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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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>> yes. good morning, america. breaking overnight, riots in the streets. >> hey, hey, hey. >> violent anti-trump demonstrations break out again nationwide. as donald trump both praises and attacks the protesters on twitter, calling them professionals and passionate. [ chanting "we hate trump" ] and he makes peace with president obama at the white house. >> i had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> his wife, melania, sits down with the first lady and the transition underway and our first private look at hillary clinton after her loss. state of emergency. more than 30 wildfires burn through the southeast forcing evacuations, torching thousands of acres. firefighters battling the blaze
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now that new warning about that dangerous smoke. race against time. the desperate search for that mother of two who vanished while jogging. her husband has taken a lie detector test. he speaks out in our new interview. >> it is very difficult. me and my family. >> as police suspend their ground search and hunt for any possible clues. and the warriors woman lighting up the internet. in her sweater, the real reason this retired teacher is breaking out these moves. her message for america right now. ? and good morning, america. we have a lot of news to get to this friday morning. and we begin by honoring america's veterans. thank you for your service and sacrifice on this veterans day. >> absolutely. thank you so much. and we just show you this woman. the warriors woman breaking it down at the warriors game. she's a retired teacher who is
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husband to bring some joy over the divide after the vibe of the election. you can't help but smile. >> i think a lot of us could use joy because certainly we saw overnight evidence of that incredible divide. more protests breaking out over donald trump's election. many were peaceful but some of them again turned violent. >> and president-elect trump addressed them on twitter and first sent out this tweet, professional protesters incited by the media are being unfair then a few minutes ago sent this praising the small group of, passion for our country. we want to start with abc's pierre thomas. he is outside trump tower with the latest on those protests and trump's new security measures. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. the heavy police presence behind me is meant to send a blunt message that mr. trump now has security equal to the president of the united states. violence erupting overnight after anti-trump protesters took
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you are under arrest. >> reporter: portland authorities declaring the scene a riot. throwing projectiles at police and vandalizing vehicles and buildings. demonstrators blocked this bridge. a driver throwing what appeared to be laundry detergent on the crowd. thousands marched through cities in mostly ac [ chanting ] hundreds also protesting near trump's manhattan residence, the trump tower raising questions about how to best protect the president-elect in the nation's busiest city. >> how do you build a secure bubble around him when he's several feet in the air with other potential buildings where a sniper or somebody else could potentially place themselves? >> reporter: concrete barriers, sanitation trucks and salt spreaders filled with sand serving as barricades along
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around the building. trump tower receiving 24-hour secret service coverage top to bottom. whether there or not with agents throughout the building just like at the white house. a no-fly zone two radius restricting airplanes and helicopter traffic. his motorcade fully arre remain top secret. the adult children are also offered the same security. unclear whether they will take it. >> pierre, thank you for that. the big meeting that happened in the oval office. president-elect trump sitting down and shaking hands with president obama for the first time and abc's jon karl was there and joins us now with all the latest from washington, d.c. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. with donald trump's first visit to washington, and to the oval office, as president-elect of the united states, the transition from an obama administration to a trump administration is now well under way. >> ready?
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well, i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> reporter: the moment that will go down in history, the first meeting between president obama and president-elect donald trump. >> i have been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting of the issues that this great country faces. i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel,
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honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> reporter: they met one-on-one in the oval office for 90 minutes and when the cameras were let in, president obama shared this tip with his successor. >> here's a good rule. don't answer questions when they just start yelling at you. >> it's always the last one. >> reporter: we tried anyway and got an answer from donald trump. >> mr. trump, you'll seek his counsel? you'll seek his counsel? >> very good man. very good man. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: and the current first lady met the with future first lady sharing tea in the white house residence. melania trump already changing her instagram account to read first lady despite the remarkable gestures of graciousness on both sides, the bad blood remains. >> he said on monday donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. uniquely unqualified. does he still believe that? >> look.
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changed. he stands by what he said on the campaign trail. >> reporter: he spent much of the day presenting a united front meeting speaker of the house paul ryan and checking out the location of his upcoming inauguration. >> we are now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running to make sure that we can get this country turned around and make america great again. >> reporter: the challenge now for the soon-to-be president turning campaign promises into action. >> we'll look strongly at immigration and borders and health care and we're lookg jobs, big-league jobs. >> reporter: president obama has authorized president-elect trump to receive the full national security briefings, much more detailed than what he received as a presidential candidate. beginning as soon as today, he will be eligible to ev
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gets every morning. >> and, jon, this was the first time trump appeared in front of the media since the election. we saw you right there in the thick of it. what was it like being in that room? >> reporter: first of all it lasted a lot longer than expected. we were brought to outside the door of the oval office by the rose garden. had to wait for about an hour before we were finally allowed in. it struck me that there really wasn't the tension that i would have expected or the awkwardness. donald trump seemed rather subdued. seemed to be taken in by the seriousness about what is about to happen. >> and jon, also yesterday, the trump team did not allow media to accompany him on the plane there to what are you anticipating in terms of access to a president trump? >> reporter: well, amy, that is absolutely without precedent. every president and every president-elect since john f. kennedy has had a media poll that's gone wherever they have gone. there were times here in washington where the press pool had no idea where donald trump was and in fact, they thought he was staying here overnight and ended up flying back to new york and something he didn't realize until he was seen at the airport really without precedent. it's unclear if that will
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top of it. we know. thank you. >> amy, thank you. let's talk to reince priebus. thanks for joining us. first off, congratulations on your victory. president-elect trump pulled you up on stage and gave you big credit. are you prepared now to serve in his administration perhaps as white house chief of staff? >> well, i don't have any updates for you, george, on transit transition. i appreciate it. we were part of the biggest ground effort that's ever been seen i think at any national party effort. i'm very proud of what we've done at the republican national committee, but it ultimately starts with a great candidate, and the american people had a choice, and they went to donald trump, and we swept through the midwest, and had a great night, and all the kudos go to
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president-elect trump and speaker of the house paul ryan. they have tough times during the campaign. have they completely buried the hatchet and does president-elect trump want paul ryan to return as speaker? >> well, i can answer the question. i mean, all those details i'm sure are in the affirmative, but i don't speak for the president-elect trump, but as far as yesterday is concerned, they had a great day. i heard from both paul -- or excuse me, speaker ryan and president-elect trump, and they both indicated back to me that they mutualemutual admirat admiration. and look. the truth is you saw what the president yesterday, and the president-elect trump, these are likable people and in private, like a lot of people even more likable, so you had a ten-minute minute that went 90 minutes because both of these guys probably had a great time together and i can tell you personally, president-elect trump in private is the kind of guy that most people would want
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doesn't drink, and i'm sure president obama is the same way. they're likable people and likable people tend to get elected. and that's what you have. >> there was a lot of good will and conciliation in washington yesterday. there's no question about that but still seeing a lot of anger out on the streets of this country. you have those protests in several cities overnight, and for the second straight night. i was struck by the front page of "usa today" today talked about the rise in racist acts following this election. there's an awful lot of anger and fear still out there in the country. what's your recommendation to president-elect trump for how to address that? >> well, i mean, just like two mornings ago, he talked about bringing america together. he took out all the, you know, all sort of the victory rhetoric was out of the speech, talking about everyone coming together, race, religion, background, gender. that's what donald trump believes in. that's what i believe in, that's what our party believes in. i'm not sure why some of these things are going on. it was the democrats that accused donald trump of not
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the election. now he won fairly overwhelmingly although close, but electoral collegewise pretty clear. >> yeah, but he lost the popular vote. >> but -- understood, but it's the other side now that doesn't want to accept the fact that they lost the election. so, look, i think everyone needs to just take a deep breath, take the weekend. today's veterans day. count our blessings and let's come back on monday,s and i can assure you what you saw yesterday from donald trump is exactly the man that i've gotten to know. >> you're absolutely right. >> willing to bring people together. >> you're absolutely right about the speech he gave on wednesday morning and the tweet he sent out just moments ago but also sent out that other tweet overnight talking about professional protesters incited by the media. you say you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. do you believe these are professionals incited by the media? >> i don't know, george. i mean, what i do know, though and i think what president-elect trump knows is that it is very
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e-mails that were released that we had the dnc, the hillary clinton campaign or someone in between going to donald trump rallies and inciting violence and so that happened, and there are such things as professional protesters, but i'm sure that the vast majority of people are just very disappointed with the outcome of the election so i'll give them that, and i'll also understand the first amendment of the of rights, but this election is over now, and we have a president-elect who has done everything he can do over the last 48 hours to say, let's bring people together. he had a great meeting with the current president. they had a good time. i can tell you personally i talked to president-elect trump. he genuinely enjoyed that meeting. that was not show. he enjoyed the meeting with president obama. he was very impressed with president obama.
