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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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on your birthday you know just how i made you better on your birthday, oh ? ? do he do you like this, do he woo you like this? do he lay it down for you, touch you like this? ? ? matter fact, never mind, we'll let the past be maybe his right now, but your body's still me, woah ? ? i don't wanna know, know, know, know who's taking you home, home, home, home ? ? i'm loving you so, so, so, so the way i used to love you, no ? ? i don't wanna know, know, know, know who's taking you home, home, home, home ? ? i'm loving you so, so, so, so the way i used to love you the way i used to love y i don't want to know ? ? yeah yeah ? ? i don't want to know ? [ cheers and applause ]
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witnessed an epic t-mobile finale. >> thank you guys so much for watching. >> good night, everybody. we made it! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: nominations are determined by chart performance in billboard, based on sales, airplay and streaming data tracked by nielsen music and social interactions measured by next big sound. the voting is administered, monitored, and verifieby telescope inc., an independent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. ? what didn't you see at the amas? what's been going on backstage? "gma"'s here -- all access with music's biggest stars. now, tomorrow morning, see it all only on abc's "good morning america."
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takes home the mirror ball trophy when the two-night finale event of "dancing with the stars" begins at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central. ?
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>> right now and is a doppler we have a three light showers in the west valley at this hour in sun city west surprise and even passing light rain in parts of park and goodyear stretching down to the south and heavier stuff lightning up near gila bend at this hour and will be watching and continued to progress north in the overnight hours in a father to the north it is smokin with cottonwood with the heaviest rain at this hour and it is trying to happen right now and some of the higher terrain and by tomorrow night it will drop low enough to possibly see snow in the flagstaff area. at this point we take it hour by hour through the valley forecast with a 40% chance of showers for the next several hours here in the valley in the chance ramping up tomorrow morning at any time between 7
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across the valley. will talk about rain totals of how much we expect and how long the rain will stick with us coming up in just a few minutes. >> bulletin a gunman on the run after fight turns deadly in phoenix. >> at cervantes at 16th st. and this is affecting more than just those involved in the fight. >> that's right that's because the apartment complex for the shooting happened has still been tipped off for several back inside of their apartment with a 45-year-old man that is now dead and witnesses say six or seven people were fighting when shots rang out and please tell us the suspect and victim know each other but the gunmen took off and now for the past five hours police have been on here talking to witnesses trying to sort this out and a woman that was visiting her friend here tells me she was inside one of the units that you heard men yelling and then several gunshots rang out with fire. >> is multiple and i would say
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even more. which is how to track and everybody was scattering and there was man lying on the floor. >> so far they have not released identification or description of the suspect involved in the shooting. coming up at a 30 we will talk about a neighbor that they talked about the shooting and back to you. >> it is shocking no matter how many times you see it in the coming weeks first tough questions asked from the flagstaff police department with administrative leave after punching marissa morrison the face and an internal affairs investigation is just beginning with morrison wanting the officer fired. >> he deserves it with anybody else in any workforce that would be fired if they had anybody.
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him in the groin and she denies that and is still considering taking legal action. >> devastated by deadly class crash in a channel mom killed last weekend when they were hit in the crosswalk and they had a two-year-old son making major progress in the abc 15 cam talbot joins us live for the memorial is going strong and we thought of the family so many times this weekend we know people at home till the same children's grandmother tonight. >> so many of us have been thinking about the story and right now we have all of the pain focusing on the good news with the field grandson out of the hospital tonight and again take a look at all of the love and support you see here with the family stunned at the more than $80,000 raised with the memorial in their honor. >> a beautiful family changed
