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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening. i'm dan ashley. we begin with a new era in san francisco politics. ed lee now the new mayor of san francisco. city first asian american mayor. lee washington voted in this afternoon to finish out the term of former mayor newsom who is now lieutenant governor for california. mark matthews. >>reporter: lee was unanimous vote. it was a whirlwind. on
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a trip to asia when the name raise entered nomination. i want to thank you for giving me this tremendous and historic opportunity not only on behalf of me and my family, but on behalf of the asian community and all san francisco. >>reporter: that was a reoccurring theme for lee toda today. he pledged to serve the entire city. >> i want to say to all of you i make that pledge that i will do my very, very best to represent all of the communities that you live in. that we cherish. that make this city a great city. >>reporter: but who will he lack to for guidance. veteran city hall campaigner don sal em says a couple stand out. >> rose pack is chief amongst them. she's the one who brought him to the dance. >>reporter: chinese community organizer rose pack was at today's swearing in ceremony but decade at city hall have already prepared him. >> he has been in the trenches
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working for the last 35 years making our community and this city a better place. >>reporter: another long time supporter former mayor willie brown who when he was mayor promoted lee through a number of departments. >> i made him city purchaser. i made him head of the public works. gave him all the odd jobs. >>reporter: ed lee wound ups as city administrator and thought he would remain there until a deal washington made that allowed him to become interim may for a year and then if he does not run for reelection, he will be able to go back to his old job. >> i present myself to you as the mayor for everyone. a mayor for the neighborhood. for downtown. for business. for labor. for the powerless and the powerful. for the lef left. the right. and everyone in between. for everyone. i will be a mayor who tackles thing head on and moves the bar forward. i will be your mayor. thank you very much.
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[applause]. >>reporter: one progressive on the board of supervisor said he felt progressive lost control of the city of san francisco but in the end they all voted for ed lee who must now spend some of the political capitol as he faces a very tough city budget and what looks to be a contentious struggle over who will become the next chief of police. san francisco city hall, 7 news. >> in san bruno tonight decision on what to do with nearly 400,000 dollars in donations that is came in after the pipeline disaster. the situation has sparked a lot of frustration over why those donations have yet to be distributed. lisa is live in san bruno tonight to explain what the decision is. lition lisa. >>reporter: dan the council vote the jaws few minutes ago to unanimously start distributing the money by the end of next week. and how the money will be divided. of the 395,000 dollars each of the 38 homeowners whose homes were totally destroyed will get
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6000 dollars. 17 home owns had what is considered moderate damage. they will each get 4000 dollars. 45 homeowner his quote minor damage. they will each 7 1,000 dollars. that still leaves another 58,000 dollars unassigned. resident can apply for. that they fill out an application and explain to a committee that makes a time decision what the hardship is and why they deserve that money. tonight decision came after harsh criticism lasts week. some resident were outraged that the money which had been donated 4 month ago had still not be distributed. tonight most homeowners agreed with the council decision but there were some who were still skeptical. >> about i'm trying to figure out how they will distinguish between moderate and minor damage. i have no clue myself and i live there and i have a house that was damaged. i don't know if mine is minor or moderate. >> my earning is in another department. our local government hasn't done anything
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to warrant any criticism. just like i said this is unprecedented. >>reporter: the plan is to start contacting homeowners immediately and have them come to city hall to pick up their checks. there are no strings attached so to speak. it will be up to the individual homeowner discretion to use it however he or she sees fit. now the counsel does want to use our remaining 58,000 dollars and have that allocated within the next 6 months. live in san bruno, abc 7 news. lisa it has been nearly 4 months sin the pipeline disaster. did they discuss tonight what is taking so long. why only now have they decided thousand distribute the money? >>reporter: well difficult speak with one of the committee members also the vice mayor here in san bruno. he said quite honestly they didn't know so many people were still in need. he claimed the council and other leading officials here say that they just really didn't know that people needed every bit of money they can get and there were delay with all the different claims and so he
