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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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see ya later. a mother and small child narrowly escaping, hit by a car. the driver then shot by a nearby witness. we're continuing to follow this developing story in west phoenix, as our abc15's chris grow is, information on the shooter is still unknown. >> reporter: the only information we have at this point is who shot we did see phoenix police are out here earlier today. they had this entire area booked off. their investigation being suspended for tonight. here's where the twist in this story comes. turns out the victim and suspect have that 3-year-old daughter together. so this is what phoenix police are saying happened. the victim and suspect were driving together, but they got into a fight, so the woman got out with her child, but this guy decided he was going to try to back over them.
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the way, and an unknown witness, that unknown gunman saw this all happen, and fired his gun at the driver, who then fled. the shooter fled as well, so they don't know what person is, but that suspect, we know he fled to 43rd avenue and buckeye. that's when he called police to report he had been shot. that's where we found his car swarming with police. police have tolds us he has been transported to the hoit threatening injury. we are still waiting for more information from phoenix police, they tell us it could happen tonight, or it could be as early as tomorrow morning. as soon as we have that information, you'll hear it from us. two arizona women, including one from the valley, killed when their atv caught fire in utah. the sheriff's department says the accident happened friday. detectives identified the victim, 51-year-old debbie
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28-year-old destiny dixon of prescott. they say the two were trying to drive through an obstacle called the tip over challenge. crews found the atv on fire at the scene. scary moments for a drive whoever suddenly found himself submerged in a scottsdale canal. the driver barreled down a pedestrian walkway before hitting the guardrail, and going airborne as his car flipped into the water. the dive te the dangerous current, and limited visibility to help pull that car out. >> this case with the cap. the central arizona project. we have a constant water flow. the next thing is, we don't know what's underneath the water. >> reporter: the driver was hurt, but is expected to be okay. right now, we're making calls trying to learn more after a man's body was found in an apartment that went up in
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thunderbird. fire officials now investigating this as possible arson. so far no information as to how this fire started. police have not yet released that man's identity. a restaurant manager stabbed 6 times while closing up shop. it's all caught on video. the victim, recovering tonight, the attackers still on the loose. this happened at chariot pizza in tucson late thursday night. two people wearing bandannas and hats came through the backdoor. they pepper sprayed an employee first. when that man was bl went behind the bar, tackled the manager, and stabbed him over and over again. >> i'm hoping they charge him with attempted murder. they stabbed him six times, and kicked him in the head three times after they stabbed him. i don't know, if that's not attempted murder, i don't know what is. >> nothing like this has happened at the restaurant before. workers said at the time, the backdoor was unlocked. they plan to beef up security
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location. an intense manhunt underway for a man who escaped police custody. officers in vegas are searching for alsano perez. he was placed in an interrogation room in those handcuffs. police say when the detective left that room, the man made his move. >> he actually twisted the handcuffs until they broke. after they broke he was able to flee the building. >> once free, perez stole a pickup truck. the truck was recovered saturday, but no sign of perez. police say perez is armed and dangerous. turning to democracy 2016 now. arizona senator jeff flake says he simply can't vote for trump. today on the state of the union, senator flake talked about trump's recent speech
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with any clarity where he's going to move in the future. it simply went back to some of the positions he's taken. >> meantime, donald trump fighting back. trump tweeting, the republican party needs strong and committed leaders, not weak people such as jeff flake if it is going to stop illegal immigration. we did reach out to flake for a response, but so far, we have had no reply. my opponent, representative ann kirkpatrick is a good person. but if hillary clinton is elected president, arizona will need a senator who will act as a check, not a rubber stamp, for the white house. >> all right, so you can listen to john mccain's almost five minute ad for yourself. one thing never mentioned? donald trump. our senator saying he is the man to fight back against clinton's democratic agenda, but mccain has never attended trump's rallies in our state, and never come out and directly endorsed him as a candidate.
