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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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protests happening across the country from charlotte, to new york, to california. now one planned right here in the valley, and it could bring your monday to a stand still. first, we're staying on top of that breaking news, a tragic scene in chandler as authorities investigate a three car crash.
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people were hurt. we know a young girl was in critical condition, after she was thrown from one of those cars. five other people are listed in serious condition tonight. the intersection reopened just about an hour and a half ago. all new developments out of north carolina tonight, protesters taking to the streets of charlotte once again. a big difference here. there's no curfew tonight. after days of protests, people have taken to the street ever day si scott was shot and killed by police. the national guard has been stationed each night, after protests. turned to riots one night. protests remained peaceful outside the stadium. tracking tomorrow, a protest planned on tempe's mull avenue bridge, all to bring
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of delven holland. racquel, what can we expect tomorrow? >> reporter: you see the mill avenue bridge lit up behind me. that is where the protest is supposed to happen tomorrow morning. no telling how had a will impact traffic, if at all, but the organizers say it will be a peaceful rally. they want to pay attention to the shooting death of 19-year- old delven hollands. the department says officers thought the teen had a weapon, gesturing that it was in a bag. the officer's body camera not on at the time of the shooting, and currently, the officer involved is on leave. protesters are asking for lieutenant willmet to resign or be fired. if not they say that protests will intensify. tempe police is aware of the planned protest for tomorrow. as of now, they have no plans
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intersection in that area. they are urging protesters to remain on sidewalks and they say that if anyone interferes with traffic, they may be arrested. back to you, kim. good to know. getting ready to face a judge tomorrow. 20-year-old arcan cetin. new details revealed about his past. police saying cetin had a string of runins including assault charges against his stepfather. one neighbor describes cetin as so quote creepy, she kept a taser by her door. his ex-girlfriend may have worked at the macy's, where he shot and killed those five people. scary moments in las vegas today after shots are fired over a cup of coffee. apparently, a man in a starbucks got very angry when his credit card was declined,
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person in line and shot and killed that person. after that, he said he had a bomb, which police say he lied about. tonight that man is behind bars. no good deed going unpunished. we're getting our first look at two of the three people in custody for allegedly assaulting a good samaritan. dps says a woman was driving on price to the access road when she stopped to help four people that she thought were stranded. they're waving them down. that's when one of them jumped into her car and punched her. officers later caught up with them, arresting three of them. the fourth, we're told is a teenage runaway, and will not be charged. meantime, in phoenix, police searching for suspects who robbed somebody at gunpoint at 7th avenue and indian school. we're told the victim was shot, but is expected to be okay.
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stabbed by a man at 16th street and mcdowell. the alleged attacker already in custody tonight. no word yet on any charges. let's switch gears now, and get over to our weather forecast. laura thomas tracking your most accurate forecast. >> gorgeous out there. still have those warm temperatures. near average highs. we've been below average the last couple of days. making it up to 95 today. that average, 97, after starting out in the 60s this morning. we'll have a warmer start tomorrow morning, some cover beginning to work its way in now. 86degrees outside in phoenix. 16% humidity. dew points are in the 30s. wind speeds are calm for now. they pick up tomorrow, heading down to 75 as we head into tomorrow morning. this cloud cover and some overnight breezes are going to help to keep those up. tomorrow, we'll be in the upper 80s, with breezes continuing through the afternoon. overnight tonight, a few gusts up to 20 miles per hour. especially, as you head on that
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see the wind speeds more out of the easterly direction, sustained 10 to 20 miles per hour, with gusts tomorrow afternoon near 30 miles per hour. we're going to be talking more about how those winds stay in our forecast and the chance for showers and thunderstorms make a return. i'll let you know when coming up. could a convicted arizona terrorist be facing the death penalty? tonight, we're learning the prosecutors are seeking death penalty against abdul kareem. he testified he had no knowledge about the attack. his attorney is hoping for a prison term of six years or less. looking into an outbreak of e. coli. as much people have gotten sick, five sent to the hospital. the cdc says it's likely linked to beef products from the
