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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am MST

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condition? >>reporter: you know, the deputy is still in serious condition and lets kind of recap how this all started. they were apparently leaving herald corral right here and i want to point out there is a cross walk right here and if we look over here we can actually see some of the markings in the road from some of the debris that was scattered out basically through the main drag right through cave creek right here. that man, an off duty deputy, he is in serious condition. the female, his wife, she is critical condition. she does have life threatening injuries. we heard that she was airlifted from the scene here. we're trying to find out more about this driver though, the guy in the van. apparently there is no alcohol impairment is not believed to be involved in this, but we're still trying to figure out if that person is going to face any charges and we're also waiting to find out the identity of this mcso deputy and his wife. but again, he is in serious condition. she is in critical condition.
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abc15. i heard that call come out this morning and that was something else, very large response there. >> word of caution to everybody when you're out and about over the next 24-48 hours. a lot of people are going to be out so be careful. good advice. we're talking about that forecast. bundle up as you head outside. it is a little bit chilly. scottsdale good morning to you. you're at 50 degrees, gilbert at 51. deer valley, you guys we'll see a little bit of a warm up today. we'll take a look at that hour by hour most accurate forecast coming up in just a few. a shooting investigation just getting underway near 35th avenue and greenway. officers not releasing details but we do know a man was shot and killed. we've reached out to police for details and we'll pass them along to you. tragedy on a phoenix
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his death. firefighters say a man was climbing look out mountain all by himself. another hiker saw the fall, called 911 and the man died on scene. authorities say he lived near the mountain. a fellow hiker says the area where the man fell is very steep. >> i hiked the mountain here about four or five times a week and it was real tough to see something like this. >> firefighters tell us holidays, very busy mountain rescues, especially when the weather is nice like it is today. so you have to be careful. glmp dan, a lot of concern as we talked about police in vancouver are in high alert after the bomb squad was forced to investigate a pressure cooker. officer shut down the streets in vancouver . turns out it was safe with nothing inside. now they want to know who left it there. what were they thinking?
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know have been used in the past to create bombs like the one used in the boston marathon bombing. >> this is brand new video, a show of support for the second fallen officer this week. this is the procession for detroit area officer colin rose. i brought it to you breaking news yesterday. he was shot in the head as he was investigating some car break-ins. he was engaged to be married. months away from his wedding. there's a suspect in and that person is expected to be charged tomorrow dan. thanksgiving is a time for family to come together but for karen perry, she remembers the family she lost five years ago. remember this? her three children died after crashing right there into the superstition mountains. terrible. the father at the controls there of that plane also killed. this week karen headed back up to that memorial site also riding her horse through the
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organization, wings of life, who help children with unique needs. she wrote a book, angles. a man shot and killed in casa grand police and 911 call made by neighbors just moments before. this happened last friday. you hear neighbors warn officers he wasn't thinking straight and could be dangerous. >> i would use caution. >> why is th? he's unstable. >> officers say parker threatened them with a machete. his family says cops are too quick to pull the trigger. caught on camera, a couple held at gun point. three robbers steal stuff right in front of them. the surveillance video only shows one of those thieves but police hope you recognize him so that they can track him down and find all three. a warning to shoppers looking for those black friday
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in full force. they're looking to steal your money. phoenix police are looking for one pair already. they hit a target near chris town mall there. they took off in a silver car. that's it, the get away car. a good reminder to everybody when checking out, don't have your card visible for all to see. cover your hand when putting in that pin and check those statements. well again, a very happy thanksgiving up early. while you're preparing your feeft with your family how does cooking for 3700 people sound? some families are big but not that big though right? that's what's happening at the phoenix convention center and we find allison rodriguez. allison not all of those meals will be served there. >>reporter: you're right. they're actually going to take about 2200 meals to people
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them. this is the all hands on deck this morning with the turkey and the gravy and all the trimtion. we're talking corn, mashed potatoes, stuff, you name it. 750 volunteers are going to be helping out today too along with the people will who show upment they're expecting 1500 people to show up here at the phoenix convention center. they have been prepping for days too. the head chef here tells me some showed up at midnight tonight and slowly trickle in throughout the day and no skimming here it's a full on feeft plus you have to have des dessert. >> if you went to some of the finest restaurants in phoenix you would get the same quality of food and our greater area, our attention to our customer,
