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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 29, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. >> company that uses goats to keep grass under control on hillside and empty lots is in serious trouble tonight. the owner of goat are us has been arrested and charged with
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animal abuse. that's after police found sick and dying goats on a piece of property where the old oak knoll naval hospital located in the oakland hills. vick with the story you will see only from 7. >> and this is one of the goats that was too weak to get to the food. >> we tried to treat him but too far gone. >> oakland animal services director megan webb showed us video she took of starving baby and pigmy goat at the former oak dale naval hospital base this video show as dying goat being trampled by others. for the hay that animal control officers had brought. investigators did not show us the most shocking photographs saying that evidence would be released in court during trial. the family owned company has thousands of goats grazing across the state working to reduce brush, minimizing fire danger, goats are us was hired to do the same thing here at the former navy base which may be converted into a housing and
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shopping center. when animal control officers showed up october 2nd they smelled rotting flesh in a court yard of the sprawling 167 acre site. >> multiple dead goat on scene. in various stages of decomposition is. everywhere from skeleton to new goat. >> when i arrived we counted total of 10 goat that had parished there and we also impounded 4 gets that were very, very sick. >>reporter: webb says about 60 goat were in the court yard all very hungry. >> many of the animal were sick with parasite. new money yeah. other diseases. >>reporter: oakland zoo curator were brought in. prosecutor matt says even though were affected by what they saw. >> they were quite shocked at the level of the health of the goat and the conditions. condition that the goats were in. >>reporter: police arrested the man who owns the business with his wife. he was charged with animal abuse and neglect.
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now one of the herders was also arrested and charged with abuse and neglect. ñlthe animal services officers also found hundreds of other goats grazing on a hillside at the former navy base. webb tells us they all appe goats are us did not return our calls today. this is abc 7 news. >> security procedures are under scrutiny in santa cruz tonight after an inmate escaped with a gun. he's now in custody. santa cruz sheriff's department says maurice this man grabbed a female guard taser and gun and then fought with a deputy at the hospital where he was taken for medical procedure. allen is live for us tonight in santa cruz to take us through exactly how this happened. allen? >> yes dan. the scanning machine here at the mri center at the domestic hop is especially a join anti-magnet so all met hall has to be removed. at 11:30 this morning the santa cruz county sheriff's
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deputy was putting those shackles back on the 6 foot 7 inch 275 pound inmate. that's when he punched her then he tried to escape. the deputy fought with 24-year-old maurice anes worth who bit her then ran out into the parking lot. deputy chased him and fought him again but this time he grabbed her taser and shot shocked her then grabbed her 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and ran across the street. that's where he kicked down the door of the secret garden 2 preschool and pointed the gun at the director who was with two infants. he asked her for her keys and she gave them to him but he realized police were swarming all over so he ran 3 blocks down the street and entered a home. lone occupant escaped when swat surrounded the house. >> we were setting up to give ourselves an advantage on the home where we believe the suspect was in. as we were setting up to do that one of the process we go through is to clear all the houses in the surrounding area. it was in
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the process of clearing the house next door that our s.w.a.t. team came across the suspect in the other home. >> any resistance at all. >> no. at that point he was up against the s.w.a.t. team of 6 to receive member who are very well trained, highly armed and would not have been much of a match for them. >> underwent the mri procedure then following that the ankle bracelet being put back on. this would require that the deputy down below him an he's in a position of advantage. this is where the deputy got punched. >>reporter: would it serve right to have an extra deputy in the room during a situation like that? >> yes. there is no specific policy that addresses this specific situation. >>reporter: now the elementary ask and harbor high school on lock down for most of the day. 5 hours after it all began, this came to a chose around 4:30 this afternoon. a little background on anes worth. he was serving tame for grand
