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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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out the window. that's who's causing most of these crashes. >> they've been caught on camera. videotaped by other drivers and they make up 3% of all accidents. new studies show wrong way crashes are more deadly. john is the man in charge of keeping our roads safe. >> the reports wind up on my desk. as a matter of fact the instructions are know about them all. there are too many. >> they've been looking for ways to make it more obvious for years. a $10 million project underway to use existing technology in the ground that will alert traffic controllers as soon as a wrong-way driver is on these roads. you'll see it on a ten-mile stretch of i-17 next summer. but what about now? fatalities and crashes continue to pile up.
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# 5% reduction -- 85% reduction in wrong way crashes if people just chose not to drive drunk. >> the first line of defense is you. the second line of defense is the person that's serving you. the third line is the friend you're with. we can spends millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to try to defeat this. but at the end of the day it's really upon each of us to defeat the wrong-way driver. >> the age old rule, if something, say something. tonight at 6:30 we'll tell you about a massive effort taking place to keep dangerous drivers off the roads. >> it has to be stopped. thanks. here's where that crash now stands. the driver booked into jail. detectives believe 51-year-old ser vontaze was -- cervantez was drunk.
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a horrible situation in tennessee. unbelievable pictures. part of the resort town of gatlinburg destroyed. the mayor's home burned. more than 1400 evacuated one was a mesa woman on vacation, amber? winds back here. they are making a difference in what feels like a cold night across our state. flagstaff those three mile per hour winds taking the wind xhil to 27. -- chill to 27. actual temp is 31. now a lot of these spots typical spots up north will freeze tonight. others farther south will see the first freezes of the season. look at the freeze warnings in effect for gila and pinal counties. temperatures even colder to the south. here's what we expect. and here's how you can plan.
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people stay inside as much saz you can. here's -- as you can. here's what you're facing. 30 in cool edge a -- coolidge. police have a look at the gunman who shot two guys last sunday night. one died. the other in extremely chris cal condition. if you -- extremely critical condition. if you recognize him please call police. a huge opportunity for our state we could see more jobs because of it. lucid motors which builds electric cars plans to build a new plant. total we could see 2,000 new jobs. 400 available as early as next year. lucid's original focus was on batteries but now they want to make cars. not the only new job maker coming to the area.
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new motor sports complex which will be built near casa grande too. the raceway will have a resort, conference center, and private airport. crews are set to break ground next year. a vigil being held for victims of the osu attack. this as the fbi tries to figure out if there's a terror link. isis taking responsibility calling the attacker a soldier of the islamic state. it's the ti should get to know your neighbors. even exchange numbers. one family man would have had to come home to a mess if the alert neighbor hasn't called. >> -- hadn't called. the man says he saw the man on the roof and called the police right away. he fought for months to get back his gun. a new challenge for leslie merritt jr. who was accused of
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he was arrested for violating a restraining order. that will not allow him to get back his gun. sheriff arpaio's date got moved. his attorney says he needed more time to get ready. the new date is april 4th. it was supposed to start a week from today. this has to do with arpaio's contempt of court charge. he could face six months in jail. the victory tour is official. it will start in ohio thursday. thank the voters who helped elect him president. no other tour dates are set. he's close to picking his secretary of state. it comes after word of a second meeting with mitt romney. they met up twice since trump won. one valley resident meeting with trumentz today. -- donald trump today. dan quail was there to offer
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he walked in with kellyanne conway. it's un-american so the president-elect says he thinks anyone caught burning a flag should face consequences like losing their citizenship. john mccain doesn't think americans should burn the flag. >> i don't need to comment on mr. trump's comments. >> he's the president-elect and you're a senior member up here. >> because that's my choice. >> mccain says his duty is to make sure that the country is secure not to comment on everything donald trump says. kellogg company saying it won't advertise on breitbart. saying they're not aligned with their values as a company. dui arrests go up during the holidays but the human price is steeper. jason has the story of one family, their loss, and their message to save lives.
