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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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toyota van was taken at gun point, and it's still early in the investigation. the men were taken to the police headquarters for investigation. tonight at 10:00 we'll tell you if they're connected to anymore car jackings in the valley. thank you. en right now an -- right now an aps worker is treated after being shocked on the job near 539th avenue and lower buckeye. a 40- truck boom and went right into a live line. the jolt went in through his hand and out through his elbow. had to be taken over to the hospital. aps says this is the worst fear for electric utility workers. >> >. active scene in glendale, but the police suv not there to investigate the crash. it's part of crash. we're told there were no major injuries near 56th avenue and olive. it's not clear what caused the
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ended. >. light rail back up and running after a minor accident near palm lane. we're still sorting out the detail, but there's a white car that appears to be involved. >. in democracy 2016, the trump campaign scouting locations in the valley. >> yes, they say no decisions have been made yet, but staffers reached out to city leaders in mesa about possible locations large enough to hold a valley. >> sonu wasu is live at trump campaign headquarters where there's a big event place now, and have they heard anything about this? >> reporter: the chairman of the republican party says he'll be one of the first people top find out if it happens because his job is to rally the troops, and they're doing that here now at trump tuesday, and there's a phone bank taking place, and volunteers incouragerring -- encouraging voters to vote red. arizona traditional a red state, and trump could be
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and they wants to heal the rift with hispanic voters and be more inclusive, and supporters feel it's working. >> what i'm find finding in arizona people get a sense of excitement about him and jobs. they're still working through the comments he made early on, but people would rather have a job and put bread on the table. >> reporter: if trump comes to arizona, that policy speech is expected to take place in about a week. augu 3 back to you guys in the studio. want to show you live pictures, bring you up to the live desk right now. we're just peeking in on a rally in austin, texas. donald trump expected to speak there shortly. he was participating in a town hall a little earlier, and also met with some border agents there. we'll continue to watch it from the live desk and keep you updated. once again the rally is in austin, texas. and a murder suspect was
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police from two different agencies found and arrest the 19-year-old girl. she was panhandling in northern arizona and used a different name every time police approached her. a valley woman has to wait top find out her punishment after police say she ran over her boyfriend after he revealed to her he was hiv positive. she'll be sentenced september 1st. she claims it was an accident, but the did take a flee deal. >. and there's a body north phoenix apartment complex, and there's where raquel cervantes is now, and i understand the body was there for days in the triple digit heat. >> reporter: it was and the body. found in the carport behind me when staff called police after smelling a bad odor. police say the man had obvious kinds of trauma, but didn't specify what type of injuries
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happened somewhere else, and the body was turned here in the -- dumped here in the car, and there are no witnesses as far as police know, so there's no information on who's responsible. neighbor wees talked to tell you -- we talked to tell us they only saw the police cars overnight, and were surprised to hear about the gruesome discovery, but here live you can see the busy road out here, just how busy that is. that car was facing that busy street, so some people think they're surprised that it went unnegligented for days, it's -- unnoticed for day, but it's unclear where the body was located inside the car, and whether anyone would notice it just passing by. right now sheriff's deputies trying to solve a violent home invasion in arizona city monday night, and they're confident the bad guys got the wrong home because of the four-letter word shouted to the victims on the way out. the crooks demanded drugs and cash.
