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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 17, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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you inhale, they inhal millions ochildren continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. seconprotect your loved ones. a disease that cannot be cured. between. good evening. i'm dan ashley. pound for pound he is ranked the best boxer in the world and tonight is throwing his weight
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around in the bay area. pacquiao was in vallejo for a fund raising event. a boxer and politician and singer, are too, right? >> reporter: yes, and tonight it was a madhouse in here. manny is the only fighter to win titles in eight weight classes. he is, as you mentioned an elected congressman in his native philippines. he has this book due out tomorrow and tonight he is saying to a small group of his closest fans -- ♪ >> reporter: tonight manny the packman was amongst friends fresh off his title bout victory he sang for 250 people at the hidden brook country club near vallejo. ♪ i want to hold you 'til i
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die, 'til we both break down and cry, i want to hold you 'til the fear in me subsides ♪ >> reporter: now, he may not be a world class krooner but to his international fans manny can do and sing no wrong. he has single handedly thrust the philippines and its people on to the global stage. as a rece aently elected congressman of the philippines he is out to unite a country with a tumultuous history. his country is infested with the muslim rebels but it has been reported even though stopped fighting to watch him box. and the people here tonight say if any one can get the rebels to lay down their arms manny will be the man who can do it. tonight, he will fly back to l.a. and then from there it is on to the philippines and by the way, i would never make fun
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of the way the champ sings. dan, tonight, he was superb. reporting live in solano county, back to. >> thanks very much. i got to say. we know he has a great right hook. he doesn't have a bad singing voice. >> not bad at all. an international sensation and a cottage industry. >> yes, indeed. an angi angry demonstration turned violent. hundreds of students gathered outside the regents meeting at uc bay campus. by the time it was over some were pepper sprayed and some were arrested. heather ishimaru was there. >> reporter: students and workers came to protest fee
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increases and pension reductions. ail han dough was hit repeatedly with a baton and officers used pepper spray to disburse the crowd. >> i was standing with many students, not moving and police line charged at us. the police officers in the front said move back and i told them i can't move back there is 200 students behind me. >> 11 too departments and ears arrested. one for adahl wit assault withy weapon. >> it is my belief that the officers conducted themselves well and showed great restraint under the circumstances. >> reporter: a proposed 8% fee increase and changes to retirement plans to chip away at a billion dollars shortfall. >> we have an obligation to maintain excellence and access for our students and we can't afford it because of state budget cuts and because of the economy. it is really tough. >> reporter: the 8% increase translates to $822 about for a
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yearly tuition of just more than $11,000. fees went up 32% last year. protesters say top uc executives should take more pay cuts. >> my classes are so big and the professors can barely handle like 400 students in a classroom. >> and ememployees are worried about their pensions. >> people who would be making $10,000 a year in retirement will be under $2,000 a year in retirement if the cuts go through. this is outrageous. >> reporter: the police say two or three officers were injured. they did not have a count for demonstrator's injuries but no one went to the hospital. a shuttle van struck and killed a woman today. the women was in a cross walk when she was hit. >> i heard that the woman was crossing the street. she was meeting her husband and
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the ucsf bus hit her as she was crossing the street and her husband saw the whole thing. >> police are investigating the cause of the accident. ucsf says the driver has a clean driving record. it seems one-time candidate meg whitman kept fighting until the very last moment. she invested $2.6 million of her own money in other campaign on election day, november 2, the day she lost her bid to unseat jerry brown for the governor's offense. that brings her total -- governor's office. that brings $144,155,806.11. meantime, the house keeper who took on meg whitman is a few thousand dollars richer tonight. she was fired by whitman shortly after the former ebay ceo decided to run for governor. the scandal was a bomb shell in the campaign. david louie reports on the legal settlement reached today. >> reporter: there was no check