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than most restaurants that i experience here in the valley. >>reporter: something really nice too, guests can also take home some clothes and shoes, hair style ifts and children are going to have a special area too. doors at the phoenix convention center are going to open today at 9:30. they're expecting to serve, look at that juicy turkey right there, they're going to start serving at 11:30. the doors open at 9:30 and serving at least reporting live in phoenix, allison rodriguez. how about a shot out to all of those volunteers. thanks. it's 5:07. it's officially now the holiday season. if you're hoping a little fun on the slopes and snow you're in luck as some of the ski resorts are open. you can find some fresh powder and grand can yo express is expected to open. not everything is ready though. the beginner areas and lift 2
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those tickets cost $20. a heads up on that chris? dan, thanksgiving is all about family and togetherness. i have to be honest with you, there's an underlying threat that has authorities across our nation on high alert. 5:08. cool now in the 50s but we'll be in the 70s by 11:00. upper 70s later on today but we have big changes coming your way in that seven day forecast. we've got the details for you coming up. a huge my of my coworkers pocket and it just shot at us. >> this video is crazy folks. a blast like nothing else from
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this is our cornbread dressing that we will obviously put some water in and heat it up and it will taste really good i'm sure. followed by green beans and mushrooms so. >> you have to ask really good
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thanksgiving feeft. it's anything but because that's aboard the iss. the crew eating from orbit, celebrating thanksgiving in space with dehydrated turkey and fixings. just add watt exper heat up. i hope your thanksgiving feeft is a little bit juicy than that. >> have you had that astronaut ice cream? >> those are fun to eat but not for thanks giving. >> just on a different day. we hope everyone is having a fu we know it will be later a little bit cool as you step outside this morning though. lets go ahead and talk about what the rest of the state is dealing with. in the valley a lot of us waking up in the low 50s. some of us in the 40s. 45 in flagstaff 31 and grand canyon just 20 degrees. so they are the cool spot on the map but if we take a look at that most accurate hour by hour forecast, you will see we are going to warm up nicely. 64 by 10:00. 70 by noon and then we'll reach
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here's a quick look at the rest of the highs in the east valley. 77 in scottsdale. 77 in tempe. 78 in gilbert. good morning mesa, you guys get to 76. dinner outside. 75 in surprise, lake air force base. but we will take a look at the forecast. big changes, maybe some rain and also a huge cool down that's coming up. nick thanks for that. back at the taking action keeping you safe. it's a very serious message. mash potatoes, no your head, buckal up. good advice. please be careful if you're heading out on the road. >> coming up, joe lets you know, four ways to get the best airfare deals and one involves using different brousers to compare online prices. in this morning's gma first
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this weekend on the hunt for the best deals of the season. like this 40 inch led tv on sale at walmart for $125. target, this ipad pro now $100 off for $449. some retailers are testing out some new tricks. a lot of the retailers are competing on price but where they're really also competing is toys. offering these exclusive toys that you can only get online. other retailers even trying on for size this novel idea, staying closed for thanksgiving. >> the cost benefit isn't worth it so might as well just shut down and reopen the next day. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll give you strategies to find the best deals this weekend. with your gma first look, i'm rebecca jarvis, absence news,
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here in the valley some are honor rg a chandler woman with a bird release. she was with her two young kids when she was killed by a red light runner while she was walking in a crosswalk. she was cream ated yesterday. her mother who was a bird rehab specialist released four bighorned owls as a tribute to her daughter's life. >> getting to see such a majestic creature go out into seeing my sister. >> boy, tough story to hear each time. pamela's children improving after that crash. her son is out of the hospital. her daughter will hopefully be out of the icu by this weekend. friends up in new york are up and at them if you will. here's live images coming in as they're preparing for the big parade. security is certainly a big
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the macy's thanksgiving parade is a few hours away and authorities are not taking any chances. thanks for zooming in on queue. nypd adding dozen of sanitation trucks filled with sand to prevent an attack like the one in france. police even visited 135 truck rental locations, reminding employees to report anything suspicious. 3,000 officers, many with heavy weapons will be along the two and a half mile route, taking no chances to keep all of safe. and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it does. a 6th child has died in chattanooga in that tennessee bus crash there. the little boy, just eight years old and we have confirmed the driver of that crash will be in court next tuesday charged with at least five counts of vehicular homicide. police have not interviewed children. i hate reporting that story but that's the new information on that. chris, this sounds like a
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bunch of guys when all of a sudden something in your pants explodes. no, really. see this? it looks like a fire cracker there. yes, unbelievable caught on camera too. >> my colleague's pocket started, there were sparks, i thought tfs fireworks like fourth of july. >> we hear he has attorney after that e-cigarette exploded right there. unreal. will dna testing set steven avery free. before that you've never heard of the wisconsin man thanks to the netflix dock meantry "making a murderer." they were convicted of 2005 death of theresa haul back but das ee was 16 at the time. his conviction has been overturned.
