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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 1:35am-2:10am MST

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flooded with more than just homework. water gushing inside a dorm and through an elevator at the college at asu. >> jon erickson is live on cal pus and where -- campus and where are the students supposed to go and sleep? what are they supposed to do?
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snee. and -- stephanie, and right here water is still overflowing from this pipe right outside juniper dorm here. firefighters say a three inch pipe broke on the fifth floor tonight that caused flooding. 160 students out of their rooms. can't hear the water but you can see it falling from the ceiling. you can hear the clean up outside this asu dorm. it looks like they're walking through a but when you look up no clouds to see. instead just hoses dangling like spider legs from windows as they try to pump out as much water as they can. >> you can hear it on your feet. like it's pretty gross. and it smells bad. moldy and wet. it's gross. >> the dorm blocked off even though studying has to continue. >> we have homework and obligations. this is supposed to be our new home and if we can't be in our
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>> so many students telling us they won't be going home tonight. so we reached out to asu tonight. we didn't hear back as the water continues to flow here. several students did tell me late tonight that the university did offer them hotel rooms. a lot of students though just going to stay with parents or friends as they're kept out of their rooms. >> thank you. students complaining online saying the alert was too gu and didn't explain what was actually happening. you can see here a number of issues are listed including a traffic situation, crime suspect, and power outage. as far as we know no criminal activity here. on the scene in mesa where a country club is closed in both directions from emerald to broadway. a lot of police officers here. we weren't sure what it was but as we got closer we found three cars involved in a crash.
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cats have nine lives but one pooch has at least two. firefighters had to give this little guy some oxygen. they also saved another dog after putting out flames. the home near 107th and northern. the whole family made it out safely. new pictures released in the scottsdale road rage incident. perhaps the most shocking images the beer cans in the suspect's car. some open and empty and the dui accusationju >> he's going to kill somebody. >> yeah that's bad. >> yeah that's why i called 911. >> witnesses backing up what police have said. the driver a 25-year-old drove the wrong way and ran red lights before crashing into a patrol car. >> there is a black sedan that crossed over the line and is driving erratically, speeding, passing people, and almost had a head on collision with a car
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>> moses is behind bars. nobody hurt despite the road rage and multiple crashes. the suspected south carolina serial killer could be under investigation for killing someone in arizona. >> he admitted to shooting somebody in arizona. >> that is the voice of a south carolina investigator who's talking to the widow of one of his victims about a confession but todd kohlhepp. >> when did this happen? we're working on that. accord got out on november 24th 2001. and there was a three day window of unknown before he got his driver's license in south carolina. >> how did he do it? a prisoner escaped handcuffs and steals a car in traffic? was there something that made the driver an easier target? tonight abc 15's nohelani graf with answers from the prisoner's mouth. >> not a lot of wiggle room now
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>> they're different. yeah i'm not getting out of these. not that i'm trying. >> he's half kidding, half serious. after all he's done it before cuffed to a hospital bed. just dumb luck. >> i was able to maneuver easily, you know. >> it was loose. he'd been running all morning why stop now. he needed a window. >> i told myself i was leaving if the chance arose. and there it >> he slipped out and gave the cops a slip. ran out of the er. >> i didn't have my eye on him. he came out of nowhere. nothing scientific about why he chose this woman. >> when i went to roll down the window i unlocked the door. i kind of panicked. he scared me. >> i would have moved on and ran and tried to figure something out.
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and he took the wheel. he won't talk about the three weeks he was on the run. what he will stay is that he wanted to stay out of jail. nohelani graf abc 15 news. we may never know if the only gun linked to the freeway shootings was the right one. we spoke to theagist who looked at it and he says there's no way to know for sure if former suspect's gun could be connected. merz jr. is the only suspect -- leslie meritt jr. is the only suspect linked to the case. putting out an alert asking for help identifying them. a string of tv thefts at wal- mart. get a good look here. if you have information give the cops a car:.
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lot. at one point all the southbound lanes closed during rush hour. crews may have needed to pull somebody from their car after a crash. unclear how that person is doing right now. traffic is back to normal in the area. oil refinery and fire two things that don't mix. this is all breaking news near los angeles. a fire at what used to be a refinery. it processes more than 150,000 barrels of crude oil a day. firefighters aggressively attacking this one. no word on the motivation unclear. the damage painfully visible. an update to news we broke on mobile. you may have seen the alerts of ra shooting at the oklahoma city -- of a shooting at the oklahoma city airport. police say the gunman was waiting outside before killing a southwest airlines worker in a premeditated attack. >> someone has been shot on the sidewalk. >> hundreds were there to witness it. the latest information tonight.
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was shot while walking between the terminal and a parking area. the gunman who has not been identified was found dead in a truck. winchester was a former football player and his son, james, plays for the kansas city chiefs. the team sent out this tweet tonight saying their love and support is with the winchester family. happening now. two fugitives tracked down in the valley preparing to be sent back to connecticut. a task force made up of ho phoenix police agents tracked down juan chach and another man. hope for a chandler man who lost his wife in a crash while she was pushing her two kids across the street. his two young kids in the hospital right now. 3-year-old ryan is now out of icu.
