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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am MST

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drivers with a mother hit and killed by somebody driving a truck in chandler. so far the expected driver's >> it on the streets. we are glad you're starting your week with us. we have some breaking news from the live desk. two people are dead the crash near 35th avenue. abc15's allison rodriguez is getting updated right now. lieutenant paul taylor is a public information officer giving an update at this moment on the tv. if we could show that very quickly, i want everyone to know what is happening. >> statements and possibly video local businesses nearby to find out what they were doing. one of the things that we try to do is find out from relatives where were they going and what were they doing to help us in the investigation. >> what we know at this point
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do we have video? this wreck is horrific. the back and of the car is essentially gone. this was two cars and the people killed were we ended at the intersection on 35th avenue in local -- vogel. mallory, what two people need to know? >> you will area between dunlap and peoria so you're smart route this morning's 45th avenue. it is going to be for the entire morning commute. your freeway is not doing too bad but we have another crash on some of our surface street. >> let's talk about your most accurate forecast and the stunning moon providing light across the valley and it is
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it does not even sent until just before 7 a.m. if you want to check it out, you have time. you will step out to cool temperatures with 60 degrees at sky harbor. 80 by noon and a high of 86 degrees today. we will talk about how much warmer it will get in minutes. we have an update with the crash in chandler in the man who is behind the wheel is out on the s deeper into this one. >> reporter: dan, we were surprised to find that men at his home this weekend and shop to realize he has quite a driving record. so does speculation growing as to why exactly he was released. let's give you the latest from chandler police. according to them william f
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epperlein was charged. officers say he was driving with a suspended license when he killed the young chandler mother and seriously injured her children. here is how it went down when chris track them down in his home. >> reporter: you don't want to talk about this? >> not at all. >> reporter: those kids were still last check. we are getting some brand-new information about the victims here and also there is a way all of you can take action and help this family. >> we hope they get help. now to a crime alert out of glendale with officers looking for the shooter who killed a man. witnesses saw two men leaving moments after the shots rang
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he if you know anything, please call the police. still no word on what caused three mobile homes to go up in flames. hopefully you got the abc15 alert on your phone yesterday. nobody was hurt and that is the good news. it has been a week since donald trump was elected president and protests are not stopping. nearly 1000 people in new york march outside tr dozens arrested in portland. in seattle students are planning a walkout today it is time to get to know these two guys has donald trump is making his choices. stephen bannon will serve as the senior counselor. reince priebus will serve as the white house chief of staff.
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his original doubters now offering support. trump say some of the people who have called him is mitt romney, john kasich, and overnight we learned the president of china also called in hopes of having an early day to meet. on the local level you might be wondering if your ballots have been counted. maricopa county is not yet quite go around the clock to get the final results in. election workers processed 73,000 ballots yesterday alone and until they are done, there are a couple of races still too close to call. including the one for county recorder. want to update you on breaking news. i promised you an update with allison rodriguez and the deadly crash near 35th avenue
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>> reporter: a very sad situation. you were just speaking with the lieutenant who tells us this impact is so bad that there is debris for hundreds of feet out here. they say two men in a white bmw traveling northbound going so fast all over the speed limit here. they plowed right into the honda vehicle who were traveling in that smaller honda unfortunately have both died here on the scene. there is not scratch -- much information about them. but they are speaking with witnesses. investigators are speaking with witnesses because the collision was so loud that a lot of the neighbors heard of them. coming up we will hear from a neighbor of what she heard. this area will be closed down
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allison rodriguez, abc15. a first look at a father behind bars after he triggered the early morning amber alert. this is david fuller who was captured in tempe. he took two girls near broadway and roosevelt. police say he and the mother got into a fight before the amber alert. they were worried he would take them as far as florida. the girls have been recovered and they are safe. in a cowardly acts on a california sheriffs deputy. he was executed and what we are now learning about the subject. your drive near i-10 is looking good this morning and the closer look at your desert drive times next. we are starting with a temperature of 60 degrees and i will show you how close we will
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we are off to a cool start in the valley than to 60 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. a little bit of a chill in the air with a chance the little ones may need a sweater early this morning for the bus stop through the early morning. we will be in the 60s through the 8:00 hour and then the warm back up into the 80s. today will be another warm day with above average highs up to 86 degrees. sunny skies and a warm afternoon but not quite to record. the record is 91 degrees from 1999. tomorrow we will be in the
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is 89 degrees for our tuesday with the record only being 90. we have some warm days on top and a big cool down next. sto-rox let's give you a check of the roads with another crash to tell you about on the 19th avenue through dunlap. to avoid restrictions, take seventh avenue. it is affecting the valley metro , so they will send some buses to help out with some of those delays you will see. we have a new crash right now. loop 202 eastbound near loop 101 as you are driving through mesa and tempe is where you will see this. i will give you more details coming up. it seems like it has taken forever, but the traffic on grand avenue and surprise are
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additional restrictions tonight on grand avenue. the entire project experiencing help in the spring. light rail continues eastward into mesa moving to the construction phase. the project will extend the green line along main street with construction including two new stations. valley metro will unveil the art very soon. working overnight alerts as police officers influx of searching for an armed man. more than a dozen cars parked in the driveway shot at over the weekend and what you need still coming up. the lone survivor of this fatal crash is in police custody accused of murder.
