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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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desert doppler . right now it is pretty clear. i have been looking at this very closely this morning with a few sprinkles. better chances for rain here in the valley this afternoon, but take a look at this we are starting to see some more precipitation in some spots >> this area to get worse now and we will have the timing of all of this coming up in your most accurate forecast . >> valley now a big problem spots with some delays on the 10 but this is on the east valley with a crash involving a motorcycle on ray road and it sounds like the rest direction -- west direction is blocked off. this is definitely something you will want to make note of this morning. we have quite the weather
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to the first cold snap of the season. >> up north it is even colder. we have some video from the high country with flagstaff schools on a two hour delay. >> abc15's joe bartel's is in flagstaff braving the elements. >> reporter: i am doing all right. i have my clothes on and my hat. -- clubs -- head. they have made these huge snow piles. i asked my photographer to describe the driving conditions and they said you cannot say it on tv. and then she said treacherous. here is the video we shot as we were driving. the speed limit is 65 but you're certainly not going that speed.
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spots. adot is asking drivers to be careful if you have to travel anywhere outside of flagstaff because the roads are very slick. the schools are on a two hour delay so please be very careful if you are making your way anywhere throughout the high country. >> a great reminder. thanks for those updates. abc15 viewers for sending us these incredible weather images. >> we have to think roxy for the -- think roxy -- thank roxy for these photos. >> and this is from manuel not
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>> and him showed us the red lights on iq 17 and you know happens when the snow falls with people heading north. >> some people had power outages after the storm came through the valley late last night. this is at aps and those of you in gilbert still under investigation as to why you are with which is click on the big board here. the srp is pinpointing six customers here and let's go down into the living area -- living area. this one is going to be out in mesa. i want to go to the breaking news for you into the early morning this is regarding a home invasion where police
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there are four victims including two teenagers. they left a trail of evidence. abc15's maryellen resendez is on the scene. maryellen, is the family okay? >> reporter: as far as we know that family is okay. the items were taken right out of his home including clothing and it is over a three block area. as the group made its getaway. police were tipped off by a neighbor who spotted three suspicious cars. the officers could see the front door was open and three people were on their way out of the home. officers say the three then tried to get away and went was arrested on the spot. they were picked up several
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the car was stopped. police did find weapons inside. maryellen resendez, abc15 news. we are still waiting for an update from chandler police on how a 20-year-old man ended up in a lake. his body was found yesterday. his family says he went out for a bike ride last sunday and police have not released how he died. a teenager is in serious condition after being electrocuted. he climbed a power pole near tortilla flat. we are told he hurt his head and had a seizure. we do not know why he was climbing it in the first place but we would advise against doing anything like that. in phoenix a boy is in critical condition. a man was also hit and died. it
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told they were crossing a red light when they were hit. police said they do not think he was impaired. the gofundme page set up for pamela hesselbacher has raised $85,000. her daughter audrey is expected to be released from the ice you -- icu very quickly. today we look official results for maricopa county with the election results. the county spent several days calculating the early ballots with 15,000. president-elect donald trump and his family arriving back at trump tower in new york city. here is a look at the people he will be meeting with today. the group today of wide ranging
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>> the election trauma is far from over as president-elect donald trump blasting the clinton campaign after the agree to a recount in wisconsin. >> the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president elect has been incredibly magnanimous is incredible. >> jill stein started the recall movement. discrepancies between paper ballots and electronic ballots with that story ahead. former governor jan brewer urging donald trump to keep the medicaid expansion program. if trump repeals the affordable care act, it would and -- and are in arizona. they told the ap it is worth
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it. it is back to work today are millions of americans. the good news is travelers saw very few delays. the biggest problems were in new york due to a large number of passengers coming out of laguardia. when i got back to sky harbor i saw long lines of people waiting antibiotics. hopefully everyone got home okay. this is another model showing the high country here. i think it is isolated for those higher elevations and let's go ahead and assume in for you. -- resume -- zoom in for you. i think about 6000 feet is
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we could see some rain today in the valley with 43 degrees by 7:00. 50 by 9:00 and 56 by 11:00. today the high will only be 61 degrees. i will help all of the details in the seven-day forecast. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> taking a look at your trusted -- desert drive time i-10 we are looking at an 18 minute drive time to the mini stacks with the slowing picking around 83rd. we have a crush on the 10 westbound and it is on the exit ramp on the lighter side of traffic. this is west of the 101. it is looking pretty good and we are not seeing any congestion just
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we will give you a closer look coming up. shocking developments from the deadly school bus crash with the whole thing could have been prevented. a bomb near the u.s. embassy . and a holiday miracle.
