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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 5, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. children were sick and some even died because a study years ago linked autism to vaccines but now british scientists say
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that research was not just wrong but a scam, a fraud that cost childrens lives. >> this is the man who changed the way many parents made decisions about the health of their children and who tonight is being accused of telling lies that have hurt families worldwide. in 1998 dr. andrew wakefield, a british surgeon and researchers released a study of 12 children eight of whom who started displaying symptoms after being measleson nighted from and pumps and rubella. dr. wickfield set up a firestorm. it is now an article of fate that vaccines are the reason that children cannot function normally in the world. today, a prominent medical journal says the study was in fact an elaborate fraud. >> i think what dr. wakefield did was a moral crime if not an actual crime. >> working for the british
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medical journal, investigative reporter brian deer compared the actual medical records of the 12 children to the symptoms reported by dr. wake field and he found that wakefield changed the data. according to the reports, some of the children the doctor claimed had autism were in fact perfectly healthy and some that he claimed were six after being vaccinated were in fact sick before they got the vaccine. i think his motive was money. >> he was paid around $750,000 for his research by lawyers who were trying to sue themakers of the measles vaccine. tonight, many in the medical community are reacting with outrage. pointing out that after the study vaccination rates dropped dramatically. >> what happened is that children have suffered and have been hospitalized and died because of the false notion that vaccines cause autism.
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>> although dr. wake field has been stripped of his medical license he is still out pushing his theory. >> dan harris, abc news, new york. the city of san bruno is holding a meeting right now to talk about how to spend nearly $400,000 in donations for the victims of the pipeline disaster. most residents are concerned that the money has yet to be distributed so many months after the explosion. >> when i went down to give my donation i asked where this money was going to go and they said it was going directly to the fire victims. four months have gone by, they haven't received anything. i would like to know why. >> our first impulse was to just kind of take a step back and see what was being done and try to identify gaps and to this point we have not found a glaring need where we felt that those funds should be used. >> city officials insist that every penny will go to the
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victims ultimately. the ideas presented tonight will go to the city council and it will have the final say on how the donations are spent. meantime, the state public utilities commission is under pressure over pipeline safety. it comes after the federal government issued urgent recommendations because of the san bruno explosion. heather ishimaru with that part of the story. >> the natural gas pipeline that exploded and killed 8 people in san bruno in september was made from pieces of pipe welded together but pg&e's records showed it was seamless and that means it might have been operated at an unsafe pressure level. the ntsb recommended that pg&e verify all its records and that the cpuc oversee all of the process. they accelerated work begun in september. >> the first thick we have pg&e doing is look at all of the records of pipeline segments and construction records and what happened once the
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pipelines were installed. make sure all of those jive. if they do we have less concern. if they don't red flags. >> we asked how there could be a gap in the records and what was actually put in the ground in 1956. >> we need to wait for the ntsb to make the conclusions in the area. it is a prime focus of the investigation. >> reporter: he says the recommendation that pipeline operateors nationwide verify records as well shows pg&e might not be the only one with dangerous discrepancies. >> there was a lot of building of natural gas pipelines during the '40s and '50s and records were not so good. computers were not used and it was pieces of papers in file. >> reporter: testified at a hearing called by peninsula assemblyman jerry hill. the typical pressure for a pipe like the one in san bruno is around 1,000-pounds but pg&e operated it at only 400. >> i wouldn't say whether they
