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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc15 news. taking action. >> a family goes to police after getting a halloween scare that they were not prepared for. you are not going to believe what their kids picked up while trick-or-treating. a lot of questions this morning after federal officials swarmed a quiet neighborhood and what investigators say is going on out there. the all out pushed get your boat is on. we are just hours away from governor mike pence coming here into the valley. we will have details for you coming up. >> breaking news first on abc15. the tech you to do more and iowa were a manhunt is underway -- des moines, iowa where a manhunt is underway on two police officers as they were killed in an ambush.
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miles apart and one -- 2 miles apart and one was in his patrol car alone. 20 minutes later the other was found shot in another police cruiser. right now investigators do not have much to go on. we are keeping a close watch on this this morning. parents have always heard you got to inspect the candy of your kids after trick-or- treating reason why. >> in mesa family found a razor blade in a snickers bar.. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> the family told officers the trick-or-treating in several neighborhoods so they don't know where the candy was have come from with that razor blade. >> take a look at this video we just have been from this viewer. it didn't take long for firefighters to knock this out.
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are trying to check on their conditions. we are waking up to some passing clouds moving across the phoenix area. i will not rule out a sprinkle or two but it is still looking dry for any significant rain chances around the valley. a few sprinkles around flagstaff too. otherwise we will see in other gorgeous day on top. it is going to will show you the latest temperatures around the valley in a bit and we will talk about the hour by hour forecast and how long it will take us to get into the lower 80s today. why federal agencies were all over and look upscale neighborhood in ahwatukee. this is a case of wire fraud and not human trafficking like phoenix city council member sal
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come in. they can never work their way out of a problem. they are brought in from other parts of the country. >> a very interesting with dicriccio save his office was given that information. neighbors say the issue is with a specific house that is used to run a buswell camp with a dozen kids from around the country. >> kids were involved in a serious wreck baseline. one of the cars involved presented flames and air 15 was over the scene. two young kids and another adult all went to the hospital they are all in civil condition this morning. you may have noticed this other fire along i-10 at 27th avenue. we usually see these ignite around the front of the car but you can see the flames on the
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election day six days away and in a few hours arizona will be at the center of the race. >> there'll be four exists cleaning from hillary clinton at asu with the doors open at 3:30. we will be streaming that on abc15 mobile and our website from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm tonight. >> in a few hours donald his visit. >> the republicans fight to keep arizona red. we have nick vinzant here. >> reporter: we've seen the polling in the last few weeks. hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in arizona. it is an all-out fight to see who gets arizona's 11 electoral votes.
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will be holding a rally behind me. let's go ahead and break down the information for you. the doors open at 8:00 and i am told by sources with the campaign is will start at 9:30. if you would like tickets, you can still do that. head to and we have posted a link for you. the campaign would like you to try to sign up. this is one of governor mike pence's stops today. he will be in new mexico later these are states that the clinton campaign is depending on. it is anyone's guess as to what exactly is going to happen as both campaigns tweak their strategy. coming up we will talk about these last-minute pushes and how much impact it could have on the general election coming up at 5:00. donald trump complaining in florida -- campaigning in
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change some hillary clinton vote and four states. wisconsin, minnesota, pennsylvania, and michigan. >> both campaigns are keeping an eye on the national polls with the race tightening in trump's favor. according to clear politics the national polling average shows clinton with a two-point lead over trump. the latest poll has trump with an clinton. when it comes to trustworthiness leaving 48% among likely voters. already thinking about the 2018 election we caught up with greg stanton after he filed paperwork hinting at a future run for the arizona secretary of state. he said this is just a formality. >> i love public service. i love what i doing as mayor of this city.