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about the unclaimed ballot box left in the valley. a member of the esperanza lutheran church tells us, it was used as a polling place last week. when he arrived this morning, there was a sealed ballot box still there that had not yet been picked up. he's worried some votes may have not been counting. >> as close as some of the races are, i'm a little concerned that this might affect the outcome, or possibly worse, if there are ballots in here that could affect the outcome, and there are three or four other locations, icould add up. >> we took action, calling the maricopa county recorder's office, a spokesperson told us, she's not concerned. she says if the box is still sealed, it was not used, or the votes were counted electronically, and added to the total. she says if any votes were missing, they would know based on the technology they used. all right, you've got food
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go. tracking the most accurate forecast for labor day. >> nice weather conditions coming. it was beautiful out there today, we topped out a 101. now we've fallen into the 80s. 19% humidity. it is dry as we're still in the monsoon, and we are going to be looking at rain chances increasing. 76 as all of us dip into the 70s, and tomorrow, we're back up slightly below highs. here's a few other valley spots. glendale will be hitting 100. sunny skies in glendale. mesa 100. in the high country, sunny skies as well. we're not expecting any rain statewide. 75 in flagstaff tomorrow. a beautiful night. out across the state, -- we have a tropical storm now
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let you know what the track of this looks like and how it could potentially affect our forecast. the arizona cardinals have resigned at least eight to the practice squad. britain golden, chris hubert,harlan miller. elijah penny, gibbons price, and shaq riddock. espn also reporting the cards have agreed to terms with two practice squad quarterbacks. aaron murray, and former miami dolphins quarterback zach dicer. murray went unclaimed after being cut by the chiefs. he's not appeared in a single nfl game yet, but he did play four years for the georgia bulldogs. the cardinals would be dicer's sixth team. not all of them getting their dreams crushed here. >> keep your bags packed,
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you're going to wind up. going from mother to saint. a lot of people say it was years in the making, a historic day in the vatican. fact or fiction, we put two claims from donald trump and hillary clinton in the truth
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moving to the vatican. today pope francis mother teresa saint teresa. to many, she has long been a saint, and today it was made official. more than 1,000 worshipers packed into st. peter's square, for the canonization. >> she was an amazing woman, so i think it's really important that this day has finally come for a lot of people. >> the so-called saint of the gutter was born in 1910 in modern day macedonia, but it was in the slums of calcutta,
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her home and life's work. she died in 1997, and was put on the fast track to sainthood, but john paul ii, now a saint himself. mississippi university for women, creating a scholarship to honor the two women. the scholarship will go to graduate nursing student who works in an underdeserved area, family and friends gathering to celebrate the life of a 2-year-old boy killed in june. lane graves died after an alligator drug him into the lagoon at the florida grand floridian resort. his parents have set up a foundation in his memory. in california, a boat capsized in the san francisco bay sending 15 kids to the er. the youngest just 7 years old, but thankfully everyone's okay tonight.
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minutes in their trip. those onboard think the strong wind was to blame. >> we weren't able to get sales down, or get an anchor out, which meant that it flipped over again. so at that point, we had everyone go back to the other side of the boat and hold on. >> the kids were in 55-degree water. everyone onboard was wearing a life vest, and most had some sailing experience. a lifesaving rescue in the water. a group of fishermen people from a sinking vessel southwest of san diego. the crew pulled the sailors to safety, just as their bolt was breaking apart. the boat started taking on the water, they broadcast it for help, and another boat was nearby. all passengerses and crew members were able to get off safely. the cause of the crash still under investigation. a terrifying ride for an illinois college student as he was kidnapped and robbed.
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walked out of a starbucks, he was ordered into a car at gunpoint. they drove him to several at m's and banks, withdrawing about $1,600 from the student's account. one of the suspects was caught. the other is still on the loose. a busy week on the campaign trail. >> what we did when i was secretary of went above and beyond anything that was required, anything that any charitable foundation has to do. >> clinton claimed the charity is transparent when it comes to voters, going beyond what the law requires. >> something we should hold up as a badge of honor, when in reality, a threshold is very low.
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require them to disclose donors. the foundation only agreed to disclose voters when hillary clinton was secretary of state. as for trump, he attacked clinton on her tax plan. >> on top of that, she wants to raise taxes on african american owned businesses to as much as nearly 50% more than they're paying now. >> politifact found trump's math does not add up. it is not based on one's skin color. >> when we look at the numbers, we're looking at a number somewhere less than 1%. maybe less than .5%. a very, very small fraction of people would be potentially subject to this tax. >> so they rated trump's claim false. we're now about three weeks away from the first presidential debate. if you want to see more fact checks visit
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world leaders gathered in china for the g8 summit. today president obama met with two allies, the u.k., and turkey. saying the ties between their countries will remain strong despite the brexit. and making sure those behind the failed coup in turkey face justice. forecast though is looking nice. it's beautiful out there today. really all weekend long. hard to argue with the weather in here. beautiful, it was dry. we're dry tonight as we sit in the 80s. 88 in goodyear, and 88 in chandler. overnight lows will be back in the 70s. 74 scottsdale tomorrow morning, 72 in laveen.