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>> somehow he knew it was bad news when the phone rang in 2007. bad news about his 24-year-old son, stooevenlt. >> went down to -- steven. >> went down to south carolina to see an old girlfriend. and a 20-year-old drunk driver killed him. >> steven's motorcycle was destroyed. he was laying on the road 2,000 miles away from his dad. >> there was a first responder there that knelt down on the side of th steven and just held him as he died. that gives me a little bits of comfort. >> the loss devastated the family. >> and everybody looked at me, dad, steven just died. and i can't fix it. it was frustrating. >> now every time mike sees a drunk driving crash on the news. >> it angers me. >> because it doesn't have to. valley police are launching
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traffic deaths are at a three- year high. about 100 killed so far this year. and that's just on the highways dps patrols. doesn't count the valley cities. mike says enough. >> it should be an easy thing to do. think about it before you go. >> i'm jason abc 15. on paper this intersection is pretty safe. but neighbors tell us that's not the case after a deadly crash this weekend near 87th in deer valley. people tell us they see drivers blowing through stop the time. we went back to 2014 and looked at the data. the only crash since this one back in june 2015. no one seriously hurt. three years ago they lost their lives in the yarnell hill fire. tomorrow you can honor the fallen hotshots along the granite mountain state park. it was dedicated hours ago in front of friends and family of the fallen. you will see plaques that commemorate each of the heroes.
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was when they installed the 19 plaques along the trail. we saw it last weekend and that was the first time where everything really came together about what this park means. >> the trail leads to the very spot where the hotshots took their last steps with 19 memorial marker around the site. learning many people are asking for their jobs back at the department of economic security. this is after doug ducey forced the resignation of the director last week. he was accused of unfairly firing workers and other misjudgments. >> we set up a hotline for anyone who wants to dispute. there were changes that were needed and necessary they happened already. >> 250 people have called that hotline. it's unclear how many, if any, will be rehired. oftentimes we struggle to make the grade.
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raises for teachers, school repairs, and new busses. that's what superintendent diane douglas wants to accomplish. she calls it the az kids can't wait plan. it may not be an easy sell. you can see what it will take on abc 15 mobile. and hear what she says at 10:00. a promise from the mayor of buckeye. he says he's working hard to get to the bottom of the high water bills. and a vote to not raise rates. he says 45 ca resolved. there's a water hotline to call in complaints. he admits there are opportunities to grow but feels the city is headed in the right direction. a new name and logo. what does it mean for our community. an in-depth look. a smash and grab and lots of guns now in the hands of crooks. how thieves made off with an arsenal. did you buy a new laptop or phone on cyber monday?
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just into the live desk. a mug shot of the man behind the sports bar shooting last week here. police say daniel westburg shot 41-year-old jon stewart jr. witnesses say he ran into the bar telling people to call for help. stuart jr. did not -- stewart jr. did not survive. a big stadium coming to the valley. >> abc 15's joe bartels has all the details. >> . >> this has just become this. a brand new professional to beer team. >> a new -- professional soccer team. >> a new name, new logo, and a new stadium. lit be built here on the north -- it will be built here on the north east corner. -- northeast corner.
