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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 22, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the proposed cuts are draconian. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the east bay's largest bus
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service is considering slashing weekend service by half, eliminating all but two of the overnight bus lines and shortening service hours on all other routes. let's go to amy holyfield live in oakland tonight. this just took a big step forward moments ago. >> reporter: they just voted unanimously to push the cuts on through. it couldn't have been an easy decision because this was a passionate meeting. transit riders spoke out with concern from how they will get to work at night to get to church service on the weekends. they plan to cut all service on the weekends except for the main lines. riders are just outraged. >> how dare you, how dare you cut the lifeline that i have that provides my home care provider her way to get to work every day. how dare you cut that lifeline
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for people who need to get to work. how dare you forget that those people who need to get to work every day also need benefits. how dare you. >> ac transit says it had to do this to save $11 million a year. the agency is facing a $56 million deficit and officials say they have no other options. the board of directors sounded like they did not want to vote for the cut the. they were asking questions and making comments and sounded like they were against the cuts and couldn't imagine doing them. officials said there is no other way and the cuts are inevitable and appears the board realized and voted unanimously for the cuts. another transit agency is looking for additional revenue.
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bart is considering selling the naming rights to stations and putting up wraparound ads on the outside of trains in order to raise extra cash. the issues will be debated at a board meeting tomorrow. egg producers on the hot seat on capitol hill answering questions about the nationwide salmonella outbreak over the summer. one of the victims is a woman from santa cruz county who became terribly ill. she testifie testified about h. david louie on why the story carried special weight. the house subcommittee tried to pinpoint what caused the outbreak of cell and caused to a massive recall of eggs and caused people to get sick. one of the first was sarah lewis, a mother of two. she got sick eating a custard tart at a graduation banquet for her sister in santa clara mohamed weekend. memorial day weekend.
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>> they thought they were going to have to do emergency bowel surgery because i was so in flamed and so sick i was put in icu. >> reporter: egg producers failed to answer why it happened. one did apologize. >> while we were big but still act in life we were small, we got into trouble with government requirements for several times and i'm sorry for the failings and i accept the responsibility for those mistakes in our operations. >> sarah lewis' parents are second generation butchers near watsonville. their operation is subject to local and state inspections so sanitation has always been a top priority. >> can you imagine this news station being here because someone got food borne illness from me. in i might as well shut the doors. >> stacey is her younger sister. she also had a confirmed case of salmonella poisoning. stacey is angry at the midwestern egg producers.
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>> it is infuriating based on the fact that i know what my parents go through and go through it happily because we do want to protect the product. >> sarah lewis has never fully recover. >> she still has the stomach cramps and occasional fever from it and she is still weak. she is still not herself. >> reporter: tighter control on food producers is being held up in the senate. it was up a for a debate today and would give the food and drug administration more enforcement power. however, a vote on the food safety bill is being held up -- being blocked rather by a republican from oklahoma who objects to the projected $1.5 billion cost. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. two men were seriously injured tonight when they fell 25 feet down a cliff on to some rocks on the santa cruz coastline. rescue crews carried one man along the shoreline and up a trail to the awaiting helicopter. authorities say he was in and
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out of consciousness and bleeding from the ears, not a good sign. a second helicopter was called in to take the other man who had a possible neck injury. they were hiking around a rock formation known as the pinnacles when this he fell. a chunk of el camino real in mill bray reopened after a gas leak shut down the road in both directions for more than an hour. repairs appeared to be fairly routine but the situation is a little sensitive in light of what happened, of course, in san bruno two weeks ago tomorrow. in san bruno, the coroner's offense confirmed the identity of three more victims of the explosion and fire. three generations from the bulus family, 58-year-old lavonne -- 85-year-old lavonne and her 50-year-old son and his 17-year-old son. that brings the number of people killed to seven. today was the last day for residents to try to recover anything that might be worth saving in the rubble and ash of the burned out homes.