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in hand but she will be getting one for $5,500 from her former employers meg whitman and dr. griff harsh. >> i want other house keepers to know that they have rights to be paid for their hard work. health expert do every day. >> she was undocumented. her immigration attorney contacted authorities. he is hopeful she can remain in the u.s. >> been here for many years and led a good productive life so i'm optimistic that she will be able to stay her in the long run but the department of homeland security has said her case will be handled like all other cases. >> reporter: i.c.e., the agency that enforces immigration law has been quick to lock up and deport undocumented aliens. a former prosecutor believes she was handled differently for a reason. daniel shanfield is in private practice in san jose. >> if they move against her it looks like they might be favoring one candidate or
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another but by sitting back any might also look like they are favoring certain immigrants over other immigrants. >> reporter: that raises questions about 20-year-old steve lee a city college of san francisco nursing student facing deportation. u.s. when -- lee came to the u.s. when was 11 with his chinese parents on a tourist visa. arrest today months ago, he is being held in an arizona detention center. deportation has been put on hold at the request of senator feinstein. i.c.e. says lee appealed his case in court and lost. >> his attorney believes his client won't be deported because of roots here and the fact that she has family. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the student body president at fresno state has admitd that he is an illegal immigrant also. 22-year-old pedro ramirez came
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to the united states with his parents when was three years old. he only found out he was here illegally when was in high school. campus administrators knew ramirez story. he told them he had been concerned about going public. that changed when the campus newspaper disclosed ace status after receiving an anonymous e-mail. just how badly injured was the victim of last year's gang rape outside richmond high school and how was she hurt? those questions were on the table in a martinez courtroom today. lawyers for some of the defendants claimed that the girl was so intoxicated she may have hurt herself in some way. here is cecelia vega and her report on the preliminary hearing. >> reporter: on the night of the attack outside richmond high's home coming dance the victim of the brutal gang rape had to be rushed to the hospital by helicopter. how badly hurt she was and whether the injuries were caused by her attackers or maybe even the victim herself
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was debated inside this martinez courthouse today but it is what is inside this envelope that may provide the answer. >> these are the medical records for the victim that was subpoenaed from the hospital. >> the prosecutor says until today the records have never been seen before by the public or even the lawyers in the case. for the third day of the preliminary hearing, the seven suspects were led to court in shackles. richmond crime scene investigator returned to the stand. in addition to raping the 16-year-old, she said the defendants may also have dragged her along the concrete in the area of campus where the attack happened. the girl had fresh wounds to her back, face, ears, knees and one other place. she told the court i do believe the injuries to the top of her feet were because she was dragged upon a surface. at least one of the suspects says the sex was consentual and a defense attorney says the girl may have been so drunk she hurt herself.
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lawyer ernie castillo said this person could have been intoxicated and fell to the floor on her knees and could have been on her hands and knees trying to get up because she was intoxicated. the prosecutor says medical records will cast aside any doubts. >> it is fair to say that critical was putting it minor. i mean she had injuries that were life threatening. >> reporter: well, as for the envelope, the contents are expected to be discussed in open court in the coming days. reporting in martinez, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. coming up, it could be the next big thing in medicine. tonight at 9:00, an experimental cholesterol drug raising new hopes for an entirely new way of preventing heart attacks. the california lawmakers who left their budget problems behind to attend a conference in hawaii. i'm spence spes. spencer christian. beginning to feel a lot like november. details on the cold and rain in the accuweather forecast.
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oakland's mayor addresses questions about leaving offense
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oakland mayor ron deloms today denied a report that he would leave offense early. he issued a statement saying he would complete his term january 3. he has been under pressure from the irs to pay a $250,000 tax debt and the chronicle reported he was considering an early departure to take a job as a washington lobbyist. he said in a statement "i remain committed to oakland to finish what i came here to do because i care about the future of this great city." he did release his final state of the city report today in written form and on video. interestingly, he does not appear in the video.
