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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> why the feds say it just has to happen. let's get you out the door with your most accurate forecast and we have some colder temperatures to kickoff friday. 49 in deer valley and low 40s right now with mesa. grabby jacket before you head out the door. phoenix is now down into the 40s too. despite the cold start, we are going to warm up into this afternoon with a high today of 77 degrees. encourages stay on top -- a gorgeous day on top. i want to send out to abc15's allison rodriguez in the cold. this is colder for us, that is for sure. >> it is definitely cooler than what we are used to around here.
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i have got the jacket on and also the boots. it will be a little bit warmer later on in the day. >> you will definitely want to turn on the heater a little bit but it is good news once you hit the road with light traffic for the most part. i-17 southbound and then i-10 is an 18 minute drive by the time you hit the tunnel, things are looking much better. happening right now brand- new information on the teenager accused of shooting a high school student. he will stand trial. a judge just ruled he can go forward charged as an adult. i want to remind you investigators say latinas
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tyler mattice was shot in the head. one president elect donald trump takes office in january, he will be facing an immigration so strained that those here illegally will be released. abc15's justin pazera picked up the story for us. >> reporter: not but donald trump would want to have to deal with when he gets into office in january but have to deal with this strained system. there is just so many folks coming over the border they do not have the jail space to handle them. the latest group's refugees from haiti. his first proposal was to focus on the criminal element but we cannot even handle the ones we catch right now. they are being turned loose into
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because we have no jail space. they are overcrowded and dirty and extremely cold. at this point it is not clear how many haitians have been released. 4400 are now being detained. i want to get back to the images coming out of los angeles. this has been a very large fire. is this intense are what? there is reports of large explosions here because of propane tanks in the area. the cause of the fire is unknown at this point. as of this moment there are no reports of injuries, but this thing has spread significantly. it is burning very hot and crews cannot get to it directly on the ground. they are using those waters --
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developing right now homicide detectives are investigating after a body was found in south phoenix. it is on the salt river bottom. detectives say it is the body of a man and it is suspicious but not a lot of homes in the area. 24 years and now answers for the family of a missing girl. no the killer to brandy myers. she went missing in 1992 vanishing from her sunnyslope neighborhood. they were trying to see if there was a link between myers and brian miller . they are now ruling that out. she is due -- he is due in court next year. new details about the accused serial killer in south
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he had a real estate license in that state even though he is a convicted sex offender. he downplayed the crime time the real estate commission it was just a fight with his girlfriend. that is not the case here in arizona. convex cannot get a real estate license. a big payout to the family of an asu student who lost his life in missouri. brandon ellington died 2014 after he was arrested for boating while drunk. his family will get a settlement but there is still a criminal case on monday. two guys strolling into walmart like nothing happened except they had robbed a couple at a red robin and still have not paid for the crime.
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it happen on october 5. one of the suspects may have had a gun. two big cases in sports. a church day care worker admitted to having child pornography on his computer. he has pleaded guilty to sexual exultation of a minor. the driver accused of hitting a veteran and then leaving the scene will also be in court he tried to stop gibson from assaulting a woman. a jury in tucson will begin deliberations of a captain accused in three different murders. david watson is accused of killing his ex-wife, her mother and friend. watson was determined to keep custody of his daughter so he killed his ex-wife. he is a free man this
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alert. david fuller made it clear he did not kidnap his daughter and sister. he took them to be bathed and so far no charges have been filed. the girl's mother accused fuller of kidnapping . they are still with their mother. do number this fiery crash last month? all of this caused by a dump >> reporter:. for the first time call from a woman. >> they got me from one site. they got me from the other. he went flying. i hope he is okay. >> everyone was able to walk away from this one. you just remember what a mess that was.
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lawyer paying the price for writing a book about the joni areas trial. kirk nurmi has agreed to a suspension and this is the wrong graphic here but he is accused of violating ethic rules for he wrote about confidential conversation with arias . recreational marijuana failed on the ballot but now th ease requirements for medical pot. there is a shop in apache junction that helps patients. he just filed a proposal to reduce the card fees down to $10. he said to me people cannot afford to get a card. >> some of your patients cannot afford the renewal fee. so they are going to buy marijuana illegally on the street.
