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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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to head out the door. >> you know temperatures this morning are running cool again. we're officially at 64 degrees. we've got a lot of 50s valley ride and it's going to be a clear drive into work under clear skies. by this afternoon get ready for a very warm day. in fact we're inching into record high territory. plus the big changes on the way over the next 48 hours. and iris we don't have any crashes but we seeing some delays on the 10. even though everything is back open they re-opened it a few moments ago. it's going to be slow from 23rd avenue. we're going to head up north and give you a closer look at loop 101. >> donald trump wants to build a wall around our border but there's a new problem with his plan. >> abc15's katie connor live
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passionate about this issue. >> he says absolutely no way to a border wall and this is going to be a big problem for donald trump because right now about 75 miles of the nation is actually on the reservation land. over my dead body will a wall be built. he went on to say ancestrial wall is more important than a wall being built. of course these are all questions we're continuing to ask. you're going to hear from the tribal leader himself. >> thank you katie. if you're heading up north today you might smell some smoke in that area after this trailer
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a father accused of triggering a valley amber alert thought he was doing the right thing. the abc15 team spoke with david fuller who claims his 8-year-old daughter lives with mom called him to come get her. >> my daughter fally called and asked me for help and said i need you to come help and rescue me from this situation. she's 8 now. so she's able to communicate. >> he found his family living in alerted him of the amber alert. his bond is set at $7500. a pioria man accused of making and dealing spice is getting out of jail. the man's linked to a glendale chief. after they kept selling spice to his son. >> reporter: what can you say
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by you selling spice? >> i don't really know any of them. >> former maricopa county attorney rick romlin. some big news for the arizona coyotes. the team is packing up and moving to tempe. the site is on asu land. the rest will be up to the state and tempe to >> what we are not doing is we're not going in asking for a government to build us an arena. we are going to be the group that takes the risk on the associated costs. and of course the operations of the facility. >> so this arena would be a partnership with the asu hockey team. if everything goes according to plan it will open for the 29th season. the deal comes as glendale is
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with the cardinals and university of phoenix stadium for (1) 400-0000. it's over promised parking spaces that were supposed to be provided by the city. the u.s. department of veterans affairs plans to debut an online medical appointment scheduler. the app will allow veterans to choose and book their own appointment times. remember the va scandal two years ago broke right here in and since then several va hospitals have come under similar issues. meantime the head of the va is heading to phoenix for a town hall. sloan gibson will be at tonight's event at the carlton va medical center. in democracy 2016 our president elect is working with world leaders just hours ago
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russian president vladimir putin. and u.s. russian relations. putin was one of the first world leaders to congratulate trump. hillary clinton just won four more electoral college votes. new hampshire officially calling for a win. she won by a small margin of 227 votes. it is the beginning of the just a couple of hours ago he landed in athens greece for the start of his final foreign tour. he'll head to germany and then to peru to meet with a string of world leaders. killed somebody and he didn't even spend a night in jail. >> 5 minutes after the hour. more questions than answers for the family of a command letter mom killed while out on a walk with her family.
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now at 35th avenue. pretty light right now. >> it is going to be very warm today but we've got some big changes coming. i'll take you through that day by day most accurate forecast.
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look k at them and saying this is all i need . they were her life. >> remembering a valley mother taken way too soon. a candle light vigil was held. >> pamela was out for a walk with 3-year-old ryan and 1-year-old audrey. they were in the crosswalk. police say a driver speeding through a red light hit them. pamela died just moments after
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her children were severely injured. >> the driver 39-year-old william epierline had a suspended license. he was arrested, he was charged and then he was released. >> terrible. let's get a check on the roads out there with mallory. >> so far guys we're looking good out there. i'm going to give you a closer look at that in just a moment. this is the 101 75 avenue until you hit the 17. as i mentioned a little bit heavier than normal. it's because we had a closure. even though everything's back open you'll see a little bit of sluggish commute as you head in this morning. i'll give you a closer look at the i-10 out in the east valley. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. our temperature down into the
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yesterday. as temperatures will stay cool and into the 60s through the early morning. phoenix could even drop into the upper 50s this morning before we start to warm back up. we'll be back into the low 70s by 10:00 a.m. before warming well above average. our high today 79 degrees. the 30-year average is 76. so very warm temperatures ahead and 89 will put us j degrees shy of today's record high temperatures. so there's a chance we could tie that record. that record by the way set back in 1999 and phoenix not the only spot on record watch. flagstaff will warm to 68 degrees. that is just two degrees shy of the record and tuscan on record watch as well. the forecast 88. the record 89 degrees. so today record warmth.