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>> something you could prepare whatsoever. >> they have her children rushed to the hospital as the man blew through the red light and tonight pamela's mom is telling us that there back home turning since the crash. >> this is a big joy and we are proud. >> slowly making progress but still in a coma medical center. the younger sister kayleigh says they are taking in the little victories. >> they are coming back into it right now and that is what you have got to look for. >> the entire family missing they call pretty pam. >> i was always in awe of her growing up when i could always talk to her. >> as little right improve the family knew it was time to tell
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>> he cried a lot and everybody else in the room and cried too. >> they say their fighters to suck their mom raise them to be. >> after they had this talk and they played which is good because you can be happy and sad and his mom did not want him to be sad all the time. >> pamela's family still cannot believe the driver that will face driver trial but they're really looking at the love and support felt all around the community thankful of all have donated to the go fund me account and we have information on our website with we send it back to you. >> a hero who gave his life for our country and some first- class passengers were
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for hearing from the family of sergeant. john perry was killed in afghanistan by suicide bomber and sergeant. perry's parents say they were bringing their son's body back home in the flight from sacramento to philadelphia with the transfer in phoenix 45 minutes late getting here. and they asked everyone to remain seated so the goldstar family could be first and not miss the connecting flight but they say that announcement led to doing. >> hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of the goldstar family and the first-class cabin doing that was really upsetting. and it made us cry some more. >> american flag is sacred for service members not just a symbol for protest. >> his name is stephen the accusations are true there is nothing saying about what he did in an employee at the gas station claims the man tried to light for pumps on fire and with us digging deeper on the story in the explanation is this could be just a strange. >> he never actually set fire to the gas pumps with with the told deputies during the arrest
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really worried. >> something off about the character and the way they reacted and things like that. >> then there -- they're used to sing different characters around these parts. >> the element seems to be popping up everywhere here and you see the kids running around and i don't know what they're doing but it is up to no good for sure. >> in his were certainly no good but they were arrested saturday morning at the circle k and he told employee that he was going to burn down the fuel pumps his presence why will because fire was therapeutic for him. if i think that is bad the same deputies that used to burn down homes in san francisco and we did not find any previous arson charges but we did find a
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including time in prison with aggravated assault and they are now checking past arson cases with nearby shops taking notice. >> tattoo shops are always a target with a catch business and that definitely makes me think for sure and more cautious. >> if everything stays on schedule more than 150 students will finally be allowed back in there had been closed for five days after hot water pipe burst in one student tells us tonight she's developing that in and the universities paying for the hotel room while the crews remove all the water in the dorm. >> happening now we have thoughts and prayers for a hockey player in the coyote farm system and the captain of the tucson road runners craig cunningham collapsed right before the start of last night's game and the paramedics hitting chest compressions on the ice we had been looking for updates on how they're doing in the teams only said he has received treatment and we will continue to monitor his progress for you. >> use of this have to season already were clearly this was another must win for arizona
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had not win in minnesota since 1977. can you believe they were still getting down to dancing queen. >> you do not strike me as a fan. let's start with the positives. where there any? >> yes. same brightside that has been shining all season. dave johnson finishing with over 100 yards rushing made to the fourth player since 1970 with at least 100 yards per scrimmage in his first 10 games of the season. and then there's the pick six with the vikings late in the second quarter that much just took the win right there. >> with 42 dropback and palmer was hard four times and hit 23 times with 17 knockdowns. and then there is the 104 yard kick it off return to open the second half making it be 7-17 and the vikings the first team since 1962 with an interception return with the kick off return
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defaulting in the season with a 30-24 loss for the vikings and battery can join us tomorrow night for the cardinals compound with the quarterback our guest out of the big red brewhouse. >> it is the return of philadelphia huge concert on it in phoenix taking action to help you avoid the counterfeit letdown. >> staying put and why the next first family will not be living together for a while.
