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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, state of emergency. more than 20,000 evacuated from deadly flooding in louisiana. rescue crews working overnight to pull people to safety. volunteers cutting a woman free from her car. >> get my dog. get my dog. >> i got your dog. also, breaking overnight, violence erupting in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. national guard about vated as buildings are burned to the ground and police cars destroyed. robbery in rio. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte held up, forced to kneel down as criminals dressed as police put a gun to his head. a night celebrating his olympic win turns terrifying. why olympic officials may have tried to cover up the incident.
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>> he's still invincible, usain bolt! >> the fastest man alive, usain bolt makes history on the track. and golden girl simone biles does what no american woman has done before. >> and there it is. >> winning the first-ever u.s. gold medal in the vault. three golds so far for the world's greatest gymnast. now, the final five telling amy all about their show-stopping performance. we're live in rio for the history-making action at the olympics. >> all: we are the final five. >> announcer: live in times square and rio de janeiro, this is "good morning america." we do say good morning, america, and it is great to have amy back home. >> thank you. it's good to be back. >> simone biles again, winning her third gold medal. >> and i sat down with them and they are just so ready to do this. they have been preparing for this moment from the very beginning and they're excited. they're not nervous.
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>> and, amy, as you told us she was already being called the greatest ever even before the olympics got started and she has proven why now and she still has two more events ahead. >> looking forward to it. we'll bring it to you in just a bit. but we'll begin with that deadly, deadly flooding in the south killing at least six people in louisiana. more than 20,000 people rescued and neighborhoods under water this morning. a large part of that state facing a flooding disaster and now flash flood threats from texas to ohio. ginger will have more on the storms in a moment. but first, abc's rob marciano is in hard-hit prairieville, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, rob. >> robin the best way to describe southern louisiana around baton rouge is just water everywhere. nearly two feet of rain falling in less than two days. a boat is the best way to get around here.
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overnight, rescue crews in louisiana worked relentlessly. after days of historic rain triggered epic flooding and a state of emergency leaving at least six dead and thousands trapped. more than 20,000 people rescued across the state since this friday. some of the stranded saved from the air. the coast guard hoisting this woman and boy to safety sunday. >> get out. >> reporter: and many more rescued by boat. >> give me a knife. give me >> reporter: watch this dramatic water rescue in baton rouge on saturday. >> oh, my god, i'm drowning. >> we're coming, we're coming! >> reporter: volunteers doing all they could as this woman's car filled with water. >> i need help, please help me. >> reporter: the rescuers freeing the woman just in time. >> get my dog. >> her dog? >> get my dog. >> reporter: and going back for her beloved dog. >> i can't get the dog. >> maybe she's gone. >> no.
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>> i got your dog. >> reporter: hundreds of pets rescued as well over the weekend. nearly 5,000 people spending the weekend in red cross shelters, so overwhelmed some people sleeping on floors. businesses closed. 27 parishes, nearly all of southern louisiana shut down as they cope with this disaster. >> all right, rob. thank you very much. as we just saw louisiana is in a state of emergency. the coast guard has been called in. rescues still under way. joining us now with the latest on the response and recovery operation is louisiana's governor john bel edwards. governor, i know you're very busy this morning and we appreciate you spending a little time with us. what is the latest you can tell us about the flooding in your state? >> well, good morning, robin. this morning we have over 12,000 people across south louisiana who are in shelters. we've got about 40,000 homes and businesses without power and i can tell you that we have made
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bringing people out of flooded homes and to safety. this was a record event. even though it was an unnamed storm, it was historic levels of rivers and creeks rising and i will tell you that we've not seen anything like this in the past. >> and president obama, governor, was able to issue a quick emergency declaration. how has that been able to aid you, help you? >> well, first of all, it makes us eligible for a lot of assistance, both individual assistance and the assistance we need as a government, both to continue to respond to the event but also to go into the recovery phase. he signed that declaration within a couple of hours of me making the request. >> you alluded to this just a moment ago but what is your message for the people there to stay safe during this ongoing challenging time? >> well, i just want them to remain patient. the weather is improving, but we still have record floodwaters. we have road closures all across
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the water is dangerous in terms of the coverage on the roads. we have most of the fatalities that we've suffered which now we have five that we have confirmed. they involve motorists, driving into swift-moving water being washed off the roadway and into deeper water so we're asking people to be patient. most schools in the affected area are certainly closed. a lot of businesses are closed. we don't need sightseers or people on the road unnecessarily and so, we're just asking for patience and'l robin, we're asking people here in louisiana and around the country to offer some prayers for the people of louisiana that we can quickly recover from this. >> amen. you are certainly in our prayers, governor. i know firsthand how strong and resilient the people of louisiana are, and we are thinking and praying for you. >> thank you, and these are your old stomping grounds around southeastern louisiana university. they took it on the chin pretty good but you'll be proud of the people in the parish, robin. >> i'm always proud of the folks in louisiana. governor edwards, thank you.
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>> thank you, ma'am. >> very proud as i said. resilient, strong and not a named storm but still every bit if not more serious. >> and to see the people pulled from cars and that puppy we saw over the weekend but it still gets you every single time. >> people helping people. that's it. >> ginger, you have more on where it's headed next. >> you have to see this image. this is the accumulated rainfall, david and robin, where you can see from lake charles to livingston that white and gray coloring, at inches. our key doesn't even go higher than that but there are places that got more than 30 inches of rain. unreal type of storm and flash flood watches that stretch into parts of texas, san antonio, houston on alert this morning, st. louis on alert this morning, up through indianapolis with the flash flood watches. out west watching the heat. it's been very hot. now the winds kick up and fire danger is high today, david. we'll follow more on that too with the latest on the
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forced to evacuate. firefighters struggling to keep that blaze at bay and abc's mary bruce is in lower lake, california, and she has the latest for us this morning. mary, good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. david, the fire tore through this home. it's hard to tell from this smoldering rubble but this used to be a kitchen. now, one of the few things still standing this morning, the pl playset in the backyard and thi this morning, firefighters struggling to contain two blazes ripping through california. 3,000 acres charred overnight. thick plumes of smoke billowing from homes and businesses. 4,000 people evacuated. >> it's hazardous to be in there right now. >> reporter: this fire's being fought from the ground and air but only 5% contained. another separate wildfire now covering 4,000 acres. flames spreading so quickly, residents seeking shelter in their swimming pools. >> it got intense, smoke and the
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blowing for awhile here. >> reporter: another getting trapped. the blaze closing in. >> immediate rescue for a juvenile who is trapped in a pool with fire all around him. >> reporter: firefighters unable to save this town. now, this entire area has been evacuated with very little warning. officials going door to door this morning, they're just thankful everyone made it out okay. robin. >> we all are. thank you, mary. now to violent protests erupting in milwaukee after police shot and killed a black man they say was armed. businesses and police cars set on fire. the national guard has been activated. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, chaos in milwaukee with at least two officers injured and one person shot. angry crowds protesting the deadly police shooting of an allegedly armed black man killed after a traffic stop. the national guard on standby but not called in to action. >> this is the police. leave the area.
