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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  November 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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a live look outside. light rain falling in some parts of the valley, and the just the beginning of what could turn out to be a pretty soggy sunday night. >> new information just in about a police officer shot to death in texas. what he was doing moments before the shooting, and the killer. >> also, a man is arrested for threatening to light gas pumps on fire. wait until you hear why. >> plus the stars gathering for the american music awards in los angeles. >> and we begin with the start of what could turn out to be a pretty wet end to your weekend.
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i'm katie raml. >> and i'm steve irvin. >> meteorologist tracking it all for us tonight. nice to see finally some rain out there. >> it really is. you know the clouds have been nice pretty much all day. it's taken a while for the rain to start falling, but we've had those clouds around all day, really since yesterday. the rain started out very, very light. at times, we got some measurable rainfall, right through central and the west valley. but mainly about .04 to .08 of an inch. right now, you can latest on abc desert doppler, the rain continues to be heaviest, just out to our west, and to our southwest. we're seeing some pockets of heavier rain following west of buckeye, about to head towards the 10. these showers spreading from southwest to northeast. starting to move into spots like se donna, camp verde getting some heavy rain. more to the southwest, and eventually, that will continue
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ri the action, but we're pumping in the moisture and those rain chances are going to be sticking around, as we go through tonight. they're going to go up a little higher this evening. right now, a 50% chance for showers. that rain chance tops out at 70% by tonight, and it is going to continue through tomorrow as well. temperatures sitting in the mid- 60s now. dropping to 60 degrees by 11:00, before we cool into the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. rain chances through monday. i'll break down that hour by hour monday forecast, and show you what to expect in just a few minutes. boy, the clouds have been nice, the rain has been nice too, and check out this video of your buckeye sending it in, it's a little funny, but it's really cute. the dog was trying to bring the bed inside, but it won't fit through the door. poor thing.
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bringing in that furniture here. the rain chances will continue. we're monitoring the roads too. in the west valley, racquel, what's it like out there for you? >> reporter: hey yes, we're heading west on the i-10 near buckeye. let me show you what we're looking at right now, mostly dealing with light rains. coming down pretty steadily, the road condition seems to be all right. traffic moving steadily and smoothly. as we approach the other cars, around you get that splash, it makes it hard to see. definitely have to use caution out here, but mostly cloudy skies. right now it looks like we're moving into where the rain is going into the west valley earlier, just kind of dealing with some sprinkles into central phoenix out here, with some steady rain.
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its way into the valley. could impact your monday commute, i'll have more on that later. aps reporting two power outages. one outage affecting 192 customers in phoenix. juniper avenue, to paradise lane. the other effecting 126 people in sun city. a mountain rescue in phoenix. in fact on camelck crews using a big wheel to help a woman in her 40s with a knee injury. they were able to get her down the mountains safely. new tonight, a robbery attempt seeming more like a joke than an actual threat. get this, after a guy uses his, a see-through plastic bag to actually cover his hand, simulating a gun with his fingers. this happened at the exxon gas station. one witness inside tells us, this guy started getting aggressive, yelling at the
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decided to take action, trying to tackle the guy after seeing his phoney scare tactic. >> i shop here every day. and i don't want these guys to get robbed. they're not going to give a penny to some idiot with a hand in the bag. that's my opinion. >> the guy got away though, jumping onto his bike, phoenix wearing gray jeans. deputies arrested 27-year- old steven sane at a santan valley circle k yesterday after an employee called 911 about the threat. sane reportedly told the deputy, quote, i'm going to light a fuel pump on fire. asked why? he said fire is therapeutic. he also said he burned down several abandoned homes in the bay area to get rid of homeless
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and drug charges. investigators are looking into sane's claims about the earlier arsons. glendale police arrest a man after he caused a power outage. they say a car ran off the road and hit a power pole, the driver took off on foot. about one time, 1300 people were without power in the area. a san antonio police officer shot to death while writing a ticket. this happened right outside police headquarters today. don't know who the killer is, and that person is still on the loose right now. they also don't eastbound know what the motive -- even know what the motive would be. the officer identified as benjamin marcoti. another car pulled up behind him. that driver walked up to the officer's window, and shot the officer in the head. officer marconi was a 20 year veteran of the force.