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says they just didn't know the need washington out there. they needed to move faster. >> that's an interesting answer. all right thanks very much. reporting san bruno tonight. >> man whose murder conviction was overturned bay judge last month will not be put on trail again. it was one of george first official act as san francisco new drorp. he personally had a hand in the san diego to not retry the case. vick lee explains it happened this morning during routine court hearing and took everyone by surprise. >> item a great day for him and the family and item a great day for justice really. >>reporter: conley is now a free man. family declined our request for an interview but words were not necessary to convey their happiness. >> no more. don't shoot your brother and sisters. don't shoot yourself. >>reporter: in april of 1989 art was mayor. shooting in the bay view rocked the city. conley was ultimately convicted of the drive-by that killed 2
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people and injured 11 others. prosecutors produced a key witness who said conley confessed to him. but last month a judge overturned the conviction after learning that the prosecution failed to disclose that the witness who has since passed received money and housing from lead investigators sanders. sanders would later become police chief. lasts year he acknowledged the payment but said he told prosecutors about it. the district attorney's office says it dismissed the case reluctantly based upon the current state of evidence some 22 years after the fact and the death and unavailability of key witnesses. we will not be able to sustain our burden of proof at trial. new district attorney george gaingt told me he told me he personally reviewed the case and approved the decision. >> goes home and tries to reconnect with the family and make up for lost time. >>reporter: he believes there may be other old cases where
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authority depressed evidence. >> we are concerned it's a pattern and nobody really looked at it and other innocent people in jail. >>reporter: now prosecutors have 3 options. retry the case. appeal the judge's ruling. over turning the conviction. or drop it which they did. conley is now 40 years old and soonp he will be out. this is 7 news. >> and east bay doctor caused of secally assaulting at least one patient and police want to know if there are any more possible victims. alameda police say 73-year-old earnest sims sexually assault add 28-year-old female patient. dr. sims a general practitioner had a treated patient at aai health services clinic on central avenue in alameda for the past 6 years. red cross is helping nearly 2 dozen people tonight displaced by a raging apartment fire in belmont early this morning. pregnant woman was among thoses who jumped to safety from the second floor balcony of their apartment on
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karl mont drive. wayne with the story. >>reporter: charred balcony and burned furniture only a hint of the cramp a that unfolded in an apartment house early this morning. >> it was scary. talk about jumping from a flaming buildin building. well i can say i have done that now. >>reporter: blaze broke out at 3:00 a.m. in the cold dead of night. resident heard it before they smelled it. >> more doors slamming. >> hard to breathe on the third floor. >>reporter: black smoke filled 25 occupied units leaving resident groping their way through choking darkness. >> it was totally black and kind of holding the wall with my hand and crawling down. not seeing anything. black all the way to the fir floor and then out the side door. >>reporter: most dramatic escape from the unit where the fire appears to have started. unidentified woman 25 week pregnant jumps that the arms of man described as her husband. he had hoped to break her fall. >> he hadn't there to catch he
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her, you know. she was going to jump because that room was fully involved. >> the injuries were the worst. fire department describes them as having sustained ankle strain. 4 other people suffered smoke inhalation. the red cross took some survivors into a shelter. >> understandably stressed at the moment. trying to figure out the next step. >>reporter: fortunate to be alive tonight. yes. but disoriented and confused, absolutely. >> we are going through the red cross and our representers insurance but other than that, i don't know. >> people are calling the husband of the woman a hero tonight. in fact there were a lot of hero and other people jumping off balcony and jumping on to car and the top of cars from the balcony just to break the fall. we are told that the pregnant woman went to stanford hospital. we have no further information on her condition. from bell mopt this is 7 news. all right. much more to get to this 11th day of 2011. ang intercentral california. why 3 sooeb are belonging to the great grandson of hearst were shot.