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tomorrow at 8 a&m the cleanup process begins in ernest. more on that from leigh glaser. >> we are going to be having three crews on the site working simultaneously. >> reporter: two weeks after the raging inferno the cleanup begins tomorrow morning at 8 am. crews are beginning prepping the site and equipment will descend on the site for the next six weeks. first they have to remove close to two dozen charred vehicles just to get the equipment in. >> the first will be the the vehicles and then it will be three individual properties that will be attacked. one on earl, one on glenview and one on claremont. >> reporter: the county says there are 34 home sites slated to be cleared at first but could be more later. today, water trucks continued to water down ash. the site is still considered toxic. air monitors suck air into filters sent to a lab for
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testing. so far, 20% of the burn site has been evaluated and considered okay for now. once they begin moving the ash around tomorrow that could change. >> we know that the material contains levels of metal, potential asbestos, all sorts of other chemicals and we want to make sure that as the material is handled it is not going to blow off the property and become a public health property. >> reporter: residents who lost their homes met with health insurance agencies for health. >> i was talking to the guy from kazer about family plans and he gave me this brochure so i can explain to my family how this works. >> reporter: with tomorrow marking two weeks since the explosion some believe it is a sign to move forward and others say the tragedy is still too fresh. >> what we saw and all went through. i don't know when that starts -- that healing process starts to begin. like i said, we are still numb.
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>> reporter: residents here still very numb. to think it was just two weeks guy tomorrow. the cleanup phase will take four to six weeks as i mentioned. the cost per home site from $30,000 to $40,000 and, of course, residents here are looking to insurance and other agencies for help. in san bruno, leigh glaser, abc 7 news. traffic is rolling again on 880 in hayward following an accident that left a truck dangling this afternoon. a northbound driver lost control of his pickup truck. it landed on top of the center divider, backing up traffic in both directions for miles. the driver was hurt and has not been able to tell investigators exactly what happened. here is what happened at a hayward auto parts store last night. a woman lost control of her car and crashed right through the storefront on jackson street near mission boulevard in hayward. the driver had to be extracted from the vehicle by the fire department and certainly as you can see from the pictures,
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employees at the store had quite a bit of cleaning up to do this morning. there is an insurance battle going on in sacramento tonight and children are are right in the middle of it. the issue is whether insurance companies will be allowed to refuse to cover kids needing standalone policies. from sacramento tonight, abc 7's capital correspondent nannette miranda with both sides of the issue. >> reporter: the new federal healthcare reform plan forbids insurers for rejecting coverage for children with preexisting conditions. advocates are outraged that companies are trying to, sir, sum vent that law by taking child only policies off the market in states like, california, as early as this week. >> they are using children as hostages. a stunning admission that they are only interested in covering healthy people and not sick people. >> the move would only apply to new policies and would not affect existing child only policy holders and family plans
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provided through parent's work. the insurance industry fears parents will buy policies only when children become sick, causing a huge expensive group to insurance with not enough premiums to cover the cost. >> if we have a system where people can drop in and out only when they need it the most it won't work. >> child only policies are a small market geared towards families who make too much to qualify for the public program. >> just because we -- our kids get sick or come up with the diseases. >> pediatricians insist it is more expensive to let kids go without insurance and stay sick. >> when you are letting those kinds of conditions go untreated, under treated then you are having more emergency room visits and more optimizations, increasing
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healthcare costs. >> a bill on governor schwarzenegger's desk bans health insurance companies from selling individual policies to any one if they eliminate child only plans. he has until the end of the month to act on it. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. more to bring you on the news at 9:00. the corporate shuffle that has a lot of people in oakland upset. one of the city's biggest businesses move is hundreds of jobs to the suburbs. feuds and loathing in the west wing. the new book showing a white house divided over strategy in afghanistan. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. when the moon is full all things possible including a big weekend warm-up. all this in the accuweather forecast coming up. also tonight, you take a taxi and you hope the driver charges you a fair rate, right? well, tonight, the scam ripping off thousands of passengers in new york city. new york city.
