up, 7:51, with the new home of hoda's mont blanc. >> we got a new jersey couple, they wanted to find the perfect way to tell their moms the were expecting their first baby, so they printed out the ultrasound photos, they put them in a frame and called the two moms over for the big reveal here's how it all went down. >> what is this? >> thank you. >> what's that >> are you kidding >> are you kidding she's pregnant >> aaahhh!
7:52 am
>> oh, my god. [ bleep >> we had to bleep a boost >> grandma, too. >> a little bit excited. >> oh, my gosh >> grandmas, that is great >> okay, that little baby, can you imagine the love coming the baby's way >> i can also imagine the language that that baby is going to pick up >> i love it, though that's so awesome. >> you are kidding me? >> we got another big reveal coming up, by the way. this one is for ted lasso fans, folks, we will tell you what everyone's favorite coach is coming back for season three we're going to kick of our new winter escape series from america's oldest city, beautiful st. augustine, florida, and we're going to take a nice close-up look, so if you are feeling a little chilly this morning, just soak up those sights
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here is a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez. norovirus cases are on the rise at a time of year they usually start to decline. the virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea spreads easily, and though you may only be sick for about four days, ucsf special disease specialist dr. peter hong says you can be contagious for up to a week. wash with soap and water because hand sanitizer doesn't kill norovirus. >> we have a look at the temperatures. >> it is very cold and freezing near spots and breezy, so that makes it feel a lot colder. as the wind calms down, our
7:57 am
temperatures head for the upper 50s in much of the north bay, as well as the east bay and into the south bay. we'll see more days like this, dry but also cold starts and kind of chilly days, too. but it does look nice for the weekend as our temperatures get milder, more sunshine and sunday is going to be the warmest day, reaching 66 degrees. also feels pretty comfortable on presidents' day. beyond this forecast, we may see some changes ahead. and of course i'll be tracking that as we take a look at san francisco, mid-50s through the end of the week. >> thanks, kari. we're going to have another local news update in 30 minutes and we're always on at
7:58 am
oooohhh, it is cold outside time to protect your vehichle from winters wrath of course the hot sun can be tough on vehicles too you need weathertech all year round! come on, protect your investment laser measured floorliners and cargoliner will shield the carpeting from sand and snow for your interior, there's seat protector and sunshade plus, mudflaps and bumpstep for the exterior order american made products at surfs up yeah, right
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, coming together family and friends honoring the three michigan state students killed in that campus shooting >> we would like to honor her. >> the college town grieving as investigators search to find a motive we're live with the latest then, in their own words, vicky nguyen takes a look at ozempic, the widely popular drug often used for weight loss. >> looking at a bag of doritos was kind of like looking at a pair of socks. >> three women sharing their experiences and what happened when they stopped taking it. >> i wanted bread, i wanted pizza, a lots of empty carbs.
8:01 am
>> their stories straight ahead. plus, starstruck, we've got a packed house in studio 1-a today, paul rudd, elizabeth banks and keri russell, all here, from "antman," to "cocaine bear." they open up about their new films and life off screen. and sweet escape we're kicking off a new series, showcasing some great places to visit this winter, so jump on in the weather's fine today, wednesday, february 15th, 2023 ♪ >> from las vegas, nevada. go mustangs! >> south carolina. go eagles! >> hometown in maine. >> illinois. >> here with my beautiful wife,
8:02 am
on her birthday. >> from virginia. >> from california. >> celebrating our 45th anniversary. >> from west virginia. today mom turns 50 >> a little dance out here in the plaza. it's wednesday, going to be a warm one here. al's got it going on ♪ >> did you say dance elton john >> having the two together, mixing up the classic. >> looking good. >> we'll get to the not so cold forecast coming up in a bit. but let's get to your news at 8:00 we've learned more this morning about the three young college students who were killed
8:03 am