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>> frank yelp is in charge of the product on the field. blair gavin is ready for the new era in the valley. >> it's fantastic. it's what we've needed. and with the new ownership group they made it a point. >> this horson high school -- horizon high school grad has watched this firsthand. they have some star power backing them. pete wentz from fallout boy and diplo are just some of the high powered ones in the group. the team says major leagu soccer could be the next step. they currently play afy levels below the top -- play a few levels below the top tier. they say this could be the move
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following in the valley. joe bartels abc 15 news. a runaway on the runway. no charges filed yet. a woman being mentally evaluated after she opened the emergency exit and jumped out. all of it caught on video in houston. >> i have never ever seen anything like this before in my life. it was amazing. >> passengers on the united flight say the woman got on the plane's wing down. she was arrested almost immediately. a lot of inventory to do here. just how many guns were stolen from the store in tampa and how many crooks were there. you can see a few people with flashlights and masks. the windows at the front were shattered. testing still underway to figure out why dozens of dead fish were found in a gilbert canal. the fish has been sent to a
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why they're dying. so you just got a great deal on a new kroel phone or a computer and -- cell phone or a computer and you're ready to toss the other one away. not so fast. they've seen it all. all the stuff you forgot was on your laptop, tablet, cell phone, >> personal information, that's the main key. >> he's showing me it disappear. first things first. >> have a backup of your personal information. >> especially important for laptops. put the important stuff on a memory stick or hard drive. >> it's a way to factory reset the device. >> it means going sfrath to settings and -- straight to settings and general. >> scroll down to reset device. you'll see erase all contacts
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it. >> you'll see back up and reset. >> for computers with windows 8 and up. >> you change the settings and go to the bottom of this side menu to update and recovery. and then to remove everything it's the second selection. just click get started. >> after a few more prompts you're ready to clean the drive. john says the process may take a couple of hours but it's worth keeping the informio out of the wrong hands. go to and click on joe know for all the ways to protect your money. if you've got a problem, let me know. a chilly night in the valley. temperatures in the 50s right now. on our way to upper 30s to low 40s in that overnight forecast. thank goodness those winds are light if not calm so not making a big difference. tonight 54 at 7:00. 51 at 9:00 and down to 49 in
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skies will stay clear. bottom out at 41. tomorrow 62, exactly what we hit today as well. colder overnight temperatures elsewhere across the valley. 39 in scottsdale, mesa, and gill ber. queen creek a couple degrees above the freezing mark, 35. maricopa at 34. you can see across the greater metro no freezes anticipated. we will see them to the south and east where those freeze earlier are in effect. here's a look. low 40s in the morning. bundle up. 51 at 10:00 a.m. and 57 at noon. we'll touch the low 60s tomorrow afternoon even though our average drops to 69 well below that for the next several days. across the valley tomorrow mesa and apache junction both at 60. 61 in goodyear and laveen. 5 out to the northwest in
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activity forecast looks great. cold in the morning but the afternoon looks fantastic. roads will be dry. skies will be sunny. that pollen count low for the rest of the week and heading into the weekend too. air quality not too bad. in that moderate range for tomorrow. if you're headed to the high country sunny skies up there. bitterly cold in the morning. flagstaff down to 7 in the overnight forecast. a few hours in the afternoon prescott and sedona highs in the mid-40s. dry in phoenix for the rest of the week. by friday and saturday there will be a slight chance of a few sizelated snow showers in the -- isolated snow showers in the area. for us it looks like a few more clouds and breezes especially into saturday. temperatures warmer through the weekend. saturday 68. more about what to expect sunday and the changes for next week in your seven-day coming up.
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the way trump supporters wanted. the musical hamilton broke records last week. trump supporters called for a protest. a revamped grocery store in the valley. 12 weeks in and there's serious trouble in tempe and with my voice. what's going on?
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> with just four wins we're wondering what's wrong with the cardinals. a lot of us pinning it down to one thing or person. it's a whole lot of little things. matthew says the ball isn't bouncing their way this year. the players need to be more accountable. here's coach arians with what he thinks. >> defensively we had some guys get out of their lane try to do too much. tried to get on the stat sheet instead of just doing their job. right now we're not making the critical plays to win games. if there's one thing that's disheartening it's that we're not as physical as i wish we were. it's selfishness instead of selflessness. >> his list looked like santa's list. >> it just kept going and going. it's not one thing but a whole lot of things.