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>> jerry brown taking away from thousands of state workers to save money. >> about the showers. the cold. moving on out. and dryer milder weather will be moving in. this its sandy.i'll show you when it all happened in my accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thanks. milder weather here perhaps but the storm that has part of the south still digging out and new york and boston dealing with weather out and new york and boston dealing with weather emergepeople! look at you!and
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>> can you hear me now? governor brown is taking away tens of thousands of cell phon phones issued to state employe employees as a way to save money. but for state workers already angered by furlough and budget cut, it feels more like nickel and dimeing. here's
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annette in sacramento. >> reporter: it's an astounding number. review by the brown administration revealed california taxpayers pay for 96,000 cell phones. meaning 40 percent of state workers have one. in the first executive order since taking office governor brown looks to save 20 million dollars a year by disconnecting thousands of wireless devices. >> i put out an order saying we want to cut this cell phone use in half because we are going to look for waste. not just cutting out programs. it's looking for making government leaner and more effective. >>reporter: state workers whose duties are mostly hyped a desk are targeted first but it's up to manager to decide who will be cut off by the june 1st deadline. >> where i'm supposed to be when. >>reporter: engineer mike hopes he doesn't have to turn in his black berry with technology so much a part of business these days he feels item harder to do his job without it. >> they haven't told us yet if mine will be taken away but this thing is like my communication did he vase. i'm
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out of the office 2 or three days a week in the kruck office. consultant. and this is how i stay in touch with my boss and my staff. >>reporter: even governor brown says he's turning in had state issued cell phone. >> i'm giving mine in right today. >>reporter: but some californians are not impressed. they are still seething over govern brown budget proposal that slashes safety net program that poor rely on. for os cary is white a triple whamy if the brown budget is approved. the unemployed college student sees the tuition goes up 10 dollars a unit and sales car registration tax remain high. >> why is it always going to be the lower income people, middle income people that have to come one the largest share of california taxes? >>reporter: while 20 million dollars is small change compared to the 26 billion dollar deficit, the cell phone order is seen as a pitch to voters to show them state government is cutting all it can. people are asking them to approve the extension of
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temporary tax hike. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> all right. if you are flying back east check ahead. airlines preemptively cancelled nearly 2000 flights to new york alone. and this is why. almost white out conditions in new york already. hard to tell but that's the empire state building you are lacking at. snow emergency has been declared there. forecasters are prae contradicting 8 to 12 inches of snow and what they are calling a weather bomb. usually low pressure that resulted in severe snow and wind. not safe for plane to fly. that storm has just left the south and at least 10 people have died there. heavy snow and ice covered a huge swath bringing travel to a standstill. 2500 flight canceled today and hundreds of drivers are stranded. here's steve in atlanta. about. >>reporter: first there is this amazing image. ice was his so thick outside this atlanta apartment he could skate down the street. >> georgia ain't prepared for
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it. they ain't got nobody that know what is going on. >>reporter: cars spinning out. people sliding down sidewalks. at the bus station the buses never came. >> people are hungry. how can you just let people sit there and not do anything about it. item just terrible. >>reporter: on the freeway outside atlanta family spent the night stuck on ice. >> i was able to maneuver through for awhile to get to this point then i got to this point and couldn't go no farther. >>reporter: bart and michelle haven't left their home in days and running out of milk. road to the home is too slick to drive. >> we are stuck here. we are sort of locked in. >>reporter: those who could get out rushed to the grocery stores. >> no chicken. nothing left. >> trying to get ground beef. couldn't. >>reporter: in australia the flooding that began in november has suddenly turned violent. at least 10 people were killed and dozens are missing after flash floods swept through the state of queens land. dam
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built to protect the city of brisbane filled to the point where authority were forced to release what the to present interest haven't from it utterly collapsing. so crisis down under as well. all right. turn our attention to our weather now. it has been pretty raw out there but sandy is here. sound like it is easing up a bit on us. >> absolutely dan. we go from the mid 40's for high in some areas to the 60's. we just have to wait a couple days to get there. all right. let get you outside. show you what it looks like right now. from our high definition roof cam are beautiful view as we look downtown embarcadero. it is dry at least from this perspective but still have some showers lingering across some part of the bay area. very isolated in nature as you will see here on live doppler 7 hd at least here in the bay area. see the little spots there. but around the monterey bay it's actually at more organize organized. light rain right now around santa cruz. around salinas. so this moisture is here. a little more moisture to contend with that will move through in the next several