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a 46 -- the in there. a 46-year-old man was hurt. and here's a live look outside. looking down south to camelback mountain. not many clouds left after a soggy start to the day, and temperatures cooler too. only the upper 90s across much of the valley this afternoon, and right now we're at 95 in tempe, and litchfield park. 94 in mesa, and 97 in glendale. so tonight low 90s through 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. 88, and then down into the mid- 80s through 10:00 and 11 tim tip. still a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the higher terrain, a lot to the north of flagstaff. we'll take a closer look at that and the hour by hour forecast through tomorrow coming up in minutes. no arrests yet avenue a man is shot in the leg while walking his dog overnight near 51st and broadway. the good news, he'll be okay, but police have a lot of questions about the gunman that walked up to the man and woman,
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police believe the shooting is random. we're still waiting on a description of the guy they're after. a valley couple can't go home tonight after a fire destroyed their property and kills their beloved pet. firefighters tried to save the couple's dog near 19th and indian school, but the injuries were just too severe. the cause of the fire is still unknown. and a motorcycle rider runs from police that weren't even chasing him, and it cost him his life. it shut down at country club and southern in mesa for several hours. here's the story. >> reporter: this intersection still smells of all the gas that leaked out of the vehicles. the motorcyclist there on the back of the flash flood bed there ran the light at the intersection, and going so fast he slammed into this red blazer hard enough to fly through the back window and out the other side. >> then i heard him hit the brake, and you could hear it
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metal twisting. the rider, a guy in his 20s tossed through the red blazer and pinned under another guy. >> i was like hey, are you there, wake up, and you could tell he was out of it. i waited, they started doing cpr, but it was too late. >> reporter: dps tried to pull the rider over for speeding on the 60, but he didn't stop. >> initial investigation is he may have had a suspended license, but that's all we could determine. >> reporter: either way police didn't chase, so they're confused why he was still going he ran the red light and died. abc 15. right now police on the hunt for the suspects who car jacked a man and held him at gun point last night near 75th and camelback. the man says several men approached him and took the van. if you know anything call police immediately. >. and president obama promising to keep the floods in louisiana a priority. this after he toured the damage today, and tonight the state's
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hundred thousand homes there are ruined. work crews started hauling out all of the debris, and there are report it is smell of mildew is terrible through neighborhood streets. >. not only was the water in flint unhealthy to drink, it may have contributed to other medical issues. some residents may have developed rashes, possibly worsened by the stress and mental toll of crisis. they say there's reason to believe that was the case. >. new information on a problem apartment complex and the death of a woman who lived there. abc 15's been digging into city records for santa fe court apartments near scottsdale road and curry, and we found more than 55 city code violations dating back to july of 2013. the owners were cited for infestation violations and broken air-conditioning units in multiple apartments.
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dead inside her apartment. the temperature inside was 113 degrees. we're still waiting for the medical examiner to release the official cause of dealt. meantime the owner's -- death. meantime the owner's attorneys say they tried to fix the air conditioner, but said the parts weren't available, and said the death didn't have to do with the multiple other vacations discovered. don't -- violations. don't this is the serial street shooter. if you've seen him or know anything call police. no tip is too small. and don't forget about jesse wilson, the 10-year-old that vanished from his buckeye home a month ago, and there's the number to call. told you about this one, it burned for a week, but left behind a lot of damage, and tonight at the time blue cut fire east of los angeles is contained. the focus now shifts to the cause. it's under investigation, and
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pictures, videos, anything to piece it together. the fire burned more than 36,000 acres and destroyed more than a hundred homes. >. hope from a valley hospital. what we just learned about a 3- year-old's recovery efforts after being hit accidentally by a police car. >. and tonight an abc 15 investigation on ada lawsuits. and you want your security deposit back? need your air-conditioning fixed? rights and joe lets you know
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right now the commute getting a little easier after a phoenix intersection reopen, but part of the sink hole is still open as well over there. air 15 over the even near 59th and indian school, it's pretty well boarded up, but there's a 20 feet hole that caused this
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area to be closed yesterday. they'll finish repairs this weekend, so allow a little extra time and be prepared for lane re instructions. >. a top executive calling it quits. advocates for individuals with disabilities is behind a wave of lawsuits aimed at valley businesses going after parking lots they say aren't in full compliance with the americans with disabilities act. aid calls rights champ i don't know, bullet the businesses -- champions, but the businesses we talked to said they're really interested in making money and have little interest in forcing compliance. the aid president stepped down amid the controversy sending a statement saying my role in public relations was to get information out about the americans with disabilities act, and provide life saving medical gifts. my personal idealings are not
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organization though. read the full statement in the special online section dedicated to the investigation of aid. go to, and you can catch up on past stories. >. lawyers want to case thrown out for a us army soldier facing desertion charges. why? john mccain. the taliban captured bergdahl in 2008. the obama administra him released, but john mccain said he'd hold a hearing if he wasn't punished, but they're saying the senator was meddling. and a person caught on camera doing the absolute worst. a 66-year-old man tried to lure a 6-year-old girl into his truck at a local circle k and touched the child inappropriately before letting her go. he's facing serious charges. police tracked him down based
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wearing. a prison sentence turns into a romantic love affair. and now a doc employee could spent time on the other side of the cell. the 43-year-old admitted to having sex with a female inmate in goodyear, and also confessed to depositing hundreds of dollars into her account, and giving her gifts. the department of corrections said in part the department doesn't tolerate the line between inmate and employee to be crossed, and we'll support prosecution. and a slew of charges for this guy. the 43-year-old walked into a love's travel stop near kingman and tried to rob the store, but when deputies approached him, he took off. eventually they caught up with him and booked him into the mohave county jail. >> reporter: i get a lot of complaints about bugs and water leaks and no heat from renter who don't know their rights.