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voters would make the call. the petition calls for a number of new conditions to be covered under medical pot. >> keeping jobs in america is one of the highlights of the donald trump campaign. he announced ford motor company will not moved its operations to mexico but will stay in louisville, kentucky. the company ceo says the election of donald trump have nothing to do with their decision. the trump team asking to push it back until after the inauguration saying his transition should be his primary focus. coming up we are breaking down who trump is considering to join his team.
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the resolution u.n. officials hope to pass. the u.s. response stated the resolution was narrow and politicized and limited freedom of expression. it is time now for your most accurate forecast . we are waking up to freeze alerts in parts of our state this morning. to the north we are experiencing some of the first phrases of the season with prescott into the 20s and we did a -- drop at flagstaff and phoenix dropping into the 40s this morning. temperatures are running between 10 and 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday. the kids may want a jacket and we are talking mid-40s in glendale with 45 in ahwatukee and deer valley into the 40s
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despite the cold start, we will warm nicely today with temperatures near 62 by 10:00 warming into the 70s today by lunchtime. after that our high is 77 degrees. and a dry and cool evening with 69 degrees by 7:00. we will talk about the weekend and returning rain chances next. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. open in the east valley. they had to shut down the hov lane because they were doing some overhead sign installations. this is right near elliot road and it has since cleared. i am not seeing any problem spots on the east valley with no slowdowns for you.
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and there is a lot of road closures starting with the main closures all along as well. the entire route you will want to watch out for this weekend on saturday until 6 a.m. until noon. up next, a house of horrors. a caretaker accused of animal cruelty and the discovery police made inside the glendale home. a college in louisiana on lockdown after a person is shot on campus. if you are taking your holiday travel outside the
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i want to revisit the breaking news. this is in los angeles. this is happening right now and this thing is still continuing to grow. you see several fire crews on the scene here. it is a first alarm fire and there have been explosions because of propane tanks. this is a pallet fire. there are no reports of injuries but when you see pictures like this i want to pass that along. happening are fired on a campus in baton rouge. not at lsu but a smaller school nearby. one person is in critical condition after he was shot. the victim was in his car but that car found near the school library. at this school, southern university, they were put on lockdown and the search
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portion of the school remains on lockdown. a house where dogs are being boarded in glendale you can see dozens of them inside. investigators also found blood inside. some of the animals were dead. the person caring for them told us she was innocent of animal cruelty but police say otherwise. start if you are heading out of the country, you had better check that applications just spiking right now. abc15's megan thompson joins us live. >> reporter: i have actually been trying to get a passport since last week. people near will can talk told me they had no appointments available. in the east valley they said they had none until later this
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going to a government office or finding and available appointment somehow. they estimate 20 million people will be applying for passports this year. even with the higher prediction, now is the best time to apply for the passport saying it is the slow season for them. >> get those passport early. check the children. that is one of the big ones. a lot of folks running back to the airport after they get there because passports were valid but the children's expired. >> reporter: actually scored by going to the passport offices where they take walk-ins. no appointment necessary, but we did ask the state department the reason and will have that answer coming up. it is the first major
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one of the victims was killed in a pile up in denver. the snow arriving one month later than normal. we have a live look from the city and you can see all the flashing lights with problems on the roads even this morning. ski resorts in colorado have had to late openings but they say all of could help get it going. blizzard conditions certainly not the case in our state making it a top start to ski season. all that depends on if the snow will stick around. the crews have been working continuously since wednesday night. right now the chances of opening our 60%.