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theft auto and injuring a police officer. looks like he will be serving a lot more time now after this. reporting live in santa cruz this is abc 7 news. sound like it allen. thanks very much. >> several items involving schools and crime. police are investigating the death of 2 chickens at concord el mont elementary school killed in the coop during the thanks giving break. police say they were strangled. they don't know by whom or certainly why. and at high school on the peninsula police investigating a thanksgiving holiday burglar burglary. some time between wednesday night and this morning. thieves stole 25 apple mack book and 30 i-pod touches from a classroom at karl mont high. they were owned by the school district which says they are worth about 50,000 dollars. >> school officials say it loo looks like the thieves who stole lap top computer from a berkeley school l knew exactly where to find them. student and staff return early this morning after the long weekend to find broken windows and lap
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top gone. investigators say the theft happened last tuesday night. one of berkeley lowest performing schools and law certainly hits the school very hard. >> good news involving a school in oakland tonight. good news today for both police and public schools in oakland. kaiser permanente announced 10 and half million dollar donation. desperately needed money that was the some programs as liz report might have been on the chopping block. >> this is truly a transfor transformative moment. >>reporter: oakland superintendent and police chief were both elated at this press conference as kaiser permanente announced they were giving away dollars. millions of dollars to support community programs. >> we have a responsibility to play a leading role in improving the health and well-being of this community. >>reporter: the largest employer in the city and giving 7.5 million dollars to oakland unified school district to keep
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the doors open to health clinic like this one at oakland technical high school. money will help expand the clinic into middle schools. >> people have been saying that our schools need to be the center of community and with this grant it will only become more true. >>reporter: another two million dollars will support a project called remember them to build social justice monument and park and teach children about famous human terence. and another 1 million dollars will save oakland police program called our kids or o k. >> wasn't expecting this much. i would have been happy if we ended up with 100 dollars but end up with 1 million i don't know that's outrage us. good stuff. >>reporter: money keeps the police department violence prevention program going for three years. >> mentoring the police officers in a positive light not someone taking your mother dad or aunt away to jail but helping to you succeed that's the fuchx of our job. >>reporter: even this money isn't enough. oakland school hope the kaiser donation inspires other oakland base
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company and foundation to give more. and chief is going to washington, d.c. on tuesday to seek millions of dollars in federal support of community policing. in oakland, abc 7 news. the san francisco if i land there picture who created the goldman prize has died. richard passed away at the age of 90. he launched the prize in 19 yin to reward grass roots environmental activity all around the world. it's dubbed the green novel and those who take personal risk in order to safe guard the environment. more government secret exposed today once again wikileak published on line hundreds of internal documents and quarter million more to come. jonathan karl tonight on what is dangerous for the u.s. some believe and what is merely embarrassing others claim. >>reporter: once secret u.s. document dominate headlines
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around the the world, secretary of state clinton today lashed out at wikileak. >> it puts people lives in danger. threatens our national security and undermines our effort to work with other countries to solve shared problems. >>reporter: latest documents released today shed more light on the administration effort to close the guantanamo prison camp. saudi arabia king is quoted suggesting that computer chips be implanted in released prisoners to be tracked as he point out sometimes done with who ares and falcons. obama national security official john brennan dismisses the idea saying horses don't have good lawyers. the most troubling of the wikileak revelation fall into 3 categories. the damaging. none more so than one recount ago meeting in january between general petraeus and the president of yemen. where the u.s. has conducted several secret drone attacks on suspected al qaeda
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target. will continue saying the bomb are ours not yours yemen president tells petraeus. at that point another yemen official at the meeting jokes that he had just lied by telling parliament that yemen force his carried out the attack. all this potentially undermines a key u.s. ally. others are less damaging but still harmful. such as those revealing confidential discussions with arab leaders urging the u.s. to take action to stop iran nuclear program. and one about the iran government that king of saudi arabia quoted urging the u.s. to quote cut off the head of the snake. finally there are the simply embarrassing. especially those offering all too candid description of foreign leaders. one says russian president yesterday he have plays robin to mr. putin)j batman. french prime minister is called an emporer with no clothes. italy prime minastq) ineffective and north korea
