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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 31, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> halloween night." it's a night for families, but for some it's an opportity to commit crimes. good evening everyone. state parole officers will be out to make sure sex offenders aren't takinadvantage of young out to make sure sex offenders . >> paul role agents are gearing up for a busy night. late this afternoon about two dozen agents gathered and received instructions for this halloween. they plan to go to the holmes of convicted sex offenders. they want to make sure sex offenders are in compliance with their parol which means convicted sex offenders cannot leave their holmes. their exterior lights must be
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turned off. there must be no halloween decorations t front and they can't answer the door to give out candy. convicted seoffenders who don't have a home were instructed to check into the parole offe an hour ago. they will ve a class and won't be able to leave until 11:00 p.m.. >> i think we would be doing an injustice if we didn'to something tonight as a parole division. we will be able to track them all night: but i think we would do a great disservice to the community if we didn't do this on halloween. >> about0 sex offenders showed up at the parole office. again be, these child molesters don't have hmes of their own and are considered transient. there are about 30 child molesters who do have home and many, if not all, will be monitored tonight. live in oaand, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank lillian. nineeople were shot at an oakland downtown halloween party
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this morning causing hundreds of people to run for covering. the shooting appeared after midnight inside e ballroom on broadway. police say most of the victims wereit in the arms and legs. none of th injuries were life-threatening andany were expected to be released today after treatment. no one has been arrested yet, t it's believed to be the largesnumber of shooting victims in oakland at one time in recent memory. >> we are still trying to investigate how this started, who is all involved. >> investigators say most of the victims were hit by stray bullets, and they believe a man wounded in the back was the rget. >> bart closed three stations after police found a suspicious device in a car near a station. it all started at 8:30 this morning when police pulled the driver or for a traffic violation about 20 yards fr the bart track. in the trunk of his car they
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found a shoe bocovered in duct tape with wires and an old cellphone attached to it. the area was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. as a precaution the cal see i am and bay fair stations were all closed. investigats later determined the device was harmless, and the bart stations reopened just after 10:00 a.m. >> police need your help in capturing three women who detectives believe are responsible for a strinof at leastour robberies. investigators released this surveillce video of one of those incidents. the suspects appeato hit, she and throw the victim to the ground. the robbers appear to be women between 17 and9 years of age, but a man has been seen driving the car. the first robbery took place on october 22ndand the most cent happened on friday. this pictur shows the car the suspects have been using. detectives believe it's a light ay or silver volvo made
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between 1985 and 1990. >> and police need your help look for a man who held up a capital bank saturday and then offered bystanders $1,000 for a ride to santa cruz. police say the man entered the bank and demanded0 in 100-dollar bills in the teller and then jumped over the counter and took more money. police say the man was unarmed and may have been a transient. >> nown to the elections. just two days out. most candidates are spending the final hours shoring up support across the state. abc7 joins us from the creek. she just spoke to a group of people there. >> one of her final opportunities to reach out to her base. she was here speaking to republic chance waln creek. literally she was all over the stat today. she started the mning in palm desert and made her way up to fresno and ended her day in walnut creek speaking to the
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rossmo retirement community. >> it's one of the hottest race necessary the state. carley fiorina de her pitch to lee tire res. >> we have to put 2.3 million calirnians back to work. we have to get out of control government spending under control. and we have to hold our public officials accountle. >> polls show her traing behind boxer. boxer reached out to latino voters in southern califnia. both sides aee the race now boils town to who can turn out the most supports come tuesday especially since many already made up their minds, casting ballots in early voting. >> my concern is getting every working person out to vote. if we can do that, we will do fine in this election. >> we are inquiring about whether the pele are going to vote this tuesday. >> democrats took to thehones hoping that even in this