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weekend of unrest, people running for cover through smoke-filled mayhem. sounds of gunfire, the crowd targeting police. >> gunfire, shots fired. i'm getting injured officers here. there's too many rocks coming. >> reporter: this police car destroyed. other vehicles up in flames. six businesses in all torched. it all started saturday afternoon during a traffic stop in the car, the 23-year-old suspect, now being identified as sylville smith, according to au took off on foot. the officer who was also black ordering him to drop his weapon. when smith didn't comply, firing several rounds killing smith. police say the officer was wearing a body camera. david, authorities have not released the body camera video. no word on when they will do that but you can see the damage clearly visible this morning. david. >> eva pilgrim in milwaukee for us, eva, thank you. we're going to turn now to
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donald trump's new attack, on a familiar target, the media. trump now lashing out saying reports about chaos inside his campaign are fiction and blaming the media for his drop in the polls. abc's tom llamas covering every step of this campaign. hey, tom. >> david, good morning. donald trump set to address radical islamic terror this morning at what's being billed as a major speech in the battleground state of ohio, but lately, he's focused on bashing the media more than he usually does saying he'd be ahead by 20% if it weren't for the press. donald trump now in the midst of his newest battle. >> i'll tell you honestly, i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. >> reporter: trump pumping out nearly a dozen tweets over the weekend bashing the media, blaming reporters for his sagging poll numbers, tweeting, i have always been the same
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the media wants me to change but it would be very dishonest to supporters to do so. so what set trump off, a front-page "new york times" story that spotlighted trump's unwillingness to adapt from the primary brawler into a more disciplined general election candidate. >> the newspaper's going to hell. they've got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad with -- i mean, lack of talent, maybe we'll start thinking about taking their es them. >> reporter: the trump team insists the gop nominee is focused and organized. >> we've raised over $132 million in the last two months. >> reporter: but trump still playing by his rules on the trail handling a protester in connecticut like this. >> you can get her out. get her out. you know she looks just like hillary clinton actually. is that hillary? hillary, is that you? >> reporter: and trump who always talks about winning now considering what it may feel
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>> oh, you better elect me, folks, i'll never speak to you again. can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time and lost. >> reporter: and this morning, the clinton campaign seizing on another "new york times" story that reports trump's campaign chairman paul manafort's name appears in handwritten ledgers showing millions in undisclosed cash payments from ukraine's pro-russia political party while he was a consultant there. it's unclear if cash. the clinton team is calling on trump to disclose if any employees or advisers are currently representing or being paid by pro-kremlin entities. the trump campaign has denied these allegations in the past and manafort this morning says he never received that cash. robin. >> all right, tom, thank you. now to all the excitement at the olympics. the fastest man in the world, usain bolt making history, and team usa's simone biles winning her third gold medal.
7:14 am
t.j. holmes, he's at the olympic desk with all the highlights. good morning. >> i'll try to finish this race here, robin, but it's four years. we wait four years to see a ten-second race and what did we find out last night that, yes, in fact, lightning can strike three times, and then there's simone biles who at these olympics is proving to be unbeatable. >> set. >> reporter: this night in rio belonged to the reigning superstars. >> here comes bolt. >> reporter: usain bolt sprinted into the history books during the most thrilling ten seconds in sport, the 100-meter dash. >> here he is still invincible, usain bolt. >> reporter: the jamaican star is now the first man to win this event three olympics in a row. >> it's not supposed to be that easy. >> reporter: the world's fastest man sported golden shoes on his victory lap before showing off that signature lightning bolt once again. >> the first man in history to win three 100-meters. >> reporter: bolt stole the
7:15 am
gatlin, the 34-year-old twice suspended for doping took silver. and two days after her all-around victory simone biles back on top. >> she will become america's first olympic gold medalist on this event. >> reporter: the petite powerhouse vaulted her way to a third gold. >> and there it is! >> reporter: biles is now the first american woman ever to strike gold on vault and the first to win three golds in a single olympics. meanwhile, biles' final five teammate madison kocian also took home some hardware swinging to a silver on the uneven bars. and some good news for the u.s. men's gymnastics team. >> oh. >> reporter: alex naddour took bronze in pommel horse and the new dad posted this picture of his infant daughter just before his event. naddour not able to hold back the tears. it's been 32 years since the u.s. has medaled in pommel horse
7:16 am
one 4'8", the other 6'5", both olympic giants. now, simone biles still has two more events here, the beam and the floor exercise, so she could collect some more gold. as far as usain bolt can anybody beat him? will anything slow him down, robin? hopefully, his momma said, a family, settling down, getting married and giving her some grandbabies. we'll see if that plan works. >> of course, the mom wants that. that's universal. that's universal, whether you're the fastest man or not. back to you in a bit. you had a chance to sit down with the final five. >> it was so exciting, robin. these gold medalists are fierce, they're fired up and revealing how they handle all that incredible pressure. we're going to have much more in our next hour. but here is a sneak peek. i was watching you guys with the cameras in your faces as you're waiting for your scores.
7:17 am
like the longest -- like if it's a minute, it feels like the longest minute of your life but you know you put everything out on the floor and you did everything you could. >> and when you see them right before they perform, they're smiling. i mean, they're so ready and so confident, i didn't feel nervous at all. >> they put all the work into it so they now -- but the families -- >> well, that's another story. >> we'll get that that later too. good to have you back. >> can't wait for that. in the meantime, jesse is still at his post, the medal count wall. >> doing very good. team usa keeps piling up the prizes. you can see right now leading the overall medal count with 69, they have the most gold medals with 26. china right now is the u.s.' nearest competitor with 45 medals. they're followed by great britain, russia and japan. today, guys, could be another big day for team usa when simone biles and laurie hernandez compete in the women's balance beam finals. david. >> all right, jesse, thanks so much. and we want to get right back over to ginger. we talked about the floods. you have the heat advisories today too. >> yeah, the heat advisories are
7:18 am
to franklin, virginia, washington, d.c., baltimore and new york city. philadelphia has already had seven heat-related deaths this year so just because you haven't seen it near you, doesn't mean you can't. it's cumulative throughout the summer. the feels-like today -- 101, charlotte, 108 richmond, 95 philadelphia. it'll feel like 91 today in new york city. it'll stay nice and toasty
7:19 am
>> and i have to apologize. i sound like batman doing the weather like christian bale today because my allergies were off the charts. >> off the charts. >> it's great to have you back. >> it's great to be back in the city with no grass and trees. >> it's kind of working for you, though. it's kind of working for you. thanks, ginger. coming up on "gma," robbed in rio. swimming star ryan lochte and his teammates were held up and a gun was pointed at ryan's head. what he's saying this morning about the terrifying incident and how he and his teammates got
7:20 am
also breaking overnight, chaos at jfk. one of america's largest airport. reports of an active shooter and the latest on what happened. and snatched by a mountain lion, a little girl coming face-to-face with a cougar and her mom jumping into action. how her daughter managed to survive. come on back. managed to survive. come on back. managed to surviv. come on back. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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good morning, time now 7:23. i'm danielle lerner, and if you are heading for the valley from the high country this morning, you might want to delay your trip. interstate 17 is shut down right now because of a very serious crash. abc15's mallory moore tracking that from the traffic center. mallory. >> yeah, danielle, as you said, i-17 northbound completely shut down right now. this is just junction. this is where the back up begins. i would delay your travel headed up north. taking a look at the valley, not too bad. we have a brand new crash from our adot camera. this is loop 202 westbound, red mountain, near loop o -- loop 101. also breaking overnight, a phoenix police officer is okay after being hit by a red light runner believed to have been
7:24 am
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time now for your most accurate forecast, as you wake up, and get out the door. this is what you'll see. nothing but clear skies around the phoenix metro. sunny to mostly sunny across the valley today. that means our ozone concentrations are going up, and they're going to reach unhealthy levels today for folks with respiratory issues. arizona department of environmental quality issuing a ozone high pollution quality today. you may want to limit your time outdoors. we're going to climb into the 90s soon, and the hundreds set in before lunchtime, and today's high, a sizzling hot 109 degrees. from an auto correct fail to a clothing line and a retail store. the love of apparel store opens today. a portion of the proceeds go to the john jay and rich care for kids foundation. a young mother defends her
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lion attack. we'll hear from her next on
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now it's thin-credible! made with - welcome back to "gma" on a monday morning. you're looking live at prairieville, louisiana, a state of emergency declared this morning. more than 20,000 rescued already after deadly flooding there and now texas to ohio on alert for flash floods. ginger and rob tracking all the latest this morning. also right now, massive wildfires are raging in california. more than 4,000 people have been evacuated as firefighters struggle to contain the blazes fighting them from the ground and sky this morning. and three adults and a child lucky to be alive after a dramatic rescue 24 miles off the florida coast. they were found clinging to their overturned boat. all had their life jackets on and all are okay this morning. >> wow. a lesson for us all. also coming up, t.j.'s live in rio breaking down the biggest winners at the olympics.