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hours. in the sierra nevada seeing off and on rain and snow mixed in. around blue canyon heading across 80 to truckee south lake tahoe has just been reporting rain. so we are just expecting a few inches of snow above 7000 feet. traveling there about temperatures right now in the 40's and the 50's. highlights few showers really light overnight. chance of rain in the north bay on thursday. and you look at dry milder weather for your friday and saturday. here's satellite radar this cold front has really been weakening. it has been running into dry air that we have had in place for couple of days now. eights is running into that it has been weakenin weakening. rainfall total have been less thanp tenth of an inch across the renal that received the rain. what's going to happen in the overnight hours the light rain will be coming to an end and during the 5:00 a.m. time period there could still be agent bit of drizzle around as the front continues to move through. certainly low level
9:20 pm
moisture in place so just dheep in mine. by the afternoon we start to see some sunny break and temperatures will actually rise into the 50's tomorrow across most parts of the bay area. don't get too used to the dry afternoon. another system will actually brush the north bay. transof rain for thursday mainly in the north bay. can't rule it out elsewhere. bit is going to be mainly a light event if we do get any on thursday. temperatures overnight in the 40's. certainly have the cloud around and in the morning could still be some damp pavement from the drizzle and overnight light showers. high for your wednesday in thsouth bay 59 in campbell. cupertino 60 degrees in san jose. few areas in the 60's but you have to wait for the wide spread 60's. on the peninsula upper 50's. 57 millbrae. 58 palo alto. coastal areas like pacifica, 56 degrees. downtown san francisco you will see a temperature of 56 by afternoon and in the north bay still some lingering clouds as you can hear, see here temperatures in the mid 50's around santa rosa,
9:21 pm
napa, east bay upper 50's for oakland and fremont. inland areas partial sunshine 55 concord and livermore and for the monterey bay 62 degrees in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast after kind of a dripy early wednesday morning we are looking at dry afternoon. sunny break. chance of rain in the north bay. very light on thursday and then notice the temperatures continuing to increase. friday through tuesday. we are going from the upper 50's to the mid 60's. really mild weather and takes us through martin luther king jr. obviously it is a dry day for that. so dry conditions. the only fly in the ointment one computer model want to bring in a few showers on sunday. we'll see. >> not a lot. >> no. but we kept it out because we don't free. >> thanks very much. >> all right coming up. do you hate paying the extra fees for baggage? tonight the hotel that will do that for you. >> and local quadruplet sisters. you will hear what makes them
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>> 3 zebra shot and killed last week after straying from the hearst ranch in san simeon. rancher killed 2 because he said they spooked had horses. third is zebra shot when it got into a herd of cows. steve hearst the great grandson of william randolph hearst says he's shocked and disappointed that he was not called first. the rancher says the zebra were an imminent threat to his horses. so he shot them. all right moving on. if baggage fee are weighing you down there is some relief in sight. holiday inn parent company ihg is extending its rebate on airline baggage fees. if you stay at any ihg hotel on a weekend you can get a rebate of up to 100 dollars on
9:25 pm
any baggage fee that you pay. that is twice what the chain used to pay under the old rebate. offer is good through april 30 and that includes, by the way, spring break if you are thinking about traveling during that time. well the odds were literally 1 in a million. not on win ago lottery but the chances of conceiving quadruplet without the aide of fertility treatments. having 2 of them be identical twins. korean a met the 4 babies today at packard children hospital at stanford. >> the story starts routinely enough. the joy of parenthood confirmed with the home pregnancy test. but then samantha wing had an ultrasound and one became 2. second ultrasound revealed triplets. and you guessed it. there is more. >> we actually joked bit. like every time we do an ultrasound there is one more baby. so if we go to packard and get another ultrasound are we going
9:26 pm
to have about one more. >>reporter: they laugh at the question but the 28-year-old new mother remembers what it felt like when she first realized she was having quadruplet. >> when she told me she found fourth baby i was just really overwhelmed. i was shocked. >>reporter: doctors are agent shocked with the results of samantha pregnancy as well. about the girls were conceived naturally and 2 of them are identical twins. about doctors say without the use of fertility drugs the odds of this outcome are literally 1 in a million. >> not only is it rare to have spontaneous quadruplet with identical twins but it's rare to have this good outcome when you deliver at 26 week. >>reporter: the girls spent nearly three months in intensive care and now close to their original due date of january 27th. the first baby could go home a early as next week. and nursery is ready.