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traditionally low turnout midterm election they can quincy them to show as much enthusiasm this time around as when barack obama beca president. >> we have a lot of tight races in califoia. we are targeting the first time voters toome out. >> in alama county the labor unio headed out to knock on doors and meet voters face-to-face. pete stark facing a re-election challenge himself rallied volunteers with an anti-republican pep talk. >> the program tt they are out is to embarrs the president, to calls the democratic program to fail. wean't let that happen. >> now for carley fiorina, the pressure is on with just two days left in this election season. she's trailing barbara boxer in the polls, the most recent one shows her trailing with 41% to boxer's 49%. reporting in walnut creek, abc7
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news. >> thank you. and california voters will start going to the polls in a little more than 48 hours to dece who will be the next governor. pos show democrat jerry brown with a ten-point lead over republican meg whitman. believes his 8 years of governor and experience as attorney general give him the edge. supporters rallied for him today. >> i'm ready. one thing i know, i know where all the bodies are buried over there under the capit. i know wherall the skeletons are, as a matter of fact. in fact, i created some of them. >> whitman campaned in burbank today after visiting phone bank voluntrs yesterday. former ebay ceo hope voters value their success in the private sector where unions put their political scle behind brown. >> i'm a provenob creator. jerry brown has been part of the
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war on jobs in sacramento and it's going to end on tuesday! >> whitman's cam hopes the sam energy sweeps her to victory in her first-ever run fo a litical office. during games one and two of the world series this video went ral on the internet. a dallas texas tv reporter was astoshed by the amount of pot being smoked in mccovey ce and the natural nature of it all. but a new poll found proposition 19 that will legally marian in california may be headed for defeat. 49% oppose it while just 42% support it. also struggli is prop 23 that woul suspect california's gene house gas emissions law. 48% oppose it and just 33% are in favor. and pr 25, which would reduce the vote requiment for passing a state budget from two-thirds to a simple majority is leading, 48% to 31%. >> well, more than 200,000
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people swamped washinon d.c. saturday for the rally to restore sanity. the event was put on by comedy centra host jon stewart and stephen colbert. as organizer promised, the rally avoided any partisan messe. they estimated the turnout at more than 250,000 people. but an aerial estimate put the crowd at 215,000. back in aust a conservative rally featuring glen peck and sarah palin attracted between 78,000 and 96,000 people. up next, the president makes his final plea to voters. >> in two days you have the chance tset the direction of this country and this ste. >> what democrats and republicans are telling voters as we head into the last days of th campaign. plus, what officials are now saying about the threat posed by bombs placed on two cargo jets headedor the ited states. >> hi, everyone, i'm meteorologist.
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just a perfect evening for the trick-or-treaters arnd the bay area. a wonderful setting sun for you right now. t ready for a much waer temperatures awe head into the work week. we will take a [ female announcer ] why settle for pla bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪
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>> president oma was on the campaign trail today,is last day after four-ate swing this weekd. the president is trying to fight off a run can surgeon election day this tuesday. karen traverse has more. >> president obama went to cleveland, ohio today to make one final plea to voters. >> in two days you have the chance to set the direction in this country and this state for many years to come. >> the rally was the last stop on the president's weekend caaign swing wishes had him stumping for several democrats who were trailing in the polls. mr. obama was emphatic. if democratic voters show up on tuesday, democratic candidates
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can win. >> yu can defy the conventional wisdom. >> the final abc news wasngton post poll before election day brought morerim news for democrats. they a no longer seen as the rty of change. in 2008 voters looking for new ideas in a new direction overwhelming went for obama. this year voters looking for change are siding with republicans by a 21 point margin. americans stilprefer republicans by 4 points over democratin house races. sarah palin was off the campaign trail day but in an appearance on fox news she said voters will send a message on elecon day. >> they will say you blew it, prident obama. gave you two years to fulfill your promise to make sure our econy starts roaring back to life again, and instead i believe things are getting worse. >> president obama has no more campaign event but it has vice president biden and the first lady onhe trail monday to
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wrap-up the closing arguments. abc news, washington. >> u.s. and british officials believe bombs sen from yep tone chicago may have been designed to blow up while flying aboard planes flying to the u.s. the packages were discovered on ups and fedex jets that left yemen. they were sent to chicago. and any packages from yemen e blocked from coming to the u.s. >> we can't presume there are none others out there. what we are tryinto do right now is work choly with our paners overseas to identify all packages that left yemen cently. >> security officials believe a white powder found in the cargo hold was a powerful explosive. the sh and underwear bomber used the same material. many officials today released a woman they originally believe sent that shipment >> a. c. transit sent a new round of cuts that are bound to leave people waiting longer for