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>> just my sister blaming herself and we hope we don't see a repeat with the devastation after learning to had a counterfeit tickets with the singer canceling the second of two performances here in phoenix back in august and tomorrow she says hello once
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here but how do know for sure years to get a legit? the easiest way to know straight from the venue are verified online site like ticketmaster before about your tickets from somewhere else then make sure the font is the same across the whole ticket and that it is not smudged. but for spelling errors if there's a website link check to see if that is the jet and asked for a receipt and if they generally purchased it firsthand that should not be problem to provide. >> we have had little in person for president-elect donald trump since he won the election but we are hearing from him on twitter with sco tomi live with them buys show that does not have equal time for him but alec baldwin who has been playing, trump on snl as is equal time? there is no more equal time now you try to be president and people respond. tonight we hear from vice president mike pence for the first time he was booed at a broadway performance of hamilton on friday night and
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even had his decision with his kids about it? >> we arrived we heard some brewing and some chairs and i nudged my kids and reminded them that is what freedom sounds like. >> going to reissue people that trump is preparing to be the president of all people in the us and he wants to bring together people with diverse views. >> will be sworn into office january 20 and then the president-elect confirming tonight that during trump and milani in york into the school year ends. >> and maybe a little snow and it's almost feeling like thanksgiving like late november. >> outside with nicer weather and we have good news that it
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so far so far the west valley has been the bigger winner as opposed to east valley that will likely change the next time going into tomorrow but right now with 1200th of an inch in goodyear picked up so far glendale and merely quarter would inch with wickenburg out to the northwest with three quarters of an inch with phoenix harbor but we are hoping to get a little bit more in the bucket the overnight forecast as you saw moments ago with the increase just in time for the morning commute and keep in mind as we head out to work tomorrow morning there's a good chance for rain and that will be between 7 am and noon tomorrow. and now as we zoom into the west valley you can see the rain picking up in intensity in a few spots as we get into yellows here near loop 101 and near sun city. father to north and west were out past wittmann at the hour and in cottonwood as the showers continue to move off to the north and northeast right now in the switch over to snow
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terrain and we are seeing a wintry mix with rain and sleet and snow at the higher terrain of flagstaff but we will see it drop as we head into tomorrow and by monday morning we have 8500 feet or so from the sea level but then it drops throughout the day and by monday night on to 6500 feet which does. flagstaff in the snow potential for tomorrow precipitation will be over by then but we could still see someone the night in fact we may see as much is 2 inches falling above the 7000 foot level up in the high country by monday evening. so we will keep a close eye for you on that as well and also what we expect in terms of rainfall in the valley the potential of half-inch of rain and will break it down even more with the east valley versus west valley and what we are expecting but half-inch averaging what we expect out of the storm system which continues to pump moisture in from the south overnight and tomorrow with temperatures
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the 40s right now in flagstaff and the lows there in the upper 30s to low 40s and were dropped and 58 here in phoenix and then hit a high of 68 for tomorrow. below average temperatures statewide for tomorrow with rain chances again looking best in the morning and then tapering off as we head into the evening and it will be a cold day first with sunny and dry conditions and will be back in place had for thanksgiving on thursday and will take a look a seven- day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> santa claus with strong opinion and why he is getting the boot from one shopping
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>> a mother says her daughter was telling santa claus what he wanted for christmas and he apparently told the girl that only one person was on the naughty list which was hillary clinton in the santa claus was not fired that he was removed and is now apparently in counseling. >> the little girl says i'm here for presence and not politics. and a lego set. the smart shopper team is constantly taking action for the best deals on the don't have to wait until black friday to find the discount tech
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every 5 minutes we see tablets and tvs and toys on sale and if you have a walmart out there offering more than 100 vacuums and starting today microsoft is offering dozens of deals on xbox games. >> holiday shopping sustain can be great time to snag deals for yourself as well with a little budgeting in a tiny bit of math you can plan ahead and export the season of discounted gift cards and tomorrow at 10 pm we would show you how to slash your drowning out budget tomorrow night at 10 pm and after this the dancing with the stars finale. >> held at gunpoint or so he thought and why the valley man caught in the middle of a robbery almost started laughing. >> and how the politics of the election could be pouring into your next beer.
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ask ourselves whether we thankful for and what are you thankful for this year? these are much tougher questions than they should be with arizona football fans maybe we are thankful the season is almost over cardinals basically have to win out to get into the playoffs and a painful reminder that this time last year the cardinals were 8- 2 with a great shot at making the super bowl run and how about the sun devils in late november they are not even
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as the poor neighbors to the south with the wildcats still winless in conference play and you drench the thanksgiving record with gravy still hard to swallow and unfortunately the football field right now before the sons and coyotes with the western conference bottom feeders. not saying it is too late for some things to turn around but this holiday season let's be thankful for the many other blessings in life but not so much the arizona sports. >> he really put a damper on things. >> i hope -- any to be negative but up there giving us it's the truth. >> of the territorial coming up on friday and some people will be thankful for that work >> talk about your wildcats. >> the relationship now with
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ultimatum for our next president donald trump.
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??? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting. always on.