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as far as, like, them getting along, and i think people need to just take a deep breath, take the day, you know, count our blessings and enjoy the weekend. >> mr. chairman, again, congratulations. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you bet. thank you. all right. let's talk more about donald trump's next steps, and the international reaction to his election. let's bring in abc's tom llamas and martha raddatz who is in washington. you followed the trump campaign from the beginning and will co transition to the presidency. we heard reince priebus there not committing to whether or not he was being considered for chief of staff, but who are some of the top picks for president-elect trump and his new administration? >> i thought that was incredibly telling with george. let's put up faces this. is for chief of staff, first reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc did not tell george no just now and sources within the campaign told us he was incredibly helpful during the presidential debates and built a bond with donald trump. then governor chris christie. he shocked the political world
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out and endorsed trump in that surprise press conference, yet, he has bridgegate hanging over him and still part of the transition team. steve bannon. i'll never forget that call about a man named steve bannon, one of the top dogs at breitbart but connected on a personal level with donald trump and he was part of the winning team and finally, jared kushner. the son-in-law, married to ivanka. don't see a lot in public or speaks a lot in public, we should say but speaks a lot in private to trump and we'll have more on him in the next half hour. >> what about the picks for possible national security positions, the key national security positions in a trump administration? >> well, we've got jeff sessions, senator corker, mike flynn, the general who has been with him all along. we're not positive about any of this. newt gingrich and he will probably bring in some republican establishment figures, perhaps in that national security team, george.
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foreign policy promises, we know president-elect trump is starting to speak out to speak to foreign leaders including the leader of south korea reassuring her yesterday but has big promises on the board like punishing china over their currency, renegotiating a nafta, building that wall on the border. scrapping the iran nuclear agreement. where do you see this going right now? how realistic is it for him to be able to implement these things in these first days? >> first of all, ge response around the world has been congratulatory and diplomatic. muslim countries included. on the iran nuclear deal, iran says they will continue to abide by it, but tearing it up will be difficult if there's not an alternate plan, and this was not something the u.s. did alone. on the muslim ban he later proposed it would be where terrorism was a problem and the wall, well, mexico's president says he's eager to work with president-elect trump but no way they will pay for a wall but i
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foreign policy positions will be. >> any word, tom, on when we'll hear about his top posts. >> when will he decide? that's the big question right now. the clock is ticking. we know some of his top advisers have reached out to potential candidates and heard reuters report that jamie dimon from jpmorgan, co-ceo is possibly the second of treasury but all speculation right now. >> all right. tom llamas and martha raddatz. thank you. michael, you have financial headlines about the election. >> the worldwide reaction to donald trump's election. now we're seeing some of wall street's reaction. his big bounce in the stock market after the election. rebecca jarvis is at the new york stock exchange and, rebecca, the dow closed at a record high last night. >> that's right, michael. at a new all-time high. since the beginning of the year, stocks are now up 7.8% and since the election they're up 2.7%. for the typical 401(k), that means the typical 401(k) has added about $2,000 since election day with wall street eyeing lower taxes, less
7:18 am
looking like they might turn out a little bit weaker, michael, as wall street anticipates what trump's policies on immigration as well as corporations are going forward, michael. >> all right, thank you, rebecca. we'll keep your eye on that. let's get oto the wildfires in the southeast, ginger. they're in a state of emergency. >> state of emergency for parts of tennessee and other state, as well. i'll detail all of that. but first the image going overhead, so many folks in the southeast are seeing this. that is from north carolina. w burning and many of them are in the southeastern united states. look what it looks like from above. the smoke so bad. so many people are tweeting me and facebook messaging me saying, we can't breathe. it's just that bad. it doesn't look like it'll get better. already mandatory evacuations and all burning and a front moving and it'll be a dry front. let's get to the weekend getaways now brought to you by
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we have made it to friday on veteran's d. outdoors today t is a nice day and nice morning. a cool start at 66 phoenix sky harbor. some breezes this morning but overall winds much lighter than what you felt the last couple of days. temperatures warming to 79. by lunchtime, maybe enjoying lunch outside. a sunny, warm, and dry day as we top out at 83 degrees here this afternoon. no signs of rain through and coming up, more from inside president-elect trump's
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what role could his son-in-law play in his new administration? and the desperate search that mother of two who vanished by jogging. her husband taking a lie detector test, the results and what police are saying this morning when we come back.
