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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 14, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> alan: less than 90 minutes ago map stabbed a cable car operator in chinatown. we're near the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we're he on pacific and mason, and this bus is blocking our view, but if you can take a look up the street, th cable car is stopped between pacific and jackson. it will be closed for some time. this is earlier. police tell us that 4:20 this
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afternoon, a cable car conductor on the mason street line was stabbed. now, the incident occurred in the car while it wag traveling between pacific and jackson here in chinatown. let's go to when police actuly start conducting what we believe is an arrest. >> help us! video cameras. >> reporter: we don't know exactly whether or not the two women the police took into custody there are actually suspected in the incident, but we do know that police actually folled a blood trail leading away fm the cable car up pacific, and they arrested a male suspect. now, they arrested the male spect minutes after the incident. we weren't told exactly who the suspect was but police have the he individual in custody. we're told the condion ductor was taken -- conductor was taken
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to general hospital. the individual the conduct was abbed in the torso and woe don't have any information on this condition at this poin and we don't know exactly why the two women, who were taken into custody by the police, were actually taken in. we'll try to find thought out -- that out later. we'll have an update at :00 and find out exactly what is going on here. mason street is closed. try to avoi this area. th investigation may take some time abc-7 news. >> alan: it appears political pressure has postponed the deportation of a san fraisco city college nursing student who was set to be deport tomorrow. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that steve lee's attoey says federal immigration authorities will not sendim back to peru. senator dian feinstein and house speaker nancy losi have been asking officials to delay
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their plan. he is being held at a federal facility in arizona. he cam to the u.s. at age 12 and didn't know about his illegal immigration stus until recently. the decision could stl be reverted. a 35-yr-old woman was found on an oakld street, injured, unconscious, and tonight she is still unknown. sheas found a block from lake merritt at grand rapids avenue an -- grand avenue and peins street. >> reporr: due to the seriousness of the injury, the homicide divisn was called in to inveigate. the man was found here on perkins street in front of this corner grocery story around 10:00 m. when police found the man he was unconscious and suffering from what appeared to be blunt-force trauma to e head. police said he had no identificaon on him but believe he is years old. he was taken to the hospital an
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is in critical condition. neighbors are surprised to hear about the 'incident. thisnstant dent,ed adams point, is considered to be safe. police wan to know if the man fell on the pavement or someone struck him in the health ofcers asked merchants if they had any video cameras mounted on the outside of their businesses. >> came in, asked about, is there any video showing the street. we only show them inside. >> apart from sand -- vandalism an cars broken into, it's a safe place. so it's shocking. it's disturbing. really upsetting to me. i hope he is okay. >> repter: the man is in critical condition at the hospital. lice are hoping for tips from the public so they can determi what happened. if you have any infortion, the oakland police want you to call
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them. >> alan: fairfield polic need your help tonight to catch a man wanted in double-homicide. detectives believe 50-year-old ricardo martinez might be headed to mexico. witnesses say rtinez waited for his ex-girlfriend and her new yfriend to return home saturday morning, and then open fire on them. yestday, a s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home where police thought martinez might be hiding, but they found no signs him. policehink he is driving a white 1999 dodge van with california license platele h03092. he may also be driving a white 1994 ford piup with oreg license plate 100b. if you see martiz or every vehicle, police are urging you to call 9-1-1. in san jose, investigators now say they do not believe foul play was involved in the death a woman fod floatinin the guadalupe creek. authorities recovered the
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woman's body last night in the war. police believe the up identified woman was -- unidentified woma was a transient in her 40s. the dungeness crab season, commercial dungeness crab season opens at midnight, but it's on hold for the moment. combinion of high winds and questions about quality are keeping a lot of boats tied up at the dock tonight. mas roman has more on the delay. >> reporter: the sound of crab being cracked and serve is heard throughout fisherman reside wharf. locals and tourists come here to feast. >> i'm a crab addict for sure. if i lived in san francisco, i would be here every day. >> reporter: these fisherman are ready to supply the needs of anyone who wants fresh crab for thanksgiving. zens of crab boats from farce away as washington state are starting t fill the docks and piers of the city.