7:31 am
i know you have the answer to this one. is it michael phelps or usain bolt who actually has bigger bank? they got their medals but who has the bigger bank accounts? >> he wants to answer. >> i got it, i got it. >> i got it, i got it. but first in this half hour, we have that shocking robbery in rio. u.s. gold medalist ryan lochte and three of his swimming teammates say they were held at gunpoint when men posing as police swarmed their taxi. abc's matt gutman is in rio with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. no doubt this is a gorgeous city but rio may also be the most crime-ridden city in which an olympics has been held in modern times and everything had gone more or less smoothly until that lochte robbery which set the entire olympic village on edge. ryan lochte, one of the most decorated swimmers in history with 12 career olympic medals,
7:32 am
teammates after an evening out when suddenly men in police uniforms flashed badges and pulled them over. as they were heading back to the olympic village. lochte had been partying and posing for pics with snowboarding great shaun white at this club. he says the men demanded the swimmers get on the ground. >> i refused. i was like, we didn't do anything wrong. i'm not getting down on the ground and this guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said get down and i put my hands up like whatever. >> reporter: the assailants took only their money but this morning, the incident sending shock waves through rio. >> i kind of said, excuse me. i mean i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the international olympic committee initially denying the incident took place. >> they said they spoke to lochte and said it wasn't true. >> reporter: then retracting it suggesting lochte had changed his story. incidents occurring almost daily here. rocks hitting an olympic bus, stray bullets twice hitting the
7:33 am
coaches robbed at knifepoint. the lochte incident, the latest black eye for olympic organizers who guaranteed the safety of athletes. >> if we drop the ball in security, we need to get our act together. >> reporter: last week we embedded with rio's s.w.a.t. team tasked with taking on the kind of criminals that robbed lochte. everybody wears this when they go out. they said the city's notorious gangs target them daily. it feels like when you go out of this perimeter you are going into war. brazilian police telling us in a statement that lochte and his teammates were so drunk they couldn't give a coherent description of their assailants or their getaway car. now, lochte so good in the pool may now be in hot water and olympic officials suggesting he misled them at least initially about what really happened yesterday. guys. >> yeah, a little too much celebration there, all right, matt. you were there. what's the situation like in rio? >> you know, i think it's very
7:34 am
good time and celebrating but you have to remember that you are in a country where things can be unsecure and so i had a situation similar. we were pulled over. we didn't get out of the car. i mean i don't know what the intentions were but you just can't take any chances so luckily we were okay -- >> you told the taxi driver keep going. >> i said, keep driving. keep driving. you can't let people pull you over and get out of the car. >> mother instincts kicked in with amy and her team and grateful for it. we turn to that scary moment at jfk overnight evacuated after reports of gunfire. chaos erupting. passengers running for the exits and just look at the images coming in. abc's gio benitez is at jfk with the very latest. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning to you. those reports causing massive confusion here at jfk. thankfully nobody was hurt but just take a look at what happened here. >> do we have any police officer units that can confirm shots fired? >> reporter: overnight, chaos at one of america's largest airports.
7:35 am
traffic stopped in the inbound and outbound. >> reporter: just after 9:30 p.m. sunday reports of an active shooter in terminal 8. >> we heard repeatedly get on the ground, get on the ground, and i thought i might die tonight. >> reporter: authorities rushing to jfk international airport evacuating two terminals. >> do not move your aircraft. >> reporter: halting planes. >> terminal 1 right now is being evacuated. no flights in or out. >> reporter: terrified passengers running on to the tarmac. >> someone started screaming. >> we were on the tarmac. >> on the tarmac running. there were even tsa people running. >> reporter: hundreds of travelers leaving luggage and bags behind in the confusion waiting outside the terminals as police searched floor by floor. >> the local security guard starting yelling active shooter and everyone started running back up into the de-board area and it was complete chaos at this point. people crying. nobody seemed to know what was going on.
7:36 am
and they still like it was clear they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: but after nearly three hours authorities giving the all clear saying there is no evidence of a shooting. >> no evidence of shots fired on all the video of the area. >> reporter: now investigating what led to the reports that paralyzed one of the world's largest travel hubs. >> get down on the ground. >> reporter: and back here at jfk, we can tell you the airport is now back to business as usual. a few delays from that chaos but tse robin and david. >> hopefully so. okay, gio. now to an amazing survival story, a 4-year-old saved from a mountain lion as it tried to drag her away from her family orn -- on a camping trip in idaho. abc's linsey davis has more on the close call. >> reporter: this morning, a harrowing tale of child versus the wild. >> we didn't think we were in danger. we just thought it was passing through. but now we know it was actually stalking the kids because they had come up for dinner. >> reporter: 4-year-old kelsi
7:37 am
family this weekend near green canyon hot springs, idaho, when her mother took her down for a nap. >> it was after dinner when i took her and her cousins to the tent. because they were all playing together. >> reporter: but kelsi wondered off. that's when a giant mountain lion pounced clutching kelsi in its mouth trying to carry her off. her mom immediately jumped in. >> it just grabbed her with its teeth and flipped her over and then went to grab her again and we were there. >> reporter: the cougar dropped her before running away leaving her scratched and bruised but alive and with a new nickname, her family now calls her princess puma. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> oh, how precious. quick thinking of the momma like that. >> that's momma's instincts kicking back in. >> kicks in every time, david. >> robin, you know what this is? >> the big board. >> the big board. coming up here outrage growing over another college sexual assault case and the sentence given. and a big twist in the "making a murderer" case made
7:38 am
now suddenly being overturned. and you're not going to believe this one. the big show adele now says she turned down. can we get her to change her mind? anyway we'll talk to the insiders in two minutes. the insiders in two minutes. ? so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear? yeah, they have tiny holes to let the air through but... yessss. i love them. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom.
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welcome back. it's time for our big board. our team of insiders is live for more on this morning's top stories and dan abrams is here at the desk with us, he's going to weigh in. i think a couple of stories you' w that campus rape case in colorado drawing comparisons to the turner trial at stanford. a former university of colorado student convicted of sexual assault given what many are calling a lenient sentence, two years in jail and probation, legal analyst areva martin will join us now and also, like the stanford case, the colorado victim, boy, the letter that she
7:41 am
judge. this is what she said in part to the judge. i have it right here. she said "have as much mercy for the rapist as he did for me the night of the sexual assault which was none" and then the judge with that sentence. what do you make of this, areva? >> you know, i think there's a lot of anguish in this country around the way rapists are being convicted and this case was so powerful, the statement given by this young woman so powerful. the only opportunity for the judge to hear from her, to hear how this rape impacted her life and to weigh in on the sentence and then to get two years work release, i think many are disappointed by this sentence, robin. >> areva, let me ask you, though, a lot of outrage about this sentence, how unusual is this, though? is this happening more than we think? >> there's some data out there that suggests that only 3% of rapists will actually spend time in jail. that report has come under attack but i think it's pretty clear that rapists on college campuses fare better in terms of sentencing than those that are
7:42 am
of rapes outside of the college campus so really something we need to look at in this country. >> and college students have been talking about this on campuses all across the country, areva, and i'll ask you this, dan, why is that the case? why does that seem to be more lenient, dan? >> look, i think we're seeing a lot more coverage of this now which is actually a good thing, right, i think exposing the criminal justice system for what it is both the good and the bad can be very helpful. here you're talking about the possibility of 4 years to 12 years and he gets this lenient sentence. no question this is below the level, i think most expected. >> talking about exposing the criminal justice system. this next headline, surprise twist "making a murderer" case, a federal judge overturning the convicted of brendan dassey who was found guilty in 2007 along with his uncle steven avery of murdering teresa halbach and both sentenced to life in prison. the judge now saying dassey's confession was coerced.