9:27 pm
intentionally painted yellow. >> the fact that we have 4 of them that's a lot of pink to have. so we are trying to limit the amount of pink in the house. >>reporter: samantha and wayne say eventually they will do genetic testing to see if natalee and isabel are also identical twins. the chance of that is 1 in 8 million. but then the family has beaten the odd before. in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight, the former bay area woman who survived the arizona shooting rampage and the decision that is continuing to haunt her in the hospital. >> harvard twins who claim face become was their idea. bay area cramp drama that picks up where the movie left off. battle for cell phone business. here the question. should you switch? >> and myself industry solved after 100 birds turn up dead in the north bay. another half after 100 birds turn up dead in the north bay. another half hour owere prese i want you to
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>> welcome back. thanks for joining us tonight. we begin this half hour with technology news. ç development on several front today. today apple announce it will be releasing an i-phone compatible with the verizon net walk work. 500 my space employees were his told today that they are about to lose their job. palo alto social networking site has been pummelled by competition from facebook. >> facebook feud goes another round. twin who claim face back was his their idea were back in a san francisco courtroom today. they say they were duped into agreeing to a settlement and they want it now thrown out. more from david
9:31 pm
louie. >> only hollywood know if there will be a sequel to the movie the social network. drama continued off screen in courtroom 3 at the 9th district u.s. court of appeals. >> you have 2 contentious bodies. >>reporter: real life twins sat in the front row as the attorney argued why facebook owes them more stock. the twins hired the attorney to write the code for social network at harvard. they claimed he stoleed idea and created facebook two years ago they reached a 65 million dollar cash and stock settlement. they accepted 1.2 million i don't know share valued at 35.90 each for a total of 43 million dollars but later the share were valued at 8.88 a share. that the price they should have gotten nearly 4.9 million shares. they are trying to void the settlement after losing in a other court. >> the fact is that they chose to resolve their mediation probably late in the evening if this is like most mediations
9:32 pm
and go home before they addressed important commercial terms that have to be in there and they aren't in there. >>reporter: facebook attorney shot back charges the company withheld material information about the company's value. >> if they expected their adversary to know washington washington on their mind then to spoon feed them information that one might use to conclude that their assumption was wrong. now if we accept their version of what occurred, they are not victims of fraud. they are out right em be soil. >>reporter: the twins tried to done questions afterwards. they finally stopped after photographer tripped and fell down. >> it's in the hands of the court and look forward to the decision. that's essentially it. >> you were called em be soil. >>reporter: there is no deadline or set time for the appellate court to issue its decision. the longer it takes the richer the twins could
9:33 pm
become if they prevail and quadruple the holdings in facebook stock. in the newsroom, abc 7 money scope. >> as i mention verizon will begin selling the i-phone which means at&t strangle hold on the coveted gaejt is over now. for years customers have complained about dropped calls. par service. and coverage with at&t but the question is will verizon be any bet? lee ann lays it all out. >>reporter: it's the handshake so many wanted to see. apple and verizon joining forces to sell i-phones. as consumer hears what you can expect with verizon. you will be able to use the verizon i-phone to create a hot spot to connect with up to 5 p c. i pad. other wi-fi devices. >> which means you can be in a hotel, taxicab and get in net service through the phone. >>reporter: feature at&t does not have. verizon has also expanded its network to handle millions of new customers and
