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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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groups who are working in the desert, they are seeing and reporting men of different nationalities mixed in with the central american groups all of the time.>> there is no fence where i. it's easy for anybody and everybody to come. from all we see, that's what's happening.>>reporter: we are getting word of ou illegal border crossings going down in the yuma sector. many of them are central american families and children, from what we are told. we will hear from immigrant advocates who say these people are just coming here for a better life. i'm a neighborhood on lockdown for five hours. mesa police tell us this was around noon.
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three ambulances rolled up, gurneys went in and they saw nothing brought out. this person should survive and we are trying to get the details. new developments on the punch seen across the country. of flagstaff police officer punched woman. the whole thing was caught on camera. the police chief said the officer claimed the woman need him in the groin. the officer is now on leave. activist just marched into city hall with a special message for the chief is action. we need this officer fired immediately. how could he in good conscience keep someone like this on board.>> activist brought the issue up of white jeff bonar's body, was not on. continuing coverage coming up on world news. the story behind a deadly valley love tranquil.>> a
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be booked. chris grow is waiting and how did police get their break in this case?>>reporter: it was all thanks to private investigators. the victim in this case william paulson, his family never bought the story behind her son's death. they reached out for help and got it to help prove their theory. it was big news last august, gunshots in north phoenix near 35th avenue in the lo william paulson shot and killed by his wife's boyfriend jason may, mays called 911 painting it as self-defense telling dispatchers olson came at him with a knife.>> she came to get me and the next thing we knew, the next-door neighbors -- she ran out the day.>>reporter: documents show mays was not the shooter, simona polson, her dna was found all over the gun. william paulson family hired up
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convinced police to investigate the dna on the night. the victims was not there. debunking the theory of self- defense and helping unravel the story.'s that couple has been arrested one charged with second-degree murder in the second tampering with evidence. another twist to the story that we will share with you coming up. the tempe woman looking extortion charges. she threatened a married man. ashley dawn kelly texted the man demanding $5000 or she would tell his wife. she told him she was doing it because she had no money. a guilty plea for the man who hit a valley veteran with his car and left the scene. it was an april the vet tried to stop cody gibson from dragging a woman by her hair.
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. even more on the fate of a former tucson fire captain is in the kick hands of a jury. david watson is accused of three cold case killings. his ex-wife in 2000, gunning down his mother and his mother's friend three years later. ask you to say this was motivated by a custody dispute over his daughter. watson was a tucson firefighter for 20 years. a mother and her four children are lucky to escape after fire breaks out near 18th street a it started in the attic and spread to a garage which had been converted to a bedroom. firefighters kept it from spreading but the family still needs to find a new place to live, there is smoke and water damage inside. it's a chilly start to our day, 40s all across the valley marking the coolest morning since february valley marking the coolest morning since february 7. all of that sunshine worked to warm us up quickly and we made it to 77 this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-70s right now and tonight temperatures are going to be in
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68 at 7:00, 66 at 8:00 and 64 at 9:00 under their skies. a very nice forecast for tonight. your weekend will be off to a nice start before the next storm system we are tracking takes aim on our i--- state. we will take you through those chances and how much rain we could see coming up in just a minute. on the roads, we have six lanes blocked out on the us 60. these are life pi the only way to get around it has become congested. we don't have word on injuries but as soon as we know we will make you aware. these are some of the surface streets, look at the incidents across the valley.
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the holiday, the good news is next week's traffic will be lighter. you have to get through this tonight. new video of those helicopters you have been seeing flying above. many of reached out for answers. we are learning this is part of a training mission with the defense department. these choppers spotted over i- 10 in the west valley, this afternoon. last night they were in downtown phoenix. police helped out by blocking traffic. the goal is to give special ops practice and situation. investigators aren't ready to identify a body found in levine off of 67th avenue. we know the victim is a man and nco is calling this suspicious. just into the live desk, the swat team drug search sending six people to jail. this is east of phoenix in star valley. this started with a concerned neighbor calling in and reporting drug activity in
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speaking out. the investigation revealed several drug transactions. three different areas and three different homes in a mobile home park finding meth and marijuana. a driver fires back after an alleged attack that was caught on camera. he had one job, this was a
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the evolution of cancer care is here at a man in critical condition. investigators don't know if he will survive after being hit by a car. he was crossing indian school road and the driver is still on the run. he was driving a dark-colored suv. we are waiting for security video that shows an inmate attacking three corrections officers. it was in florence at the state
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recovering. 23 students hurt in one crash and one teenager still in critical condition after this school bus rollover in nashville. the bus driver was trying to get off the interstate when it crashed enrolled. more than 40 people were on that bus and the bus itself was new only in service for a year. an unbelievable fight caught on camera outside the bar. the driver tried to make a turn and someone attacked the driver. that's when this fight broke out. the driver preston gas pedal which slammed one of the attackers into the front of that store. police are searching for the driver who ran away. the other person is in the hospital. it would be thief targets a detroit car dealership. he had his eyes set on a chevy tahoe and while trying to leave the lot he slams into several cars parked around it crossing 30,000 $30,000 worth of damage. he gave up and walked off with nothing.
