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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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trying to encourage other schools and students to participate. a total of 400 students marched off campus heading toward the capitol. one parent called us after talking to his daughter upset about what he found out. >> said that teachers were helping kids make posters up during class. she was even making one herself and she walked out on the clock. not on lunch break. so she was going down with them and it's really not their place. >> that had the school district do their research. they said that teacher who walked out actually just walked the students to the gate. she never left the school property. as for students making those posters the district says if that is true it's unacceptable because students need to remain -- teachers actually need to
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they'll be investigating that. >> let's take you to another anti-trump rally happening. this one's in philadelphia. they seem to be popping up in cities across the country. we'll keep watching the live feeds and keep you updated from the abc 15 live desk. thousands of illegal immigrants in our state standing by waiting to see if the campaign promises will come true. >> some of the groups protecting them could be impacted. chris is live in phoenix tonight. you? >> stephanie, there's a lot of questions about trump p's immigration -- trump's immigration policy and latino groups are trying to answer the questions especially those who have protected status through daca. a lot of people are wondering what will happen to those children if it's rescinded by trump as well as their family members.
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we've been talking with them we've discovered that a number of group organizers and leaders are also daca children as well. they have protected legal status in this country and they're facing the same questions in the work place and at home about their legal status because of some of the remarks and policies and the plan that trump had laid out throughout this campaign. a lot of them telling me that they are so uncertain about what the future will >> it's difficult. it's not easy. it's one of the hardest things i've dealt with because there's a lot of fear. more than anything. we saw this in 2010 with the latino community but this is bigger. >> now there isn't a lot that these groups can do right now. they had a meeting today and they plan on meeting later on throughout the week. a number of coalitions getting together. the main thing they're telling
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see approach. what they're seeing in the campaign is not necessarily what gets put in action. reporting live i'm chris abc 15. >> thank you chris. everybody talking about the first visit between president- elect trump and president obama today. there's a lot of mystery about what they talked about. the first ladies meeting behind closed doors. this is the only picture of that meeting. only a wlous photographer was a-- white house photographer was allowed in. paul ryan facing a key vote next tuesday. he'll find out if he keeps his job as speaker. ryan and trump sat down to figure some things out. new at 6:00. senator bernie sanders speaking for the first time since the election he talked to wolf blitzer. he was asked if he thinks he could have beat donald trump if he had been the candidate.
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whole lot of sense to do monday morning quarterbacking right now. the election is over. donald trump won. >> meantime sanders say he owes clinton a phone call since he hasn't talked to her since the results. a person of interest in a homicide case may be hiding out here the the valley. they're looking for 23-year-old tony macias. he's wanted in modesto california. the warrant has been there since february of 2014. he's hard to track down since he goes by two other names aurelio gutierrez and tony gutierrez. you saw his picture there. if you see him he's armed and dangerous. call police right away. a possible fight right before a late night shooting. detectives say that is the best lead they've got right now. police detained two people near 24th street and cactus. they say the gunman shot a man through his apartment door.
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that happened overnight. police say they will not be charging the driver who may have caused the man to lose control by turning in front of him. bruce lindsey jr. lost his life. a police ambush and a growing memorial tonight for the latest officer killed in the line of duty. 52-year-old scott bashum killed after being shot near pittsburgh. it happened overnight. a second officer was shot while will survive. detectives say that gunman had a history of domestic abuse. he took his own life but they also found a woman's body inside his apartment. here in our state we know the funeral for darren reed is scheduled for monday in show low in the afternoon. he was killed on tuesday while responding to a 911 call and he was very close to retirement. well, it's been breezy the last several days here the the
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sunset will continue to die down. they're down to five miles per hour here with a few breezes left. all of these breezes have brought in cooler temperatures. only 82 this afternoon in phoenix after 90 a couple of days ago. we may feel a few lighter breezes tomorrow for veteran's day but generally winds less than 15 miles per hour and it will stay that way through saturday and sunday here's your hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow. mild temperatures in the morning. 69 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 76 at 11:00 and into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. the forecast on repeat for a couple of days. day by day through your seven- day so you know what to expect in minutes. this is what 1700 lawsuits looks like. this map, every business sued this year by a controversial group filing disability lawsuits.