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temperatures are below freezing, but they are not getting help from mother nature. just look at satellite and we are dry across the state. the storm system clearing out yesterday and this morning that is what we are waking up to across the state and across the valley. the cold air that settled in all making for a colder start to the day. temperatures dropping upper 40s in most cities including phoenix sky harbor. so enough for jackets this morning staying in the upper 40s with temperatures slowly climbing by 8:00. by lunchtime 70s will be back and this afternoon warmer than yesterday with highs in the mid 70s. phoenix sky harbor warming up
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dry with 60s for highs in sedona and upper 40s in flagstaff. today we hit 77 but tomorrow low 80s for a high and sunday still in the 80s but the temperature drops again with the monday forecast 69 degrees. by then rain chances are moving back in. saturday looks dry but by sunday in the valley with a 70% chance of showers. we will talk about how much rain we could get they want to she thanksgiving with highs in the 70s under mostly clear skies we are seeing more slowdowns on i-10 in the west valley. starting around 75th and then it gets heavy closer to the i-
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303 and we are not seeing any slowdowns yet. this weekend you'll see closures on loop 101 between northern and all of. just look for some extra congestion. we will give you a look at i-17 in just a few minutes. operation santa claus is back. we food items for amazing charities. stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or any of the ups store locations or donate online. still ahead, researchers just revealing the benefits of college so you could be worse with student loans debt. start the arizona coyotes player
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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good morning, everybody. the graduates of career training programs take better paying jobs than those who attend processed schools. the average earnings are $9000 higher than the programs which require career training show shootings can earn enough money student loans. update this morning on the status of brad richardson. shortly after putting the coyotes on the line it looks like a typical hockey hit but he went down on his right leg spending 10 minutes before being taken off the ice to a vancouver hospital. the coyotes lost 3-to in overtime. we care more about the player.
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seeing across the nation. what investigators are now telling us about this video. taking advantage of a young girl. neighbors upset about this one. you will not believe the excuse here. watch the chopper pull out right here. this is a major fire back to the scene. i-17 is busy right now near the stack.
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i got a brand-new update regarding the police investigation after a pedestrian is hit on 24th street. we just learned who they are looking for. i am allison rodriguez are supposed to be safe on the roads but now there is a search for a killer. donald trump wants to deport millions of people. will local officials go along with his plan? we have some cut and dry responses coming up. first let's talk about your most accurate forecast . temperatures running 20 degrees colder than this same time yesterday. much of the valley waking up to
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including phoenix. a high of 77 degrees today. i will take you through the planner next. taking a look at the big picture, it is quiet for most parts of the valley. the typical delays you would see if you were headed in but just west of us you will see loop 303 having a crush eastbound. -- crash east i just got updated moments ago into the newsroom regarding this hit and run crash. officers have confirmed to us they found a man lying on 24th street. we were here just around minute. the victim is in critical condition and the driver who hit this man did not stay. police do not have a good description of the suspect vehicle.
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i am allison rodriguez in the live desk this morning. it was right here where a valley woman lost her life. viewers like you reaching out to us asking what is the latest in this investigation? there still have not been any arrests in this case. you may remember this video causing a huge traffic backup also well. former told the dispatcher three men were following her on the 51 and then suddenly silence when she was later found shot. >> they followed her from seven avenue and broadway all of the way up to the 51 continuing through multiple freeways showing they were intent on
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do. >> reporter: they say these men knew what was going to happen but they have not found them yet so they cannot answer the biggest question which is why. they want to find farmers killers very soon. right now from the abc15 live desk monitoring the breaking news pinpointing something for you. this will be hd router 3. we take that image full? this is a massive fire in los angeles. this is the first time i can see smoke in the area. you will see just how large this thing is. it is a three-alarm fire with 50 firefighters on the scene. it has been burning for one hour now with reports of
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the scene. i have no reports of any injuries but is certainly the meta-something changes. president-elect donald trump has promised to deport millions of people in the country illegally, but he will need local law enforcement to go along with it. abc15's justin pazera is live in glendale. >> r these agencies to find out what would happen if this is actually going to go through. mayor greg stanton was not really mincing any words saying that is just not going to happen. there is not a mass deportation in phoenix. here in glendale they say they
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enforce immigration laws. all of that is in the face of the valley because maricopa county voted for trump more than any other county in the country. we are live in glendale. justin pazera, abc15 news. there is a criminal investigation of a woman speaking with the body cam video was released. officials say officer jeff one turned office camera when he was told his assistance was no longer needed. he thought the woman had outstanding warrants and the punch was thrown. he turned it on again after she was on the ground. the officer claimed the woman kneed him in the groin. we have an interview with her
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three corrections officers are recovering after they were attacked plane inmate. all of those officers did go to the hospital. and developing right now firefighters making sure a scrap metal fire does not spread in phoenix. we are told this could have been catastrophic. they were helping fire crews by pulling apart the screaming -- scrap piles. one of truck with three firefighters suspended in the air. fortunately no one was hurt. some neighbors concerned after a grown man does the unthinkable. he tried to kiss a young girl in 19 avenue after buying her a can of soda.
