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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 11, 2016 2:00pm-2:30pm MST

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it's november 11th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a couple's relaxing horseback ride suddenly takes a terrifying turn. >> watch closely, the horses were spooked. >> see if you can spot the scary reason why. a veteran's salute to
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the sweet reunions and homecomings to warm your heart. >> she knows her baby. >> looks like somebody's having a bad day. why the angry passenger is taking it out on the bus. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a nervous home stylist. >> she's about to cut her bangs. >> why the questor more than skin deep. >> finger is not the problem. >> great way to spend time on your vacation with your honey, a horseback ride. this is gordon. riding the horse in botswana. this is bucket list stuff right here, galloping along with the guys and your girl behind you when suddenly, look out, one horse cuts in front of the other
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the horses were spooked for a very good reason. you see in the slow motion on eli's go pro. >> it's a predator. >> switch to lindsey's camera and this angle and you clearly see the lion in pursuit. they had noticed a lion hiding behind a termite mound. that's when the lioness was out. lying in the bog, the lion running right for him. thankfully, for whatever reason, that eli survives this incident. the rest of the crew doesn't realize they've got a man down at this point. they keep running. they don't know that eli is in trouble. now you see him to his feet and running. thankfully, he got out of this. okay, there's his riderless horse. >> that horse was full on survival mode. >> plenty of horsepower.
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oktd. it was recently posted to youtube. okay, didn't happen on our part, but still think it's an awesome video. folks survived and they have a story to tell. >> if you feel like crying, i'm going to give you a reason to cry. this is going to be a happy cry. >> my mom used to say that, it wasn't a happy situation. >> this is going to make you smile ugly cry we're at a school with students sitting down at their table and then we see the marine walking in in full uniform. you realize that this gentleman here is the younger sibling of the marine that walked in the door. he's been gone for months. but apparently, there's also a
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the cool thing about these reunions when they happen at a school, the teachers let you leave the classroom so you can spend quality time. so emotional when they come home. like this guy who is surprising his mom, because he's got a two-week leave from the navy. he's in the graduating for her and she spots him from the driveway. >> oh, my god! >> that's mama. she knows her baby. when she realizes he's there, she runs into the garage and gives him a mama hug. >> that's a mama bear hug if i've seen one. this guy in colombia is engaged in a fight on the bus, smashing up what he can. >> what did the bus do? >> the bus didn't stop to pick him up, but another report says it may have run over his cat.
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why and not a lot of information as to who either, because he vanished off this. just one of the videos that somebody having a bad day. the next video has got a similarly strange story, but significantly scarier. turkey, where a bus driver is inside a bus. very suddenly the scene takes a turn. guy comes into the back of the bus and immediately starts attacking and suddenly -- obviously holding some sort of pipe or bat in the face of a torrent of abuse. eventually manages to get away and that's when he starts screaming, screaming for the police, screaming for help, screaming for anyone. apparently that's the moment that spooked the guy with the bat. the other guy sticks around for a bit more, but then takes the best of it. he, too, you see the driver comes back in shot. he was badly hurt. had about a four-inch gash in
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stitches. warning lights on, we'll find you. the strange part of the story, they believe this is a case of mistaken identity, because while they were beating him up, they were talking about you swore at my sister, something about a sister. i literally have no idea what you're talking about. however, a bus driver from an earlier shift recounted a story of an angry woman and how there'd been an altercation. in this case, the driver minding his own business got retaliated against for something he didn't do. >> brainless picture of thugs. >> the video had been released and an investigation had been launched. >> hi, boys and girls, time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need friday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the
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how cool is this scene before you? up in the sky, maybe in a hot air balloon, seeing this beautiful scene, but think about doing this if you're a hang glider. that's exactly what he did. he says this is the first test flight of his l.e.d. glider and it is beautiful. >> great. mac dreidel is going to have these videos on real or fake and go on about ufos now because people hav >> can you imagine if you are on the ground and look up and there's this weird light flying around? come on, it's a ufo. >> probably happened a hundred times. >> the cool thing about this is, you can do this to a bunch of your buddies and now it's a thing. >> let's think about it for a minute. >> he's got a flashlight above his head. >> you have to really know your surroundings, know the area around you. not like he can see the ground that clearly.