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the time 7:23. it has been days since the election but the presidential race was just officially called in arizona. here is a look at the final tally, trump received 49% of the vote. hillary clinton, 45%. get this, maricopa county has hundreds of thousands left to count. tabulation will resume this morning. hundreds of valley students are expected to protest donald trump's victory once again. we have learned there are at least 2 more marches planned despite the holiday. 11:00, people are marching from south mountain high school to downtown phoenix and 3:00-7:00, more people gather at old main on asu campus. speaking of black lives matter arizona telling protesters to stand down. organizers posting the facebook
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good morning, a beautiful morning as temperatures are down mid 60s right now. clear skies, some light breezes, between 5-15 miles an hour. we will keep those light breezes in the forecast through the morning. by this afternoon, lighter winds, sunny skies as temperatures warm into the upper 70s by noon but back into the 80s this afternoon. a degree warmer than yesterday, though. if you liked like today, malory. it is light right now on the road, but we have a closure because of a crash on 35th avenue. so it is all just south of cactus. you can't use that portion of 35th in either direction. 43rd avenue could be a better option for you. lets give you a look from a-dot camera. as i said, things are quieting. -- things are quieting. you are seeing delays but crashes earlier have cleared. we are back in 25 minutes
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and make your home happy at lowe's. take a look at those dramatic anti-trump protests breaking out overnight. most stayed peaceful. some did turn violent, and this morning, trump is responding on twitter, both attacking and praising the protesters calling on everyone to come together? also right now donald trum under way. the president-elect sitting down with president obama for the first time meeting right there in the oval office. obama called the meeting encouraging, and first lady michelle obama also sitting down to talk with melania trump talking about raising children in the white house over some tea. >> over tea, right. the trumps weren't the only guests yesterday. look who else made a visit. the nba champions. the cleveland cavaliers there, they decided to have some fun with the first lady and did the
7:31 am
that is going everywhere. even the white house. we'll stay on the white house right now, and a closer look at the transition of power in washington. among the most powerful players, jared kushner by donald trump's side, indeed talk of him being his chief of staff walking an the lawn and you mention him as a possible chief of staff. tom llamas is back. this is a real behind-the-scenes force on trump's team. >> so true, george. he's now the world's most powerful son-in-law. jared kushner married to ivanka trump and one of president-elect donald trump's closest advisers. >> reporter: as president obama met with president-elect trump in the oval office, jared kushner was photographed walking the halls of the white house with denis mcdonough and seen here on a stroll on the south lawn. inside kushner soaking it in taking photos with his iphone. >> mr. kushner was here, and he
7:32 am
chief of staff. >> reporter: that trip to pennsylvania avenue and his closest to his father-in-law have many speculating in the real estate developer could become trump's chief of staff. >> i think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. i'm telling you. and he is very good at politics, so -- >> reporter: but kushner, 35 already powerful in his own right. a harvard grad, publisher of "the new york observer" and so rich he once tried to buy the los angeles dodgers. he's the son of real estate executive charles kushner. the elder kushner pleaded guilty in federal court to 18 felonies including making illegal campaign contributions and evading taxes. prosecuted by u.s. attorney for new jersey chris christie. charles kushner was sentenced to two years in prison. despite that history, jared kushner and christie have maintained a working relationship in the trump campaign. and when kushner's newspaper published an op-ed accusing trump of being anti-semitic
7:33 am
op-ed writing his father was not an anti-semite nor racist citing how trump embraced my family and our judaism since i began dating my wife. >> i have a son-in-law, who is jewish, jared, who is a great guy, my daughter is jewish. i have grandchildren that are jewish, okay. and i love them. i love them. >> reporter: now, in his defense of trump, kushner showing a quality trump holes supreme and what any good chief of staff offers a president, loyalty but george as you know, a chief of staff has to be so married to the president, living and working inside the white house, living because he's working so much there, and jared kushner has so many business deals that might be kind of tough. >> maybe not a formal role. thanks very much. up more on the presidency on "20/20." that's at 10:00 eastern here on abc. all right, george, and the latest on that missing mother of
7:34 am
ago near her california home. her husband took a lie detector test and kayna whitworth joins us from los angeles with those results. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: amy, good morning. so her local officials are saying her husband's polygraph test indicates he had no involvement with her disappearance, adding that they were also to confirm his whereabouts the day she went miss. overnight, authorities ruling out keith papini, the husband of california super mop sherri papini saying he is not a suspect in her disappearance. >> and for my family. i would never wish this feeling upon anybody. it is taking its toll on me. you never think you'd be in a position like this. >> reporter: police saying the 32-year-old passed a polygraph test, and that they found no physical evidence suggesting he had any involvement in his wife's vanishing. >> we were able to collaborate the information that he was at work. >> reporter: keith says he last saw his wife ten days ago reporting her missing after she didn't pick up their two children from day care. authorities say she was last
7:35 am
near their home. keith says he used the find my iphone app to locate his wife's cell on the side of the road. he says her headphones were still attached. entangled with strands of hair. keith believes she was abducted. >> i'm getting very angry and frustrated, and i'm scared for my wife. >> reporter: abc news has learned police have suspended the ground search missing 34-year-old. detectives now scouring surveillance video poring through hundreds of tips and combing through her cell phone looking for any possible clues. >> electronic data can be very valuable. our lives and everyday actions and what we do are in cell phones. >> reporter: while authorities are trying to determine if her disappearance was voluntary or involuntary, sherri's sister says she would have never abandoned her children. >> please bring her home to her family. they absolutely adore her and
7:36 am
>> reporter: now family members say that sherri had called dibs on making sweet potatoes for thanksgiving. the family also offering up a $50,000 reward for her safe return. amy. >> all right, kayna. thank you. joining us for more on this is our chief legal analyst, dan abrams. we just heard authorities say the husband passed that lie detector test. but we know those results aren't allowed in court. so how reliable are they? >> they're reliable. they're not quite reliable enough to make them admissible in court, but it wasn't just the lie detector test here. they were also able to confirm his whereabouts. so i think the lie detector test was the final piece in this. they had investigated. they determined they didn't think he was involved. he agreed to take a lie detector test. then he passes it. lie detector tests very often used for exactly this reason. investigations, but not admissible in courtrooms. >> we know authorities in these type of cases almost always look at the spouse first and how significant is it that officials
7:37 am
impressions of how he's acted? in these days that followed her disappearance. >> i think he's doing exactly what the authorities want a spouse to do which is fully cooperate. didn't hire a lawyer. agreed to take a lie detector test. said let me do anything and everything that i can. it's a big deal that the authorities are coming out publicly and saying we don't think he's involved. now, some police officials would say, you should never officially clear anybody because you never know. except in a high-profile case when people are suspecting him and questioning him, i think it's a good thing if the authorizes are convinced he wasn't involved to come out publicly and say. >> thank you very much, dan. we'll see where the case goes from here. >> absolutely. we turn it over to michael. >> thank you. coming up on our big board, what the woman who literally ran into hillary clinton is saying about their chance encounter. plus what experts say about that meeting between president obama and donald trump. we'll have that when we come
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welcome back. it's tile now for our big board and our team of insiders standing by live for more on the top stories. we begin with trump and russia. a senior russian diplomat saying officials from his government did, in fact, have contact with the trump campaign during the run-up to the election. that, of course, corrects what the president-elect has said and alex marquardt joins us now from london. so alex, what exactly did this russian official say? >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, these comm from russia's deputy foreign minister. what he said is that various russian officials had contact not just with the trump campaign, but the inner circle, the immediate entourage as he called it. they were always in public view who occupied positions of significant responsibility. but later the foreign ministry walked it back saying there were no actual contacts with campaign staff. just with supporters, and the
7:41 am
contact. we should say it is pretty common for campaigns to have contact with foreign governments that they might have to deal with and, of course, candidates do often travel to other countries before the election. >> now, alex, in russia is donald trump's victory seen as a victory for putin? >> absolutely, michael. with relations at an all-time low since the cold war, the kremlin just saw clinton as a continuation of president obama. moscow had been very happy with trump's repeated praise of putin on the campaign trail, his anti-nato statement, in fact, just yesterday one of putin's top aides called their attitudes to foreign policy identical, saying it's phenomenal how close it turns out they are. >> wow. >> keep our eye on that. >> yes, we will. thanks, alex. next up, president-elect trump visited the white house yesterday. he and president obama had some nice words for each other but what do their expressions actually say? we have our body language expert, chris ulrich joins us now. chris, we've seen them. they're there. both men. pictures.