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audrey is in a coma but opened her eyes for a moment. william epperlein had a suspended license and a history of drunk driving. his family and the family of the victim want to know why. it's becoming an expensive thing to fix. more than 20 car windows shot out in glendale and north phoenix. abc 15 broke the news over the weekend. we've been in constant contact with police. keep calling with tips because we'll stay on top until they catch whoever is responsible. new information and new video tonight coming months after a guy storms into the lobby of a motel 6 guns blazing. five people were hurt when mcbride opened fire. that includes a front desk clerk who still had it in him to call 911. >> i'm sorry i -- i'm shot in the chest and arm. >> are you security? >> no i'm the front desk. >> you're at the front desk?
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>> he's shot. he's on the side. >> this was back in june. the clerk survived. so did two others. but security guard harris and sikes were killed. to the immigration debate now. will donald trump have a problem with police? some departments saying no thanks to the president-elect's immigration plan that calls for joint operations with local law enforcement to remove three million criminal immigrants. saying that's not our job. we checked with the valley police departments. scottsdale no comment. glendale and mesa gets back to us. phoenix police saying they follow the laws they don't limit the enforcement. they point to state laws from years ago meant to address immigration enforcement. jan brewer changing her tune.
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protest is something that people are entitled to. urptd the constitution they're a-- under the constitution they're afforded that. but in this case it's been unruly and unwise. >> that's a pivot from yesterday when she appeared on cable news saying that many of the people taking to the streets were illegal immigrants and in her words don't have the right to protest. she also said she's not ruling out a trump cabinet position. one of the top private high schools in the valley and the principal has had enough of the post-election anger. bob ryan sent a letter to parents outlining several incidents. one of them a latino student being asked if he packed his bag. black and muslim students have been facing comments that are quote not repeatable. the school held an assembly. >> i think they handled it fine. i do. i do.
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opinion. >> officials telling us they have nothing to add to the letter. one week since election day and we still have more ballots to count in marco pa -- maricopa county. there are still 45,000 provisional ballots to process which they will continue tomorrow morning. the woman in charge of counting the ballots concede ting her own -- conceding her own race. helen purcell is out and adrian fontes is in. purcell has been under fire for several issues including the ballot counting delays. her opponent says he needs to learn more before changes can be made. >> a lot of little mits takes over really -- mistakes over really a couple of decades blossomed into the fore front. >> it's been 50 years since a democrat held this office. he'll be sworn in in january. more than a dozen records
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as temperatures soared. flagstaff up to 72 degrees. what happens now? still warm tomorrow. but then this storm system passes to our north. a cold front associated with it coming right in. and temperatures will plummet. we're tlaking some of the coldest -- tracking some of the coldest air this season. a look in the seven-day forecast. a federal grant helping dps enforce dui enforcement. it's for -- $224,000. you might have to stay off your phone in pea ma -- pi ma county. pima county. police could pull you over if they see you doing it. a primary offense like speeding. tucson officials say they need to act because state lawmakers aren't willing to do so.
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christmas coming up more bags being checked. >> suitcase supervision who has access to what's inside. smoking weed at the bar? how about a yoga studio? one city taking recreational pot public. the former world leader calling donald trump a liar and cheat. weight nomaking a cake! uh oh. i don't see cake, am not actually cleaning it up.e what's tkeommy do? uh oh. i don't see cake, am not actu(doorbell)ing it up.e what's what's tha? uh oh. i don't see cake, am not aswiffer wetjet.g it up.e what'this iwoahazing.
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he is the speaker of the house in arizona and a donald trump supporter. but if he had it his way he may not have wanted donald trump to be the president. he says he wants the popular vote to control the vote not the electoral college. president-elect trump who
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college was a disaster tweeting today that it was genius. he told 60 minutes his views on the electoral college would not change because he won. the big focus for the next president getting ready to be ready on day one. meeting with his transition team trying to finalize the members of his cabinet. some of the candidates are publicly jock kiing for the -- rallying for the job like rudy >> john would be a good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me i don't know. >> he was referring to un ambassador john boll on the. -- bolton. the mexican government confirming they're working on a plan to deal with massive deportations. the former president had some harsh words.
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that he cheated all the people that voted for him because they voted for him under an assumption that he would carry on with what he promthsed and now he's -- promised and now he's backing out. >> he goes on to say that he believes trump will never build the border wall. supporters of the drive to legalize marijuana conceding today. denver considering pot use in public spaces like yoga studios or art galleries. these places would have to get neighbor's approval first and smoking would be allowed outdoors on a patio. edibles could be used indoors. users would have to bring their own pot. valley veterans and nay their family -- and their families attended a meeting tonight.