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exactly where to find that key. we found one small stretch of i-17 with more than 250 crashes per year.>> we don't like scraping up bodies and cars.>>reporter: there was a huge pileup there recently, we are asking bps what they're doing to protect drivers. it's cooling down, are you looking for we could all use extra cash for the holidays. two lucky winners will get a chance to win a $500 gift card you just have to watch for the secret word of the day. one of arizona's largest employers adding 2000 more jobs. who's hiring and where. he
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so many of you caught up in this. i want to get you the shot from air15 to help you understand why us 60 is lane. a bad crash. tree people hurt one critically. one lane of traffic is getting around that crash. they are crossing over the median. three people were hurt. there is a massive backup. i've checked traffic maps. southern will be easier for you to get by on than baseline. baseline is blocked. look at all over the valley. plan for 20 of time to get
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romney could be joining the trump administration.>> trump named more allies for positions. jeff sessions is the first member of the cabinet he will become attorney general. trumps national security advisor michael flynn and mike pompeo.>> president-elect is a man of action. and women come forward to serve this new administration.>> while rumors continue, there's been no confirmation that mitt romney is spend offered a position. he just agreed to a $25 million settlement over trump university. the new york attorney general calls it a stunning reversal of
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being misled by real estate programs, some even saying the school was not accredited. trump hand-picked the instructors. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge any wrongdoing. glen dale has a new police chief. rick st. john started with the department more than two decades ago as an officer. he has worked as a training officer and interim police chief. city manager kevin phelps call some an extraordinary law .that was happen to you. package steps are on the rise. 23 million americans have fallen victim to pour -- porch pirates. schedule your delivery for when you will be home or have the package delivered to your work or a neighbor. what delivery drivers due to make sure your packages are
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may not go so well if you are flying to chicago. hundreds are threatening to strike at o'hare. it's the third busiest airport in the country, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants want more money. they also want the right to join a union. o'hare officials say they don't anticipate disruptions. aaa predicts this thanksgiving travel rush will be the largest in 10 years. adding thousands of jobs, raytheon is expanding arizona operations adding 2000 jobs over the next the expansion is expected to pour billions into the economy over the next decade. as our weather starts to feel like fall, blizzard conditions are whipping to parts of the northern plains. up to a foot of snow in wyoming and colorado. much of it is that rush-hour. there are big delays and cancellations at denver international airport. no snow in arizona. snowbowl did not open as originally planned. snow makers and operators are working through the night and
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open tomorrow morning.>> you could tell that they wanted to.>> it sounds like our fall. we get did the cooldown we waited for but we are warming up again. if your weekend is looking warm up sunny. clear skies and 37 in flagstaff. we're at 75 in phoenix. humidity and dew points re indicators of how much moisture is in our environment, the lower those numbers are the dryer we are. both are in the single digits at this hour. timidity 6%, 2.5 degrees. we can feel it as we step out in the atmosphere sucks all the moisture out of our skin. more moisture over the weekend. clear skies tonight 71 at 6:00, 66 at 8:00 and 64 by 9:00.
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scottsdale, cave creek down to 69 degrees at this hour and we are tracking 50s in payson, sedona and press get. flagstaff at the official reporting site not our arizona weather network site, this one is the airport 40 degrees there and 45 and shallow. winds are had. tomorrow, more breezes are expected across the state. future cast winds kick up in the early morning valley breezes in our midday forecast tomorrow winds up to 15 miles per hour. we start out at 56 degrees at 6:00 a.m., 70 degrees by 10 am, upper 70s at lunchtime and in the afternoon hours we warm up to the low 80s, cloud cover moves in from the southwest ahead of this next storm system we are tracking bringing rain to the pacific northwest tonight and things down taking aim in california moving into arizona sunday night and monday. we anticipate a 40% chance for rain sunday and the valley, 70%
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into monday. flagstaff up to 90% chance and we watch the snow level really closely. it appears to have 7500 feet and if that lowers, that will be the difference between seeing rain in flagstaff forcing snow in flagstaff. stay tuned we will keep you posted. it's looking like rain, if there's anything left eye monday night, maybe we could see snow in flagstaff. that could change. future cast, saturday the clouds afternoon and going into sunday, we taken rain chances. in the evening forecast increasing. sunday night -- 80 degrees in mesa tomorrow 81 in tempe in scottsdale. upper 70s in cave creek,
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mid-50s. from the rim northeast to the corners more freeze and the forecast highs tomorrow in the 50s and 60s. sedona 69 in temperatures west range from the mid-70s too low 80s. low 80s for saturday and sunday and the rain chances kick in temperatures drop for the start of next week as we fall into the low 70s in phoenix. we dry out in time for thanksgiving. temperatures are back in the mid-70s for wedn and friday. black friday deal rushes have begun. we spotted a guy who has already set up a tent outside avondale best buy guaranteeing to be first in line when the doors open a week from today. the american music awards are sunday night right here on abc15. we are getting fired up in our newsroom. big games are expected including lady gaga, john legend, pew no bars and justin bieber.
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switzerland. he is up for artist of the year. >> artist of the year? >> that's hard. they are all women no wait, justin bieber. >> they are all women and justin bieber. i have to go with carrie underwood. >> obviously, we have to go with >> i don't know any of those other people. >> the ama air tuesday at 7:00 right here on abc15. you can tweet live along with
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we are just learning about a concerned citizen finding a wanted man. these pictures show the operation. dps flew over the scene and found the man in golden valley after someone saw the suspect running and followed him. the suspect needed serious medical help and was taken to
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an officer was hurt trying to make an arrest. we have the latest. new details about the punch heard around the nation. marissa morris said she wants one thing. it's time to take action and help operation santa claus we are collecting money, toys and kids clothing for an american dropping off your donation is easy stop by and her sanderson ford or lincoln, abc 15 studios or any of the 120 plus ups locations in the valley. you can always donate to for every five dollars you get one entry to win a ford-f150 all courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. tracking the forecast and the weekend will be off to a great start. enjoy it before the changes
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stream and late tomorrow and cloud coverage on sunday as the next system approaches. we will check that system ahead
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. more than 300 crashes already. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms and legs already broken. and the strike at a major


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