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anything, and landing, that's got to be tough with the perception of where the ground is. >> well, let's see how it goes. he's landing in the dark. the area that's illuminated is basically illuminated by the light. it's not like he turns on the spotlight. >> you can see there were some headlights to cars and stuff there. sort of a pickup hang gliding game. >> he's happy with how it went. a man is spotted being shady >> and this guy, this soldier is having none of it. >> the story behind the shameful act that's got everyone fired up. and see the simple steps to turn your sweater into a cozy turtle neck. >> wow, look at that. brought to you by -- oming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do.
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pain strikes at the nerve level.
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by -- desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. >> honest mistake in the uk. basically, the same thing. that's what this is all about. guy walks up to a guy in a market. >> what's your name? what's your name, where are you from? >> you look d and see it's covered in poppies. people wear poppies in honor of remembrance sunday. reason being, poppies were the first to grow on the battlefield where millions died in florence. >> lots of symbolism behind the flowers. >> massively so. the money raised goes to the british legion who support current and former service members and their family. >> something bad about that? >> well, yes.
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>> the guy behind the camera, colin eastway, he's a former member of the parachute regiment. this guy is basically selling knockoff poppies, he's taking that money and he's putting it in his own pocket and this soldier is having none of it. >> [ bleep ] selling poppies outside [ bleep ]. >> this guy is just calling him out on video. puts it up on facebook and shames this guy. >> give m [ bleep ] you all over the place. >> help me understand what makes it so obvious to know this guy is a scammer. >> well, even when he asked him what charity are you working for, he doesn't even know the right answer. he just says charity, f off. when he questioned him, the story fell apart. >> never thought people would take advantage of such a thing. >> he's making money off dead soldiers and that doesn't sit well with former soldiers. >> hopefully, this guy is shamed
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lads. >> this is the time of year when you open up a gift package, oh, this sweater's really nice, grandma, but this lady has a sweater you're going to want. >> i'll be showing you how to make this oversized turtle neck sweater. i wanted to see if there was a way to make a turtle neck without the knitting part. the front of the back i traced an existing sweater and left a seam allowance all the way around. >> >> uses the pieces and talks about what shapes she prefers to use for a sweater so it can fall correctly. then she's got her pens and she starts going front to the back, the shoulders, then shows you how to apply the glue. and this, my friends, is the final product. i have to say, i want this. >> yeah. not bad at all. especially if you do it oversized, kind of nice. >> super easy if you know how to
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know style, fashion, and what looks good. >> i can't wait until somebody tries this and it's a little awkward. we'll want the video. if you want to see the whole pattern, go to our website,, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. t-rex can do it all. >> ahh! that's the thing that killed all of us. >> that's it! >> funny enough, it was a trampolining accident. >> it's true. >> this video was posted to the instagram page and he's flipping and dipping all over the place. >> everything done with one of those suits on is great. >> most definitely is. t-rex in slow motion is also
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this guy can pretty much do it all, as well. rubik's cube and a basketball. >> get the bleep out. you are doing two things with one hand, i can't do with both hands. >> right. spinning the basketball on one hand and solving the rubik's cube with the other. >> let me qualify here. i look at this, a guy that plays the guitar, same thing. right hand's doing one thing, >> also things i can't do. >> see him do it in a t-rex suit. >> still waiting to finish my first rubik's cube and i got it at the age of 5. learn how you can make a spectacular thanksgiving centerpiece in just five minutes next "right this minute." and still to come, medical marijuana shops have these guys feeling -- >> little bit confused. >> i think i need stitches. >> we don't have a doctor here. >> what are you talking about?