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no deaths have been reported. just weeks away from putting the issue of recreational marijuana up to the voters. scottsdale opens up its knewest medical marijuana dispensary. shows us how the owners are actually welcoming the community to come on in. >> reporter: located near frank lloyd wright boulevard, harvest of scottsdale opened its doors sunday even. >> there are a stereotypes about medical marijuana dispensaries, and we think most of them are unfair. >> reporter: for this phoenix mother, having treatment options for her kids closer to home is a good thing. >> we've gone from the top of seizure medicines, to virtually nothing, and have seen fantastic results. >> reporter: she now uses cannabis products to treat her
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after having tried 27 prescription messages in one year that weren't working. >> the happenness that i see my children having, compared to being so upset all the time. >> reporter: the million dollar dispensary is one of the largest in the state. it will also be used to help support patients suffering from chronic pain and diseases. unthinkable allegations and an interview full of shocking moments you'll see only here on abc15. a valley yoga teacher found no guilty of sexual acts with minors at a bar mitzvah now getting a chance to tell her side of the story. lindsey ann redonski, says the boys who almost landed her in jail, thought her breasts were family property. >> they came into that room. i was passed out, and they could pretty much do whatever they wanted to do. >> this has been a lengthy, lengthy ordeal for you. >> she says the family who
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breast augmentation. she claims the adults asked her to show her breasts, and later in the night, the boys drugged her. the bombshell evidence you'll see only here tomorrow at 3:00. so frankly, jason, i had this one in the win column for quite some time. i thought this was one of the easier games on the early the arizona cardinals took it serious. >> safe to say, nothing worked today in buffalo. the same defense that looked so good against tampa bay allowed the bills to basically run free a week later. over 200 yards rushing for buffalo. leshon mccoy accounted for 110 of those. tyrod taylor ends up with 76. carson palmer, his worst outing since last january's nfc
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four interceptions in the final 7 minutes of the game. >> of course, there was another bad snap on a field goal attempt. aaron williams returns it 53 yards for a touchdown. all in all, an embarrassing outing for the cardinals. they fall to 1-2 on the season, after a 33-18 loss in buffalo. you can join us tomorrow night at the big red brew house for a monday night cardinals countdown facebook live. cardinals safety tony jefferson the doors open at 5:00. >> because you deserve a little fun. >> a little fun after that. a little bit of pert unanimous there. less than 24 hours away, hillary clinton and donald trump preparing for their first one-on-one debate. who's ahead in the new poll? plus, we're taking both candidates to task with the
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spooked after a man walks up to their front door and steals their halloween decorations, and guess what? it's all caught on camera, and we'll have the story at 10:30.
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on the campaign trail, hillary clinton says immigration reform will boost america's economy by $700 billion. donald trump says the immigrant population will set a new record. two claims worth truth checking this week. >> within just a few years, immigration as a share of national population is set to break all historical records. >> trump made that claim while outlining his immigration plan.
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control future immigration. politifact looked at information going back to 1815. >> we'll have more as a share than ever before. >> the foreign population is rising. the census bureau estimates a new record in about 7 years. they rated trump's claim mostly true. >> comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do, but it will add $700 billion to economy. >> clinton said an immigration overhaul would add $700 billion to the u.s.'s $18 trillion economy. politifact found a budget report that addresses clinton's numbers. >> most of the money will be by new immigrants moving into this country, so the benefit to the native population, the people who live here now, would actually be much less. >> clinton's statement is partially accurate, but leaves
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rated her claim half true. look for immigration reform to come up in monday night's presidential debate. for more fact checks visit we're just hours away again from the first presidential debate, and the candidates virtually neck and neck. according to a poll of likely voters, clinton is just 2 points ahead. 5%f libertarian gary johnson. 1% supporting jill stein. the same pole found most people believe clinton will win tomorrow's debate. it is the hot ticket on campus at hofstra university. more than 2/3 entered a lottery for tickets. such a big night tomorrow that
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about, you can watch clinton and trump tomorrow night, beginning at 6:00 p.m. here on abc15. moving onto developing stories tonight. three people dead after two small planes collide in new york. right now, the ntsb and the faa investigating this one. no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash still under investigation. meantime in chicago, two women are recovering in the hospital tonight after being hit not once, but twice by the same hit and run driver. police say they were first hit while crossing the then that driver made a u-turn and hit them again. witnesses say one of the victims was dragged for several blocks. tonight, that driver is still on the loose. check out this brand new video into the newsroom tonight, giving us a bird's eye view. this from a drone flying over parts of wisconsin. the area right now struggling to recover from recent flood damage, just incredible photos there. and flooding so bad in parts of the midwest, schools are
