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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news. taking action. >> chaos in columbus with an active shooter on the campus of ohio state university. eight people rushed to the hospital and what we are learning about what happened a neighbor stops a home invasion and how the suspicion leading to an arrest. rain in the valley and snow in precautions you have got to take wherever you are. we begin with the breaking news we have been following since 8:00 this morning. a violent attack on the campus of ohio state university. >> eight people were taken to the hospital with injuries, including stab wounds and someone being hit by a vehicle. "run. hide. fight" are the words the
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students and staff to the situation near watts hall at all hell state campus. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. officials are speaking with reporters and here is what we had learned so far. a suspect has been shot and killed and as far as the victims are concerned at least eight people are at the hospital being treated for various injuries. police and fire squads performing reports of an active shooter just before 10:00. university alerting students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus. >> there were three gunshots and it sounded like a handgun. >> reporter: students grabbing for cover and hiding. >> people said do not go to campus because there's an active shooter.
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you never think something like this is going to happen. it is just mind blowing. >> we are being asked to go even further. you can see it is a very intense situation right now. we have been told an active shooter is possible. >> reporter: police set up a perimeter keeping everyone away from the building. the s.w.a.t. team and the fbi now on the ground as the situation unfolds. the investigation once again what we are learning from officials at this point is the only person shot at the scene appears to be the suspect confirmed dead. police are still there on campus , which is open but classes for the day have been canceled so authorities and police officials can get their work done. am elizabeth hur, abc news. most of the valley saw some rain last night and in a few
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this is a wall that came down to 58th street andy thomas. the power is back on for almost everybody. >> even after the downpour more rain could be headed your way. abc15's nick ciletti is chanting -- is tracing the rain chances for you. >> it is pretty much the pattern we are going to stay in right now. if you step outside, it is still pretty chilly. finally up to 53. that is where we are at right now at the airport with winds at 8 miles-per-hour. let's talk about the abc15 desert doppler with areas in the white mountains and high country. this is where it is right along the i-40 with a mix of snow and rain in some spots. this area is still picking up
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totals so far. i will time out the rain and the snow for the valley. we are not out of the woods just yet. >> that is for sure. the high country getting its first big snowstorm of the season. abc15's joe bartels making his way up to flagstaff. >> reporter: we are 30 minutes outside of flagstaff where the precipitation is starting to turn to this is snowpacks roads and merely white out conditions south of flagstaff and they are something you probably will have to deal with if you're heading to flagstaff and as temperatures will not get above freezing for maybe the rest of today and throat tomorrow, that is something to keep in mind if you are traveling here. back to you. it is back to business for
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air15 was up near fourth avenue and adams. it was right between a city building and a parking garage. the bomb squad did he use a robot to determine the package was formless with air15 giving us this view of a garage fire near elliott and mcclintock. it looks like a crews were able to keep the flames to the detached garage picture we are closely following this crash in chandler and we have learned the rider was a 58-year-old man who was rushed to the hospital. he was not wearing a helmet. investigators are not sure what caused the crash. they do not believe speed or impairment were factors. a nosy neighbor helped save this family when they noticed a few suspicious cars and called police. they could see the front door forced open with three people on their way out of the home.
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they ran back in. one was arrested on the spot. the victims was a family of four including two teenagers. police arrested the other ones. amber sloan will is facing -- amber sloan is facing charges. you are expecting to learn more about the victims involved in the crash near 87th avenue and deer valley. a 12-year-old died and four other children were rushed to the hosp no criminal charges have officially been filed in the crash that killed the chandler mother and injured her children. pamela hesselbacher died crossing railroad. her daughter audrey is expected to be released from the icu soon. chandler police released the driver with a believe ran a red light. in phoenix one man is dead and an 11-year-old boy is in critical condition.
