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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  July 18, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> in the world's most violent city a battle between government and ug cartels has no end a militaryurge had 10,000 soldiers have done nothing. el paso, texas seen 5,000 people execute indeed 2-1/2 year. >> everybody trust when the army came to see the problems would be resolved and they didn't now we have the federal police and it is not better. of >> now new surge is taking place.
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the pastor is e head of of an evangelical alliance work to take back the city one family home at a time. >> going to the streets and the homes who know who we will meet. the gospel is powerf. >> over 3 weekends thouz annualeds of volunteers from 120 churches took to the streets much andn the city where dozens of people die every day the work they are doing is dangerous. >> the pasr says one of his teens waiting on th corner of the street and stop a car and said can we pray for you. the guys inside of the car sd no , i don't think you can pray for our business wh this lady looking into the car saw 5 men with guns and started praying and all of sudden these peopl got in silent and they closed eyes and bowed heads and prayed and they left. >> the most amazing part of the story is the pastors are not
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acting on their own. for the first time in mexico's history the government is actually working with evangelical pastors the president of mexico is pleading with the pastors to help in the fight against mexican drug cartels. >> in fact, this is video postod u tube when the president visited. the president made 3 trips there this yr and the pastor met with the president during all 3 visits much >> wh we finish the meeting i talked to him face-to-fac much he told me. he said you are right. only thing can help to yous get out is having faith in god. that is spoke to my heart and bring joy to my ear knowing the president is thinking aboutod and fai and thinking about god as a solution. a solution the churches have known all along now they find themselves on the front lines
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what god is doing not only to bring help to the situation and bring a change to the country of of mexico >> this economy they embrace over abundant we are in the comma we are jumping ahead to that that's what we ar expecting. we are excited about it. we have faith. we have hope. we say the lord jesus christ. >> for cbn news. mexico. >> thanks ben. moving south argentina the first country in latin america to legalize gay marriage the issue was contestd a law makers barely got it passed much here is stan on the developmen >> the vote came in the early morning hour after a marathon debate in argentina's senate. gay and les bia suppoers holding vigil outside began to celebrate. now we have a lot to celebrate
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this is an extmely important step forward for human rights the first latin american country to recognize the equality. >> it is already considered one of the most gay friendly cities in latin america much of objections from the countrs influential catholichurch did not stopt legislation much before the vote 60,000 catholic and evangelicals gathered to support tradition marriage with a slogan, children hav a right to a mom and dad. here we are not talking about discrimination at all. we are just talking about accepting the natural reality of things which is we have been created male and female man and woman to procreate and it is not discrimination saying sometng is wrong. >> argentina is a handful of countries in the word to legally validate homosexual marriages the new law gives gay and
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lesbian coups the legal rights as hetero- sexual marriages including inheritance and adoption rights. stan, cbn news. >> moving out of england the church is breaking new ground. this week the church is ruling body voted to allow women bishops it is a controversial issue that caused catholics and conservative evangelicals to threaten to leave the church. peter reports from england. >> the rou over women bishops cause a split in the church governing body they gaurth indeed yoshg to come up with a plan that would please both the liberals and traditionalists. the bishop crt the fer hill says the issue debated w what compromise could be agreed upon those against the ordaination of women bishops. the issues are what spe should
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be given or not as the case may be for those. amongst them evangelals and catholics. >> in the end the general senate gave minimal concession them to opposed the move. david hding is concerneded that this move guess against biblical principles. >> that is the starting point and the way the church lived its life over the centuries and we know within the wider churc the greater part of the church throughout the world the churches don't accept this innovation i don't see where the authority r the church of england come to make this change at this moment in time. >> holding concerned about the fall out from this decision that some may leave the church. >> that is the sadness. some people will no longer find
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a home in the church. we will have to look for a home elsewhere. christina reese a member of the arch bishop's council is a supporter of the ordaination of bem bishops much i believe when god calls people to the ordained ministry people ar called on the basis of their gift and their talents and not on the basis of whether they are men or women. >> reese say its is fine wen be given this opportunity. >> church of england is the established church. and once we say, yes to havg women in the ordained ministries as bishops the 3 orders we have is in our church tell be as if the established church is saying a welcome to women and saying that it values women and as well as it value men. >> mixed views on the sticky issue of women bishops it seem a split within the churc has been
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avoided for the time being. the issue goes through consultation proetsz the challenge remains to find a comprose to keep both sides on board. cbn news yoshg, england. the measure will be consided by the the individual diacease if 2 thirds approve they will approve in 2 year. >> comin up. meet the brothers who were helping rebuild haiti one brick and one church and one child at a time.
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if has bee 6 months since a quake killed 200,000 in haiti. survivors continue to grieve their losses while rebuilding lives. we have the story of 2 broshths helping hundreds of haitia do that. >> pignon is in north haiti 85 miles outside port-au-prince and the 6 hour drive from the most
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visible signs of the january 12 quake. estimated 30,000 pignon residents to escape the impact. >> when you hear that port-au-prince was affected by a disaster this is haiti affected. every family in haiti has someone in port-au-prince. pastor began work minutes after the ground stopped shaking. >> ople were praying without knowing what hapned to their loved once. one of our endeavor was to help them locate their families much >> madthe 6 hour journey from pignon to port-au-pnce 40 time following the quake helping feed people and fin loved once he grew his female by 2. these are brothers who lost their mom and dad in the quake.