9:34 pm
avoid bolt necks. >> we have advanced the capacity and built margin into the capacity throughout the country. so we are ready for this launch. >>reporter: but the biggest short coming with the verizon i-phone is its cdma network. meaning you won't be able to talk and use the internet at the same time. you can with at&t. >> verizon use the cdma network and at&t exec are saying life in the slow lane so we'll see. >>reporter: still many at&t customers would be will to switch. >> i would swichlt i love verizon service. i get dropped calls all the time. >>reporter: at&t didn't want to talk but sent out a statement to say why i-phone users should keep them. for the users who want the fastest speeds the ability to talk and use app at the same time and unsurpaed global coverage, the only choice is at&t. beside that long-term contract with at&t we'll keep many l from crossing over. early termination fee can cost up to
9:35 pm
325 dollars. and if you want to switch over to verizon of you have to buy a new i-phone. joe brown is with the techno l ji blog. he says if people switch it won't necessarily mean at&t customers will have fewer dropped calls. >> at&t network was clogged 10 million users ago. they need to tim proof the network to make the experience bet for the customers. can't wait for people to leave. >>reporter: the verizon i-phone will go on sale on february tenth but thoses who already subscribe to verizon can pre-order theirs one week in advance. in the newsroom, about abc 7 news. >> the santa cruz county board of supervisors voted today to impose a moratorium on the installation of smart meters. it applies to incorporated area through 2011. it gives police the authority to cite pg&e and contractor for misdemeanor. pg&e continued to install smart meters around northern
9:36 pm
california including those cities apartment county with moratorium. utility has said it will work with customers who request a delay installing though continual smart meters. in arizona tonight remarkable progress for the congresswoman wounded in the massacre on saturday. >> in fact she's able to generate her own breath. she's breathing on her own. >> in the mean time the parents of jerad loughner interthe gunman issued a statement on the tucson shooting. in it they say there are no words that can possibly express how we feel. we don't understand why this happened. we care very deeply about the victims and their family. ♪ . >> and in tucson acquire sang a part of tonight's memorial held for the 9-year-old girl who died in the shooting. >> we learn today that the neighbor who took 9-year-old christina green to the saturday morning event used to live in marin county. miss highly man shot several times and she is
9:37 pm
expected to recover. heather with more now on a woman still missed by her friend in tiburo tiburon. >> her husband bill says she was holding hands with nine-year-old christina green waiting in line to meet representative giffords when the shooting started. christina was killed. bill says she's heavily see dated but reliving the moment the 51 man opened fire from her hospital bed. >> i hear her in her semi-conscience rambling screaming out christina christina let get out of here let's get out of here an keeps talking about the holding of hand and then the realization that she was on the ground and the bleeding was profuse. her memory seems to end there. >>reporter: highly man lived for many years in tiburon former neighbor shawn sylvia says she and highly man were founding members of the marin chapter of national mother daughter charity group focusing on raising strong girls. no surprise she took christina to the gifford event. >> taking that little girl with her is so suzanne i.