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mohammed. the crash -- veneer mohammed. police to not think the driver was impaired. check today we could learn the name of the officer involved in a deadly shooting in surprise. it happened near 175th avenue. the officers were checking out a suspicious car when the officer got into a scuffle with derek adamay we are waiting for an update from chandler police on how a 20-year-old chandler man ended up in a community lake. the body was found yesterday. his family says he went for a bike ride last sunday but did not take his wallet for his keys. right now 18 -- a teenager is in serious condition after he was nearly electrocuted after climbing a power pole near tortilla flat and got a bad shock when he touched the
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had a seizure. it is not clear why he was climbing the pole in the first place. [ applause ] just like that the holiday season officially kicking off in our state as the governor turned the lights on on the state christmas tree. it is a blue spruce from our national forest. it was supposed to be a fun night at the theater but man's simple mistake landed several people at the hospital. a company must hold plans for a new plane after they had a legal help. they is cyber monday which is a big shopping weekend. did you get some shopping done over the weekend?
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a spectator fell from a balcony during intermission of "beautiful." >> the lights came up for intermission and all the sudden there was this loud thump. >> the man who fell was getting up to the bathroom saying he mistakenly assumed there was a walkway on the other side of the wall. the people were taken to the trauma center and another being treated for minor injuries. when it happens in your home behind closed doors. >> that is amber heard. the actress appearing in this new public service announcement telling women you do not have to do it alone. you are not alone. she accused johnny depp of physical violence when she
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he shouldn't have been behind the wheel anyway. my parents say they school district is partly to blame for this tragedy. plus, we are talking about your most accurate forecast and it is starting off awfully cold.
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we just got an update after the terrifying situation on the attack on the ohio state university campus. the attacker purposefully drove over a curb into a crowd of people. then he got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. we mentioned several people were injured in some of them injured by stab wounds and some of them hit by the vehicle. also police are now saying the suspect who co been killed was shot by an officer who was responding to those calls. details are still coming out in this attack. stay with us here on air and on for the latest information. we are following developments with several national stories. we begin in charleston where a judge says the man accused of killing nine? churchgoers can
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attorney. jury selection resumes today and it was halted after he questioned his ability to understand the case against him. shocking new details about the bus crash in tennessee. the suspect johnthony walker had another job which is against district policy. the school knew that he worked at the amazon fulfillment center. a large show in chattanooga as the community said goodbye to one of the children killed in the crash last week. >> she loved to dance. she was the sweetest little girl. >> some of the families have filed a lawsuit against the district over the crash. a world trade regulation panel has ruled washington state offered billions in illegal tax breaks to boeing.
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the european union called this a landmark victory in the long- standing battle to dominate the global market for airplanes. we have some information on the pipeline protest in north dakota. the army corps of engineers announced they have no plan to move the protester and is looking for a peaceful way to get them to a safer location. a week from today the land will be close for safety reasons. anyone who stays will face trespassing charges. delta apologizing after not removing and and really passenger -- an unruly passenger. a pro trump supporter was yelling things to a clinton supporter. delta says the behavior was unacceptable and everyone who flies with them should feel comfortable at all time. a new rule is aimed at
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schools. they provide a framework for states as they design new accountability systems to improve schools. it is a key part of the law that will replace the no child left behind act. it will stay until the 2018 and 2019 school year. 2016 is just rapidly coming to an end. you can expect many end of the year posts. the year and it is xenophobia. it is fear or hatred of foreigners and people from different cultures or strangers. the brexit vote, refugee crisis, in the u.s presidential race or prominent developments that drop spikes in the lookup of that word. it is 11:18 and let's talk about your most accurate
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outside at the airport. it was a happening place last night. let's look at your current conditions. we are at 52 right now at mesa and 53 in glendale. tempe right now is at 52. it will stay cool throughout the day in the afternoon. if you are outside, you are going to need a jacket for sure. here is a look at radar. we have been seen snow for the last few hours. we are starting to see this dissipate a little bit but there is more behind this. we are still forecasting another 1 to 3 inches in the high country. phoenix is nice and clear. we have clouds, but to the north is where we are seeing the precipitation. you can see south of flagstaff
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go. just keep in mind the road conditions may not be ideal. here is futurecast. i want to show you the pattern with more clouds moving in throughout the day. we still have a rain chance in the valley so don't be surprised if you see a few sprinkles on the way home. i think a lot of the rain will stay in southeastern arizona. and in the high country. 1 to 3 inches possible with the best time between noon and 9:00. so far the snow totals have picked up 6 inches in forest lake with 2.5 at kachina village and in belmont. here is a look at that most accurate forecast with 52 degrees right now. 58 or so maybe in the next hour
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high today and we should get there at about 3 pm. let's talk about that most accurate forecast for you with a 20% chance of showers today for your monday and 62 is pretty cold. i think a lot of places are going to stay in the 50s with 64 for your high wednesday and thursday. take a look at friday with 62 as they hide. another storm system works its way in with a little more breezy on saturday and then 71 degrees on your sunday. that is right where we should be. we will take a look at our highs today in the east valley and also the overnight lows. still ahead on abc15 news at 11:00, tyrant, dictator, revolutionary.
