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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more than 80,000 people evacuated as a wildfire races through southern california. part of a major interstate now shut down. the struggle to get it under control right now. in louisiana people are now returning to whas the water is receding in some areas following historic flooding. hear why it's being called the worst disaster since sandy. a preteen's pictures drawing death threats posing with her kills. the big game hunter defending herself this morning. and simone biles soars to another gold medal as another american makes history winning the usa's first medal in her
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for simone biles, of course. we'll get to it. >> no, she had a very exciting day. >> yes, she did. it's a very busy morning for us. we'll start with the breaking news from southern california. a fast-moving wildfire forcing more than 80,000 people from their homes. >> it just started yesterday and already has burned more than 18,000 acres and despite their best efforts, firefighters say it's still zero percent contained. fire officials say dry brush and wind gusts caused the flames to race through the hillsides and are making them very hard to control. just watch how quickly they engulfed this cross during that onslaught. >> look at that. >> they're destroys just about everything in their path. >> you see how fast the winds were whipping up there. humidity very low. that cross is gone just like that. the fire's burring along an area, interstate 15, just outside los angeles. people familiar with this know
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vegas. that route parts of it shut down. alex stone arriving in that area overnight. good morning, alex. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning to you. the winds here are still extremely strong. around me they're pushing flames up hillsides. the mountains are glowing a fluorescent orange, buildings burning around us. the air thick with heavy smoke. every now and then the sound of ammunition exploding inside burning homes, ash raining down here. firefighters have now come in from around southern california but the flames are moving too quickly for them to gain any kind of containment and now the nearby mountain town of wrightwood sits eerily empty evacuated with that bright orange glow above it. the flames are threatening to move in. kendis, diane. >> and this is just one of several major wildfires burning in the state right now. >> yeah, let's get more now from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: fire crews on the ground and in the air in california battling this resilient brush fire in san bernardino county. >> i can't believe the planes
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it's kind of scary. >> reporter: this blaze dubbed the blue cut fire exploding across at least 18,000 acres east of los angeles leaving behind charred homes and cars, swing sets melted forces at least 82,000 people out of their homes. the rising heat and high winds causing this firenado. kabc's longtime chopper pilot over the fire. >> this is a monster of a fire that is moving faster than any fire that i've seen in a very, very long >> reporter: and this is just the latest in a rash of wildfires that consumed some california counties. this wildfire called the clayton fire scorched at least 4,000 acres and 175 structures since saturday. most of the area is still off-limits with thousands forced to evacuate. >> it's not as if we can just open the door and allow people to come home. >> reporter: but for one california community where they witnessed fiery blazes get way too close to their homes, a sigh
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the arrest of damin anthony pashlik on 17 counts of arson. >> reporter: police say damin pashlik is a serial arsonist who sparked fires across this california town including the one that exploded over the weekend. stephanie ramos, abc news. now to the other disaster that is unfolding in louisiana. thousands of homeowners are starting the heartbreaking task of trying to salvage what's left of their water-damaged homes, and they face an uncertain financial future since many don't have flood insurance. this morning people returning to their water-ravaged homes in southern louisiana. finding just about everything they own destroyed and ruined. >> speechless. don't know where to start. >> it's unbelievable. we're seeing the water line on the buildings, and it looks to have been about seven feet.
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was like close to my waft. >> reporter: abc's rob marciano in the flood zone with a woman returning to her home for the first time since evacuating. >> oh, my god. this is the first time this actually flooded. >> so you don't have flood insurance i'm assuming. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: louisiana still in a state of emergency. 40,000 properties and counting impacted. the water starting to recede in the hardest hit areas but the damage is done. some say it's unlike anything they've seen before. even those who survived hurricane ka >> everything that i this is gone, everything, everything. >> it's like the end of your life, end of your world having to start over like that. we worked so hard for it. >> tough days for so many people and get this, the red cross says this is likely the worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy and damages could top a billion dollars. congress is now reviewing notes from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi. republican lawmakers requested
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were filed against clinton over her use of a private e-mail server. clinton's campaign is now calling for the notes to be made public saying that will keep republicans from leaking selective portions but the fbi says the information has been classified as secret and should not be disclosed without the fbi's permission. and donald trump's campaign announced a major shake-up for the second time in two months. the republican has named breitbart co-founder stephen bannon as his campaign kellyanne conway to campaign manager. the news comes as surveys show trump trailing clinton nationally and in a host of battleground states. paul manafort will maintain his current role as campaign chair. and trump is making his biggest pitch yet for african-american votes speaking near milwaukee. trump called for law and order in the wake of violent protests over the fatal police shooting of a black man and also asked all african-american voters to vote for him saying democrats have been taking them for