in the phmass shooting at michia state university that happened monday night and investigators are still trying to figure out what could be the gunman's motive here. nbc's jesse kirsch is in east lansing, michigan, with the very latest jesse, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. you can see behind us, the memorials here growing on michigan state university's campus as the school announces the names of the three students who lost their lives the school says that sophomore brian fraser arielle anderson and alexandria verner, were all killed when a gunman opened fire on campus monday night verner's community in clawson michigan where she grew up held a vigil for her last night, part of the tributes we've seen going beyond this school community for these three lives lost we also know there are five students who remain hospitalized at last word in critical condition. as we learn more about the suspect, no official word on a motive yet but we know in 2019 he faced a felony charge, carrying a concealed weapon. he also faced a misdemeanor charge, possession of a loaded firearm in or upon a vehicle he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and was sentenced to probation for that crime and again, we're still trying to
8:04 am
get answers as to why and how this unfolded. savannah >> all right, jesse kirsch, thank you very much. we are going to switch gears now and check out the weather in parts of the midwest and south they are on high alert this morning for severe storms headed their way. al is tracking it all. al, what have you got? >> interesting things, guys, depending where you, are it is either winter or early spring. so if you're back behind this system, you're looking at 24 million folks stretching from the southwest up into the plains and all the way into the great lakes, for winter weather. but if you're in the south of that system, and to the east, we've got severe weather to talk about, an enhanced risk of severe weather, memphis in the bull's eye 14 million people, tornadoes likely, and some of these intense, and in fact, this area in red, from memphis, to clarkston to greenville, talk become ef2 or greater, nocturnal tornadoes, which are twice as deadly and then we've got a thousand mile swath of severe weather, for 32 million people, from
8:05 am
cleveland, all the way down to new orleans, for again, intense tornadoes. right down here, starkville, birmingham, hattiesville, ef2 or greater tornadoes. we are watching for that tomorrow rainfall amounts, 2-4 inches stretching from west virginia all the way down into parts of louisiana. and on the backside of that system, we're talking significant snow stretching completely from wisconsin, michigan, all the way into the great lakes, i should say the southwest, and the four corners area we're talking, in fact, parts of chicago may see, just to the north, may see some heavy snow as well. so we're going to be watching over the next 48 hours, guys >> there mr. roker, we will come back to you in a few moments. meanwhile senator diane feinstein says she will not be running for reelection next year the 89-year-old from california is the oldest u.s. senator she's been in public office for more than 50 years she served three decades in the upper chamber there.
8:06 am
feinstein's retirement capped a career included fighting to change good laws and advocating for gay rights. two house democrats have already said they will be running for her seat. kansas city chiefs fans have been celebrating their team's super bowl win for a few days but now it is time for the victory parade here is a live look at downtown, kansas city, this morning. the party is going to get started about noon today it is the second time in four years that the chiefs will hoist the lombardi trophy as they roll down the streets of downtown kc, up to a million people expected to attend this year, and the city says the celebration will last about 90 minutes and then a rally at union station i think they're trolling me by having me read all these kansas city - >> they are. and you're bumming and craig is bumming because you're not there. >> i know. >> and we have paul rudd later, and he was there at the super bowl a chiefs fan we will have to ask him about that. >> he might go i'm being trolled! >> okay. >> see what's happening.
8:07 am
just ahead, guys, we're calling all "bridgerton" fans on "popstart," we are taking a first look at the widely popular show's new spinoff. but first, we have vicky here with an eye opening new look at what it's like taking popular diabetes drug, some are taking it to lose weight so ask for your kidney numbers and farxiga. ♪ far-xi-ga ♪ if you have chronic kidney disease, farxiga reduces the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis. and don't take it if you are on dialysis.