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keeping it that way through at least midweek. the cedar river is expected to be the biggest problem, and could peak sometime on tuesday. so a lot could happen between now and then, but with more rain on the way, people are evacuating to stay ahead of things, and who knows, it could be a week before their allowed to be back in that area. incredible weather happening across the midwest. >> we're thinking about all of our friends in the midwest there as they're dealing with that. we're lucky, we have pretty nice temperatures. >> 95 today. it's still warm in phoenix in the fall. outside right now, it's still warm out there. we're at 86 degrees. 16% humidity. calm winds, dew points in the 30s. here's the plan tonight, we started out in the 60s. this morning, we'll stay in the 70s tonight. one because our wind speeds pick up just a little bit. also, a little more cloud cover
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help keep the heat that we had in today, so those clouds have been developing and moving in from the south and southeast today. as we get into tomorrow, here's what we're looking at. temperatures in the 70s to start the day, 80 at 10:00. we're going to stay in the 80s. upper 80s expected by the afternoon. look at these winds, sustained between 10 and 20 miles an hour. we get into the afternoon hours, some of these gusts near 30 miles per hour. it is going to be a breezy one across not only the valley, but also the high country, but southeastern arizona, closer to a system that's going to have an impact on our weather. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour sustained winds. if your travels take you you southeast to tucson, gusts near 40. if you have high profile vehicles, one of those things you'll want to watch those in the higher elevations. we have a wind advisory that goes into effect tomorrow, for southeastern arizona, and parts of pima county, back to douglas
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could be gusting to 40 miles per hour. all of this part of a storm system off to the south. a little bit of moisture, those clouds have been rolling in due to this. through the high country right now, chances for rain overnight tonight through tomorrow southeast. very isolated chance for a shower here in the valley, with better chances as the system begins to lift to the north. as we get into tuesday and wednesday, not looking like a wash out for the valley, but those chances are going to increase around wednesday, with a lingering chance through tuesday and wednesday. most of us right now look like we will be staying dry. 69 overnight tonight in cave creek. 74 tonight in glendale. then back up in the upper 80s tomorrow. 87 monday afternoon in chandler. 84 in bullhead city, still warm
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73 lake havasu. 58 in globe. as you look at tomorrow, mid- to upper 60s across the elevated areas across northern arizona. plan across the valley, your most accurate forecast looking like this. gusts tomorrow, we keep breezes in the forecast tuesday and wednesday. a slight chance of rain. we may see a couple of rumbles of thunder out there. a dry forecast as we begin to wrap up the week with morning lows in the 70s. phoenix neighborhood. why police are forced to corner off a large area today. and we know the holidays are months away, but maybe you're
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some sad news to report tonight, miami marlins ace jose fernandez died this morning in a boat accident at the miami harbor. the coast guard found the boat upside down in the north d a jetty. with two bodies trapped under the boat, and a third victim on the rocks. the marlins canceled their game against atlanta today, and major league baseball held a league wide moment of silence before each of today's games. fernandez just announced last week that his girlfriend is pregnant with a baby girl. >> he told one of his teammates
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pitch against the nationals, the best game he ever pitched, and now he's gone. >> we also lost a golf legend today. arnold palmer, a seven time major winner, and the guy who probably did more to popularize golf. he was 87. he was named to the world golf hall of fame >> tough day in sports then tonight. >> arnold palmer, muhammad ali, gordie howe, we've lost some legends this year. >> and the young baseball player as well. >> such a great career ahead of him as well. if you had ever stepped on one, you know that legos are
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know that you can actually fly them? legos not the only th i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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drones are pretty much taking over the skies, but not quite like what you're about to see. take a look. these are legos. holly casoon says her company meant to build drones for serious things, but while they were in the development process, they ended up using legos in the prototype. that's how they came up with
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>> it starts the creative learning process, where you start troubleshooting and learning by trial and error. >> holly says it's just about starting the creative process, getting it going. a lot of drones can't survive a bad crash, but with legos, you pick up the pieces and you can fly yet again. imagine waking up to find your halloween decorations have been taken and then you check your security cameras, and find out this guy is behind it all. we're going to show you face, see if you recognize him.