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>> going north hear the rain slow and steady this afternoon in pockets of the valley but even more could be on the horizon and let's get back to chief meteorologist. >> been tracking new activity with abc15 desert doppler right now. >> web matches rain coming through put new development to the south and southwest a buckeye which will watch closely with the overnight forecast as it moves to the north and east and it will move into parts of the west valley here in the next couple of hours and at this point we have rain through phoenix and some of our most valley neighborhood sincerity are drying out near. but we are seeing more activity further to the north of the heaviest activity now caught word in a little bit of a stretch over starting to happen with the snow level dropping overnight and tomorrow down to 6500 feet or monday evening in flagstaff can get snow in
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will dry things up going into thanksgiving but coming up in a bit will talk about how much rain we will see across the valley and will take a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood too. >> tonight search is on for government after shot dead happening in an apartment complex at 16th st. work >> now for cala police to have witnesses? >> -- several people were around when shots were fired at that complex and there is a group of people hanging out with thing suddenly turned violent the group for a while earlier and now 35-year-old man is dead and police are searching for the shooter. this that you took off in a truck neighbors heard around nine gunshots with several evidence workers in the parking lots and please tell us the shooter and the victim knew each other and the woman who spoke to us to not want to be identified. >> earlier they were drinking and i even had a beer with them too. everything was okay and we were there talking about sports in the argument was somebody stealing something and it just escalated. >> police have not yet released the victim's identity as they continue to investigate the shooting. reporting in phoenix, raquel cervantes.
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typically go together pets eyewitnesses describe the cnet van buren st. with the man using a see-through plastic bag covering his hand in simulating a gun with his fingers who witnessed deciding to take action and tackle him saying >> if you are stupid enough to take a plastic bag on your hand is going to work as a gun then i don't think that you are intelligent enough to do anything else. >> the thief got away on his bike in the phoenix police describe them as 5'9" and then wearing gray fleece and james. >> after months of construction it's finally done with newbridge and grand and belt
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say thank you for your patience with the supplies marketplace target the first 300 people at 4 pm tomorrow afternoon will get a surprise shopping bag. >> turning to democracy 2016 of the week in a back-to-back meetings for president-elect donald trump today in a different with donald trump sitting down with rudy giuliani and chris christie in new jersey as well as a retired journal rumored as a possible secretary of state candidate plus many others as jump works to put together his cabinet but tonight he is expected to stay in new york monday and tuesday for more meetings. strong words for camp for senator. john mccain who has a security form in nova scotia. >> we will not water board. >> john mccain says the us will not use torture tactics and adding the method such as not effective. he says any effort to reinstate them by president-elect donald trump or anyone will be challenged in court. >> the immigration debate with democrats asking barack obama to pardon many undocumented
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country by their parents in the first that will not have the same protection under a trump administration and it is drawing strong criticism from our county sheriff. >> it is a hail mary shot at the last hour and it should not happen. when you're talking a pardon that was never intended to act in this type of capacity. >> all of this like leo would point in saying presidential power cannot give legal status to undocumented immigrants. instead of building walls. >> a lot said during the election about us and mexico elections in 02 breweries are trying to bridge the gap with the tucson borderlands brewing company making a beer without borders.
10:37 pm
sin fronteras or beer without borders and if the current president-elect gets rid of the free trade agreement or nafta there will be trouble. >> if that were to go way than the grain companies here in the us would lose a lot of business. >> the companies help their beer shows how companies from different countries can make a great products in the plan to distribute to reau across arizona. >> after taking an extra 10 days to count all the ballots in maricopa county they finally announced next monday will be the official canvass to make the results official and taking the latest numbers into account with the closest races proposition 205 which was the measure to legalize recreational pot failed by about 67,000 votes. music fans mourning tonight the memorial set up honoring the fame position leon russell. one was in tulsa and the other tennessee and in tulsa oklahoma more than 1000 people filled arena to honor the singer and his trademark white cowboy hat was sitting in front with a grand piano nearby and he played recording sessions with bob dylan and frank sinatra and
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he died last week at the age of 74. >> dramatic images coming in from the massachusetts coast with six people rescued from a 72 foot fishing boat as it was sinking happening this morning near newport forward and everyone is okay to map investigators turned to figure out why the boat started going down. >> right now killer on the loose in san antonio and an officer gunned down just outside police headquarters. detectives it in writing a traffic ticket when another driver pulls up behind him and shoots him he was shot several times and officers released the photo saying this cat may know something but they are not calling him a suspect just yet and police consider him extremely dangerous and a threat to law enforcement in the public. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare and you never want to see anything like this happen. unfortunately like dallas in baton rouge it has happened here. >> police to never think the killer was connect to the driver being ticketed.