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a bus. and the film set to be released this week that's causing people to pass out in theaters. and what trick-or-treaters should expect for halloween and beyond. meteorologist lee glasser coming up with your forecast. and we will check in on the worl series with mike shumann in arlington. we will join them live. and the 49ers, lou [ female announcer ] this is a straerry pop tart. but this iwarm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel
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leas14 people passing out at screenings of a new film called "127 hours." the movie is about a real life hiker o amputated his forearm after a falling boulder pinned his hand in a remote canyon. two people passed out at a screening and three at the toronto lm festival and one at the mill valley film feival. the movie is scheduled for release friday. while film makers hope it has a
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positive effe on audiences, they would prer people not pass out. >> a. t. transit rirs had a longer wait today ashe transi system had a second round of cuts they slashed about 7% of their service. it reduces bus frequency on 28 routes and removes two destinations. let's move on to lee glaser and the halloween forecast. >> such a terrific night. temperatures have real warmed up today. we will be close to the 80-degree mark. >> looat that orange y. >> isn't it nice? the next few days, yeah, beautiful evening tight. and as we look at our high definition bay bridge cam looking east toward the east ba here's a look at current readings for you. 65. and mild liver more with 65. 61 san francisco. a bit cooler, half moon bay 59. and in the nort bay napa right now with a few high clouds overhead 63 degrees. so the sunset this evening was
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at 6:12. clr and cool tonight. sunny and cooler tomorrow and dry, mild weather conditions will be with us right in through the middle part of our work week. you can see some of the high clouds that continue to drift across the bay area. but really tonight get ready for clear skies, light wind and it's definitely going to mean for chilly overnight temperatures. 48% elrosa, san francisco 53. and 51 for half moon bay and inland locks getting down to 47 degrees. high pressure will continue to build and as it doe so it will pu the storm track well to t north of us. we will look for more sunshine tomorrow. warmer conditio. and then as we head into tuesday and wednesday this high will really start to bud in. it will bring us that offshore wind flow and that will mean temperatur even warmer near the coast. highs in the upper 70s to right near 80 degrees in many locations. we will see how we start off the day tomorrow.
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main hi clear, 60s at the coast and 70s elsewhere. get ready for mild temperatures as we head into monday. tuesday, election day, looks rrific, as well. 74 tomorrow. and 74 for san je. we will look for mid-and maybe even upper 60s. half moon bay 64 degrees. peninsula mild with 72 redwood city, and mounin view 72. san francisco you will warm to 69 drees. daly city in the mid-60s as well. 71% elrosa. and for napa. east bay, oakland, 70 degrees. haood 70. and the interior east bay valley here. an73. 74 liv more, and even 70 at the coast with santa cruz there. and 72 watsonvil and 76 for gilroy. the 7 day forect we bring the high pressure in and it will stay with us for at least the next several days.
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warming us up definitely on wednesday and thursdays with lo 80s expected inland. >> 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. then we will star to trend down, start to trend down into the 60s as we head into nt weekend with some clouds. >> make sure your trick-or-treat ers have glow stic and reflectors and be safe tonight. it could get scary forthe giantsf they can't win this one tonight. >> texas would hav momentum. however, the giants just seized some of their own. giants and rangers playing game four of the world series. a few seconds ago aubrey huff a two-run homer. the giants benched pat burrell and sandoval, and sent schierholtz into t lineup. we are joined live from arlington. matt, you get all kinds of fun at the ballpark on halloween >> no question. game four unrway with the giants leading o games to one. it is halloween,san francisco being the capital of that
7:22 pm
holiday. and i got to, they which is dangers with me, how to rangers fans and the world series get together on halloween night? well, let' go trick-or-treating. >> it's one giant fan looks me, i wi turn you into zone with your whole team. >> now i feel like i'm in san francisco. fear the beard, and on this hallowee what are you bringing to this costume? >> i just got to do at i got to do. >> texas fans don't seem to embrace halloween like san francisco fans. what is it? >> well, we really have to change our whole way of living, where you n't have to in san francisco. >> i know i would run into monkey boy. are you trying to bring voodoo to the giants on halloween? >> oh, yeah. yeah! >> your lang is kind of limited. >> oh, yeah. >> we will have complete reaction from tonight's game coming up at 11:00.