7:43 am
the police interrogation that led to brendan's confession. look at this. >> your mom said you'd be honest with us. we already know what happened. >> dan, were you surprised? >> i was surprised not because of the reasoning, meaning i agree with the judge entirely. what makes this so surprising is you have a federal court here stepping in and saying, yes, i know this worked its way through the state court. yes, this is a state court crime. but this is such an unreasonable decision and raises such fundamental constitutional questions, that i'm going to throw it out. that's what makes it so unusual surprise to many of us, including those who think that brendan dassey is totally innocent. >> and what about steven avery? >> this does not help avery. all these people say, oh, so steven avery will be the next one. if you actually read the judge's opinion, the judge sort of presumes in this opinion that the evidence against steven avery is valid. i don't think this is going to have any impact on his case, certainly not a positive impact. his lawyer is going to file a
7:44 am
an incredibly uphill battle. >> so much attention. >> in particular to avery. >> yes. >> you want to lighten things up just a little bit here? >> let's do it. okay, now to that big adele news during a sold out concert on saturday. the "hello" singer shot down rumors that she would be performing at next year's super bowl halftime show. take a look at what she said. >> so, first of all, i'd like to tell you that i'm not doing the super bowl. well, come on, i mean, come on. that show is not about music. and i don't really -- can't dance or anything like that. they were very kind. they did ask me but i said no. >> i can't dance. >> yeah, very well. >> the nfl and pepsi says they had conversations with several artists but they have not extended a formal offer to anyone. joining us now is howard bragman, howard, the super bowl halftime show is a big deal. what do you make of what adele said? >> i think adele's got a very good sense of self because the super bowl halftime show, i happened to be there last year on the field with my client,
7:45 am
about intimacy even in a big arena, she's about her voice, about intimacy, it's not dancing, it's not fireworks, it's probably the right decision for her. >> left shark dancing when she sings "hello," left shark when she's singing. >> howard -- we can try that but, you make a good point, howard. i was at the staples center last week. there's two stages there but all she does is sing, i say that, it's adele. it was sold out, eight shows. she makes a good point when she says the super bowl really is about more than that. she knows where she fits. >> it's hard to turn it down, there's 125 million people watching in the u.s. alone. it's the largest musical venue in the world. but she knows herself and that's why you got to respect her so much. >> much respect. okay, i love how you dropped a line. your client was there last year. how about you, areva, who would you want to see at the super bowl perform? >> kendrick lamar would be my choice.
7:46 am
>> it's going to be all right. >> that's it. thank you all, thank you all very much. thanks to areva, dan and howard. coming up in two minutes, the olympians scoring more than gold. who's got the most money, usain bolt or michael phelps? it's the battle of the bank accounts, next, we know who has the gold. accounts, next, we know who has the gold. when i put on a great pair of pants... i can move, be myself and there's nothing better than that. the juliet ankle pant from chico's the ultimate fit for every body designed to move. made to flatter. only at chico's and this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you...
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its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. ? how you like me now ? how you like me now. usain bolt and michael phelps, well, they are two of the most recognizable olympic athletes but when all the endorsement deals and career earnings are tallied up, who wins a gold in that regard? let's go back to t.j. at our olympic desk. who is it, t.j.? >> yeah, robin, wouldn't it be cool? we'll never see usain bolt jump in the water and race phelps or phelps go to the track and race bolt so we'll never see them head to head so let's put them head to head in terms of money and in this race, unlike some of their athletic competitions, it's kind of close.
7:49 am
land. >> still invincible. usain bolt. >> reporter: and in the water. >> phelps has grabbed the lead. >> reporter: usain bolt and michael phelps prove over and over again they are the powerhouse olympians at the top of their sports. 31-year-old phelps now has 28 career olympic medals to his name, the most decorated olympian in history. his net worth, $55 million. bolt is 29 years old. he has just seven gold medals but reportedly he shot past phelpsn $60 million. so, where have they made their fortunes? endorsements. phelps previously signing on with visa, louis vuitton and speedo but the baltimore's native's biggest sponsor -- baltimore-based under armour. ? it's the last good-bye ? >> reporter: but the lightning bolt from jamaica has signed on
7:50 am
>> i'm on my way. >> usain, usain! >> reporter: a reported eight-figure deal with puma. all right, one other note here about the u.s. athletes. for a gold medal you get $25,000 from the u.s. you know, in prize money. well, over time, that would be about $575,000 that michael phelps has made just in the 23 gold medals but he gets taxed from that so he gets hit pretty hard so you're not going to get rich that way necessarily, even though he's not doing bad, but the endorsements certainly put these guys over the top. >> that's how we say welcome home. >> just like us paying taxes. hey, rio, gio -- t.j., we'll get back to you in rio. you would think i was there, not you. okay, we're going to have amy's interview with the final five winning olympic gold coming up. ? the sun'll come out tomorrow... ? for people with heart failure,
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7:54 am
yes i can. back here on "gma," a little update on that clayton fire. at least 4,000 evacuated from their home. the pictures are so terrifying and then you see the heat still on and the winds will now gust up to 30 miles per hour. all that weather brought to you by target. your local weather right after
7:55 am
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good monday morning, 7:26. a fight between two transients this morning ends with one of them dead, the other one on the run. police got a call about a fight outside a charlie's bar. this is at 7th avenue and camelback right across the street from the light rail platform. we brought it to you as breaking news earlier this morning. we're still working with police to get you a suspect description. happening today, maybe, the fate of a ballot as would legalize recreational marijuana in our state. a judge could rule on prop 205 today. opponents filed a legal challenge against the proposition claiming the text is misleading and confusing for the thousands that changed their signatures to get the signature on the ballot. dryer air still dominates, that means temperatures are going to heat up. we're already to 91 degrees.
7:57 am
out to the west, hotter between 110 and 115 in spots like yuma, lake havasu, and gila bend. a chance of scattered storms this afternoon. we have to watch as storms could come close to the valley along the foothills locations and north maricopa county, and northeast maricopa county, but the rest of the valley looking to stay dry, and again, just hot this afternoon. on the on abc15, a father on a road trip with his young daughter takes a turn when the rental car they are in is reported stolen. he says it's what happened next really spoiled the trip. my hands fully in the air the whole time, and suddenly out of the blue, he said get your hand away from your waist or i'll blow bullet holes in your back. >> ken walton posted a scathing post, and dps says he exaggerated and the officer
7:58 am
risk stop. they say the car rental company should take the heat on this one. one lane is open after the bad crash. we have a traffic alert in the valley, 202 westbound at loop 101. ? ? hey, is this our turn?
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. catastrophic flash flooding down south after deadly storms drenched the region. at least 20,000 already rescued. crews racing to pull people to safety. fight of her life. shanne message to her mom saying there's nothing like a mother's love as the "90210" star battles breast cancer. ? darling hold my hand ? duchess kate on a mission. why she says she wouldn't hesitate to get mental health help for george and charlotte and why she's urging others to do the same. her fight to help every child who needs help right now. ? you can't stop me no ? the final five, the best in the world.
