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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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he wrote a book on the trial and was disbarred because of it. he's working on two more covering the controversial murder trial. waiting for the diamondbacks response after there's no deal for chase field. the letter cites challenges to make it a reality. the team has the option to buy chase field. no to your most accurate forecast and the hail in the valley today. >> many of you sending us pictures >> we're in the clear now across the valley. no showers or rain to track here either. just a few showers in the higher terrain switching to snow and the blue. these spots will have a slight chance for the next several hours before the storm system clears out completely. here in the valley we are done. partly cloudy skies for the next couple of hours clearing skies overnight.
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sdwroefr night before the 50s -- low 60s overnight before 50s settle in. as the storm clears out some dry days ahead and a butte of thanksgiving. a closer -- beautiful thanksgiving. a closer look next. a woman who found herself being shot at on the 101. she turned the tables. jason has the story. >> the victim was getting breakfast here in the drive- thru. she heard something that sounded like dment think anything of it. -- didn't think anything of it. it was bullets hitting her car. when the suspects came back, that's when she knew she was in trouble. far from running in fear she called 911 and chased the suspects out of the parking lot and west on the i-10. >> they shot at her two more times. her car is railed with bullet holes. she's very fortunate to be alive today i would say. >> police caught up, the woman
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kept running. finally bailing out of their bmw in scottsdale. 40 miles from where they started. police arrested two suspects who told police they thought they were shooting up someone else. they're facing charges of running from the police and aggravated assault. i'm jason abc 15. so many lives changed by a bullet. one thing's certain phillip braillesford a former mesa cop will continue to for the death of daniel schafer. some testimony was not used. the judge denied the motion. his trial is expected to start next year. schafer's widow so far has not responded to the development. the most chilling pictures coming in. we know more. this was a two-hour fight to free children from this crash in chattanooga tennessee. six people did not survive this. we know at this hour that some
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vehicle in this crash. there's a news conference planned for tonight and our sister station is on its way now. people are lining up in that city to give blood to help save the dozens of other children sent to the hospital. all of this just days before thanksgiving. stephanie? a crime alert around the places that you and your family visit. one of them a place of worship. that's where thieves are taking advantage. two hot spots. joe bartels is live in mesa near >> this is one of the areas targeted by thieves. there's hundreds of cars lined up for a soccer tournament. police say those thieves had their choice of which cars they wanted to pick and victimized. >> ask any mom and they'll tell you it's an a full time job raising kids.
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keeps her really busy. the purse typically stays in the car for safekeeping. >> if they're doing it at a park obviously they know what to look for. >> mesa police say that's exactly what thieves were counting on striking mesa riverview park last weekend during a soccer town. . flat out targeting purses and bags. >> they're walking down the rows and isles and they're looking in cars and in the ba >> more thefts at the bible church. more cars broken into and purses snatched. church employees say even a car battery was stolen. back at the park alex says the thefts are now top of mind. >> you're always kind of aware where you stuff is, your kids are. be aware of it. >> victims are reporting a black mini van sped away from one of the scenes. police say don't be an easy target and take your stuff with
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telling us they got their purses back after they were dumped in a nearby park. their credit cards and money were gone. >> another good reminder as we start holiday shopping and have holiday packages, put them in your trunk. car windows shot out in three cities. peoria police taking action. assigning a special detective to these cases. there are seven victims there. one witness believes the suspect is driving a late '09s dark green toyota. that's the same car seen in glendale. some breaking news out of texas. an arrest made after a detective was shot to death while trying to write a ticket. the police chief saying they believe the uniform was the target. now 3 is-year-old otis mc-- 31- year-old otis mccain is charged with the murder of benjamin marconi. he was caught and his car talking with a woman right
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even though the suspect was caught police are saying that everybody from has to stay individual lant. all the -- individual lent. -- individual lant. -- craig was at the team's training facility earlier today. what do you know about coach's condition? >> here's what we're hearing. the latest. the fact that his wife put up on facebook about an hour ago bruce is okay. he'll be back to work soon. now the cardinals are here at the university of phoenix stadium tonight. i asked them. they say that's the latest they have for coach arians. he was hospitalized in san diego in august and was out of the hospital after an evening in the hospital. came back the next day at practice two days later. he also suffered from an inner ear infection in 2013 and was hospitalized with the colts. we know he is a prostate cancer
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he's had some health issues. larry gits gard came out this -- larry fit garldz came out this -- fit garld came out this -- fitzgerald came out this morning. >> he takes a lot of pride in it. and you know, i as a player i don't really have, you know, any concern about him going forward because from what we're hearing he's going to be okay. players feel. >> and that's kind of the word from everybody that the test results as you said are coming back positive. we're expecting to see him back to work as early as wednesday. we're waiting for official word. more from the cardinals cooldown in the big red brew house with our special guest cardinals quarterback justin bethel.