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advocates for individuals with disabilities. they have filed lawsuit after lawsuit and it was all over parking lot signs. >> it's an official irs charity and dave biscobing discovered it's raising questions. >> we've been digging into their tax status for weeks. experts and businesses were surprised to see what they didn't tell the federal government when they applied to get nonprofit tax- this auto body shop one of the many they sued. >> fisher owns the shop. his mother-in-law has a disability so it surprised him when they rejected a $15,000 settlement offer. >> i'm sure i'm not the only one who would find this not a nonprofit organization.
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nonprofit application. in july it was granted. that caught the attention of corey. >> it looked like what they were doing was suspicious. >> he's an attorney. one of his firms practices nonprofits. >> i asked for copies of tax records. i want to see if they're complying. we sent someone in person to request the documents and we sent email inqueries. >> nonprofits must provide this by law. >> they ignored us. that's illegal. >> we got their irs application. >> it seems clear there were misstatements in here. >> they didn't tell the irs about all of the lawsuits they'd be filing. it wrote it would have four activities, education and awareness, a grant program, administration and public relations. >> they don't even use the word lawsuit, litigation, court in here period. that would be a problem for them.
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the irs they'd be filing lawsuits as they primary ak at this time, that's a -- activity, that's a really big problem. >> with lawsuits that probably should have been number one. >> there's another side to this, literally. an employee said that they have two sides, the charity side foundation and a private business side llc. he claims they only planned to use the business si lawsuits and donate money to the charity. but now the charity has been used to file 1200 lawsuits. >> and hopper says the fact that that wasn't disclosed and how the money moves still raises questions. >> when you send records to the irs you sign them under perjury. >> a spokesperson says federal
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we're continuing to track some of these protests across the country. that picture there is from minneapolis. these are anti-trump protests happening now. and then the ground shot on the streets there. we'll keep you updated. some more breaking news right no some live pictures from california. i want to switch this out to get to those. it's industry california a fire right on the side of the road there. what we understand happened a big rig caught fire and it spread up the hillside. it's looking like they're getting it under control. it's right along the road and affecting traffic out there. we'll keep you posted. doesn't sound like homes are in danger. it seems the city employee in phoenix can't learn his
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stalking his ex-girlfriend. they say it happened as soon as # 4-year-old richard abbott -- 44-year-old richard abbott got out of jail. he's on long-term disability which means taxpayers are footing the bill. a scare at a valley high school. someone at maryvale high was detain after -- detained after bringing a bb gun avelino tamala will be sentenced last month for killing a 3-year-old girl. crystal reyes's remains were found in 1998. investigators say she was abused by tamala and her own mother who police say they haven't found. seven arrests in the first seven days of the month. all of these drugs hidden in car parts. total? worth more than $1 million.
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busts. we see a lot of drugs at the border and we're making sure there's nothing coming through the air in passenger's luggage. there's a new customs and border protection facility. if you want to pay off your mortgage faster you may think you can do that by paying half every two weeks. nancy says the money isn't immediately applied and they keep it in limbo until the second half comes in. if a partial payment isn't applied how are you saving money? >> it doesn't make sense. >> nick says you may not be. >> it's not earning interest for you and it hasn't reduced the balance. >> by paying to enroll you're basically paying them to pay them. there's a way around it. sending your mortgage every -- two weeks.
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month make an extra principal payment every month. >> you can easily do it yourself. >> and nancy, make sure to tell your mortgage company you want that extra payment to go to principal. click on sections and let joe know all the ways to protect your money. i'm joe ducey. if you got a problem let me know. abc 15 sports brought to you >> coming to you live from sun devil stadium. shout out to amber. it's a beautiful night for football. just over an hour away from kick off. fresh off a bye week and it could not have come at a better time because these next two weeks will be brutal. it begins tonight as they host the 15th ranked utah and turn around next week and play fourth ranked washington in seattle.
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to a bucket of water and a slap to the face. they'll take it one game at a time. and tonight's game is on their home turf. >> home field advantage is great. we have a great student section and man they need to bring it because we're going to need all the help we can get. we got the 15th ranked team in here and nothing matters but the guys in this senior bunch figuring it out. >> we' crowd can help them once again. sun devils looking for a big time upset tonight. jason snavely abc 15 sports. thanks jason. it's gorgeous out there. 70s for the next several hours. by 10:00 in the 60s. the breezes are backing off too. winds are pretty calm. we are not seeing any chance for rain. no clouds in the sky. this dry forecast through the weekend too.