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president-elect donald trump. why he still has broadway on the brain. >> they call it beer without borders. the unusual way a brewery in our state is trying to help
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let's take you out to the red carpet in los angeles. all kinds of stars, celebrities, and performers arriving at the american music awards. you can see them right here tonight on abc15. meantime, democracy 2016, the working weekend continues for the president-elect. >> donald with potential cabinet members. he still has broadway on the brain. >> i truly hope this show has inspired you to work on behalf of all of us. >> a frustrated trump still venting about the hit show hamilton. trump calling on the actors and producers to apologize for addressing vice president elect mike pence after friday night's show. >> this is very inappropriate. >> meantime, at trump's new
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cameras. trump's team has been forced to defend his headline picks like michael flynn who has called islam a cancer. and attorney general pick, senator jeff sessions who was rejected 30 years ago for a federal judgeship. all of this just two months until inauguration day. hundreds of athletes turn into ironmen competitors. what that means for anybody trying to drive into tempe. >> if you're trying the west valley, we have rain
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tonight, we know a toddler badly hurt in a deadly crash took his first steps at home. pamela hasselbecker and her children were hit in a crosswalk last weekend. pamela was killed, her children rushed to the hospital. major progress though, for her son ryan who is now out of the hospital, but still such a way to go for her daughter audrey, who's still in a coma. tonight at 10:00, we're going to hear from pamela's mom, the first time, thankful for all the donations, the love, and support from all of you. there's a new effort to improve trade negotiations between the u.s. and mexico.
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borders. borderland's owner says they were disgusted about the talk of building a wall between mexico and the u.s. >> we're like, it's so stupid. we think there's so many possibilities and so many potential, potential opportunities for collaboration with you know, our friends and colleagues in mexico. >> what makes this beer unique, is that ingredients from both countries. a traffic alert, several busy streets in tempe are closed right now because of some very hardcore athletes. we're talking about ironman challengers. more than 2800 athletes started their day with a two and a half mile swim. there it is in tempe town lake. after that, a 112-mile bike ride up the b line highway, followed by a full marathon, 26.2 miles. i think they can have all the
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coach who knows what it's like first hand. she's competed in 27 ironman race, and trains those current challengers. >> this rate is all about the run. so you swim, and bike, and exercise to prepare for the run. it's huge. they started with very little background. we train for a year, and this is it. this is a big day. >> because of the race, the parkway is closed between mill and ash until into rural mcclintock, they're all expected to reopen around 6:00 tonight. i went for a run this morning. guess who i saw out there steve? >> who did you see? >> this one. >> people talk about the rain and the clouds. >> i felt reassured when i saw a meteorologist running. >> this morning was great for the folks competing in ironman. but the rain continues
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got the wind shield wipers going. that's where we've seen a mix of pockets of heavier rainfall, and these possibilities of heavier rain, you could encounter if you're driving around maybe tonight, or even heading into work tomorrow. so the rain, and rain chances continue. most of the valley right now is dry. we did have some light rainfall through central and west phoenix, but the bulk of the rain so far all showers, no lightning within this. we're going to continue to see batches of rainfall. eventually spread further east into the phoenix area, so we are in for more widespread rainfall as we go into later this evening, and through the overnight hours into tomorrow as well. that moisture pumps into our state ahead of our next storm system. we've got a cold front that's
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this is round one of those showers. the cold front still off to our west, eventually as it moves in it will keep those rain chances elevated, as we go into our monday. your prep list, plan on those widespread showers as we go into tonight. the cold front will move into monday. tomorrow, we're talking more rainfall, especially through the morning. possibly isolated thunderstorms, and there's even going to be some snow in some of our higher elevations, once as you look at futurecast with me, again, we're looking at widespread showers. as we go into tonight, they should be light to moderate at times. like we're seeing right now, just out to our west. the main batch will push east into that 10:00, 11:00 hour, with more scattered showers after that. by tomorrow morning, we could start to see those showers redevelop a little more widespread across the valley in time for the morning commute, continuing through midday
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into the evening, we'll start to taper off those chances gradually across the valley. that's when the colder air sets in, and any lingering moisture will transition that rain into snow across the higher at the rain. the snowfall likely by tomorrow evening new york city the early nighttime hours before we start to dry things out going into tuesday. in the likely range tonight, and also tonight, here's that hour by hour break down. i do think that peaks around 7:00 to 8:00 to 9:00 tonight. a 70% chance for rain between about 7:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning, but notice how those rain chances then start to taper off by tomorrow afternoon into the evening. as far as rain amounts, i think much of the valley could end up with a about a -- about a half inch of rain in spots. especially along those
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in spots lake cave creek, possibly potentially apache junction. there's a chance we could end up with 2 inches of snow in places like flagstaff by tuesday morning. anywhere above 7,000 feet has that potential. a high of only 68 degrees for monday. upper 60s on tuesday, then we're back into the 70s by thanksgiving. an thanksgiving too. hey, i want to remind you, of course, we can all use extra cash for the holidays. abc15 is giving away $500 every weeknight. you've got to watch for that weather word of the day for your chance to win. we've all talked about must win games for the last several weeks or so.