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we're talking a drop of 53 degrees. i'll show you those big changes by the end of the week in that 7-day forecast. iris from the health desk. wild fires are burning out of control in several states. >> in this morning's gma first look, the investigation this morning into what the pilots of a plane with 54 passengers on board saw coming towards leading to their severe action. the pilots making a sharp turn at 9,000 feet in the air. two flight attendants. >> they see a flash, they see something at an altitude where they would not expect another airplane or something to be flying and so they instinctively turn. it may have been a drone.
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were treated in toronto. more on that close call coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma
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driving up north can be especially scary. abc15's nick cilletti is live nick, a-dot saying it's time to know snow. >> absolutely. i know it doesn't feel like winter right now as you guys mentioned but they're saying right now actually is the time you want to get prepared. they're hoping to open this
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a-dot this year has about 200 of these guys and they tell me they are ready to go a-dot says the planning really starts before you go. they want you to know your travel plans. also they're saying the little things count. those are all things you want to do before you go and also when you see one of these plows on the road them enough space. >> keep at least four car lengths back from a snowplow. if you think that you are traveling too close to a snowplow you probably are. so keep it back. make sure you're not passing in a snowplow that's in the process of clearing snow and ice off the roadway. >> guys, another thing they say is make sure you're slowing
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we're going to talk about those safety kits at a-dot says everybody needs. nick cilletti abc15. >> meantime their motto is clean and reliable. smoke seen lingering after a tanker at a liquid facility caught fire. from the live desk here at 5:15 we are on the fire watch. thousands of acres burning right now in seven states and the flames creeping dangerously close to the outskirts of atlanta right now. arsons are suspected here. moments ago the air quality there has turned to a code red. code red means it's extremely
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have health problems and they're asking children to stay indoors. including arizona which we told you about yesterday. now assisting in this significant fight. >> north carolina has helped with a lot of wild fires out west during the past decade or two and the people appreciated that and they're returning the favor and we're getting help from alaska. >> and i want you to see these flames. this is in north carolina at the party rock fire. it's burned nearly 4,000 acres. experts calling this one the second most critical fire in the country at this point and some are calling it the worst they've ever seen. >> we had the blizzard of '93. the flood of '96. this is the worst thing. >> and at last check this fire only 15% contained.
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joe ducey talking about odometers. this one shows $65,000 miles. how do you know it's not 165,000 and what if you buy it and it's almost too late. >> reporter: after buying a car and not how she felt at first. a 2004 town and country van like this one transport disabled parents and future foster kids. $3300 great deal low miles. >> we even commented on how great the miles were. >> reporter: driving home the check engine light came on. car fax shows miling up to 179,000. three days later 100,000 miles gone. and seller kenneth barker... >> he says absolutely not. you can't prove anything. >> reporter: angie did actually
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statement. paid a $12,000 settlement. and is awaiting trial with two felony charges. a-dot confirms angie's van is part of that trial. >> reporter: mr. barker, joe ducey with abc15. >> reporter: we took angie and found barker. >> reporter: we wanted to see what you look like because you've been doing this to other people. >> this is angie castro. into his house fast enough. >> he's a coward. he stopped taking our calls months ago. >> not actual miles. >> reporter: angie sued barker. not feeling safe to drive it or sell it. >> i keep thinking how could i sell a car knowing who knows what he did to it. >> reporter: so you need to protect yourself when buying a
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documents and read thoroughly. question older cars. count on at least $10,000 miles per year. i'm investigator joe ducey. have a great day. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. we're sitting right at 64 phoenix sky harbor. but much of the valley is down into the 50s this morning. goodyear you've dropped to . 57 in tempe and 54 in mesa. we tend to get the coolest temperatures. just an early heads up. there's a chance you might need a light sweater as you head out the door. temperatures are going to stay in the 60s through that 8:00 hour and then the 70s tart start to roll in by 10:00. we'll be back into the 80s by lunchtime. but today warmer and the warmest
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89 degrees. just 1 degrees shy of that record 9 degrees. so a very warm day on tap. we'll keep those mild to warm temperatures under clear skies. it will be sunny here in the valley and really it's clear across the state. it's slowly moving into the pacific northwest. eventually that storm system sends much cooler air our way. it's not going to bring any rain chances it looks like. today we're going to stay dry. tomorrow you will notice more clouds increasing late t through e day tomorrow. but as far as rain chances go maybe just a 10% chance that's it in spots like flagstaff sedona even cholo. but the valley we'll see the clouds. we won't get any rain at least not with this one. so just a 10% chance for the high country. tomorrow and thursday the valley staying dry through the weekend. but we've got signs that we can see those rain chances return by early next week. it's something we're watching by
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winds and a huge cool-down. we're going to go from 89 today to only 70s. we'll talk about how strong those breezes will be across the state in just minutes mallory. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. let's give you a check of the roads right now. it's going to continue. i-10 take a look. i do want to give that your desert drive times already up to 15 minutes. from 75th avenue to the stek. so your slowing's going to be from 51st avenue. i'm going to give you a closer look at your drive coming up. coming up are you shopping for a new car? motor trend is revealing the top three vehicles you're going to
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>> and coming uptaking the law into his own hands. how one phoenix homeowner is using his drone to keep an eye on bad drivers. >> and i'm justin pazara we are headed westbound on i-10. it is back open after being closed for several hours for construction. we are also tracking breaking 3 delicious burgers. $6.99 each. anytime. at red robin. with bottomless steak fries, of course.