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instead a cast of local officials community leaders and oakland citizens offered testimonials praising the mayor and his administration. he was supposed to give his state of the city address today but it was canceled abruptly without any reason on monday. to can find a link totten tire the entire speech on look under see it on tv. we will stay in oakland for another moment. leaders of allen temple baptist church held a news conference to announce their new violence prevention strategy and it came coincidentally less than 24 hours after a man was killed just outside that very church. laura anthony reports now from east oakland. >> we are certainly saddened by the tragedy. >> reporter: one day after a man was gunned down at the door of their church pastors mourned the loss of a life an in a plae that has done so much to stop
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violence. >> he like someone else in history fell at the foot of the cross outside of the gates. >> reporter: tuesday's shooting came on the eve of an announcement that allen temple baptist church received a $430,000 grant, money that will be used for violence prevention training. >> we want to assure you that we are in no ways discouraged. >> reporter: tuesday's victim, 46-year-old leon wilson was attending a ged class at allen temple, part of a reentry program designed for those transitioning from jail or prison back into the community. church officials told abc 7 wilson received several phone calls during the class from a woman who lured him outside where he was shot in the head. police have made no arrests. >> any time you have a homicide happening in front of a church and allen temple is a great church with great people, it guess is going to be concerning to the police department. >> reporter: according to police, wilson's death marks
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oakland's 74th murder of the year. as bad as that sounds it is still 16 better than this time last year. >> leon wilson, lay at the gate of the church, it is evident that our work is not yet done. church leaders spoke just hours after another man was shot less than a mile away along 102nd avenue. he is expected to survive. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 7 news there will be no more raves at the cow palace after a wave of problems. the cow palace board approved a moratorium on music and dance parties. they did not specify for how long. this year there have been drug and alcohol overdoses at shows there including two deaths. the palace is under state control but some daily city leaders want the state to give the city some power to regulate shows there but for the time being no more raves at the palace. on to spencer christian and the forecast is not one to rave
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about. >> no. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> really changing, isn't it? >> absolutely. so warm early in the week we were getting rave reviews but now we can wave good bit bye go that. i can't believe you got that line out. the mount tam camera looking on to the bay. low clouds and fog push up to the coast this afternooned a the fog is beginning to push inland right now. hasn't made it all the way to all the inland areas. what has made its way inland is cool air. notice right now, temperature readings down into the upper 40s in many inland area and around the bay and near the coast and we have some 50s down on parts of the east bay and south bay. it is going to be cool tonight, make no doubt about that. fog at the coast and pushing locally across the bay inland. it will be a wet and cold weekend coming up and snow levels will be down to 000 feet which means the higher bay area peaks could actually see some snow this weekend. this closeup shows the fog
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coming back up against the coast this late afternoon and early evening hours and pushing across the bay tonight locally to some places on the peninsula. the east bay and up into the north bay. the more significant weathermaker is this one as we look at the satellite image a big mass of cold air spilling southward out of alaska and the yukon. that will bring aus dramatic change in the weather as we head into the weekend. 11:00 this evening, the front getting closer tomorrow and then by mid day friday rain developing in the north bay and then it will swing on through and intensify overnight friday night into saturday and intensify saturday night into sunday and then that will be followed by showers on sunday. but the cold air is as important in this change in our weather as the precipitation so we may see some snow in the higher bay area peaks and over in the sierra a winter storm watch in effect for the tahoe area and beyond. expect two to three feet of new
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snow. winds could be gusting up to 50 miles per hour over the ridges so driving conditions will certainly be hazardous. in the bay area with the fog creeping in, a chilly night. in parts of the north bay, 37 at napa. 38 at santa rosa. low 40s in other area. tomorrow a pleasant day but certainly a much cooler day than earlier in the week. high temperatures in the south bay will reach only into the mid 60s. peninsula highs low to mid 60s and only mid to upper 50s on the coast. san francisco, 60 degrees downtown. 59 daily city. north bay highs with cloudiness around. around 60 degrees, above 60 in the mildest locations. near east bay, low 60s. over the hills, mid 60s and near monterey bay highs in the low 60s near the bay and mid 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the changing conditions. increasing clouds late thursday. rain developing mid day friday. rainy and cold right on through
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the weekend. even after we clear out early next week, high temperatures remain only in the mid 50s from the coast to the inland areas. >> feels like november. >> it's fall. almost winter. >> thank you, spencer, very much. >> coming up next, uproar over palin. talking about bristol palin. one man even shot his tv set after she made the finals of "danning with the stars." plus, irate passengers air travelers stage a mutiny after an awful flight while the crew resorts to fairly harsh
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♪ ♪
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great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better state farm insurance company said today it is going to close its operations center in sew sonoma county. that will affect 450 people who work at the building in roanoke park. their jobs are being relocated
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tbakersfield. state farm says the closures will reduce expenses and improve company efficiency. bay area prosecutors went after for false advertising. the complaint says that overstock often made up the comparison prices it puts on the website. in one example they offered a $449 patio set and said its list price was a thousand dollars. it arrived with a wal-mart price tag of $247. some medical news. a potentially huge advance in the fight against america's number one killer, a drug that could turn back the clock on heart disease. it is a powerful new kind of cholesterol medicine that holds promise for 36 million americans whose high cholesterol puts them at high risk of heart attack and stroke. here is dr. richard bess. cardiovascular disease kills one out of every three
9:25 pm
americans why is why some doctors are calling this a major breakthrough. >> we studied a new medication four to ten times stronger than any therapy. >> until now the focus has been on decreasing the bad ldl cholesterol with statins. some doctors will tell you that raising the good hdl cholesterol may be even more important. in today's study a new drug was given to patients already on statins. it works by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing levels of hdl, good cholesterol which may help remove plaque from arteries. bad cholesterol went down by 30% and good went up by a whopping 138%. >> it really has a remarkable lowering of the bad cholesterol and raising of the good cholesterol. >> this is leaps bounds born anything other drugs have been able to achieve. the best drug only raises hdl by 25% and is poorly tolerated.
