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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  February 20, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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alsooday, a fit doittl and wright in monument -- that's on mumens southwest si. the fi wasuickly contain. smoke was visie for many throughout the tri-lakes. right now the cause and amount ofcresurd not known. a live looin both colora spngs and eblo. the rm weather feeling more like spring than february. news 5 metologist rlee hoffman isracking the warmup and thfire danger... she hayourir art forecast... caee? a lovely saturday with abundant sunshine andighs well above average in ts. lows sliinto the 20's and 30 tonight der clear skies. cold front early sunday will bring changes for southern colorad we'll have more cloud cover, especially forhe second ha of t day.
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happinno.. thousands paid tir respects today at the funeral mass for supreme courtjustice "aonin scalia." the supreme courjustice's n a catholic priest -- lethe mass attd by vice esident "joe biden," other court sticesand so u-s senators. johnson h our story. tapejuste clarence thomas, sueme court judge :21 - :23 tape/ rev. paul slia, justice scalis son :4:48 ta/ rev. pa scaa, j slis son :507ape/ jennifer johnson / washinon d.c. pitohill natsf lls ringing draped in an american ag...the cask of justice annin alia keinhe nat largest roman catholic church...theasilica of the national sine of the maculate cception. over3-hundred politicians...frien ds and family ce toay their respects....includinhis fellow supremurt justesso juscelarence thom, supremcot judge :23 ope do not disin.. former a current conesan and presidential hopefuls also attended the service...vice prident joe biden, came too. despite iticispresen ama was not there citing his
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tribute tohe justi athe supreme court friday. scalia's s....the reverend paul slia delivered the homily. sot: rev. ul scalia, justice sa' son 3 - :48 "god blessed dads we know with a lo for h country. hew wella ose ru thing the founding of ounation was. " father scalia...onof the juice chdrdd humor tohe somber ceremony....telling a story of his father coming to church for confeson.....only to learn his son s e priestn du. so rev. paul sa, justice sa's son :59 - 1:07 s he p it lar....le heck laughter the feeling was mutual." scalia who died last weekend at a texaranc...s nearly three decades on the nation's high cot. he was csidered one of the country's st influential conservatives. audio outcue: jennifer johon, c neon. anin the race for the white use, it's showdown satury. hiarclinton versus bere ers in nevada, but there's also is donald tru versu all his rivals in south carolina
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live tight. he h t lt. temc ra tocle c. illi keher close wi . witho votes und yet re south carolina for hillary clinton...a huge reli. as neva democrats gathered to vote itheir caucuses.. the pollhad narrowed bere sanders threatening to win again. but nbc news proje clion to w nevada. ts: sc votg as stholina republican cast their ballo... s/hos presy sc v :xx -xx "i just ted for trump." the gop frunr looked
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despe his conflict with the pope the disputevewhether he opposed thiraq war and trump, last night, fond relating an proven hundred year old tough guy legend about a u gen killing 49 muslim extremists in the philippinewith bullets diedn pigs blood. s/onald trump / presidential candidate :xx -xx "and the 50th pers, he said u go back to your peop a you te them what happened. and for 25 years there wasn't a problem, ok? sd day: harty's problem is its frontrunner s/ b sh r pridal cantexx "trump c w. th isn't about aeang t people's deep ety." ted uz, on fox news's hannity last nht: s ted cruz r presidtial candida :xx -xx "people of south carolina they want a conservative," he was 5 ing points behind trump nats: "whoo marco!!" but it's marco rubio appealing to mananti trump vots s/ trick mclean /vor :xx - xx "i did vote forcrubio, a dimy wife,fter you looked at kash? after youooked at bush? a: correct. yes.rubio is dreaming of h mainstam rivals drng out
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presidential candi :xx -xx "i tnk once you get this rac down ttwo or tee or ur people y'rin have much clearer more tritional campaign." which is what thdeatic race may havbecomeoday all thescoatan swap venues next week: republicans i vada f caute. mocrats heresoh calina for eir primy, both eltisu tbe aec.. mat. byhat'hain bh s to i'm stevhandelan in mbh li. no.. back to you. followinup for y... apple finds itse under firin the wake of the san berndino attack, refung an f-b-i quest for help decrypting the i-phone of shooter "sd farook." as we reported, before ale was able treond the feral government motion, ty filed anhe
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mata cdyf thware d atdo not rui pltoe 'bk or' oro ckwnsers plhas a we to file a spse mewhile,he govnment is atckg apple's move ying the rus aea based on markeng strategy. a group nitori the war in syria says a u-sacked alliance of syrian fighter captured ais-hd to in syris northeast yesterday. the capture comes the days aftethe beginng ofn offensive against isis in the area by the syria democratic forcesackeby-s-led airstrik. there was immediate comment from the syria democtic forces. video today on t andocial media appear to show people greeting soldiers and eeng as they return to e town on foot. officials in tennessee ctinue to srch r a 16 year-old boy whorutally attacked a jenile detention officer, grabbed her gun, and tried to sho h be running off. a search through the night turned up nothing for "joseph
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pe -- andifficult to wat you can see him attacking the 60- year-old guard with a porcelain toilet top. he puts the gun inerace and tr fire the weapon before runninout e do. the detention officer was ead for r inrias en release a suspect wanted on two felonies is now in cuody.a colora sprgs officer stopped a hicle with "michael jack" in theassenger seat. jack was wan two felony warrants. inside the veh, offirs found a handgun and some drugs including th and heroin. he was charged with possession of weapons by previous offendersession of controlled substces. firefiters from multiple agencies were lled o ta fully-nvolvehousfire along hi24ear cascade. it happened around 5:30 this morning. the home was fully engulfed and the amesausome g on fi thastarted moving up a ll firefighterser to get it unntl.