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♪yeah, it's kinda sweet♪ ♪you save on rides to the westside♪ that's catchy as fudge. ♪uber one can save you♪ back at 8:09 we're been following this gr back at 8:09 your health, we're following the growing popularity o ozempic, it is a prescription drug for diabetes that some people are using off label for weight loss. >> among the drug's potential side effects, a loss of appetite and also headaches and nausea, so what is it really like to be on ozempic, nbc's senior investigative correspondent vicky nguyen, you spoke to users and their experiences and what did you find out? >> fascinating stuff good morning we heard about the ozempic shortages and we've shown how easy it is to go online and get a prescription i did it even without diabetes this morning we're introducing to you people who have been on
8:11 am
ozempic and they share what it is like to take the medicine and also what happens when you stop. >> a lot of empty carbs. >> i had gained some weight that i lost back. >> everything that you took it to hide comes back those cravings everything >> three women, sharing their stories about life on ozempic. shea murray is a single mom and type 2 diabetic. ebony has diabetes and danielle baker, who was prescribed the drug to lose weight, even though the company says it's not a weight loss drug, two of the three women did lose some pounds and also mentioned in the ad. >> oh, i just lost 12 pounds >> part of the weight loss comes from the way ozempic works it mimics a hormone that makes you feel full longer, reduces food cravings and suppresses your appetite. >> how did you feel about food when were on ozempic >> didn't even thinking about it looking at a bag of doritos was kind of looking at a pair of socks. >> she would overeat and feel
8:12 am
nauseated and it's a side effect that ebony also had. >> no matter how little i seemed to eat in the sitting, i would get nauseous or throw it up. >> i definitely ate less i just didn't feel good. just drinking water would upset my stomach and make me feel nauseous >> danielle says in addition to the daily nausea, she felt constant headaches and the discomfort made her stop taking ozempic after three months she said she didn't expect what happened next. >> everything came back full force, right like all of the crazy cravings that i've struggled with, for the sweets, the junk food, it felt like i was overcompensating >> danielle's weight didn't drop she said she gained eight pounds while on ozempic, and after stopping, her weight climbed 20 pounds shay says she hoped ozempic would put her type two diabetes into remission but after two and a half months her insurance coverage changed ar she lost access to the drug.
8:13 am
>> what happened when you stopped taking ozempic >> for the first i would say week and a half, you still have that numbness to food cravings, and then suddenly, it was like your body woke up and discovered, hey, i like bread. >> she said she has to fight the urge to eat and is working extra hard to control her weight and diabetes >> it's not like a magic pill. you still have to work at exercise and knowing your portion control. >> i was on ozempic for about six months >> ebony experienced nausea and vomiting while on the drug, but together, with diet and exercise, she lost 25 pounds she stopped taking ozempic because it became too hard to get. her appetite also came roaring back >> you could say that i appreciated eating a little too much >> reporter: endocrinologist dr. donny says these women
8:14 am
experienced ozempic side effects and an abrupt end to any weight loss plan can have a rebound affect >> the best way to go about this is to make small and gradual places that people can adhere to in the long term. >> reporter: because the drug is not approved for weight loss, makers of ozempic tell nbc it wasn't studied for changes following discontinuation and they don't promote, suggest or encourage off-label use. the doctor recommends a multi- approach for medicated weight loss a nutritionist for meal planning and staying active and looping in a fitness expert and consulting a mental health expert like a psychologist or psychiatrist >> you are absolutely worth it in investing in yourself, in your physical, mental and emotional health. >> great advice. if you are looking to lose weight, there are other drugs to
8:15 am
talk to your doctor about. >> that's the first time i heard what ozempic feels like, you hear everyone losing weight, and yeah, and yeah and i didn't know the idea that food is repulsive to you and the women are not on it. how are they doing >> they're all off of it now, savannah and hoda, and they're doing a good job controlling their weight and ebony had a prescription called mounjara helping with her type two diabetes, and that is becoming in short supply in some areas as well. and danielle had gastric sleeve surgery, so she lost 90 pounds >> that was the last girl, yeah. >> the last person we spoke to and shay says she is trying to do it by eating healthier and exercising, but it is difficult. especially when you work two and three jobs, you don't always have access to fresh food and exercise so it's a challenge. >> for sure, it is >> and also just the coming back, the wanting to eat everything once you get off of it - >> your body wakes up. >> yes >> it is really interesting. >> thank you. let's go over to al and get a check of the forecast. >> all righty, guys, right now
8:16 am
looking at snow through the rockies and southwest, between albuquerque and el paso and rain through the great lakes, and snow back through eastern parts of minnesota and a little wet weather moving through the northeast. look at the temperature divide we've got 60s, 70s, 80s, even 90s through the gulf, but you go to the west, we're talking single digits, teens and 20s so that's going to be a big difference and for today, record highs in in the northeast we're talking temperatures also down through the great lakes where there are really, really warm conditions and afternoon storms through the gulf coast a . i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a cold start and still pretty breezy, but the wind will calm down today and our high only reaches 59 degrees, but it will be sunny. we'll start to see more clouds
8:17 am
move in tomorrow after a freezing start in the inland areas. we are going to see slightly warmer temperatures heading into the weekend. by sunday, we're going to see highs in the mid-60s and still nice through at least the start of next week. >> that's your latest weather. best time of the morning >> "popstart." >> all right, first up, ted lasso. get ready for season three it is finally here who remembers coach lasso's locker room believe sign last season, it ended on a sour note when former assistant coach nate, tore it down in the first look at the new season, we see afc richmond players in fact coming together to recreate lasso's inspirational poster take a look. ♪
8:18 am
>> well, if seeing is believing, i believe we've been seen. >> oh, cute. >> i love that >> best tease right there. >> next season of ted lasso starts streaming next month. next up, queen charlotte, netflix spread a little love yesterday by releasing a first look at the upcoming "bridgerton" spinoff shonda rhimes' new prequel set to explore the queen's rise to power in her epic love story >> marriage is the business of this country this cannot go wrong >> you are the first of your kind you must secure your position. >> this is my home i am the queen >> wow i want to know >> maybe they will bring back rege. >> maybe much younger. >> that's right. >> oh, my gosh >> it would be like a future scene.