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>> rendly of abraham you don't know that you are blessed unless the lord used to you to be a blessing. he blessed his country from adopting abandoned children and grow his churches to 42 churches in the most remost areas of greater pign and opening 20 schools much >> the lord helped me connect. called me to -- to reach out. >> deuteronomy the scripture speaks of one shaping a thousand and 2 putting 10,000 to flight much in pignon there are 2 brothers working every day to change the lives upon thousands living in poverty. you ha met jesa. >> here in the building we have a computer lab. the >> meet his brother halo he
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started grace college in 1993 not long after completing his education in america. >> i could be in the states if i want. i'm a permane resident of the u.s. i can live there. if i want to. but god called me to be here. his school grown from 65 studts to 1400 and 500 of those arhere on scholarship. since losing family to the earthquake in port-au-prince much there is no free education in haiti. >> someone told me it doesn't cost anything. >> a dream came true in 2005 he brought electr to the school and pignon for the first time. thanks to a generator donald trump donateded to him he has 600 customers in the city. >> eve month we put a meter and receive a bill. >> his brightest lights are his students pignon's future.
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he is at work turning his old home to orphanage to care for the children who have been left without family. one village at a time we can change our country. one person at a time we change our school. one famil at a time we can change the community that is the opportunity in front of us and that's what -- that's the drive force to stay her and continue the lord work here. >> 2 brotrs determined to make a differencat home. cbn news, pignon, haiti. >> coming up... in central asia christians shined a light despite arrest and imprisonment
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>> imagine police storming into our church servi to arrest your pastor. that's what's happen nothi soviet republics the persecution
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during the communist era. >> after ronald reagan's challenge to the soviets. > >>. >> collapse of the soviet union left to freedom in central arab wra people in the countries return to islamic roots others embraced christiaty. his conversion followed a drug addiction that caud him to lose everything. his family, home, business and his health. a christian visit approached his hospital bedside as he suffered with tb. >> he was a friend we shared needles i saw him as a different person. i saw his eyes they were differen eyes. i saw he was a newman, a happ man. so i wanted to learn how he
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changed his life around. >> he came to christ and escap his addiction at this drug center in elmontie. it is one of the 8 ownd and operated by the evangelical alliance. resides learn automobile engine repair. we found them working together to prepare a broken van for repair and refurbiment they will sell it and the profits go to the rehab center the facility is self support issing chicken, food, cows milk and beef and the pigs will be fattened and sold or eaten. fruits and vegetabl grown in the garden the is spiritual nourishment. residents pray together and attend bible study. he left and started a similar rehab center in another city and got into trble with the governnt when hey lead muslim residents to christ. policeerated his rehab center.
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>> we went all together holding worship suddenly the special forces climbed the fence and stormeinto the house and filmed our meeting and our singing. they told us we were doing prohibited religiousactivity. >> he was ordered to stop praying and talking about christ with the resident and fined 25 times his month salary. the facility was raided 6 months later and ordered pay another massive fine. so why the harsh treatment when the constitution guarantees religious freedom. >> they rejohn steinbecked people giflg up their faith and accepting something new. they fear their national faith is pushed out. >> and thinking somehow it will destroy their culture but the christian faith is enhancing and never against it. upon the country where christian suffer the worst treatment.
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house churches are raided. cristians are jaild and fined as much as 50-100 times their salaries. language bibles and christian literatu are taken. christian religious education is prohibited. felix of the news service regularly monitors religious freedom violatns. >> the senior officials inherited is in their genes they don't believe in religious freedom d remember the heritage of the suspicion of religious and propaganda they lived through in the soviet union when the communist party was in control. >> because more are accepting christ government officials fear christians will lead an up rising. most are cing from mosques like this 99 percent filli the evangelical churches are former muslims. we talked to a musli background
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believer withhol share his experience if we agreed to cover his face and change his name. >> h and his pastor were jailed after police raids their house church meeting they were surprised when they were told to sing chrisan songs the peace of of god filled the hearts of the poliman and everyone hearing us. later 2 policeman opened the jail and they called us and said can you tell us mor about your faith and e lord you are singing about. >> guards and inmates heard the gospel that day. some joined the illegal house church and what if he is sent to jail again after arth raid. he says he is not afraid. >> before i experienced jail i was afraid. but when i was sent there joy came to my hea and i felt that god was close to me.
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very close. i was a partner with jesus in his persecution. it w a privilege. and i am happy. >> garry lane, cbn news.
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group in texas is tryi to reach o to other nonbelievers through billboards. we explain. outside austin, texas driveros interstate 35 are getting an eye full. a billboard that say don't believe in god? join the club. it was put there by a group calling them the outin council of reason to encourage t ungodly to unite. it is a call to join whatever organization you want that accepts people like us. >> 160,000 motorists read the sign every day much >> a lot of people are religious and they take that may
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be offensively. if it spoils your day that baddure havi a bad day much >> believe it or not the pastor of a church welcomes it because he s its gets people talking about faith issues. >> it is age old men had to struggle with god and if there is a god. >> similar billboards line the freeways in dallas, houston, phoenix, new orleans, seattle and tucson. lori johnson, cbn news. >> take more faith to believe ther is no god than to believe we have is a wonderful great god. that is our report for this week. thanks for (speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world
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and preach the gospel preach the gospel ♪ every creature in the world. (applause)


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