7:42 am
anything jump out at you? >> michael, this was a cordial meeting but by no way deferential but not warm meeting. first off what jumped out to me what i noticed was when donald trump is sitting, we see classic trump, in this power steeple. prayer steeple. power, authority and control but does this tapping gesture we'll start to see him do and marks a release of anxiety or stress. and he's also imploded in his posture. al this is a guy whose broad displays what we normally see. almost a deferential nature that we don't normally see. in that particular moment. on top of it with him, we also see a moment where he -- when he goes over and he is going to shake the hand of president obama, the two of them as they are talking, he leans gives a cold shoulder almost, and reaches obama, and on top of it, their facial expressions
7:43 am
a micro expression of sadness, it happens in 1/15 of a second that marks sadness and ask what they're sad about but i think we can speculate what that is. >> there were some tough words said between the two of them over the course of the campaign, one can probably fill in the blanks there. >> exactly. >> there was this photo that was also released on the meeting of first lady michelle obama and melania trump. what do you take away from that photo? >> well, keep in mind, this is the photo that the white house wants us to see here. they staged this photo from perspective. having said that, it's quite a different setup. if we look at this compared to the meeting between the president-elect and president, we see the two of them turned toward each other, facing their belly buttons toward each other. we call that the belly button rule. mirroring each other and legs are closed toward each other and creating a close chain, an intimate moment and rapport and trust. between the two of them. it's not -- you know, it's what we're seeing, a lot of movement if we were looking at
7:44 am
peace fulgurite transition of power and nice moment between the future and current first lady. >> fascinating stuff. i think this says i like michael. now to hillary clinton, a woman hiking in the woods. this is an incredible story. near clinton's home in chappaqua, new york, ran into the democratic nominee on thursday and got this picture. she later said in an interview clinton seemed to be doing well and cokie roberts joins us now and, cokie, other than hiking, what is hillary clinton planning do here for the next short-term at least? >> i have to tell you i'm still having trouble getting over the belly button rule. but i think hiking is one of the things she does plan to do. processing what happened in this election, say some of her friends, and spending a lot of time with her grandchildren in the immediate time we're in right now, and then thinking about how she can carry out what she has said throughout the
7:45 am
which is promoting the well-being of children and their families. and she could either do that through the clinton foundation and show people that it is an institution that does good work or through some other institution like the united nations. >> well, cokie, do you think it is conceivable that she could run for public office again? get back into it? >> no. in a word, no. i think that she is -- has done that. it's done for her. she knows how hard it is, more than anybody. and in her concession speech, she really did say, it's up to you, now, the next generation to take this mission and carry it forward, and one of the people who could carry it forward is her daughter, chelsea. chelsea has talked about public service and how important it is. it wouldn't surprise me a bit if she ended up running for office. >> and, cokie, there is still a question facing hillary clinton post-election, and that's
7:46 am
here. where does that stand? >> well, members of congress are saying they're going to continue investigations. rudy giuliani, whose name is bandied about as attorney general is saying that this can't just be dropped. it has to proceed and talk of the president pardoning her. i suspect she wouldn't much like that because it would imply she's committed some crime that requires pardoning. but on the other hand, it would take it all off the table. >> cokie, chris, alex, thank you all. we appreciate it today. >> thank you. >> yes, we do. coming up our body language right here, amy. a very special veterans day surprise for this little boy and his dad. >> awe. >> cutie. gether to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages.
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right now at kohl's, it's time for holiday entertaining so roast the turkey, make the cookies at kohl's you'll save a little more with an extra 15% off and earn a little more with kohl's cash so you can give a little more this holiday. kohl's. we're back now with a veterans day story that's going to make you all feel great. it's about a little boy in virginia who got a very special treat. let's take a look at him. shawn dillinger. there you see him right there. his dad is a major in the air force and he deployed to kuwait
7:49 am
but before he left, steve put 190 hershey kisses in a jar, and called them good night kisses. and he would never go without a kiss from his dad. every day. he took them everywhere with him. never missed a night. took a jar with him on trips and finally when he had just one left, one hershey kiss left take a look what happened. [ cheers and applause ] >> dad schedule. no kisses left. he gets the real ones instead. >> hm. >> look at that. i have real chills right now. >> love seeing that. >> awe. what a sweet dad, and certainly, you want to thank and show our gratitude for all who serve and spend time away from their families. we really appreciate it. >> ultimate sacrifice and thank you very much. coming up in our next hour warning about shopping apps
7:50 am
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7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, 7:56, i am christopher sign, a silver alert in sun city for 87-year-old herbert bernet last seen near starbust, his car is missing, silver 2006 pontiac, registered out of montana with wisconsin plate, call police if you spot him. a scary screen in scots-- scene in scottsdale. a driver slammed into several cars and a police car. the 25-year-old was drinking and acting on road ranl, arrested near 48th and thomas, this is the debris scattered across the intersection. nobody was seriously injured. a fire at a chandler business is out now but a lot of
7:57 am
a plastic barrel caught fire and some buildings were evacuated. firefighters from chandler, mesa, phoenix, all of them out there keeping the area safe. we are off to a very nice start on this veteran's day with temperature down to 66 degrees, clear skies, light breeze s out there. it is going to be a nice day, warm this afternoon, but not too bad. we climb to 73 by 10:00 a.m., the light breezes back afternoon. 75 by noon. today's high, 83 degrees, a degree warmer than yesterdayism as we go through the weekend, our forecast staying dry in the valley, more high clouds by our sunday, but still, our forecast through the weekend into early next week is dry. roads not too bad from century link prism traffic center. we have one crash here on loop 101 northbound broadway road off to the side. the delays have eased up.
7:58 am
slowing but i am not seeing it now from the shot at thomas road traveling southbound near the stack. about 8:00, we are back in 25 minutes with more loc-- minutes with more local news.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight anti-trump protests turn violent and riots erupt across the country. president-elect donald trump takes to twitter and calls the protests very unfair, also praises the demonstrators as passionate as he meets with president obama. >> i just had an opportunity to have with president-elect donald trump. >> his wife one-on-one with michelle obama. scam alert. americans about to spend billions shopping for the holidays. the new way you could be ripped off by fake apps posing as your favorite brands. how to spot them before you lose your money. ? everybody dance now ? get your groove on. she's the woman everyone can't stop clicking on. the dare from her husband has started her dancing. meet the warriors fan who got everyone on their feet. this friday on "good morning
8:01 am
we have garth brooks and world series champion anthony rizzo here to say -- >> both: good morning, america. ? come on and dance guys grab a girl don't wait ? >> and good morning, america, on this veterans day. anthony rizzo, has to be his first appearance on "gma." >> it is and he's very excited to be here, george. >> looking forward to that. also, garth brooks is back. and it's not just garth, he has a very special veterans day performance with a surprise guest. >> excited. >> and we're also going to celebrate veterans day with an inspiring, amazing story. i got a chance to sit down with this amazing man, joey jones. that's a nice photo of joey and his wife meg and he's got an inspiring message about living with no limits. incredible story. >> you know what we have, puppies, it's friday. and a big "gma" mission pawsible update.