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flaby old chap. embarrassing to be sure but not a threat to national security. >> in my conversations at least one of my counter part said to me well, don't worry about it you should see what we say but. >> attorney general holder said that crimes have been committed with these leaks and he said the justice department has now launched a criminal investigation to determine who was behind it all. this is abc news, washington. >> as we continue here tonight. we have much more on the wikileak story. the founder explains why he continues to dump classified document and who is his next target. >> 22-year-old sparked biggest intelligence leak in history. >> you have a zero percent interest jol is the bank charging interest? coming up on 7 on your side. consumer problem solved. >> cold by night. cool by day. and rain is not far away. i'm
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meteorologist sandy i'll detail all this out in just a few meteorologist sandy i'll detail all this out in just a few minutes >> george w. bush the 43rd president of the united states is here with us. >> also tonight. what the former leader of the free world is telling the current leader of the social world. stay with is telling the current leader of the social world. stay with us. news:002
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>> the diplomatic secret from around the world. it was all part of the post 9/11 intelligence reforms that made sharing intelligence information a priority. >> too many people had access to 600,000 people have access to this classification network. that is absurd. >>reporter: experts say it could have been prevented. >> lots of private companies and government ministry and agencies have software that will alert when someone is down loading information. you shouldn't be able to do this without an alarm going off. >>reporter: why did he do it? adrienne a convicted computer hacker who befriended manning then alerted the fbi about his activities says part of the motivation was fame. >> he struck me as a fairly humble person but one whether wanted ago are -- who wanted to
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be recognized. >>reporter: but in the on line chat before the ammoning says he hoped the leak would provoke worldwide discussion, debate and reform. i want people to see the truth. we have learned that military officials are looking into bradley manning case to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial. as for others who may be charged for discipline possible co-conspirators even higher up neglect, failed to prevent this massive leak all that is stillo under investigation. this is abc news, washington. former george w. bush visited palo alto today where he participate entered hour long discussion with facebook founder. >> why facebook? because off lot of people paying attention to us and i'm trying to sell books. >> very candid answer obviousl
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obviously. face brook streamed the entire conversation on the web site. former president says he is happy and content in private life. he would not publicly criticize his successor barack obama and said he likes the current afghanistan policy an when asked about his favorite january it bush said that he has switched from the black berry to the i pad. bush book decision point was released earlier this month. i like his answer. selling backs. >> weather let's talk about that. sandy is here and it is chilly outside tonight again. >> absolutely dan. much like last night. the only difference is temperatures are a few degrees milder. >> really. if you can believe it. >> compared to last night. thanks to the higher clouds moving in. let's get you outside. bundle up tonight. turn up the heat. it is going to be a cold night. by morning you are looking at frost in some of our inland locations. much like this morning. here's live picture from our high definition mountain tam pis camera. lovely view no fog to speak of. few high cloud
9:20 pm
passing through the neighborhood. here's what the temperatures lack leak. we have 35 degrees in fairfield at this hour. livermore dropped down to 37. look at concord and napa. upper 30's. plenty of 40's around and 50 degrees in san francisco. cold and frosty in the valley tonight. sun and cirrus tomorrow and first chance of rain at least for this week. north bay on wednesday. jaws slight chance. this afternoon higher pressure providing us with clear skies across the bay area and tonight other than those passing clouds it is pretty clear so we are expecting another cold night tonight. numbers dipping down to 30 in fairfield. nap a.31 in santa rosa and livermore. pretty cold in san jose. 35 degrees. lack at santa cruz. dropping to 34 tonight. so we will see a few extra clouds as we head that tomorrow morning and those clouds are coming in over the top of this ridge of high pressure. tomorrow we call it partly cloudy but dry