8:19 am
whatever show it. "queen charlotte" premieres on netflix may 4th. next up, extrapolations, we have a "popstart" exclusive sneak peek at a star-studded apple tv plus series look at this cast. meryl streep, forest whittaker, edward norton, carrie, matthew reese, tobey maguire diana lane - kid harrington, sienna miller. that's just a handful of the a-list ners this one. >> what? >> let me tell you about. >> it the limited drama series explores the future where the chaotic effects of climate change have become a part of our every day society. want to see a little clip? >> yeah. >> take a look >> everybody looks at climate change as a bear the whole planet has been wrestling with the bear for decades. so far, the bear has been kicking our -- >> miami is dangerous. your mother is in chicago. >> i thought you hated your sister. >> it's too hot out to hate
8:20 am
people these days, marshall. >> extrapolations, premieres the first three episodes march 17th and new episodes drop weekly through april 21st, on apple tv+. next up, general hospital, did anybody ever watch that? >> gh, all the way for sure. >> yes. >> so the iconic soap opera is cemented of course in pop culture history thanks to iconic moments like this. >> by the power vested in me by the authority of the state of new york, i pronounce that they are husband and wife you may kiss the bride >> that's right. come on. >> 1981. >> write it down >> luke and laura's wedding. with a veil like that, how could anyone forget? believe it or not, they're celebrating 60 years on the air. the generations of cast got together to celebrate. this is a class photo. she looks amazing. and people had an exclusive sneak peek at the party.
8:21 am
the magazine reported port charles' legends are expected to stop by the show leading up to the official date of april 1 s debut. >> really cool >> as a babysitter, i had it on loop. finally ashton kutcher, yesterday the actor stopped by the kelly clarkson show and revealed the shocking way he takes his coffee he does it with a splash of orange juice >> eww. >> what? >> no. >> you do a taste test. >> we don't need to taste that >> a splash. >> okay. >> he does this, we'll try it. >> chug. no, just kidding okay >> no. >> no. >> did you spit yours back in? >> you spit it back out? >> it's not good i'm sorry. >> it makes it a little lighter. >> no. >> no. it will do the trick >> so does antifreeze.
