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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> yes. >> what the shooter didn't bargain on is this home surveillance video. it's now helping police connect the crimes and find a suspect. >> we're actually getting several reports of what appears to be a suspect driving through neighborhoods and using some projectile device to fire projectiles into those windows. >> police are working together comparing notes and cases that are coming in. >> i spoke to today who hasn't even gotten all of the cases colated. they're looking at it as a possible series. >> we want to to show you again. if this car looks familiar to you we want you to call policement anything is helpful to them. we have a description on our mobile app and on you can go there and take a closer look at it.
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interview with a victim whose case is helping police identify the gun that was used. that's next at 6:00. >> thank you. fire crews are going to be out at this area of west phoenix called the tank farm through the night following a fire. you could see the smoke for miles. it's off of 51st avenue. a contractor was working on top of the one of the tanks and sparked the fire with construction tools. operations getting back to normal at sky harbor tonight after a scare earlier. all of this happening at terminal four. police were checking out a suspicious bag. no word what was in it. some flights were put on hold while officers investigated. the all clear given a short time later and everything opened back up for business. a first appearance in court today for a father accused of taking two girls in tempe. david fuller took the girls on
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roosevelt. one is his child. cops tracked them down and the children are safe. more tonight about why the man suspected of killing a chandler mother as she and her two young kids were in a crosswalk never saw the inside of a jail cell. we're live where this tragedy happened. what are police saying about this? >> all day people have been coming out heefr to pay their respect -- here to pay their resp and her kids. many have asked why the man accused of hitting the family with his truck isn't in jail. police tell me it's not uncommon for suspects to be arrested and released until their court date. they're telling me it comes down to two things, flight risk and danger to the public. william epperlein isn't considered to be either of those things.
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witnesses say his and her two little -- his and her -- hekz -- pamela hesselbacher and her two little kids were hit here. >> the person should be incarcerated if this was a red light. >> the accused driver william epperlein didn't spepdz a night in jail. -- spend a night in jail. in fact he answered his door yesterday. >> if he would have been pulled over he would have been ticked and sent on his way but because he was suspected of death and injury while on a suspended license it's a felony but not enough to get him behind bars until he's charged. police don't consider him a danger to the public or a flight risk. >> the optics of it are very troubling but this is how the system works. >> as neighbors pause to remember the young mother those
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can't help but think it could have been them. behind me you see that memorial has been growing. according to the family's go fund me page nay say that the little -- they say that the little boy has a broken harm and broken hips. the little girl is still in a coma. back to you. more breaking news from the live desk. a major traffic alert in peoria. this is the motorcycle crash shutting down 99th avenue between northern and olive. this picture sent to us from peoria police. we're told a 24-year-old man is fighting to survive and an 80- year-old is seriously hurt. a so lem procession -- solemn procession for one of our heros. darrin reed was shot and killed after responding to a disturbance call. jay san was at that -- jason was at that funeral and heard from people who knew him well.
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maricopa county. just coming in right now, 45,000 early ballots left to be counted. 55,000 provisional ballots yet to be counted. we're getting an update each day at 5:00. our latest was 112,000 so they have made progress. a couple of races are too close to call including the one for county recorder the one who counts these votesch. new information about a -- votes. deadly crash in phoenix. police identifying the two teenagers killed and the suspect. edgar valenzuela was drunk when he slammed into a car with his bmw. the two people inside that car were killed. police identifying them as 19- year-old rene martinez and 18- year-old marcos sanchez. now to your most accurate forecast. another dry and sunny day in the valley like over the weekend. temperatures in the 80s this
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87 degrees here in phoenix. we are well above average which is mid-70s for this time of year. the evening forecast clear and cool should get a nice view of the super moon under the skies tonight. temperatures in the 70s here through the evening. as we go to the end of the week a major cooldown bringing the highs to the 70s. the phoenix coyotes are moving across town. they take a new venture with asu to build a new arena. mcclintock and the 202. the coyotes are saying this location just makes sense. >> yes, steve. they say location, location, location. if everything goes according to plan they will be here. the $400 million arena will be part of the development plan
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for the coyotes and a hotel. it's currently a golf course owned by asu. it would be a partnership with asu and their hockey team. >> best in class and we want something people want to go to. in a location that's ideal and centrally situated for our fans. the stadium will be first rate. >> so now it boils down to money. the coyotes need either the state or the city of tempe to chip in about half of the costs of this plan which is $200 million. that stadium would open in time for the 2019 season. back to you. back to the live desk. an e. coli scare in flagstaff seems to be under control. last week officials found e. coli in the water there. the problem is now fixed. the search for a killer in the valley. what could help police. filling president-elect
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right now police still searching for whoever shot and killed a man in glendale. the man shot to death over the weekend in an apartment complex near 51st and northern. cops say they don't have much to go on. two men were seen speeding away in a dark colored sedan after shots were fired. cops trying to solve a deadly shooting in south phoenix. today they identified the victim. he was shot near 45th and pima. the shooter the took off. that somber day in show low. thousands coming together to remember a hero. officer darrin reed laid to rest this afternoon. abc 15 's jason is in show low for the funeral.