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side. thanks craig. phoenix shoppers will get free groceries and two new features at the food city in thomas. that includes holiday tamales. for the first time ever a sushi bar. those freebies start at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the first 300 people will get a bag full of goods. going behind the scenes. the valley crime these pictures are connected to. a horrible crime around the holidays. where christmas decorations and how
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about entresto?. and lp make the gift of tomorrow possible. we want to get back to breaking news of a 1-year-old in crit cam condition right now -- critical condition right now after getting hit by a car near 19th avenue and broadway. the child's parents were rushing him to the hospital
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it's unclear what led up to the incident. we'll stay on top of this. want to get you up to speed on three other stories. devastation in east tennessee. at least three dead. and hotels and homes destroyed by these fires. in colombia the death toll at 71. the crash of a plane carrying an entire soccer team. and president-elect trump filling cabinet positions and having dinner with mitt romney. as we shift our focus to tennes resort town of gatlinburg say they have never seen anything like this before. >> the mayor and city manager ludzing their homes -- losing their homes o the flames. >> you can see the damage done in this area right here. >> today a first look at the destruction left in the unforgiving fire's wake. and the grizzly discovery that it claimed three lives. hundreds of structures and homes damaged.
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and my business of 31 years is gone. it's a devastating time. >> overnight >> it's time to go. >> these raging flames devouring the terrain. motorists in gatlinburg fleeing as residents were ordered to evacuate. wild fires spreading from the rocky mountains to populated areas turning dollywood into an orange arm ge don. -- ar ma ge don. in the southeast t worst drought in a -- southeast, the worst drought in a decade. >> it's a little numbing to see the extent of the damage. >> as of this morning more than a dozen structure fires still burning as 2,000 people have hunkered down in shelters. >> fire officials now saying they believe the worst is over. and it looks like the weather
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rain is forecast for tonight. one to two inches expected. that should put out most of the fires. lauren lister abc news los angeles. one of the main wildfires in north carolina is 100% contained tonight. we're talking about the party rock fire. crews came from across the u.s. to fight the flames including a team from the valley. back at the live desk. police say this guy robbed a scottsdale bank. officers releasing some pretty clear pictures. he held up the wells fargo at scottsdale and thomas. he took off without a getaway car. call police if you recognize him. freeze warnings in effect for some parts tonight. look at these temperatures for the valley and beyond. upper 40s to low 50s. south of the valley and stretching down all the way to the mexico border there freeze warnings and hard freeze
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tucson, casa grande, freezing for the first time tonight. here's a look at the numbers. then we're talking low 30s in casa grande and tucson. here in phoenix down to 41. a lot of other spots in the upper 30s. here's how we'll get there. 50s for the next few hours. 49 by 11:00. then we drop around sunrise tomorrow morning before temperatures climb back into the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. st take us a while to warm things up. we will look at your seven-day forecast and track those temperatures in minutes. now to that deadly plane crash in colombia. six people did survive this including members of that brazilian soccer team. three soccer players, two crew members, and a journalist survived. investigators say the tail clipped the top of a mountain. 71 bodies recovered from that scene as well as both black boxes.
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havoc in an avondale neighborhood. a viewer sent us these pictures in lower buckeye. the crook caught on camera taking the deck rags. the home own -- decorations. the homeowner says it's happening nearby as well. new pictures connected o the shooting death of a -- connected to the shooting death of a 7-eleven clerk. these were taken while officers ex home. joseph is accuseded of shooting -- accused of shooting the clerk in august. he says it was an accident. dozens of law enforcement agencies standing shoulder to shoulder kicking off the holiday dui enforcement task force. traffic fatalities are at a three-year high right now, most caused by impaired drivers. the sheriff's office sending
6:35 pm
dollars in fines and fees. you face time in jail. and you face the use of an ignition interlock device that you will pay for. >> more than 9,000 officers and deputies on the roads. another focus is putting a stop to all of those wrong way crashes. dps saying it's not the road but the driver at fault in these. another one last night. a 251-year-old man slam -- year-old man slammed into a car. it's the fourth wrong way crash in the last week. a troubling case of child abuse in chandler. a woman accused of leaving a kid on the side of the road back in july when it was 110 degrees. candice flynn and her boyfriend got into an argument while driving near ray and cay reen roads. -- kyrene roads. she told him to get out of the
6:36 pm
his 6-year-old daughter to do the same thing. a passer-by saw the child carrying her car seat. nine people behind bars in pinal county. deputies say these people stole cars, guns, electronics, and more from homes. they say the items were traded for meth. working to learn the condition of a person hurt in a crash. impairment was likely a factor here. three cars involved. one person taken to the hospital. no word if any charges have been filed. also tonight no word what started a house fire in mesa. crews attacking the flames early this morning. one room caught fire. one person was inside and got out safely. taking the stand. the testimony today from a former cop accused of murder. helping others on this
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breaking news coming in to the live desk. a pipeline explosion in kansas city. some say the flames were so big they could be seen from the highway. this picture from our sister station from a safe distance. no reports of injuries or what went wrong. high drama today at the trial of a former south carolina cop. the former officer charged in the death of water scott. the him shooting him in the back. he used his stun gun first he says but scott fought back. he says he was in total fear before pulling out his gun. he could get 30 years if convicted. we propose a toast to a new law. how you're a click away from your favorite wine. getting tired of turkey yet? the best deals at valley grocery stores this week. when you look at the d-
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we have to ask ourselves if we've ever been this bad in every single sport. your commuter forecast chilly. upper 30s to low 40s in phoenix for the wake up. and going home? not too bad, below average though.