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still ahead on news five.. a state of emergency in fiji as a massive storm hihe iand... an update on the damag behind. ana live look from ours tuo in pueblo--- you can see that giant cloud osmoke
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carson. we a loly saturday withbundant hine and highs well above
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tonight under clear skies. a cold front early sunday wi brinchanges for southern corado. we'll have more cloud cover, esally for e second halof theay. temperatures wl also be cooler with highs in the 40's and 50's.clos continue for much of monday with highin the 50's. a stronger cold front will be moving in te mondainto tuday and at will bring rain/snow for many areas tough
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tuesday. accumutions of several inches will be possible in the mountas and accumulationwi taper off heading east t the plains. tuesdawill also be the coldest day ofheeek with highs only in t 3s. once we get to the middl the week things do improve. temperatures wilbe modating into the 50's to
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the government of ji declared a state of nural disaster as op clonestwith windested to 7 miles per , hit the south pacific nation. fice winds and heavy rain tore across the islands that make up fi. teodthe cyclone was trki along the norther
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thcatal is cad. igs were canled an authorities urged opleo find somewhere safe to hunker down for the night d n venture outside. the u-s joint typhoon ing nter said gusts from the cyone diminied late in the day t miper ur. an lk fromur news vetudiinuebl-- you c see thatialoud of sm from a fe burninon fort caon. will have a live report
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r news fe ert. a massive fire burningn a aini rge on fort carson. let's eck in with ws five's kelsey kennedy...
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moer nature n't kingt for c ting to cleanup this massi rocksli on i-70 in glenwoocany. new formation... the adilnoreopen today c-dot says the sw is ming it difficult to gethe necsary
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and bring down other at-risk rocks in the canyo cdot has long rm mitigation plans in the works that will impa traffic for the next 2 to 3 weeks. d a reminder tight--police in pueblo and colorado sings are issuing a warning aboui- r-s tax ammers. we've been followi this story you out ople clming to with the r-s in order to extormoney. those who receive the calls are reatened wh jail time and lawsuits for unpaid taxes. we had dozens calls into our newsroom yesterday from affectediewers the i-r-s warns they will never ntact you like this. you get a cl or email that seems suspicious, call the irs to verify wheer or not it's a am.
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clouds cnue for much of monday withighs the 50's. a stnger cold front will be movi in late mondainto tuesy and at wiling in/snomany areas through at lst the fst half of tuesday. accumulations of several inches will be possible in the
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will taper off heading east to e ains. tuday will also be the coldest day of the week withhs onl in the 30's. once we getohe middle of the week tngs do improve. teeratur wl moderating into the 50's to e the wk
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decision 16. here isester holt >> good evening, yo. are hing,f urse, major votesace for the white hotonight. south carolina gop imar the pollsave close south carolina right w, it is t clos tocall we cell yout' ree-wa race appearo be a three-way rac among trum cruz and rubio. the oer cdidates are well behi. tose t call in the south carina gopprary. >>lso toy, the democratic caucus in nevada. nbcews project hillary clinton will win. hillary clinton holdg bk ae bere sanders who came of new hampshire with a lot of momentum. agn, i loo like llary clinton will rry the day. let's bri on moderator of "meet the press" chuckodd right now. walk ushrough what we have seen in nevada an tight race in south carolina. >> i think we got the news out of nevada this wil bnown as si of reef
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clinn. this was the best chance sanders had to prove he could wi he ce close. bucould nowin. now wh you look at the calendar, hillary clinn has a real victory under her belt. she could string gether a bchf them and take control of this nomination in a way that people thought e woula few months ago. on the republican side, i thinkho results show uur future for a while, lester. we could be seeing those three candates, tho thre names fighting for every contest from here to june. i t it's possible weat the-waace some ,o matr at the orderf nish is in sth carolina. >>huck todd, we will have updayte throughout the ening. report a warranted throughout theight d cove on nbcnews.m. i'm leste nbc
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> on this sday nigh high stakes. big night in politics. the results comg in on a crical st f the democratin ne. the repubca showdown in south carolina. with some on this survival. final farewell. e largeoutpouring and tribute at the funeral of sreme urt justice antonin scal. tusan of udts at public universities worried about their future caught in theiddle of one state'sudt poti. race f uali. he wonlympic gold in rm a new film about jesse owen rem uof the enduring struggle. "nightew b right no > decision 20. this is "nbc nighy news" with lter holt. >> good eveng. great to be with you his y,otin day in two key


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