8:02 am
and there are some veterans having a good time with those pups. we'll get to that in a bit. >> let's be honest. we have puppies, it's "gma." >> every day is puppy day at "gma." >> we love that and now we have to get the morning rundown from tom llamas. >> good morning, again, guys. the big story this morning, anti-trump anger again spilling into the streets of american cities overnight. dozens of people have been arrested in portland, oregon, after a protest turned violent with rioters attacking police, smashing windows and vandalizing car. oakland saw its third night of protests clashing with pole and at least 11 arrests. president-elect trump took to twitter blaming the demonstrations on, quote, professional protesters that he says are being incited by the media. but later, take a listen to this, trump tweeted this, "love the fact that the small group of protesters last night have a passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud." it all follows that historic white house meeting. the president-elect saying he and president obama have great chemistry. republican national committee chairman reince priebus told
8:03 am
is committed to unifying the country. >> this election is over now and we have a president-elect who has done everything he can do over the last 48 hours to say let's bring people together. he had a great meeting with the current president. they had a good time. i can tell you personally i talked to president-elect trump. he genuinely enjoyed that meeting. that was not show. he enjoyed the meeting with president obama. >> and now step in the transition, beginning today, president-elect trump will get the same intelligence briefings as president obama and full secret service protection. former illinois congressman aaron schock has been indicted on corruption charges. he resigned after coming under fire for lavish spending that included, get this, using $40,000 in government funds to decorate his office in a "downton abbey" theme. pretty interesting. all right, other news, overseas the taliban is claiming
8:04 am
afghanistan. a suicide bomber killed four civilians. the taliban calls it retaliation for air strikes. and a state of emergency has been declared in tennessee because of the extreme drought and wildfires. 5,000 firefighters are trying to contain dozens of fires throughout the southeast. some people in the appalachian mountains have been forced to evacuate. and some sad news to pass along here. we learned overnight legendary singer/songwriter and poet leonard cohen has died. ? ? composting hallelujah ? >> and cohen is perhaps best known for that song "hallelujah." he often wrote songs for other artists such as as james taylor and willie nelson. he was 82. incredible video in orlando, florida. an unusual rescue involving two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain. one was able to fly away but the second had to be rescued. experts say the eagles were
8:05 am
territory. and finally a rude interruption during a golf tournament. look at this pack of critters invading a course but they showed proper respect for the game, michael, by not moving the ball. so, the pop quiz today, is the plural form of mongoose, which is that animal right there, is it mongooses, mongeese or mongi, guys? >> mongeese. >> i like mongi. >> i'm going with mongoose >> mongi is a word i invented. >> i'm also very -- >> that is right, lara. so if you said mongooses or mongeese, you're correct. >> high-five, george. >> i didn't say anything. yes. >> tom llamas, thank you for that. grammatical moment. >> he's thanking you for stepping right into his setup. >> yes, but, no, i always go for the funny, george, like somebody else we know.
8:06 am
first i have your royal romance update. going to be a big weekend for prince harry and his girlfriend. we know that meghan male is in london right now. "the daily mail" snapped these photos entering the palace with groceries. >> they're just like us. >> they're just like us. there she is. reports suggest that markle has been there since tuesday, the same day the palace made the unprecedented statement pleading for privacy for the couple which i completely agree with. prince harry today making a public appearance at an event honoring veterans. it is believed at some point formally introduce markle to prince william and kate, another sign that this relationship is serious. >> you underscored formally there. >> formally. >> informally they've already met? >> i don't know. i was going to try to pretend i knew but i don't. so, moving on to ali wentworth, our friend, my friend and this guy's wife.
8:07 am
it's coming out, when, george? >> comes out wednesday night on pop tv. 8:00 p.m. >> it's very funny and she and george in honor of that to celebrate that sat down with jess cagle for an interview and a little speed round about themselves. here's a little snippet. >> close friends describe me as -- >> sad. embarrassing. >> reserved. >> strangers describe me as -- >> intimidating. >> yes. >> only i know that i am -- >> a decent human being. >> wacky. >> wacky? >> absolutely he can be. >> what are you, on "the carol burnett show." wacky? >> george -- >> that's me, wacky. >> george, can you tell us when you're wacky? >> it's only been six years.
8:08 am
we may see dancing and we know we're going to see wacky. the two open up though in this very endearing interview about balancing their marriage, parenting and how they've kept that strong bond for over 15 years. to watch the full "people" features with ali wentworth and george and jess cagle visit it on jesse, can you shorten it and again "nightcap." ali told me to say that four times. and finally we showed you a glimpse of queen earlier, but we just cannot get enough of robin shriver. we love you, lady. the loyal san francisco warriors fan telling us she ended up up on the jumbotron one game after her husband dared her to break it down in the stands and there you go. i mean, she is -- wait, do it. we'll get into us trying it. but shriver in her trademark sweater have graced the oracle arena jumbotron 22 times making her something of a local celebrity. she says her midgame grooves
8:09 am
her take selfies. she's got serious skills, her husband says, and he says that he -- he says, believe it or not, she has no formal training. what you're seeing is 100% god given natural talent and we say this is the perfect way to say happy friday. >> she's great. >> after a long -- >> i love her visual expressions while she's doing it too. she is so into it. she's great. >> there's a motto, fake it till you make it, right. she is just giving it all she has and owning it. >> she's got rhyth t >> she totally does. she is a very -- >> when she does that, that is my favorite. i'm taking that out with me this weekend. >> and we want to see it. that's it, george. that's all i got. >> thank you, lara. coming up we got this holiday shopping alert. fake apps, how to spot them. plus, the one and only garth brooks is here with a big performance and an even bigger surprise. there he is with all our soldiers outside. what a good man he is and happy
8:10 am
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we are back with a holiday shopping alert. you know, more and more of us are using our phones to buy gifts but there are fake apps that are posing as stores that could steal money and personal information so becky worley is joining us with what you can do about it. good morning, becky. >> good morning, george. where there's money, there is fraud. consumers are expected to use their phones to make more than $13 billion in holiday purchases this year, so cybercriminals see apps as opportunity. retailers are rapidly rolling out shopping apps for your phone. do you buy clothes on your phone? >> yes. >> yeah. >> how do you do it, app or browser? >> app. >> i love the app. >> reporter: search the app store for some of your favorite brands and you might find this one from ugg's. but here's the problem, ugg's doesn't have an app. this is a fake. dummy apps like this have
8:15 am
personal information being leaked and you have credit card theft where your number can be used once you've given it out and counterfeit items so if the sale goes through, you may get a product that's not legitimate. >> it may ask you to allow other information. this gives the app permission to track me. >> essentially, yes. >> wow. that's crazy. branding brand, ray builder of retail apps, looks for these impostors. >> we discovered over a few hundred apps that were counterfeit. this is between the ios store for apple and the android store for google. >> reporter: apps pretending to be from dillard's, dollar tree, zappos, all fakes. >> consumers should be worried. this is a game of whac-a-mole. new apps are arriving every day while others are being taken down and the trend is this will be a problem for the upcoming holiday season.