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this is other leadership opportunities i can provide for arizona. >> he still has three years left in his term but he could be forced to step down as mayor if he decides to run for another office during his term. the city of buckeye is in hot water. the bill is $2000 in some cases for water bills. people telling us turned off their sprinklers and the bills are still very high. >> the equivalent of what they said we used would be like me taking my 12,000 gallon pool and dumping it three times in my yard in 30 days. >> they will investigate the cause of the high bills and homeowners say it is not enough. they are threatening a class action suit. 4:37 this morning and a
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trial which has been set for the sixth of next month. it is now been pushed back at least four months. to criminal charge coming from court orders he violated a racial profiling case. also on the gas explosion at a china coal mine. 33 miners have now been found dead. i first told you about this disaster from the live desk when it happened on monday. 20 people in the far east have been killed after a speed boat capsized in n'djamena -- indonesia. the woman who organized this trip has been arrested. officers in that area believe that the trip was illegal and that workers were undocumented because of the high fares to pay. today the phoenix suns will be celebrating high culture
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5000 fans who are 21 or older will get a special edition bobble head. tip of against the trail blazers is at 7:00. your most accurate forecast if you are just waking up with us this morning if you thought yesterday was cool today is going to be even cooler when you step outside with temperatures running 7 degrees cooler in several cities in your parentsit including at phoenix sky harbor. you mix officially down to 63 degrees with some passing high clouds. it is going to be and other gorgeous day. our most accurate forecast a high of 83 degrees that is right near average today. we do have rain chances moving away. i will show you when to expect them next. >> abc15 desert drive times brought to you by centurylink
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>> take a look at the pic picture. we do have a crash and i will give you a look from our a dot camera. partially blocking the right lane at this point in 35th avenue looks like you may have a delay. i will get you more details and let you know how many lanes it is blocking. how would you like a free tank of gas? there are some live pictures from the bolero corn you can stop this morning ear drops and there the mesa riverview. gas buddy is putting $20 of gas in everybody's tank. it doesn't start until 9 a.m. >> a woman fights with police while she is holding a baby. got to see this video coming into the live desk. >> the delays plaguing visitors at one of the most popular parks in the country.
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or pictures of the baby owl starting a new life in the
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it is 4:44 and this is sweater weather, folks. iris hermosillo with your most accurate forecasts coming up in just a bit. it feels like fall outside. new video disturbing video shown a woman struggling with officers while she is holding her baby. let's watch it. >> the child needs to be checked. >> he is fine. >> no he's not. >> it looks like they are arguing more than anything else. all there is the pushing and shoving. officers are pleading with that woman so they could make sure
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were involved in a crash in albuquerque. the woman took a swing at officers after they take the child away. she is now facing a felony charge and the baby is okay. it is typically a no-no to pass notes in school but it might have saved the life of a mother of a student. the notion for the future his mother was being held hostage after questioning the boy and some quick detective work of these narrowed down who could donald ray guy was found hiding in the closet. we have learned the mother was not hurt here. a crash in l.a. said two people to the hospital. those start out at around $200,000. police believe it was street racing. as many as three other cars were involved and one driver took off from the scene. the ntsb is investigating the
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baltimore. we first brought to the story from a live desk yesterday right here on abc15 mornings. investigators are looking at a health issue as a possible cause. six people were killed 19 people hurt after it crashed into the back of a mustang and plowed into the commuter bus. both of the drivers were killed with no people on the school bus at the time. a new report of the shocking details about airlines flight 370. it suggests that nobody was at the controls when that plane went down. all 239 people were killed in 2014. the theory is the boeing 777 run out of fuel. now more than 20 pieces of debris are suspected and have been washed ashore, dan. a bump on the road has some
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as they tried to get in yesterday. it blocked a major entrance forcing visitors to turn around. >> it was 1.5 days here so we are disappointed. we had some things we wanted to do. >> it was due to the folder for those wanting to visit the driving time was two hours to get around it. police are not sure why the boulder fell. crews spt trying to blast the boulder and move the small pieces of rock from the road. in consumer news this morning so many americans are struggling to pay off that student loan debt but one company is helping employees fit the bill. staples plans to give each top- performing employee an action $100 a month. starbucks is making the big change with its annual holiday cup. this year you might notice they
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than 100 people. the ceo of starbucks said this is to create a symbol of unity. there are a lot of rumors going around that those famous cups should be back in little later this month. the boys of summer are still at in a november with the chicago cubs forcing game seven of the series. they now have the chance to win the world series for the first time. the last time the was 1948. the winner takes all tonight in cleveland. >> either way it is an epic showdown. two orphaned owls are back flying free this morning. the arizona humane society sending us these pictures. they have come a long way. back in may we told you how they were found injured in a dumpster near 19th avenue. let's go to your most accurate forecast and it will fill cooler when you step outside this morning.