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dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels promotional considerations provided by -- specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. ? ? new selsun blue full & thick shampoo. dandruff fighters with proteins and vitamins new selsun blue full & thick. the "rtm" videos app. download it now. quite a few people across the u.s. feeling a little bummed these days, but jenna marbles is here to make your day a little better. >> oh, my goodness, you look beautiful. >> how is she going to do this
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i do believe she sat down and had a long extensive conversation with her two dogs to make sure that they were willing participants of this wedding. she got both her dogs to agree, and her friends to come. >> look at all that lace. spare no expense with the lace. >> she's going old school. >> recovering from the dog. >> why not? >> done! >> here's the groom getting his tux thing. the groom the altar. everybody is taking their places waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. >> if dogs really do have -- humans be crazy. >> the dogs get the seven-year itch after one year. >> willing participants. poor dog's terrified. has no idea. >> the wedding continues. >> well, that is definitely a wedding.
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>> there's an exchange of treats. >> oh, that's how they do it. >> mostly, she gets to have. >> that's the way it goes. >> they said, yes, i do, and they lived happily ever after. >> mr. and mrs. yeah! medical marijuana has been legal in a lot of states for a while and recently made legal for recreational purposes in some states, but are a little bit confused. >> medical marijuana shops are popping up everywhere, and they are commonly being confused as actual emergency rooms. >> can i see the doctor, please? fell over on my skateboard, i think i need stitches. >> wait, but some of these
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no? >> that's why this prank works, because you can see that some people aren't quite sure when they see the medical cross. they think, oh -- >> we don't have a doctor here. >> what are you talking about? >> this is a dispensary. >> i just saw -- >> we're a dispensary, medical marijuana. >> this girl must think, am i sober right now? i can't be serious, right? >> no doubt the least weird thing she's seen today. >> probably true. >> is there a doctor? >> the guy at the next dispensary kind of has the next reaction. >> i need the doctor. >> i don't -- >> can't take patients right now? i think i really need stitches. >> not for that. >> you can tell it's a medical marijuana dispensary, because the guy is wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. >> they both roll up to the next
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>> we don't have anything like that. >> walk into the lobby, you'll be cool, man. >> do you have any pringles? >> oh, crap, my mom's going to be pissed if i go to the other place. >> turned away so calmly. >> you might have to go to the emergency room for that. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> you can use each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it's swish. >> get over to, click win ipad, and enter the buzz word, wish. >> and next week we'll have another bonus give away, meaning somebody's going to win an ipad and somebody is going to win a flat screen tv. so good luck, everybody.
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the unthinkable. >> she's about to cut her bangs.
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there are three stages to recovering from a bad haircut and this web star is going to show the full gamut of emotions. there you see she's got a triangle section of hair at the front. she's about to cut her bangs. >> well, there's your first proble about a bad haircut, don't do it yourself. >> when you let go, they go -- >> let's just see how it comes out first. >> well, i'm sure. >> that's not the problem. >> yeah, she cuts herself, then she sees her bangs. the first, obviously, to scream. the second stage -- >> denial, shock. >> third stage -- realization.
2:28 pm
hairdresser $60 a week. >> if you want a new hair style, all you have to do is buy some weaves, style it, wear it. >> finally, the last stage, laughter. >> yeah, i told you there were multiple stages. this haircut, though, made little parker myles' mom super, super happy. parker has down's syndrome. he's been modeling since he was doesn't like haircut time. when he gets in the chair he's antsy and wiggles around, doesn't enjoy him. but hey, something about the mirror has mesmerized him. mom is just absolutely thrilled that he's chill. >> just understands that it's hard to be really, really, really, really ridiculously good looking. that's it, that's all. see you on the next "right this
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all new today "right this minute". a good samaritan jumps into a river near a wrecked concrete mixer. >> and he's trying to get to the driver. >> the moment a giant digger delivers a little help. >> no way. >> a home owner sees something trapped in the roof. >> that is a starling that's stuck. >> the twist when rescuers go to great heights and the bird pulls a houdini on them. a marine who lost his leg battles back by training for -- >> the month of marathons. >> the veterans day story behind rob jones' journey of strength and courage. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and what is it? video of something strange


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