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clean environment where you can live with appliances that work, but if you can't get the landlord to fix it you can take action. put the request in writing, and that's when the clocker is ticking. -- clock is ticking. tell them exactly how they're breaching the lease, and they have 10 calendar days to make it right or the lease is void. and about the security disposes sit, you have the right to know -- deposit to know exactly what it covers, they have to send you an itemized list. don't agree with the decision? you have the right to take the landlord to court and let a judge decide. sounds like a lot of work, but make sure you have the correspondence and pictures to help prove your case, and you may be able to go to small claims court. but never withhold rent, it won't get you anywhere. so pay the rent, send the certified letter, and give them the time to fix whatever it is.
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sections and let joe know for all your rights as a renter. i'm investigator joe ducey, if you have a problem let me know. getting a driver's license is becoming hassle free. adot is expanding the online appointment system to include road test. the new feature on the website will eliminate the need to go to an mvd office to get a road test time slot. if you've noticed more people on the road it probably has to do w economy and cheaper gas, but traffic deaths in the first half of the year are up, almost 10 percent. the were national safety council says factors include high speed limits and low gas price. >. now to the most accurate forecast, and dry not only here in the valley but across much of the state at this hour. the only spot still seeing shower and thunderstorm activity is well to the north, even north of flagstaff.
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showers are sinking so the south, so there's a chance of the evening action until the flagstaff area. futurecast for tomorrow, 1:00 in the afternoon, the height of the day, the storms -- heat of the day, the storms popping in the higher terrain mainly to the north and east of the valley, and into the afternoon, a slight chance we could see some of that into the fountain hills areas, but overall the valley is dry, and same story into thursday. pretty dry forecast for us, just a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the higher terrain. right now, we're seeing temperatures in the low 70s in prescott and payson. 97 in yuma in the triple digits. flagstaff at 60. show low at 64, and temperatures tonight along the rim in the 40s and 50s. upper 50s in payson, sedona, and prescott. upper 70s across central arizona, including right here in phoenix, and then tomorrow from the valley out to the west, that's where we'll be feeling the triple digit heat up farther knot north, page at 89, and 83 in payson and prescott for tomorrow
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the valley. few clouds here and there, but no rain chances tomorrow in phoenix. 78 at 6:00 a.m., 82 at 8:00, 95 at noon and then the brief triple digits. and no big air quality concerns for the next day or so, and looking at the rest of the work week we climb a little bit and dry the forecast out. so 102 wednesday, 103 thursday. a slights chance of sh back in play for friday and saturday. temperatures drop a couple of degrees as the moisture returns, and in the next half hour we look at what to expect for the rest of the weekend and next week too. first it was the pokemon dating meet up in tempe, and now valley cops are inviting you to play the game. chandler police just tweeting out about an event they're calling catch at a pokemon with a cop. friday night 7:30 to 10:30 at
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pokemon to be captured all over the place. should be fun. >. mosquitoes may help arizona make money. how our state is benefiting from the zika virus. and a valley woman risks her life on the road because of what was going on inside the
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>. well this finally be
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arizona cardinals year? according to sports illustrated, the answer is yes. the latest issue includes predictions for the upcoming season, and they predict larry will score the winning touchdown in super bowl 51 in houston did february. and abc 15 giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game september 1st. just download the abc 15 app. it's a combination that could stop prcr abuse. safe rx has created a bottle that has a combination on it, just like ail lock. the code will have to line up for the bottle to be opened, and if someone tries to tamper with it the pins would fell. photographers need good lighting, the scenery has to look good, and tonight a valley photographer is hoping for a slip up to catch those that ruined his car.