9:38 pm
>>reporter: she says suzanne i is strong and will likely find a way to make some good come from the tragedy t. >> fears thing i wanted to do was get on a plane and go to tucson and i realize there had was nothing i could do. she was going to have to do this for herself. >> get this news was very sad. >>reporter: tiburon library director deborah says she host add trivia night at the library for years and known as the trivia quichbility she's a very feisty woman and i e mailed her yesterday and hoping somebody in the family is picking up the e-mail and knowing you, you will fighting your way out of it. >> highly man shot in the thigh, chest and and. she's had surgery to repair a shattered hip. her husband says her greatest role in life has been as a mother and would have done anything skho to protect christina. this is abc 7 news. approximately when we come back her tonight. decision that clears the way to transform this abandoned east
9:39 pm
bay navy facility into a giant new housing development. we have that story. >> italian man is shot but he sneeonto the left foot.eight fod
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>> hillary clinton is in yemen on surprise visit. she's the first u.s. secretary of state to visit a country since james baker in the 1980's. clinton is meeting with yemen president as well as opposition leaders. she says the country is becoming increasingly important in the fight again al qaeda. non-military aid to yemen reached 130 million dollars now that is up from 17 million in 2008. back in california. pelican bay prison near the oregon border is on lock down tonight after 2 inmates attacked 3 prison guards. both inmates had some kind of home made weaponry. they were going that the exercise yard when they rushed the correctional officers. guard suffered puncture wounds and laceration apparently they were checked out at the hospital and then released. but again pelican bay on lock down tonight as a result. >> it has been more than a decade since the navy sold off its property in the oakland hills, oak knoll naval
9:43 pm
hospital. property fell into disrepair after the financial backer lehman brothers went bankrupt. but this abandoned land is now on it way to become ago prime piece of bay area real estate. l story tonight from cecelia. >> it might not look like it now. but there was a time when oak knoll was a thriving navy base in the oakland hills. that you will stands today is the shell of an 11 story hospital. but not for much longer. if demolition is under way on the 167 acre property p.pile of rubble formerly the bacheloren listed quarters. hospital once taken over by squatters is next in line. >> it might be a listening time come but this old building is not coming down overnight. developer actually say it will probably be mid 2011 before they actually get the permit to tear all of this down. it's all being done in spite of the collapse of one of the nation most powerful financial institutions. lee man brothers
9:44 pm
part in other words with southern california developer sun cal in 2000 is ick to tear down the old building and redevelop this prime piece of bay area real estate. >> this property when we took over was by definition if great and we worked very, very hard with the city and with lee man to clean up the site. >> 1.7 million dollars was ordered released from the bankruptcy case to use for the demolition. oakland city attorney fought to make it happen. >> the fact that an entity, developer or landlord or property owner is if bankruptcy doesn't absolve that entity from having to maintain about safe use of their property. >>reporter: there was a time when none of it seemed possible. as best to infested the building. structures collapsing. weed took over. >> i wish the sun cal could start tomorrow on moving forward with the vision that they worked out with my community. >>reporter: vision that is perhaps still years off but one that could turn this abandoned
9:45 pm
base into this. 9 60 new homes and retail shopping area. in oakland, 7 news. >> mystery of a bay area bird kill had a now been solved. according to state wild life officials. on saturday more than 100 dead birds found clustered on the ground south of geyserville along highway 101. strange image i know. fish and game began investigating and quickly determined the bird had not been shot so what happened to them? wild life officials announce late today it is a case of massive road kill. bird were all hit by an 18-wheeler on saturday. so not as mysterious as the others that occurred the country lately. new year's eve more than 5000 red wing black bird fell from the sky in central arkansas. reports of dead birds follow entered louisiana, kentucky, tennessee, even brazil. u.s. gs says wild life die off are relatively xn and those in arkansas flew into homes and trees after fireworks startled
9:46 pm
them because they ordinarily would in the fly at night. >> and in the weird file here an italian man astonish doctor by sneeze ago bullet through his nose after being shot in the head. pel says he was hit by a stray bullet during a new years eve celebration. returned to the hospital and while waiting for doctors he sneezed and the bullet popped out of his nostril. the man's retina is damaged but that will be repaivrmentd the bullet was slowed down when it hit the skull. they say that saved his sight as well as hads life. weird stuff. >> uses ahead here tonight. television anchor sues for age discrimination and wins. we have that story. airline apologizes after ordering passengers to get off