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many people. the world is mourning his death. there is one piece of the affordable care act that the
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holiday event and gift ideas for kids of all ages tomorrow at 9:00. the face of phoenix will be glowing saturday during the electric light parade. it starts at 7:00 with the parade route ending and indian school. if you cannot make it, you can catch a replay right here on abc15 at 4 pm on sunday.
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it is operation santa claus and we are taking action to abc15 2 hole that four amazing charities. we are collecting nonperishable food items for the charities. they will stay all right here in arizona. jenny was here. you guys have had a big influx of donations. is that right? >> yes. we kick it off the week before thanksgiving. people get in the holiday spirit and we have tons >> it is officially christmas. isn't it awesome how you see the community, and help folks? >> yes. it is our favorite time of the year every year. we help these amazing charities and to look at an incentive for donating. >> let's talk about those really quick. i think we have some video.
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those are two very exciting prizes. >> so if you donate you get a chance to win one of those. >> it would be hard to choose which one. just one. and this is really easy for folks to donate. >> yes. you can come here to the station or go to 51st and maryland or you could go to any ups store around the valley can go to . >> it is an amazing partnership. thank you to sanderson ford. >> lincoln is busy taking all those donations and cyber monday is making for a busy day at amazon. we are taking inside the amazon fulfillment center. tensions in the trump camp
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election day is over and today we will get the results for the maricopa county. the county spent several days calculating the early ballots. more than 15,000 were actually invalid. as election officials certify the codes, they are preparing
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green party has angered donald trump who went on a twitter rampage calling it a scam saying he won the popular vote instead of hillary clinton. abc's kenneth moton sorted out the controversy. >> reporter: wisconsin is recounting 3 million votes. >> every candidate who was on the ballot has a right to request a recount. >> reporter: it is led by jill clinton campaign. the winner, donald trump railed against what he called a rigged system. trump tweeted the people have spoken and the election is over but in a twist the president elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who vote illegally and then he claimed serious voter fraud.
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trump tweeted no proof to back up his claims. the california secretary of state called the voter claims absurd and said he should spend more attention on this global business interests. >> that is what will follow him. >> reporter: there is also turmoil over secretary of state contender mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> reporter: the transition team says he will have a second meeting with romney tomorrow and also meet with david petraeus. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. >> the president elect is irritated with the public campaigns against mitt romney to the secretary of state. there is a debate between kellyanne conway and rants previous about the choice
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giuliani. interviews has kellyanne conway criticizing romney citing his attack against trump. >> other names have surfaced for the position including david petraeus who was said to meet with trump today. he would be the latest name under consideration. you might remember he resigned as the cia director in 2012 after a scandal involving an extramarital affair and in proper handling of classified information. former arizona governor jan brewer is urging president- elect donald trump to keep the medicaid expansion program, which is something she fought hard for. if trump repeals the affordable care act, it would end in arizona. jan brewer told the associated press it is worth saving and
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arizona as a model. happening today a former phoenix firefighter is expected to face a judge on charges. jeffrey wilson is accused of attacking a teenager in glendale. police say he grabbed her by the hair and pointed a gun at her and then assaulted her. wilson has pleaded not guilty to those charges. off a gun salute to the start of services paying tribute to fidel castro. tens of thousands of cubans were coming through where they are remembering the man who ruled the country. the cuban government is banning public drinking 49 days -- for nine days to honor the leader. he separated families and
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he died friday at the age of 90. the first regularly scheduled commercial flight in 50 years to havana has landed. this is video of the american airlines flight leaving havana. passengers cheered as it touched down on the ground. us flights to other cities began earlier. interest to travel to cuba is expected to jump in the united states with four though the nations reestablished relations, you can only travel to visit family , educational research, or competing as an athlete. it is the biggest online shopping day of the year with cyber monday here. consumers spent $3.3 billion on the computers friday.
