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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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thunderstorms and it's mostly moderate rainfall that is falling through the southeast valley right now. spots like the loop 101 in scottsdale now getting in on that rain and you'll notice that pocket of heavier rain right in the yellow there. enough to make those roads wet. that's for sure. and it could be a little slick for you as you're traveling maybe along the u.s. 60 in mesa between mesa and tempe and up towards loop 101 as these showers e west to the northwest. they're going to continue to move through the valley and i do think that rain in scottsdale will spread west into spots around phoenix. storm chances staying in your forecast. i'll break down that hour by hour planner for you next. iris we do have a crash right now for north valley driving. you're already seeing a lot of brake lights. so it is loop 101 eastbound.
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to get by this. let's switch over and give you a look at the big picture. i-17 and the 10 you're also seeing some slow and go and those slick roads in the east valley. we'll give you a closer look at that next. on the u.s. 60 heading westbound here. we're approaching the loop 101 right now. you see on the camera here or on our front windshield we've got those rain drops. one second it will be dry. look at all of this. can you see some of that coming down there as i move this camera around. you see those wet roads. we are tracking this right now. i believe we're going to try and head north on the 101 here. as soon as we get a little bit more as a look to how it is there. we'll let you guys know. back to you. breaking overnight several arrests made by police officers on 27th avenue.
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and i-10. phoenix police apparently got behind a stolen car. several people were inside that car. they're now in custody. i'm waiting to see if or what they've been charged with and right up the street from this location several dps. we saw two women being taken into custody. dps telling us this is all tied to some outstanding warrants. dan. we are in the final days of this election campaign. the candidates not slowing down any time soon. just hours after leaving the valley hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and her running mate is making a stop in our state today. justin pazara is live with all the details this morning. justin good morning. >> good morning dan. all of these candidates really hoping that these visits will make a difference if you head into one of these polling places. we're actually in glendale. but tim kaine coming on the heels of hillary clinton last
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asu. kaine's event in marysville. this event is actually going to be closed to the public. he is expected to give his entire speech in spanish. that rally there is open to the public. donald trump's son is going to be coming to the valley later on this week and then also today we have mittromney goingto containing for john mccain and then a public event in mesa. live in glendale abc 15. more breaking news coming in right now to the live desk. there's the weather radar iris is checking right now. let's go to tv 2 right there ivan. can we take that image full. 7th and van buren is the location here. and this is possibly the cause of a major power outage in the downtown area impacting more
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that the driver seconds ago just got out of the cab because they were concerned about the power lines draped across that cab. but that's apparently the reason for that major outage. soon you get another update. both donald trump and hillary clinton are pulling out all the stops trying to reach voters. for team clinton they are doubling tv ads in the final days including $5 million in time in the sunshine state of florida. hoping to drum up support for donald trump. as of now florida is a toss up state for trump and clinton. happening now phoenix police are looking for this woman. 23-year-old yane li medina. police believe she murdered her boyfriend. a body found near their home. investigators say they now have
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critical condition after a nasty crash. this one happened last night near i-17 and beth nooe homes. the road is back open and we're waiting right now to get' cause of that crash. looking ahead to some court cases we are following. you might remember as some of these images we're about to show you. that he sexually assaulted her and then dropped her tempe. also today another hearing for samantha allen. she is facing child abuse and first-degree murder charges. the 10-year-old was found dead inside a foot locker. it was her punishment for taking a popsicle. remember the santana valley couple arrested accused of leaving their two-year-old alone
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brent and brianna delay. outside of their home. we understand the plea agreement including supervised probation and parenting classes could be in the works. dan while you were talking this just in the mug shots of two men accused of murdering a former u of a football player. we broke this story at 6:00 last night. these are the new images. investigators say the men drugged michael wright last year. killed him and dumped his body in new york. we now know wright lived with one of the men. both men. i meant basketball. thank you for that. dan. your tax dollars continuing to pay the salary of a phoenix city employee who is accused in a case of revenge porn. police say the images are stored on city devices. he's 44-year-old richard abbot. who they say he'd been stalking
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according to police abbot printed some of the pictures. court records show abbot is still on the payroll. getting about $3000 a month. >> the number of salmonilla cases. 900 people have been infected with salmonilla in 48 states including ours. that city is considering some changes that cou keep chickens in your back yard. one resident and realtor says that's a bad idea. >> that doesn't make for good neighbors because you're going to have a chicken coop right next to your neighbor's bedroom window or living room window. >> the city currently allows for chickens to be kept in backyards. they have to be a certain size. a phoenix neighborhood
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wandering coyote. so concerned parents they reached out to us. they shared this photo with us. showing that coyote running through a yard. game and fish weighed in on this. they say there's no major cause for concern. it's extremely rare they'll actually approach you. >> we saw a coyote and it was kind of. it kind of looked like a dog. gray and fuzzy. >> if a coyote does become too comfortable and starts acting aggressive. call game and fish they say they'll try to remove it. the chicago cubs and their fans are the ones still celebrating right now. for the first time since teddy roosevelt was president. boy it was all celebration. the fans celebrating into the wi hours.