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place where everybody knows everybody and even if you didn't know darrin reed you probably knew one of his coworkers. this town belongs to officer reed today as this community says its final heartfelt good- bye. . >> god speed darren, you are cleared from duty. we'll take it from here. >> the end of watch final call. >> ? >> the casket carrying the body of sho darrin reed and 1,000 people inside the church including his family and brothers in blue from all over the united states. >> darren could have a suspect yelling, screaming, swearing, within a couple of minutes you would swear they were best buddies. >> as they led the funeral procession through town people lined the streets to say good- bye. >> it breaks your heart.
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community. >> officer reed was shot to death responding to a disturbance call at a restaurant last tuesday. a swat team shot and killed the suspect hours later. officer reed was going retire in february. he was 50 years old. in show low i'm jason abc 15. president-elect trump making some key choices in his administration. who from arz may have the president's -- arizona may have the prosecute's ear. we are celebrating a cardinals wi stars, michael floyd will be
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all right. we want to update you from the live desk a. major traffic alert that we were telling you
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99th avenue was shut down. it's now open. it had closed between northern and olive because of this scene out there. a young man fighting for his life after this crash. president obama weighing in on the guy who will take his job in his first news conference since election day. he adds the incoming president will have to be careful about what he says and strike a tone of unity. >> i don't think he is idealogical. and that can serve him well. as long as he's got good people around him and he has a clear sense of direction. >> president obama would not comment on the president- elect's choice of stephen bannon to be his top adviser. he heads up breitbart. president-elect trump muff
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melissa blasius looks at the names being floated in washington. >> chuck knows a thing or two about political transition teams. >> it's overwhelming. >> he headed governor jan brewer's in 2009. now her name is being floated for interior secretary. >> that would be a real honor. but that's also a huge sacrifice. >> the former senator john kyle's name is being tossed out. >> senator kyle is one of the most respected u.s. senators when he served. on foreign affairs issues. >> but kyle is taking himself out of the running. he said he would not accept the position. joe arpaio is a top trump supporters and he's fresh off a failed reelection bid. >> the most he'd be looking for is a pardon. i don't think he's getting a job.
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comment. >> the wild card is jeff dewitt. the chief operator of the trump presidential campaign. chuck thinks there are several jobs for dewitt in d.c. if he's willing to leave the desert behind. melissa blasius abc 15. crews from the valley heading to north carolina to hel np the fight against -- help in the fight against fires there. north carolina's governor says a that state right now. the one taking up a lot of resources is the party rock fire. tonight crews near los angeles fighting a fire of their own. this fast-moving fire erupted this morning in a national forest and grew to 50 acres. crews are fighting from the ground and air. roads are shut down. no injuries reported. a lot of drivers in surprise will tyke to hear --
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adot is putting the finishing touches on the overpass at bell road this week. look for restrictions on grand. the entire project should wrap up sometime in the spring. meantime light rail continues to push east into mesa. the extension is about to move from the planning phase to construction. the nearly two-mile project will extend the green line along main street. there will be two new stations, a transit center, and a park and ride. they plan to design tomorrow night at a meeting. it was nice and cool this morning. so nice out there. >> and then this afternoon happened. >> yeah, i know. it's really heating up in the afternoon. more than it should be. >> you get dressed a certain way because it's in the 50s and then by the afternoon it's 87 degrees. right now 84. tomorrow warmer. high pressure dominate tgs forecast earl -- dominating the
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big changes coming by the end of the week. this isn't going to stick around much longer. humidity at 14%. winds at six miles per hour. wednesday less than -- winds stay at less than ten throughout the evening. low 70s by 10:00 tonight in phoenix. most of the valley the the 80s. spots farther to the north are in the 70s. cave creek at 76. anthem 79. deer valley 82. glendale and tempe at 83. farther to our south tucson in the 80s as well. a lot 80s to the south and southwest. even near 90 degrees near yuma tomorrow afternoon. right now low 70s in payson, sedona and prescott. show low 57. skies clear across the state. high pressure in control. we have our eyes on this next storm system coming into the pacific northwest right now.
