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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 21, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ oakland police are racing to catch a robber and rapist who attacked two women in the lake merit area. >> they expect to release a sketch today. meanwhilewe're seeing where the attack happened. the latest on thenvestigation where terry mcsweeney. >> police are giving us intersections where these crimes happened and one of those intersections is 1th and lake shore avenue, about a half block frowhere i am. the otr one at third avenue. both of these started out as robberies and ended up as much worse. one attack happened here nr third avenue and 18th street, the other lakehore avenue. the two attas close together in terms of distance and time
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both sunday evening. >> both started off as robberies. but he did sexuay attack both victims. >> until that investigators produces an arrest and conviction, police are offering advice. >> makeure once you enter your vehicle you lock the door. don't be distracted by electronic devis and cellphones. if you see someone suspicious in your neighrhood, call us immediately. >> advice already observed by many of the women we spoke with this morning who walk and jog near the lake. >> walk when moreeople are around. >> like anyplace i think you have to be an alt and i carry mace with me a all times when i walk the dog. i think you have to be careful no matter where you live. >> the description, a black male in his twenties, 5-10 to 6 feet tall, black clothing. very general description, to general for some. >> that's the profile. imean, when you hear about five, ten.
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i feel every african american man, he problems gets tense becauseou never know when the police will pull you over. >> well, those concerneabout racial profiling may be eased. police a working on a sketch of the suspect and plan to release it sometime later today. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. a $25,000 reward is now being offered for the murder of a tiburon mder nearly one year ago. joan rosenthal became tiburon's first murder victim in a decade when she was shot to death outside her hillary drive home. her murder remains a mystery despite intense efforts by authorities. they conducted more than 100 interviews and submitted a significant amount of evidence but still have no suspect. the reward is by a person who wishes to be anonymous. >> instigators found a body
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inside a bloody covered car in american canyon. the suspect had driven to his coworker's apartment complex. police say they were tped off by the suspect' ex-wife who said he called her to brag about the killing. >> san carlos leaders are meeting now with pg&e officials. the peninsula city has learned it sits on top of one of the most high-risk tural gas pipelines in the bay area. david louie joins us live from san carlos with the latest revelation after the san bruno fire. >> kristen, that meeting as you say is underway behind me at city hall involving the san carlos city mayor as well as the city public works director. pg&e did contact the mayor ovr the weekend. so the fact that a pipeline in san carlos was o the list didn't come as a comple surprise. the pipeline in san carlos is located with no homes in the immediate vicinity bu businesses such as auto supply and supermarkets. the public works director says
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the pipeline is mostly 24 inches in dieter but one steps down to 20 inches. they've been aware of it but didn't know it would be on this top 100 list. the mor hopes to get more information meeting face-to-face with pg&e at this hour. >> we'r very interested of course in the specifics of san carlo what is the situation and what are we gonna do about it an when. >> i do think there needs to be heightened awareness and heightened reporting and heighted attention until the issues are really resolved. >> when pg&e released the list yesterday afternoon, officials told me they me with 47 elected official to that point. but learned that the number one pipeline on the list in cordelia, well, the fire chief there was caught by surprise he didn't know it was going to be there. san carlos officials say the pipeline in their city is just one of infrastructure concerns they have. they're also concerned abo earthquake dage, losing
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communications andther possible disasters. we're live in san carlos. >> san jose police say speed likely contribute to an early morni car accident that killed a teenager and injured another teen it happened just after 3 a.m at almadennish and o'grady drive. the drer had a white ford explorer, hit a light pole an ended up on the side of the road starting a fire which was put out quickly. an 18-year-old male passenger was killed. theriver was taken to the hospital with non-li-threatening injuries. police are oking to see if alcohol was involved. >> twitter says it's once again safe for people to access its website after a massive attack this morning, hackers diverting users to visit porn sites, pop-ups and random tweets. >> it's estimated this morning's twitter takedown affected 100,000 people worldwide and it
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wasn't between just every day friends. for example, for sarah brown, wife o former prime minister gordon brown, her twitter feed was directing users to hard core porn sites. >> it's a major embarrassment when the white house press secretary h to send out a notice saying ignore my previous tweet. that's a real proble >> larry magnet says the problem arose from a vulnerability on twitter's website when hackers exploited a security flaw. >> for you to just mouse over their tweet, they could be sent to a porn site or a pop-up message could come up. >> one was glad i hadn't checked his account this morni. he won't be affected because the flaw was fully patched as of 7 a.m.. it makes users think twice about twitting. >> the more i use it, maybe this could be, you know, i could get something badoing on twitter. but it seems like a relatively
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safe place. >> the so-called xsf attack only affected visitors to tho that used software were not affected. while this flaw has been fixed, it may not be over. some called the popular fast-growing social medium a fat target for hackers. >> this was one of many wake-up callsor twitter. twitter knows they're under attack and they haveto have the best security possible. >> many people not only use social media like twitter and to communicate with their friends but also for business purposes. certainly when you get security breaches that can send out such embarrassing messages, that could be more damaging and that should make people like twitter want to jump on shoring up equipment even better. theresa rcia. >> theresa, thank you so ch. president obama just handed out the nation's highest military reward r valor. >> showdown on capitol hill.