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th reason these boats are docked and not out dropng pots due to weather. >> a bit o a weather issue, and the bigger respect out of respect to smaller boats are giving them day. >> reporter:inds and swells, another issue holding the locals back is whether the crab are as od as the sports fisherman, who have been catching since the beginning of the month, say they are. >> all indications are that the resource is very healthy. the size of the crabs are large, from the reports from the sport fishery. >> reporter: as they've down in washington state and oregon, the crab are being tested before allowing the boats to trapped them. >> the quality was down. some areas were questionable. >> reporter: he sayshere are always some areas there there are lower quality crab, and fisherman avoid that to assure a quality catch. this executive chef is convced he will be able to offary
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quality meal perhaps tomorrow. >> they're cing in large and coming in with a very good, dense meat. >> reporter: they're happy with the 1.75 price per pound set. so they're just waiting for the go-ahead to begin the catch. >> alan: last year crabbers only brought in one million pounds of crab. two million less than the year before. they're anticipating this yearn. jelly fish invasion at ocean beachas all about vanished. thounds of themward up -- them washed up on the beach saturday moing. th covered an area of sand three miles long by 20 feet wide. they teen be moon gellies. only a few remained on the beach today. most disappeared with the high tide a passion spokesman said they plan to look into why they washed ashore tomorrow. new member of congress are starting to arrive in
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washington, dc. just because you get the job doesn't mean you kn how to do. and a won released from house arrest, speaks to thousands today. >> leigh: hi there we actually had some reco highs today. we'll share those numbers wi you coming up. also, talk abo the rain. it returns this week. the seven-day forecast is coming up. [ male announcer ] le is indeed an incredible journey. d while the road you traveled may have been different from that of youneighbor,
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>> alan: in shington, congress gets back to business torrow for a lame duck session lawmaks will debate the bush era tax cuts, fun iniue spending bill and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" ll simple today it was orientation day for a new freshmanlass that will be sworn in this january. >> reporter: thi washington hotel is a school today. it's freshman orientation. in the lobby we found this new member who used to work in manufacturinin kansas.
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>> never run for politica office befo. i think that set of experiences is very relevant for what americans are looking for. >> repter: todd young was looking for a place to live. >> time to finally hit the ground running and start to do the people's work. >> reporter: it's a huge fresan class. at least 85 republicans. nearly half have never served in government. among them, six doctors, three car dealers, two funeral directors, an airline pilot and a pizza reaurant owner, seven women, two african-american. including tea party candidate ti scott of south carolina. >> ts is amazing. >> reporter: scott was at one of the dueling preorientation oren traces. freedom works gathered two dozen meers away from washington in baltimore, for two days of intensive training o how to stay true to their conservative come pain. >> we have an amazing turn
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around with respect to reforming our government and conforming with the beautiful manda of our constition. >> reporter: the message to the new members? stick together. >> my approach doingll i do in congress will be to put a group of likeinded thinkers together. >> reporter: sarah pal is sending a letter saying stick to the principles that propelled your campaign the freshman class meets with the speaker and speaker to be later in the day. >> alan: ag san suu kyi vowed to mess ahead -- press head for democracy in myanmar after being released from 20 years of house arre. days after a widely criticized eflex -- election in the country, 10,000 people listened
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to kyi. she urged them to find common ground with the military junta. >> alan: the junta has ruled myanmar since 1962 and has imprisoned thousands political opponents. she met with the american presentative today. it was a warm day across the bay area. a lot of people headed for the beach as some parts of the bay area hit new record highs. so what's on the horizon? leigh glaser coming up to tell you more about that >> mike: the 49e may be remed the men of troy, as troy smith led the troops to an overtime victory. big win for the
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big win for the niners coming u were prese i want you to >>
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that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnon cinnamon... now in all pillsburyinnamon rolls. >> alan: leigh glaser here what a day. >> leigh: this whole weekend has been stellar. 70s and 80s. but all good things have to come to an end, and by this team next weekend, it wille cold,