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getting quality care. mreblth trump says desh president-elect trump says -- president-elect trump says healthcare for vets is one of his top priorities. veterans without internet access can call or go in person to schedule an appointment. on the move for the holidays so are your bags. who back there is tossing that bag around looking through my stuff? beyond security it's a look few people get to see. it's a fewer human hands than you might expect. >> percentage wise how many bags are touched by a human being? >> it's very low. it's well under 5%. >> although it has happened the tsa stresses there's little chance for an officer to take anything out of your luggage. they're constantly in motion or under the watch of cameras. they'll have the offender on video. tracking tomorrow for you.
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christmas -- cut down christmas fees. they cost $15 and the tree cannot be taller than ten feet. you can buy the permit at their phoenix or mesa offices. before christmas we have thanksgiving. a sneak peek tonight at the floats. a group of school kids in new jersey getting the fre view. several new -- preview. several new floats this year. building a better world by the girl scouts crazy glue. tonight our smart shopper team has a look at the best discounts if you're in the market for a tv or just a much larger television. >> absolutely. one of the most popular stories on today. at wal-mart you can get a 24 inch samsung for $2-u. at
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>> at best buy the mother of them all. the 70 inch tv for $9,99.99. >> under the tree hard to believe we're talking about christmas because the year's flying by and the weather is so warm. >> because it was 86 today. when do we get a break. a cold front coming in. finally going to shave off about ten to 15 degrees. normal for this time of year. 76 today. the normal goes down to 75. temperatures in check and getting them closer to normal by the end of the week today. ten degrees above average here. 20 degrees above in the high country. 71 in phoenix with humidity at 30%. winds are calm at this hour. elsewhere temperatures in the 60s. 64 in peoria.
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and phoenix. low 60s in maricopa. 61 in sedona. 50 degrees in show low and the clouds are starting to stream in. we saw these around sunset tonight. a little bit of ver ga as well. -- verga as well. the air underneath the clouds is dry and it sucks up moisture. more of that cloud coverageover night. the next -- the next storm system comes in off the coast of the pacific northwest. through utah and colorado, bringing a big round of snow to those spots. for us it doesn't go far enough to the south to bring us good chances for rain or snow in our state. a slight chance of a stray shower across northern arizona with this. the big picture is that as it passes to the north the cold front drags on through. this will pick up winds and knock down temperatures.
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25. gusts in the high country near 40. starts tomorrow in north arizona where gust could be high, rain. here's a look at future cast in terms of temperatures. dropping after the cold front from 84 in phoenix to 73 on thursday. so near average thursday and friday and then back up to the 80s saturday and sunday. temperatures tomorrow at 83 in mesa and gilbert. 84 in peoria and glendale too. early morning lows in the 50s across most of the valley. sky harbor milder at 61. partly cloudy skies. 70s through 10:00, 11:00 and noon and into the low 80s for the afternoon forecast. 32 in flagstaff. low 40s in prescott and payson. temperatures up north milder and highs tomorrow in the upper 60s for payson and sedona. 59 in flagstaff.
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lows drop too. upper 40s to low 50s friday morning. 80s back through the weekend. then a second system dig os the south to bring a -- digs to the south to bring a slight chance of rain. it's one of the hottest holiday gifts. but tonight the any fears about dangers of virtual reality headsets. the actual reality for the cardinals. they can't afford any losses. and now is your chance to the secret word of the day is valley go to and valley go to and enter that w anyone with type 2 diabetes valley go to and enter that w despite your best efforts. see,
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or if you experience symptomg or are on dialysis.ll youry medical conditions a. may cause low blood sugar.h a n there's only one invokana?.k ut by name. a health alert tonight on one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season. virtual reality headsets. a warning tonight. many of the top selling brands say kids under 13 shouldn't use the device. the research is out on virtual
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brains. limit your use to 30 minutes or less at a time. another item turning into the spectacle. snapchat glasses. it's a vending machine that pops up in spots. they're sunglasses with a camera that allow you to share ten second videos. the pricetag? $130. you can get food delivered from pretty much any restaurant. >> many app is it a waste of money? we took action. they're relatively timely. most don't ask for tips but they do charge a $3 or $4 fee. you can follow the progress on their apps. >> whenever i can get food from anywhere exciting. >> it's most beneficial if you don't feel like driving or can't leave the office. if you have the time you can
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> as we found out the coyotes are making plans to move to tempe and the ownership group is kicking in half of the estimated $400 million for the new arena. we talked with some of the younger players and to the man they seemed excited about moving to the east valley. >> we have nothing against glendale. this arena is unreal. it's exciting to have something to look forward to. >> i think tempe is going to be
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hopefully it's closer for some people. it's great for our group. >> heading into week 11 of the nfl season the arizona cardinals are three spots out of the playoff picture. if this season ended today he's a look at the top six. the cowboys and seahawks have the top two followed by the falcons, lions, giants and of course the redskins. the cardinals are in ninth place. that means just to get playoffs they have to move ahead of minnesota, philadelphia, and washington. the good news is two of those teams are on the schedule and the first one is this sunday at the vikings. it's another must-win game. but i think we're used to that by now. that's fouhy on sports. might be a little chilly there too. >> not here but there. our big cooldown takes us into
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yore. 80s for the -- year. 80s for the weekend. hopes for rain early next week. another system coming in behind
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