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we have a live look and you can see those cars they are snow-covered. joe bartel's is out giving us a live look at all of that. karen moved here from florida so this is a welcome to arizona for her.
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a warm-up later on. we have shocking new details in the deadly school bus crash in tennessee with new emails showing the suspect johnson walker having a second job which is against district policy. he will be back in court tomorrow. a huge showing of support in chattanooga person killed in the crash last week. >> he loved to dance. >> as we have reported some of the families have now filed a lawsuit because of the crash. brand-new video coming into the abc15 live desk as police in the philippines showing off the remains of an ied left in a
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able to diffuse the bomb, and nobody was injured. they found a cell phone attached to a bottle with wires connecting to the phone. we are waiting for comments. delta issuing an apology after not removing and annually passenger -- an unruly passenger. facebook showing a trump supporter yelling inappropriate things at a hillary supporter. they say everyone who flies with them should feel comfortable at all times. overnight the army corps of engineers saying it has not planned to forcibly remove protesters. they are looking at peaceful
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a week from today the land will be closed for safety reasons and anybody who stays will face trespassing charges. hundreds in massachusetts protesting after hampshire college removed its american flag. veterans are now expressing disappointment. >> they took down my flag. they have a right i want them to understand how seriously that hurts me. >> the mayor would like the flag put back up. more drugs could soon be on the market. a bill is aimed at speeding up federal approval of drugs as medical devices. it provides funding for several agencies including the white
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>> reporter: i am justin pazera at amazon. welcome to cyber monday. a lot of folks will be taking online today and a lot of folks will be purchasing something at amazon. just look at how big this is. we are talking the size of 28 football fields. that number pretty much and 28 million americans planning to shop. most of the shopping will be done this morning and then it will pick up again i given time. this place has got this down to a science making sure these packages gift boxed and shipped
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justin pazera, abc15 news . we are waiting to find out who won the powerball jackpot because we heard someone in tennessee matched all six numbers. remember the rules give 180 days for the weather to come forward and claim the price. wrigley field gingerbread house. it took the chef 70 hours to construct. >> it gets even sweeter. iq to try that. it looks pretty good. we will make it a team effort.
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gingerbread house. take a look at this. we do have a 20% chance of rain today with another round of storms coming our way friday and into saturday. i think this is a great reminder to download that free abc15 mobile app . we send out those push alerts to let you know what the weather is doing and in some places it is a little iffy. we want to make sure everyone is safe. it is 48 degrees right now in phoenix looking at your most accurate forecast i think we will start to dip a few more degrees before the sun officially rises today and then we eventually make it up to a high of 61 degrees. scottsdale gets up to 59 with 61 in tempe. we will see 60 in surprise with
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today in avondale. a 20% chance of rain showers today with pop-up showers and snow showers this afternoon in the high country with 62 tomorrow and warmer for the weekend as the storm system rolls in. up to 71 on sunday and back to where we should be for this time of the year. we have a couple new crashes om our centurylink prism traffic center. one of them is on university drive at loop 101. it is something to look out for if you are turning off the freeway. this one is blocked off because of a crash. then another crash on the
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it is heavy in that area and we will take a closer look at those desert drive times coming up. >> there is so much time left to donate to operation santa claus. >> dropping off your donation is easy at any of the ups store locations where you can always donate at www.givetotheclaus.c cuba in mourning and what cubans cannot do until the dictator is buried. an and credible story of survival with the baby thrown from a car after a crash. google is on damage control
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not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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this is a story of survival. a baby and said in a storm drain . >> take a look at the car with firefighters not optimistic when they arrived on scene they heard the baby was ejected. as they were searching, they heard noise. inside a drainage gate was the baby not screaming or crying just waiting for somebody to pick her up. >> there are so many times we go out and things are not okay. but during the holidays they happen. it feels good. >> this is a miracle. it took three firefighters to get her out.
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forehead. new york city police are looking for the woman who has been stealing from people as they wait for "hamilton" performers outside the theater. she was caught on surveillance video, but she is still out there this morning. taking care of our furry friends in need. a donation of elevated doggie beds months. a new nonprofit chose this special project and getting the kids involved volunteering. >> a huge impact. the dog jumped right up. it was awesome. >> they got cash donations and drop them off over the weekend. the high country is digging
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and also here is your most accurate forecast and it is chilly warming up. if we are going back out to the breaking news in phoenix, this is a home invasion.