8:01 am
up about beating the pressure and how their parents are handling it and the surprising way simone biles is storing all those golds, all as we say -- >> all: we are the final five. good morning, america. whoo! all right, they have captured our hearts. >> i know. >> how adorable are they? >> it was pretty awesome. my final assignment in rio, the final five. it doesn't get much better than that, and these girls are all-stars in every way, not just in the gym but out of the gym, as well. their bond, it's incredible to watch. they really do seem like five best girlfriends who are killing it, by the way, at the olympics. >> having fun out there doing it too. big smiles on their faces. >> and they're coming home with this major jewelry. all of them. this new line. you got to work really hard for it. all right, amy, great to have you back, by the way. you were amazing last week. >> thank you. also, we have more on kate
8:02 am
we were just saying she really has done so many powerful things. >> she really has. >> and now here's another one. now on a mission to help parents feel comfortable talking about their children when those children need help with their mental health. she wants to get the word out so that parents feel okay about asking for help when they need it. in the meantime, proving her olympic talent, amy robach has made it to the desk. >> if only running in heels was an event, david, thank you so much. all right, good morning, everyone, and the big story this morning, the historic flooding in southern louisiana. two feet of rain has fallen in just two days. we know right now at least five people are dead, and since friday more than 20,000 people have been rescued, many of them stranded on an interstate some for more than a full day and unfortunately more rain is on the way. ginger will have the latest on that. and then breaking this morning, another natural disaster, the wildfire raging in northern california. about 100 miles north of san francisco, firefighters there struggling to contain the blaze which has destroyed dozens of buildings.
8:03 am
evacuated. and milwaukee is now bracing for more protests after a second night of unrest over the deadly police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. officers in riot gear clashed with an angry crowd last night. one person was shot, two officers injured. a day after six businesses were burned and squad cars destroyed. police say 23-year-old sylville smith was holding a gun and refused to drop it when he was shot by an officer who is also black. a dramatic crash landing at an air show. a small plane in england was forced to touch down in the water, and then it flipped upside down. onlookers turned the plane over to rescue that pilot. remarkably he suffered just minor injuries, and the plane appeared to be unscathed, as well. donald trump is delivering a speech in ohio this afternoon to lay out his plan to defeat isis. trump spent much of the weekend sparring with the media. he's blaming the press for slumping poll numbers like the new figures out this morning
8:04 am
30-point lead in her home state -- their home state of new york. vice president joe biden is campaigning with hillary clinton for the first time today. they're holding a rally in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. and an alert this morning for parents about the way they are putting their babies to bed. a small study shows many babies are being placed on their sides or their stomachs instead of correctly on their backs increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. researchers at penn state say many cribs contain lose bedding or toys that could prove dangerous to a sleeping baby. well, at the omp simone biles is going to go for her fourth gold medal today, and abc's t.j. holmes is at the "gma" olympics desk in rio with all the details. t.j., how are you liking it there? >> so far so good. i hit the ground running but you were right. this place is fantastic and the action is fantastic, as well. you're talking about simone biles there. that fourth gold medal, it could come on beam. that could come today, but she captured her third on sunday in the vault. now, if she can medal five times she'll match an individual mark for an american gymnast that was
8:05 am
much more of that final five interview in a moment. meanwhile, jamaican sprinter usain bolt is all smiles and why not? he moved into the 100-meter final last night and did what we expect him to do. he won gold again for the third straight time. this is the first time anyone has taken three in a row in that event. now, both the u.s. men's and women's basketball games, they are getting ready for quarterfinal action in their torns and men had a three-point win and the women like bigger cushions, 43-point blow-out. in the medal race the u.s. leads the count with 69. the americans also have the most golds with 26 and how are some athletes dealing with the disappointment here in rio of missing out on a medal? well, how about mcdonald's. check out this australian badminton player who was loving it with fries, nuggets and anything else he could get his hands on. he said it was time to let go after months of eating clean and, robach, we'll do a welfare check. we're checking hospitals and bathrooms today to see if we can
8:06 am
>> i have to be honest, i had mcdonald's while i was there. so did my entire team, sorry, yeah, it just happens sometimes. >> first time i've ever seen abs with that table of mcdonald's. if that could happen, we'd be in. >> can i add a note, the u.s. women's field hockey team, they don't get much love. they're one win away from medaling. this is huge. u.s. field hockey team. go, go, go, they lost on saturday but they're still in it. >> still in it. >> for everybody. >> for my friends and mcdonald's too. four years. you guys want some "pop news"? >> let's do it. >> on monday. we'll start with "pop news" and we'll start with shannen doherty. she's thanking her mother rose for her support through chemotherapy. the actress shared a heartfelt tribute to her mom on instagram saying, "sometimes there's nothing like a mother's love to help get you through. thank you, mom, for always being there and being so strong for me." the "90210" alum had been candid about her diagnosis sharing
8:07 am
experience chemo making her mess her message, as we've heard you say in the past, robin. >> she is definitely doing that. so important. >> all the best to her. >> wish her well. >> of course, our thoughts go out to shannen doherty and her family. kevin hart and eniko parish tied the knot exchanging vows in california. the bride and groom shared their wedding photos on instagram. hart saying, "in love and loving it." the actor/comedian's 8-year-old son hendrix also served as the best man. you see them both there wearing matching designer suits. very snazzy and the bride wore a custom mermaid gown by vera wang for the ceremony and then a quick wardrobe change into a second vera wang creation for the reception. some nba firepower at the wedding, as well. chris paul, dwyane wade were in attendance. yeah. >> when kevin hart was here recently, he was beaming. he was very excited. we got more wedding news, it's monday. weddings happen all the time in the summer. amy schumer stepped away from her set of making a movie -- i
8:08 am
she's helping one of her best friends down the aisle as a bridesmaid. the actress attended the wedding of a friend with her boyfriend ben hanisch sharing this congratulating the happy couple saying very happy to be a b-maid. amy schumer join iing us tomorr right here on "good morning america." you can ask her about that, as well. can't wait for that and what's coming up in the "gma morning menu." a lot of good stuff coming. gymnasti the final five. amy has been talking about them all morning. they're opening up about their incredible success and how they beat the pressure. and royal on a mission. duchess kate saying she wouldn't hesitate to get mental health help for charlotte and george. and urging other parents to do the same. plus, we've got an upcoming artist. chance the rapper is red hot paying it forward in a huge way. he's going to be here performing live. that's all coming up on "gma" in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that
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8:13 am
medalist in this event. ? the eye of the tiger ? >> ooh. there it is, that moment. superstar simone biles winning the vault final on sunday adding another gold medal to her ever growing count, and amy had the golden opportunity to sit down before you returned home. >> that's right, robin, and these women know how to work hard and win, but they also know how to have fun, opening up about how they handle all that pressure and their post-rio dreams. >> simone biles. >> reporter: for the final five the medals keep on coming with simone biles winning team usa's
8:14 am
>> this is the first time an american woman wins a gold medal in vault. >> reporter: and newcomer madison kocian taking silver on the uneven bars. >> she is phenomenal. >> reporter: with veteran gabby douglas placing seventh, biles, aly raisman and laurie hernandez with the individual floor and beam events still to come. you guys have done extremely well, you ladies, but you can't celebrate too much. can you celebrate at all? >> i think you celebrate after your scores come up and you get the medal, but then after that it's just kind of like go, go, go again. >> you can't let the excitement of victory interfere with the mental and you're laughing at me me because you're like, i've got this, amy. i know what i'm doing. >> we all have nerves but at this point it's kind of autopilot. we've done these routines so many times that, once we go out there and start, it's just one more. >> we're just going to go into training, do what we've been doing and not change anything because it's working really well. >> tell us what it's like seeing
8:15 am
>> we haven't seen them in a long time. >> i saw them go by on the video so that was my way of keeping up with them but, you know, they get so nervous and so do all of our parents just because they want us to do well and know how much hard work goes into it. but i feel bad after seeing the videos how nervous my parents got, how stressed they were. >> reporter: so it was extra special when this happened, an emotional reunion at the p&g family home, the first time any of the final five have seen their parents since coming to rio over three weeks ago. the first chance for that special hug since winning gold. >> i got my medals to show you guys. >> reporter: and, of course, the first chance to show off the new hardware. >> did you put a sock on that? >> what else was i supposed to do? >> reporter: a moment to hug and regroup at the p&g family home where parents are pampered with salon treatments and even laundry services to ease their competition stress. and for the team, they say it's their incredible sisterhood that keeps them loose and laughing as they enter the home stretch on this remarkable journey. the bond that we saw and we're
8:16 am
is remarkable. what do you attribute that to? >> i think we've been together for so long. >> yes. >> we're just so ready that it's almost like a stress reliever that we get to go and compete because like we're just not stressed, we're so ready, it's just fun when we go out and don't have to think about anything. that's how we have fun. >> can i ask you questions, you can jump in, we call it like a lightning round basically. >> oh, yes. >> celebrity you most want to meet now that you're famous? >> carrie underwood. >> zac efron. >> or blake lively. >> oh, yeah. >> i wt to go shopping with her. >> oh, i would love to go shopping with her. >> yeah, blake lively, let's go shopping. >> reporter: first food you'll eat when you -- >> pizza. >> ice cream. >> what tv show can you not wait to get home and binge-watch? >> "bob's burgers." >> that is so funny. >> what am i watching on netflix? >> i have no idea. >> i've been watching "modern family," but i am ready to go to sleep right now, though.