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next step in steven avery's appeal process. i want to update you on breaking news. i'm trying to play a video but while you were sleeping an off duty ice agent was carjacked in los angeles near the i-10 freeway right there in the heart of la. it turns out the agent fired his weapon. this is the video coming in from our friends at the circle 7 there in la. the suspects drove off. it is unclear if the suspects stole the aitle car. but here's three bullet holes were found in the agent's car. still developing story here. i don't have an update on injuries here, although one sus perkt was shot. the other suspect was taken into custody so they're still trying to sort all of this out as our friends ever live on the scene right now. good morning joe ducey here. flying home from the holidays? get a good deal? today how to get a even better deal next time.
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toss the cookies. that's cookies as in your browser tracking online moves. flight prices do increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched saying the hope is you'll get scared and book now. by using different browsers they found all sites tested gave different prices. you can also get rid of these trackers by clicking in private brousing and go control shift n. so how do yo deal? let me know and i'll share it. go to, click on sections and let joe know. if you have a problem let me know. 5:20. joe ducey always taking action for us this morning. it's a chilly start. some of us do have a thanksgiving commute. a lot of it involves maybe running to the supermarket so if you're headed out right now we're going to be in the low 50s for the most part this morning. so keep that in mind.
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need a lunch break from cooking that turkey or some of the guests that you have over, 70 degrees. so a mild afternoon getting warmer after that. windows open as you're eating dinner and maybe driving to as you are finishing up the turkey dinner or driving to someone's house. deaf netly a warm day but not everywhere across the state. 58 is the high today in prescott, 45 in flagstaff. overnight low down into the teens sodona 57 high. lets talk about that most accurate seven day forecast because there are some changes we need to hone in on. as we said 77 is today's high. 78 is the high tomorrow. friday is going to be the warmest day. but then by sunday look at this, 10 degree drop. 65 degrees as we work in 30% chance of rain. the storm system is really going to cool us down. 62 by monday. slowly buy surely moderating but staying into the 60s next week. we'll take another hour by hour
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in juster a few minutes. it is time for you to take action and help out operation sant clause as we're collecting money, toys and food items for charities listed right there on your screen and for every $5 that you give, you'll get one entry to win a 2017 ford f150. courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. time now before this phoenix grandma meets her new friend she's got quite the amount of food to cook. wait until you find out the company that hooked her up. they have been casing the whole neighborhood for weeks. ahead at 5:30, a string of robberies in one glendale neighborhood has the people living there wondering if they
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it is 5::25. simple text message, that turned into a thanksgiving day treat. >> abc15, the first news station to bring you the story of jammal hinton and how a grandmother's invite mistake turned into something bigger. today they will meet and have thanksgiving dinner. >> look at this. this is a tweet from stove top stuffing, how about that. they sent grand a wand a a year's supply of stuffing for her huge feeft today. she can feed the entire east