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games out of respect for their captain craig cunningham. he's in critical condition but is getting amazing care. he suffered some sort of medical condition. doug ducey calling it historic. he dealt arizona tribes a new deal allowing them to offer more casino games. in exchange the tribes agreed not to build new casinos in the area. several tribal leaders joined him to announce >> i sincerely hope that all the tribes will come together and approve these promises. in the hopes of once again freeing an environment that benefits every tribe. >> missing though was the tohono o'odham nation which operates in glendale. in a statement the tribe said they were not part of the process. but the governor says that they have been part of the diskigs
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and gauchuation -- negotiation. tonight the president-elect says he's assembling a cab knelt of patriots. -- cabinet of patriots. one was scott brown. he says he's the best person to become the va secretary. donald trump has been critical of that agency citing the challenges in phoenix. it's not clear if he will make more announcements before leaving for florida for thanksgiving. he's planning to leave tomorrow or wednesday. >> the table this thanksgiving thanks to you. so many people opening up their hearts and wallets to help those in need. >> st. mary's food bank still needs some help. sonu wasu is there where the streets are shut down for this turkey giveaway. >> the need is there. there are folks that need to be fed. this is a very abundant country. >> everyone standing in this line has a story. a struggle.
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>> what's your thanksgiving table looking like without this hemp? >> empty. -- help? >> empty. empty. empty. >> it's an eye opening experience for many volunteers. 300 here today. >> oh gosh. it's just sad. i feel so thankful and so blessed to be able to help. >> you can still help as people line up again tuesday and wednesday. your donations are still desperately needed. you can even cash. to find out how go to they're 1600 turkeys shorpt. even governor -- short. even governor doug ducey rolled up his sleeves to help. sonu wasu abc 15 news. breaking right now. that tsunami warning lifted in japan. the latest on the earthquake there at a place they were just
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it promises longer lashes but many customers complaining about something else.
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breaking news now as japan braces for aftershocks after a massive earthquake there. so far incredibly no word of serious damage. the magnitude 7.4 quake struck that's the area hard hit by a quake and then a tsunami in 2011. there was a tsunami warning listed. the nuclear plant in 2011 there was destroyed and the area was trying to rebuild. a story making national headlines. american airlines saying there's no investigation after a gold star family was allegedly booed at the airport
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body back. everyone was asked to stay seated. the airline says they were honored. tempe police digging through 30 years of cold cases after todd kohlhepp's confession. so far they haven't found cases linked to him. police in south carolina have found bodies on his property. tonight we know who lost his life following a fight outside a phoenix apartment complex. police say 37-year-old salvador amador was near 16th and thomas. the gunman is out there. no word on the motive. asu students being asked to be patient. their dorm isn't ready yet after a flood. the hope was to have them back in today. now they're being told by the end of the week. soon this will be me and probably you looking for great deals for the holiday online. if that deal involves a free trial period you may want to move on.