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knew it was seamless or not but it is a defect or admission that they understand that something caused the pipeline not to run at a higher pressure. >> pg&e says they operated the pipe at 400 to keep the pressure low enough for the smaller pipelines connecting with it. on monday,resentative jackie spears says the san bruno explosion was the result of regulatory fail. >> there was a fatal explosion that killed eight people. nobody involved in operating the pipeline system, regulating the pipeline system at the state level, local level or federal level can say the system worked. it didn't. >> reporter: the ntsb will hold a fact finding hearing in washington in march. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. six people shot, two in critical condition and tonight a neighborhood is living in fear. police are searching for whoever is responsible for this. the shooting happened on 89th avenue in east oakland late last night. one are the victims a man just watching television in his
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home. more from cecilia vega. >> reporter: even inside her own home yolanda can't escape the very street she tried to protect her family from. her teenaged son was in his room doing homework. he had just stepped into the bathroom when bullets shot through the window. it pierced this cushion hit the door and shot through the wall just inches from her son's bed. it came out on the other side where yolanda and her 11-year-old daughter were on the couch, landing centimeters from the girl's head. she says her daughter was sitting right there. outside a barrage of gun fire rocked the neighborhood. iron fences shredded. car windows broken. six people shot in all. police say five were the intended targets in what is believed to be a gang shooting but there was also a
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49-year-old unintended target. a man watching tv inside his house when was shot in the back. >> he was watching tv when a bullet came in and struck him. he is in critical condition and it is a troubling incident. >> neighbors say they heard as many as 20 rounds. all they could do is throw their children to the floor and hope the bullets didn't pierce their homes. >> i'm scared sending them to school because you don't know what is going to happen. >> reporter: the signs of violence are everywhere from the gang graffiti to the crime scene tape linked to a shooting that happened days earlier. >> seminary all the way to san leandro supposed to be the kill zone because there is a lot of killings in the area. >> reporter: this is the t-shirt her husband was wearing a year ago today when in the backyard he, too, was struck by a stray bullet. he survive vived. she says we told him what good
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luck he has. she believes there is more than that working in her family's favor. >> a fortunate family this evening. all of the victims are expected to survive. newly elected mayor jean kwan two days ago mentioned the area where the shooting took place saying she plans to organize resident there's soon as a way to put a stop to the violence. reporting in oakland, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. stanford university students are being warned about a recent attack on a woman on campus. she was assaulted while walking near the intersection of campus drive and sarah street. it happened about 6:30 on monday night. the woman was able to run away and is now working with a sketch artist. a fishing boat is still stuck on a beach near half moon bay but the coast guard says most of the fuel onboard the vessel has been removed safely. crews could not remove it today. it was too heavy to tow because of sand that watched aboard as it tipped and rolled back and forth in the surf. the boat ran aground yesterday
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after all three of its crew members fell asleep. 120 local fishermen affected by the costco oil spill will be splitting $3.6 million in a payout by two shipping companies that operated that cargo ship. it hit a bay bridge tower and spilled 53,000-gallons of fuel, killing fish and wildlife. the hong kong based shipping company was earlier ordered to pay $10 million in criminal penalties. the court has yet to decide on attorney's fees. san francisco is celebrating sailing tonight. a public party over the america's cup yacht race coming to the city. the oracle ceed o and soon to be departing mayor gavin newsom hosted the event at city hall this afternoon. mark matthews was there. mayor gavin newsom told larry ellison when the cup came to san francisco the mayor didn't understand what it would mean to have the races here as
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well. >> we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that are going to be invested in the city and county of san francisco. billions of dollars of economic activity. >> reporter: for his part larry ellison talked about making it the biggest show in the cup's 160 year history. >> there will be the greatest sailing teams in the world. i can see paul in the audience. and it will be sailors of that caliber. the best sailors in the world sailing the fastest boats in the world in the most extraordinary place to hold a sailboat race. >> reporter: ellison told the audience 14 to 16 teams will come to san francisco and certainly one of the keys to financial success for the city is how many teams show up. right now, there are five. about half of the number that showed up in san diego. in valencia, the economic impact was 2 billion euros but the head of the swedish team says don't count on that big of a payoff here.