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reporting live at arlington, mike shumann marks abc7 sports. >> hasek, shu, have you and the monkey guy become good friends, bff's,, at this point. >> yeah wks he had a relationship immediately. >> you shar the florida state vocabulary so i can see where you uld bond. >> thank you. >> catch up lat, man. let's tu to the nfl. the raers have turned into a juggernaut. they crushed seattle. and back at .0 for the first time since 2002. halloween and raider nation, otherwise known as any given sunday. raider defense impressive. branch sacks matt hassleback. 3-0, raiders. 4th and 1. talk about offensive creativity. jason campbell threading the needle to reese. the burley one goes 30ards. oakland up 10-0. darryl mcfadden, huge day. he has come into his own in the third year in the league.
7:24 pm
111 yards on the day. and thenason campbell's pass. right to michael busch. anbusch takes off 55 yards. it's the immaculate reception reincarnated. that leads to a fid goal. 16-0. in the fourt campbell play action, d. h. b, and in between defenders. 69 yds. longest reception. hayward bay's career. just a second touchdow in the fourth, michael busch, the, clammaon point from four yards up. thraiders roll big time. 33-3. they are now 4-4 this season. >> you just always got to understand is a 15-game season. you always got to stay focused, you have to take one game at time. arning how to just >> it feels gd to go out there and get a big victory. it's been a long time since we won two gamesn a row so we are very happy right now. we enjoy this tonight and have to come back tomrow and
7:25 pm
prepare fo kansas city. >> the 49ers travel more than 4,000 miles to find a new quarterback. took destroy smith a while to get going but they defeated the broncos in london today. the 1-6 niners, 2-5. and flea-flicker, and it should be a touchdown here. 14-3. hold on, hold on. no shawn moreno. he was caught for a chop block. heas trying get out of the way. e niners caught a break. antroy smith, he can scramble around, he can make plays. this is dangerous, throwing it up for grabs. the gain of 38 and mike singletary said it was like watching brett favre at times. brett does crazy sff as well and usually it pays off. 10-10. latein the fourth, smith to michael crabtree. man coverage. defend does not know the ball is coming. 28-yard touchdown. smith 12 of 19, 198, a touchdown,o picks. and ter a fumble, greg gore
7:26 pm
puncheit in to make the points and mike singletary, a long trip for him but it pays off. and wh we came on with the sportscast, brey huff with a two-run homer and the giants lead 2-0 in the third inning over tas. >> seems like bruce bochy, the chess 34569er, changg the line and it pays off for him. >> he has made pretty much all the right moves he had four or five moves in this game. aubrey huff wasn't in the lineup previously and today he moved in as the desigted hitter. we will see if the giants can he on down the stretch. >> okay. thanks, [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear after another. and another. just a dishonestolitician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control sta pensions. more favors for the big teachers ion, blocking education reform.
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um i gotta go. [ female announc ] over 30 delicious flavors at aund 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. inlge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black fore cake. >> se kids in washington d.c. trk-or-treated at the best house in the neigorhood, the white house. present obamand first lady chelle obama spent about a
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half-hour passg out goody bags to local children and milita famili. the obamas then hosted a special party inside the white house for the military families and their kids. a great halloween going on over there. that's it for abc7 news. i'm larry, along with mr. beil. thanks for wating. we will see you tonight at 11:00. [ fema announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet monts bite-sized brownies laye of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate readto eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a deliciouaddition to the family.


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