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valley by the end of the week. watch future cast, very warm through tomorrow. as we head into wednesday we're going to start to see the storm system dig down through the great basin through thursday. a cold front knocked into our area. it will be pretty strong and kick up winds and bring a massive drop in temperatures to our forecast by thursday and friday. 85 wednesday, down to 71 as the cooler air settles in behind still in the 70s friday and then pop back to 80s slight a-- slightly above average for the weekend. 89 degrees, record could be broken tomorrow. it's going to be close. #9d 0 is the record -- 90 is the record from 1999. 87 in mesa and gilbert. 88 in tempe. 85 in cave creek. and 87 in elsewhere.
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starting in the 50s tomorrow morning. 59 in phoenix at 6:00 a.m. still in the 60s at 8:00. 80s at noon. soaring to 89 in phoenix around #k tomorrow afternoon. that's about -- around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. that's about average. winds stretching to the northeast. 50s in the valley and casa grande as well. 90 in yuma. 79 in groeb globe. 78 in sedona. a lot of other spots across the state, not just the valley flirting with record warmth for tomorrow. the cold front doesn't arrive until the evening so still in the l 80s. about ten -- 80s. about ton degrees above -- about ten degrees above average. back to the 80s for the weekend. but then another storm system early next week. a drop in temperatures, more
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some rain. slight chance in the mondays forecast. a lot of people saying it was closer than it should have been, the cardinals coming off a win sflchlt they really really -- a win. they really really needed it. >> when you look at the metrics the cardinals should have blown out the niners. but they got that win and we're here at the big red brho set brating. michael fluid -- celebrating. michael floyd will be our special guest. five catches for 101 yards including a grab that pulled the cardinals out of a big hole. it was his best single game performance of the year and his performance this season has been in question. something mike responded to after yesterday 's game. >> -- yesterday's game.
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i needed to make. but, you know, this team is close and, you know, they had all the confidence in me and i came out here and they played as a team. >> so this is the place to be tonight. we're at the big red brew house for monday night football. bengals at the giant. and michael floyd will be here around 6:15. get pictures and graphs. join us for the coo and autographs. join us for the countdown. we'll see you at 6:00. >> craig, thank you. a sly revenge on one
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from the live desk now a father walking out of the courtroom as a convicted killer. video just coming in of justin harris ross the georgia dad convicted of killing his little boy cooper. his dad leaving him in a hot car for seven hours. ross is facing life in andre price now. but we'll find out for sure the first week of december. the ultimate revenge. a homeowner getting even with someone trying to steal packages in the man tied a cord to the package on the porch. the would be thief then has the package yanked from his hands. he bolts and hasn't been caught. two specific developments about the border battle. the advice president obama gave about dreamers and the move to put arizona border agents in texas. how did spoof articles
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effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. all new at 6:00. more than 20 car windows shot out in the valley. the evidence police hope will help. how you can cut the price
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75%. watch how together. how and the controversial choice. also, after that meeting in the oval office, president obama late today on what the meeting was like. and does he still believe mr. trump does not have the temperament to be president? also breaking, the verdict is in. the father charged with first intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot car. the states of emergency tonight. more than 40 fires burning in the east. and this evening, the american city where families are being told to wear masks. the major new guidelines tonight about the kind of drug millions of americans take to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. and gone too soon. paying tribute tonight to


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