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a very tragic breaking news update. that toddler who was hit by a car has died. this was the scene at 21st avenue still daylight when this happened. we learned the parents somehow didn't know the child had wandered outside and that it was the neighbor who was backing up their car, hitting that little child. the family and the rescuers doing everything they can to meet at the midpoint to make that rescue. it was unsuccessful tonight. >> we're thinking about all the people involved. something to inspire you today on this giving tuesday.
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distribute handmade gift bags to the homeless. liam's christmas project. . >> this woman and her son are adding gloves to the blessing bags. the totes filled with warm blankets, snacks, and toiletries, little comfortses for people living -- comforts for people living on the streets. >> it started with my mother. she helped people had the opportunity. i learned from her. >> she wanted to teach her own son by example. >> i told my fiance don't give me anything. >> instead she used the money to start the christmas project. >> he's only 2 but he inss. >> are these -- he understands. >> are these present sns. >> he knows these make people
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>> classmates and strangers and family and friends have contributed. >> they set a goal of 250 bags. but -- 50 bags but they're beyond that. you don't have to be a big charity or have a big bank account. even a little boy can do it. >> melissa blasius abc 15. it's operation santa claus. >> well on this giving tuesday we hope you'll remember operation santa claus in full effect right now. join us as we help the four amazing charities on your screen. money, toys, kids clothing, and nonperishable food items. >> stop by sanderson ford or lincoln, the abc 15 studios, or any of the more than 120 plus ups store locations. or you can donate at >> you'll also get an entry to
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every $5 donation. hundreds of jobs up for grabs. the phoenix veteran's job fair coming tomorrow. more than 40 employers are looking to get veterans back to work. those of you who did noserve can stop by as well. it runs from 11:00 to 2:00 at gateway community college. with just a click your wine will come to you. a new law online and get the bottles sent to their doorsteps. the sponsors saying this is a win all around for local wineries who can get more business and for you at home to get more variety. big news from samsung tonight. considering splitting the company. samsung says it will take the next six months to look into the split. analysts say the move could be a windfall for investors.
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samsung. it's still dealing with concerns over some galaxy phones catching fire. a jeweler blaming its neighbor for falling sales. tiffany's's says that -- tiffany's says that it's security for trump that is affecting the sales. an outdoor clothing company feeling extra generous. patagonia's black friday sale hit a record-breaking $10 million. and they're donating all of it. five times what they expected to earn. they are keeping the prols to give away the -- promise to give away the money. it will go to hundreds of environmental groups around the world. here's a cold, hard fact. every single major sports team is struggling. and in my opinion that's totally unacceptable.