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democrats and republicans face off on a coroversial military policy. one of the worls biggeses
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a senior military official says a large number of americans who were among those who died in today's helicoer crash in southern afghanistan. nato says nine international troops were killed. it happened where helicopters are often used to transrt troops in mountainnous areas.
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the taliban claimed to have shot down the helicopter but nato says there were no reports of hostile fire. it was the deadlit chopper cras for the coalition in four years. >> in just a few minutes the senate will hold a critical vote for the proposed don't ask don't tell policy. if gays in the military wasn't enough of the t topic, it ju got more complicated today. even lady gaga is chiming in. >> for 60 years the senate has passed a defense operation bill that passes millns in military spending. this year harry reid attached a measure to the bill which would appeal th don't ask don't tell policy. republicans are now threating to not only vote no on the bill but not even discuss the issue unles senator reid opens the debate to allow republican amendments.
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>> if harry reid says today, okay, whoever wants to offer an amendment will open up it. >> and proceed to the bill. and i made that ve clear to the majory leader. i talked to senator reid twice last week. >> the topic of repealing the don't ask don't tell policy took center stage for the hearing for general james amost who's been nominated to head the marine corps. he sai it would disrupt wars in iraq and afghanistan, but... >> if the law is changed and signed by the president of the united states. >> lady gaga is even chiming in asking the government to repeal its policy that bans openly gay service members. she campaigned in maine yesterday hoping t sway the state' two moderate republican senators. >> doesn't it seem to you that we should send home the
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prejudid, the soldiers who hate the gay soldiers. >> the dream act is also attached. it would give citizenship rights to illegal immigrants brought to the u.s. before the age of 16 if they attd college or join the military. >> president obama has awarded to an airman in loos in 1968. >> he was a mile high literally above theclouds. they manned a tiny radar station guiding american pilots in the air campaign against north vietnam. >> the medal is the nation's highest mility award for valor. chief sergeant rich etchberger was an electronics expert with no formal training who single-handly held off an enemy force. he was shot and killed by enemy
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fighters. the los mission wa secret. >> mike nicco next with the forecast. >> let's turn to our weather camera, see what's gog on outside back san francisco. yousee the clouds breaking but the sea breeze is back and cool weather t next two days. talk about that big warming trend for the weekend. >> thanks. >>he largest toy store out with its ho toys for the year where parents should be loing for before they sell out. and... >> i apologizeagain. i apologize for that. >> a florida fathe now saying he's sorry for storming a school bus to defend his disabled daught against bullies.