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out all throughout the holiday season. millions of americans will shop online today for christmas. one of the biggest places is right here in phoenix. >> this is where it all begins after you click the purchase button with thousands of items ready to be chosen and processed. this fulfillment center is one of the largest and one of 70 in the it is the size of 28 football fields. today is the biggest day and it will stay wrapped up through the holidays. they have hired employees to help with the sales. >> 120,000 are expected this year and the good news is these returning to full-time positions. >> reporter: they sold 54 million items in one day.
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per second. >> some of you may already be taking advantage of the cyber monday deals. be smart and only buy from secure connections. do not click email links to shopping site or use public wi- fi. try to use a different password for every website you visit make a purchase. officers are looking for a man suspected of pulling a gun killing one man and critically injuring another. this all happened late last night. witnesses say an argument started before those shots were fired. no suspect descriptions yet but police are pulling video. phoenix police are looking for the suspect who opened fire
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hospital. they told officers the got robbed near 36th street and thomas. when they tried to run away, the woman was shot. are you buying flight through a third-party website? what should you do if you have to cancel? she wasn't screaming or crying. she was just waiting for us. >> a holiday miracle as a
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it is a story of survival with a baby ejected during a car crash ending up in a storm drain 25 feet away. >> it is a miracle. you can understand why firefighters were not
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was objected -- ejected. they heard a faint noise and inside this drain was the baby. not screaming or crying. just waiting for somebody to pick her up. >> so many times we go out and things are not okay. during the holidays here to have a positive it just feels good. >> unbelievable. it took three firefighters to get her out and the little girl ju forehead. dogs in maricopa county treated to a surprise. a donation of elevated doggie bed for the cold winter months. they got the kids involved and they can see how far the hard work goes. >> a huge impact.
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donations over the weekend. >> they were busted big time but now wells fargo is trying to bully customers. this is over the fake account scandal. we are taking a look at
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[ bell on wall street ] were keeping a close eye on wall street for you with the
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sitting at 19,124. a record number of car buyers are upside down on trade-ins according to new research. so far 32% of all vehicles are worthless than what is owed on the loan. the previous record was 30% in 2006. experts are blaming easy credit and longer loans. a a bank. wells fargo would like a federal judge to force dozens to resolve their claims in arbitration and set of court. in september the bank agreed to pay a settlement about its workers opening accounts. the cost of securing a president and his family may skyrocket. we have reported taunia trump
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new york until the school year ends. the secret service may establish a 24/7 command post costing many dollars per year. taxpayers would be paying the president elect for his own security. the number of nypd officers protecting trump tower could grow up to 300 and cost $1 million a day. g joe ducey here. if you book a flight online, do you know the refund policy? >> i just felt a little dizzy and i went down. >> for three years robert has battled hard problems. >> the daughter -- doctor said that is not going to happen. >> reporter: he bought the tickets on orbitz this is
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>> i was so upset. >> reporter: orbitz sold -- was told to send the hospital paperwork. >> they told me i have to get my money back from orbitz. >> reporter: the assistance flee of phoenix team went to work. orbitz tells us they were in contact with american and united and said they are bound by the partners. me right people. >> we stayed on top of them and eventually i got my money back. am very happy. it was the best thing i ever did. >> united said it typically extend the value for a year but made an exception. before you buy you should know the cancellation policies. we can help you to cut. i am investigator joe ducey.