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for your tuesday. then as we head that wednesday this cold front here that you are looking at will slowly start to zag south as it does there is a rain chan at least for the north bay. for the midweek time period beginning on wednesday. then by thursday afternoon into friday all at the bay area faces some wet weather. tomorrow though dry day and temperatures much like today in the south bay. 57 degrees in santa clara cupertino. san jose 5. on the peninsula mix of sun and highfor new millbrae. redwood city palo alto mountain view all 57 degrees. coastal areas you need a sweater or jacket 54 in pacifica. do you want san francisco mid 50's. same story for daly city. the temperatures are running a little bit cooler than where you should be this time of yea year. from a few degrees to as much as seven or eight degrees. in the north bay upper 50's from santa rosa down to the napa area. 54 in san rafael and sausalito. east bay communities oakland hayward fremont all in the upper 50's. you head inland and you
9:22 pm
definitely can tell we are headed towards winter. look at the numbers. 53 in brentwood for high. 54 for new fairfield and danville and monterey bay 58 degrees in monterey. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cold start frosty in places tomorrow morning but it is not going to be a wide spread fros frost. the valley waking up to patchy frost. possibility for thursday afternoon through friday then notice a chance at random. not random. computer model really in disagreement for the weekend. one says dry one says wet. wee go in between and go wet on sunday. >> you have bet idea as we get at closer. >> absolutely. much bet idea. won the computer model in agreement i'll get back to you. >> thanks very much. appreciate that. >> coming up. they sound like a great deal but the zero percent interest credit cards may not really be in your best interest. 7 on your side investigates that's next and
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lots of mouse click today coming up the bar range of cybermonday deals to keep you spending well into the night. >> baseball deal that could make you root for the dodgers. >> maybe that's a bit strong. but find out what is going on as you ["knock on wood" playing]
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[ male announcer ] welcome tohe far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free go farther. at&t. reink possible. get high-speed internet from &t for only $14.95 a month. >> friday after thanksgiving people hit the mall looking for holiday deal and today they hit the internet. sales were up 20 percent over last year. here's david on how retailers are getting you to shop. >> it's amazing sight to see. one lap top at each table at this coffee shop. on this cybermonday it is not surprising to see on line shopping. some are convinced
9:26 pm
this is where the deals are. >> i have gone into brick and mortar like a book store and done my research and then gone home and bought it on line and it was cheaper to do it that way. >>reporter: consumers already spent staggering 11.6 billion dollars on line this month on black friday traditionally a mall day 6 48 million was spent on line. up 9 percent from the same day last year. >> i will do my video game shopping on line. just because i can look at other people's reviews and i don't know exactly what they need and other teenagers will say what you need to go with this. >>reporter: on line retailers are bombarding consumers with special deals. ebay had i pad on sale at 10 percent off. quickly replaced by other hot selling items as the hours ticked by. >> stagger the sales so people can come back. we know things will sell out because they are popular. in order to get people back come on to the site we make sure we have the deal all day long. >>reporter: on line full court press won't end today. kit is a consumer psychologist at
9:27 pm
golden gate university school of business. >> they are sending out information about promotion regularly. this can be either through e-mail or through social media and it is keeping, i think, the shopping spree aleif for a lot longer period. >>reporter: however some shoppers are being cautious about where they do on line shopping. millions of dollars in credit card purchases are being made over wireless networks. >> i don't really press the kind of wi-fi situation that i have in the public arena the way i do at home. i do my shopping from home. >>reporter: according to ibm today cybermopped sales expected to top friday black friday sales by 30 percent putting sales in the vicinity of 3 quarters of a billion dollars or more. from the cybermonday desk in san jose, david lou money scope. and much of what we spend on cybermonday ends up on credit card. some people look for0 percent interest de-they can work but you have to pay
9:28 pm
close attention. tonight one consumer says he did keep track still got caught up with a bill for interest. how does that turn out? 7 on your side michael finney has the story. >> you have no doubt been out shopping and wondered if the zero percent interest credit card deal you signed up for is still in effect? many just keep charging and wondering. but not david chris wechlt he had a special use plan for that zero interest card. >> i wanted to purchase frirn season ticket. so i figure i can pay it off by whatever the date is interest free. so i went ahead and called bank of america and to ask the exact date sought interest would start to incur again and the gentlemen told me november 3rd and i asked a question clear as day.