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daelg. across the state temperatures in the -- glendale. across the state temperatures in the 40s. show low is pretty chilly. these spots will freeze with low temperatures in the 20s by early tomorrow morning. overnight in payson 35 and prescott the same. # 2 down in yuma -- 62 down in yuma. and mid to upper # 0s to the west tomorrow. a degree warmer than today. to the north temperatures in the 50s in the afternoon. 63 in winslow and 67 in payson. future cast keeps things quiet. clouds towards the southeast. low pressure wandering over the foothills. we stay sunny and dry here in
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our force cast by sunday. pir this weekend big nascar event. sunday and saturday temperatures identical throughout the day. both days a high of 83. a few more clouds in that forecast as we head into sunday. so let's track it out for you for the next four days. 83 friday, saturday, sunday. and 84 on monday. and again, no major changes coming our way for the next four days. we have some changes including the possibility of a cooldown in your seven-day forecast. so we'll take a look at that in the next half hour. tourists taken on a wiemd ride. the -- wild ride. build that wall. the viral message being used as a teaching moment. will there be a resolution
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yahoo under the microscope hack attack 18 months before it was investigated. this is based on documents filed by the company. personal information was stolen from almost 500 million users. the public found out only weeks ago. donald trump's attorney says he's open to a settlement involving trump university. he'll file a request to delay the trial in san diego on monday. it claims the university failed
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practices in real estate. a battle between two groups in charge of building the dakota access pipeline. they're trying to calm protesters and police but the developer is the one not helping. they're rolling in equipment to the site. there's been more than 400 arrests there. protesters are saying that the pipeline will indeed damage sacred ground. new video, just wild. a horsedrawn carriage out control with tourists on it. a driver got caught up in a protest spooked the horses. nobody was seriously hurt. this scare raising some safety concerns. there's talk whether the carriages should be used in populated areas. a lot of damage as protesters rally against the new president-elect. sadly these two civil war monuments in virginia were tagged. crews were sent to dleen them up. police are -- clean them up and
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vandal. students chanting build that wall within the hauls of their -- halls of their middle school. >> the school district in michigan says they've talked to the students about the impact of their words and actions. this is the now viral video captured in the cafeteria. the school now using this as a teaching lesson. saying the students have to respect everyone's values. we want to get back out to some of these rallies happening. we were going to take you to dallas but there's a changing situation? baltimore. it's been peaceful so far but know seeing some more clashes out there. we'll keep you updated on this. this is the one i've been telling you about.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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wap to continue up-- want to continue updating from the live desk. a second day of protesting.
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country right now. massive crowds gathering and they're upset with the election results. this live picture is coming from baltimore. some scuffles and tense moments happening there. it appears as if things have calmed down quite a bit. hundreds of people out there. we did see one person in handcuffs that i told you about in the last hour. we'll continue monitoring those pictures out of baltimore. let's take you to dallas now. i told you about this second ago. these are the first pi you're seeing. a peaceful scene out there so far. they are gathering at daily plaza. a couple hundred there so far. we'll continue to update you. it doesn't sound like they'll be marching. now to new york and anti-trump protesters between union scare and washington square -- union square and washington square. and let's take you to washington, d.c. where crowds
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avenue. right after the secret service installed barriers. cleaning crews washed graffiti off. updates from the live desk all evening. back in the valley more election protests with students hitting the pavement for a second day. at least three high schools involved in a walkout. >> it was much smaller than yesterday but a much bigger police presence as the stalled traffic and delayed a light rail train. another protest is in the works tonight this one by middle school kids in tolleson. >> the other difference, this is after school hours. abc 15's sonu wasu talked to the 8th grade girls. >> some of these kids are really scared. all of the campaign talk about illegal immigration, building walls, are some of the things that have them insecure.
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he speaks about women. >> these girls worry about families being torn apart. >> how many of you worry about friends being deported? >> with permission they're planning a peaceful protest next monday. nothing like the ones in phoenix. but teachers throughout arizona are encouraging kids to stay in the classroom. use education instead of anger to spark change. >> we've had people we didn't like in office before and the wofrld didn't end. and the sun is -- world didn't end. and the sun is tomorrow. >> there's a government in place. there's checks and balances in place. we don't need to be divided. >> teachers are asking adults to watch what you post on social media and what you say around your children. back to you. with tension at an all time high some say it's more important than ever to show a unified front. and president obama doing that today with president-elect trump.