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i want to see the words "made in america" ain. mixed emotions over a major bay area company's plan to move hundreds of jobs from oakland to pleasantton. worry in one area and celebration in another. laura anthony has the story about a big work force shift at clorox. >> it is a disappointment. >> reporter: that is how the oakland chamber of commerce
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president describes the plan by clorox to move hundreds of jobs from its downtown headquarters to pleasanton. >> 500 less people walking around the plaza. difficult to determine what the financial impact will be. taxes are not based on the number of employees so it would be more what is it going to mean to the local retailers. >> this is all about creating a new innovation center and we are moving the r & d facility located about a mile from here to the site as well as 500 other clorox employees from oakland who interact a lot with r & d and innovation. >> the 500 jobs represent about 40% of the company's oakland workforce. 200 contract workers will also make the move. >> i love it! >> reporter: why? >> it as great facility. closer to where i live. i love the environment out here. >> reporter: the new campus will occupy five buildings in a complex that used to house washington mutual's call center. clorox will add a sixth
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building. >> it is great to have the space off the market in pleasanton but fantastic to bring another company to stay here in pleasanton to expand the operations. >> reporter: pleasanton gain is oakland's loss, especially for city center restaurants. >> we are concerned about people leaving, the lunch crowd in the area. >> reporter: clorox says it will try to mitigate any job losses in oakland by leasing out the bottom 12 stories of the building here. >> for all we know it could end up with a net increase. >> reporter: the clorox employee shift is scheduled for completion in late 2011. laura anthony, abc 7 news. want to take you back outside for just a moment. take another look at this great shot of the moon this evening. for the first time in nearly 20 years there is a full moon exactly as autumn begins. >> , a true harvest moon. >> that's right. >> fall is less than an hour old. what happened --
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>> 8 or 9:00 p.m. we are into fall. the official full moon occurs at 217 a.m. but looks full to me right now. i don't think it will look any fuller at 2:17. not from this distance any how. over emeryville, lookin treasure island. quite a celebration going on apparently an oracle company party there. larry ellison knows how to celebrate when you can throw a big bash like that on treasure island that is impressive and there is san francisco in the background. under clear skies. a lovely evening. around the bay area looking at temperature readings generally in the 50s but we have low 60s in oakland, concord and antioch and san jose. those are the mild spots right now. these are the highlights. a cool and moon lit night, we know that already. warming trend begins tomorrow and continues vigorousry through the weekend into early next week. warmer friday through monday. this afternoon, as the satellite image shows, we had clear skies, all around the bay
9:19 pm
area. top to bottom across the state of california. but there is a little system moving generally in our direction. we will start the forecast animation at 11:00 and as the frontal system approaches it will weaken and start to fall apart but push some high clouds through the area tomorrow. even though a mainly sunny day and the sun filtered from time to time by high clouds and that will impede the warming process a little bit tomorrow. once the clouds disappear, on friday you will see some serious warming, high pressure builds in to the north and we will have some very warm early fall weather with inland highs moving into the 90s right on through the weekend and into early next week as temperatures jump on friday. overnight tonight, temperatures will fall a bit. going to be chilly in some spots, especially in the north bay valleys where lows drop to 44 santa rosa, 44 at napa. lows in the upper 40s at fairfield and vallejo and santa cruz and half moon bay. lows in the low 50s overfight tonight most other locations with just a light wind.
9:20 pm
breezy in some spots but it will start to wind down overnight. tomorrow, sunny in the south bay. high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. 80 san jose. 81 kimball. on the peninsula. 77 redwood city. 78 palo alto. mid 70s on the coast. in and around san francisco, 71 degrees downtown. of 6 in the sunset -- 66 in the sunset district with breezy conditions as well. 78 san rafael. in the near east bay highs basically in the mid to upper 70s. 78 castro veil. over the hills and into the inland valleys. low to mid 80s. near monterey bay. 67 monterey. 75 santa cruz. 83 inland at morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast. going to warm up starting on friday. by the weekend inland highs in the mid 90s. around the bay mid to upper 80s and on the coast low to mid 70s. we haven't seen 70s on the
9:21 pm
coast in a long time. going to be a string of several days of 70s on the coast. we have great weather coming our way. >> we do indeed, and the full moon makes it feel weird. >> it does. i'm growing hair on the back of my hand. the dieters who brin drinkk appear to have an advantage in the battle of the bulge. those with the highest dairy calcium intake 12-pounds. the biggest losers drank 2 glasses of milk a day. the study is published in the american journal of clinical nutrition. a cop under criminal investigation for the way he treated his daughter's boyfriend. the latest on that from the south bay. and teeth shaped like spoons and that is not even the weird part. coming up, the
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two northern california men indicted in a cross country cocaine conspiracy. prosecutors unsealed an indictment charging 22 people, most in california. they say that timothy white was the ring leader of a group that smuggled cocaine from here to pittsburgh, pennsylvania, on airline flights over the course of a deck kate. decade. it says 40-pounds of coke was discovered in a piece of lost luggage belonging to a man in stockton. police say there is a man out there pretending to be one of them. they say the imposter wearing a tactical uniform jumped out of a black suv on east 14th street and told a pedestrian to freeze and handcuffed her and
9:26 pm
took $200 while looking through her wallet for her i.d. the police department and an independent auditor are investigating a san jose motorcycle cop. he pretended to arrest his daughter's 15-year-old boyfriend after the two were caught having sex. he handcuffed the boy at his home and had his hand on gun most of the time. >> he made comments like you don't mess with a cop's daughter. that is a show of authority. that is inappropriate. >> the attorney for the police officer says at the time no one had a problem with this fake arrest. "the officer was essentially invited to use scare straight tactics the statement reads and there were no objections to the lecture." after a fake arrest they were both cited for a miss misdemeanor for consentual sex between two minors.