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was arrested over the weekend for the second time. investigators say last may he intentionally drove the suv off this clip in hawaii with her sister in the passengers seat. >> she was angry at green with the person and that she was in a rage expect the crash was just an accident and in june a judge put out the charges ordering her release saying no probable cause for murder. then last month that indictment -- >> it the things that i'm missing that actually make this case. >> -- coming up dan abrams comes inland with your gma first look i am linsey davis,
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pictures are coming in. breaking overnight while you were sleeping, flagstaff police are searching for an armed ma officers say the suspect stole a car and drove to flagstaff. troopers spotted the car and were able to take out the tires. the suspect then ran into a wooded area near anna you -- northern arizona university. northern arizona university was
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we have a safety alert with random cars shot out in the west valley. we are still looking at the same time frame with katie conner live on 51st avenue and greenway. do police have any leads? >> reporter: yes. over the weekend within 20 people called 911 after they saw the car windows had been shot out. a few of these cases has the su green car driving up shooting his window. the cases that took place happened at different times of the day. overall in the north part of the valley. fortunately no one has been hurt but in july a man and his nephew were waiting at the stop sign when a serial shooter shot of the car. this is the latest known case related to the shooter since
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detectives have been very quiet about the investigation. we reached out to phoenix police and we will let you know what we find out. coming up i will give you a description of the getaway car that you need to look out for. katie conner, abc15 news. brand-new details about a suspect accused of shooting and killing a california deputy execution style. authorities say david machado and the spotted a suspicious vehicle. that is one the gun was pointed at his head and fired twice. deputy state machado then took off running and carjacked another person. he was arrested after an armed robbery. the woman called police and machado was arrested but was not recognized until after he was taken into custody.
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the georgia hot car deathtrap. justin ross harris is accused of letting his son die. he said he just forgot to drop his son off at day care but the prosecution said it was deliberate. paris remembers the 130 people killed when you're ago. services are being held across the city. you have got to see this video. look at this, dan. this is after the new zealand earthquake. those are cows stuck on an island. now they are just perched up with nowhere to go. so the 7.8 earthquake happened around midnight.