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a knife attack in the us possibly inspired by isis. the reason they're being careful. >. and a valley girl hit by a police cruiser, expected to
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new information tonight about a 3-year-old girl hit by a produce cruiser a week ag she's in a medical sleep state, and she's had part of her skull removed to make room for the swelling. she was getting ice cream before she was accidentally hit. her attorneys are working with police, but note they have their own investigation. >> we certainly will cooperate with the police fully, and at this point that's all we can say on the subject. >> they expect the 3-year-old
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months. as for the officer that hit the girl we're told she's very shaken about what happened. >. a mesa family's dreams of adoption are shattered. baby jane has been placed in a home. the family who found the hours old infant outside their home wanted to adopt the child, and since dcs say it is girl is doing well, the family decided not to pursue adoption even though they still can, not wanting to take her from the family that's been caring for her the last five as for the biological mom, police haven't found her. a mesa woman risks her life jumping out of a moving car trying to get away from the man beating her up. this is him police say. the 36-year-old was upset with the victim because she didn't stick up for him. she jumped near dobson and southern, but he grabbed her leg and dragged her. he assaulted her. he was released from prison just back in 2015. the man accused of trying
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in a delicate mental state, however he will get to see his mother while in federal custody. today the judge decided that could be good for his health. his attorney says the client is on suicide watch. the trail is october 3rd. -- trial is october 3rd. windshield smashed, body damaged, and a big headache. >> a valley man target bid vandal, and he says it could have happened to anybody. >> and he expects betty fairfax high school are responsible. >> reporter: he was taking pictures of a nearby storm, and thinks the nearby river rocks were weapons of choice. davis smith is used to capturing shocking sights, but wasn't expects this. >> i was just in shock. and i'm walking and it's one of those things where you're like in slow motion, you get closer and realize what's going on. >> reporter: take a look, his
6:32 pm
front windows smashed, glass all over the inside. dents on the door and hood. >> reporter: to do something like that, that's a thug action, not something of respectable or anything, that's vandalism. not having regards for anyone else's property. that's thug activity. >> reporter: he said a group of teens were leaving a high school football game on friday. it was a blow out. while he was taking pictures of storm he heard smashing, but didn't put it together right away until minutes >> it set me back a little bit. i was out there doing my passion with photographty taking pictures, and i still have some to deal with. >> reporter: now the windshield has to be replaced, and his hobby is on hold. police don't have a lot to go on. it was dark and hard to ee. now david is hoping the guys bragged about it to friends, and that's how they'll get caught. back to you. joe thank you.
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get a big boost because of the zika virus. vacationers don't want toll take risks, so they're making travel plans to warm destinations like arizona. for those looking for cooler locations, new england and canada seem to be the best options. we are tracking the your forecast, and skies have been clearing out throughout the day after a few showers this morning. temperatures not too bad though. we only made it into the mid- 90s this afternoon. the 96. glendale and goodyear at 95, scottsdale at 92, and mesa at 93. so here's how tonight's going to shape up. really a nice evening in the valley. temperatures right around the low 90s at 7:00 p.m. 90 at 8:00 in the phoenix, and down to 88 by 9:00, so we have drier air coming in to give us a little break from the monsoon over the next couple of days. temperatures hotter tomorrow as a result of that, but rain chances will be back soon, and we'll take a closer look at
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up. the president is back home after touring the recovery efforts in flooded baton rouge this afternoon, but earlier he got a firsthand look at the disaster zone. more than 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed, but the president was criticized for waiting over a week to visit. donald trump tweeted too little too late. but officials think it will take three months just to clear the debris, and the red cross figures the flooding will cost 300 million. >. lawmakers want answers about why it costs parents so much to buy epi pens. they sent a letter to the company, and one lawmaker wants a house oversight committee to hold a special meeting. the price has skyrocketed over the last few years. it was $94 six years ago, and now it's six times that cost.
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race is a tight contest between four well known republicans. christine jones pouring much of her own money into the race, and andy biggs spending less than half a million dollars. the primary is set for a week from today, august 30th. >. a new federal filing shows a political action committee supporting kelly ward, john mccain's challenger for the us senate seat received $200,000 and millionaire robert mercer. a john mccain spokeswoman say it is last minute cash doesn't change john mccain's record of accomplishment. the primary in just a week. >. he's not running for dad of the year. a dad caught drunk and napping on the road while his 2-year- old daughter sat in a stroller.