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>> the format is a little different because what happened in valencia is that the teams moved there for a three year period and there were ten teams and, you know, it is a little different story. >> reporter: paul believe there'sle be some where between six and eight teams in san francisco and that the america's cup is more of a development deal, a chance for the city to develop bayfront piers that have been underutilized and in need of repair. at the post celebration news conference ellison insisted more teams are coming. >> four challengers now, five counting you. when do you expect to see the other dozen? >> i think we know of about, you know, five more that i think will be entering shortly. but, you know, we are hopeful that there are a bunch of countries interested. we hope to get the chinese here and japanese here. over the next 12 months i think we will have more entries. >> reporter: well, if we do get more teams over the next 12
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months they have to change the rules because the entry period which began november 1 ends at the end of march. in san francisco, mark matthews, abc 7 news. well, this is much more ahead for you this wednesday night here. the bay area about to become the first in the nation to impose tough new regulations on mercury emissions. plus -- i think i know why. we haven't purchased it yet but we are well on -- we haven't proved it yet but we are well on our bay tonight, stanford's solution to a satellite mystery. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures falling tonight. cold enough by morning for a patchy frost and freezing fog. i'll let you know if it's going to affect your morning commute, coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. also, the little school that could and did save itself from the chopping block. plus, why the most famous name in coffee will soon disappear from its cups. stay with us.
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the bay area is about to become the first in the nation to implement tough new epa requirements on cement plants. permit in couperr knit for the tino will be the first to require a significant reduction in mercury emissions. karina rusk has the latest chapter in the long running controversy. >> reporter: starting in september of 2013, epa is requiring cement plants nationwide to significantly reduce mercury emissions. the bay area air quality management district is about to release its proposed operating permit for lehigh in cooper
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tino. the first in were to rate the mercury reduction requirements. >> the conditions at the plant in terms of air emissions should certainly be improving as we move forward. >> lives a mile from the plant and welcomes the crackdown but is worried two lawsuits already generated by the cement industry and republican led congress could block implementation. >> we are concerned that before the epa restrictions go into edfect they will be overturned and we will be back to square one. >> reporter: lehigh says it is ready to comply and will make plant a top priority. >> we are looking at control technologies and establishing new designs and getting those installed on time to meet the
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new rule. >> even as lehigh works to reduce the mercury emissions the seement plant is also planning on expanding its mining operations. lehigh wants the ability to create a new 200-acre quarry to replace the old one. angry residents say they will fight that effort. >> the mercury precipitates on gets on to the vegetable gardens and on to the water tables and eventually out into the bay. we have to stop this. >> reporter: the new draft permit is expected in two weeks. the public will have 60 days to comment karina rusk, abc 7 news. governor brown is defending his decision to appoint former state schools chief bill hoenig to the board of education. he was conflicted o convicted f interest charges 18 years ago. he used funds to finance a project his wife created. the governor says hoenig is uniquely qualified and deserves a second chance.
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>> i don't think people discriminate against people who perform well for the state and if people make amends that is the way it should be railroaded. i think it is a good thing and not a bad thing. >> hoenig served as schools chief until 1983 until the conviction forced his resignation in 1993. a san pablo elementary school has been saved from the chopping block. the school board was supposed to begin reassigning students but that all changed now. lyanne melendez explains how the community came together to help keep the school open. >> reporter: all 430 students at lake school element fear san pablo were meant to be' -- near san pablo were meant to be reassigned next year. it was yet another school that was going to close because of the budget deficit. >> we have overcome a lot of hurdles in terms of that but we never know where governor brown
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is going go in terms of the new proposals. it costs $300,000 to operate the school and that is what the district is hoping to save. >> neighbor hood schools are a community center and people care about them and people meet there and it is important just for that reason alone. >> reporter: so for the past two years the city of san pablo has used money from its general fund to keep the school open. but it was supposed to be a temporary fix. while the school district got back on its feet. >> we had some extra money that we could afford but, of course, now it is not that simple. >> reporter: not that simple because san pablo no longer has extra money. still, on monday, to everyone's sur vice the city council is expected to vote to keep lake elementary open in september. >> what i can say that the five council members are committed to saving lake school for the neighborhood. >> reporter: in addition the city council will ask staff members to come up with an
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innovative plan to continue funding the school which may include the business community. >> the plan is to find money and other areas without tapping into the general fund while waiting for the economy to improve. in san pablo, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. all right. on to the weather forecast. the sun continues to sunshine. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. golcold one. >> cold enough conditions that icy conditions. >> black ice potential. >> black ice. it will slow down the commute. keep in mind there will be patchy dense freezing fog in those locations. get you outside and show you what it looks like right now, when you have clear nights and good radiational cooling taking place temperatures just start to fall. this picture showing us a little bit of a breeze at the higher elevations but that is not impacting the lower elevation temperatures. take a look right now. it is cold in fairfield.