9:26 pm
this is at least three years away from market and more testing is underway. >> it is still to be told whether or not the changes can translate into meaningful benefits for patients. >> the next step is to see in the drug simply improves cholesterol or actually saves lives. >> this drug is made by merck and could be a potential blockbuster for the company. it could one day bring in sales of more than a billion dollars a year. good new company of course, but if it works fantastic news for so many americans. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight. conspiracy theory. the palin effect. tea partyers gaming the vote and it is not sara we are talking about but bristol palin. i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. despite a $25 billion budget deficit several lawmakers are in hawaii hobnobbing with lobby gifts. why they are there and not
9:27 pm
here. another view point on the intimate airport screening procedures. tonight, a bay area woman who is tired of all the complaining. and salvaged from the sea. the champagne that has experts bubbling with joy. bubbling with joy. another half hour of new
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good evening once again. we will start this half hour with travel security. despite the controversy over them, the head of the transportation security administration says those new and more invasive airport security procedures will not change. the complaints came after security screeners began more aggressively patting down passengers. abc 7's mark matthews tonight with what the tsa chief said today and reaction to it here at home. >> the chief of the federal
9:30 pm
transportation security administration says federal agents have routinely been able to smuggle banned items through security airport check points and so tsa has responded with full body scanners and more aggressive patdown procedures for those who decline the electronic scans. >> i recognize the invasiveness of it. i also recognize that the threats are real, the stakes are high and we must prevail. >> reporter: not all members of the congressional committee were convinced. >> i wouldn't want my wife to be touched in the way that these folks are being touched. >> the tsa chief admits the patdowns are more invasive. >> it was more invasive than what i was used to. >> reporter: he added the government continues to receive intelligence suggesting that terrorists are intent on smuggling bomb components on to planes that are bound for the u.s. alice hoagland's son mark was killed in the september 11th terror attack on united flight 93. >> well, i'm pretty sure i can speak for many, many of the
9:31 pm
9/11 families when i say that we applaud the tsa's new stronger airport security screening methods. >> reporter: but not everyone is applauding. this week the district attorney elect in san mateo told abc 7 he will prosecute screeners that could too far. >> if we could prove it was inappropriate and done with a sexual and lewd intent that person would be prosecute. >> reporter: at the white house today the president's press secretary said polls show most americans support increased security and that was true of the passengers we talked to this afternoon at san francisco international. >> i would rather be secure. that way i wouldn't have to worry about any problems on the plane. >> i don't have a problem with them doing a full body patdown as long as they pull me to the side. >> i mean i'm from another
9:32 pm
country, this is not my country. that is the price you pay for coming here. >> the underwear bombing attempt on christmas day last year the tsa chief says the new techniques would have caught that suspected bomber before he got on the plane. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. and from security to frustration in the sky. a passenger mutiny. a ryan air flight going from morocco to just outside paris was delayed three hours by weather. by the time it took off the airport in fraps had closed to the crew took the passengers to belgium. travelers refused to disembark until they landed in france. passengers say that is when the cabin crew locked the toilets and turned off the lights and left them on the tarmac for four hours. finally at 330 a&m the airport police came and the passengers left the plane and took complimentary buss to their original scheduled airport. well, while california struggles with furloughs and
9:33 pm
cutbacks, where are some of your lawmakers? how about in hawaii. and it is not just that they are having fun in the sun during a budget crisis that is causing some controversy. it is who is paying for their trip to paradise. in sacramento where there is work to do here is capital correspondent nannette miranda. >> reporter: on the heels of governor schwarzenegger calling a special session to tackle part of the $25 billion budget deficit, about two dozen lawmakers from both parties are living it up in maui at a luxurious resort for a conference. air fare and lodging are paid for by the nonprofit, california, independent voter project whose funding comes from the exact interests mingling with the politicians now. >> california has really big problems right now. one of the most highest unemployment rates in the country. a giant budget problem that we need to be working on right away.