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seeing him pushing the stroller near a canal. he's charged with child abuse. thankfullythe daughter not hurt. deputies say a 61-year-old reported his house was broken into, and he was forced to fire his gun, but inside the home investigators found no signs of a break in, and they learned he's a convicted felon, and arrested him for having a gun. >. the solar industry striking back against aps. >. and an incredible story of surval the teen beating the odds, and getting a second chance at life. >. and was this man trying to follow isis? there's a federal terror investigation into possible isis-inspired attacks.
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines.
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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trending upright now. with so many smart phones you're bound to see strange things, this is just a bizarre
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the guy comes in in his underwear, then getting in a fight with one man. two other bystanders jump in. try to get the man out of the store, but not guilty before he got -- not before he got another kick in. just a bizarre scene. still working to find out what inspired all of this. >> yeah, somebody maybe needs to try decat. and was it isis-inspired or is there more? a vicious knife attack virginia appears to be random, but neighbors say the 20-year- old yelled the words for god of the greatest. he contracted a deadly brain eating amoeba, and now a 16-year-old is actually living to tell the story about this. the teen got it in the south florida last month. after feeling some intense headaches his doctor broke the
6:41 pm
medically induced coma. he's now one of four people, four, in the last 50 years known to have survive this infection. tracking showers and thunderstorms across northern arizona, but will we see more in the valley? we'll go day by day through the forecast in just minutes. more and more people in arizona calling home the office. new at 6:00 we talk to so- called tele commuters, and they tell you how to called cush jobs. fruits, vegetables, all the
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after the aps political dark money scandal, the solar industry says they need more fairness from the states utility regulatory board, but are they putting profits in front of your best interests? melissa blasius explains. >> reporter: the five members
6:45 pm
rate payers, but this has also become a battleground for two power companies. first, two years ago dark money contributions backed two candidates deemed friendly to aps. this year the solar industry striking back with a candidate of its own. bob says he doesn't want the solar company to fund his candidacy, but he can't stop >> it goes back to 2013 when i was first concerned about the way aps was basically trying to influence the commission. >> reporter: since then aps has asked for changes to net metering credits and demand charges to make it more expensive for people to opt out of regular power for roof top solar. >> any proposal would eliminate 10,000 jobs in our state.
6:46 pm
aps don't get to vote in the august 30th primary, you do. you get to change which candidates you think have your best interests at heart. melissa blasius, abc 15. busted at the border. just moments apart. two women trying to walk into the us with drugs strapped to their legs. they were arrested with more than three pounds of meth each. then another woman tried to gave the goods over, she was caught before making it into arizona. one phoenix neighborhood getting more bargained for. a 40-year-old decided to take a bath in his front yard for all to see, including children. when police showed up they found a meth pipe and pot next to him. new tonight, roll out of bed and into your office. census data shows 6 percent of valley workers are telecommuting. one woman says it would be hard
6:47 pm
how do you find the jobs? >> look for words like telecommuting. >> it gives mess so much time back. a half hour commute both ways, and i'm saving my own time on top of it. >> arizona ranks 7th in the country for most people looking at home. for a link to them go to our website, www.abc15.c. russian cyber attacks on several companies, including the new york times. the fbi is running the investigation. a congratulations in order for cindy mccain, she's one of the resip gent cents of a -- recipients of a humanitarian award.
6:48 pm
ass arizona's own wildfire prevention specialists. smoky the bear recognizing bob blasy. that honor is the highest anyone can receive in approximate preventing wildfires. from the live desk, look at the flames, the smoke filling the sky at a florida power plant. people in the area reported hearing an explosion moments before seeing the fire. tens of thousands of people in miami without power. no >. in massachusetts tonight a plane makes an emergency landing on a sand bar in new salem. police say the plane didn't crash, and is still intact. the pilot is okay, and reported engine problems before the landing. and today's talker about sweaty boob and sock money. >> and a valley gas station not taking it anymore, but is it really helping?
