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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:37pm-12:05am MST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, kate speaking out. those adorable toddlers now relentless teens and tweens. >> no i'm not doing this! >> kate gosselin addressing reports of alleged child abuse. the family's strained relationship with her ex-husband jon. and trying to date as a mother of eight. plus watch and learn. it's sex ed for the internet. >> masturbation. sexual orientation and gender identity. >> a youtube sensation teaching kids about the birds and the bees. >> i'm trying to cover all the things i wish that i had known what i was about 12 or 13. >> now an advocate against sexual assault and harassment. take it yeezy.
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>> kanye west hospitalized, his tour canceled days after an onstage meltdown under all the lights. >> i've been sent here to give y'all the truth! >> but first the "nightline 5." >> we always come to burlington to buy our coats. >> we also come to give them back. >> to help those in need. >> can't beat the brands, the styles? when we donate a coat at burlington we get 10% off our entire purchase. collecting coats for 10 years. bring in your coats! need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
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good evening. what started with adorable home videos of the eight gosselin children has blossomed into a 10-year-long reality show empire. as the new season of "kate plus 8" is about to premiere kate gosselin is opening up about everything from recent allegations of child abuse to her rocky relationship with her exhusband to what it's like living with eight tweens and teens. ? happy birthday ? >> reporter: from ? happy birthday to you ? >> reporter: to teenagers. ? you're 16 once and it's right now ? >> reporter: for a decade we've watched the gosselin family grow up, seeing some of the highs, the lows, and the stress. >> no, i'm not doing this! >> reporter: that come with raising eight kids. kate gosselin telling my colleague amy robach that older isn't necessarily easier. >> what's harder, toddlers or
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babies would be easier and that scares me because that was really hard. eight teenagers. just stop and think. and i have a really loud bark but my bite is so useless. >> reporter: kate, divorced since 2009 from jon, is a single mother to 12-year-old sextuplets and 16-year-old twins. along with the family's upcoming season of "kate plus 8" comes new drama splashing across the tabloids. kate now speaking out about those headlines. >> we new season. a few months ago you revealed he is away seeking treatment for educational and social challenges. how did you come to that decision? it had to be a really tough one. >> it was not even really a choice. it was on the advice of his doctors. it had to happen. >> how's he doing? >> he's plodding along and we are too. this is the best thing i can do for him right now so that comforts me. >> there are reports that colin told staffers at his treatment
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you and child services reportedly opened an investigation. >> i'm in the public eye. i've been investigated many times. it's always unfounded, obviously. >> so they're all unfounded? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, visit my kids and they've got a great life. >> jon drops a major bombshell about one of his eight children -- >> reporter: a few days ago jon gosselin claiming he hasn't seen his son colin for more than a ye >> i have an idea where he is but i don't really know like where he is. i think it's about filming and money. if i get any right, i'm not going to sign for my kids to film. >> jon claims that you won't tell him where colin is. any truth to that? >> we are both court ordered no the to speak about the care and custody of our children in detail. i conduct myself in interviews such that my kids can watch every single one.
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and i need to put my children first. and i've known all along where he is, but the world doesn't know. and i'll leave it at that. >> jon's in that world. jon says he's going to court to get a judge to force you to reveal colin's whereabouts. >> i've lost track of how many times he's said that. i'm focused less on what jon has to say. >> reporter: a glimpse into the kids' relationship with their dad. >> who's going to daddy's next week? the usual. >> the usual? aidan, you're going next week as well? >> yep. >> okay. usual four. got it. >> reporter: 16-year-old maddy saying this about her father to "people" magazine. he makes it seem like we're being kept from him, which is insane, he should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don't want to see him. he doesn't even know us. >> do you hope at all that your children's relationship with their father can become a better
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there today? >> obviously that's always the hope. i think every divorced parent's goal is to have, you know, a situation where the kids are able to have an equal productive, positive relationship with both. i would love that. i just don't know, given the circumstances, that in our case that's possible. >> reporter: we reached out to jon and heard back from his lawyer who referenced the gag order and gave this statement to abc news. "the whole told. my client is a loving and caring father who is acting within the scope of the law to do what is best for his kids." the gosselins have come a long way from those simple home videos and first television specials that thrust them into the spotlight ten years ago. >> how are you different than that kate from ten years ago when you were first starting out? >> i almost don't even know her. now it's like the wisdom, the
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there's so many decisions for so many people i'm making at all times. and above all, they matter the most. >> reporter: despite the sheer volume of decisions kate has to make while parenting eight children, she says she doesn't have any regrets. >> how do you live with no regrets? >> when i say no regrets, it's not that i haven't made mistakes, it's just that i make the best decision in every situation that i can, >> you said you have no regrets. what about any of your hairstyles? >> oh my gosh. i mean, i regret some of mine. >> you know what, i don't regret any, and the specific one i'm certain you're talking about -- >> the reverse mullet? you were a halloween costume. >> oh, yeah, somebody made a lot of money off that wig. not me. i have one of them. >> you have one of the wigs? >> i got hold of one somehow. >> there are no calories.