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we are starting out with the traffic alert on i-10 eastbound at 75th avenue. anytime there is a crash on the 10, all you see is brake lights. let's give you a look at your desert drive times. the jumped up to 29 minutes eastbound from the 101 eastbound from the 1012 the 17th -- 10 to the 17 with a little slowing on durango curve. we want people to be careful in that area this morning. in the high country we are starting to see some snow filter into the higher
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this is where it is. you can see where it is going tracking toward sedona with higher elevations at this point the snow level will be dropping. i will get our valley rain chances in a few minutes. phoenix police are investigating a home invasion with 43 avenue and thomas. a neighbor suspicious activity in the street so they called 911. officers noticed the home was broken into with two teenage children inside. three people were leaving the house and the noticed the police officers. the getaway car got away. everybody else is done arrested and officers found weapons
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an abandon mobile home goes up in flames near 91st avenue and van buren. now firefighters were injured and they are still trying to figure out what happened. wintry weather moving through the high country. >> flagstaff schools are running a couple hours behind with joe bartel's live with more. >> reporter: take a look at the parking lot that has been plowed. over here you can see inches away you have snowpack and that is what the majority of the roads are doing right now. we will take a look at the video of us driving on i-70
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very treacherous conditions. adot does have the plows out and they are out in force. you are definitely driving well below the speed limit outside and as you mentioned because of the conditions in flagstaff there is a two hour delay for the school district this mornin joe bartels, abc15 news. >> thanks, joe. take a look at southern arizona overnight on mount lemmon and it is closed at the base. these are webcams showing the conditions and no word on when it will reopen. the rain causing issues with srp customers losing power.
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the clock to restore the outages back to the abc15 live desk . >> the members continue to drop but they are still in the dark with a look at aps. some of you in gilbert this is gary gilbert road. it looks like 28 customers all without power. i refr the east valley with six customers without power because powerlines are down in the area. let's go east to our friends in mesa with 17 customers without power. a developing story out of phoenix. the light-rail station just reopened and this is moments ago.
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one man killed in the suspect deal on the run. witnesses say an argument broke out and there is no description to pass along. we could learn the names of the officer involved of a deadly shooting in surprise that happen saturday morning. officers were checking out a suspicious car when the officer got into a scuffle. the officer fired and hit the 20-year-old. a 12-year-old is dead in the peoria after this crash near 87th avenue near deer valley. four other kids are recovering. a 23-year-old was arrested for possibly running a stop sign. the curtain fell and damaged a theater. during the intermission someone
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>> all of the sudden there was this loud thump. >> the man was getting up to use the bathroom saying he assumed there was a walkway on the other side of the wall. three people down below had to be taken to the trauma center. another person is being treated. google is trying to figure out why this happened. trump tower in new york changed to dump tower on google maps. other outlets reporting another location changed the name as well. it has been corrected and google is not commenting on how it got changed. happening right now a new day in cuba to mark the death of fidel castro. the ashes of the dictator will
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heart of havana with thousands expected to pay respects. until his funeral no alcohol will be sold in cuba. in miami they are celebrating his death. fidel castro was 90 years old. >> interest in travel is expected to jump in the u.s with four airlines already flying. you can only travel family for educational research or if you are traveling as a athlete. cyber monday is all about finding the best deal. abc15 justin pazera reporting from one of the biggest buildings for amazon handling tens and thousands of packages today. >> reporter: i just spoke with
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biggest items. anything star wars is the hot items this year. i want to show you how massive this facility is. we are talking about 8 miles of conveyor belt. this is one of the largest in phoenix making sure you get all of your items. 120 120 million americans plan to shop today most of the shopping will be done this morning and lunch time it tapers off and by dinnertime it will start to kick back up again. back out here 2500 full-time employees work here. the general manager says they have hired thousands of seasonal
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the workforce here me valley with 54 million items sold last year on cyber monday alone. some of you may already be taking advantage of cyber monday deals. experts said only buy with secure connections. do not click email links to shopping sites and use a credit card instead of a debit card. we have some breaking news coming in. this is that chandler with a motorcycle crash with the police department asking everyone to avoid that intersection. traffic westbound is being diverted.
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are still trying to figure out the circumstances. as soon as i get the information, i will let you know. we were talking about your most accurate forecast as we get ready to go back to school and work. it is only 48 degrees right now and 61 will be the high today. that is 10 degrees below where we should be this time of the year. about 1 to 3 inches of snow are still possible to the east in the white mountains. the time frame will be between noon and 5:00. we are starting to see that pop up on radar images. valley rain chances remain until 2:00 and then they spike around 2:00. taking a look at the change of temperatures. we have a new crash for
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101 eastbound. they have everything off on the right-hand side but it is pretty heavy in this area. let's give you a look at your desert drive time on the 101. about 16 minutes and around seventh street it has the typical delays also with a crash on 16th street. we will also give you a look at your east valley drive threat the crash in chandler. i will show you that next. two shooting investigations happening right now in baton rouge with a deadly rampage. an unexpected result to keeping our border secure. you might be surprised to hear
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this. this. we will at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness.