8:22 am
what the heck? >> it came right back out. i never had a "popstart" where they do this >> that's right. >> ashton likes it you can try it at home. >> good for him. all right, we're going to kick off a new series. today's winter escape. it is all about showcasing some great destinations from coast to coast. first up, america's oldest city, it is st. augustine, florida keith nelson from first coast news joins us along with mayor nancy sikes-klein. hi, guys, welcome. >> welcome, you guys to beautiful st. augustine. [ cheering ] >> they are here just for you guys this morning. the sun is shining a little cool this morning but we'll be in the 70s by later on today i'm going to make you jealous really quickly we saw dolphins swimming by. we're here along the beautiful bay front right across from the bridge here, and st. augustine is gorgeous, so much to brag about when it comes to visitors, we wanted to bring you in here, but we have here now the mayor of st. augustine, you got to pinpoint things, why should
8:23 am
folks come here, why is this a great winter escape? >> it is warm and beautiful. the sun shines all the time. and we have really great history and architecture, food, we're very friendly, and hospital and we'd love to invite >> that's right. you name it, we've got it. we got to talk about some of the big attractions though because san marcos, the lightner museum, the light house itself, so much to enjoy, the beaches, we got to talk about that as well. >> the beaches are beautiful we have a wonderful state park right in the city limits and it's walkable and gorgeous, you can collect shells and just enjoy the sunshine. >> now, mayor, a lot of things that people like to come and enjoy, besides the history, is also the fountain of youth tell us about that you can actually drink from the fountain of youth. >> yes, you can. and it is actually a wonderful archeological park, lots of history there, and we would like to invite people to see that as well. >> now, we have a pirate in the audience we've got a lot of tours and
8:24 am
museums. let's talk about the history if you are a history lover, you're going to love this place. >> yes, history is what we are all about. and we would love to have people come and visit and explore and see our beautiful architecture, eat in our restaurants, and just come and have fun. relax and have fun. >> yes, come on out. come and enjoy and relax for example before we get out of here, we have a message from st. augustine to all of you at home >> the "today" show family life. >> i've been there, the most beautiful of cities, when you're freezing yourself off, your tushy off, great job, guys, i love it there. >> like a video postcard. >> by the way, if you think you live in a town that is the perfect winter escape, we want to know. tell us about it at, and perhaps we'll feature it here on the show >> come on. >> hello >> hello
8:25 am
>> hi. >> how are you >> oh, my gosh >> we could have a party >> did you bring the cocaine bear >> yes. >> you don't want to meet the cocaine bear >> al, so good to see you. >> you too. >> i'm so happy for you. >> we love our al. we are going to talk about your movie "cocaine bear," appropriately named, right on the money, you all have a lot to discuss. first, let's take a look at your local news and weather
8:26 am
it is 8:26 right now. authorities are now investigating a deadly early morning fire in martinez. it started a little before 3:00 a.m. in an apartment building near foster and talbot street. firefighters did rescue one of the two people trapped by flames. no word on their condition. the person who died has not been identified. firefighters believe someone was cooking in the kitchen when the fire started. the exact cause however is not yet known. let's get a look at our forecast for this wednesday morning. it's a cold start, kari. >> yes, and it will be a chilly afternoon, but not as windy and
8:27 am
also much more sunshine in the forecast today. dublin can expect a high of 57 degrees. also 57 in los gatos and san francisco. one of the warmer spots will be santa rosa reaching 60 degrees. we'll put our weather pattern on repeat the next few days. cold mornings and still chilly afternoons as the dry weather continues, but the weekend is looking nice as the temperatures warm up into the mid-60s. also more dry conditions into at least next tuesday. san francisco, upper 50s with our morning starts near 40 degrees and about 60 for that weekend forecast. laura? >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us as w
8:28 am
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♪ welcome back you guys. so good to see you it is 8:30 it's a wednesday morning 15th day of february, 2023 our girl jenna bush hager mingling with the crowd, she is here with our fun plaza crowd. hey, girl. >> hello you guys, coming up, we have some serious star power in our studio this morning, including
8:31 am
"antman" himself, paul rudd, we will chat about the secrecy surrounding his new movie and his trip to the super bowl over the weekend with his son who sounds identical to him. >> wow >> they're like voice twins. also, guys, in the studio, look at these two lovely ladies, elizabeth banks and keri russell, they're talking about a new film based on a true story called "cocaine bear." and the stars, not stopping in the third hour. we are rolling out the red carpet for the oscar nominees. >> if you like those a-listers, come on back tomorrow, we will meet up with elizabeth debicki on stepping up to the role on "the crown." >> a lot to get to let's get a check of the weather. >> look at these little scarves. there's about 54 of them. >> 54? wow.