8:16 am
of their apps as vetted by the apple istore. we've set up ways for customers and developers to frag flawed or fraudulent or suspicious apps which we promptly investigate to ensure the app store is safe and secure, they say. google says, we take security seriously and google play automatically scans for potentially malicious apps as well as spammy accounts before they are published on the google play store. it really does seem like a game of whac-a-mole. despite the recent takedown some of these impostors were still active this morning, george. >> many so of them look so real. so what are the telltale signs they're fake? >> well, you know, one thing you can do to protect yourself and find a legitimate app, use your browser to go to your favorite brand's website. they'll have a link to their app so if you go through the front door of the retailer's site, it really ensures you're getting the real deal. now, to your point about finding out if it's a fake, if you do go
8:17 am
the publisher's name, it's listed right up top next to the name of the app. if this is their only entry or the others they list are weird sounding, that's a red flag. finally, you want to read the reviews in the app store but don't rely on them exclusively. as we all know, fake app makers write their own glowing positive reviews, you got to trust your gut and be cautious here, george. >> a lot of important information there, becky, thanks very much. and coming up, we are honoring our veterans. michael goes one-on-one with a hero overcoming all the odds. there he is. ? i ain't let
8:18 am
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? back here on "good morning america," it is veterans day and we are honoring the men and women who have served in our armed forces. we're so happy you're here with us. our sponsor, disable veterans, is also helping providing a lifetime of support for vets and their families. we are off to great start. our temperatures slowly climbing though. now up to 68 degrees. we'll warm into the upper 70s by lunchtime and today's high? 83 degrees. it's just a degree warmer than yesterday. still above average. but not by al whole lot. so that's the good news here. by about five degrees. 83 degrees today. tomorrow we are up to -- into
8:22 am
and we'll stay in the low 80s for the most part through the weekend. some more clouds for our sunday. but for now, our forecast looking dry. next week starts off warm but i am so honored to be but standing right now in the middle of all our nation's finest soldiers. and as we honor veterans day and i want you to meet an amazing guy i got a chance to sit down with, staff sergeant joey jones. an american vet left disabled by no limits to how you can live your life. it's an inspiring story like so many others represented by our sponsor, disabled american veterans. take a look. >> all right, man. let's make this happen. >> i first met joey jones during the filming of my new documentary series, "religion of sports" and was instantly truck by his inspiring spirit.
8:23 am
2010, i was a part of the deadliest deployment in our history. >> reporter: one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, jones was a bomb tech, tasked to disarm explosives. >> i got wires. hey, back up. >> reporter: until the day he stepped on an ied. >> it's so loud, you don't hear anything. the cloud of dust is so thick you just see the color tan. when i landed on my back, i knew what happened and my immediate reaction was to look down and see how much of my legs were left. >> just a little sho >> reporter: jones lost both of his legs that day. more than two dozen surgeries followed along with months of grueling physical therapy. >> get up. get up. >> how did you get over all this trauma? >> i think instead of getting over it, you learn to appreciate the things outside of it. you know, i lost my legs, but i have a son and a wife, and i gained those through this recovery. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay! >> reporter: and then a beacon of hope from an unexpected
8:24 am
his passion for nascar bringing new purpose to his life. >> that sport opens its doors and brings you in in a way that nothing else can. >> what's going on, brother? joey jones. >> jeff. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: now an advocate for veterans everywhere, jones works to help soldiers adjust to life after combat. i read a quote from you and i want to know if you still fe this way. "i am living proof the unfairness of life does not equate to the happiness of life." >> absolutely. having adversity, having a mountain in front of you that you choose to walk over and not around, that's happiness. i would love to be able to do things physically for the people i love, but if it took losing my legs to make the guy i am now then, hey, i'm where i need to be with the legs i need. >> and that was just a piece of joey's amazing story. you can see it and others like it on "religion of sports." it premieres november 15th on
8:25 am
thank you to you guys for sitting here and ladies and gentlemen. really appreciate it. happy veterans day and we'll take it in to you, lara. >> thank you so much, miking. it is time now for a very special mission pawsible update. in honor of veterans day we have some servicemen and women here holding adorable dogs all looking for forever homes and i want to start by first letting you know they are all available so please consider, number one, brody. what is your name, sir? >> my name is julian jordan. ? julian, thank you for your service. this is little brody. you guys, a teacupoo only weighs three pounds so won't take up a lot of space. or eat a lot of food. next up your name? >> joanna brady. >> thank you for your service. and who do you have, little christopher? >> yes. >> christopher, guys, is a 14-year-old. he is a stupendous senior, i like to say, sophisticated senior and he is a poodle and he featured -- we featured him on facebook. he's hungry. that's all. next up i have a pekingese and a special place in my heart for haley. take a look at her dental work.
8:26 am
i've ever seen. she is a pomeranian/pekingese and she's three and two new yorkshire terriers named rosie and yoda. your name? >> kamartha harris. >> your name. >> highly row. >> your name? >> marco robinson. >> thank you very much for your service. happy veterans day. all of these guys are available. all of these guys, a special thanks to humane society of new york for letting them come play with us today. we do want to give you a special update. dr r [ drum roll ] so far we have adopted 2,278 dogs. garth brooks coming up. as "gma" celebrates national veterans, dav honors the service and sacrifices of our nation's veterans. service and sacrifices of our nation's
8:27 am
good morning to you, the i'm christopher sign. an update on breaking news we have this morning development vehicles involved in this crash near 35th avenue and cactus. it's hard to tell by the damage, that's a chevy impala smashed up there. we're told the driver was actually trapped inside the car and had to be rescued by fire crews. that person is at the hospital. their condition unknown. alcohol may ha it is a disturbing social media post. officials telling us these two girls are students at mesa high school. the post bragging about a swastika pumpkin. but we're told this was not on school grounds. so the girls will not be punished by the school. the school has take than opportunity to remind students to really think before they post on social media. all right, the sun devils wearing black for senior night. asu kept things close against utah in the first half.
8:28 am
half. utah went big here. and asu's home finale. iris i'm sorry. >> i know. it's a tough loss. all right, let's start thinking about the weekend you aren't how about that? -- how about that? today a gorgeous day. high temperatures in the low 80s in most valley cities and 30 year average is 78 and we will be a little bit of that but overall not too bad with sunny skies lighter winds by this afternoon too. 83 for a high in phoenix and upper 70s in kingman and sedona. make it into the 60s in winds low and flagstaff and up to degrees. a dry day today and it looks like weekend is also staying dry across the state. most of the valley freeways moving really nicely right now from the sensory link prism traffic center but we have a new crash in the east valley to look out for. it's u.s. 60 westbound right at dobson road. a look from the adot camera because it is blocking that hov lane. again this is right before you hit the 101. but because traffic is so light, you're seeing less than a half mile of slowing so make sure you just stay to the tight to get bring. okay mallory just about 8:30 now, we are back in 25
8:29 am
thank you very much to all of the veterans out there and yo ? julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
8:30 am
? friday ? [ applause ] welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning here in times square. we have a great crowd here who love their bubble wrap. >> yes. [ applause ] >> there's a reason for the bubble wrap. what is your favorite toy? what was your favorite? >> this is one of them. rock 'em sock 'em. >> i loved atari. >> oh. frogger and -- yeah, right. pitfall. i would get blisters on my hands because i would play it so much. >> i think you were in there a little too long. >> pogo stick. i live liked on that and sneaker skates. remember those from the '70s. >> i used to like the green machine. remember that green machine you saw -- >> yes, i do remember that. >> i love the commercials. we couldn't afford one.
