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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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spencer will be there. busy night on valley roadways as police investigate two crashes from overnight. at least one person is in serious condition this morning. . >> plus an all night party for some world champions. the cubs finally breaking this decades' long. >> you two stayed up late. >> once it was extra innings i was done. >> had to see history. good morning iris. >> we're tracking rain moving into the valley here this morning. that will be the big story as maybe you're getting ready to head into work right now.
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seen a few lightning strikes just southeast of the sal valley and here comes the showers. also through parts of chandler, some rain. pockets of heavier rainfall too. so again as you get ready to head out the door plan on some scattered showers mainly across the east valley through this morning but rain chances will stay in the forecast through the day today and we could even get some thunderstorms this afternoon. 72 degrees right now. temperatures will warm 80s by this afternoon. we'll talk about that hour by hour rain chance break down in minutes. iris i have some breaking news at 4:31 and happening overnight. two u.s. service members were killed and two others injured while working on operations in afghanistan. authorities are now saying the service members came under attack while they were training afghan soldiers. we are working to -- they are
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families once they do. they'll then alert the members of the media and tell us identities of these heroes who were killed this morning. we are following two crashes from overnight. one a motorcycle. that rider in serious condition. here's the scene 25th avenue. the car was pulling out of a circle k. headed southbound on 27th when authorities hit it. they say police do think a man was involved in a rollover crash. one car was involved there were no injuries there. when will it stop? the family of a young man killed by a wrong -way driver searching for answers this morning. 22-year-old tony shaw. going down loop 101, the wrong way this near 35th avenue.
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this tragedy. >> this person had no business on the highway and you feel this horrible anger toward him but he died too and you have to have some kind of pity for the fact that he died too. >> shaw was a big car enthusiast. you will see hundreds of subaru drivers hit the road on saturday. all of those posted on we're just days election day. >> some voters are getting so frustrated they're turning away. abc's justin pazara. do we know what was causing this issue? >> yeah, you know what we took this issue to helen frazel. but we are at one of those polling places. you can see right here it opens up here at 8:00 this morning.
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two hours in line just to vote. this was at the early voting center. some voters they waited. others they left with plans to come back this morning hoping that those lines will be a little bit shorter. we did take these concerns to helen parcel. she does say she plans to send moreo equipment. we're live in glendale. >> as election day gets closer the candidates are ramping up efforts in arizona. doors for that event open at 4:15 tonight with that rally scheduled to start at 6:15. and hillary clinton is rallying for more support here in the
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say before they cast their ballots. clinton promising that a presidency under her leadership would mean a new chapter for our country. >> some people say what they want is change. well let me tell you this, change is certain. >> today clinton heads to another battle ground state north carolina where she'll be joined by senator bernie sanders. >> and there is no slowing down for donald mike pence spoke with several hundred people in mesa pushing for their final votes. >> six days away from the most important day. >> donald trump also staying busy with three different campaign stops today. two stops in north carolina. mean time his wife is also set to return to the campaign trail.
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voters on her experience and what americans can expect her. it is 4:36 now we are learning more this morning about the two officers who were murdered in two separate ambush style attacks. while sergeant with the des moines police bamminio. scott michael green is now in custody. gop vice presidential nominee mike pence offering his condolences to condolences to the families. he was just standing there. >> chaos in new orleans has
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big protest there. protesters did anything they could to get anything a. dae right now at 4:37 we are learning more about a horrible crash. i know you've seen these images. investigators are now focusing on speed on exactly what caused the crash. we brought this to you breaking news. the ntsb says that both buses were going at a pretty good rate of speed. the school bus driver may have suffered a medical emergency. well the celebrating is going on at this hour. as the cubs reverse the curse. they brought home their first world series title since 1908. season tickets for spring
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already sold out. done. if you did not stay up. spoiler alert folks. tied up in the 10th inning. down the left field line and that put chicago up for good. the winning double earns over the mvp. >> it was just an epic battle. we've been listening to rocky's sound track the last three games. >> channelling rocky balboa. he even tried to honk the horn on the mvp's new ride. >> the cubs also got some out of this world congrats. take a rook at this tweet. a beautiful shot with the caption congratulations to world series champ yobs chicago cubs. in your honor here's a pick of chicago from space. and you can cash in in.