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wins and 93 losses. second to last. the cardinals are off to a four win season. and seem to be looking for ways to lose. and with five wins and 13 losses the suns are in last place in the pacific division, 14th in the western conference. the coyotes are last in the west and tied for last in the league. the sun devils football team went 2-7 in conference play. the wildcats finished 3-9 overall. not much to cheer for this year. >> the weather, come on. >> we'll take the weather. i. >> i don't even have that right now. >> you're very tough. >> i've been sharing too hard. >> it's like your wrestler alter ego. if you want to enjoy the slopes this weekend you can. new video tonight of snow in the high country. that was yesterday at arizona snow bowl. they've opened more runs for
6:50 pm
take a look at your forecast for that area. saturday colder than sunday. same is true for sunrise. a little storm system coming in. it really will just barely clip our state. a slight chance of a few isolated snow showers for snow bowl and for saturday at sunrise. temperatures again pretty cold throughout the day. right near that freezing point of 32 for highs. 56 in phoenix. and winds at seven miles per hour. humidity at 33% and dropping drier air continues to come in. anthem and cave creek in the upper 40s. the rest of the valley in the low to mid-50s at this hour. to the north already tracking freezing 20s in flagstaff, window rock, and show low. the grand canyon down to 14 degrees right now. it's going to be a single digit low overnight tonight. and prescott and payson will freeze soon. right now a couple of degrees above the freezing mark. here's what we expect.
6:51 pm
essentially the northern half of the state with the exception of spots like bullhead city and lake havasu will be freezing. casa grande likely seeing its first freeze at 30. a freeze warning in effect that stretches to tucson as well. tomorrow, 51 in globe. 46 in sedona. temperatures in the upper 50s 50s through lunchtime before the low 60s kick in in the afternoon. mesa 60, gilbert 62. ahwatukee at 62 as well. phoenix down to 41 a lot of other valley stots that will be -- spots that will be done to the upper 30s tonight. we don't expect freezes in the metro but one of the coldest nights in a long time. same story for thursday morning. temperatures similar again. highs stay in the low 60s through the end of the week.
6:52 pm
forecast. slight chance for showers as i mentioned earlier. we're going to stay dry here. same is true with the next system next week. a dry one for the valley with a slight cooldown and breezes on tuesday. back to that breaking news. a toddler hit and killed by a neighbor's car at 21st and broadway. nohe joins us outside by the home. it had to be a desperate scene to try to save the baby. >> oh, you know, katie, this is one that's going hit every family watching the news tonight and break your heart. some of the neighbors that i talked to and i'm going to show you part of the scene. you see the crime tape. some of the neighbors say they heard the screams when this little boy was hit. they came out and found nothing but panic and absolute frantic family as you can imagine. police tell me this is someone who lives here backing out of their driveway and backed into
6:53 pm
police think that maybe the 1- year-old had gotten away from his parents just for a minute. it can happen with a toddler. the neighbor did know who that little boy was, where he lives, let the parents know and just in absolute panic. they decided to try to leave to get their son to the hospital because they absolutely couldn't wait for paramedics to get here. they were able to catch up with them. they stayed on the phone. it made it tricky to find them but they found them at a gas stat i want to show you this as police look into what happens here and they talk to neighbors. i want to show you this sign. it's one of the first thing you see when you drive up. they don't know if this person was speeding. they were just reversing. that goes to show you this is a place where a lot of kids live, a lot of kids play, and so this is definitely going to hurt a lot of families to hear that this happened tonight, katie? >> we're thinking of the
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just in, we are learning one of the first deals for president-elect trump is done. he says the air-conditioning company carrier will keep about a thousand jobs in indiana. trupch and his -- trump and his vice presidential pick will be in the state thursday to unveil the plan publicly. he promised to keep jobs here during his campaign. at 10:00 much more on that
6:57 pm
faces of a valley neighborhood. families fed up over decorations getting stolen. plus, the future of education in our state. a one on one interview with the arizona school's chief. is her new plan realistic and where does the money go. those and more at sock. freeze -- at 10:00. freeze warnings in the south. protect those plants. you want to and bring your pets inside. phoenix down to 41. a lot of cities in the 30s. and temperatures in the daytime hours staying in the low 60s through the end of the week. slight warm up over the weekend. upper 60s for saturday, sunday, monday. >> a real holiday feel to it i think.
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