8:31 am
there is the toy hall of fame if you want to find out what was inducted this year, the rock 'em sock 'em robot was not. >> oh, come on. >> wah-wah. >> some things that were. remember duncan and dragons. >> oh, my goodness. >> you two, pay attention and stop playing games. dupgen and dragons was put in. also the swing in the playground, the swing. finally got in, little people. remember -- >> i remember that. >> wait, are you telling me dungeons and dragons is in and rock 'em sock 'em isn't. >> i didn't vote. >> we've been robbed. we've been robbed. >> it was a finalist. rock 'em secret 'em was a finalist. >> clue was a finalist because i remember -- >> i love clue. oh, my god. dunca dungeons and dragons beat clue. >> and what else, bubble wrap.
8:32 am
>> i didn't know bubble wrap was a toy. i thought bubble wrap was to protect stuff they sent you. >> no, it's the best thing in the box. >> it makes you so happy. >> i know. >> such a stress reliever. here, guys, you look like you need it. >> do you want some? >> yes. >> help yourself. >> the toy hall of fame. the most wonderful time of the year. i love this time of year. holiday, gearing up and, amy, you have something. >> in fact, last night we were discussing if it was too soon t watch a christmas movie because or a holiday movie because it gets you into the spirit and so because christmas is just 43 days away, we will have plenty of time to watch a lot and "parents" magazine team the up with rotten tomato to pick the ten best for families. let me ask you all. your favorite? >> "love actually." >> yeah. >> ah. >> softy. >> i am. >> ah.
8:33 am
that's my favorite. every year i watch it. >> we watch "love actually" on thanksgiving. >> that's a great tradition. >> i know it's not technically but "sound of music" comes on right around now. i just love that. >> family. >> warms my heart. >> wait. so george and michael have the same favorite christmas movie. >> how about that? >> talk about george is wacky. we know i'm wacky. >> apparently both romantic too. also on the list "a christmas story." christmas". >> that's pretty funny. >> my runner-up is "elf." i love that. yes. >> how about "rudolph." >> "it's a wonderful life." "miracle on 34th street," "the muppet christmas carol." "the nightmare before christmas" cat prancer" "white christmas". >> does "home alone" count? >> it should. >> i think it's up there.
8:34 am
ten. >> no, it didn't sadly. >> you know what makes the top ten every time our next guest, what do you think? >> to the table two time oscar nominated actor starring in "arrival." let's welcome jeremy renner. [ applause ] >> okay. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> mwah. >> hi, brother, how are you. how are you doing, what's going on. you guys are >> would you like some bubble wrap. >> rock 'em sock 'em. >> great. >> thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> looking dapper. >> i'm feeling okay. put together some duct together. >> congrats on the movie. we had amy on yesterday. amy adams. >> can't stop. get rid of it. >> amy was on yesterday. >> yep. >> she's amazing, isn't she. >> she's got crazy energy. >> i'm crazy about her. fantastic woman. love her.
8:35 am
aliens. >> getting to know aliens. i know nothing about aliens. but, yeah, the movie is kind of -- deals with sort of communicating with an alien sort of force and sort of how to use language to figure out, you know, why they're here is what the movie is about generally then goes into other beautiful things. i can't tell you about it. >> you can't. >> you have to go see it. >> i heard it's being compared to "close encounters"? yes, it's much more want to say cerebral. >> esoteric. >> not laser beams killing each other but a tense peaceful sort of movie. much more heart felt. >> let's take a look at it. >> yep. >> i feel like everything that happens in there comes down to the two of us. >> yeah, it's a good thing, though, right? you and i?
8:36 am
there, i see. >> ah. >> alien, romance. [ applause ] >> in the back of a truck. >> incredible research department said you guys met singing karaoke? >> oh, yeah, they were correct. we met in a karaoke bar lik like '98, '99 called barney's beanery from l.a. and we met a long time ago because we were both broke actors and the only thing that's fun to do is sing. >> >> i don't remember what happened yesterday let alone 1998. memory won't serve me well. if i did people are like, okay, let's play it. let's sing it now. a mike. i'm not telling anyone. >> yeah. >> you also play marvel character hawkeye. >> that's right. >> we were here talking about -- [ applause ] >> bubble wrap, i uncovered that. there you go. >> yeah, baby. look at that. >> nice. looking good. >> is it true your little girl
8:37 am
>> she knows who hawkeye is. she's actually with me today. but she has pajamas with all the avengers on them and she looks at all of them but all of them are mask on and, oh, that looks like you, daddy. i'm like, it is daddy. and i like -- no, daddy. that's hawkeye. he got a bow and arrow. okay, i just look like hawkeye to my daughter. >> when you're not acting you do me you flip houses. >> that's right. >> how did you get into this? >> something i sort of fell into with my brother. i've been doing them since 2000 and inadvertently i needed a place to live and i came into like a little bit of money and he got a little bit of money and put it together and bought a house then fix -- >> what do you do? >> a little bit. it's much more into sort of the psychology of architecture and design and things like that that
8:38 am
pretty good at. >> i have so many questions right now. my wheels are spining. >> we don't have the time. >> this is my wheelhouse. are you into midcentury. >> well, i did a midcentury. that's what i'm living now but architecture can be beautiful and it's more about lifestyle and that's what's important. how do you provide a family with an amazing lifestyle for the rest of their life whether it's a greek revival or midcentury -- >> listen to you. wow. >> it's really the architecture kind of dictates limitio what -- >> how many do you do a year? >> i've done three, three, almost four in one year. that was really -- >> wow. >> look at that. >> it's tough. i don't recommend doing that. >> it's very tough. that's a lot to do. >> that's a lot to buy in one year. it's weird. >> you're providing us with great homes and a lot of great entertainment and this movie "arrival" is no different. it's in theaters today. make sure you go check out jeremy renner.
8:39 am
>> stay right there. when we come back cubs superstar anthony rizzo is right here.