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38th will hand out 216 sliders. but the owner who grew up on chicago's north side did the same thing when the white sox won back in 2005. we have rain to track moving into the valley. temperature-wise not doing bad. to the 60s and 70s. and that has to do with the clouds that have rolled in. that's keeping your temperatures a little bit higher. notice the southeast valley is where the focus is right now. but we're tracking some showers and even a few isolated storms now moving. near gold canyon and some pockets of that heavier rainfall too. look for the red. that indicates that heavier rain and some of that heavy rain falling right over that loop 101, loop 202 interchange in the southeast valley.
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rainfall enough to make for some wet roads here as you're heading out the door. there is more to the southeast and we could see these showers continue to move in through the morning commute. a 30% chance of scattered showers through 9:00 and then as we go into that evening commute a 40% chance for more widespread chance for i'll show you what temperatures look like today in minutes. but mallory you're tracking that rain. yeah i'm definitely tracking that rain right now. right along loop 101 is where you're going to see this. you're seeing the rain come down. use caution this morning. no crashes right now but definitely something you need to be aware of and just slow your speeds down. we're going to take a closer look at i-10 out in the west
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dan. dozens of students and staff devastated by tragedy when an armed man kills a classmate. the new search for a motive here plus how they are remembering that student this morning. >> and a deadly virus putting one hospital's tiny patients at risk. >> plus a pretty sticky situation happening in a u.s.
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e of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the i want to get back to some breaking news because right now there is a suspect search. i was trying to get ahold of allison. >> reporter: an officer on scene telling me that one of the chases ended right here behind me. let me give you some context for
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they get here and then they find this car two people jump out and they start running. okay. so they were able to track one down with a canine. they have that person in custody. they have that person on the run. so you see another officer there. they are still looking currently for that other person. now they tell me they have four people in custody. they say they're going to be here for about another hour or so. still looking for they're going to let me know allison rodriguez abc 15 workers in maryland are working to protect babies. this is the same bacteria connected to the death of two children back in august. they've been transported to other facilities for care.
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to investigate. by 2030 the number of women dying from cancer worldwide is expected to rise according to a new record from the american cancer society. the estimated total is nearly 5.5 million. that's about the population of denmark and it's a 60% increase since 2012. contributing factors are smoking and poor diets. new into the news room a silver alert. authorities are looking for richard williams. week and his family believes he may have driven to phoenix with possibly plans to visit his brother. williams was last seen wearing a red plaid jacket. he could be driving a 2003 silver toyota secoya. if you see him give police a call immediately.
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british columbia. the tragedy unfolding at a high school. >> and i think it's fair to say as a parent the most frightening is the loss of a child. >> authorities say the suspect stormed the school building on tuesday with that knife until those standing nearby were able to stop him. the suspect now in police custody. we don't know a motive but police say he was not a student there. another girl remains condition. a valley man busted for creeping on more than a thousand college students getting a wake-up call. jonathan powell facing charges for hacking into student e-mail accounts court documents show he used social media to get
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them. body cam video from may of 2015. it shows officers christyona approaching the woman. then you see her screaming obscenities and before that's right before it appears she gets pepper sprayed. again that video kind of tough to see but those officers are now on administrative leave. your tax dollars continuing to pay the salary employee. 44-year-old richard abbot is accused of sharing nude photos of his ex-girlfriend. they say abbot printed some of those photos and put them on her front lawn. there's a bit of a stench in sacramento causing a few problems for the folks that live there. the strong smell coming from bats.