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3 delicious burgers. $6.99 each. anytime. at red robin. fries, of course. red robin! yummm!
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and android phones is sepding information to china every 72 hours. this is just brand new information. security contractors discovered the preinstalled software in some android phones that monitors where you go, who you talk to, who you text. according to the times u.s. authorities say it's not even clear at this point if this is secret data mining or it's chinese government effort to collect intelligence. are you in the market new car. all new this morning motor trends three top announced cars overnight. 2015 chevy volt cost less than $30,000. another good one the mercedes benz sglt. and for those who drive trucks take a look here.
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category. powerful towing. motor trend calling it the truckiest truck that's ever trucked. that is a quote. >> that is one heck of a description, dan. well public transportation is how you get around town you might want to be at this meeting tonight to talk about the light rail. valley metro is ready to update us. the nearly two mile project will extend a green line along main street. it is going abto be wednesday through thursday here in the valley with windy conditions across northern arizona. that ahead of a huge cool-down. i've got your most accurate drive time. we don't have any question crashes on our freeway but take a look at this. >> and also ahead chaos at an anti-trump rally after someone in the crowd turns on another. >> and from the live desk i'm getting brand new information
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a fight breaks out with three teens. what officers in surprise are now revealing. >> coming up who is saying no way to donald trump's wall along our border. >> plus a new look at a mobile
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forecast. clear skies, cool temps now. 60s. a bit of a chill in the air as you step outside. despite our cool start we are in for a toasty afternoon. our forecast 89 degrees. so coming close to record but huge changes over the next 48 hours. >> and iris if your drive starts along i-17 this morning you are good to go a 101. approaching the i-10. it's going to be a 16 minute desert drive time. but i do want to give you a look on the 10. it is looking a little bit busier than normal. i'll give you a closer look at those desert drive times.
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abc15 mornings. i want to update everyone on this breaking news. this was a fight that broke out in surprise and ends with a teen with a stab wound. officers tell us they started getting a bunch of calls from 911 regarding a fight and they couldn't find anything at first then the parents of a 17-year-old they called 911 saying their son had been assaulted. ended up being stabbed. donald trump not backing down when it comes to building a wall. >> there is a new problem with that this morning. the tahomo auto nation is putting up a fight. their cooperation. >> that's because their
5:32 am
our border. now the reservation is about the size of connecticut. the longer shared border of any native american tribe in the u.s. just yesterday the tribe leader spoke. . >> over my dead body will a wall be built. i don't wish to die but i wish to we can truly protect the homeland of this place they called the united states of america. >> and the leader invites trump to come down and take a tour of the area right here to see why he believes a border wall would not be a good idea for the community. >> katie, thank you. new information on a destructive fire in apache junction. apache trail in signal butte is
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tough to make out. crews on scene sent us these photos and you can see there's nothing left of the home. just tragic there. it looks like a family's van also parked next to that home. everyone escaped okay. rural metro reminding everybody check those smoke alarms. smoke alarms did help save six siblings in phoenix. they escaped 83rd avenue and osborn. crews were able to save about 70% of that home. now though a crime alert you saw first here on abc15. car windows shot out in several west valley neighborhoods. that investigation is now growing. we're now told more than 20 car windows have been shot out in
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and glendale. a late 90s 4 door dark green toyota korrolla. our cameras catching up with rick romly after he finished going about for his cousin of accused of making and dealing spice. >> i i'm county attorney. you know the outcomes are not always the best. i was very tough on drugs. i worked with d.e.a. and fbi. >> as we told you earlier his cousin walked out of court a free man sentenced to five years felony probation . god speed daren.