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but special teams were a factor in minneapolis, with a 104-yard kickoff return to start the 2nd half.
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another must win for the arizona cardinals as they look
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minnesota since 1977. i was just a kid. david johnson finishes the game with 103 yards rushing. he also has 53 yards receiving, and a touchdown. all right, so much for the positives. carson palmer finishes with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. the interception that blew things apart, late in the 2nd quarter. this gives lead. palmer was hit 23 times and had 17 knock downs. then the 104 kickoff return to open the 2nd half. clearly, the back breaker for the cardinals playoff hopes. after managing just 3 2nd half point as a week ago, the cardinals offense finishes with just 7 points in the time two quarters today. a 30-24 loss to the vikings.
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concedes the starting job to prescott, the cowboys were hosting the ravens. ezekiel elliott finishes with 97 yards rushing. he breaks the cowboys rookie rushing record set by tony dorsett. the cowboys set a franchise record with their 9th straight win. 27-17. the cowboys host the redskins on winner take all in today's championship race in miami speedway. racing for the 2016 title. a late restart with just 11 laps to go. carl edwards slides down to block joey logano, but he doesn't have as much room as he thinks. edwards is eliminated from the championship with just 10 laps to go. following the red flag, one more caution, but the race goes
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gets his 7th nascar championship, joining dale earnhardt, and richard petty as the only drivers to capture 7 titles in the sport. johnson gets his 7th title after leading just 3 laps. >> it's big. it has a lot of different meanings. the number 7 has a very special place in my heart with rickey hedrick, as a lot of people know. for some reason, i just felt good and calm today. things just kind of the end for us, and i knew it was help from above. in my heart, i wanted to believe it happened, and it has. i can't believe it. >> seven championships. >> hall of fame territory. >> crazy. yeah, dale earnhardt, and richard petty, the only other drivers. and our poor cardinals fall to the vikings. we've got a couple of guys wearing vikings gear in the newsroom. >> not for long, we're sending
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are moments away on abc15. there are a lot of big performances ahead, justin bieber, the weekend. super sting joins us. >> what are you wearing? are you looking good? are you looking scraggly, and your performance. can you really sing, or do you sound like gilligans island? i want to know. so i look and did they really mess up there? >> we'll find out soon enough. the show starts at 7:00, right here on abc15. snake is going to be tweeting along with us. you can too. use the #ama. >> right up there with the brady bunch. the rain looks likely tonight. also tomorrow morning, rain
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chances will continue through
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welcome to "world news tonight." the trump transition. president-elect donald trump's game of political apprentice. the parade of contenders hoping to hear the words, "you're hired." former rival mitt romney under serious consideration. and the two people who won't be going to washington right away. also tonight, trump's escalating twitter war against the cast of "hamilton." winter blast. the first major snow storm of the season moving east. just as millions of americans are traveling for thanksgiving. what's happening at one of america's busiest airports that could make matters much worse. breaking news. the urgent manhunt. a traffic stop turns deadly. an officer shot and killed, within sight of police headquarters. fiery crash. new clues about what caused this air ambulance to go down. a patient and three crew members killed. and, sticker shock.


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