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36 degrees right now. 38 in livermore. santa rosa. 39 in los los gatoa. patchy dense freezing fog and a dry pattern right through monday before some small changes may come tuesday and into wednesday. this afternoon the fog just filled the central valley and that fog and that colder air associated with it did spill into some of our east bay and north bay locations. it was a chilly day in places like brentwood in the upper 40s. san rafael barely up into the low 50s. these are the highs for the day. you get impacted by the winter time fog and that is going to get repeated again. the fog overnight will come back into those locations. tomorrow morning watch out for dense popping out there and in locations where it freezes a little bit on thizey side. 29 degrees in napa in the
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morning. 30 degrees santa rosa. fairfield you will need a sweater or jacket if you are heading out the door. coon cord, livermore and vallejo in the freezing territory there. palo alto, 36 degrees. after midnight tonight, a spare the air mood, illegal to burn firewood. the satellite and radar. we have two jetstreams. the polar to the north. subtropical to the south and we are in between. so the dry pattern holds right through the weekend and really even into monday. nice looking weather ahead if you are making plans for the outside. highs for thursday in the south bay upper 50s. mix of sun and locational high clouds from the south on the peninsula. 57 redwood city and menlo park. near the coast, mid 50s. downtown san francisco, 54 degrees degrees. south san francisco 55. in the north bay although you wake up to the chilly conditions in the santa rosa,
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napa locations you will thaw out nicely. 57 oakland. fremont. inland and that cool foggy condition will keep your temperature down in brentwood. 48 degrees. 50 antioch. 53 danville. for the monterey bay some of the mildest readings here. 64 salinas. nice winter afternoons with the sun continues. but in the mornings for a couple more mornings we will have to deal with the fog and frost. temperatures hover ring in the across the board for the next he is ren days. few extra clouds the end of the week and into the weekend and really the first chance of rain, dan, which is flipcy chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. >> still ahead. do home coolers deserve a tax break. >> god bless you, speaker boehner. >> plus, a new congress brings new leadership in the house. and why saudi arabia says and why saudi arabia says spying is for the birds.ccccc
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9:27 pm crescent pose. chase what matters. just fr more times. ♪ it is an honor and privilege to stand here and work inside this building and serve your country and work for a president that i admire as much as president barack obama. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs is quitting his job to become an outside political advisor. he will leave the white house by early february. well, the 112th congress officially convened today with republican john boehner assuming leadership of the house of representatives. democrat the nancy pelosi handed him the speaker gavel. he becomes th 61st speaker of the house and just the third
9:28 pm
republican to hold that position since 1965. what they want is a government that is honest accountable and responsive to their needs and a government that respects individual liberty, honors our heritage and bows before the public that it serves. >> as for pelosi, she praised bed oehner's leadership and promised to seek common ground whenever possible and thanked fellow democrats. >> i'm grateful to my colleagues for their commitment to equality which is both our heritage and our hope giving me the historic honor of being the first woman speaker of the house of representatives. >> however, not all house democrats are in pelosi's corner. 19 members voted against her during the vote for speaker. the new republicans in congress vow to challenge the federal role in public education hoping to turn more power over the states. one of the priorities is the new federal rule to give
9:29 pm
parents in every state tax credits if the children are home schooled. previous efforts in congress to adopt a nationwide tax break in this regard have failed. currently, only three states, illinois, louisiana and minnesota allow some benefit for home schooling in terms of tax breaks. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues, san francisco police renew the case for tasers after officers shoot a man in a wheel chair. the vulture captured on suspicion of espionage. also, mystery of the space age. what causes so many satellites to fail? the answer may be smaller than a grain of sand. going to make you work for your dollars. >> when you are listening to nothing but the best of the oldies you are listening to magic 98.9. magic 98.9. >> and the first bi int@
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british researchers say the study linking vaccines to autism was based on fake information. the study spooked parents worldwide. sorry, that is the wrong picture. we will come back here. the study spooked parents around the world and immunization rates for measles and pumps and rubella never recovered as a result. second police are searching for suspects in a shooting that injured six people. organizers of the america's cup join city leaders and software mogul larry ellison.