8:32 am
>> very nice >> where are you guys from okay let's take a look at what your weekend weather is going to be like, as we show you, first of all, kansas city, noon today, for their parade, clouds and sunshine 43 they're going to see some winter weather tomorrow it is going to be crazy. as we look ahead to the weekend, on friday, morning rain along the east coast, snow in new england, and flurries in the pacific northwest, sunshine, midsection of the country, which continues on saturday, and nice and mild in the southwest, and sunny and cold, great lakes, northeast, mid atlantic states and then sunday, sunday, we've got ourselves a february beauty, with beautiful sunshine from the gulf into new england, and windy, in the great lakes, and mountain snows out west, and we're looking at sunshine for much of of the west coa good wednesday morning. i'm kari hall. make sure you're wearing the layers today because it is still cold out there. only headed for the upper 50s,
8:33 am
but at least it will be sunny and that may make it feel warmer especially with the wind calming down. but we are looking at freezing temperatures tonight and a few more clouds moving in tomorrow. it's going to be cool through the end of the week, but weekend is looking nice. more sunshine, highs reaching into the mid-60s and the nice weat and that is your latest weather. oh, ms. guthrie. now to the reason jbh is here, we're less than a week away with the next big read with jenna event. >> it is a virtual book club, to celebrate our february pick, maame, next tuesday, i will be sitting down with the author jessica george about a really fun conversation about her debut novel. plus, we're going to have live q & a and maybe a chance to say hello to jessica and me. to join, scan that qr code right there by savannah's skirt, or go to, i hope you guys join me.
8:34 am
it is going to be really lovely. >> we i give a quick shout-out >> of course >> there is a girl that i went to college with. hold on. she's a hokie. she is a tri-delt. >> go, hokies. >> i saw her with the shirt, and hey, girl, it's me lori. >> love you, lori. good to see you. >> hoda's college buddy. >> i bet you have some stories >> let's talk in commercial break. coming up next, we've got one of hollywood's most beloved stars talking about paul rudd, he's got the latest ant man movie and a real life adventure at the super bowl. but first, this is "today" on nbc. - life is uncertain. everyday pressures can feel overwhelming
8:35 am
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8:36 am
purll is not easy to make p elan people laugh one minute and in saved world the next, but if
8:37 am
anybody can do it, it's paul rudd back as and the man in the highly anticipated "antman and the wasp quantum mania" and this time he takes on a new villain and shows his daughter how to use the oh, so powerful shrinking suits. take a look. >> right, momentum, right. jump tap one move, jump tap. >> i know how to do it, dad. >> oh, do you? >> yes. >> because it didn't look like it from my end. >> i messed up on the timing >> like that you see what i did you see what i did >> no. you were, like, this small >> you do all your own stunts, too, it's just incredible. >> it is so small, you can't tell, you can't see it. >> we will get to men's health on the cover in a bit and how you got so small but let's talk about the game let's just do it you had a big night super bowl sunday >> yes. >> what was it like, just to be there in that moment as a lifelong chiefs fan? >> i know you guys are eagles
8:38 am
fans in your house, so it's, you know, when you win, it's the greatest and we were saying, it is the worst feeling until it is the best feeling, because if you really care, we really care, it's trust distressful >> how much do you attribute the chiefs winning to mahomes and how much to the jersey you've been wearing for four months >> so superstitious. >> you're superstitious? >> i wear the same one mahomes is unbelievable. i mean the guy is just magic he really is and i mean there are many components, obviously it's a team, but he's special >> we saw you and your son, jack, this is your second super bowl chiefs winning, and you did a little post game video and the internet is going crazy for jack let's roll a little tape. >> i'm so lucky that i am alive to watch this and i just, i cannot believe he's a real person, like i don't know how to explain it, i can't believe he is a real person. >> we love you >> a shout-out for your wife and daughter
8:39 am
and everyone is saying that jack does a better paul rudd than paul rudd does. >> i don't hear it >> well, i guess we should talk about "antman," since that's the reason you're here not to chat football. >> that's fine we don't have to can you tell me i've lost my voice a little bit. >> from the chiefs game? >> yes >> or antman. >> maybe both. i think it is mainly chiefs. >> well, i mean i was going to say let's talk with "antman," because we can't talk about "ant man," the only rule is not to talk about ant man when you're doing publicity for apt man. >> it is a tricky thing. do you find that to be tricky? >> yes and i'm not sure, you could do a thousand interviews on this and i'm one of the few interviewers to actually see the movie so now i'm even more afraid that i'm going to blurt something out and you're going to break my kneecaps or something. >> welcome to my world. >> i know. so i think i can say there's a new villain. >> yes >> okay. is it a big deal that ant man is the one that gets to take on the new villain? >> it is a really big deal because the villain is aevma character called kang the onim conquerer, which for marvel
8:40 am