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look at the aftershock. there's been a large number of them and everyone in the newsroom cannot believe it. it looks like something out of a movie. if you want to be of your mortgage faster, you may think you can pay half every two weeks. the money is not immediately applied and a large company keeps it in limbo until the second half comes in. if a partial payment is not applied how are you saving any >> nick says you may not be. >> it is not earning interest for you, and it has not reduced your mortgage balance. >> you are basically paying them to pay them. sending half of your payment every two weeks amounts to one extra payment every year. >> take the payment and divided by 12. every month make an extra
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>> added $83 to your payment to get the same benefit. make sure to tell your more efficient company you specifically want the payment to go toward principal. got to to see all of the ways you can protect your money. i am investigator joe ducey. have a great day. if you have a problem, let me know. as we talked about your most accurate forecast we have a bright light shining through a window with -- supermoon. you can see it shining over the valley and install some time to go see it. it will not set until 6:54 this morning. share it on and we would love to see your picture of the main. it feels cool even chilly in spots. in chandler the temperatures are down to 52 degrees this
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a bit of a chilly start to the day with 54 in mesa and 61 in deer valley. it is 60 officially at phoenix sky harbor. we will stay in the 60s in the morning before we warm back by 10 a.m. it is still pretty nice with sunny skies through the afternoon and a high today of 86 degrees. above average highs with average now down to 76. we have the mid-80s by this afternoon under sunny skies. 86 in phoenix with 80s to our west and 60s in northern arizona. we will feel the heat for the next couple of days before we bring rain chances back to the high country. we will get a big drop in temperatures going from the 80s
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in the 70s by thursday. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> i want to give you another look at the crash we have in the east valley near the loop 101 interchange. you just will want to keep an eye out for this but traffic is very light in the area. let's give you a look at the big picture with things picking up on i-17 it is just about eight minutes. a heads up with a couple crashes off of the 17 with 19 avenue closed right now south of dumb up because of this crash -- dunlap because of this crash.
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street. look at the damage to that car. new information they are just now getting on this crash. we have brand-new information coming in after a mobile home fire.
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for a second bankruptcy overnight. this is the second filing in a year. the company will sell for $66 million. many retailers were hit hard for less mall traffic and more online sales. they are doing with years of controversy with its founders. we are waiting to see if it will hang around or old. women who eat high-protein diets might be putting themselves at risk for heart the american heart association just presenting this information. the chances of heart failure did not change whether you got the protein from animal sources are vegetable sources. if you're heading out for an early morning workout, it will be a nice start to the day. i will show you how quickly the warm-up happens next. >> the only crash is on loop 202
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breaking news at the live desk with christopher sign. >> it is been a deadly morning on the roads. we will start with two people who were killed in a violent crash. this was near 35th avenue and vogel avenue. allison rodriguez is there. you said it will cup neighbors. is that accurate? >> reporter: yes. several people heard the impact of this crash. because of the impact, look how far back we are being kept away. they said this impact was severe. neighbors sent us vehicles -- pictures of the vehicles
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are telling us they two men in a white bmw came speeding down 35th avenue and the plow right into that small honda civic. the impact was so catastrophic that there was debris for hundreds of feet. the two men in the small on a per killed, and the sound of the crash startled these neighbors. >> i was doing laundry here, and i heard these cars and then a really loud bang. i went running and everything was scattered. >> reporter: the driver and passenger of the speeding car both 36-year-old man will survive. they are saying the driver is now in custody. i asked them how fast to do think they were going and they said it is all an investigation
5:32 am
>> allison with the newest information. unfortunately the situation continues to took miles away where a pedestrian this morning was struck near 19 avenue and dumber and killed. the crash is impacting local services according to justin pazera who is on the scene. >> reporter: we are going to see a light rail breeze right past us right now. this is expected down through rush hour trying to get some of the trains out of the way. when investigators get here, people shut down all of this. just a heads up with some service interruptions today in this area. if you can see the white car, phoenix police just telling us a woman was crossing the street when the driver of the white suv hit the woman. she was taken to the hospital
5:33 am
allison is just a couple miles away and now investigators have to get here. they said they will have to try to get some food -- folks through to investigate. it will be shut down for quite some time. just a big heads up if you have to take light rail services in the area, the service will be interrupted later on this morning. mallory ? you will see 90 avenue -- 19th avenue shut down at dunlap. not far from this crash is where we have tried to -- allison . so take 43rd avenue auriga 17. the only slowing i am seeing
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let's talk weather, iris. the jackets might not look so silly now. >> not in the morning. we have 50s and 60s across the valley put our high today is up to 86 degrees. we are inching into record territory by tomorrow and i will show you ju will be in minutes. >> and some scary moments here for abc15 photographer this morning as a wrong-way driver passed right by him. adot giving us this screenshot of the vehicle. there it is in the hov lane. unfortunately, authorities lost track of the driver.