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an emotional good-bye in cholo for officer daren reed as he was laid to rest. so much respect for a man who dedicated his life to serving others. >> daren could have a suspect yelling, screaming, swearing, and within a couple of minutes you would swear they were best buddies. >> police killed a gunman during a shootout. as for officer reed he was supposed he leaves behind a wife and two kids. just 49,000 ballots still left to count in maricopa county. the state democratic party declaring victory. they say adrienne fontez has exceeded helen percel.
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count about 1700 mail-in ballots with questionable signatures. they say they have a duty to check ballots that arrive in in the mail but not those dropped off at the polls. maricopa county proving to be valuable for president elect donald trump. maricopa will deliver the most amount of votes to donald trump with any u.s. county. more than 711,000 people voted for trump. only on taking matters into his own hands after he says cars are speeding and running stop signs. drivers are make interesting too dangerous for the kids around there. so he's using this. a drone to track down drivers. one family who was tracked says that's an invasion of privacy.
5:37 am
off. >> maybe the realty is they should stop at the stop signs. >> under arizona law it is legal to video tape somebody even if they were in their own back yard. >> talk about taking action in your neighborhood. 5:37 right now and happening right now. suspected islamic state members. the true religion called is known among many things for distributing free copies of the caran. the country germany could ban that group today, dan. well it is expected to be a very big day for the dakota access pipeline protest as thousands of people are expected to rally against the pipeline
5:38 am
the country. today is national day of action calling for permanent rejection of that pipeline. all right time right now 5:37. maybe you're just waking up with us planning that early morning walk or run. a little dry but a little bit of a chill in the air as we're waking up to temperatures in the 50s in much of the valley. so just like yesterday maybe you needed a sweater then then i think you'll need one today as we drop and buck ewe you're at 54 degrees as well. we're a little milder in some of our higher terrain spots. but down into the upper 40s into maricopa. so a cool start to the day and we are going to continue to enjoy these clear skies. but know that today despite our cool start will be a warmer day. we'll warm by 72 degrees. so the morning will be fairly
5:39 am
we're talking highs in the upper 80s across most of the valley with phoenix topping out at 89 degrees. just one degree shy of today's record high temperature. but those changes are on the way soon. i'll show you that 7-day forecast. iris your desert drive time is up to about 18 minutes or so. this is going to be traveling eastbound. your delay has kind of shifting over to 83rd to 75th avenue. th's delays for the valley. but i do want to give you a heads up on the 60. this is all just west of state route 79 west of florence junction. taking a look at our a-dot camera. it looks like a-dot is trying to find something that's slowing down. they've been kind of panning around. it looks like maybe a crash in the center or the right lane there. i do know as you're traveling
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and the roads will be a popular choice for thanksgiving travelers this year. how packed will they be. what you can expect and what's fuelling the trend. >> it's the most popular time of the year for retailers. wait until you hear the records wait until you hear the records that are expected to be brokenae instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. and that was something
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we don't want to compromise. >> wow. caught on camera an anti-trump rally turning a little violent. punches start flying. no word on whether or not he was charged. could our new president elect impact the doomsday clock as scientists meet to decide.
5:44 am
midnight indicating how close they believe the world is to all-out catastrophe. which they say could impact the time on that clock. >> i guess i'll keep the theme going here dan. new video of the rescue operations there in an effort to get more than a thousand tourists out of a particular coastal town there. have been more than 15 aftershocks and now a major concern flooding. some areas up to waist deep water in several highways have been cut off because of the water. >> we've got an update on these three cows. well a rescue mission proves to be successful. they were able to move those
5:45 am
those towns in new zealand. some breaking health news. officials just issuing new guidelines. abc15's katie ram el. that is this morning's rally for red. >> new guidelines in the fight against stroke and heart attack. the excerpt medicine. if your doctor says you have an elevated risk of heart attack in the next ten years and just one of these risk factors. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a history of smoking. >> these drugs are quite safe. so if you have these risk factors it's worth talking to your doctor. >> cardiovascular disease is responsible for one in three adult deaths here in the u.s.
5:46 am
reduce that risk. this week is that even people with a lower risk could benefit from taking a daily stat. even a history of cardiovascular disease you could still be at risk. katie rammel abc15. >> and as part of our health to know your numbers blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and any moment now we're going to see who people magazine has named it its sexiest man alive. several reports are saying it will be dwayne, the rock johnson. he would follow david beckham and bradley cooper as recent winners.