9:33 pm
the regatta will be staged entirely within the confines of one harbor our bay in san francisco. this will offer and unprecedented amount of visibility to spectators along the shore. the headlines tonight. moving on, san francisco's police chief is renewing his call to arm his officers with tasers. this follows yesterday's shooting of a man in a wheel chair. abc 7's vic lee tonight with the latest developments. >> reporter: the police chief says the department is conducting several concurrent investigations in the aftermath of the shooting yesterday. this is the video we showed you exclusively on abc 7 news at 6:00 last night. a witness shot it on his i-phone. the suspect in the wheel chair had just stabbed an officer in the shoulder who tried to subdue him pepper spray. two officers fire service revolvers. he falls wounded from the wheel chair. the police chief says a taser
9:34 pm
would have produced a different outcome. >> a taser more than likely would have ended this scenario prior, the earlier stages and but we don't have a taser. >> reporter: the reason is the police commission last spring rejected his proposal to buy tasers after raising questions about safety and abuse. gasgone says he wants to review policies on training in the aftermath of the shooting. >> we will be evaluating the tactics and techniques now being taught today that we should be teaching and whether there is additional tools we should be having. >> reporter: the chief asked the public not to prejudge what happened based solely on the video and says it has to be put in context with the mechanics of how officers react to threats. all of them go through force training simulators like this one. but lawyer mary smith believes police departments need to
9:35 pm
create a special unit to deal with mentally ill suspects. >> the specialized unit could be composed enentirely of officers who had had specialized training. it could be composed of nonofficers who have specialization in dealing with people who have mental illness. >> some cities in this country do have those special units which respond along with regular beat cops to situations where there are suspects with mental heather ishimar heather. the lapd is one of those units. the police chief says he will ask for tasers again this time during the february meeting. vic lee, abc 7 news. it was an inside job? san jose police arrested two men who they say staged a robbery at a bank of america bank on west capital express way. they say jose luna worked as a teller at the branch and
9:36 pm
conspired with steven davis to stage the robbery. davis surrendered on the same day as the robbery with the stolen money in his possession. at stanford tonight, some fascinating research that could save billions of dollars in space. as wayne freedman reports, it is not just what they are doing that is so interesting, but how. >> reporter: it is one of those underreported mysteries of the space age. rocket delivers a pay load into orbit, all appears fine and then -- >> unfortunately, we still have no two way communication or one way communication or data of any kind from the space craft. >> reporter: and it happens all too regularly. >> there is a mystery. satellites are failing. there is anomalies and we are not quite sure what it happening. >> reporter: at stanford university, they have been thinking about it. >> i think i know why. we haven't purchased it yet but havee well on our -- we proved it yet but we will well on our way.
9:37 pm
>> one theory is meteoroids. in space they move as many as 60-kilometers a second and when they hit a satellite they ionize and leave behind an electrical charge. close and lee have put together the mechanism and hope to send a smallspace on ooh small satellite and unfold it and see what happens. >> increase the area of the small satellite so that it gets hit. >> no one is going pay for such research before they know it works. >> what is it like being weightless? >> kind of like floating in water. nicholas released versions of the umbrella with 15 seconds to see how they would unfold. ultimately researchers want something fast, reliable and capable of recording meteoroid impacts but try gathering data in these conditions.