6:49 pm
researchers at nyu studied a batch of money, and found miles an hour than 3,000 types of bacteria on it. it's more sanitary to sit on a public toilet than a cashier to handle cash every day. and a leap of faith all for love. this four-hour rescue operation all because a college student wanted to impress his date. he jumped between two buildings, but there was nothing smooth about this one. he fell three stories, got stuck. you might be shocked to know, or not, that the girl stuck around. but along with a broken ankle and bruised ego, he has quite the story to tell. and live look for you right now at abc 15 desert doppler. we're in the clear, but up to the north showers and thunderstorms to the north of flagstaff sinking down to the south, so there's going to be a good chance to see scattered storms in the flagstaff area this evening. and here in the valley, drier air starting to move in
6:50 pm
clearing out our storm chances here locally. beautiful shot from the valley cam tonight, 95 right now with north winds at 10 miles per hour. high was only 96 today. gorgeous for this time of year, and right now much of the valley still in the 90s, although slightly cooler up in cave creek and anthem. upper 80ings there. tonight down into the 70s across the board here. queen creek at 75, and maricopa and peoria at 77. tomorrow low 100s across the phoenix metro. 102 in glendale and peoria with temperatures just a little cooler up to the north like anthem and cave creek in the upper 90s. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. gorgeous morning, 6:00 a.m. at 78 degrees. warming to 88 by 10:00, and lunchtime into the mid-90s. now tomorrow will be several
6:51 pm
there, but otherwise much more sunshine, and that uv index will be running at a 10. very high, about 10 to 15 minutes to burn between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., so watch out for that tomorrow. temperatures heating up just a degree or so into thursday, and then a little drop as monsoon moisture returns. storm chances back in 20 percent friday and saturday. and then we dry out again, and start a big warm to -- uptaking us to -- up taking us to 107 by next thursday city and county of los angeles and here's the smart -- thursday. >. and here's the smart shopper deals this week. >> grapes an sale. bash's has them for 69 cents's pound, and albertson's has green ones for the same price.
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sale. if i had city has the -- food city has the deal on green bell peppers wednesday, 5 for just a dollar. normally you pay a dollar just for one. food city also with iceberg lettuce on sale, three for 99 cents, and this is a great deal. also 32-ounce bottles of gatorade on sale for 57 cents each, but you have to buy 12 to get the deal. and cents each, and you have to be 6 to get that deal. all the ads have good deals on meat getting you ready for labor day weekend. >. here's a look at tonight's prime time line up on abc 15. bachelor in paradise at 7:00, then after paradise at #. then
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right now in the hospital after being shocked on the job near lower buckeye road. we're told the 40-year-old worker raised the truck boom into a live power line. the jolt went through his hand and out his elbow. phoenix police searching for a killer tonight. a body was discovered inside a car at a north phoenix apartment complex near bell and tatum. the body went unknowned for days in the triple digit heat. they believe the injuries happened before the victim
6:56 pm
scouting for rally locations in the valley. he's reached out to misstyledders, and the -- misstyledders. and it's a -- mesa city leader. and two years after a young girl accidentally killed her gun instructor, the instructor's family is now filing a lawsuit. hear from their attorney on why it's happening now. plus was it a case of mistaken identity or something more? we're hearing in the pinal county neighborhood where a couple of crooks invaded a home before realizing they were in the wrong house. and a nigh quiet night in the valley, but there are clouds in the distance, and here's the radar. abc 15 desert doppler showing those showers still north of area, but cruising rapidly down to the south, so scattered showers tonight in flagstaff. dry here in the valley, and we're getting a little break here in phoenix over the next couple of days before rain chances return friday and saturday.
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toward the end of the seven-day we're going to crank up the heat a little bit. >> enjoy it while it lasts. and it's never too early to start thinking act operation san did a -- about operation santa claus. tomorrow night you can help four valley charities enjoy some amazing country music, and maybe even win some money. the concert is tomorrow night, and it's happening at the mesa art center. by the way, if you are going to go to this, be sure to take part in the 50/50 raffle benefiting operation santa claus, and we know how much that cause helps so many charities right here in the valley. >> yes, cranked up early this year, trying to break the record. >> there you go. >> bachelor in paradise coming up next.
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the dramatic new episode of "bachelor in paradise" starts right now. ? ? almost paradise ? ? we're knocking on heaven's door ? ? almost paradise ? ? how could we ask for more? ? ? i swear that i could see forever ? ? in your eyes ? ? paradise ? ? ? and in your arms salvation's not so far away ?


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