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last season cameras followed kate as she went on her first mind date. >> on i do know that the person that comes along, if you're willing to take on someone with eight kids, you have to be pretty darn tough. like from the get-go. >> yeah. >> reporter: not easy first date small talk. >> i have been on a date or two literally probably since i was divorced. and i don't do much of it. >> i can't imagine what it's been like over the past ten years with not really dating, not really having that other person to help manage real connected way. >> that's the part that's hard. the kids gang up on me, so when it's just me standing there, it's a lonely feeling. and also there's nobody to like back me up. >> could i have the waffle? >> and you're just standing there like, i said no! >> kate against 8. >> yeah, exactly. >> where are the puppies? no, i'm serious! >> get in the car!
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lose your cool as a mom. >> i'm not proud of it. any mom if you have cameras following you you're going to see thins, i said that? i did that? so do you. if you're going to sit behind a computer and try to say you don't, you're the liar, not me. >> bring the drill. i'm the mother. hello, meet me, i'm in charge. >> do you ever go back and see those moments and think, why am i letting the cameras in? >> no, i've never thought that. kids need to see real parents. pele families. life has twists and turns. sad, happy, all the above. people need to see real. >> mommy's home! >> reporter: but she says it's moments like these, the little ones, that she's grateful to have captured on camera. >> hi! hi, mommy. >> hi, honey. >> i watch them over and over. we all do. like literally probably 20 times in a row. and i just sit there, these cute little moments that floated by
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>> i missed you! i'm going to cry. >> you're just like surviving that time, and so you don't have time to remember. >> it's true. >> the whole point was i wanted those moments documented. and sure enough. ten years' worth. >> you've got them all. >> i will never, ever regret that. up next, she's going viral so parents and health teachers don't have to. the smash hit sex ed series on youtube. and later, kanye west taking a rest to regain his power. hospitalized in the wake of an onstage rant. ? i'm living in the 21st century ? ? do not admit you ever seen
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sex ed has traditionally been taught by health teachers in classroom settings defense against a backdrop of uncomfortable silence and nervous laughter. now one young woman is revolutionizing the way kids learn about sexuality by creating a no holds barred youtube series. here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang with the latest in ou >> hi, babes. the internet. nope. what are you doing? down there, yep. little closer. >> reporter: laci greene is bringing sex ed into the 21st century one youtube click at a time. >> the idea of a single sex talk -- >> reporter: talking relationships -- >> can i kiss you? eee! >> reporter: feminism. >> i have to come clean.
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>> my commitment to orgasms, now is the time. >> reporter: on her youtube channel. >> we're going to talk about it anyway, if you're uncomfortable, you can leave. >> reporter: no topic too sensitive. >> men, where do i start? >> reporter: to off limits. >> houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: to serious for the outspoken 27-year-old. >> i'm trying to cover all the things i wish i had known when i was about 12 or 13. >> reporter: raised in a mormon family, laci says growing up she felt ashamed of sexuality and lacked places to turn for trusted information. >> we moved our butts to portland, oregon. my mom had a day care. that is something a lot of young people experience that sort of small town growing and up not really having anywhere to go to talk about sexuality. that's yes started doing what i do. >> reporter: it's paid off. nearly 1.5 million youtube subscribers. named one of "time's" most influential online.