9:38 pm
>> if you are trying to reach some where you do this and then you find out you are not actually moving. >> reporter: the good news, nona sha, just progress. now, if some aerospace company would write a check. >> about a million dollars over the course of three years. >> and how much would that save long-term? >> potentially billions. some of the satellites worked on have been billion dollars failures and we don't know what happens. >> reporter: what price to solve a mystery. from stanford university, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. authorities in saudi arabia are reportedly holding a vulture on suspicion of being an israeli spy. the bird was discovered near a sheik's home. the vulture like this one had a foul odor coming out of its mouth, proof of a lott. it had a gps transmitter attached to hits legs. the scientist at the school say
9:39 pm
it is part of a project tracking the migrating habits of middle eastern vultures, not a spy. from homeless to hot property. >> i'm calling to offer to fly you out here to l.a. to be the guest announcer. >> i certainly would, sir. >> tonight, the happy ending for a man who was down on his luck. stay with us3q lysol knows you work hard evy day to help keepour family healthy, especially during cold and flu season. and lysol disinfectant spray is aroved to kill more germs than any other brand, ev h1n1. learn more at
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talk about second chances. a homeless man in ohio needed a helping hand and he has several now. abc's t.j. winnick with the story of a man with a tarnished past but a golden voice. >> reporter: your instinct may be to turn away until he opens his voice. >> you are listening to magic 98.9. thank you so much. god bless you. thank you. and we'll be back with more right after these words. >> reporter: that deep baritone belongs to ted williams. his sign reads i'm an ex-radion hard times. >> i went to school for it and then alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life and i got two years clean. >> reporter: without a job or roof over his head, williams like so many others was forced
9:43 pm
to rum imagine through garbage cans and sleep on the streets. >> i just sit a couple of tables away and watch people what they waste and i check the garbage cans to see how far down it would go because i was like a little particular about it. >> this video of williams panhandling in columbus, ohio, has gone viral. nearly 4.5 million hits on you tube. this morning he was a paid fill in on a local radio station. the job offers continue to pour in. >> i'm calling to fly you out to l.a. to be a full peninsula announcer. a full-time position with the cleveland cavaliers basketball team which also offered to buy him a home. >> there is a some type of hope that god was going to pull me through some time. >> williams is flying near new york to visit his 90-year-old mother who lives in brooklyn and stood beside him throughout his battles with addiction.
9:44 pm
we wish him good luck. the san francisco zoo is becoming its newest member a baby giant ant eater. the zoo doesn't know the gender yet but it was born on december 22. this is the first giant ana eater born at the zoo in ten years. it will grow to be 8 feet long. we wanted to show you the picture as soon as we got it. still ahead here tonight, the 800-pound dilemma. governor schwarzenegger left behind a $20,000 piece of art and now governor brown is wondering what to do with it. everyone wanted it but only one place is getting it. the final destination for thecc
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starbucks is giving its logo a face lift. the new logo drops the words encircling the see nymph around gives a few subtle updates. they want to shed the image as a high priced caffeine sellers.
9:48 pm
>> charlotte, north carolina, is expected to get a piece of u.s. history. it is bound for its original destination. >> there is over 100 survivors in charlotte. the airplane was based in charlotte and it was destined for charlotte. this is a charlotte story more than anything else. the airbus 320 is in a new jersey warehouse. except for the passengers belongings almost everything including food carts are still on the plane just like it was that day. the competition to get the plane was intense. several museums wanted it including the smithsonian but it will go to charlotte, north carolina. a popular spot on the state capitol hour is in limbo. we are used to the new governor bringing in new staff but will the so called bacteria bear make the cut with the brown administration. nannette miranda has the story. >> reporter: the 800-pound bronze statue of a grizzly bear outside the governor's offense has become a celebrity itself. in fact, the $20,000 piece of art has become part of the
9:49 pm
capitol tour since its arrival in the spring of 2009 after then governor schwarzenegger spotted it at an aspen art gallery. >> arnold schwarzenegger purchased this statue of the bear are. >> lots of people have their picture taken with it, pet it and even hug it. >> for the little kids it is scary but for the bigger kids it is really cool to us. >> reporter: are it is so popular chp dubbed it bacteria bear and hand sanitizer was quickly put out nearby. capitol reporters called it mike because it was a convenient place to place microphones while waiting for governor schwarzenegger to come out to talk to us. >> governor brown does like what it stands for. >> we like the symbol of the bear because it is on our flag and projects the strength and
9:50 pm
determination and per rossity of what will be required in the months coming forward. >> i think they should keep it here. >> i think it excites californians and is wonderful for children. i think it belongs here. >> if the new governor doesn't want it, the local spca offered to adopt it. it already has a spot for the bear. >> the community will still have a chance to visit with it and more importantly while here they would have a chance to see other animals that they may be able to adopt and take home. >> reporter: moving it will be, well, a bear. maybe that is why schwarzenegger left it behind. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. well, whereever it ends up it will have a nice home. go back and update the forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with that. >> a nice looking day tomorrow but, once again, you to deal with the chill. temperatures in the morning upper 20s to low 30s at 8:00. we'll still have temperatures hovering near the freezing mark. noon time cold inland where the fog is sitting.