9:29 pm
>>reporter: so david bought the tickets. was happy with the deal and then things went sour. >> next thing you know june statement i believe came and it started to incur interest so i called to ask why and they told me that well actually it was only 6 months interest free and the person that you spoke with told you wrong. they weren't sure why. >>reporter: he speaks with a supervisor and he calls 7 on your side. then receives a call from the bank of america ceo office. the novemberate will be honored. >> so worked out in the end and they told me that they had spoken with you and that's essentially why they did it. so-so far so good, i guess. >>reporter: david does in the have his original paperwork. the bank says he only had a 6 month long deal but since the representative told him otherwise, the bank will honor
9:30 pm
the longer time period. we want to thank the bank for tha that. now if you have a problem with a credit card or anything else let me know about it. good to abc 7 i'm michael finney 7 on your side. >> and when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. aging. scientist find important key to im mortality. >> freeze warning. president obama plan to freeze the salary of federal employees and how much money that might save the government. >> tomorrow is d day. d as in vitamin d. government is coming out with new guidelines. we have a sneak peek for you tonight. abc 7 news continues we have a sneak peek for you tonight. abc 7 news continues in
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were prese i want you to >>
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>> good evening once again. let's start this half hour by running down the top storya man hunt lasted several hours for an escaped inmate. he used a stun gun on a deputy and took her pistol while being transported to domestic hospital for treatment. the owner of goats are us has been arrested and charged with animal abuse. police found sick and dead goats at property on which they were grazing. the goats are used to eat brush that could be tippeder for fires. >> and man who created the prestigious goldman environmental prize to honor those whose work has helped save the earth has passed away at the age of 90. richard goldman died of natural causes. headlines tonight. president obama is proposing a two year pay freeze for federal employees and says it will reduce the deficit by
9:34 pm
28 billion dollars over the next 5 years. mark matthews tonight with the proposal and what is behind it. >>reporter: president obama said small businesses and families are having to tighten their belt. government should too. >> today i am propose ago 2 year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers. this would save 2 billion dollars over the rest of this fiscal year and 28 billion dollars in cumulative savings over the next 5 years. >>reporter: president said the pay freeze won't apply to military forces but will to everyone else who works for the federal government. >> doctors and nurses who care for our veterans, scientist who search for better treatment and cures and men and women who care for our national parks and secure our borders and our skies. >>reporter: outside the federal building in san francisco reaction was mixed. >> i think obama should get his priorities straight. >> the shouldn't take it out on federal employees. they really shouldn't. >> if i have to make a little
9:35 pm
contribution, i'm comfortable with that frankly. >> we are going to cut our pwilt belt app everyone should. >>reporter: president says there will be more tough decision that will require bipartisan cooperation. >> we have to if budge on deeply held position and compromise for the good of the country. >>reporter: political analyst believes the president is maneuvering not for gop cooperation in congress but for middle of the road voters. >> he's read the signals and like clinton before him he's decided that the best thing to do is tack back in the middle. strategy is to find measures like this that have support of the public particularly the center of the spectrum and dear the republican to vote no. >>reporter: professor point out item middle of the spectrum vote that's gave barack obama his big win in 2008. same stayed away in the most recent election costing democrat dearly and voters he need if he want a second term. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. over seas for a couple of
9:36 pm
moments. iran president is confirming first time that a computer worm did affect the country uranium enrichment program shutting down the sen to final. iran has previously denied this computer worm. also making headlines in iran. >> university professor has been assassinated and another injured in separate bomb attack in the capitol of tehran. >> professor both nuclear scientist and officials say they were targeted by men on motor bikes who attached bomb to the window of the cars as they drove to work. one of the men headed up the government atomic energy program. iran president is accusing israel and the united states of planning the attacks. well in medical news, scientist think they have figured out how to turn back the clock. they have reversed the aging process. at least in mice. so what does that mean for people?
9:37 pm
here's sharon. >>reporter: in the movie cocoon a swimming pool turns back the clock for group of senior citizens. but now researchers have found a way not just to stop but reverse the aging process. the key is something called tell mere. the cap of the chromosomes seen here in yellow. this is what it looks like in a young adult. as you grow older they become danieled and fray and as they stop working we start aging. things like hearing and memory loss. scientist took mice who were prematurely aged, added enzyme and essentially turned their tell mere back on. you can see it. enzyme. after. >> brain function improved. fertility was resterd. it was a remarkable reversal of the aging process. >>reporter: look at the picture. mouse on the right has bad skin. gray hair. balding but the one on the left had the tell mere flipped back on. >> you could see that
9:38 pm