9:34 pm
to be flying to hawaii living the life of luxury on the tab of some of the most powerful interests in the state, the prison guards, pg&e, pharmaceutical companies it is appalling and quite frankly it's selfish. >> reporter: the conferences typically talk about things like healthcare and green energy. >> aloha. >> we tried calling some lawmakers in maui but most tonight want to comment or were unavailable. >> i'm sorry they checked out already. >> john pettis staff emphasized no state money was used and preparations are underway for schwarzenegger special session. a spokesman said the is speaker attended the conference because it provides a valuable bipartisan exchange of ideas on key issues facing our state including budget reform. to be fair it is technically recess right now in sacramento and most lawmakers don't participate in the hawaii
9:35 pm
conference. sally lieber never took part in the annual november conferences in hawaii because of the conflict of interest and these days it just looks bad. >> it as problem for the image of the legislature. it is something that people don't understand when they are worried about kitchen table be issues, education, about whether or not jobs are going to be around, about what is going to happen with their healthcare. it is something that makes the legislature seem out of touch. >> the tough thing about the nonprofits that sponsor the conferences is that they do not legally have to disclose the donors so we may never know who may call in a favor to the lawmakers in exchange for the very nice trips. nannette miranda, abc 7 news. lisa murkowski became the first senate candidate in years to win a writein campaign. she pulled ahead by 7,000
9:36 pm
votes. the totals mark an incredible comeback for murkowski who lost the republican primary to conservative joe miller back in august. miller, however, says he has no plans to con cede the race. despite calls for change there will be no change at the top for democrats in the house of representatives. san francisco's nancy pelosi easily outdistanced moderate heath shuler 150-43 to win election 80s minority leader in the house. the victory came in secret balloting during a lengthy closed door gathering on capitol hill. pelosi bristled when asked why she thinks she is the best person to lead house democrats considering her low approval ratings. >> how would your ratings be if $75 million were spent against you? because i'm an effective leader because we got the job done on healthcare and wall street reform and consumer protections the list goes on.
9:37 pm
>> some democrats wanted pelosi replaced, seeing her as partly responsible at least for the republican sweep to power in the election two weeks guy. as expected, republicans elected ohio's john boehner and speaker of the house to replace pelosi in the position. the results of last night's dancing with the stars has many people shaking their heads and wondering how to could happen. one of the highest scoring performers voted off and one of the lowest kept on. even fellow contestants are stunned. here is linsey davis. >> brandy got high praise for her high kicks. last night she got kicked off. >> i don't know how to feel right now. >> she wasn't the only one stunned. >> i'm so diseye point. >> she had 57 points out of 60 and bristol had 53 and even though bristol has consistently been at or near the bottom of the judge's leader board last
9:38 pm
night she managed to walt her way right into the finals. >> and have opportunities like this show and have fans out there that keep voting us in. >> prosecutors say a man in wisconsin was so enraged he blasted his tv with a shotgun and sparked an all night standoff with a s.w.a.t. team. >> the season has been crazy let's be honest and it has been another one of those nights. >> the judge's scores are combined with viewer votes to decide who gets the boot. >> if you really want someone other than bristol to win, get on the phone and get texting and get on your computer. >> online, people are calling for a boycott and for bristol to withdraw. we found hundreds of messages on the dancing with the stars message board suggesting a tea party conspiracy. one viewer wrote the voting has obviously shown it can be skewed by the political party maniacs. >> i think that people are voting for us because i'm relatable and they see the consistent improvement in my