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bath. all right. now to a weather alert as we track showers moving through parts of the valley. those showers starting to spread a little bit farther west. now we're seeing some of that rain impacting spots across scottsdale. also tempe. that's where the bulk of the rain is now from fountain hills to scottsdale right along the loop 101 and the loop 202 red mountain moving through tempe. not seeing a lot of lightning with this rain but we are tracking these showers as move from east to northwest here. early this morning. so heads up on that. or maybe you take the u.s. 60 into work. you could get caught under some of these showers as they push to the west. it's not very widespread right now. rain chances are staying in our forecast. the wide view will show you we've got a storm system and that's going to keep those storm chances in play across the valley and the state through the
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down. we've got a 30% of scattered showers through about 9:00. after we get a bit of a lull. but we've got a 20% chance through midday and through lunchtime. slight chance of a few spotty showers. but i think by the afternoon and into the evening commute we could see somewhere widespread showers and thunderstorms from the west valley to the east valley. a high of 85 today. we'll talk about when we start to dry out and that weekend outlook next mallory. and iris we have a new crash right now it's going to be eastbound and i pulled up our a-dot camera. you can't see the crash but you can see just how slow it is. it sounds like it's blocking the right center lanes. it sounds like a crash that turned into a car fire. you're definitely going to see those delays stack up. let's give you an idea of how it k loos right now. not a bad day so far on the 10 but now with that new crash i definitely think things could really slow down.
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valley. eastbound from 75th avenue to the 17. they just moved it over to the right-hand side but those delays start right near 59th after and chris we're going to head out to the east valley. and mallory this scene is not related to that fiery crash you were just talking about. including the new video. an animal activists still taking aim. but is that controversy hurting or h >> a warning for anybody who relies on energy drinks to get
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the first a report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle allison rodriguez she's in the live drive. i'm watching her live feed right there.
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scene. next, i want to show you the serious crash near van buren. this is new video. take a look and watch. i brought it to you as breaking news. we're told he was trying to make a tight turn when his semi hit a power line. about a thousand customers are without power right now in the downtown area. >> we have new video this morning of this growing memorial two clifrs. he was just promoted to fresh out of the academy. just 24 years old. he joined the force to serve the public. for the families of these two courageous officers and for the entire law enforcement family and for the community of des
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nominee making his way to pay his respects with his wife. pence went from mesa to des moines where the pair dropped flowers there at the police station at that memorial. as for the suspect himself. investigators worked overnight searching the home. he's been arrested before for resisting arrest and for threatening to kill a man. chris. dan, listen to this. breaking overnight two people killed in a fiery crash after the driver lost control of his tesla. this is video coming in from our sister station. witnesses say the car was speeding. sent a battery from the tesla flying. firefighters had a challenge dealing with the fire. and they had to use a combination of dry powder and water to get the fire out when they deal with those batteries it's a common problem.