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promising longer and stronger lashes. maybe maybe not. >> we really don't have background on does the product work. >> felicia is concerned about how it's sold. try it before you buy it. a free trial period. pay the shipping and no more. if you cancel it, send it back. instead. >> we have consumers saying they were charged $150 for this product. >> 136 complaints in the last year. many about cancellation rules. >> it's hard to get ahold of this company. they can't get the money back. >> customers say i called to cancel and two days later i was charged $149.95 and the representative insisted i try the product first. i yell no then they charge the card. we went to the business addresses one was a mail drop and the other was a different business. >> their free trial period started the day they ordered the product.
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day delivery time and. >> it's nearly impossible in those cases to receive it, try it, and send it back before that trial period end. >> a supervisor says the cancellation rules are clear and lad in reason for come -- and had no reason for complaints. it would avoid free trials. need my help? here's how to get ahold of me. i'in got a problem? let me know. the valley drying out after a wet day. temperatures in the low 70s. a couple degrees below normal. nine hundredths of an inch of rain in sky harbor. the yearly total over five inches. it's two inches below average. we need more with a la nina winter forecast. below average in terms of
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terms of ffrm. a little bit -- temperature. a little bit of rain in the bucket today. a few isolated showers still lingering in the higher terrain a. little bit of snow above 6500 feet. and across northern and northeastern as a couple more hours of showers were they continue overnight into tomorrow. then the entire state is dry as we head towards thanksgiving. here's futurecast clearing the skies out. and then sunshine persists for the next across the valley. 65 degrees right now. low 60s through 7:00 and 9:00. by 11:00 57. 52 in phoenix the the morning. much of the valley in the 40s. your activity planner for tomorrow is great. skies sunny, temperatures will be nice. air quality will be moderate. if you are sensitive to it you may have an issue.
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prescott bottoming out at 34. freezing overnight in flagstaff. 45 and sunny in the afternoon. sedona 57 for tomorrow. here's your ski report. the resorts picking up several inches today. snow bowl reporting ten inches. some runs open now. sunrise is going to try to open on thanksgiving day. that's plan. here's a look at the forecast for the higher terrain thro friday, saturday, and sunday. flagstaff low 50s for the start. low 40s for sunday. sedona and prescott a cool down to the low 50s by sunday. we'll talk about the valley still ahead. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> welcome to the big red brew house. we're here with cardinal's quarterback justin bethel.
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first i have to ask you the news of the day coach arians in the hospital. what have you heard? >> you know, the faculty and staff have talked to us and told us he's doing good. hoping that he gets back soon. and then his health is more important than anything. we miss him and we want him back as soon as possible. >> we heard from his wife on facebook saying he's okay. that's the best news, right? >> exactly. hopefully we'll see wednesday out there with his old man flag. >> hey, you were a tough loss yesterday. you guys have put yourself in a bits of a corner where you got to win some games. how does the team feel? how are you feeling? >> i mean i'm optimistic about it. you know, last year a lot of these games these close games we were able to pull out. and that just hasn't been the case this year. and i think really we're just trying to get back to, you
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sxej get back to those win -- over the edge and get back to those wins. we're working towards that. >> this guy was the star of the game. blocked that pat. we thought that was going to be the difference in the game. you thought it would be. >> yeah, it was coming down to that last drive. somebody came and said something. it might come down to the extra point. i said if it does i'll be glad i helped. >> justin bethel here. we'll be back in a little bit with more. our cardinals cooldown tomorrow night. kids can be loud. it's the adults making noise about an hos rule.
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before there was the drug entice but now there's a new drug to worry about. it's called marijuana wax. it's more potent than regular it's cooked down and run through solvents. police in indiana say they saw it pop up six months ago. students are very familiar with it. >> it's pretty common. i know of a lot of people who have done it. some of my friends have tried it. i know it's pretty much every y. >> -- everywhere. >> so far only three cases are being prosecuted in one indiana county. a deal for life lock.
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protection products will be bought by a security software maker for more than $2 million. tesla now owns the nation's largest solar panel installer. the goal is to sell panels out of stores. the first joint project will be next summer. remembering a valley man who helped so many others. the tragic turn of event that is led to his death. a warning. the valley city dealing with a credit car trying to improve safety on a dangerous stretch of i-17.