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in case you're counting, it's 35 days until halloween, but already tricks are played on one phoenix family. they woke up to find all of their decorations gone. thanks to their security system, they might be track this perp down. this guy was on camera, but still went through with all of this. >> reporter: this guy was so brazen that the family we talked to today said they didn't want us to use their name or show off their home address as part of this story, because quite frankly, as close as this guy got to their front door, it's really got them shaken up. >> yet another creature of the night approaches. >> reporter: the only thing is
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more than his share of halloween spirit. the problem for him is this high end security camera was rolling the whole time. >> yeah, he's an idiot. >> reporter: this thief in the night, robbed them of one of their favorite decorations. >> her name was kimy, and she was on other front door. >> reporter: it has the family shook up, so they didn't want to use their names in this story. after hanging up spooky and creepy decorations, they noticed one was missing. after checking the camera, they found this guy. >> what kind of person in your mind would do something like this? >> a scummy person. someone that doesn't have any, all they're thinking about is themselves. >> reporter: now the family is making sure tear decorations stick this time around. in the meantime, they're hoping phoenix police can use this video to help nab this guy. >> we thought for a second on
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and saw the camera. if anything, we got it for a deterrent, and still, he wasn't smart enough to look up and see the cameras. >> reporter: now the family has filed a police report, so we reached out to phoenix police to see if this guy has possibly nabbed any other decorations in the neighborhood. we got to them late, so we're waiting to see if this has happened in other neighbors. breaking news just coming into the newsroom, a large police presence along the salt river near mccullups and hayden. racquel, what can you tell us is going on? >> reporter: we just got here and we're trying to get information. i can show you what we're looking at here. a large police presence at this chevron gas station. they have crime tape up surrounding the gas station. i can tell you that i did see
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scene. right now, no information on that person, what happened, and what's going on out here. so we're waiting to get more information, and as soon as we get that, we'll be sure to pass the information along to you. brand new details tonight out of california. police arresting these two men, and a teenage girl all linked to the deaths of three people in fullerton. police say three people were found dead saturday in what they're calling a targeted attack. a 17-year-old girl who also lives in the home was mi but was since found safe. neighbors described the family as extremely friendly. tonight, officers say the reason behind all of this is still unclear. a community in mourning tonight. one person dead. five others hurt after two shootings near illinois college. police say the first shots were fired outside a party. then just minutes later, a second shooting nearby. in all, five people were shot. a sixth person was hit by a car as they were running away from that gunfire. tonight, whoever pulled the
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authorities do believe the incidents are possibly related. more than 24 hours later, three gunmen still on the run in baltimore. eight people in the hospital shot, including a father and his 3-year-old daughter. police say three shooters opened fire on a group and ran. investigators believe the shooting was an active retaliation, all linked to another attack over labor day weekend, where one man was killed, and two others were wounded. right now, police are asking anyone with informatio please come forward. in sierra vista, a man was killed when his motorcycle collided with an suv. police say 51-year-old brian hurd hurdlow died at the scene. no word if there will be any charges in this crash. phoenix police telling us a man assaulted a woman, then barricaded himself armed inside of an apartment. we're told that woman managed
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custody being questioned by detectives. and cso still looking for answers in guadalupe following a shooting near a church yesterday. rival game members meeting up in the park area. deputies say they detained several people, but they're not sure if they have the shooter in custody. call the number at the bottom of your screen if you can help out. all new tonight out of tucson, a judge accused of profanity, gender bias, and acting inappropriately officially stepping down. cardon cordelio will not be on the november ballot. he says he plans to enter private practice, focusing on alternative dispute resolutions. well outside today we made it into the mid-90s. right now, we're sitting in the 80s all across the valley. 86 in phoenix. overnight tonight, wind speeds
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pretty calm at this hour. tomorrow is when we see song of the strongest wind gusts, especially when we get into the noon, 3:00, and 5:00 hours. here's what the forecast is looking like. we're starting in the 70s. we'll be about 6 to 7 degrees warmer than where we started this morning. 80 by 10:00. more clouds in the forecast, helping to keep those highs tomorrow afternoon. sustained winds between 10 and 20. more on this forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. turning now to democracy 2016. the presidential debate is tomorrow, but the fireworks have already start. the expectation game in full swing on the campaign trail. >> what we're concerned about is that there may be some sort of double standard here. >> i really don't appreciate campaign thinking is the job of
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virtual fact checkers. >> trying to set the bar on what will likely be the most watched political showdown in american history. tomorrow's debate being compared to the super bowl with 100 million people expected to watch. and we're preparing for the biggest presidential debate, and you can plan on staying home, catching it there, and we have a deal for you, if you are. fry pie doesn't want you to miss a minute. between 4:00 p.m. and closing, if you buy two pizzas, they will give you the third for free. you can watch without running out of food. don't forget to turn into the debates here on abc15. he is paralyzed from the waist down, but one valley veteran is still pedaling on. instead of giving up after an injury, he decided to inspire others, raising money today for the free wheel foundation. an organization aimed at helping other heros. >> i'm working to get better on
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giving back, and trying to get, and show others that even if you get hurt, injured, ill, we can still go out there and accomplish another goal. >> penny hopes he can pass on the support that he's received from the organization to others. workers wanted tomorrow head down to the hyatt regency in phoenix. it's the second annual diversity, and inclusion career event. it's free to attend. there will bhu available. don't forget to register before hand, and of course, dress to impress. you know what david johnson can do on the football field. his mix of size, speed, and power, makes him one of the best young backs in the league, but did you know he is also a triplet? >> so one of six kids. you're a triplet with two sisters, what was that like?