8:17 am
first person ever to fall asleep on an interview. >> adorable. that's how tired they are. my face hurt actually i was laughing so much with them. aly, i love what she said. she is so excited about having a normal life outside of the gym and she wants to go to the movies and shopping and go to restaurants. that's all these women have been doing, as you know, dominique. the final two individual events tonight and tomorrow night so they have two more days to wait before they can go to some semblance of normally. >> well, we've been kept in good company here with dominique dawes when you were there with the final five. it's great to have you back with us this week, dominique. >> thank you. >> so, okay, simone and madison, what do you make of their performances? >> everyone was expecting simone biles to dominate on the vault and she did exactly what she planned on doing and looked phenomenal out there, even leading up to the vault, she looked very relaxed. i would have to say the olympian that went for a seventh time, i think she's done -- the 41-year-old, she did the best job that she could, impressive to watch but she's done, and i love seeing madison on the bars.
8:18 am
russia took gold, but she's going to be around for a little while. >> yeah, she's young, she's young, and then we have simone, aly and laurie in the final two competitions, beam and floor exercise. what are we expecting? more gold? >> exactly, more gold from simone biles. she's phenomenon on the balance beam. she's got the most difficulty. her floor routine is spectacular. her biggest competition on the floor will be her teammate aly raisman. >> could we see a medal sweep? >> no, only two on each event but could see a gold on beam and i hope laurie gets in there. this is her opportunity to shine and she's now a professional athlete so she wants to get out there. >> she is so lovely, by the way. >> they're kids. >> we saw that when you were talking to them about celebrity -- blake lively. they want -- who wouldn't want to go shopping with her? but how do you help keep them grounded because you and your teammates, you've done a wonderful job. there is a lot of attention -- a lot of our young audience are looking up, staring at the
8:19 am
>> you know, the best advice i can give them and heard they're on the cover of a cereal box, i had that same experience 20 years ago, and i remember when i walked into the grocery store and i saw myself and my teammates on the cereal box, and it was a surreal experience and my grocery shopping experience was like no other after that. i would say to these girls, number one, make sure they put kids in their life first. like, give back to kids. it will make a difference. there is a touching story where i met laurie hernandez when she was very little and i had her try on my olympic gold medal and we took photos, and it's still an inspiration for her today. >> she kept that photo. >> i know. i want to see it, then also remember you can say no. learn to say no. make sure you're serving others, don't be used by anyone, so stay true to who you are, your brand, your business, don't be led astray. and there's a lot of wolves out there, so, you know, be protected hopefully by your parents or good, loving families. >> they have good families there. >> simone said she's so ready to come back and soak it in. good for her. >> i think they'll also recognize their life has changed greatly and they need to remember to keep the right people around them. the best advice i got was from
8:20 am
athlete. you're an olympic gymnast so save your money. and that's exactly what i did. >> that's good advice there. >> that is great advice. >> and no is a complete sentence. >> exactly. >> can we take a shot of dominique dawes? she looks -- >> patriotic. >> stand up. >> no, we'd say very athletic. >> this is so not me. this is so not me. coming up, kate middleton on a mission with an important message for parents. >> you're a wonderful messenger, wonderful messenger, dominique. >> thank you very much. messeng, wonderful messenger, dominic. >> thank you very much never expires with active service. some major carriers say you can keep your data. but when you read the fine print, your data does expire. but tracfone has unlimited carryover, so you get to keep your unused talk, text and data. 90-day plans with unlimited carryover start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. tracfone. do everything for less.
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back now on a monday morning with kate middleton on a mission for children's mental health. abc's lama hasan with the new message. >> reporter: overnight, the duchess of cambridge sending a powerful message to parents, saying she a would help their little ones with their mental health. the duchess releasing a new statement saying, both william and i feel very strongly that we wouldn't hesitate to get expert support for george and charlotte if they need it. >> kate is making a very powerful statement with this message. she's sending a very clear message to other parents that they should not be worried to seek help because she would seek help. >> reporter: the mother of two speaking out about an issue
8:25 am
health and children, and shining a light on a series of podcasts called child in mind by one of her charities. kate trying to help parents understand that with the right care, kids may overcome their issues saying, "some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask. it doesn't need to be like this." >> mental health is just as important as physical health. >> reporter: the duchess has long been a champion for bringing awareness to mental both william and harry are also on board. >> let's get our heads together and change the conversation on mental health. >> reporter: while the royal trio are on a mission making mental health one of their main priorities as they try to fight the stigma surrounding it hoping their star power will make a difference. david. >> lama, thanks so much. they are leading the way on so many things. thanks to you. let's get outside to ginger, who tells us she feels better than she sounds. we hope, ginger.
8:26 am
check this out, she's 80 and we have those rain showers that are affecting parts of southern illinois all the way down to louisiana and texas. that's the big picture. souther very excited about this. coming up, chance the rapper on a mission to help others and he's here performing live. ? jump ship ?
8:27 am
good morning the time 8:27. i'm christopher sign. certainly a wild ride for some high school students in phoenix. their school bus involved in a crash with a truck. the scene of this crash is 52 52nd and thunderbird. great news to share with you is nobody was seriously injured. the cause of the collision still under investigation. it appears the driver of the trk front of the bus. for other traffic news let's head to our experts mallory moore. >> we have a little bit of a traffic alert. it's hard to see. you can't see the car fire going on. you can see a lot of smoke here. it's u.s. 60 eastbound. all the way at idaho road. far east valley is where you're going to see this on the exit ramp. use caution. here in the valley, i want to give you a look at our traffic map. the slowest is loop 202 westbound because of an earlier crash. it's now off loop 101. 3 miles of delays in the area.