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right now a benefit concert for a man who touched many lives. >> he made sure people had a safe right home from the bar. he was killed by a drunk driver.
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south scottsdale area dan conaway was your go-to guy for a safe ride home. bar tenders, patrons -- bartenders, patrons knew him well. >> he did this with joy. he wanted to make sure people were safe. he would give out free cab rides even. >> in late october he was doing what he does about every night, giving someone a safe ride home when a drunk driver slammed into conaway head on. >> we've talked about how we're out there at the wrong hours with the drunks. we see accidents every night. >> he suffered broken ribs and pelvis. his friends thought hooetd pull through. but he -- he'd pull through. but he died two weeks later still in the hospital. >> it's shocking that what he dedicated his life to preventing is what took his life (he leaves behiebdz --
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two young kids. >> he's not just a cabdriver. you know, he was a friend, he was loyal. he made sure you were okay. >> they're hoping one message stands out. >> please don't drink and drive. >> reporting in scottsdale abc 15 news. cops name two suspects in the august shooting death of a local rap artist. the search is on. police found deshawn mcdonald dead at a hotel. he went by the name d- he was shot twice after a fight with two men. those men identified as frederick hill and brian holmes. both will face murder charges. working to learn the names involved in a shooting at a bar in mesa. a man shot outside and a shooter in custody. it went down at the office sports bar near gilbert and broadway. the suspect told everybody to call 911 because he had shot someone. the victim was rushed to the hospital. a quick thinking customer
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of holding up a restaurant. the man is behind bars tonight. he demanded money in mcdowell. a customer recorded him pulling a mask over his face. police used that video to help link the 36-year-old to the crime. this big police presence in north phoenix ended up being far from what officers expected. what was called out as a shooting is being blamed on a man who had too much to drink. sevel area. neighbors heard arguing and what they thought was a gunshot. when police talked to the man inside they found him injured and drunk. he was bitten by a dog. a wet day across the valley. take a look at our time lapse. the dark clouds coming in this morning. bringing drenching rain to some valley neighborhoods. even small hail the size of peas reported in some neighborhoods like scottsdale. the rainfall with this storm.
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inch through much of the east to over a quarter in peoria and surprise. wickenburg close to an inch with the rain. at this point drying things out across central arizona. nothing to track in the valley on abc 15 desert doppler and a few showers in the higher terrain. a little bit of snow near mormon lake with a switch over of rain. that little mix in the purple there. showers the next few hours. then we dry out going into tomorrow statewide. warming things up too. brand new at 6:00. mesa police worried a credit card thief may be getting away with his crime. they posted a photo hoping someone will id the thief before the case grows cold. it's a crime that will be on the rise as we hit the biggest shopping season of the year. >> it is a crime becoming all
6:34 pm
this information exists. >> thieves copy your information on to a new sxard go shopping. mesa -- new card and go shopping. mesa police say this man cloned a card ask and the victim -- and the victim didn't even know. in a past story life lock showed how easy it can be. >> card data completed successful. >> so easy our own reporter cloned her >> the cashier never asks for id. >> look for tampering before you swipe. >> when you get to the counter don't have your card out. keep it tucked in your purse or in your pocket. if you finds someone standing just a little too close, don't be afraid to politely ask them to stand back a little. >> thank you. >> in phoenix abc 15 news. days after our report on a
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safety project is launched. the winding stretch between black city and the point. the main plan is to add signs like digital displays showing drivers how fast they're going and overhead signs about traffic conditions. trying to get an update on the conditions of two people hurt in a gas explosion in sedona. it destroyed a building on state route 89 ashgsz. liquid pro-- 89a. liquid propane explode. wildfires in north carolina. they make progress on some but more are popping up. crews battling more than the flames out there. overnight temperatures in the 20s and windy conditions are making things tough as well. open burn bans are in effect for most of north carolina tonight. a heartbreaking story out of indiana tonight. four children killed and their
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by the heat and smoke. crews say the four kids likely died of smoke inhalation. two responding offers hurt -- officers hurt in this. frightening moments in a florida convenience store. surveillance shows the robber walking into the store with a metal pipe. he hits the clerk in the back with the weapon. the employee fightings back and takes -- fights back and takes the pipe away. the robber takes off. tomorrow is the day that a lot of drivers are waiting for. it's finally finished. the new bridge at grand and bell in surprise is finally open. they've been sending us updates each week. crews just finished adding the inishing touches and we now know that the -- finishing touches and we now know it's ready for traffic. the efforts in this river rescue. where this tree fell on an suv and how the people inside got out alive.