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the 50s across parts of the valley with glendale and buckeye all in the mid to upper 50s here this morning. the coolest spots is peoria and surprise coming in at 57 degrees. chandler is 10 257 but east mesa is down to 55 degrees this morning. so maybe a light sweater send the kids out the door as the temperature could still drop beforee phoenix sky harbor even coming a little cool this morning right at 63 degrees. and sunrise we will stay in the low 60s this morning before we start to see the temperature climbed. 65 by 8:00 and you will notice a gradual warm-up today by 10:00 when we are barely in the low 70s this morning with another gorgeous start today. temperatures will just be on the cool side and we are talking temperatures a few
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flagstaff and 50 right now in peace and in currently 62 degrees at lake attitude. a few sprinkles falling in parts of northern arizona around flagstaff area with higher up in the atmosphere. some theater crowds in that area also down near sedona. nothing around the valley but and so over some of that higher terrain east of the gallant we are watching for a sprinkle or two otherwise expecting a dry day today. even looking at clouds and later the are not seeing much rain. otherwise it is mostly sunny conditions and look at your most accurate forecast . we will form to the morning with the 70s by noon and low 80s early this afternoon with our high today 83 degrees. this is a degree higher than what we had yesterday and is
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this time of the year with a storm system moving in hovering over the state as it becomes cut off from the main storm track in over the next few days it will start to bring in the moisture. we are talking an increase in rain chances across the higher terrain to our northeast. the valley we will see higher rain chances to get done tomorrow with a 30% chance of showers and rain chances even into friday before we start to warm back up. we will talk more about this hour by hour rain chances in just a few minutes. get your chance to win $50 in free coffee every morning from touch pros and abc15 when you see it entered at . 10 chances to win free coffee every weekday only on abc15 mornings. >> iris, i'm already starting to see some crashes on 35th
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with 75th avenue and the slowing from 51st 2/35 but i want to give you a look from our adot camera with the crash without the left-hand side. it was partially blocking the lanes but you were definitely see some delays, dan. nashville is rolling out the red carpet for the cma awards. how the competition is shaping up among your favorite country stars. and google is casting a spell to get new film and how some people are lucky enough to get in on the magic. in today's new tech bites any way to shop. there is tags on photos from 20 retailers. >> when you tap a tag you get product details and a sharp now button to find the item online. right now only ios users can see the tag. >> the popular butterball turkey helpline is helping. you can request last-minute
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>> in a preview of some new emojis from apple. among them, the facepalm. as if to say "oh no." >> avocado is among the food items offered and a selfie. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> tech bites brought to you by
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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tonight is the night for country music. >> brad paisley and carry an award are hosting the cma awards together for the ninth time. this is a behind the scenes video from rehearsal. carrie underwood is nominated for entertainer of the year for the first going up against garth brooks and luke bryant. >> dierks bentley included the vocalist of the year and album of the year. the 50th cma award kickoff is right here on abc15 . who will bring up magic in anticipation of fantastic beasts
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spells and google max not only should you setting from the films that shows you what they look like 90 years ago. the film comes out november 15. johnny depp just signed on for the sequel. we tracking changes in your most accurate forecast as rain chances go up especially in the high country. we having the a chance in the valley too. we are talking about the two officers ambushed this we have the newest information on the search. and a valley family out trick-or-treating got a lot more than a scare in candy. we will tell you why they are now filing a police report. take a look outside. yes, this location next to the mesa riverview is where you can fill up for free today. we are going to details on a free gas -- yes, free coming up
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happening right now on abc15 we have breaking news in iowa with two officers gunned down while on duty. the search is intensifying at this very moment. and a night out trick-or- treating in this right here. not what a valley family wanted
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phoenix police catch whoever fired off the first shots. they are setting up for the mike pence rally behind me with hillary clinton also being here tonight. do these last minute push his work? a political expert weighing in. >> things for starting your day here with us on abc15 mornings. >> iris, i wore a sweater today. will i be able to keep it on the morning? >> in the 50s and 60s in the valley this morning. it is a little chilly this morning. cool this morning down to 63 in phoenix but a lot of 50s around the valley. we are up into the 80s again this afternoon and only the low 80s. we are tracking big changes with rain chances going up. i will show you that hour by hour breakdown in minutes,


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