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>> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties. some of the high flying assets. some of the great things that have been achieved. >> i believe it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with in we face. >> president obama says he was encouraged by president-elect trump's wanting to work with his team on issues facing the country. he said the two had an slept and wide ranging kfsh -- excellent and wide ranging conversation. the british prime minister and trump talking for the first time today. he invited her for a visit. they share a desire to strengthen relations.
6:34 pm
sharing how his call wement. he describes it as -- call went. he describes it as warm and constructive. >> he's ready to make changes. he met with congress saying security, jobs, and healthcare are his top priorities. he promised to repeal obamacare and that took some questions whether they should sign up in the first place. here's melissa blasius. >> we're getting rid of obamacare and we're going to have an alternative that's cheaper and better. >> that sounds great to kevin anderson. he can't stomach the price for a basic plan. >> that's $24,000 a year before your deductible kicks in. >> he has a lot of questions. >> how long before whatever is next comes into play? and will i be able to continue to get coverage until that point. >> groups that help people enroll in obamacare say the
6:35 pm
>> they're saying should i cancel my appointment. and we say no. >> his advice? >> stay calm and enroll. >> here's why. your annual policy is a contract. it most likely takes effect january 1st but donald trump is not president until january 20th. so he can't break your contract. >> what we're really talking about when we're talking about a change in administration is what will happen in 2018. because it's we would see any changes during 2017. >> and that's only if congress and the new president can agree on reforms. >> that's the $64,000 question. >> melissa blasius abc 15. >> most arizonans with individual plans get financial help making the prices manager manageable. many are considering a major move to new zealand.
6:36 pm
flooded with visits about living in the i land nation. one -- island nation. one site getting 70,000 visitors in one hour. compare that to the daily average of 2,000. a move to canada also seems possible. they got 400 calls within minutes of trump being declared the winner and have appointments to help people sell their homes booked out days. el nino or la nina advicery issued -- advisory issued today. the cooling has happened in the pacific and it leads to la nina conditions that affect weather patterns across the united states. that means below average winter rainfall and warmer than normal temperatures. as we look at the outlook we have a good chance of seeing
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our forecast over the next seven days looks above normal. we'll take a look day by day in a minute. you're never too young to make a difference. one girl's only wish for our new president. and proving age is just a number.
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my only wish is for you to be good and i hope this letter does make you good. message to donald trump from a 9-year-old girl who's muslim. she wrote him a letter asking him to wonder what it would be like if everybody disliked his religion. >> her mother encouraged her to write the lert after trump called for a -- letter after
6:41 pm
muslims. she's barely old enough to drink yet a florida woman will help decide laws. the 21-year-old elected to florida's house of representatives. >> you think that they'd be like you're too young to do this but everyone i met said that's what we need. >> amber mariano grew up around politics with her dad also winning his fourth term in the pasco county commission. she holds a higher office. a next. his clothes are out. his hair is in. the new decision on trump in the busy work underway. your forecast looking fantastic tonight with temperatures in the 70s. clear skies, dry conditions. now we press that repeat
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back at the abc 15 live desk. an anti-trump protest in denver
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meantime in baltimore where the live pictures are coming in. this has been going on for hours now. we have seen a few scuffles. one man in handcuffs. nothing outrageous at this point. we've been watching the moments get tense and then settle down. they're moving through the streets and getting back on to the sidewalk and off the streets right now. phoenix police putting out a list of guidelines to follow if you do want to join a your particular city to keep you and everyone else safe. i posteded that on my -- posted that on my facebook page. shut down for good. an arizona restaurant appears to be the first fallout of prop 206, the measure you voted on to increase the minimum wage. they say they can no longer afford to do business. it will be days until some of your votes are counted but progress is being made.
6:46 pm
310,000 early ballots left to be processed. that means workers counted about 100,000 today. it's a transition of power not only meant for our president and president-elect but their wives as well. we showed you one meeting from the live desk. this one kept private. only one white house photographer allowed in. first lady michelle obama talking with soon to be first they had tea in their first sit down meeting. they were said to have an excellent conversation. two days after the eselection and there's talk of -- election and there's talk of who might run in 2020. bernie sanders says he's open to the possibility. >> you're probably seeing thousands on twitter encouraging the first lady to run as well. if hillary clinton can't be the first female president then
6:47 pm
alternative. in fact there's a hashtag trending. this next story the biggest presidential oops so far. a recall of these magazines and clearly you can see why. they say madame president. the accomplisher pub -- the publisher printed two versions but only printed the clinton version before the election. a new donald trump wax figure. clay sculptures of trump and clinton were both prepared. trump's hair was added today. they plan to launch the full figure in time for his inauguration. don't expect to see macy's bring back the trump clothesline. the ceo says macy's will not restore the line now that the election is over. tracking your forecast. down into the 70s across the valley.