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a big team effort by firefighters in los angeles battling the elements to rescue four people from a rushing river. they were stranded on an island in a neighborhood. rescue crews got them in a boat and took them to hospitals where they were treated for expo sure to the conditions -- exposure to the conditions. thick missouri today as a fire destroys an historic building. it was empty when the flames broke out. nearby businesses evacuated and the electricity cut off to some people. this property was on the market after redevelopment plans stalged. a -- stalled. a giant tree crashes on this suv and the people inside survive. this happening in a city not far from seattle. it fell while a man and woman were driving.
6:41 pm
got outside. fire crews helped to get the driver out of there. keeping the kids quiet. why parents say a new rule from the hoa is taking things a little too far. replacing phone batteries for free. the problem for some iphone users. coming up a smart shopper deal of the day you got to see. we're live at the big red brew house for cardinals cooldown. our special guest tonight cardinal's quarterback justin bethel. and skies are clearing out. this is after a rainy day in the valley. by 11:00 in the upper 50s. we'll talk about that forecast
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a phoenix sergeant being investigated criminally and internally at his department.
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re roy potter has -- leroy potter has not been disciplined or face charges yet. that will be one of the many topics of tonight's cardinal cooldown. craig is live with a special guest tonight, craig? >> yes, he is. we have justin bethel with us tonight at the big red brew house. we got us some fans here. that's not bad. >> i got to talk about presbyterian. you are the most successful football player to dom out of there -- come out of there. the blue hose. what is that? >> i thought it was a blue garden hose. i thought it was weird. it's a scottish warrior. think of braveheart. they were the stockings and then they changed it.
6:46 pm
guess. >> another interesting fact is you wanted to go to culinary school. you wanted to be a chef. >>? i was going to walk on to south carolina to take their, so i can join their culinary program and see if i can get a scholarship for football and pay for it. i was going in for cooking. >> cardinals cooldown at 7:00 on our abc 15 arizona facebook page. and we'll talk more about this chef here bethel. maybe you can cook something for us? >> stir fry or something. >> we look like. coming up at 7:00 on our facebook page. a community coming together after somebody di v did this to -- did this to their school. a swastika on the school in denver. there's graffiti on the playground. dozens showed up to scrub off the graffiti and leaving messages of support on the walls.
6:47 pm
it. a letter in florida is getting some parents fired up. it's asking them to keep their kids quiet while they play outside. the hoa sent the letter saying there have been complaints about children being noisy. some neighbors say the request goes too far. >> as neighbors we chose this community because it's a bedroom community. it's not a 55 plus community. i will not tell my kids stay in the yard and >> the hoa saying it's meant to keep children safe while respecting neighbors. wells fargo on a tighter leech now. new -- leash now. the new rules require the government to reject new positions and reviewing openings and closures. all of this following the
6:48 pm
apple offering free replacement batteries to iphone 6s users. their phones are shutting down for no reason. they say a small number of devices are affected. this comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in china launched an investigation. the valley airport adding more flights to canada. the airline will operate flights from cal ga ray and -- calgary and edmondton. we told you about the new service from new leaf travel company. workers in chicago getting ready to go on strike. they'll walk the picket lines but it's postponed until after thanksgiving. november 29th is the day they plan to start the strike. they're fighting for union rights and a wage of $15.