9:39 pm
dancing. >> is it about most improved or best dancer. a study out last week suggests it could be political. republicans ranked dancing with the stars as their ninth ranked tv show. democrats didn't rate it in their top 15. coming up here, it powered the warp drive space ships of star trek. >> warp drivion mr. scott. >> tonight, scientists trap antimatter are for the first time. plus, wrong turn, how great white sharks accidentally ended up on the other s
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admittedly we are still a long way from warp drive and star trek but it is a sigh intimate fick first scientists have trapped antimatter for the first time. it moves about the speed of light and is quickly destroyed. now, researchers in switzerland, home to the largest collider have devised a type of magnetic bottle able to hold the antimatter for about one tenth of a second. not long but long enough to allow them to study it. physicists say this discovery
9:43 pm
may help them discover why the antimatter disappeared after the big bank leaving nothing but matter to create the universe. >> when scientists from the university of aberdeen compared the dna of white sharks from around the world they found a surprise. the great whites of the mediterranean share those of some in australia. it is believed a few pregnant females made a navigational error 450 years ago. it means they got lost. the world was experiencing a large amount of climate change at the time and it is thought they were pushed up the west coast by a strong current until they reached the mediterranean. the females then gave birth and the sharks stayed because like salmon, they return to the place of their birth. and while we are talking about the sea, two bolts of very rare champagne salvaged from a 200-year-old shipwreck were uncorked and tasted for the
9:44 pm
first time today. >> some peaches. >> tasted like honey and some peaches he said. 168 bottles spent more than 150 years maturing at a ship wreck at the bottom of the baltic sea. they were recovered near the islands between swedend and finland. about a third of the bottles are ruined by seawater leaking in but upwards of 50 are in vintage condition and expected to fetch $50,000 a bottle when they are auctioned off. okay. as we continue here tonight. like or unlike. coming up, the new facebook holiday. and harry potter, the 7th in the series and in a moment in the series and in a moment you will see how it s s i want you to
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the new harry potter film is already a hit at the box offense. more than 2,000 screenings for harry potter and the deathly hallows part one are sold out. the film version of j.k. rowlings 7th potter book opens tomorrow. don sanchez has seen it, of course, and he is on the aisle
9:48 pm
tonight. the longer we stay here the stronger he gets. >> i must be the one to kill harry potter. >> reporter: the evil lord voldemort out to get harry. facing danger at every turn. >> we have to do something. >> voldemort's death eaters are after him. harry and friends need to destroy fragments of voldemort's soul. a lot of effects that make early potter films like primitive. dangers lurk everywhere. even the neighborhood coffee shop. another undercurrent. ron and hermione are perplexed with their feelings for each other. this nicely sets up the finale in part two due in theaters in
9:49 pm
3d in july. >> help me. >> they're coming. they're coming. >> reporter: we have grown up with the actors and they have matured and so have the films. because of the success of the series there is a certain richness in the picture. a lot is left unsaid. better have read the books or seen the films or you may not know who is who or what is what. there is a romantic scene between harry and hermione that is almost r rated. this colorado b could be the by potter yet. i give it a full bucket. >> looks intense. >> let's go back and talk to spencer christian. this weekend might be a good weekend to watch a movie. >> a movie tore two. a movie marathon. this is a look at how temperatures are going to nose dive the next several days. highs tomorrow maybe in the 60s. dropping off to mostly 50s by friday and low to mid 50s by saturday. things are getting cooler. fall like weather.