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know. we are less than one week away from knowing the matchup for the fiesta bowl. it is the college football playoffs between the second and the third -ranked teams. if the committee agrees, ohio state and clemson will be playing right here on new year's eve. the arizona cardinals continue to take a big hole from themselves. another loss in atlanta the cards scored first but not enough to win. offense never really got rolling either with david johnson only having 58 yards on the ground. just a reminder. you can join us tonight at the brewhouse at the stadium for the cardinals countdown.
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there live. the cardinals kicker chandler will be joining the crew. we are going to cross our fingers for the playoffs. >> i think some of us are a little more realistic, but that is okay. >> we've had a mixed bag of weather. if you like snow, you are in luck. >> the high country getting even more fresh powder today. let's look at aside right now at the mid-del mountains. you can see those clouds in the background. i don't think they are going to go anytime soon. it is 53 degrees right now and phoenix sky harbor. it shows you how saturated the air is right now with 8 miles- per-hour and 55 degrees right now in glendale.
11:49 am
with 52 in mesa and good morning tempe with 54 degrees right now. here is a look at that most accurate forecast which shows you how we have made this journey into the low 50s. we were supposed to be at 56 by 11:00. we are staying cooler than we forecasted with the high today still saying 61 degrees. we could actually be in the upper 50s. we are hoping to degree mark. the average high is actually about 71 degrees so we are below that. here is a look at those rain chances. it still could rain today. it looks like we will hold on to a temperature chance until 2 pm and then by 4:00 we will bump it up to 20%. hold on to those rain chances until bedtime and after that dropping off as we start to see
11:50 am
if you're headed out to the high country today, we saw joe bartel's there earlier. overnight low of 23. definitely perfect weather and flagstaff barely making it to the freezing mark with 50 degrees the overnight low. 25 degrees for the overnight low with snow already in flagstaff. sedona has been a mix turning over to rain. typically it is warmer than flagstaff get. 57 is the high today at fountain hills and tempe gets up to 61. paradise valley will stay in the 60s today with the 40s for today as the overnight low. 61 in peoria with 56 in and then and 59 the high today in
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you head out and tonight for any outdoor activities. 62 is the harry tomorrow with a lot of sunshine and 64 on wednesday and thursday. friday things get interesting with another storm systems trying to make its way in. i do not think this will pack much of a punch, but we could see maybe a little bit of snow in the higher elevations. 71 degrees on sunday and that is whe time of the year. next week it looks like we have another cool down coming our way. remember share -- to send us your pictures. a base jumper takes place drilling sport to the next level with an incredible landing
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inflates his canopy. he is planning and records his jump from multiple angles show an incredible scale and control. he manages to miss brushing up against the trees with an amazing landing. you can see all of today's top videos every single day right here on abc15 on right this minute at 2:00. "moana" took first place over the weekend with $81.1 million. "fantastic beasts and where to find them" dropped to second place and "doctor strange" rented out for number three. it has been a chaotic
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we want to know if you have done any shopping on this holiday weekend. 25% of you said they shopped until they dropped and 75% said they are staying out of the stores. ohio state university classes have been counseled after a violent attack on campus. eight people in the hospital after the suspect drove into a group of people and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. that suspect has been shot and killed. police say the man demanded painkillers from the pharmacy. a witness told the people to get out immediately. a 58-year-old man has life- threatening injuries after a motorcycle crash. police telling us the man was
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we have a preview of the now arizona. >> i did a lot of black friday shopping. we will be talking about cyber monday. a crush down from amazon and how they are trying to eliminate fake reviews. what happens as the fed release final regulations about states should rate how schools are performing and sheriff joe arpaio launching his 21st patrol. we will keep you safe as you do your holiday shopping. the death of harambe the carrillo -- carella -- gorilla was one of the biggest stories of the year and now there is an ugly christmas sweater. >> remember a tyler fell in the
11:57 am
the enclosure and the guerrilla was shot. >> when i keep the celebration going with a little holiday cheer? wrigley field is now a gingerbread house. it is totally edible and it took the chef 70 hours to build. that is a small price to pay after 100 years of working toward that title. >> i am ready to dig in. accurate forecast. if you like the snow, a mix of snow and rain in parts of sedona. this is that most accurate forecast by the hour. we are still in 50 and we will try to make it up to 61 degrees today.
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