6:49 pm
tractors. preparing -- tractors. preparing for the night before thanksgiving parties. the tipsy toes service will be in effect starting 6:00 p.m. wednesday night and runs through 6:00 a.m. the next morning. they provide a free 10-mile tow home. farther north all about the snow. images from snow bowl. a lot of people having fun. it's open. sunrise expected to open by thanksgiving hopefully. they got several inches there as well. >> they're thrilled about it. >> very exciting. >> looks like the holidays. >> i've been watching flagstaff all day and seeing the snowfall and hit the trees earlier today it's butte. tonight -- beautiful. let's take a look at what's left. a slight chance of a few spotty showers here for the next
6:50 pm
just a little bit more possible. then we dry things out overnight across the entire state. the skies clear to the east. behind it high pressure, sunshine, dry conditions, and a warm up into thanksgiving. right now at 65. winds out of the west southwest at eight miles per hour. the winds are backing off too. they should stay less than ten miles per hour for the next several days. 60s for the most cave creek and anthem in the mid-50s right now. sedona at 35. one of the coldest spots. freezing spots along the northeast of the four corners. show low 31. flagstaff 28. the grand canyon at 26. temperatures in the 30s for prescott, sedona, payson. for tomorrow we're going to see highs hit 58 in globe. 66 in casa grande.
6:51 pm
most spots in the 70s. paige at 55. winslow and prescott also at 55 for tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow still a couple degrees below average. 62 around 10:00 a.m. briefly hit 07 in phoenix. -- 70 in phoenix. 68 in mesa. 69 in tempe. gilbert and ahwatukee. and in the west valley 68 in litchfield park and goodyear. glendale at 69. by the time we hit thanksgiving on thursday all the valley in the low # 0s. sunny and -- 70s. sunny and dry forecast continues for the weekend. if you head out early to shop you'll need a swert. but by the afternoon -- sweater. but by the afternoon warmest temperature of the week. the awe more clouds on sunday. overall no major changes coming
6:52 pm
think outside the box and add more meat to your meal. this is sure to add variety. >> i know everybody is preparing for the thanksgiving feast. one kind of meet and that is turkey. come down to von hansen's meet and spirits because they have anything you want here. they've got sides and spirits. they've got sauces and spices. i've got to tell you about a deal of the da check this out. this is called swedish potato sausage. maybe this is news to you. if you're not from the midwest this is half off. check this out. maybe you like the beef. this is steak ca babs half -- kabobs half off. the deal is good on tudz from
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9:00 until 6:00. tomorrow only. tell them the smart shopper sent you. another call to take action and help out with operation santa claus. collecting money toys, kids clothing and nonperishable food items for the four charities on your screen. >> stop by sanderson ford or lincoln the abc 15 studios or any of the 120 plus ups store locations. you can also donate at >> one entry to -- >> one entry courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln.
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we have more breaking news coming in. kanye west hospitalized in los angeles. tmz reporting moments ago that he is there for a psychiatric evaluation. this as many canceled his tour. he canceled tonight's tour in l.a. hours ago. now back to one of our top stories. the loop 101 is back open tonight after those chain reactions crashes that turned deadly. this was the scene a few hours ago at cactus road. drivers have still been dealing with delays on the nearby side streets because of this. let's make a deal. tonight at 10:00 much more on that casino agreement and what
6:57 pm
plus arrested for threatening to torch valley fuel pumps. hear from those who know him best and why they don't want him free. sick of seeing political signs? what you can and cannot do. those and more coming up at 10:00. a few showers left in the higher terrain. that's drying out and clearing up in the overnight forecast. a couple more hours in some spots. overall the forecast looking
6:58 pm
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my whole world was football before this. when i started, people said i couldn't dance. >> i came here after nearly losing my life on the life is precious, and you have to live life to the fullest. >> i was so sad when i came, but this has given me confidence and so much love. >> i'm going to show america that i deserve that mirror ball. >> tonight, that trophy is ours. >> i've worked too hard to lose. >> only the best will win. >> it's the finals.


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