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at&t. rethink possible. good evening. here is a look at some of the headlines we are following for you tonight. the ac transit board of directors a short time ago unanimously approved cutting night and weekend bus service to reduce a projected $56 million deficit. starting in december, overnight
9:31 pm
service will be reduced to just two lines and more than half of the weekend service will be eliminated all together. a santa cruz county woman was on capitol hill today testifying about spending a week in the hospital after this summer's salmonella outbreak. tainted eggs made 1600 people sick around the country. one egg farm owner at the hearing took the fifth. another apologized for the outbreak. and tomorrow at 8 a.m. the cleanup process begins in san bruno. home sites will be cleared. air monitors are on site to test for tox ins that might be in the air as they begin that work. headlines tonight. a new book is causing a big stir in washington tonight. obama wars rather by bobwoodward describes tensions between the white house and the pentagon and all the president's men as president obama struggled to look for a way out of afghanistan. the story now from abc 7's jake tapper. >> reporter: bob woodward's new
9:32 pm
book depicts a white house consumed by terrorist threats and forced to imagine the worst happening. the president told woodward, we can absorb a terrorist attack, we can do everything to prevent is but even a 9/11 and the biggest attack ever we absorbed it and we are stronger. days after his inauguration, the president is forced to confront stark realities about the terrorist threat and the war in afghanistan. in the book bruce reidel tells the president that the long held belief that osama bin laden was just a figurehead is not true. >> he is not hiding in a cave some where. he is directing global terrorist operations. >> reporter: woodward also report there is a secret cia army made up of 3,000 afghan paramilitary soldiers to go after militants in both afghanistan and pakistan and describes infighting amongst the obama team. general david petraeus called
9:33 pm
david axelrod a complete spin doctor. insults that come out as the president and his aides formulate a new policy for afghanistan and pakistan. >> the new review has been comprehensive and extremely useful. >> the president butted heads with military leaders whose only proposals were for more troops and much longer deployments. this needs to be a plan about how we are going to hand it off and get out of afghanistan mr. obama says. ultimately the president dictates a six-page term sheet on his final strategy instructing the military to send in 30,000 more troops, 10,000 fewer than theentagon wanted and setting july 2011 as a date for when troops would begin to withdraw. i can't let this be a war has theend the book sass the president explaining to senator lindsay graham and i can't loss the whole democratic party. >> the white house is not disputing any facts in the book, rather insists people
9:34 pm
should read the whole book saying the president comes across in the review and throughout the decision-making process as a commander in chief who is analytical, strategic and decisive. president obama announced a new strategy in america's approach to helping developing nations today. mr. obama told the u.n. global conference on poverty that the u.s. will no longer simply throw money at poorer countries. instead the administration will use diplomacy and trade investment and other policies to help the nations prosper. the president also urged developing countries to take responsibility for their own future. >> only you and your people can make the tough choices that will unleash the dynamickism of your company and. only you can deliver your nations to a more prosperous and just future. >> president obama says that helping poor countries prosper is good for the united states and stresses that what america will continue to do is lead the
9:35 pm
world as provider of emergency assistance. oracle c.e.o. larry ellison took the stage at his company's open world conference this afternoon. during the keynote address he unveiled more new technology this week than during any other time in oracle's history. it includes the new fuzion business applications. >> we are going to keep going and keep investing and keep innovating and we are going to deliver we think we are going to try to deliver more value than any other technology company. >> by the way, oracle stock gained 1.4 abouters in value today and according to the wealth meter at abc 7 our website, get this, that made ellison almost $500 million richer today than he was yesterday. what a difference a day makes. we are expecting fireworks by the way on treasure island to cap off the big party. that is expected to start any minute. when in manhattan, take a
9:36 pm
cab. everyone knows that new yorkers depend on taxis relying on the driver to charge a fair rate. well, today, police arrested 59 cabbies for ripping off tourists and residents. police say they stole more than a quarter of a million dollars. here is stacey seger. >> reporter: some were so ashamed they hid their faces but investigates pushed on to identify them, cuff them, even frisk them today. >> anything to say about ripping off customers. >> 45 are now charged with felony fraud in a scheme so widespread manhattan's d.a. says it is sending ripples of mistrust throughout the city. >> consumers were being ripped off at a record pace sometimes by individual drivers, dozens of times a day by unscrupulous drivers whose scam went unnotice for many years. >> it involved a tup of the meeting setting it to something called rate code four which
9:37 pm
doubles the fare and is only meant for rides that enter the suburbs. investigators now saying that the 59 drivers arrested today stole more than $235,000 from unwitting passengers. >> you never know what the taxi fare is supposed to be and they try to tell you what it is and you can't really argue with them, they want their money. >> reporter: a lawyer representing some of the cabbies insist his clients did nothing wrong. >> there is zone one, two, three, and four. they are small buttons. picks up a fare and presses the wrong button. it is a mistake. >> not to this level. this driver is accused of overcharging passengers more than 5,000 times, stealing more than $11,000 from them. new yorkers who call the cabs their life blood fed up. >> i think it's terrible. they should go to jail. >> and that much more determined not to get scammed in the future.