5:35 am
might be a good idea to avoid those hov lanes in the early morning due to the risk of wrong-way drivers because many of them happen in the hov lanes. >> scary stuff. a heartbreak for a valley family this morning with a young mother killed while walking with her children. abc15's nick ciletti has more on what happened and how we can take action for this family. >> reporter: this is just hard for all of us to wrap our heads around. this young mother here in chandler goes out to take a casual stroll with her two young kids and it ends in tragedy. i want to show everybody at home some brand-new pictures we are getting of 35-year-old pamela hessel bacher. her kids were severely injured and according to the gofundme page
5:36 am
someone ran a red light and killed pamela. we have been able to speak with a number of people who have come by to pay their respects. >> i walk these streets daily. the holidays are heartbreaking to things that people are having to find closure. >> reporter: if anyone at home would like to help, they can head to the suspect in the case is at home this morning. we are digging deeper to find out why that is. >> we hope folks will help out if they can. phoenix police investigating a shooting that turned deadly. we do know neighbors found the victim their 13th avenue. today we say goodbye to a
5:37 am
darren reed was shot and killed last tuesday in a senseless act of violence. the funeral service at 1:00 at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in show low. we will have a live stream and the funeral on abc 15. donald trump is telling his supporters to stop harassing minorities. that came out during an interview with 60 minutes. said he ascended -- saddened by the comet. in some areas he said a wall would not be appropriate but he would still build one. he plans to deport 3 million criminal record immigrants. president-elect donald trump said he will forgo a salary as
5:38 am
president in history to do so. he also said he will not take any long vacations since there is so much to be done. he regularly criticized obama for taking family vacations to hawaii. the trump protest taking another turn. a mobile home fire in florida burning in the neighboring home was tagged with anti-trump crews were able to contain the flames. we have learned the other home had an anti-trump message saying burn everything. and black lives matter. it is time to play the blame game in the presidential election. hillary clinton said her campaign was winning until james comey send the letter to congress about her private
5:39 am
clinton told the donors her campaign was leading in nearly every otto graham state. of course are tradition is a republican stronghold until the letter was released. did you hear about the destructive earthquake in new zealand? there has been aftershocks hitting the island after a 7.8 quake. this is hard to see on the map, but i wanted to circle this. is that the coastline of new zealand. 36 quakes in the area. back to the video i want you to see the landslide that has occurred with 60 buildings damaged in wellington. the damage could be in the billions. watch this video with me here showing the powerful earthquake.
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friends. quickly knocking over everything like dominoes. iris, i know that you keep a close watch on all of these advancements we have with these earthquakes but what are we looking at back home court struck let's talk about our local forecast for sure. right now down to 15 -- 50 degrees in phoenix sky harbor. if you want to go out for a walk, there should be in the air. you may want a light sweater early this morning. we are actually going to warm up to 72 by 10 a.m. and then hitting 80 degrees by lunchtime. this is one of degree warmer than yesterday. we are running 10 degrees above the average for this time of the year. the record is 91. tomorrow we are looking at a record territory with a chance
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89 for our tuesday with the record 90 degrees tomorrow. temperatures due start detrend down by wednesday and then getting ready for more wins next. we have had a lot of crashes on our surface streets this morning. i-10 will see some delays up to a 17 minute desert drive time at loop 101. some sluggish conditions continuing. we did have a crush on loop 202 right at 101 interchange and then from the adot camera this is loop 101 right at 51st avenue. we will give you a closer look at your northbound drive coming up. a string of shootings over the past 48 hours. what you need to know coming
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after a shooting rampage.
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a 5:45. if you look at the west valley there is a string of car windows shot out over the weekend. we have katie conner wife -- live. has anybody been hurt? >> reporter: fortunately no but whether a shooting at cars randomly is still out there somewhere. police say the getaway car is a late 90s dark green toyota corolla. surveillance video actually captured the drive-by and it came back around. phoenix and glendale police received at least 20 calls about shuttered windows.
5:46 am
which is what dps believes was being used in some of the shootings from last summer. this shooter has never been caught. he is known for shooting and vacant cars or as people near their cars in central phoenix. anyone with any information about these cases is being asked to call the police or silent when these. after a gunman went on a rampage. it started as a fist fight. officers say the men ran to his car and grabbed a gun trying to put a woman and a headlock. four people were shot by the shooter and there is no word on their condition. the officer was not injured. video into the newsroom
5:47 am
officers say the teenagers were traveling at a high rate of speed and traveled into another car which split in half. there was a logical wires falling to the ground and they have the dangerous mix of electricity and water. authorities could not get there until the power was shut down. to the north we go with a strange story a guy dressed as a ninja breaks into a comic book store and went for a katana blade. that is the only thing they reported missing from the break in. the navy has some explaining to do. $800,000 per project. congress wants answers about why it costs so much.