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moment. always ask family and friends to hang around. especially my sisters, we always hung around, and did a lot of stuff, but always played outside. they always tried to get me to play double dutch and stuff, and i always tried to get them to play basketball. >> what do your sisters think about their brother being one of the best running backs in the nfl? >> it's hard for them to believe, especially when they see it in the news, d they're just loving the moment. >> your whole family probably can't believe the success you've seen so early in your career. >> definitely, it's hard for them all to believe. i've always been a small school, a high school, and in college. to be in the big leagues doing what i'm doing, helping out the team, it's definitely something for them hard to fathom. >> being from a big family has that prepared you at all for the nfl? >> i think so.
10:41 pm
along, be able to be socialable with everyone. >> watch the acceleration. >> no other way to describe him. beast of a running back. beast of a brother too. >> i bet when the two girls got together, they can get him to do a double dutch. >> he is the nicest human being. he always has a smile. >> happiest guy in the locker room, without a doubt. >> thanks guys. heads up. teaming up with earnhardt auto centers. you can help out, drop off old bikes, donate money, or
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it is time to talk about
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arizona cardinals. >> no, this is not going to be as fun. >> topic number 1. carson palmer. are you worried about carson right now? >> i don't see how you can't be. four fantasy points! >> that's it? >> the man did not look comfortable for a single snap today. they just looked out of sync. the protection was bad. five or six dropped passes, but he'd probably be the first one to tell you, there were a lot of those throws that he ne to make. >> i thought that first drop by michael floyd set the tone for the day. his rating 36. one of the worst. this is his worst outing since the nfc championship game. >> however, that's against the carolina panthers. this is against a struggling buffalo bills team. >> i've been concerned since that championship game last january. >> topic number 2, and how do you not stay worried.
10:45 pm
they gave up 208 yards rushing to the bills. >> just did not see this coming, especially after last week's performance. five takeaways last week, to one today against the bills? >> that was spectacular. >> a phenomenal interception. then you've got guys like tie ron matthew. you fall on that fumble, and not kick it around a couple of times, we're looking at a different game. >> le rushing and 2 touchdowns. tyrod taylor. this was ugly. they held the bills to 89 yards passing, but it didn't matter because they didn't have to throw the ball. >> it just didn't look like the cardinals defense we're used to. this is hands down, one of the worst losses of the bruce arians tenure.
10:46 pm
team is now 4-0 for the first time since 2007. >> there's still plenty of room for improvement. there are a couple of plays here and there, could have been 2-2 at this point. 1-3 even if you think about it. nau is probably the only one that was a sure shot, but they struggled in that one too. the point is, happy they're 4-0 at this point. we're going to tell a lot this coming w >> manny wilkins is 4-0 as a starter. he joins danny white and todd hans as the only guys to start 4-0 since 1970. four guys. congrats to todd graham and the sun devils. they play at 5:30 in the evening against usc. >> keep it going. guys thank you. backstreet's back. all right, i can't sing it.