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questions and get no nonsense answers about uncomfortable topics. >> let's talk about pain during sex. can porn be addictive? if only i had known then what i know now! my videos are meant to be an alternative to sex education in a classroom. you can learn about stds, body image issues, how gender works in the world -- >> reporter: nationwide only 24 states require that public schools teach sex ed. parent to opt out. >> why is sex ed important for kids who aren't getting it at school or at home? >> if kids are not getting some kind of education, they're going to get wrong information. or they're going to find out on their own,ab abcting it out, wh can lead to self-destructive behavior. >> reporter: she's billed as a millennial dr. ruth. >> when you say a fling, that was -- >> what i like about laci, she's
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selling her own sexuality. >> it is what makes the appeal of dr. ruth similar. >> yes, dr. ruth also was this cute little person, this older woman, someone you never would expect to talk about sex, talking about sex in this very easy and natural way. >> reporter: for millennials that hot topic, consent and section wahl assault prevention on campus. >> concept isn't just hot, it's mandatory. >> reporter: a cause she often champions. last year making waves with this video. >> notice how consent is ale yes, it's enthusiastic. i want it! it's out loud and there's no doubt in your mind. i think conversations about consent are really critical and kids are not getting those conversations. if someone says they're not sure that means no. the only thing that means yes, in my classroom, and i think in the way it should be in the world, is if someone says "yes." enthusiastically, verbally. >> reporter: which is in part why just a few days before the
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why she fines donald trump so objecti objectionable. >> he's voldemort. he has to be stopped. in terms of how he treats women, how he regards lgbt folks, how he talks about people of color, he's a nightmare pupil. >> reporter: now president-elect trump is getting the full force of her crusade in the agreen that of sexual politics with this entitled "trumpocalypse." >> trump saw that. he saw the undercurrent of misogyny and racism. and he rode that wave to >> reporter: although she's built a base online laci is reaching beyond the screen, speaking at military bases and colleges, doing q&as at vidcom, tackling consent and sexual taboos. >> who pays the price for the fact that we don't give people totion? kids. >> most of the time, "i can't talk to my parents, i feel unsupported, thank you for being with me. >> reporter: she doesn't have a
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expert, in an age kids say they learn about sex through porn. does it trouble you laci green, who's dispensing advice to millions of young people, doesn't have that credential? >> if you don't have that formal education, you don't have a license, so you're probably not held to the same high standard. but there are people who are very well educated who are not interesting to listen to. and therefore can't get information out there in a way that really reaches people. >>ep videos are self-researched and based on scientific studies. >> there are high-risk strains and low-risk strains -- >> reporter: laci sells herself as a feminist. >> here are a few of my reasons why -- >> reporter: a title that comes with its fair share of online attackers. >> there's only two genders, only two [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. i feel like i'm in an abusive relationship with the internet sometimes. >> reporter: but she says she's determined to stand up to the bullies, motivated by the
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her fans. >> your videos taught me not only to smile but love myself and learn lots of new things about the world and my body. i love your videos and they've taught me so much. i can't get over how inspired i am by you. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. up next, was this bound to happen? kanye west hospitalized. his tour canceled just days after an onstage rant about beyonce and jay-z.
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fal a turbulent weekend, kanye west is getting some help. the breaking news tonight, kanye west hospitalized in l.a. officials confirming to abc news that the rapper and business mogul has checked into the hospital. authorities responded to a disturbance at 1:20 p.m. the call became a medical emergency and west was taken to a local hospital for further assessment where he was declared medically stable.
12:05 am
west is suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. this all come on this the heels of a series of bizarre concert rants which were followed by the cancelation of the remainder of his "saint pablo" tour. on stage west has been taking aim at everyone from beyonce -- >> beyonce, i was hurt! because i heard that you said you wouldn't >> reporter: to jay-z -- >> jay-z, please don't sit on my head. >> reporter: to his own supporters. >> to black people, stop focusing on racism. this world is racist, okay? let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. >> reporter: members of the kardashian clan appeared tonight at new york city's angel ball


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