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when interviewed, he told the detectives he did it because he was lonely because his girlfriend had recently left him. minnesota police officer preparing to make his first court appearance. jeronimo yanez turned himself in yesterday charged with second-degree manslaughter. philando castile was killed during a traffic stop in his girlfriend put his final moments on facebook. right now abc15's transition team. kansas representative mike pompeo has been nominated for the cra director. also happening this morning alabama senator jeff sessions has been offered the job for attorney general currently held by loretta lynch. a former prosecutor is elected in 1996 and retired general
6:38 am
he brings 30 years of military experience to the table. former senator john kyle who says he is not interested but jan brewer and joe arpaio are keeping their options open. we have confirmation he will launch a victory tour visiting the state that helped get him elected. maricopa county delivered more votes for donald trump than any other county in the united states. we have got to say happy birthday to one of america's best-known cartoon characters. mickey mouse turns 88 years old today. >> he made his debut in steamboat willie in 1928. it was the first cartoon with synchronized sound featuring
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>> my voice with the hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog. it is cold outside. >> iris hermosillo has stepped out onto the patio braving the weather. >> i will tell you i just posted this meme to twitter. whenever our temperature drops to 50 degrees we are all bundled up. is it that cold? no. but it certainly is jacket weather as you get ready to step outside. temperatures have dropped into the 40s across the valley. i got a taste of that fall and let me show you the forecast for today starting cold. our warm-up will actually be pretty nice. 49 degrees is our current temperature.
6:40 am
today the high temperature is 77 degrees. the sunny skies put us above average for this time of the year. we how 40s across the valley so breakout the sweater out the door. we will talk more about the weekend outlook and we will take a look at when rain chances are back in the forecast. drivers will definitely feel that as they head out they may want to turn on the future. once you hit the road, not too bad for a friday morning drive. the north valley is a 16 minute desert drive time. when you hit the 51 some things will look much better as far as beats go. if you are continuing cell phone, you are good to go until
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i will show you a shot from her adot camera right now as you are taking i-17 that is where you will also see a little bit of congestion. so far it is not too bad. said the reminders right now because one of the music biggest night is coming to abc15 on sunday. we are talking about the american music awards. therapy performances from justin bieber and those are just some of those who will perform. it is 7 pm on sunday only on abc15. it is one thing to steal from somebody but for a valley veteran this is a tough story. caught on camera doing just that. police hoping you can identify. who was that in the sky? it is a helicopter. why you may be spotting them
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you can apply for a passport across the valley but it is across the valley but it is ? but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. across the valley but it is ? don't you wish life could be this mess-free?
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i am megan thompson live in tempe. if you are traveling, check that passport. you can do so at locations here and apply inside. there is actually a record number of people applying there should be 20 million applications filed by the end of this year. the push for passports is not really a surprise. in 2007 it became a requirement to travel to canada, mexico, and the caribbean. >> later on we expect this huge increase in demand for passports
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>> reporter: right now is the prime time to apply. the processing time roughly 4 weeks when usually it could be up to six. megan thompson, abc15 news. following up on more breaking news for you. this is in los angeles. more than 50 firefighters battling this massive fire with abc seven overhead. it is now with explosions due to propane tanks. stacks of tires have burned with no reports of injuries. it is quite the scene under the cover of darkness in downtown phoenix. a blackhawk helicopter right in the middle of downtown phoenix. military personnel rappelling down parking structures.