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tomorrow morning 69 degrees. below average. into the 10:00 hour, we'll be warming up quickly in the 80s. sunny skies, dry all day long across the phoenix metro. we're headed to the upper 90s by 2:00, topping out at 102 tomorrow afternoon, and keeping the triple digits in the forecast. ozone levels will be a little high, so staying in that moderate category for monday as well. here's what's going on as we look at the state satellite radar composite. you'll see, hard to find any we did not have showers or thunderstorms valley wide, or across arizona. but what we will be tracking or watching, a new tropical storm sitting well to the south, right now, sustained winds on tropical storm newton sitting at 40 miles per hour. we have gusts with this storm at 52 miles per hour. so watch the track with me. we're several days away, this of course could change, and we'll be watching that, but the motion continuing to the north
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so not exacted right now to hit hurricane strength as it moves to the north, but still some uncertainty as we get to that forecast midweek. overall, what we will be watching is some of the richer, more, this monsoon moisture is what i'm trying to get at. it's a little bit richer. it's going to be moving in. any of the showers and thunderstorms we get during the season means we could be looking at quite a bit of heavy rain with showers and thunderstorms even if the center of the storm passes off so lots to watch next week. not tomorrow though. sunny skies. a 20% chance of rain coming up on wednesday. a 30% chance of rain on thursday. this could be changing as we head into the next week. tonight 40 in winslow. 76 tonight in phoenix. we're back up to 102 tomorrow. 82 in prescott. 75 in flagstaff.
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90s at lake havasu. triple digits tomorrow in mesa, and gilbert at 101. as you look at the extended forecast, we'll see those 90s as we bring in a little bit of that moisture. tuesday and wednesday will be in the mid-90s. a little lower on thursday. back in the upper 90s. slight rain chances in the forecast with morning lows in the 70s. now that the football season has started, it's hard to forget baseball going on. >> the d'backs take two out of
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the arizona diamondbacks looking for a series within in colorado, seeming archy bradley to the mound. bradley strikes out 6, and holds the rockies to runs on 6 hits. brito's home run makes it 5-2 arizona. colorado scores one in the 7th, two in the 9th, but fortunately, the two run single gives arizona a lead. the d'backs hold on for an 8-5 win. round 3 of the deutsche bank championship with paul casey sitting at the top of the leader board.
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eagle over the last three holes. he hits the t shot for birdie. then drills the 3 iron on the green on the par 5, 18th. the tournament wraps up tomorrow, and weather is expected to be an issue there. officials have moved up starting times for tomorrow's final round in hopes of beating the forecasted rain and high winds. >> ic blusterier, and -- blustery, and a lot of guys tearing it up. i thought it was going to be treacherous out there, and it was, but really happy that i struck it like i did. >> we had paul in the studio a couple of years ago, and we had putters and golf balls, and he said, these are the golf balls you have? so he called his agent, and brought in a bunch of balls and autographed them.
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summer is coming to an end, but the big bargains are just beginning. our smart shopper team did the research, so you know what to buy, and what to avoid this month, especially if you want to go shopping for labor day. abc15 warnings, dan spindle has the details. >> reporter: it's september, a great time for back to school labor day sales, and check out these laptops, under $300 gets you a great deal. september is typically the best time to find deals on grills,
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some stores are slashing products by 50%. best bay has labor day sales going on. the samsung, $1,249. i've seen this one going for $2,000. also great deals on patio furniture. sears is one of many businesses offering up to half off. september29 is national coffee day and a lot of food chains will offer free and discounted coffee, including krispy kreme, mcdonalds, and duncan donates. we want to hear from you. we're going to post some of the best ones we find on our smart shopper 15 facebook page. then the deals you get, we will share those with all the other smart shoppers. help us out, and help us get a great deal this weekend. dan, thanks. if you've got an old bike taking up space, why not donate it, let it be a miracle for a
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you can help out in three different ways. drop out bikes in an earnhardt location. drop off cash, or volunteer to help. kids being sent home by the dozens. a mystery illness sweeping through kansas. all new hope for millions of americans who suffer from sleep
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with the holiday comes holiday travel, if you're hitting the roads tomorrow, get ready for slow downs on highways, as travelers are coming back into town. this is a live look from one of our adot cameras and i-17 in glendale. live in phoenix along i-17. traffic expected to be pretty heavy. we saw it already this weekend. >> reporter: yeah, definitely. southbound 17 is expected to have those delays because of back home from up north and right now, a lot of cars out on the highway this sunday night. aaa expects there to be 1.5 million arizonans out on the road this weekend. they were seeing delays near black canyon city and forest junction. those delays causing a little extra time of up to 10 to 20 minutes. at one point, they were seeing a seven mile stretch of backups at black canyon city.