8:28 am
everybody know that interstate 17 has reopened northbound near cordes junction. air 15 giving us a look at the scene where we are told one vehicle is involved in a serious crash in that location. i'm not spotting it from here. never the less, it has reopened. let's talk about your most accurate forecast at 91 degrees now. sunny skies, all dry as you're heading out the door. we are going to stay dry through the day today. at least here in the valley. we'll see storms developing in the higher terrain across the state. mainly along the mogollon and a few storms could come close to the far northern fringe of maricopa county, and the northeast pocket of maricopa county as well. we'll have to keep a close eye on those. not expecting rain in the phoenix metro. we'll see triple digits. by lunchtime, 102, and today's high up to 09 degrees. in fact, temperatures are going to stay this hot into tomorrow as well. as we keep the forecast dry. storm chances do move back in as we head into wednesday, and especially thursday into friday. that will gradually drop our temperatures, chris.
8:29 am
something, iris' full forecast on right now, along
8:30 am
back here at "gma" looking at team usa's swimming stars, dominating the pool winning 33 medals, 16 of them gold, t.j. you're in rio with one of those gold medalists. t.j.? >> yeah, one of those superstars. missy franklin is here. >> hi. >> it is so good to see you. >> thank you. so good to be here. thank you for having me. >> describe the olympic experience for this swim team. you guys have been phenomenal. >> oh, my gosh. it's been amazing. it's been so incredible being a part of this journey. there were so many things that happened this meet that were just historic. you know, you look at michael phelps. you look at simone manuel. you look at katie ledecky, like so much happened and to just be a part of it and be a part of this incredible legacy that we have, it's such an honor. >> okay, now a lot of people, now this has been, you said, a disappointing week for you.
8:31 am
hiroshima one of the most disappointing weeks of your life. >> yeah. >> people have said it's been a heartbreaking experience but you came in here this morning, you almost kicked that door in with energy and just you didn't seem like somebody that was down. how are you dealing and processing with what did happen to you last week? >> you know, i'm definitely taking some time with it. by far it's been the most disappointing i've ever been in any athletic performance so for that to line up at the olympics is not a deal obviously, but that positivity just comes from knowing that i did the best that i possibly could and it just wasn't my week. it's heartbreaking that all of the hard work and sacrifices i made just didn't show up. but i know that they will eventually, and i think i'm going to be so much stronger after this experience. >> we don't have to look for something, you're not injured. there was no issue or something. you just said sometimes it happens. >> i wish i could tell but that's sports. sometimes you do everything you possibly can and it's still not there but it's those times you have to keep your head high and keep pushing forward. >> how big of a deal has it been to have your family close by? you have a squad here. >> amazing, the franklin squad
8:32 am
ever since i was 5 years old and started swimming, my parents have been so adamant about do your best and we'll be proud of you no matter what so to have that support and love even when i'm so disappointed in myself has been heartwarming. >> you know we're not disappointed in you. everybody is so proud of what you've done and did pick up a gold in the relay. >> i'm incredibly proud of this. >> but 2020, no ques see you back. >> i feel like i have so much more to learn, so much more to give back and would love to be back in 2020. >> this incident with the swimmers, ryan lochte and a couple of swimmers that have you all had any issues or security issues. very shocking thing. >> no, i felt very, very safe this whole time. we were all so concerned when we heard that and i think everyone is just really grateful that everyone is okay and no one was hurt. >> all right, and you're wrapping up this olympics, and you're about to head out because you got to go back to school actually. >> i know, yes, i'm heading back to cal berkeley and i'm so
8:33 am
getting back with my team, getting back with athletes in action. like all thee different groups i missed being a part of so much this past year so i couldn't be more excited. >> it's an absolute pleasure. well, we are proud of you. robin, i'm going to hand it back to you here. we're going to hang out a little bit longer. we're having a blast here. >> you do that. >> she's not down at all. >> no, you give her a big hug for us. appreciate how she's handling everything. >> i'll give you a big hug. >> there you go. >> thank you, t.j. let's go outside to ginger. >> oh, what a crowd we have out here, my new friends from texas and my buddy, b.j., he's from canada. he wanted to say good morning to everybody. i also wanted to start you off and give you an update because it's an unfortunate update, the lightning as beautiful as it is in this picture with that rainbow, now we're up to 27 deaths this year as far as lightning goes, so from lightning and there were several accidents over the weekend. there's now going to be more storms with plenty of lightning inside them from pennsylvania through parts of new york. this is for tuesday, this is the severe weather threat that includes almost right there in
8:34 am
i wanted to also fly you from the very hot west where you have winds kicking up, the fire danger high to the just inundated south. houston, austin, everybody there in southern louisiana up to illinois all on alert for the flash floods. that's the big picture. b.j., one more, one more, yeah. all that weather brought to you by tracfone. david. >> ginger, thanks so much. here with oscar winning actress natalie portman on a personal mission with her new project writing and directing and starring in "a tale of love and darkness" based on the powerful best-seller and want to start with a clip of the movie. you played the mom in this talking to her son about something really important. take a look.
8:35 am
>> wow. telling her son when it's okay to lie. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> mom, director, actress, writer of this new project of yours but i want to go back to when you originally read the book and said, natalie, you could envision it the moment you were reading it. >> yes, i first time almost ten years ago when it came out in translation and immediately i started seeing the film in front of my eyes and i knew that that had to be my first film to direct because it was so, so immediate in my mind. >> this particular story reminded you of the stories you had been told as a child. >> yes, it was so similar to so many of the stories i had heard growing up because my family is
8:36 am
many stories about my grandparents as refugees from europe in the '30s, late '30s coming to israel which was then british mandate palestine and it's just that shock of what it is when you're an mcghie going to a place that is not anything like you expected it to be. >> decipher between what was reality and these stories picked up and expanded upon over time. i know you wanted to make this and you went out and i'll find someone to help write it and over time people said why don't you just write it. >> yeah, it was actually really empowering because i kept thinking, oh, i'll find someone, a professional writer to write this and i kept meeting with people and they said you know how to do this, you're explaining what you want. so eventually i adopted it myself. >> not only did she write this, she starred in it, you also directed it and i'm curious, when you're dregging yourself, how much have you taken from
8:37 am
worked with in the past to then help the arcs who are on the set and is it easier to direct yourself? >> so i thought it would be harder than it was because there's actually something easier when you watch yourself and you want to change something, you don't have to figure out the words to use to explain it. you just do it. you know what you want and you just do it whereas with other actors you obviously have to find the language that will help them and i definitely too directors i worked with in many ways, you know, anthony minghella who i worked with on "cold mountain" would have actors opposite you change their lines and i would do that with the arcs sometimes where you're offscreen you can say something that shocks them or scares them, there was a time when i wanted the little boy to be excited running out and i would tell him like, there's an ice cream truck outside and he'd just light up and go out. >> we just have a few seconds left but your little guy is 5.