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failed and betrayed the african-american community. democratic crime policies, education policies and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes and more poverty. >> trump is expected to receive his first intelligence briefing in new york today. sources say he'll be accompanied by new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn. now to the olympics and what could be better than winning your fourth gold medal? >> what could that be? >> how about a kiss from your celebrity crush? >> yes, simone biles made it four out of five taking the gold in the floor exercise. she's the only -- she's only the fourth woman to win four gymnastic golds. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> so what happened next? >> this is what happened next. what happened was zac efron made a surprise trip to rio and kissed her on the cheek. i think that is priceless for her. >> even when talking about the gold medal, she was like,
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efron thing. >> she says just call me mrs. ephron already. jenny simpson, by the way, has a place in u.s. olympic history, the first american to medal in the women's 1500. simpson took the bronze finishing behind runners from kenya and ethiopia. afterwards she sent out a tweet that said thank you to everyone who believed. kerri walsh jennings suffered her first ever loss in olympic beach volleyball. she and april ross lost their semifinal match to the world champs from brazil. the defeat ends her bid for a fourth straight gold medal. >> but it was a hard fought match there. in the medal count the united states is up to 84 overall. 28 of those gold. >> 28 is the magic number. >> yes, it is. >> 28 gold, 28 silver, 28 bronze. well, still ahead, done deal. hugh hefner is no longer the owner of the playboy mansion but he's not moving out quite yet.
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with her kills is getting death threats but this morning she's defending her actions. plus, a cement truck hitting
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so, this is in china. a terrible accident at a busy in but somehow the people inside that minivan managed to survive being rolled over by that tanker truck. the man and woman were taken to the hospital and are recovering from their injuries. in oklahoma many are raising questions about whether a murder could have been prevented. tulsa resident khalid jabara was shot to death allegedly by his neighbor. now, just moments before, he had called police to say that neighbor had a gun and officers did respond but didn't make any arrests.
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another charge despite objections by the prosecutor. >> how did this man get out of jail? we definitely want to make sure that it doesn't happen again. this guy is not out walking the streets. >> the family says this is a hate crime that the suspect had a history of ethnic harassment. there are fears this morning of a new drug war in mexico now that el chapo's son has been identified as a kidnapping victim. jesus guzman was one of six men taken from a restaurant in puerta vallarta by a rival drug gang. his father joaquin "el chapo" guzman is serving time in mexico after being recaptured earlier this year following an escape. the famed playboy mansion has a new owner. hugh hefner's five-acre estate has sold for $100 million to the guy next door, his neighbor. appropriate since the property used to be all one estate. still darren me traffic stop loss says hefner won't have to do any packing. it lous the 90-year-old to stay for the rest of his life.
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please tell me you got that. >> they did, indeed. some kayakers got a front row seat to a playful humpback whale and started breaching jumping high out of the water. sometimes even swirling around slashing back down, even a little hello with his tail. promised they would see. for a look at morning road conditions fire closed interstate 15 around san bernardino in the l.a. area. heavy rain is a threat in eastern and north central texas. if you're flying you can expect airport delays in houston, dallas, memphis and washington, d.c. a 12-year-old girl is at the center of a social media firestorm because what she did over her summer vacation. >> she is a skilled big game hunter. despite a flood of criticism
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more now from abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: a 12-year-old hunter from utah under fire after posting these images on social media posing with a giraffe, zebra killed while hunting with her dad in africa. >> it's something i cherish and enjoy and want other people to see what i've experienced. >> reporter: they took the hunting trip last week. one of many over the past five years. they say all hunts were legal. but arya aryanna sick and an animal hater. some are defending the father/daughter duo writing let the haters hate, hunt away, ariana. >> we'll never apologize for being a hunter. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> there's new details on the armed robbery of ryan lochte and three u.s. swimming teammates in rio. lochte says he didn't initially tell the u.s. olympic committee
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sunday because the swimmers all thought they would get in trouble. the delay caused confusion between the u.s. and international olympic committees. his attorney says lochte cooperated fully. a pair of treasure hunters are back at it in southwest poland and started digging in search of the nazi gold train. no evidence such a train exists but rumors about it have circulated since the end of world war ii. it is said to have dispeered in a complex of tunnels. some could be the end for bananas. >> what? >> pretty soon. scientists say a fungal disease reduced the worldwide crop by 40% and claim the fruit could be ex-ticket in just five to ten years. the researchers say farmers need to apply fungicide 50 times a year to fight that disease. >> that's like when we heard there was going to be a guacamole shortage before the super bowl. >> well. what event is coming up that
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time now for sports including a big blow-out in the city of brotherly love. >> here with the highlights our guys at espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett here. big night in baseball for a couple of guys we'll show you. >> yeah. roll it. one of the guys is chase utley. if you're familiar with the back of his baseball card, he played like almost 800 games or something like that in a phillies uniform. back to philadelphia since he became a dodger. and so he welcomed himself back with two home runs including a grand slam. welcome back. dodgers won by a lot. mookie betts doing his thing, red sox/orioles. just torched baltimore. five home run, eight rbi in his
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top of eighth. betts again, so 28 on the season now. and the red sox win it 5-3 behind his two homers and five rbi. >> he's powered by vita coco. >> now back to you. up next in "the pulse," olympic spirit. two runners hel the middle of a race. michael phelps giving some advice to katie ledecky about wearing all those medals. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better.