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>> we did have to say good-bye to little women star. >> not even realizing i was going to learn things from this process. >> james hifrjcliff and lori hernandez all head into next let's get you out the door in case you do have to run out soon. 5:47 and our temperature in phoenix down to 56 degrees. so another chilly start to the day and i do think phoenix will cool a little bit further especially right around that sunrise that 7:00 a.m. before we start to see that temperature climb. we'll be back into the upper 70s by 11:00 and that means by
5:48 am
low 80s. today's warm up a little quicker and today the warmest day of the week as temperatures warm to 89 degrees by this afternoon. a very warm day on top. so we are going to have to be on record watch today and it's not just the valley. we're going to feel the warmth across the state with flagstaff coming in 2 degrees shy this afternoon and tuscan just two degrees shy of the record. so we could potentially tie th today. i'll be watching it. again for now my forecast is 89 degrees but we've got changes heading our way. those winds are going to start to increase tomorrow. with gusts at times here in the valley as high at 25 to 30 miles an hour. it will be the high country in northern arizona where we get the strongest gusts. wednesday into the day on thursday. that's as a storm system and a cold front swing in.
5:49 am
state. upper 80s today. mid 80s for wednesday. then check out those highs. thursday, friday, we're talking highs only in the 70s and then those morning temperatures even cooler. 40s to 50s. heading into friday morning and saturday as well. we'll talk more about the rain chance that is could be heading our way in minutes. let's give you a check of this. a crash right now on westbound. blocking that left lane. dps not on scene to help clear this. it's definitely going to slow you down. you just have to kind of veer around it. if it sticks around much longer i do think you're going to find some trouble on u.s. 60. i-17 just starting to slow down. that's going to be from dunlap. taking a look at the big
5:50 am
10 this morning. taking action on those roads before you get stuck. you've got to be prepared before you start driving in any winter conditions. >> nick cilletti is live in his durango. >> you are absolutely right. thanksgiving coming up. a lot of people heading on the i-40. there could be some snow and later on this season the definitely will be. things you definitely want to make sure that you have inside of your car. you know that snow can hit and as we expected to definitely this season you've got to be ready for it. special sometimes the freeways get shut down. they say a first aid kit would be good to have. a flashlight. extra batteries. maybe some extra socks and hats and gloves. an ice scraper is imperative. how about sand and kitty litter
5:51 am
water. a-dot says even if you don't think you need it you should still have one anyway. >> we have situations where the snow is severe enough that it closes a highway. drivers wind up being literally stranded. we want you to have the things in your vehicle that are going to help you get threw those types of things. >> ahead at 6:00 we're going to take you inside one of those snowplows and let you know a-dot is taking action. 5:51 and if you're planning on traling for thanksgiving you're going to have plenty of company. aaa says 49 million americans will drive away from home and the highest number since 2007. driving will be the most popular choice for more people heading west. improving economy is helping boost travel this year. listen to this.
5:52 am
ups has announced moments ago it's expecting a record breaking holiday season. 700 million packages between thanksgiving and new year's eve. thanks mostly to online shopping. the time right now is 5:52 and i've got to tell you about a wild pursuit. a stolen car takes a surprising turn as the police officers get a little help stopping the supports. >> $277 million
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all right. well you heard right there we can all use some extra cash if for the holidays and sfgs knxv is giving away $500. tonight on abc15 news at 10:00 for your chance to win. today a murder case captivated the country. a wife snaps and kills her millionaire husband. >> i was calling her every vicious name in the book. so was she. >> the depths of derpgs was enormous for years. >> it doesn't matter i love him.
5:56 am
traffic accident. his wife is now serving time for it. his mistress is now suing for part of the family fortune. don't miss a minute of it crime watch. petsmart wants to pay $4 million. the great choice and top fin brands were recalled after causing deep cuts tendons. company officials promise to improve compliance with the safety laws. back in the forecast by early next week. but before we even get to that point we've got a huge cool-down. i've got your most accurate forecast still ahead. and we have a crash on u.s. 67. oh, boy there could be some trouble happening right now. an adult website has been
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personal information's going
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taste the many sides ofrookside. smth dk chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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donald trump wants to build a border wall but there could be a 75-mile gap. coming up find out why. >> a big uproar to tell you
6:00 am
we have a crash blocking half of the freeway here out on the east valley. just past mill avenue. it looks like they're in the process of clearing. it has them blocking those right lanes. you're still going to see a lot of delays from it. kind of put it into perspective. just past mill is where you're going to see this. those delays start closer to the 101. you could just take the 101 we're also seeing delays on the 17 and the 10. we'll take a look at that next iris. we're gown to 59 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. so chilly as you get ready to step outside. just like yesterday with those cool temperatures. you won't need it for long because temperatures are getting warm by this afternoon. today's high 89 degrees.


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