6:47 am
this is all part of a training mission with phoenix police helping them out. they say the goal is to give special ops practice in realistic settings. they will come training across the valley. a burglar breaking into a retired marine home while he is out at a funeral. this is in bethany home. at one point the faith and the roommate are both the house. the creek managed to get away with the kids. first solar plans to lay out a quarter of its workforce. they plan to cut 1600 jobs. we asked the company is the headquarters of the impacted in a spokesperson would give no details but says the suspect it will affect offices all over the world. carmakers plan to merge
6:48 am
solarcity makes the solar panels and plans to make solar shingles starting next year. the company would like to offer the one-stop shop for solar panels and electric cars. let's talk about your most accurate forecast . check out these colder spots in the valley with surprise down to 43 and back i not far from the 30s at 40 degrees. we are also seeing the low to maricopa just to the south. we are holding on to slightly higher temperatures that some higher terrain spots but other than that, it is a colder start to the day. despite the colder start, we are in for a pretty nice day. a sunny skies through the day and the 70s by lunchtime and today the high is 77 degrees.
6:49 am
tomorrow is still looking nice with a high back in the 80s. 81 degrees but we will start our saturday in the 40s and 50s. i think we will be dropping to around 53 degrees for a low. you will notice clouds moving in with no rain expected saturday but by sunday there is a chance for showers in the phoenix area. by monday those chances go up into range but i will tell you i am starting to see some changes. it is not having an impressive rain event for the valley, but that does not mean we will not get any rainfall. on monday getting ready to head into work maybe a half an inch of rain in the valley on monday. rain chances clear out by tuesday.
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some extra cash for the holidays. abc15 is giving away $500 worth two lucky winners tonight getting a gift card. watch for the weather word of the day tonight on abc15 news at 10:00 for your chance to win. us-60 and loop 101 northbound around the road. i want to show you door -- your the drive time does leave you up to us-60. we have a new crush on the 17 near indian school. they just cleared it to the right-hand side blocking the left lane. it has been cleared out to the right but if you see some heavier traffic, that is the reason why.
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toys, and food for the charities on your screen. >> dropping off your donation is so easy. you can donate at several updates from the abc15 live desk on breaking news
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i want to update you on this situation. 24th street and indian school is the location. a man is in critical condition. he was hit by a car. the driver of the suv took off. police would like to know if you see something. maybe you have a friend or a neighbor that came home with damage to their car. they are still searching for this vehicle. the please apartment is responding to the plan of donald trump to deport millions of people here illegally. the department says it does not actually look for enforcing the immigration laws. it is one of the most cut and dry responses we have heard with greg stanton saying there'll be no mass deportation in phoenix. justin pazera, abc15. detectives working to
6:55 am
dumped in the salt river bottom. deputies not saying much right now. only that the deck is suspicious. in the punch card and cell phone video. the woman who was hit talking to abc15 as flagstaff police department released the body cam video from that day. you can hear what she had to say right now on . did this is a three-alarm fire in los angeles. now more than 50 firefighters are on the scene at a public company. there is tires burning and no reports of injuries at this point. we have some answers for you about this utility pole in glendale. it is a traffic counting device. drivers were carriers after
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let's check in with george stephanopoulos >> good morning. coming up on gma this morning a big announcement and donald trump. he has offered security advisor to michael flynn. he has accepted that and we have all of the details coming up on gma. temperatures this morning are colder than they were the coldest we have felt since february of this year. today despite our cold start it will be a gorgeous day. grab a jacket this morning with a high of 77 and rain chances into monday. the crash on august 17 is clear with a 25 minute drive time and it is heavy in the eastbound direction with a
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waaat?p,dd this and you've got strawesoawberrie
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this. is. everything. good morning, america. breaking news. donald trump names retired general michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holds his first with a head of state. blizzard warning. the first major snowstorm of the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from


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