9:51 pm
and at 4:00 p.m. you are looking at temperatures in the inland locations of the northern east bay in the 40s. 50s elsewhere. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog and frost giving way to nice sunny skies. really a few extra clouds around. temperatures in the 50s. next chance of rain which is a slim chance is tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. looks nice, though. sandhya, thanks very much. larry beil is here with sports. we struggleled with how to explain this adequately. this is jim harbaugh and this is the universe. [ laughter ] >> i think that is -- >> and you are like karl sayingen. >> billions of dollars being thrown to him more or less. the niners meet with jim harbaugh and now a new obstacle to him joining the red and gold and he is flying into town to
9:52 pm
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9:55 pm
the 49ers brass met with harbaugh for five hours today. that location might as well have been a bank. think in the neighborhood of $6 million to $7 million a year for harbaugh. he has all the leverage in the world right now. the 49ers desperately need him to restore credibility. the broncos want him. twist comes with the facte that miami owner was flying to make an offer. stay tuned. mine while, harbaugh's alma mater has an opening. the university of michigan fired rich rodriguez today. the athletic director says he thinks harbaugh is nfl bound. it is believed he was looking there for a deal in excess of
9:56 pm
$5 million a year but the wolverines didn't want to go that high. it is widely assumed that offensive coordinator hugh jackson who did interview with the 49ers will get promoted and take over for tom cable who was let go last night. manmany of the players were big supporters of cable. the raiders have 27 free agents. add that to the uncertainty of next season. among them, guard robert gallery. >> we thought we were building on something and we are ready to continue on next year. we will see what happens and there is a lot of decisions. we have a lot of free agents. so that may carry into the decisions for some of our guys that they are re-signing on. larry ellison says he is not looking into buying the new orleans hornests and moving them to san jose despite a report on he lost out on a bid to buy the warriors this summer. montae ellis packed in the act.
9:57 pm
gets the roll. game tied at 36. cp 3 from three. chris paul 24 points. hornets up 11 at the break. marco had 16. warriors begin the comeback. middle of the third. durrell wright the steal and jam. fourth quarter. warriors within two. montae pick-and-roll with the rookie. warriors on the 27-7 run. udo, new kid on the block. nice move. warriors up seven. curry with three of his 21 as the warriors pull away on a huge run late. 110-103 the win. they have 186 their next 22 games at home. freshman guard gary franklin is transferring out of the program. he was one of the bears top recruits. started 11 out of 13 games but told coach mike montgomery he wants to play point guard not shooting guard so he is leaving
9:58 pm
berkeley. the longest bowl season ever drags on. the kraft fight hunger bowl coming up on sunday. nevada versus boston college this sunday night at at&t park. seems like half of reno is driving down for the game. the wolf pack have sold 25,000 tickets themselves. home field advantage very much in favor of nevada. feels like a home game and that is what we want. the environment of the home field i think that is going to be big in this game. >> roberto alomar and executive pat gillick voted into the hall of fame with mark mcgwire losing support. a 12-time all-star, ail lamar won a record 10 gold gloves at second base and helped the blue jays win the world series in 1992 and '93.
9:59 pm
the long time minnesota twins pitcher won 287 games with 60 shutouts. cincinnati great barry larkin third in the voting with jack morris fourth. the voters took a clear stand on anybody connected with the steroid era, not getting in. mark mcgwire wa was at 22% last year and he has fallen. and rafael palmeiro, 11%. >> so mark mcgwire. >> not going to happen. and if you project forward to bonds, not even going to get close. not for a long, long, long time. >> thanks very much. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for larry beil and sandhya patel and all of us, i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you in one hour over on channel 7. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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