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>> and other officer shot in line of duty in st. louis and the police chief says the officers a 46 out sergeant. who was shot in the face twice but is expected to survive. the sergeant was conscious on the way to the hospital and even talking. police say the shooting suspect was driving alongside the officers marked car and opened fire. the shooter is sll loose tonight. >> now to the consumer alert with rent or mortgage and a big chunk of money for a lot of people which is why affordable housing advocates hit the streets protesting air bmp practices outside the air be in the conference in los angeles and labor union members say that tougher restrictions are needed on short-term rental services and they say services like airbnb shrink the housing supply and boost rental costs. from mexico city the houston texans will pay the oakland raiders on monday night football in the first nfl game in mexico city and more than a
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crowd will handle the national anthem. we had the player protests the outcome of the election is also something to consider. sometimes on social media say that the plan to give boos. >> winner take all of today's temperature race at the speedway . racing for the 2016 championship and a late start with 11 laps to go and carl edwards sliding down the block to a look out of but he does not have as much room as he thought and he is in flames and edwards is eliminated from the championship contention with 10 laps to go. following the red flag one more caution with the rays going to overtime and jimmie johnson gets his seventh nascar championship joining dale earnhardt and richard petty is the only drivers to capture seven titles in the sport. johnson within seven titles after leading just three laps and tyler larsen the second and third and kyle busch finishing sixth. >> it's big and it has a lot of different meanings in the
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hendrick and a lot of people know that for some reason i just felt very calm today and things just unfolded in the end for us and i know it was from above and in my heart i wanted to believe it would happen and it has and i just can't believe it. >> turning to basketball and arizona state men's basketball taking on davidson wildcats for fifth place at the invitational in orlando. davidson leading the wildcats with 28 points including getting 16-21 from the free- throw line and tripled are leaving the devils with 18 before fouling out with 1:45 left go for the devils fell to the wildcats 68-60 would davidson beating two power five opponents in the tournament down at walt disney world. they move this from puerto rico because of fears of the mike pence virus this year and i thought they were going to puerto rico but they ended up in orlando. but to turn somewhere along the way. >> and i have a basketball
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out work >> all right singing and dancing and it was a big night for the american music awards and you saw the performances right here on abc15 but there are some moments you may have mr. maybe you weren't there right at 7 pm and the show started off with a bit of an groups. >> with the american music award goes to -- [ laughter ] a little awkward there and they look a little flustered and you see the name twuan pilots. behind them there up way before the announcers even got to a. talk about giving away the surprise there and another memorable moment with some of the stars get involved in social media with a turn taking over right now. >> that is it with the mannequin challenge pretty popular and actually showed up in tonight show if you cannot beat them join them which is the theme there which was
10:43 pm
blink there. and you have probably seen the commercial where taylor swift is working out to drake and singing along. along with jay farrell playing with the celebrity in making his own version and nobody was seriously hurt in the making of these clips tonight. >> the big moment that you will surely be reading about tomorrow when the shark tank and tony award-winning actress presented the award together. >> what are you looking forward to? >> not getting invited to the inauguration is a good start. >> i know how you feel. are an unsafe scary theater people would be invited to the inauguration. >> as we mentioned vice president-elect mike pence recently saw hamilton with a cast don't addressed him directly and some of the
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>> let's talk football with topic number one arizona cardinals and it may be time to throw in the towel. >> say it's not so with six games left and go along to admit this but i am right now that it is so over with the way this offensive line and they just cannot do it in the injuries finally caught up with them and it's over. i'm sorry. >> we have six games left and think about of the cardinals win out with six games. now your 10 tied with one. not have a shot. >> to think to have a shot? >> then we will throw in the
10:47 pm
have projection carson palmer is not himself and not the guy we saw last year in its few and far between. >> without full but this is not mathematically eliminated yet. >> and we will vote with our heart with the talent throw. and how about the most teams in the 11 of those today which breaks record of 10 stood for 46 years. >> unbelievable and it makes me really happy. >> and now they're not kicking from the 32 yard line anymore. the rule change before the introduce this and i'm loving it because it's no longer again me. now they score the touchdown
10:48 pm