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dan. a new cdc report shows the number of americans without health insurance may stay the same this year. this is important because the number of health insurance. the studies suggest president obama's health care law. more than 28 million americans still do not have health insurance. >> and health officials are out with new guidelines this morning to protect hospital patients from those super bugs. but that they don't shave around the surgical area. they also say antibiotics should be used. super bugs cost patients a total of $900 million a year. well the brazilian barbosa. just returned to his lost dog.
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barbosa posted a number of tweets pleading to the public to bring mya home. it was funny too. here are cma host carrie underwood and brad paisley. >> what i think doesn't really matter because this show is rigged. >> no it's not brad. but the people need to know will you accept tonight's results. >> yes, if >> you're not even nominated. >> then no. you're a nasty woman. >> she took home female vocalist of the year. she even performed her new single dirty laundry. all right if you're just waking up with us know that we're tracking some rain in the valley and our rain and storm
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30% and 40% chance. as we go through the day today. and the rain could call. if you've got to get around town. you may need to leave a little early. not just this morning but again as we go into this evening. now as we look at abc 15. the rain is not if you're in the valley you've been quiet all morning long. but i am tracking that band of shower from about fountain hills over to scottsdale. these showers are slowly tracking to the west. they are spreading a little bit further into phoenix, paradise valley and could continue to push towards the west. so keep that in mind. some pockets of wet roads and we have more showers to our south and southwest stronger storms. up into maricopa.
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one. that one is producing some heavier rainfall and also quite a bit of lightning too. heads up if you live in the maricopa area. we're going to see more of these showers and thunderstorms develop through the day. and they're going to be tracking from southeast to northwest. so as they develop the valley's certainly in the path of any of these showers and storms that do fire up. just off to our east that is where we're going to see the more widespread showers and thunderstorms and rainfall too. we're talking upwards of an inch in some spots like cholo. so something to watch for if you are traveling over to maybe northeast arizona today and we've got to watch for strong storms from phoenix to tuscan. we'll talk more about the hazards we'll see with storms today. look at your 7-day forecast. next couple of days rain chances after that we start to dry things out as we head into the weekend mallory. >> and iris give you a check on the roads right now.
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east valley. i want to focus on this crash that chris mentioned just a few moments ago. arizona avenue just south of elliott road and chandler police tweeting out to avoid the area. so your smart routes this morning. first of all head out early. but alma school in mcqueen. traffic looking pretty light on those side streets. we just jumped up to a 30-minute drive time. so this is avenue to the mini stat. because of this crash i told you about a couple of minutes ago. let's give you a look from our a-dot camera. i know you can see some flashing lights off in the distance here. so just one lane at one point three lanes were blockeded. again those delays start closer to 83rd avenue or so chris. mallory breaking overnight.
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we're going to be taking you to those scenes dan jell. >> and we've got a warning the next time you post something online. >> one hacker in the valley was able to gain in information. >> donald trump under fire for
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as well as on homes, fences even a playground in ha aye. police say the foul message showed up sometime halloween night. >> i think they should paint it on their own car. >> this might a group of kids. they don't have any suspects right now. they can use all the help they can get.
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felony crime. donald trump taking aim at the media again claims bias. here is a single out nbc report katie ter. >> they're not reporting it. katie, you're not reporting it katie. there's something happening katie. >> as he including people from other net works. >> facebook is getting it had 1 snt 79 billion active users. that 2 billion mark would put facebook's usership at more than a quarter of the world's population.