essentially you now have a dark coat color. that the hair is resistered. that the coat has a nice healthy sheen to it. >>reporter: even more dramatic change in brain size. this is before. mices had 75 percent of a normal brain. like a patient with severe always hichlts but after the tell mere were realaska the serrated the brain returned to normal size. as for human while it is just one factor, scientist now say by looking at our blood cells and measuring those tell mere you get a better idea of how well you will age. listeninger the tell mere the better chance for a more graceful aging. as for tinkering with them and turning back our aging process, researchers say still have a long way to go. this is abc news, new york. of vitamin d is good but not too much more. that's the essence of the government first update to the recommended daily intake for the vitamin since 1997. report was just released
9:39 pm
about half hour ago but we have advance of it for ageslp 1 to 70 the institute of medicine recommends people take 600 international units of vitamin d.every day. for kid 71 and older for people ages 71 and older the recommends is 800 units a day. most people get their vitamin d from milk obviously but the vitamin regulates the level of calcium in the body and together the 2 are needed to build and maintain strong bones. this report will be officially released tomorrow but we wanted to give you what we had tonigh tonight. all right still ahead here. academy award stunner. has nothing to do with nomination in the winners. we have that st takes 2 and takes on the night. >> night photography is really fantastic because it is dark. the camera sees things you can't. >> some incredible images to share wuchlt up next. how bay area man transformed his hobby into a bag and worldwide
9:40 pm
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>> 2 actors chosen to host the oscars next year. academy awards announced today that james franco and ann hathaway co-host the show in february which airs on abc. this
9:43 pm
continues the departure from using comedienne. young actors both in role this could get them nominations this time. hathaway stars in love and other drugs now in theaters a and frank 0star in one 27 hour hours. franco by the way grew up in palo alto. if you give the average person a camera they will use the nravrnlt pictures after all require light. but a lot less light than you might imagine. here's wayne friedman. >>reporter: he's a creature of the night. man who seeks an ideal in some of the darkest most unhikely conditions. >> middle of the night. early nature. late night. early morning. all good. >>reporter: that is why steven crawled on to a ledge near san francisco cliff house recently. he was armed with only a small camera. his target? a giant one. >> i always get people coming up to me and say what are you doing? it's dark. what are you taking a picture of. >>reporter: stuff like this.
9:44 pm
lit house on the california coast. one of the key is imagination certainly but not just in seeing the shot that is there at any given moment but imagining how that shot might look after 20 seconds. or 30 seconds. or 3 hours. or all night. >> when i take a night photo i don't always know what i'm going to get. since i like to take picture of stars for example you have to figure out how the stars are going to move in the sky because as a human you don't see them except where they are. you have to imagine the arc and path that they follow through. >>reporter: even then they produce an occasional surprise. >> right there? meteor. >>reporter: in real life steven is a husband, father and computer executive who just happens to use a lap top as a dark room. >> i have i don't know thousands. >>reporter: now he's becoming famous for them. this picture of a won a year sunset at big
9:45 pm
sur just won photographer of the year award from the royal observatory. but to ask steve for a favorite picture? impossible. >> that's part of the milky wa way. >>reporter: he liked this one of an abandoned boat and here is mission peak above oakland and fremont. those are the lights and con trail of airplane in the distance. >> night photography is really fantastic because ate dark. the camera sees things you can't. like you can't see colors at nature but the camera can. >>reporter: his camera can make the universe lack mr. like a rainbow. >> stars are blue. orange. yellow. brown. white. >>reporter: but on this night his picture at the cliff house brought its own set of challenges. >> lens is getting at foggy. that happens. this happens. >>reporter: steven had taken this picture couple el of years ago. sale rock on the other side of the building. but in conditions like this, nothing is easy. hen his unusual tool tools. laser beam. >> if you don't have the camera in focus the shot is fuzzy and
9:46 pm
most of the time fuzzy shots don't work. >>reporter: after a series of trials steven settled on exposure of 30 seconds. >> oh, beautiful shot. >>reporter: here's the final product. rock. ocean. giant camera at the cliff house as we have never seen them before. >> i really like the color. i like the klovrment i like the shoovtness of the what the. everything about it. >>reporter: it's just another night on the prowl for açó man who turns darkness into light. from the cliff house in san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> pretty neat stuff. >> christmas time in austria coming up here next why police detective are dressing up as the baby jesus. plus a treasure trove of picasso paintings found in the plus a treasure trove of picasso paintings found in the garage of someone on the french
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s@ >> this time of year christmas market is popular in austria. market include a woman dressed up as baby jesus to hand out gifts. all right. the character more popular than santa clause but because petty crime is on the rise, organiz organizers this year are hiring detectives to play part of baby jesus to stop crook in. france
9:50 pm