9:38 pm
>> i watch carefully. i'm a new yorker, yes. >> he is watching closely. this whole thing was uncovered by new york's taxi and limousine service which tracked them through a gps system. they say that passengers are protected and a warning system will sign an alert if the driver hits the wrong zone button. tonight from stanford, a promising new way to treat a deadly heart condition without having open heart surgery. also, you know, we get malaria from mosquito, but how did they get it? turns out we have been blaming the wrong species. the news [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending sobody? yeah. you got time f that? you got time to earn me on your savings, online at
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some new technology for older patients suffering from a
9:42 pm
deadly heart condition is proving to dramatically improve survival. it was designed for the sickest of the sick and a team of stanford heart specialists is part of the research. more now from abc 7's health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> reporter: at 86, john still walks a mile and a half every day with his wife. last january he could scarcely make it across the room. >> like to get up and leave that chair was and go into the family room was a chore. i would be huffing and puffing. >> he was suffering from severe aortic stenosis. a dangerous narrowing in the heart. >> the only effective treatment lieu history is surgical aor tick valve replacement. >> open heart surgery. >> the professor of cardiothoracic surgery at stanford and one of the investigators for experimental
9:43 pm
procedure for older high risk patients like john. instead of open heart surgery the new valve is delivered to the heart with this catheter, a far less invasive treatment for high risk patients. dr. bill furon is part of the team and associate director of interventional cardiology at stanford. >> basically using a catheter with a balloon to inflate the valve inside the old one without having to make any in sixes in the chest. >> reporter: here it is. a cow tissue valve crumped into a stint. >> right now for the first time we have something to offer those who heretofore are inoperable. there is a marked difference between two groups eligible for surgery. the procedure is shown here video provided by edwards life sciences. typically an hour long and performed bay team of specialists. at one year half the patients
9:44 pm
in the standard care group died compared to 30% among those who had the transcatheter procedure. >> we have absolute difference in death rate at one year of 20%. the best way to understand that is it took only five patients needed to be treated to save one life. >> one doctor miller acknowledges there is an increased risk of stroke among the transcatheter patients also. >> 17% have serious vascular complications in the trial that is reported again due to the age and the disease in their arteries. so there is a price to be paid. >> reporter: but there is also a price to be paid not to do anything? >> and that price is paid in death. >> reporter: john grigsby is thankful for the less invasive approach. he was happy to do his part for sigh glens if you don't do experiments you will never know if something works. >> reporter: it has worked for
9:45 pm
him. they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this summer. in los altos, carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. for a long time scientists believed that people caught malaria from chimps but new research appears to report otherwise. dna tests show the mosquito that first infected homosaps picked it up from the western gorilla. the study is reported in science and a new species of catfish discovered in peru with special teeth so that it can eat wood. scientists from the national science foundation discovered the catfish during an expedition to a remote area of the amazonian jungle. this is the first time it has been caught alive and studied. locals have long caught the fish by shooting them. the fish have evolved into having spoon like teeth and
9:46 pm
sucking lips that help it scrape tree logs that fall into the river. well, her party could be the social event of the season. coming up, the teenager who invited a few friends for her birthday and 21,000 people?o?oó
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[ female announcer ] jry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power
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to aoint school board members. he gets itand promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 5. the schools become so bad the ste has to take them over. it was "largely a bt," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't affordow. summer is officially over. the full moon is out. let's go back to spencer christian and talk about the forecast. >> a beautiful full moon, too. a look at ma what is happening in the sky tonight. this is not necessarily the sky. the first night of fall. the autumnal equinox occurred at 8:09 p.m. and the full moon officially fool at 2:17 a.m. we have warming coming our way after this full moon. temperatures will bounce up to about 90 in the warmest inland spots tomorrow and over the