8:40 am
8:41 am
back here on "good morning america," the heart of the cubs team and this old trophy, first baseman anthony rizzo fresh off your historic world series win,
8:42 am
here and with us in times square but i got to ask where is that game winning ball? you're the one that caught it. you put it away. where is it. >> i gave it to -- i gave it to our owner. i think the city of chicago owns it. he's built that team and he's invested in us so i gave it to him that ball at the parade. >> not just a historic 108-year big, big, big win but then you got the gold glove so that was just awarded to you earlier this week. how are you feeling. >> that's amazing. one of the best awards i could re my defense no matter how good i hit or bad. he pries me on my defense so that's one of the better awards i've ever won. >> cancer is close to your heart. you have it and you have a walk coming up. you wanted to let everybody know it's happening soon. >> we have i believe our fifth annual walk so it's amazing. it's in parkland, florida, in my hometown. we raise so much money for pediatric cancer and helping a lot of families out that are
8:43 am
a lot of amazing things with that. >> hopefully people can get out. you said it was sold out. they got to get out early. make sure you get if there early. i have to bring onedate. month-long mission pawsible event and had a dog named anthony rizzo. i think we have a photo of him. you're cute. >> that's not adopted yet? he's not adopted yet. >> you know we want him to be. there was also a dog ben zobrist and kris bryant and the one that wa we have a photo of him, as well of the owners of ben now renamed and anthony rizzo. >> oh, that's awesome. that's awesome. >> so now there are three anthony rizzos. >> we need to get that one adopted. whoever adopts that i'll somehow reach out and get him a signed jersey so a free dog and free jersey. >> i'm a former chicagoan and spent a lot of time. can we pick this up?
8:44 am
we started out the morning nice and cool under clear skies. still looking at those close this morning. clear skies this morning -- clear skies this morning. currently sitting in the 60s across the valley. warm -- valley still. and the breezes stick around through the morning. we have lighter winds this that weather brought to you by prudential. i'm staying out here with these guy, lara. >> thank you so much. ginger, right now country superstar garth brooks is with us. [ cheers and applause ] s they like you. got to brag about you. so, garth as you may know became the first artist to earn seven diamond albums. [ applause ] yes. is fresh off winning his fifth cma entertainer of the year is it that's what i'm talking about right will. >> i love that. >> how was that moment? >> it was awesome. first of all i came with the most gorgeous date, left with the most gorgeous date so i was going to be a winner no matter what but, man, when they called
8:45 am
are you kidding me? and it was sweet. i got to go hug the guys. i don't remember the speech. >> it was good. i was there. you were great. >> but i did end up going home with the best-looking woman so it was a great night. we haven't slept since to tell you the truth. >> oh, my. >> we'll get to that. >> i'm sure what i'm saying -- we haven't overall slept. we've been celebrating. >> tell us about this box set. this collection. >> very cool. finally lands today at target. can we say target because -- >> you can. get it. >> only place to get it. there's the box, ten disks all the new stuff and including the 25th anniversary of friends in low places where george strait the king is singing on it. it is awesome. and it was -- >> 126 songs. >> isn't it cool? >> how do you remember the words to them? >> anding it made it a great value so i'm proud to partner with them. >> and there's a little special treat for fans i understand in this? >> oh, yes, well, you know,
8:46 am
whole new album is in two weeks before you can get it anywhere else. "gunslinger" is there there and mr. and mrs. yearwood's christmas record coming out today. this is good. >> you know, it wouldn't be right if we didn't share that with one other person, right? >> who's that. >> a woman i believe you called the queen. >> the queen is here, yes. >> trisha yearwood, everybody. ? >> hello, beautiful. >> i love your coat. >> how are you? >> hi. >> hello, gorgeous. how are you doing, beautiful? you doing good. >> sit here. >> you are on tv, by the way. >> we've never kissed on television. >> how are you? great to see you, congratulations. i want to hear about the christmas. about the christmas music together. >> what was it like singing with me, honey? >> oh, it was just -- you're so big and strong. >> thank you.
8:47 am
we had fun. we love christmas. we love christmas music. and we can't wait to start playing it in our house. and so this year there's going to be sinatra, dean martin, a little rosemary clooney and garth and trisha playing. >> leave me hanging. >> it's called "christmas together" and it is a clb race between the two of you. who calls the shots when you're in the recording studio? >> in the studio? her. >> but at home. >> ask us where in the house. >> at the house. >> her. [ applause ] >> i'll say what do you think -- i don't know. you haven't told me yet. >> you just look like you're having a great time. >> we are. we are having a really good time and had a chance to sing a few of the christmas songs in the last few days and it's really fun to sing together. >> it was fun to see you at the cmas in front of legends, 50th anniversary. >> getting to sing the greatest
8:48 am
johnny and june cash, conway and loretta. that was awesome. >> and trisha and garth. garth is performing coming up.
8:49 am
8:50 am
? oh the snowflakes fell in silence ? we are back now with garth brooks and he is honoring our veterans with a very special song they inspired of box set garth brooks the ultimate section. this is "belleau wood." ? oh the snowflakes fell in silence ? ? over belleau wood that night ? ? for a christmas truce had been declared by both sides of the fight ?
8:51 am
trenches the silence broke in two ? ? by a german soldier singing a song that we all knew ? ? though i did not know the language the song was silent night ? ? then i heard my buddy whisper all is calm and all is bright ? ? then the fear and doubt surrounded me 'cause i'd die if i was wrong ? ? but i stood up in my trench and i began to sing along ? ? then across the frozen battlefield another's voice joined in ? ? until one by one each man
8:52 am
? then i thought that i was dreaming for right there in my sight ? ? stood the german soldier neath the falling flakes of white ? ? and he raised his hand and smiled at me as if he seemed to say ? ? here's hoping we both live to see us find a better way ? then the devil's clock struck midnight and the skies lit up again ? ? and the battlefield where heaven stood was blown to hell again ? ? but for just one fleeting moment the answer seemed so
8:53 am
? heaven's not beyond the clouds it's just beyond the fear ? ? no heaven's not beyond the clouds it's for us to find it here ? [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
i love this guy, garth brooks. we want to thank him and we have a special treat for our audience this morning. you're going to get his new box set "garth brooks: the ultimate collection." >> everybody, thank you at home for watching. have a great friday. >> happy veterans day. good morning. the search is on right now for a crook who got away with some
8:57 am
police officers say a box was delivered to a home near val vista. anyone with information on this is asked to call mesa police. >> and some extra paws will be hitting the ground around sun devil's stadium. tillman. the german shepherd is training to become an explosions detective dog. >> let's talk about your most our temperature now back into the 70s. 71 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. we'll warm into the upper 70s by lunchtime. a high today of 83 degrees. should be a gorgeous veteran's day with sunny skies. again just a little warm this afternoon. those eighth in the forecast through the weekend. 80 through tomorrow. mid 80s by sunday. sunday more clouds. but we're not going to see rainfall over the weekend.
8:58 am
still have this crash blocking the hov lane but really not causing delays. and a look from our a-dot camera. another crash. it's on loop 202 westbound. this one is blocking the right lane and it is a little bit heavy in this area. >> sounds good. just about 9:00 now. we are back at 11ing with a full hour's worth of news. we will see you then and make sure you have a wonderful and
8:59 am
julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
9:00 am
coming up today on sonoran living it's veteran's day. we're going to tell you how you can honor >> and making something special for our veterans on this special day. >> and check out the image of this poll. how your donations can help make a dream a reality for hundreds of foster kids in care. that's coming up next on sonoran living. >> that's our tgif. >> we love that.


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