devotees and enthusiasts, kang is a big deal, a big villain in marvel history so again, it is pretty good and played by jonathan majors, a terrific actor, he does a great job, and he is really, he is a big threat. >> and it is phase five, which you have to be a criminalologist to understand marvel - >> i don't even get it i work with it, and it took me a while. it took me a long time to understand the phases. this is the beginning of phase five >> okay, whatever. >> chew on that. >> i guess you're having a moment, you're everywhere, you're on the cover of "people" magazine i think we have it let's see it not the sexiest man alive, which i learned yesterday, you have a ring, you have a spread in "gq," you also are in "men's health," which i know how much you like to talk about your workout and eating regimen so this must have
8:41 am
been great. >> i live for it this is all too much >> and i saw "antman" yesterday as i mentioned, you are in that suit, and you look good in the suit, but why did you have to torture yourself, why couldn't they have just made the suit out of spanx, it's not like you're shirtless or something >> that's a really good question >> you could have had potpies and beer - >> i kind of thought about that after the fact, yes. i always felt like there is something like, you don't feel like such an impostor, and i am playing a super hero, so i don't want to feel gross. >> like you're in your sweats. >> and i still have to fit into the suit. >> true. >> but it is true, i mean every time, it is such a crazy workout regimen. >> i know. now you can let yourself go. >> well, i'm trying, a little bit, slowly but surely, entering the human race again, you know. >> and finally, i had to ask you about, did you see the super bowl commercial, "clueless"? >> no. >> you have not seen it? >> i missed all of the commercials. but i did see a clip, i did see a picture. >> it's incredible you have to watch it everyone that you know from the
8:42 am
cast, they're all in it, they're all hanging out without you. >> look at this. >> do you know the guy who shot quantum mania shot "clueless." >> you're kidding? >> no, it's the same cinematographer. >> and that is christian siriano. >> and maybe clueless 2. more clueless. >> clueless-er. >> nice. >> think about it. thank you very much, paul. >> thank you >> great to catch up with you. >> you, too. >> you can catch "antman" in theaters on friday hoda, over to you. >> savannah, thank you. coming up next, we have even more stars, look who we have, keri russell, elizabeth banks, talking about a new movie based on a true story, for real? >> yes. >> it is called "cocaine bear" because that happened somewhere. we will talk about tha but first, tt.hi
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
millions of dollars worth of cocaine dropped from the sky earlier today on to a driveway in knoxville, tennessee. >> okay, that was a real news story from back in 1985. four months after that report, a bear was found dead from investing copious amounts of cocaine. but what might have happened if that bear had lived? what if that went on to hunt for every more drugs well, that is the premise for this new comedy thriller, it's actually called "cocaine bear. we're going to chat with its director, elizabeth banks, and its star keri russell in just a moment, but first, a look at the film. >> have you ever done cocaine? >> what? why do you ask >> just wondering if it has altering side effects, for the bear, a little bit. >> it could create a habit for the bear. >> what if they never want to do it again >> then it should be fine.
8:46 am
>> but mama bear and papa bear will be very angry >> okay, here we go. elizabeth and keri, hi, guys. >> hi. we're catching up. >> you directed this and did you, let's start with the name, because that's really what is catching everybody it's not a true title based on something else but you fought for this title. >> i think nobody can believe they allowed us to keep the title, right the movie is very audacious, it is bold, i read the script and it said cocaine bear and i really want to do this but someone is going to have to promise me we won't have to change the title we all held hands and did it and now we get to talk about "cocaine bear" on the "today" show. >> it's a miracle. >> in other countries, it is called different things. >> they -- did they? >> spain it's called
8:47 am
the vicious bear >> and in france, it's called straight up, crazy bear. >> that's right. >> and in portugal, it is called "do po blanco," the white powder bear. >> and there is also this whole thing. >> keri, this script comes to you. why did you say yes? what was it about the concept? >> you and i were talking about something completely different. >> that's right. >> and it was the height of covid, and the world was so intense, and we were like, you want to do this crazy thing and i was like yeah. and it was just a true just complete departure from our stresses and everything that was going on in the world, and it was just crazy enough that i was like yes, let's go do this. >> yes that's exactly right. >> was it weird acting opposite a crazed bear? >> no. >> well, what was better is it is really like all of the
8:48 am
close ups are like, liz, shouting from the back, there's blood everywhere and the bear is attacking it he's eating it. >> what was it like directing it >> keri is right, i read the script and the height of the pandemic and chaos everywhere and there is nothing more chaotic than a bear on cocaine running through the woods so directing this was almost like a way to tame the messiness of the world, you know? >> that's interesting. >> yes it was actually kind of cathartic as an artist to just go and be together and work on something, and know that at the end of the day, we're just going to entertain people. it's fun >> just for fun. >> the world was too dark and stormy and we needed just something bright and fun >> jesse tyler ferguson is in this y'all had some crazy moments and scenes >> you could not stop laughing. >> i was crying. >> that's right.