9:50 pm
weekend and into next week mid 90s inland and mid 80s to upper 80s around the bay and low to mid 70s on the coast. we haven't seen coastal warmth like that sustained over a period of days for a long time. go to the beach and enjoy. >> i know you are glad you don't have teenagers any more, they are grown. >> yes. >> we are right in the middle of that. talk about oops. a teenager in england was flooded with more than 21,000 responses after she inadvertently posed a birthday invitation to more than just facebook friends injuries meant to invite just 15 people but not by check the privacy settings the event was made public. the mother has canceled the party. even if just 1% of the people showed up it would be a nightmare for the small london suburb where she lives. police plan to beef up controls in case a crowd of stranges overwhelms the area. yes, the girl's mother has taken away her computer for the time being tonight. larry beil is here tonight. >> that is why i have no
9:51 pm
facebook friends or perhaps any. >> yeah, the computers develop. >> all the problems you eliminated. >> self-contain. >> and that is enough to worry about. >> hard to win if you don't score. actually, it is impossible really, think about it. the giants put themselves in this precarious position in chicago tonight. >> sports is
9:52 pm
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>> exactly. the giants walking the tight rope trying to protect first place while the offense has flatout disappeared. the giants shut out in chicago. the offense a lot like these guys. oops. just missed. pick it up in the third inning. fukudome turns on the jonathan sanchez fastball. gone. his 13th of the year. 1-0 cubs. sanchez facing the pitcher randy wells. bets away from buster posey and then throws and hits koy hill who trots home for a 2-0 chicago lead. more than enough given the giant offensive problems non ex-ent. a nasty slider. in the ninth, swings and misses. giants shut out for the fourth time in their last ten games. fall half a game behind the padres. cris carter in his first 11
9:56 pm
games he was 0-232 at the plate. he has come alive. last three games 4-8 and this is his first major league homerun today. slosolo blast. a 3-1 a's lead in the 8th. in the middle of the rundown. the pickle with juan pierre. steals home because the ball dropped. safe on a bang -bank play. zeigler who had not given up a run in his previous 12 appearances allowed two today. a two-out single scores gordon beckham and the white sox pull it out 4-3. just two games into the season and the raiders have a new starting quarterback. not because of injury. bruce gradkowski has been named the new starter for the silver and block. he takes over for jason campbell. the raiders traded for campbell in the off-season and put him on the bench. he has been ineffective in leading offense. whether that is his fault or the o-line, you be the judge.
9:57 pm
the offensive coordinator suggested a change sand that paid off and led the raiders for a touchdown pass. at least for now the number one job belongs to gradkowski. >> the first is the energy and level of intensity in the huddle when came into the game obviously scoring points. >> i think it is unfortunate because everyone wants to put it on jason. the quarterback gets a done of blame and a ton of credit but it is 11 men playing on offense that have to execute at a high level in order to have a chance to play. it was fortunate bruce went in and rallied us and we went on to win the game and that is the most important thing. >> the 49ers are 0-2, heading to a loud arrowhead stadium. the chiefs are somehow 2-0. sur policing there. if the niners don't win sunday they will be digging an awfully
9:58 pm
deep grave to crawl out of. he did get the niners emotionally charged for their monday night game with the saints. the game in kansas city you can't call week through of the season must-win but it's close. >> i think if you are a football team and you start talking must win then you know it puts you in a place that you don't need to be. i. >> i think for us we must take care of the football. i think that is the focus. >> who is the smartest athlete in sports? alex smith came in number 11. number one, pitches for the oakland a's. relief pitcher craig breslow. went to yale. a 3.5 grade point average majoring in molecular biophysics and biosemtry.
9:59 pm
speaks english and spanish and a 2.93 earned run average. he can actually pitch, too. the other notables grant hill at 10:00. smith at 11. peyton manning at 14. doug murry 16. who knew. here is smith on what it is like to be smart. >> i guess i consider myself decently, you know, okay, whatever. i do okay for myself. no idea, though. that is a compliment. >> smart. >> don't most student athletes pager in molecular. >> thanks, guys. that is it edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. thanks for watching. for larry beil and spencer christian i'm dan ashley.


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