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chilly, and the rain will be coming down. we still have that wind advisory in effect overnight tight for the hher elevations. mownt -- mt. diablo expericing gusts at the 3400-foot level at over 50 miles-per-hour. so there's why the wind advisory is in effect. we hit a new record high in concord of 81. ffet, new record of 80. 78 was the high for n francisco. 84 was the high in santa rosa. right now we're 72 in antioch. 74 in san francisc 71 in mountain view. sa jose, clear skies, 74 drees. we'll keep it clear tonight. we will keep the winds up above the thousand foot level. another warm day tomorrow, and then we start to see the weather really start to change. showers move back in as we head
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into frida and next weekend. those clock weiss -- clockwise winds, and the wind advisory in effect overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. northeast winds above the 1,000-foot level. maybe gusts up to 40 at the 2,000-foot level. as much as 60 miles-per-hour. tempatures tonight, because th winds will be with us, in the mid-to-low 50s across much of the bay area. maybe a few 40s. 47 cloverdale, 53 for san francisco, 51 r fremont. as far as tomorrow, high pressure will still be in place and will continue to bring us warm offshore winds. so expect more sunshine tomorrow. 70s and 80s. and a temperature change for monday, and tueay and wednesy, the high starts to weaken, more sea breeze coming
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in, and opens the door for some wet ather as we head into the latter part of the work week. so tomorrow, 78 for san jose, at the coast, upper 60s to low s. 72 for a half moon bay. palo alto tomorrow, 77. san francisco 74 degrees. in the north bay, 80s or close to it. santa rosa, 80. 78 for sonoma. oakland, 78. interior east bay locations, concord, 78. monterey, 70 degrees, and 80 for gioy. the seven-day forecast. the cooling trend begins tuesday and wednesday, more onshor winds and. about by friday, saturday, a sunday, th storm door opens and temperature drops as muchs a 30 deges. >> alan: thank you very much, leigh. on to shuvment we could -- on to shu. we couldave a quarterback
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controversy michael jackson singtary has to make a desion when alex smith returns from shoulder injury becau troy smithas led the team to two straight victories. i was impressed. watch this throw. a dart. hooks up with josh morgan for the longest play of the season. 65-yard strike. josh fumbles inside the five yardne. two plays later, frank gore breaking tackles, fines pay dirt. now in the certification the -- in the second, the rams respond. game tied at 10. move to e third. more from st. lou his. -- st. lou white house. 17-10 rams. smith throws one out to davis. unbelievable catch. anthony davis clled for holding. one of 14 niner penalties and the third time a touchdown pass was calle back because of a penalty. the niner would nod be -- not be
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denied. a bullet to michael crabtree. the rams roar book. unde2:00 to play. sam bradford with an 11-play, 70-yard drive, finds steven jackn, game-tying field. rams win thes to. 49er d shuts them down. nirs in field goal raid, and joe nedy nails a 29 yarder. niners win it 23-20, improvi to 3-6. troy smith is their starte >> everything on the field, felt the pain and anguish in between of two touchdowns being called back, but we came out with the win. >> you saw what i saw. he made plays. and he made plays in crucial times, and that's what you want. so, have to decide this week. >> mike: arounthe nfl, great
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finish jacksonville. game tied at 24-23. the hail mary. quinn knocks it down but right intohe hands of mike thomas. he will take it for the game-winning score. the jags' prayers are answered, they win. the raiders are tied for first in the afc west and it was all bronc coaz. orton to gaffney. one of four orton td throws. in the secon tim tebow, from e yard out. ran for a score and through for one. chiefs fall 49-29. browns hosting the jets. 48 seconds left. colt mccoy for the slant. game tie at 20. headed to overtime. o.t., 26 second left. mark sanchez finds santonio holmesmakes a sick move and is gone jets survive in cleveland,
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26-20. pga tour in florida with lesser named players trying to make the final cu of the top 12in the world to be exempt from 2011. shot of the day from davis davis love iii. love is going to love this shot. two hops. bottom of the jar for a hole-in-one. 11-under. that was well behind robert ga garrig. drains it. then on 18. garrigus, shoots a final round 64 to claim his first ever pga tour win. only two races left in the chase fo the nascar print cup. today, carl edwards snaps a 78 race losing stre, takinghe checkered flag. denny hamlin has a slim 15-point lead going into the finale at
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>> this is the day you shall not soon forget. >> alan: megamind hung on at the top of the weekend box office for the second week in a row, bringing in just over $30 miion over the weekend. denzel washington's film was in second place. washington teams up with chris pine to try to stop a runaway train carrying toxic cargo. that's it for us. thanks for watching. ho to2@
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