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we have west valley at 75th avenue in the crash is almost clear. take a look at those heavy brake lights this morning. this is a live look and we show you a better idea about the large police presence here. several police officers are on the scene and are photographer is zooming in. i do have any idea about the extent of the injuries.
6:46 am
motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital. that is new information coming in just a few seconds ago. we also want to take another look at flagstaff this morning with snow as far as the eye can see. joe bartels is looking at how the roads are doing right now. we know that school is on a two hour delay this morning. plus we have some more snow chances coming up in minutes. a new florida security approach is bringing a rise in traffic ticket. >> during the month of september it accounts for 8% of all traffic to shoot -- tickets issued in texas. intellectual intensified border enforcement in 2014. they want more than $1 billion in funding.
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enforcement gathering at the capital to launch the sober driving campaign. the dui passport arrest hundreds every holiday season. more than 25,000 arrests were made in arizona last year. check a deadly rampage in baton rouge as a man tossed a woman's body out of her car and then went trying to help her. and mike ems worker -- an ems worker was also shot. meanwhile the hunt is on to find whoever opened fire in new orleans. at least one person is dead with nine others injured. two men were arguing when shots were fired. four people are still in the hospital.
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away from the matchup between a fiesta bowl. these are the associated press rankings right now if the committee agrees with ohio state and clemson playing right here on new year's eve. speaking of football, come on. the cardinals continue to dig a big hole for themselves. anybody talking playoffs right now? it was not enough to get going with taylor gabriel having a couple of ridiculous touchdowns. david johnson held the ground with the cards plane the redskins on sunday. you can join us tonight at the big red brewhouse with the cards count down monday night football as well.
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will have the cards kicker there to talk as well. the holiday season kicks off in our state as the governor lights the state capitol christmas tree. the ceremony will start at 9:30 this morning. the tree is a blue spruce from our national forest. the streets of phoenix will be going on saturday for the light parade. all of the fun starts at 7:00 with the parade route ending at seventh street. if you cannot make it, you can catch the replay on abc15 at 4 pm on sunday. >> i love that parade. it goes through my neighborhood. good morning, everyone. not so warm right now but here is a look at your your most
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waking up to go back to work or school today. it is going to be a good day with 28 degrees right now as you head out. it could be a little bit rainy into the lunch hour. also still kind of cool with 58 degrees as the temperature. we are still going to be 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of the year. clearing with 62 degrees and 64 were wednesday and thursday. friday is 62 degrees with more rain chances. we hold on to that saturday at 67 degrees and 71 on sunday. we are in the rush hour from our centurylink prism traffic center with a 36 minute
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in chandler we had a crash on the westbound side of ray road. smart route this morning will be warner and chandler. that is important if you are traveling westbound trying to get on the freeway. we also have another crash on the east valley on us-60. it looks like they actually just cleared it. it was off on the right but you a couple of breaking stories with a home invasion were a neighbor calls police and possibly save today. the breaking news unfolding
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all right. burkini news right now with a motorcycle crash on ray. it sounds like a vehicle motorcycle collided. that is the new information i have. the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and it does have serious injuries at this point. the lanes are closed. and here at flagstaff in the high country it is dangerous and cold. right now flagstaff is on a two hour delay
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very treacherous on i-17. i also just checked with the help of foot of snow overnight. if you are thinking about extending your thanksgiving break, you might want to head up to snowball because they have good snow conditions for skiing. i am maryellen resendez in a phoenix where a nosy neighbor helped save bandits tried to rob them. they noticed the three coming out of the home and they left a trail of stolen items for police to follow. one was arrested and two others near 27th. i am justin pazera at the amazon fulfillment center in phoenix.
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cyber monday is the busiest online shopping day of the year with 120 million americans expected to get online and make a purchase. in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15 news. let's check in with george stephanopoulos. >> coming up on gma this morning donald twitter as he thinks he is the victim of voter fraud. they have zero evidence for that claim and we will take a look at it this morning on gma. ar-15 -- air15 has launched with word of a structure fire in that area. as i am looking at this shop, i
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clouds. >> we can't expect some pop-up showers into this afternoon. we will spend much of the morning into the 40s and the 50s with 620 degrees and the rain chances real quick later this afternoon. a lot of slow go on the
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good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out, launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim with zero evidence that millions of americans voted illegally. and that he should have won the popular the recount set to get under way in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out. >> i figured if she was willing


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