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winds. even a little dust moving into the valley this morning. >> and we have a brand new crash now. state route 51. another one on the 101 and the 10. we'll take a look at some of those delays. >> i promised you an update on the breaking news allison rodriguez just got on the scene. more from allison in moments. and if you thought you were just going to breeze in and cast your ballot. you might be stuck sitting for a long time. the seeing those long lines to vote. >> cursed no more in chicago. the cubs fans are still
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tracking a weather alert as rain moves into the valley. first the east valley getting some of that rain but some of those showers pushing through spots of we've got a stronger line of storms moving into maricopa. this is going to impact the 10 too. and it's going to move across portions of the north lake. if it holds together there's a chance it could make its way over the asteyas and into the valley. your most accurate forecast keeps those storm chances in the forecast through the day today. in fact they get higher this
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iris we have three or four crashes on the freeway right now and all of them are causing some traffic jams. this latest one happened just a couple of minutes ago. blocking the hov lane and now the fire department's on the scene. we'll switch over to our traffic computer and give you a closer look at this crash on i-10. eastbound right near 5th avenue. you're looking at about 30 minutes or more as you're i'm going to give you a closer look at two crashes on the 101. happening right now. 6:31 police are on the scene in chandler where it appears a pedestrian may have been hit by a car. want to get you right out to abc 15's allison rodriguez. >> so i'm currently at arizona avenue just south of elliott here and this is the scene right behind me here. look at this we've got a lot of
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here. and you could see some of the vehicles that were involved just ahead there. it looks like this pedestrian may have been somewhere near that bus station that you could see right there where they could be waiting. now let's loop around this way because the traffic backups are already starting. look around and see the backups here on this commute over on this drive. i'm told by a chandler police officer here. and also something good to note here is that they told me the pio is coming out here. th m happened. that's when i asked him is it that serious what happened here. and to top it all off we are starting to get sprinkles right now here where we are that's definitely going to add to this investigation. we'll let you know later on in our broadcast. live in chandler allison rodriguez abc 15. >> more breaking news to tell you about coming into the abc 15 live desk where i'm watching everything that's happening. this is a situation that's
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phoenix. greg step forward with me because i want to point this out right here. at one point that was more than 1100. now down to 23. greg, step back a second. i want to go back to the scene. now that's a car, excuse me, a semithat crashed into a power pole there and took down the lines with him. doesn't sound like any significant injuries there. thanks for that update. just going to breeze right through and cast your ballot. >> you've been forewarned. voters are already seeing those long lines justin. >> reporter: yeah, hey good morning dan. we are here. it opens at 8:00. please go to the back of the building to vote but if you're in the back of the line not so good. some folks waiting two hours just to vote. so this was the scene at about 57th avenue in glendale.
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they just left with plans to come back this morning. now some of those voters thought the county would all have this worked out since it was such a debacle during the primaries. >> it's pretty frustrating. this is my second time voting and i didn't think it would be this bad. >> there are going to be lines at the polling places there always are. we've always had lines but we're certainly not going to see the lines that we >> yeah, and there are those lines. helen parcel. she's the one that runs the voting here in maricopa county. she did say she will add more workers. as we get closer to election day the candidates ramping up their efforts right here in arizona. today tim kaine making two stops here. he'll be at the maryvale community center before going to
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doors open at 4:15. just hours after leaving tempe hillary clinton back on the campaign trail. she'll head to another' battle ground state where she'll be joined by senator bernie sanders. and donald trump with three campaign stops today. trump is planning to stop in jacksonville florida and make two stops in north carolina. milania trump is set to campaign trail today. and what americans can expect from her husband if he is elected. this will be her first speech of the general election. >> back at the abc 15 live desk. the time 6:35 and a motorcyclist rushed to the hospital now in serious condition. the crash happening around midnight near 27th avenue. that car pulled out of a circle
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factor. and i want to show you another crash. hard to believe nobody was injured in this one. one person was inside that car. no other vehicles involved and officers telling us impairment is a factor in this one and i still don't have any clues on how that driver flipped that vehicle. we are hearing the story of that young man hit and killed by a drunk driver. going the wrong way. the family just sdef this tragedy. >> this person had no business on the highway and you feel this horrible anger towards him but he died too. >> shaw loved cars. his car club now planning a cruise down the highway. all the details are posted on 6:36 and two phoenix police
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the law today. both of them indicted accused of assault. it's kind of hard to see because it's so dark but the officers krisiona and leggen and mcdowel. she got angry she starts screaming obscenities and it appears she gets pepper sprayed. police really need you to be on alert there's a phoenix connection here. authorities are looking for richard williams. his family beliefs he may be in phoenix trying to possibly visit his brother. williams was last seen wearing a red and plaid black jacket with blue jeans. if you see him you need to call
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despite extra innings. rain delay possibly pitching moves by the manager. world series champions for the first time. the indians didn't make it easy but benzo doubled in the 10th inning and he earned the mvp. >> yeah, a friend of mine in chicago says they're still celebrating at wrigley this morning. this is some of the chaos at half moon windy city sports grill in phoenix. standing room only as celebrated the reverse of the curse. and hey you can cash in too. the hot dog and burger joint after indian school and 38th street will hand out 2,016 sliders. the owner who grew up on chicago's north side did the same thing when the white sox won back in 2005. so the cubs win. now moving the arizona cardinals up on a list.