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more than 500 new cars and trucks rolling into the valley. head to downtown phoenix for the arizona auto show. it features the hottest wheels and rides on four wheels. >> if you want to go out and take a test drive, that's very easy to do, and you can always learn a whole lot about the vehicle. >> you can also learn about hybrids or take a look inside a lamb gheen ee. the auto show continues through sunday. tickets are required. go to auto show for more information. take a look at the pollen forecast. ragweed you have to worry about and also some much cooler temperatures too. we have the deal tails for you at 5:30. nick, i also want to follow up on the news as a husband and wife are hit by a van in cave creek. we know the husband is an off duty deputy. plus turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, 4,000
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hard to get these meals ready to go for thanksgiving dinner. we're going to check in with
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i'm justin pazera. tracking news out of cave creek where an off duty sheriff's deputy was hit trying to cross the street. we'll have the latest coming
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be sure to keep yourself safe and don't become a target for thieves. 2200 meals going in these and the volunteers are getting to work. right now we'll have more on the thanksgiving prep at the salvation army. maybe you're waking up as you prepare your meal happy thanksgiving to you. thanks fought first responders keeping our community safe. a lot of people have to work with very important jobs and nick ciletti is one of them. >> yes, good morning guys, happy thanksgiving. mother nature is really waking us up this morning. this is chilly. we have cooled four degrees in the last half hour as sky harbor. we're now just at 51 degrees. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. i am going to take a look at that most accurate hour by hour forecast to let you know, there is a little bit of hope. we're going to warm up nicely today. breaking this morning, a husband and wife hit by a van in cave creek.
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duty mcso deputy. i broke this story on this morning and justin pazera is joining us with the newest information. justin one thing i wasn't quite sure, did the driver who was behind the wheel, did that individual stick around? >>reporter: that driver did stick around but we're waiting to find out if that driver is actually going to face any charges involved in this. we know that those two, husband and wife, they were leaving heralds which is a pretty hop lar bar right on the main drag. they were trying t street. that's when they were hit by that van. lets go ahead and take a look at some of the video that we got from the scene. we know the van is an off duty mcso deputy. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. but his wife had to be airlifted from cave creek. she is in extremely critical condition. the sheriff's office telling us that she does have life threatening injuries. as far as the person driving that van, we're still trying to figure out if that person is
5:32 am
driver, they don't believe that alcohol or any drugs were a factor in this crash, but still we're waiting to find out if any charges will be filed against that driver. and of course, we're waiting of the identity of that officer. we're live in cave creek. from the north valley lets go to the west valley. this is the scene breaking as well. crash involving a motorcycle hero kurd, happened just around midnight near the loop 101 and northern. one person was taken to the hospital. i ve are listed in serious but stable condition. the motorcycle you see it there moments ago was on it's side if our photographer arrived on the scene dan. the problems on the road don't stop there. a person was hit by 35th and ocotillo. the road reopened. the driver made it back to the scene though. the victim we know has serious injuries. the hope is there but your help is needed to solve a father's murder.