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lower-cost design by keith martin. until then, they'll the shooting blanks. swedish prosecutors are about to questions the leader of wikileaks. today julie anna son is being interviewed in london. we just wanted to update you on that. to see the supermoon for the first time tonight. it is the biggest goldman visible in nearly 70 years. with it comes those superstitions but a psychologist from the cleveland clinic says the moon has no affect on human behavior. >> superstition is the connection between two evens that are not really connected
5:49 am
this. >> the doctor says the moon myths go back before the days of electricity. he insists any changes are actually the result of selected attention. interesting stuff but pretty cool as you look out and you can still see that supermoon. it does not set until just before 7:00 this morning. you will step out to chilly temperatures with a lo this morning. phoenix sky harbor is not that cool but still coming in at 60 degrees. look at how those temperatures climb. partially back in the bid 70s by 8:00 and still very nice by lunch. before we top out at 86 degrees which is one of degree above the yesterday high temperature. temperatures will be back in
5:50 am
coming our way has a strong storm system brings in rain chances starting wednesday into thursday. the valley looks to stay dry, but we will see more cloud cover by wednesday the winds are near 30 miles per hour and up north stronger. those winds will usher in some cooler air. by thursday look at the temperatures going from nearly 10 degrees above average down into the low 70s and below average thursday into friday with no rain chances but a big cool down is coming. we will keep those low 70s in the forecast through friday with the 80s taking in this weekend. we will talk about how cool it will be in the valley in just a bit, mallory.
5:51 am
right near 51st avenue it is increasing in volume but still just a six minute desert drive time. if you are taking the 17th south bend, it is pretty good until glendale avenue. let's give you a look from our eight at camera with i-17 with no crashes but it is pretty heavy as you are using the ramp. closures we have this morning coming up. if it misses the cards season would have been over. they stay alive and after handing the 49ers history class. we have a win to talk about for
5:52 am
the abc15 sports team led to come to the brewhouse. or join us on facebook at 7 pm with special guest cards player . we are on the wildfire that this morning. these images are coming out of north carolina. i just learned from valley firefighters they are now headed that way. heading into 6:00 a new
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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i want to update you on breaking news. this car struck a pedestrian and this is a live look here. the crash is not impacting valley metro rail services. justin pazera is on the scene and we will see minutes. thousands of acres are burning in north carolina with people evacuating several areas in georgia and tennessee. residents are being urged to wear masks. the largest is 13,000 acres with dozens burning. pure fire -- peoria fire has sent us this picture.
5:56 am
fight this in north carolina. crews from the surprise for departments will be joining in as well. we could all use some extra cash. abc15 is giving away $500 tonight. two lucky winners will get $500 gift cards. watch for the weather word of the day tonight on abc15 news at 10:00. i am tracking some warmer temperatures as we kick off the work week how cool it will be in your most accurate forecast . crews just cleared a style off of the freeway. i will give you a look at those delays. and anna you sending -- nau sending out an alert about a person in danger. toyota in big trouble, and they are paying for it. we have that story and much more coming your way right here
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? t with c this mess-free?der... e h sold separately. breaking news at 6:00. let's begin our team coverage with abc15's christopher sign of the live desk. >> happening right now on 35th avenue and vogel avenue that road is shut down for the
6:00 am
and that is allison rodriguez you see there on the scene. allison , what is the situation? >> reporter: look how far back the are keeping us because of the impact. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get one of the passengers out. neighbors heard the whole thing sending us a vehicle of those involved. two people are dead and police told us two man in a w came speeding down 35th avenue plowing right into that smaller honda civic. the two guys traveling in that car died on the scene. police are saying the impact of the crash was severe. >> the reason why you are so far back is evidence is in the northbound lanes for 1000 feet or so. the damage to the honda civic


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