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at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] bld a bundle that's right for you. at&t. in southern california we're just getting information about the arrest of eight current and former bell city officials as part of a corrtion investigation. among the people arrested, bell's excity manager, mayor and other city council membs. they face charges of misuse and
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voter fraud. residents became outraged after leaing officials were paying themselves hundreds of thosands of dollars in salaries. >> san francisco supervisors are expected to ban the city's ban on tobacco sales. the board will take a first vote today to make it illegal t sell cigarettes in any stores containin pharmacies. that means no more buying cigarettes at safe way or cost sco. some pharmacie say this could for them out of business. this is an expansion of a previous ban that affected only drugstores. finalassage is two weeks and mayor gavin newsom said he'll sign it. >> another nice day. meteorologist miknicco here. >> nice to see you. >> yeah! >> i'll be the ugly duckling. let's show you what's going on outside. looki at a beautiful sky. you nailed it, jenelle, whe you talked about the sunshine. coming out over safrancisco as we look from south beach to the west. can't see sutro tower as well as yesterday but rest assured, as
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the day unfolds we definitely will. south bay, san jose. still a few clouds here because of the northwest wind. most of the clouds have been pushing into your neighborhood but you wi also clear up over the next couple hours or so. we can see it on the satellite. the gray, that's where all the clouds are. the northwesterly wind clearing the north bay first and will reach all of us eventually this afternoon. the temrature though, because of the coer breeze, upper 50s to low 60s. a little warme concord, san jose and fairfie with mid to upper 60s. around the monterey bay, clouds breaking for sunshi around montereysanta cruz and watsonlle. upper 50s to low 60s. a fw clouds around salinas and gilroy low to mid-60s for you. partly cloudy this afternoon and cooler because of that breeze. mostly cloudy and cool again tonight. but just as fall comes into the calendar, in the forecast warmer than average friday, saturd, sunday and monday. and most of those days it stretches all wait to our
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beaches. today we drop 4 degrees in san francisco, redwood city, santa rosa. 7 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. concord and oakland the biggest drop, about 8 degrees. let's show you why that is happening. area of lowressure diving to the southeast towards the bay area increasing the sea breeze. that's keeping the cooler air over the ocean water not only today but the coolest of it tomorrow. today below average. let's say at in the south bay. low to mid-70s with 73 san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula, the breez will keep millbr and san mateo in the upper 60s, everybody else low to mid-70s. the coast we will see sunshine. temperatures hold 60 degrees. downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, mid-60s. look at your beaches in the north bay. sunshine but low 60s there and low to mid-70s inland. as far as the est bay shore, a lot of sunshine, mid to upper 60s, possibly 70 fremont, castro vall and hercules. low to mid-70s east bay valleys, antioch and brentwood. upper 60s watsonville and 63
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montey. tonight we could have upper 40s in the north bay valleys the rest of us low to mid-50s. you may have noticed th reddish-orange ribbon spot. this is an algy bloom comnly referred to as red tide. this came to us. it's common with the cool waters and the bloom with the warm waters tt break it up. the coast guard says it is not threat to the marine life. if you have pictures, we'd love to see them. upload themor e-mail it. i failed to mention it going to be about 12 to 20 degrees warmer this weekend. >> a heat wave, mike. >> yeah. >> thanks, mike. >> a florida father who stormed on to a school bus and threatene kids that bullied his disabled daughter apologized for his actions this morning. he was charged with disorderly
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conduct and distuing a school function. his daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and had been bullied by other students. he's sorry for his inappropriate use of language and the way he handled the situation. he says othe parents shouldn't react the way he did. >> i sincerely apologize again to everyone. all i can say, please go about it a different way. use your resources, talk to your school. >> jones also apologed to other chiren on the school bus who he said had nothing to do with the situation. >> toys us released this year's hot holiday toys list today following the three c's. cute, cheap and collectible. the topics include thingg ma jis which are colorful plu dolls that sing and talk. squeakies, a collectible small doll line. each em comes packed in a surprise bubble. and the big foot monster doll
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which sells for $109. not exactly cute or cheap. >> whoa! >> but we have the complete list of hot holiday toys list on our website,, under "see it on tv." >> going to be very popular. still ahead from the hottest toys to the hottest ticket in the bay area and it goes on sale today. today. >>
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give u any phony plans or snappy slogans thaton't go anywhere. we have to make so tough decisions. we have to live with our means. we have got to take the wer from the state capitol and mov it down tohe local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without ter approval. we have got to pull togeth not as republicans or as democrats buas californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm preped to do exactly that.
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what could be the hottest tickets in the bay area went on sale today. >> the giants put their playof tickets on saleoday on their website. the team in the first place a half game against the padres in the national league west. the giants open agnst the cubs in chicago tonight. only 12 games remain in the regular season, including a three-game series at home against the padres. the giants haven't won a world series since 1954. fans hope this will finally be the team's year. >> tough getting on the website to buy those tickets. >> they' gonna sell out fast. we don't even know if they've made it. >> from all of us at abc 7 thanks for joining us. >> "who wantto be a millionaire" coming next.
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