5:33 am
this case in tempe is far from solved. he was shot and killed at his home near 11th street and roosevelt. what the killers didn't know at the time, his 7-year-old daughter was inside that house. she heard the gunshots that killed her father. now in an exclusive interview, the victim's mother is begging you for information that could lead to an arrest. >> this was senseless, there was no reason to shoot my son. they're still out there. i don't know if this is first time they have killed, but i hope it's the last. >> police tell us they are looking for black males. they have not provided anymore detailed description. if you have any information about what wept on there, please contact silent witness. it is video you will only see on abc15. this guy arrested after he barricaded himself inside a home for hours. chandler police at that home to
5:34 am
suspect in two overnight armed robberies. they believe he targeted two circle ks in the crime spree. neighbors in glendale think a trio of burg laster have been casing the area for weeks. as police say, the men were setting up traffic cones in front of houses, backing a truck right up into the driveway so they could load up and take off. one woman tells us her teenager came home to find the front door opened and the cleaned out. >> what scared me the most is knowing my daughter could have been here and they went to a second home and somebody's daughter was there. >> glendale police think they hit two other homes near olive and 50th avenue. each time they hopped the fence, used a crowbar to break in and backed up those trucks. the get away driver is still out there. witnesses say he's in a black dodge truck. arizona kard nal license plate on the back. one of the busiest travel
5:35 am
the airport. sky harbor confirming if you need to park you have a lot of options. for easier passenger pick up airport officials ask that you use the sky train station that's just down the road from us at 44th street and washington. many passengers also telling us they haven't had to wait at the ticket counterrers. it took some less than ten minutes to get through security. just a reminder if you're having a little too much fun officers across the street are outlooking mesa police telling us they will be out and about this weekend and all weekends leading up through now years eve. >> we want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving and while some of you are businessing preparing today's feeft there are others in the valley who don't have that option. salvation army is preparing meals for thousands of our friends and neighbors. allison rodriguez at the phoenix convention center. allison, what time is dinner? >>reporter: well, dinner is
5:36 am
all the volunteers. they're going to start making the meals that are going to be delivered all across the valley. they have got the gravy, stuffing, the turkey. they have got a whole line and there's a method to the madness over here. now volunteers and cooks have been working around the clock to get ready for today. they're going to continue preparing this morning from 6:00 until 9:00 and they're going to hope the doors here at 9:30. these are full-on meals. you saw some of we've got turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and dessert. the mayor is expected to help out. one salvation army volunteer says they want these people to feel right at home when they walk in the doors. >> this is unbelievable adventure when they walk in because they are our guests. everyone is welcomed. when you come in the door you are greeted by a volunteer that makes you feel comfortable.
5:37 am
they are going to be sending out about 2200 thanksgiving dinners all aconsiders the valley but they are expecting about 1500 people here today. they're going to have hair cuts, do nails and also be able to pick up some clothes. so it's a great experience for everybody. >> thanks allison. love those volunteers bright and early. speaking of volunteers, take a look they're busy at st. we know that there will be five dining rooms across the valley serving turkey and all the fixing. this is happening right now. once your belli is full of turkey you'll start planning the black friday strategies. also consider practicing some safety tips too. silent witness giving shoppers advice after two women were caught on camera. they were using stolen credit cards at the target. the first tip, don't leave
5:38 am
people to take the registration put it in your wallet and keep your wallet with you. never leave anything in your car that can come back to show people where you live or who you are. >> experts suggest staying alert, put your cellphone away. silent witness still looking for these two suspects that swiped the credit cards. if you recognize them contact silent witness. the buffalo chip is a loan celebrating a milestone for thanksgiving. it was a year ago the cave creek bar and restaurant down. investigators still do not know why. it reopened back in october, bigger and better than ever they say and today you can enjoy turkey for under $16 a person. it is all you can eat as well, credit. dan, listen to this. the u.s. navy this morning warning more than 130,000 sailors about a hack exposing their names and social security numbers. this is a big concern. the navy says unauthorized
5:39 am
accessed the information after a breach involving heul et pack adder workers. one of their laptops was breached. those impacted here which can include former and current sailors will be notified in the next few weeks. the navy says at this stage of the investigation, no evidence right now to suggest misuse of the information that was compromised. still though pretty scary. hey, nick a lot of people preparing for the day? >> i think that sounds good if you're going for a bundle up because it's chilly and they just keep tumbling this morning. a lot of places now in the who 40s. glendale at 49. a little warmer in mesa, 54. 51 in fountain hills. 49 in scottsdale. so definitely bundle up as you head outside. here's the hour by hour forecast. we're going to warm up, 59 by 9:00. after that we're into the 70s.