it changes the outcome of every game. >> used to be our team scores a touchdown in a good to the refrigerator get a cold drink because the pa did not matter but i cannot do that tech >> the beauty of that is it's exactly what the league wanted to see and they got it and they got something nice. >> the officials are not involved in that helps too. with 11 missed shots and how about the fox audio guy today with the cardinals vikings game is walking across with a parabolic mic and you can see him there and look at this. he just runs right over him and there is bernie with the parabolic mark and he just gets nailed. >> along with the shoes. >> think about the parabolic mic in the big headphones on we cannot hear anything but he is still there working the game and he's okay and as joe buck said later on it's time to go to lenscrafters in his glasses are broken in his nose is scraped up that he stuck with that. >> the man is a gamer after taking the biggest hit of the
10:49 pm
and he got backup and the only thing is that he is hearing the audio in his ears are ringing. >> nice job in way to hang in there. also mark. >> the new ironman world record set today in tempe arizona were still talking about that there. >> these guys ran just fine they did not get knocked out there. >> checkout line ascenders of canada beat the previous record of a minute and have finished over seven hours 44 minutes meredith kessler from the us won her third ironman arizona to nearly 2400 athletes competing in swimming in tempe town lake and then a 112 mile bike ride up the highway followed by full marathon of 26.2 miles and we cannot drive it in seven hours. and their closed between male and ash until noon tomorrow. >> you will not be there next year? >> could be in a big congrats in order to an arizona man getting top marks with austin
10:50 pm
one of 32 americans chosen as a rhodes scholar and the 32 will study at england's oxford university next year chosen from 882 applicants and the roads scholarship is an international award brought widely regarded as the most prestigious scholarship in the world. just that. what have you done today amber? i did not run in ironman. >> i could track the rain free and give you your forecast in the time good for. with the does a doppler we have showers rolling across the valley as we speak in pretty late at this hour as we zoom in and take a closer look to see some of the patchy shower activity two parts of south phoenix in a father to the north and we see it in deer valley up near the creek not to the west and southwest which is where we are watching heavier stuff of the last 30 minutes in a briefly got up there with oranges and reds and then we will continue to watch this batch to the southwest and that
10:51 pm
and it's absolutely soaking wet along the 17 up north in the bumblebee up to camp bernie in sedona getting soaked at this hour with the switchover happening to snow at least the wintry mix in the purple thereafter happy jack and in the higher train with the flagstaff a couple of inches by two more night and some of the higher elevations above 7000 feet. for volatile to tomorrow morning while 5:00 the morning for chance to the north and anytime between 7 am and noon is fair game for widespread shower activity and some of it may get heavy at times and then the will start to dry things out as we head into the afternoon going to sunset with the east and north and they would dry things out in the overnight hours going into tuesday in the sunshine returns with the rain at a 60 to 70% shot overnight through monday morning in between a quarter
10:52 pm
one 2:45 quarters of his to me could see a much as an inch and a half through monday night. outdoor activities tomorrow morning pretty much know go in the morning hours noon to 4 pm getting the showers possible and then things start to improve in the late afternoon and evening if you need to get the dogs out for the walk. breezes tomorrow as well as we look across the valley in terms of temperatures but most of us in the 60s tonight up and down into the 50s and breezes picking up tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon highs only reaching the mid to upper 60s across the valley and tuesday looks relatively cool as well although the sunshine will return by then the 69 degrees wednesday and 72 on thursday with thanksgiving looking perfect and sunny and track and find it looks good as both 50s in the morning for black friday
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>> you need to watch for the secret word of the day with your chance to win. >> by love the birth a seahawks host philadelphia eagles with the distance between them and
10:56 pm
with the russell wilson touchdown throw with a 16-7 pitching to doug baldwin who then throws and 15 yards back and russell gets his first career receiving touchdown scoring late but the hawks get the seven >> of the season 26-15 the final. from the colosseum finishing 17 have 31 with 134 yards ryan tannehill spoils the debut with the game-winning touchdown pass to devante parker with 36 seconds left to pull back to 4-6 on the season. and the san francisco 49ers with the new england patriots and brady back to the pope always and legarrette blount finishes with 123 yards rushing and they hold off the 49ers 30- 17 in san francisco falls to 1- 9 on the season while the patriots and him 8-2.
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>> operation santa claus is back with nonperishable food items and he can drop off your submissions that the studio with that ups store location and you can always go online right from home to give to the cause. >> then there will be one entry to win a 2017 ford f 50 and are we eligible for that.
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ignition over.


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