6:48 pm
humidity at 24%. winds out of the east southeast at five miles per hour after another breezy day today. 70s everywhere you look. low 70s in cave creek and anthem. upper 70s in deer valley at this hour. as we look across the state and southeastern arizona we have an area of low pressure to our east over new mexico and west texas you can see the counterclo a few showers for new mexico with this as well. no rain from it here. but it has kept things breezy. we may feel a few brooezs tomorrow but -- breezes tomorrow but winds are expected to stay under 15 miles per hour. that low stays but weak bs a -- weakens a bit. overall that's it over the next 24 to 48 hours. and temperatures as this thing just kind of parks itself in
6:49 pm
constant. on repeat. the same high for tomorrow. same high for saturday. same high for sunday. and then we'll start to get stuff moving again and warm things up for next week. here's tomorrow. 62 at 5:00. 73 by sock in the morning. -- 10:00 in the morning. a little bit above our average of 78 for this time of year. a high of 81 in mesa. 82 in gilbert and chandler. 82 in scottsdale as we. and warmer in the west 84 in peoria. glendale at 83 after an early morning start in the upper 50s. temperatures looking warm like tomorrow and saturday. a few clouds on sunday. one of the only changes we'll notice. temps in the low # 0s throughout the entire -- # 0s throughout the entire -- 80s throughout the entire game. by monday 84.
6:50 pm
pattern shifts. more clouds going into wednesday. and a big drop in temperatures getting us become near average. -- back near average. playoff time for the junior football teams. the stampede take on the fusion in the first round of the playoffs. >> the stampede get the ball first but a fumbled snap gives the fusion great field position and a chance to take a lead. the fusion the stampede and as they say the game is won in the trenches and the fusion offensive line is man handling the stampede from seven. after recovering the fumable jack jones takes it -- fumble jack jones takes it in. another fumble. sev is winning the game up front. first play of the second quarter and the stampede throw to jeremy staple. jeremy's off to the races.
6:51 pm
fied at 6 -- touchdown. tied at 6-6. david takes it the distance. the fusion takes a 12-6 lead. donovan shows off one of his many impressive skills. >> that's how you peel an orange kids. >> and he has advice. >> don't waste your food. i got to go play. >> thanks for that tip. the fusion half and open 24-6. 43-12 fusion the final on this day belongs to sev who's marching on in the playoffs. >> one, two, three fusion. >> congratulations fusion and stampede you're this week's small stars. i'm jason snavely live from sun devil stadium.
6:52 pm
game in the season. 15th ranked utah in the house. coming up an asu legend joinings us to hel -- joins us to help us break it down. starting with gray's
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6:54 pm
well this week we don't have to wait until saturday to watch some college football.
6:55 pm
the sun devils have a chance to upset one of the top teams in the country jason snavely joining us live. >> they're playing in tempe, the good news. >> yes, that's right guys. as many struggles as they've had this season they've only lost one game at sun devil stadium. going to be tough tonight. we are joined by derek hagen. the last time es the field and you were there they gave up 734 yards against oregon. what do you expect tonight? >> one of the keys is coming into the game to rely on the defense to stop the qb and running back duo. he's a season vet and an experienced quarterback. and joseph williams retired earlier this season and came back. he's been on a tear. it's going to be a huge task for them to stop the offense.
6:56 pm
suspect as good as oregon's. >> not even close. they got to get back to playing football. they're coming off a bye week. which is good for the sun devil team. they're able to get somewhat healthy and hopefully that will help this evening. since 2009 -- for the first time since 2009 they've started three different quarterbacks but now they have their quarterback back. we're running thank you. derek hagen. will the sun devils pull off an upset. kick off in 30 minutes. the full report at 10:00. >> a lot of people pulling for them. a big thank you to festival charities for inviting me to their hole in one challenge. normally i don't want to see my golf swing on video. i got lucky and hit it closer to the pin beating the other
6:57 pm
a bonus donation to fighter country partnership. they assist military families at luke air force base. the real winners. i got to hit a couple of golf balls. at 10:00 pageantry police work. crowns swiped. and now that the smoke has cleared what neighbors say happened to spark this huge
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