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winning a pro sports championship. there we are at the top of the list. since 1947 known as the chicago cardinals. all right guys. we've got to get to a weather alert. as we're starting to see the light of the day we're also starting to get a better view. this time lapse from the arizona department of environmental quality showing that dust. as you are heading out valley where we're seeing some of that dust moving in. we're tracking showers and tomorrows. i wanted to show you an area of those darkest clouds where i'm seeing the strongest storm right now as it moves into maricopa. producing some areas of heavy rainfall. also lightning as it tracks from southeast to northwest. not only is it going to impact maricopa but it could impact parts of the 10.
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closely. we also have some scattered showers through parts of central phoenix although it's not as widespread right now. and you'll notice as we look live this is what those showers look like. some thick clouds. again some spotty pockets of rainfall and possibly some pockets of wet roads as you head out the door. that drops a little bit by midday. by this afternoon we've got a 40% chance of showers thunderstorms. i'll show you how strong those storms could be later and what hazards you need to be on the look out for. >> and iris we do have a new crash right now. this one on the 17. one's blocking the left lane. i pulled up our camera here at camel back. just moments ago they were able to clear that off to the side. if you're traveling on the 17 in just a couple of minutes. let's switch over to the big picture and give you a look at
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going on. the north valley we've had two crashes up here. one near 67th. they've just cleared both of those but you're really going to see that slowing start at 75th avenue and it doesn't ease up until you are well past the i-17 interchange. arizona avenue just south of elliott. so to get around it make sure you use alma school in mcqueen. we'll give you a coming up. in just moments an abc compluf how a valley hacker was able to get personal information of thousands oaf people around the world. >> do you enjoy energy drinks?
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an abc 15 exclusive.
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there as this phoenix man walked out of this federal court. accessing the e-mails of college students. the feds say he reached out to those victims as he used the info from what he found online. powell didn't want to comment on those charges. apparently dolphins in the desert have a lot of appeal despite continued month. it has seen an average of 80 dolphin experiences every day. released a new statewide poll showing 49% of the 700 people they spoke with oppose holding dolphins in tanks so they can then pay people to swim with them. now car safety it is a top priority for many of us. but remember cheaper isn't
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the insurance institute for highway safety showing a head to head crash with the cheapest sedans in the u.s. and mexico. no surprise mexico's $7500. the u.s. 12,000 versa did much better. okay. mallory and happening today a former police officer judge in south carolina. as a matter of fact i think we have a live look at the courtroom. michael slager is facing murder charges for the 2015 shooting death of walter scott. you may remember this was the shooting that was caught on cellphone video. as scott was running away. he was shot in the back. slager has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges dan. we have some new video out of california this morning.
6:47 am
chase. police finally using those stop sticks to slow down that suspect. forced him to stop. he surrendered and is now facing a number of charges. >> here's another reason to keep things in mod race. researchers from the university of florida say a 50-year-old man developed acute hepatitis after drinking up to 5 energy drinks a day. apatiently the high levels of natul toxic when consumed in such high amounts. uber unveiling a new feature on its app. so that the company can then fill in a rider's destination. people have synced their contacts with uber's app. uber hopes the new features make it easier to use. a hunter's trip in michigan interrupted by something unexpected.