5:40 am
above where we should be this time of year but that is going to be changing. we are going to see those temperatures really drop and that's thanks no a storm system. lets break down when exactly we can expect to see some showers in that seven day. clear today, tomorrow and saturday. sunday though, that looks to be the best chance for some rain. it looks like we'll add 30% chance of rain in there and then also on monday in these two days look to be very very cool. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. if you can believe it. we'll take a look at how that impacts all of the temperatures across the state, come up in just a few minutes. nick thank you. the time right now is 5:40 and several terror related arrests in france. while there are no charges against the men yet, boy, they are staying quite a bit longer than they're supposed to in jail. we're going to explain why. next. if you're waking up early
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waking up with us good morning it's 5:44 and we have brand new details about the five suspects arrested in france suspected of terrorism, a big plot here. listen to this. five of them are being held in custody without a charge at this point. the suspects believed to have taken orders from syria and used cellphones and computers to search for locations that could be attacked sites. two of spots that investigators are going to attack in paris. the attacks were planned for december 1. the suspects though under law should have been released but authorities are using what they call exceptional measures to keep them locked up for at least two more days. lets talk about some brand new video coming out of china after a construction site collapses here killing dozens of people. a platform at a power plant fell. several workers are trapped
5:45 am
at least 60, 60 people were killed. two injured dan. back in time for the holidays senator jeff flake returning after spend ago few days in mexico city with the topic of donald trump's presidency was certainly front and center. well, senator jeff flake saying the immigration policies of the new administration were certainly a concern in mexico. while he didn't support trump he says he's willing to work with the president elect. fight or flight, a store an armed gunman from robbing his business. he walks and wraps his arms around him and tries to wrestle the guy to the ground. both men tumbling outside the store. the scuffle continues there on the sidewalk. >> perhaps foolish, sorry. i apologize. i felt that i did the right thing. that's it. i felt i did the right thing. >> the owner says at one point he thought the suspect pulled out a second gun. still didn't stop him from
5:46 am
police now looking at the images to try to identify the armed man because he got away. to a prowler now caught in the act. a washington couple returns home to find a thief there in their driveway. stacy and gerald ellis say as soon as the suspect saw them he took off with a backpack filled with stolen items. gerald, a former college track star ran after him. both of them making it down the street until gerald tackled the person. that's when things got a scary. at what point did you feel it was necessary to clobber this guy. >> as soon as he pulled the gun on my husband. he had a pistol three inches from his face. >> so stacy grabbed a glass bottle of sider to niek the suspect out. she and her husband held the man down until police showed up. the thief now facing charges. i'm going to carry a bottle with me from now on dan. the protesters holding strong at standing rock and today's
5:47 am
let this go unnoticed. jane fond a among many who will be at the reservation to serve din toar 2 thoarks protesters. wood lee was arrested in that area weeks ago for protesting. they say police are using violent measures to push them away. demonstrators against the dakota oil pipeline were hit with water cannons days ago. we've also learned this morning one girl involved here may end up losing her arm after that incident dan. pictures from new york city. the balloons are getting ready for the 90th macies thanksgiving day parade. the route will be secure more so than ever before this year. thousands of police officers on duty there. the new balloons this year include an updated charlie brown. how do you update charlie brown? i'd like to know. an exact replica of felix the cat balloon. that was in the first parade in 1927. as you get the turkey in
5:48 am
don't worry if you forgot an ingredient because valley grocery stores will be open. special hours for some places. a.j.s from 6-2. sprouts from 7- 4. both safe way and fries will close at 5:00. we have put those hours up to even more grocery stores as well on the web if you can't find the one in your neighbor had. it is the weekend sales stores have the sales online you can shop. now some new advice that will keep your gifts out of greedy there's always signature confirmation and a mobile ap to help track your package but there's also this. the postal service package intercept. usps offering this. it's a fairly new service that lets you change the address while your package is on the way. it's good for those who realize they may not be home at the time of the delivery. there's always that advice from a guy who's been robbed before. lessen. >> have the pick jess delivered
5:49 am
way. not no front of the house. >> don't make pictures or make comments about any big purchase that might be on the way on social media. don't try to eat all your food at once. we have secrets to storing the left overs. danielle lerner has the details to make you a smart shopper. >>reporter: hey smart shoppers we're here at central kitchen and we're talking thanks giving left we've got general manager here with us. what do people need to know? >> storing left overs, after two hours you put them in the refrigerator. you want to do it in no deeper containers than two inches so that's properly, this is improperly. it's going to help cool it off a lot quicker and you also want to know if you're not going to use the items or the left overs after two to three days, just go ahead and put it in the freezer. the quality of the food is
5:50 am
>> what about things like your sauces or gravy, especially. >> the gravy is the shortest window life. you have about two days to use it. if not again go ahead and freeze it but when you do warm up your gravy you want to do it on a flat top or use a saw tai pan. >>reporter: and you actually have a fun recipe that you're going to share with our viewers. >> absolutely it's mashed potato ca >> thank you so much justin. we'll have that recipe up for you on shopper. danielle thank you. i've got breaking news happening right now at ten minutes to 6:00. dps is investigating a wrong- way driver near the loop 303 and northern. justin pazera is in the live drive heading to that location. here's what i know. this wrong-way vehicle in the west valley was traveling south in the northbound lanes. right near grand avenue.