8:49 am
i was wearing this fortunately thin pink suit and always in danger of like peeing in my pants and it, like, showing. >> that is one of my fears. >> yes. >> it was so much fun in this. and it also is a film that stars ray liotta, who we lost. >> yes. >> describe what it was like working with him and your impressions. >> he came so joyfully to the set every day. he never said no to a single thing i asked him to do. and i think i want you to wear this crazy wig and he was like okay, banks, i want you to do these stunts, okay, i want you to wear sh shirt, okay he read the script and asked for more scripts more jokes and he was so charming and so mischievous twinkle in his eye and that's what this character required and it is what he brought to the set and my favorite memory of me, we shot in a film and we all lived in a little town, we shot the film in
8:50 am
ireland and i happened to spy him -- i was in a shop, and he and his fiancé were walking down the street arm in arm with a doggy bag, clearly coming from dinner, laughing and that's how i think about him. arm in arm with the woman he loved having the time of his life. >> and why should people go see this movie >> why shouldn't they? the name alone - >> you're going to want to see it. >> some stuff goes down in this movie and you are the one who wants to know, you are not going to want to be the one not talking about it monday morning. >> and i like your friendship. you can always tell when you're interviewing when people are really friends >> thank you. >> they're come can up with more members of the cast coming up on the third hour, and you can watch "cocaine bear," from our sister company, universal pictures, it is in theaters everywhere, it starts friday, february 24th. thanks again, guys. >> thank you. we'll be back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you. >> thank you. we'll be back a
8:51 am
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we're back, with a we're back we have a look a this morning's plaza pics. here is sonya, lifelong "today" fan. what a doll. >> from laredo, texas. >> i had a chance to spend time with a family from florida the first trip to new york city. >> al and i met tim and lisa by the way, they got engaged valentine's day 24 years ago i loved that. >> and you have more folks that you want to meet this morning. >> that's right, we love them, we've got some birthdays to celebrate. let's take the old smuckers jars out for a spin first off, happy 100th birthday to leroy holmes of new orleans, and this is a guy who watched hoda on wdsu there you go leroy, he loves to stay active by walking in the city park. alida minaya of new york, also 100, one of the biggest fans out there, looking forward to
8:54 am
opening day for the yankees. happy 100th birthday to richard, active guy from mercer island, washington he does 300 crunches every single day. >> oh, wow. >> that's impressive >> very. >> our next centenarian is mildred silver of lynbrook, new york, loves to spend time with the grandkids. let's head to punta gorda, florida, ed, a movie star, 100 kelsey grammer will be here. >> and first in the third hour, we are introducing to you a sesame street trail blazer >> you are going to love this one, al. >> i love it that's coming up right after your local news.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. a poshl decision may come as soon as today on the fate of the police chief armstrong. he's currently on leave tied to the department's mishandling of officer's misconduct cases.
8:57 am
the outside law firm looking into the incident gave a city a deadline of today on whether or not to discipline the chief. the mayor has the ability to fire him without cause. armstrong is adamant he did nothing wrong. happening today, an oakland police commissioner's committee will meet tonight.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning, on the "third hour of today," safety in the sky. in a rare move, the faa is launching a review of several recent close calls on the ground and in the air. >> delta, cancel takeoff. >> why they're doing it now. and why what we all need to know before catching our next flight. plus, we're going hollywood in studio 1-a today, oscar nominee ke huy quan in his life-changing role in everything, everywhere all at once. liam neeson stepping into the shoes of a famous detective. and the stars of a


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