6:48 am
national guard exercise fell off a military plane before hitting the target. it's not exactly clear how those bombs got free. officials say this mechanical issue rarely happens. >> it's pretty darn rare. in the 20 years i've been doing this i haven't seen a case like that. >> boy, you hope not. the training bombs are not explosives and are used to mark the spots of impact. still the smoke released can cause injury if mishandled. ? [ music ] ? ? well here's a collaboration that a lot of people didn't expect to see. beyonce crashing the show for a surprise performance with the dixie chicks and those big moments just kept on coming in nashville as the cmas celebrated
6:49 am
carrie underwood. chris stapleton. garth brooks. dolly parten also taking the stage in accepting the lifetime achievement award. >> i just want to thank my fans. >> hall-of-famer randy travis making an appearance on stage. they're bringing the crowd to tears. as you know he suffered a life threatening stroke back in 2013. i'm tracking changes to our weather. let me help you get out the door with your most accurate forecast. we're talking a wet morning for some of us. some scattered showers isolated storms not out of the question. but here's the deal. rain chances they're sticking around through the day and we could see more widespread storms as we go into this afternoon. it's also going to be warm and breezy through the day today. as you look at your most accurate forecast we're going to
6:50 am
this morning and gradually warm into the 80s. a 30% chance of scattered showers this morning. a 20% chance for midday but here comes that higher chance. with a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. and that potential really across the valley as we go into the afternoon with a high of 85 degrees. >> again, this morning could be a little wet for some of us. this afternoon i think we're gong to have to look out for some scattered thunderstorms. here's the deal. stronger storms especiallist eastern arizona. that darker green that you see here indicating the spots. and again that does include parts of the east and southeast valley. we're talking the threat of some strong wind gusts and that's why i mention the dust. possibly bringing some dust. so be on the lookout for that.
6:51 am
of the question. although the heaviest rain. and small hail not out of the question with some of the stronger storms and hey because we're talking rain that's your weather word of the day. go to for your chance to win coffee. we have a lot of slow spots from our century link prism traffic center. about 30 minutes here. this is going to be from 75th avenue until you hit the m stack. that crash near 5th avenue is cleared. that's why you're seeing some camera delays there. east valley driver the 10 is also starting to slow down. as you're traveling westbound. once you hit elliott it's looking a little bit better. this is state route 51 southbound right near greenway road. still look for about a mile of slowing here chris. okay mallory. and this morning's top stories.
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6:54 am
where police officers are just giving me brand new information they have told me the woman that was struck in this road here right behind me she has died. which was then rear ended by
6:55 am
involved are cooperating with police right now. it does unfortunately seem to be some kind of crash that happened. they are going to have this area shut down on arizona avenue just south of elliott here for a few hours. reporting live in chandler allison rodriguez. >> my goodness. meanwhile a semi-truck responsible for more than a thousand power outages over night. trying to make a turn. you see it landing right the driver was stuck in the truck while they had to work to clear the live power lines. he's out of the cab right now and outages to a minimum. >> big names coming to the valley today hoping to sway your votes on the heels of hillary clinton's visit to asu. her running mate tim kaine is going to be speaking in marysville. donald trump's son is also expected in the valley here
6:56 am
he's going to be campaigning for john mccontain. cain. weather certainly an issue this morning and this is what the wind did to some skavlting. i had no idea it got so windy when we were in the studio here. right and we had showers that did produce some wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. not widespread. strong wind damage but certainly something we've been seeing this morning. the rain not widespread either. but here's the deal. as we go into this afternoon you're going to have to watch for some stronger storms. especially in the east valley and east of the phoenix area where we could see the strongest storms. 40% chance of storms as we go into this afternoon. 85 for a high today.
6:57 am
the weekend. >> and if you're about to hop on i-17 for the next couple of minutes. definitely slow here from the 101 and then a new crash from our a-dot camera. this is i-10 right at 43rd avenue. certainly been a busy morning on the road. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another look at your commute. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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? when you have been fighting for it all your life ? good morning, america. the curse has been reversed. >> the cubs win the world series! >> the chicago cubs are world champions. beating cleveland in an epic game seven. after extra innings, not even a rain delay could stop history. back-to-back hits giving the cubs the lead for good. >> that's one of my best games anybody will ever see. >> chicago erupting overnight. thousands celebrating in the streets. the team and their superstar fans soaking up the big win. >> i'm going to remember this for a long time. >> ending the 108-year drought >> good morning, america.


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