10:32 pm
accidents, just that heavy traffic from the holiday travel. tomorrow, if you're getting out on the road, even if you're traveling locally, just give yourself a little extra time. >> good tips thank you. as you plan for labor day, get ready for that designated driver. law enforcement all over the state already cracking down on those drunk drivers. we know scottsdale has their dui task force set up this evening. if you still need help getting that ride, how about getting a free tow? as part of the holiday, aaa offering it for free tomorrow. they'll tow you and a car up to 10 miles. ask for tipsy tow. this free deal only lasts from monday evening through tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. moving across arizona. authorities in pima county say a man has died after a dirt bike crash.
10:33 pm
this morning. deputies found 36-year-old arlon vandemark. he was wearing a helmet and protective gear. right now, this crash is under investigation. a scare at the new odyssey aquarium. they saw smoke coming from that area. investigators trace the smoke to an electrical issue with an air conditioning unit. the aqua crews have been working on this issue. as we told you yesterday, they did host their grand opening to the public yesterday. tonight, police in irvin, california, say drugs and alcohol are not involved in a crash that sent four people to the hospital. police say an 81-year-old man was driving through the parking lot of an outdoor concert venue when he hit several people, collided with a car, drove through a fence, and hit a police cruiser.
10:34 pm
the time, but then slid down a nearby hill, hitting several people, panicking there. right now, the cause of the crash under investigation. in washington state, a teen is recovering tonight after falling 90 feet. the 15-year-old was hiking when he fell on the mountain there about 30 miles east of seattle. the teen was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital. he was unconscious when rescuers found him, but regained consciousness during the flight. no word on his condition tonight. right now, a health rocking kansas. about 100 students were sent home from the same high school for a missing illness. they all had stomach flu like symptoms. the number of students sent home is pretty alarming. the local county health department is looking into all cases to try and i'd what's happening. right now, the school is using bleach to clean up all the common areas. good news tonight on the fire fight in california.
10:35 pm
bakersfield now 95% contained. while the cause is still under investigation, crews have held this fire to under 30,000 acres since it broke out three weeks ago. crews hope to have this fire fully contained by next weekend. tonight another fire still burning in california. after six weeks this one has already burned over 95,000 acres. right now, crews only have it 60% contained. several state parks have been closed for about a month, including big sur. they have determined the fire started from an illega estimate on when they will have this fire fully contained. the east coast on alert tonight, as hermine moves north, bringing dangerous rip currents and severe erosion to the beaches. big waves up in the jersey coast. further south in parts of virginia, entire neighborhoods completely underwater. >> you've got to make the best of the situation. >> we dealt with it our whole lives.
10:36 pm
in it. >> in florida, more than 60,000 people are still without that power tonight. and turning to local weather now, beautiful weekend and day across the valley. we topped out at 101 after starting out at 76 this morning. plenty of sunshine if you look at this time lapse with me, you can see that we did not have any clouds across the valley. 103. that's our average high. we're very close to that today. now we've fallen into the 80s. 87 in mesa. 88 out the door in goodyear, at 83. 73 tomorrow morning in chandler. glendale at 74. in the valley, 70s, and we're headed back up into the triple digits. sunny skies throughout the day. we are not looking at any rain chances here, or even across the high country, if you're maybe doing a day trip north, 40s in the morning, so it is going to be a cool start, maybe some light jackets out there. 70s as you head into the afternoon. so statewide, looking sunny, looking dry. but we do have pretty big
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in your most accurate forecast. tracking a little bit of tropical moisture, that could increase shower and thunderstorm chances. i'll let you know when that can happen coming up. new for you if you have trouble sleeping, a lot of people, millions suffer from sleep apnea. interrupted breathing during your sleep where people wake up, gasping for air. a lot of people use c paps or those masks, but they don't like it, now researchers are trying out a pacemaker. so far, it's worked in half the patients who have tried it for a study. happening tomorrow, a huge reason to smile. a valley company giving away free dental treatment. it's called labor of love. since 2011, they've given away more than $2 million in free care. patients can choose from one of four free treatments, including teeth cleaning, cavity filling,
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a.m. until noon tomorrow. for a list of locations, head to wet and wild is letting active u.s. military members, as well as first responders get to park for a day of free fun. this is part of the salute to hero's labor day celebration. if you are going, you have to have a valid government issued id or badge. we have more information on the web address you see on your screen. consumer all the athletes may be in this one. pepsico says this new product will be in select markets this fall. g organic comes in strawberry, lemon, or mixed berry flavor. it only has seven ingredients, including organic cane sugar and sea salt. >> might have to give it a try. in case you missed this earlier in the newscast, i want to make sure we get it in one more time. after cutting 22 players
10:39 pm
least 8 to the practice squad. cornerback harlon miller. running back elijah penny. offensive tackle gibbons price, and linebacker shaq riddic. quarterback matt barkley was signed to the bears practice squad today. former kansas city chiefs quarterback, aaron murray, and former dicer. murray has not appeared in a single nfl game yet, but did play for years for the georgia bulldogs. the cards would be dicer's sixth nfl team after being drafted by the broncos in 2013. 6 teams in three years.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really?