never before seen works by picasso have come to light. they have been stored in a garage. electrician who worked forth artist in the early 70's says the artist gave him this art as a gift. now picasso family says that's absurd and investigators looking into it. canvas could fetch upwards of 100 million dollars. so you know they will all fight over them. >> let's go back now and update the weather forecast. sandy is here. cool out there. >> that's right. tomorrow dan you will see the sun. mix of sun and clouds. still a cool afternoon. first thing in the morning at 8:00 o'clock you will see temperatures in the 40's. occasional high clouds at noon time. 40's, 50's, and temperatures not going to rise much. we are in the mid to upper 50's in most areas for 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoo afternoon. dry tuesday. but a cold start. chance of some rain on wednesday in the the north bay and then everyone looks like they get wet thursday into friday with
9:51 pm
another possibility of rain coming in over the weekend. we are getting to that time of year. winter just around the corner so we see this kind of weather. >> around the corner is here. >> feels like the winter chill is here is that palo alto teenager is among 4 finalist for the international children peace prize. she didn't win but she was the first student from the united states to become a finalist. congrats layings therefore to miss grossman over the past several years she collected thousands of books and shipped them to african library project. she's a sophomore in palo alto. she noww wants to bring digital text book to african nations. way to go. great job. congratulations. >> mike is here with all the sport. >> well 49 ers finally put together a complete team effor effort. they route the tv game and did it mostly without gore. update on his injury coming up and did it mostly without gore. update on his injury coming up neck in sports
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. the roots of a bay area passion for the environment. as we reported richard goldman passed away today. tonight a conversation with his son. >> style of dance born in oakland gains global following. those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. mike is here. >> sometimes pressure makes you perform. >> that's true. that's true. i think it happened to the 49 ers tonight. maybe they need to play on prime time every
9:55 pm
week. they must like the nationwide audience. man handle the cardinals in arizona with total team effort. davis want this. he's crying while trying to fire the team up. first quarter. arizona fumble. niners make the cards play. play action. dart to the post where crabtree spectacular catch. tremendous play. holds on. 38 yards. 7 nothing 49 ers. frank gore first quarter. took the stuff out of the game with a hip injury. we report he's out for the season. but anthony had the back later in the first. second nfltd 14-3 but the story here. weaves his way in from 8 yards out. 136 yards. 23 carries. niners ran for 261 yards. niners defense own the second half. patrick sacked. third straight game with a sack then later in the third the spike picks off anderson ruled down by contact. niners force 2 turn over and win big tonight 27-6 improving
9:56 pm
to if you are and 7 and now only game back in the nfc west. >> raiders version of quarterback roulette consistent problems. can't get a different guy start each week and any timing with the back and receivers. he threw for 250 yards and touch counsel but he had 2 pick. l l l the others with two different styles personality and deliver delivery. players react differently to both. bruce aggravated the shoulder so campbell get the start against san diego on sunday. today cable was asked about the perception that he prefers brad and davis prefers campbell. >> anyone who would think that would be very foolish. this is about wing football games. period. >> i think they are getting personality. jason is strong quiet type. about and davis more outgoing and in terms of the system and what we ask the quarterback do.
9:57 pm
>> johnson and jeremy out so they were they had a rough day. henney touch down and chargers up next secondary needs to get healthy. >> we have to have some guys get healthy and step up. that he the bottom line here. we know what we are dealing with here and playing with the best quarterback in football. not the best rate now. bunch of weapons to throw it too. definite challenge. >>reporter: when you win a world championship in any sport special bond with that team that you have for life because it will not be the same roster the following year. giants already lost edgar now juan is leaving for the dodgers. he's headed to la to sign a 3 year 21 million dollar deal that doubles the salary with the giants if he passes the fchblingt he has 2 world series
9:58 pm
rings with the white sox and giants. defense missed. played short stop and third base and timely hitting one of the few giants with power. baseball is a business and when you have 2 ring about one will be set with 21 million dollars guaranteed. unfortunately we'll see him a lieutenant but in a dodger uniform. >> all right how about this stanford card. fourth at the poll this week that guarantee them a bowl game. thrashing at oregon state and school record 11 victory they jumped in the number 4 slot. stanford the best won loss team in the nation and looks like the orange or fiesta bowl most likely destination. fiesta makes the most sense with oklahoma or nebraska. >> we are not lobbyist. we are not campaigners. we impress the heck out of 11 other team we played this year and voters should be impressed. one heck.
9:59 pm
>> one of the best and enjoy head coach jim harbaugh mate turn pro and a lot of offers from the nfl and other college teams. try to get you an update at 11:00. >> he took himself out of the game. >> yes. he was moving pretty well so surprised to hear a that it was out for the season according to the web site. >> he must know he knows his own body. pretty bad they will play with anything. >> you are right you are right. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20. for all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. always. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now


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