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time to shine. orbit. you get used to sweaty odors in your car, you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. someone's finally ready to start her day. time to work some magic. get gooeyflakyhappy. toaster strudel. ? we're going to start "the pulse" with the olympic spirit in rio. >> so check out what happened at
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semifinal. nicky hamlin fell then d'agostino tripped over her and urged hamlin to get up saying this is the olympic game, we have to finish. >> only comes once every four years. hamlin finished next to last and d'agostino was last but officials allowed both to advance to the final. >> i like that. >> that's nice. next to the golden magazine cover. >> so you have olympic superstars katie ledecky, michael phelps and simone biles there all gracing the cover, of course, of "s.i." wearing their medals from rio. 14 in all. >> so "sports illustrated" showed a picture of it and phelps was giving advice to ledecky about how to wear all those medals. >> i put them on one by one then tuck behind.
4:24 am
>> she put them on one by one. it looks better according to phelps. >> this is the 11th "sports illustrated cover" who made his first debut before the 2004 athens games. a texas college student giving herself an "f" for her tinder ability. >> take a look at this post from sabrina salazar offering a conversation with gold medal swimmer joseph schooling representing singapore and captions it my tinder match just won the 100-meter butterfly final and beat michael phelps. this is my greatest accomplishment and later added and not replying to his message was my greatest failure. >> sabrina, she did swipe right. she just didn't do a message. >> no gold medal for sabrina.
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. checking our top story, we have breaking news from southern california where a fast-moving wildfire has forced 80,000 to evacuate. several homes and a historic diner have been destroyed by the flames which shot up to 100 feet in the air. the section of the interstate from l.a. to las vegas is also closed and the fire is currently zero percent contained. >> residents s to their flood ravaged hopes in louisiana. many have lost everything and yet they have no flood insurance. a curfew was put in place overnight because of looting. looking at today's weather, humidity drops to more comfortable levels in the northeast. it'll be sunny in the plain, dry in the west with higher temperatures and winds up to 40 miles an hour. okay, so there's not much left to say about michael phelps that hasn't already been said since 2004 when he was in
4:28 am
olympic history retiring with 23 gold medals, of course. >> not a lot to say about his medals but these days it seems that's not what he's most proud of. abc's t.j. holmes caught up with phelps in rio. >> good to see you, brother. >> you too. >> reporter: he may be the most decorated olympian of all time but forget his 28 medals, i caught him toting something else around. i saw you carrying a baby seat with a baby in it. >> yep, yep. >> times have changed. >> they have. i was walking o backpack on one shoulder, the baby's backpack on the other shoulder and the car seat in one hand so daddy duties are on me so something i'm excited about and proud of. >> reporter: proud papa to boomer, the 3-month-old mini michael has been stealing the spotlight. and especially when daddy climbed the stands to sneak a kiss after winning gold. i know he's just a wee little guy but how does that change you as a swimmer knowing he's now,
4:29 am
>> when i got out of the warm-up pool for the last time to get ready to go up to the blocks, i have the white shoes that i wore pretty much every finals, in the left foot there's a footprint of him inside of my shoe and i put my shoe on and i look down at it and i started to get emotional because i knew he was in the stands. >> i know you're sure this is your last. >> it is, i'm done. >> as we speak here but can you give us this guarantee that if in four years you still got what if you still got it in four years. >> no. >> and your times are as good as everybody's in the world. >> no. >> even then -- >> no, i'm done. >> congrats. >> thank you. >> proud papa there. that's what's making news in america this morning.
4:30 am
a welcome sight in the valley. rain clouds popping up overnight. is there more in the way? iris haa look at the abc 15 desert doppler in less any minutes. detectives filling streets in levine after amanda shot and killed. we are on the scene with updates. up for sale time. the county is planning to address the options of selling chase field. these images are terrifying. raging wildfires spreading across los angeles forcing thousands of people to evacuate. time for the most accurate forecast. a few showers across the valley. stepping outside you might


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