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it's time for in the ring. good to have you randy. >> good to see you. it has been a while. i'm glad to be back. >> isn't it great, you were at the arena bowl recently. sadly, the rattlers fell. >> hats off to philly. they put arizona in situations they weren't used to, and arizona couldn't overcome it, but it ended up being a great game. >> are you ready to talk some football? cardinals offensive concerns. quarterback rating of 34.3. >> yeah, but i wouldn't get too overly concerned about it. it is the preseason. he didn't play a whole lot of games. i think for bruce arians and the cardinals team, they know what they have as far as talent. they totally know. i don't think he's concerned too much about it. i think now that, you know, the regular season is starting, they're going to push forward. carson will play better, he's got a lot of talent around him
10:43 pm
i'm ju concerned about those two pick 6's. back-to-back weeks, san diego and houston. that's carson palmer. >> that's the name of the game. sometimes you're going to play great. sometimes you're not. the good thing about it is, we're going to play for real now. hopefully that's what's going to happen, and arians will have this team hitting on all cylinders. >> i just hope that nfc championship game isn't lodged in his head. topic number 2. colin kaepernick, let's listen to what he had to say the other night. >> i am planning to take it a step further. currently working with organizations to be involved. and making sure that i'm actively in these communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities, and help these people. >> is that crazy? donating $1 million.
10:44 pm
forward. he said i'm donating $1 million to this cause. >> hats off to colin kaepernick for taking a step forward, and deciding to do this. because there's not a lot of guys out there who make all these millions of dollars. athletes who would probably even remotely do something like this. this has become a huge topic, you know? >> where do you stand on it? >> that's why in america it is a free country. >> it is. >> however, i think there's different ways that you can go about it. i think there's that you could raise awareness on this subject vs. attacking the national anthem in that regard. topic number 3, todd graham entering season 5. they're coming off a 6-7 season last year. they gave up 425 yards last night to nau. >> can you say hot seat? i'm talking super hot seat. todd graham is obviously in a position right now that if he doesn't do well this year, then more than likely this will
10:45 pm
>> do you think this is it? >> i think if he doesn't have a great year. if he doesn't get this thing headed in the right direction. if he doesn't find a way to motivate these guys then i don't see how as a division 1 team with all the athletes they have, and the possibilities of getting these high end recruits, and all of these people, if he doesn't produce, that's just the name of the game. they're just not going to keep you around. >> here's my it was 10-6 in the 3rd quarter. it was 13-6 late in the 3rd quarter. >> that's a team they should blowout. there's no way nau should play with them. and without a doubt, nau should not gain over 400 yards of offense. if todd graham doesn't do it this year, we could have probably seen the last of him. thanks. outside, turning to weather now on this labor day weekend. it was nice out there today.
10:46 pm
101. sitting in the 80s right now. 19% humidity. very dry to be in the monsoon right now. that will be changing a little bit later, but not tomorrow. sunny skieses headed up into the upper 80s by 10:00 a.m. 99 at 2, with highs tomorrow near that affirm at 102 tomorrow afternoon. looking at a beautiful day, a nice night. right now, satellite radar composite over the last several hours, not showing a lot of changing. clear skies across northern arizona, here across the valley. we continue to put this into moti you're traveling across the state, things looking very pleasant out there. showers out east, in new mexico, that's about as close as they get tomorrow. then we'll see changes coming up in our forecast as we get into the middle of the week. here's your travel forecast. tomorrow, flagstaff, sunny, 75. tucson, 101. sunny. we'll have 90s in vegas.