8:38 am
in the same way you embraced all your work and wonder how it helped you on the set in making sure everyone was taken care of. >> it is actually quite parental role, i think, being a director because your job is to make everyone comfortable, make sure everyone is okay and also get the best out of them. like how can you everyone courage them and support them to get the best out of them which is very much a parental role. >> natalie, great to have you back on "gma." thanks for coming in morning and "a tale of love and darkness" in select theaters this friday and coming up this morning, chance the rapper is here. natalie and i were hearing him warm up in the break. incredible. you got to see this. and a mission under way to help others. we're live, come on back.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
we're back now with chance the rapper. the independent artist one of hip-hop's most innovativ coming stars. his critically acclaimed music is topping charts and his social work with his father, his younger brother, his family is inspiring so many. we're going to chat, don't worry, more importantly you'll hear him perform but first we want to take a look at chance's journey. ? i got my city doing front flips ? ? whenever the -- >> reporter: one of the hottest new names in hip-hop. chance the rapper, a chicago native to blends hip-hop with
8:42 am
tape "coloring book." >> i make rap music for everybody. ? my handmade pan fried sun dried south side and beat the devil by a landslide ? >> reporter: they caught the attention from everyone from jay z and beyonce to madonna to another chicago great, kanye west. >> all my music to a certain extent is about freedom. there is a lot of taboos in hip-hop that people try to stay away from. i think a should be able to speak about god. if you're not free to speak about god then you're not free. >> reporter: he graced the cover of "billboard" and "complex" magazine and nike just tapped him to be the voice of their new campaign. he gained his following from social media and grassroots marketing and even though several major record labels approached him, he's choosing not to sign and remain
8:43 am
something that's very separate from music and so staying on the music sound i found success. >> reporter: instead of selling his music he's giving it away for free. his latest mix tape is only available to stream. making it the first stream only album to chart on the billboard 200. before chance was selling out arenas around the world he started here at the chicago public library's u-media center, a youth learning sce gives students tools to foster their creativity. >> welcome to open mike, chicago. >> reporter: now he's paying it forward and hosts a monthly open mike night for students. >> we get on that stage, we're not afraid to make mistakes. ? i put the tonic ? >> chance is inspiring to me because i'm in the same type of programming he was into. ? so it kind of makes me feel like i have a shot of doing something
8:44 am
>> chance the rapper, it is so great to have you here. but looking forward to spending some time with you and letting people get to know you and the work that you're doing and to hear these young people talk about, hey, it gives them hope. these open mikes and i know you have other project, as well. tell us about your passion to help young people. >> yeah, i mean, i come from a family of organizers and abolitionists and socialor and just a long line of people that work in the community, so it's -- it always felt integral to becoming a man to be person of the people and put in work. >> i love how you found your way to do it. i'm sure all your family members and you are very good about talking about your family and your ancestor, they had their way of doing it. this is your way. >> yeah, it's awesome. i mean, i'm in a -- i think the climate of music and technology
8:45 am
correlates with music, i'm in a good space to do whatever i want. you know. >> absolutely. and it's gaining the attention of people, president obama put out his playlist for the summer. you're on it. >> yeah. >> "acid rain." >> yeah, pretty crazy. i had no idea. i didn't see that coming. and probably the coolest playlist i've ever been included in. people don't know at home but we met before this. >> last week. >> obama's birthday pa yeah. >> did you bring your mom? i saw your mom. >> i did bring my mom as my date. >> i'm glad. that's the kind of young man that you are. >> yeah. >> some people have to see you at the espy, quite a performance and had to be an honor paying tribute to the great one, muhammad ali. >> yeah, i mean, he's -- since i was young i always felt a very close connection and me and my dad always bonded through watching old boxing clips and stuff, so to be up there, you know, with his face behind me and also being able to give
8:46 am
him and console his family, it was one of the best moments i've ever had. >> and moments that's coming up for you, as well. mtv awards, the vmas. you're nominated. you don't even -- you give your music away. it's the first time, you know, strictly streaming online like that and to get a nomination. >> yeah. i mean, like that in itself i feel like i won just being celebrated and being noticed by mtv, shoutout t what's up, i guess. they're awesome. yeah, it's an amazing feeling. i don't really care about winning anymore. it's just to have them notice me is very cool. >> you mean it when you say it's truly an honor to be nominated. some people say that but you mean it. you mean it. can you perform for us coming back? >> i would love to perform for you, please. >> you said, you know, you're more -- >> i can function in the morning. this is my first daytime tv, you
8:47 am
america" chance on "gma" with robin roberts. >> bring it. >> let's do it. >> the magnificent tour will kick off in san diego. coming up next, that man is
8:48 am
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e. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america of phoenix. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. ? don't worry, i'll be leaving the stage. back with chance the rapper, one of hip-hop's bringest star, has a hot "coloring book." here he is performing "summer friends" with help from his friends, francis and pete cotton tail. ?
8:50 am
? ? oh oh oh incredible all is incredible everything ? ? ? yeah ? ? socks on concrete jolly rancher kids ? ? i was talking back and now i
8:51 am
? bunch of tank top nappy headed bike-stealing chatham boys ? ? none of my boys ain't had no dad none of my boys ain't have no choice ? ? jj, mikey, lil derek and them 79th street was america then ? ? ice cream truck and the beauty supply blockbuster movies and harold's again ? ? we still catching lightning bugs when the plague hit the backyard ? ? had to come in at dark cause the big shawty's act hard ? ? okay grandpa grand crossing ? ? first day, shooting source summer school get to losing ? but the cpd getting new recruitment our summer don't our summer our summer don't get no shine no more ? ? our summer die our summertime don't got no time no more ? ? you're my friend summer friends don't stay ? ? you're my friend ? ? summer friends don't stay around summer friends summer friends ? ? summer friends don't stay
8:52 am
stay around ? ? oh i used to kill 'em with the long hair momma had salon doing perms out the armchair ? ? yeah we're working late he treat the crib like it's a timeshare ? ? i would mow some lawns for my ones like a lawn chair hoo hoo ? ? now i'm the same way over time all the time every night hey ready my blessing now i'm ready how i wait ? ? never let a friendship get in my way never let a blog get in my way ? ? make the whole song do whatever i say ? ? 79, 79, 79, 79 place 79, 79, 79, 79 pla ? some of my homegirls got lost in the paperwork they was good friends but i faked the clerk ? ? 'cause if it ain't work can't make it work it's been a minute since i called on a friend ? ? screwed up and messes all my friends all my friends all my ? ? stick around summer friends
8:53 am
remember i would always treat my gang like family members ? ? even when the changing never changed up i always bring my friends my friends up ? ? when i was so young before i could remember i would always treat my gang like family members ? ? even when the changing never changed up i always bring my
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"good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you. >> chance the rapper making chicago look good. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you so much. >> have a great day, everybody. good morning. time is 8:56. and a story we hate to report o n.
8:57 am
two toddlers who were in a hot tub remain in critical condition. the twin brother and sister were found just before noon. tempe police officers tell us they believed that the mom was away for a few seconds. the twins managed to wander away from their home, and were later found in the spa. we're told there is no barrier around that hot tub. all right. we are heating up quickly. our temperature warming to 96 degrees at the top of the hour. that temperature will update. by lunchtime, in the triple digits with 102 degrees. we are under the air quality alert today. if you have respiratory issues, you may want to limit your time outdoors. and our high temperature, just shy of 110. topping 109 degrees this afternoon. and a sizzling hot day in store. we'll watch for the storms today on the mogollon rim. those storms come close to maricopa county.
8:58 am
tomorrow will stay dry. mallory. and the delays on loop 202, really easing up. i know it looks slow still, but looking much better there. north valley, pretty sluggish. about a 15-minute drive time. but we even have slowing before that. take a look at our adot camera here. we have a crash. loop 101 eastbound. slow before 75th. just about 9:00 now. we are back at 11:00, with a fuel hour's worth of news. see yo coming up at 9:00 on sonoran living. happy monday, everyone. and it's rally for red day. >> and we're going to follow it
8:59 am
9:00 am
today on sonoran living, have you ever heard of afib? mayo clinic cardiologist, d r. todd hearse is here. he'll explain how to have it. and twist the presence this morning. the one and the only chef matthew. and of course, he's preparing what the doctor ordered. light and healthy summer dishes. and back to school shopping. perfect combination. that's all right now on sonoran living. and happy monday, everyone.


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