5:51 am
a dps trooper was in that area at indian school when the trooper saw the wrong-way vehicle coming right at him. the vehicle ended up slowing down. it came to a stop directly in front of the trooper's car. thanks goodness our first responder wasn't injured nick. definitely chris. we can say people walked away without injury. 5:51 right now. take a look at these current temperatures right now 51 good morning to you in gilbert. 51 in and a 52 right now in deer valley. so it's a cool morning. so if you're going to be spending some ex fended periods of time outside sweatshirt definitely wouldn't be a bad why the. here's a look at that hour by hour forecast. definitely a cooler start. 50 degrees for a lot of places. some placings even into the 40s. lots of sunshine warming up all the way to 70 degrees and by the time you're driving home from that turkey feeft we'll be at 72 degrees. that is going to be coming off
5:52 am
so warmer than average but we're not going to stay that warm for the rest of the week. take a look at futurecast. as the storm system approaches this weekend that is really going to knock those temperatures down. we're really going to feel it. some days a 10 degree drops. here's your forecast. 78 is the high tomorrow. lots of sunshine. probably the best day in the forecast. saturday not too bad, 75. still a lot of sunshine but later in the day we're goak to work in more clouds and sunday down 10 degrees, 65 for the by monday down to 62 as we hold on to the rain chances. after that we're going to stay into the 60s. this is a great time to download that free abc15 mobile ap so you can track those changes right along with us. we'll take another hour by hour forecast coming up. the nation is pretty
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get one entry to win a 2017 ford f150 or lincoln mkz court ee of sand everson ford. it is a sign of the season, the phoenix zoo kicking off zoo life 25 years running strong now. millions of lights, hundreds of displays. ticket prices range from $10.95 to $19.95 and whether or not you are a kids two and under get in free. they are absolutely stung. right now looking for that hiking forecast, about 6:00, 60 degrees. by 8:00 this will warm up to 53. details at 6:00. nick i'm just now getting word we have video of the breaking news i just told you about with the wrong way driver coming face-to-face with a trooper. the newest investigation in
5:57 am
election but hillary clinton,
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking overnight, this morning two people hit by a van in cave creek. one of them an off duty mcso deputy. the new information right now. and you ever wonder what 80 pounds yeah my goodness. that's gravy. the preps are underway at the
6:00 am
time is dinner. black friday is really today, right? we're taking action to keep you safe while you're out there shopping. dan, i want to get some breaking news happening right now at 6:00. this is brand new. we have a viewer video just sent to us of a wrong-way driver on the loop 303 in northern. this came to a conclusion moments ago. it's the breaking news i've been talking about. justin pazera with more on what happened. >>reporter: yeah, hey good morning chris. we are making our way down the 303 right now. traffic is pretty light but just imagine right now a car coming at you the wrong way. pretty scary, right? that's exactly what happened on the 303 not long ago. a trooper coming very close to getting hit. but lets take a look at this viewer video that we got really showing that car going the wrong way down the 303. we have seen this time and time again. thankfully dps was able to pull


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