9:50 pm
the accuweather seven-day forecast. not only are temperatures going to fall, so will raindrops. rain starts friday afternoon and continues saturday into sunday with rather chilly conditions. showers taper off on monday and then we'll have perhaps freezing temperatures in the early morning hours on tuesday and wednesday. >> my mood may fall right along with those temperatures. thank you very much. today is november 17th. in case you are not aware it is national defriend day, so declared by abc 7 talk show host jimmy kimle. >> people are spending too much time on facebook and it is because they have 1300 friends. no one has 1300 friends. >> it as modern day social dilemma. what to do with all of the facebook friends who aren't really the friends. >> what is the worst that happens. unfriend them. this is somebody you don't want any part of in the first place. maybe they are a little wounded. you don't have to deal with them any more yes. >> has suggestions of people to unfriend. any one who you wouldn't give your phone number to. any one who has your number but
9:51 pm
whose call you let go to voice mail. annoying people generally. overposters. people who dress their pets in costumes and put their pictures up. there is a good one. and, hey, be honest certain family members. and perhaps certain sports casters. >> coworkers. >> come on. beat me to the punch there. >> knew it was coming. >> i knew it was coming. >> not going to miss a cheap shot. >> not on this program. the sharks turn victory into defeat. how a third period lead turns into an overtime loss. sports, next.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 1:00. at 1:00. >> if you ran for president could you beat barack obama? >> sarah palin looking forward to 2012. what she says about the possibility of a presidential run. and a lame duck campaign to clear rocker jim morrison's name. those stories and more in one hour on abc 7 news at 11 on channel 7. >> now, to a man i would never be your unfriend. larry beil with sports. >> really? i wasn't sure if that was honest. we'll see later on. >> totally sincere. >> the sharks took a three game win streak to colorado and were well on their way to making it four in a row. somehow they blow a two goal lead and lose in overtime. starting with a bang.
9:55 pm
logan cleaning up 1-0. san jose. 1-1 game into the second period. classic joe thornton. the assist right on the tape of dan boyle and it is 2-1. mike moore the slapper. first nhl goal from the blue line. things went terribly wrong. stewart and then tied and going to overtime. says what are you doing. out of position. gambles on a loose buck. puck. goodbye, game over, drive home safely. sharks lose. the 113th edition of the big game is coming up saturday in berkeley and spencer is right it going to rain. cal and stanford getting stoat play the 10th oldest rivalry in college football. will it be the quarterback's last game? same question for jim harbaugh. can cal knock off stanford
9:56 pm
again? ♪ >> reporter: the bands are all here at the 64th annual guardsmen big game luncheon. cal and stanford alumni out in droves to support their teams for the 113th big game saturday at memorial stadium. as for the layers, cal senior cameron jordan wants to keep the axe in berkeley. >> we had the axe for 7 out of 8 years. i think i lost it once in the past four years and not looking to give it up again. >> reporter: stanford leads the series with 11 ties. senior sherman who has only beaten cal once in his career has had this game circled on his calendar all season. >> you have a game every week but this is the one you have to win. a team can go 1-9 and if they win their rivalry game that is a decent season. the master of ceremonies took his annual shots at both teams.
9:57 pm
>> stanford ranked number three and cal poised to crack the top 25. enough about women's basketball. this year stanford's team has more weapons than a security guard in raids game. the cal defense has allowed only 27 points at home, opposing touchdowns are harder to come by than a straight guy at a lady gaga concert. >> the hype will continue throughout the week until kickoff saturday in berkeley. mike shumann, abc 7 sports. nobody gets away unscathed when sarlot goes off. imegregious say this slowly for effect. we are in mid november and the raiders are in first place at 5-4. jason campbell leading the way at pittsburgh on sunday. raiders won three in a row and coming off a bye. led the dramatic win voter chiefs. campbell said moving into a tie in first place at kansas city while sitting at home on the
9:58 pm
coach was kind of nice. >> the best place to be moving up in first place and now have to play a game. comes along and we got the team to play with and push each other. go got to shoot as much as we can and play at a high level. >> and just like the raiders the niners going with a hot handed qb. troy smith gets the start sunday against tampa bay. smith has led the niners to back-to-back victories including the overtime win against the rams last week. troy says he is now familiar with 99.9% of the playbook. fine running offense even though it was really tailored for alex smith. >> i don't feel comfortable yet saying what i want or what i need. i think i have to show improvement first. i have to show that i can do exactly what they want me to do first before i try to think of anything that would be tailored towards me. baseball news, bruce bocci led the giants to a division title and then the world series
9:59 pm
and somehow comes in third for the voting for national manager of the year. bud black won the award with the reds dusty baker taking second place. makes no sense. speedy outfielder traded. raji with the amazing speed but the a's are looking for more power. he hit .284 this past season with five homeruns. i like him because he is one of the few a's players that actually managed to stay healthy. they were also decimated by injuries. maybe you bring guys in but are they going to be there. he will be in toronto. >> we thought you said earlier the raiders were in first place. >> crazy thought. >> that is great news. >> that is this edition of abc 7 it's true. for larry beil and spencer christian i'm dan ashley. we will see


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