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free tail bats they like to live in crevices and other small places and a lot of them seem to be hiding in old buildings and they're giving off that bad smell. >> a lot of it is their gauno and their urine. all right guys. let's get to your most accurate forecast because rain is moving it looks like it's going to be a wet morning commute for some of us. rain chances are going to stay with us pretty much through the day today. we even have a chance for more thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening too. it's going to be mild when you step outside but we've got warm temperatures by this afternoon. let's talk first about those showers and a few thunderstorms
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that the north and south valley. again i'm seeing a few isolated thunderstorms and you can see that lightning tracker not showing any of those lightning strikes here at this hour as that rain moving through. also the loop 202 as the showers track from southeast to northwest and so we're getting some of that rain is southeast gilbert also chandler right along that southern portion the loop also now in spots like aluatoogy. and these showers are tracking from southeast to northwest so they're going to move into central phoenix if they hold together and eventually could push into the west and northwest valley. so a heads up again as you're getting ready to head out the door.
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some extra time. a few more showers and storms down to our south in spots like florence. some isolated pockets of rain and we have some lightning out near globe. there are some storms north of globe that we'll be pushing to the northwest. and light rainfall along the 40 east of flag staff. as we go through the day today we're tracking a storm stm storm chances pretty much across the state today. the storm threat area includes most of arizona with a chance of stronger storms through the southeast part of our state and it's all due to a storm system that's going to hover over our state these next couple of days. it's going to pump in that moisture. so this morning a chance for scattered showers then the rain becomes more widespread over the higher terrain. as we go through the day that
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rainfall. but we're going to see a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms pretty much through the day today even into this evening. so our morning commute's looking a little wet for some and our evening commute could also be a bit wet with scattered showers and thunderstorms. so as you look at that hour by hour break down. a 30% chance of rain through about 9:00 a.m. a 20% through midday. a 40% chance as we head into that evening comte temperature wise we're going to go through the low 80s right now. and then rain chances linger through tomorrow morning and we're drier and warming back up as we go into next week. mallory we'll talk about the hazards we'll see with these storms in minutes. as iris said west valley you're not seeing rain. just about 11 minutes here. this is eastbound from 75th
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yet but let's give you a look from our a-dot camera. this is look 202. you're seeing a lot of splash up from the cars in front of you. no problems just yet in the east valley but definitely take it easy this morning if that's where you're headed. now let's talk about nashville's biggest night. the cma awards. the country's biggest artists. in today's facebook has far exceeded expectations with a revenue of $7 billion. >> that is a 56% rise over last year. >> and netflix is getting closer to letting you watch movies while not connected to the internet. >> a company executive says that new feature may be offered in developing areas. at least at first it won't be
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its app. >> riders can now connect their calders and contacts through the app. they can stream music. check restaurants at their destination or order food deliveries. but most importantly the new version of the app is faster than the previous one. >> you're going to use the food deliveries.
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bringing the crowd to tears. all right the abc 15 live drive on the way to the east valley as we track rain moving in. we've got some wet roads to show you and we'll talk about how long these rain chances stick
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good morning everybody. yes, we've been kounlting down to the moment that this weather would move on in. here it is. >> we've got some rain in the valley. >> we've been tracking some showers moving into the southeast valley here this morning. the last couple of radar scans showing those showers are losing
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it's the southeast valley where we've been seeing this rain move in. all over the screen showing you that light to moderate rainfall. i mentioned to you that showers are losing a little bit of intensity. now seeing less of that red and we're seeing more of that moderate rainfall as that rain moves through guadalupe. the showers are tracks from southeast to northwest so they couldco cities like scottsdale and continue to move through mesa as well even into tempe as they hold together which there is a chance they could. for some scattered showers. but as we go through the day today rain chances are sticking around and by the evening commute we could see more widespread showers and thunderstorms. so we'll go from 72 now to 85 later and a 40% chance for showers and storms by this


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