10:47 pm
year. they announced their larger than life residency at planet hollywood. the series consists of 18 daylights between march 1, and july 1. backstreet boys are the latest music act to stage residencecy in vegas. mariah carey, boys 2 men. >> they look don't they? >> backstreet men. doesn't have the ring to it. >> change the title. you're just waiting for katy perry to get there too. >> can't wait. boom, you're a firecracker. >> outside tonight sitting in the 80s across the valley. 84 in maricopa. and cave creek right now at 82
10:48 pm
sedona. 80s across south central arizona. tonight, sedona, 21 mile-per- hour sustained winds. tomorrow, they'll pick up a little bit more. we'll have some gusts in the valley around 30 miles per hour. especially around the noon hours, through the early evening. gusts near 30 miles per hour. the strongest winds tomorrow across southeastern arizona, that's where you could have some reaching 40 miles per we have a storm system sitting down to the south that did bring a little rain in the pockets of the douglas area. tucson, nogales today. we've also had clouds trying to move in, you saw some of those across the southeast valley over the last couple of hours. those continue to increase as we go through the overnight as well. here's the plan, this storm system has been moving back to the west, bringing in a little moisture behind it. we have an isolated rain chance late tomorrow evening, a 20%
10:49 pm
coming up tuesday and wednesday as the system moves to the north, it brings in the clouds. it will drop the temperatures. keeps the breezes around as well. not going to be a big rain maker for us in the valley. we'll keep a very slight chance through tuesday and wednesday at 20%. a lingering chance through thursday morning. slightly better chances for showers and thunderstorms across northern arizona. tuesday, flagstaff looking at about a 50% chance of rain. 30% chance wednesday, with lingering chances as we wrap up here is the plan tonight. tomorrow morning, waking up to 52 in prescott. 55 in payson. 70s, 60s here across the valley. then highs tomorrow will be a little bit cooler with the clouds in place. 89 in phoenix. 95 lake havasu. 69 at the grand canyon, and 66 tomorrow in flagstaff. valley tonight, looking at the 60s and 70s for overnight lows. the average highs around 97. so the coast is 10 degrees
10:50 pm
across the valley, 89 in phoenix. 90 tuesday and wednesday we're looking at 92. thursday high at 94. take those rain chances out as the monsoon wraps up, so we still may add up to that. next weekend, sunny skies, with morning lows in the 70s. well, speaking of weather, that was about the only thing that was beautiful in buffalo today. it looked good in buffalo, i
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the arizona cardinals are expecting a celebration on the plane ride home tonight. unfortunately, the buffalo bills are the only ones celebrating. they got their first win of the season today. the defense for the cardinals couldn't stop the bills running game. carson palmer, he ends up throwing four interceptions in the final seven minutes of the game. it was hi the nfc championship game last january. throw in the bad snap attempt, and that gives bill safety aaron williams a 53-yard return for a touchdown. it was ugly. bottom line, a very bad outing for the cardinals. they fall to 1-2 on the season, after a 33-18 loss in buffalo. the san francisco 49ers in seattle to take on the seahawks. russell wilson throws an 18-
10:54 pm
quarter, and is forced to leave the game with a knee injury. the seahawks beat up on the niners, 37-18. the other nfc west team, the los angeles rams in tampa bay. the rams scored their first touchdown of the season. throwing to brian quick. put the rams up 7-0. ethan westbrook returns it to give the rams then tavon austin. the rams hold on for a 37-32 win in tampa. the arizona diamondbacks trying to salvage just one win as they wrap up a three game series in baltimore. brayden shipley pitches 6 innings, but gives up a two run home run in the 2nd, that proves to be the difference in the ballgame. kim, a two run shot for his
10:55 pm
that's all, just five. the d'backs manage just a single run in the 5th. the d'backs get swept in baltimore, 2-1, your final. the d'backs are down to their final 7 games of the season. not such a hot day for arizona sports teams then.
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your fal night here sent into our newsroom. wow, cool. i love watching things get demolished. getting wild here. this was on state route 89. cool, fire and everything. the 62-year-old bridge did not meet federal and state standards, so it was time to
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welcome to the race. we have a little over six weeks until election day and the first debate is monday. there is a lot to talk about. the week started off with hillary clinton an trump responding to the narrowing lead in the polls. port clinton that mean pinching herself to millennial. >> when i'm in the white house young people will always have a seat at the table. >> trump with the help of john king continued his outreach to african-americans who support remains in the single digits. but he is the man to do it. >> there is only one don king.


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