10:47 pm
also 70s in l.a. el paso, also going to be in the 90s. closer to home though, we are looking for rain chances to increase slately tuesday across the valley. right around 10%, so we start to see a little bit of that monsoon moisture move back in. then tropical moisture, thursday, we'll be watching it as we have a tropical system. you'll want to keep an eye on this as you're making plans this week. right now, 30% chance of rain on thur we'll be watching that with lingering chances of rain next thursday too. we'll also take a dip. that average high over the next five days running around 102, 103. 100 on tuesday. mid-90s on wednesday. phoenix going to stay in those 90s as we wrap up the week. here's the plan tonight. 70s valley wide.
10:48 pm
back up to 103 tomorrow. 101 in ahwatukee. upper 90s for deer valley and anthem. statewide temperatures, pretty cool in flagstaff, 50. 70 in sedona. 50s along the rim tonight. 76 in phoenix. 74 tomorrow morning in yuma. court sight headed into the upper 90s. the warmest spot on the map again going to be phoenix tomorrow at 102. a beautiful labor day state wide. 100 tuesday. a little cloud cover will try to move back in. isolated rain chances at 20%. a 20% chance of rain wednesday. thursday, we're up to a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. we'll be watching this forecast as we go through the next several days. could see a few changes there. 97 friday. 100 next sunday. if you know a breast cancer wiver, somebody currently battling this disease, using that specious to give back to
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someone to have their story shared on abc15. they will also have a $500 gift card. go to the last day to nominate, one week, september 11.
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crash in tempe near warner and priest. we know an officer is involved in this one. tempe police tell us the officer has minor injuries. right now, there is some slowing in that area. also, in tempe, a crash near mill and southern avenues. mesa police telling us three vehicles involved, one person taken to the hospital. we will pass along any updates as soon as they come in. arizona state sun devils opening the 2016 season last night in tempe, northern arizona university. starting quarterback, manny wilkins finishes with 180 yards passing, 1 interception, but rushes for 89 yards and that first touchdown of the season for asu. the sun devils defense gives up 429 yards of offense. the sun devils opened it up in the 4th quarter.
10:53 pm
afterwards, coach todd graham with mixed feelings about game 1 of 2016. >> we wanted to be simple with the offensive line. we wanted to run the ball. we want to win the game. and we felt like that we could run the ball, and that it would open up plays, and we would wear them down, and pound them down, eventually, we'd win. so but we expected to score a lot more points than we did in the 1st half, i can tell that. coach rich rodriguez and his arizona wildcats hosting the byu cougars. this one goes to the final seconds. down 3-0. we'll start earlier. arizona quarterback, solomon with a 3rd and 14 at the 41, but his pass gets picked off by francis bernard at the byu 35. taking it in from a yard out. the extra point sails wide
10:54 pm
nick wilson scores on a 49-yard run, with 1:26 to play in the game. that puts the wildcats up 16- 15. the cougars drive the field. the freshman kicker nails it, and byu steals a win from arizona. the nascar sprint cup teams at darlington raceway. kevin harvick with the dominant car tonight, leading 214 laps, martin truex jr. takes the lead with 28 laps to go, and holds off harvick on the final restart to get his first win at darlington. truex starts the summer with a win at charlotte on memorial day and ends the summer with a win on labor day. >> this is just, this is unbelievable. so many people to thank,
10:55 pm
racetrack. i have led a lot of laps here in my career. just so proud to get to victory lane with this group. >> so back to football quickly. it's the cardinalses and patriots next sunday we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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all right, we got a cute story alert. get ready to say ahh before you go to bed. the panda mom lun lun gave birth to panda cubs there. they arrived less than an hour apart. they were the first giant pandas born in the united states this year. the second set of twins for 19-
10:58 pm
i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really?
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seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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robots, activate. tauheed: tonight... red team. ...the elite eight engage... blue team. ...looking to earn their spot in the tournament's title fight. [ audience chanting "fight" ] here we go. ready. tauheed: the world's most destructive drum spinner... rose: ohh! ...takes aim at the wild west's most powerful launcher. let the bot battle begin for a berth in the final four. florian: ohh! the tournament favorite... tombstone! ...looks to get one step closer to the trophy that he's coveted for 15 years. billings: beta is the one that needs to worry about the beating he's gonna get, not me. ohh!


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