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? ♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait,
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with two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." >> british broadcaster celebrating tonight after winning her case for age discrimination against the bbc. o'reilly is getting her job back as well as a 6 figure settlement. the 53-year-old sued after she and 3 other women all in their 40's or 50's were fired. the bbc brought in younger broadcaster saying the show needed more youthful look. court said targeting younger viewers is a legitimate goal but doing so does not require
9:50 pm
hiring younger anchors. >> meanwhile the british budget carrier easy jet has apologized for the heavy handed treatment of passengers on flighfrom birmingham to geneva. the plane had been filled with too much fuel so 37 passengers were asked to leave. when only a few volunteered the last 30 to check in were told to get off or be arrested. rae make passengers got to geneva they were told the luggage had been removed to lighten the load and still back in england. some didn't get the bag for 5 days. officials are investigating the airline is apologizing. all right. let's go back and update the weather forecast one mr. time. getting a bit milder. sandy here with the forecast. >> you are not going to get the raw end of the deal here heading to tomorrow. nicer with coming. live doppler 7 hd showing awe few light showers still showing up around the bay area and the monterey bay. 40's tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock and we will see the sun breaking through by afternoon so temperatures rising into the 40's and 50's. even a few 60's
9:51 pm
showing up. 4:00 p.m. temperatures running much mirld than what we have seen in previous days. numbers in the 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast could be a little drizzle or light shower early tomorrow morning. after that next chance mainly north bay thursday and look at the temperatures. they just come up each and every day. upper 50's to mid 60's by the time we head towards early next week. dry forecast as we head from friday all wait through early next week. the only the possibility is sunday where we may see a few showers. >> thanks very much. >> now to one of the most watched videos on you tube lately. a man trying to clear the ice out of his gut gutters. he can't see above him. watch the ice out of his gut gutters. he can't see above him. watch what happens. paparrazi whoa. about obviously no one was hurt.
9:52 pm
he's fine. but that gave him quite a start. very efficient way to bring down all the snow on the roof. one shot like that. revolver top avalanche. all right mike is next. >> you wish it was that easy to clean out the gutter. all right. shark with a 4 game slot and familiar face in the opponent box tonight. former san jose head coach wilson down looking for career victory no. san jose head coach wilson down looking for career victory no. 6
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. east bay boy attacked by pit bull and he says it was no accident. >> also the first hospital photocñ rae leased of arizona congresswoman giffords after being shot. s those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but mike is here with all the sports. sharks struggling. >> struggling but still struggling tonight. shark only one player selected for this year all star team. defense man boyle. part of the reason may be the drought they are experiencing. lasts 10 period 129 shot on net only 1 goal. hope to evenly the drought tonight at the tank. in dalla dallas. looking for career win. no. 600. shark get off first period. light the lamp 15 of the year and take an early lead. second period. interesting. logan taken out by orr called for 2 minute penalty for kneeing. about irate. he goes after orr. and just gets worse after that. helped off the ice limp back
9:56 pm
to the locker room. not happy. physical continues. heatley knocked on the back. checked from behind. he flies head first in the net. one nothing in the third. great hesitation move. about slipped it by him and 1-1 game. on the power play. about the back hand. just like that 2 for marlow. break away. shoots. own rebound tie up at 2 but lead 3-2 in the third. complete highlights for you tonight at 11:00. just saw logan and kept the shark afloat with 19 goal this year, tenth in the nhl. knee to the try we showed you and won't keep him down break out season got him selected to the skills challenge at the all star classic. >> actually about boyle came up and said con grat and for what so he told me app obviously an honor. rookie in the league this year so part of that. >> well deserved. last night
9:57 pm
title game between auburn and oregon a bit of everything for college football fans. sloppy first half. nerve wracking second half. signature play of course came from auburn running back true freshman dire. run late in the fourth quarter for the duck defense and entire state of oregon thought he was down. kit kid had the presence of mind with a little screaming from the side lines to continue running. that set up the game winning field goal and auburn 22-19 victory. now the national title place auburn top of the final ranking. undefeated tcu and oregon slip to third and ohio state round out the top 5. stanford hig highest ranking to evenly the season since 1940. reward they are looking for a new head coach. meanwhile michigan found their head coach after being turned down by jim harbaugh and lsu les michlts hired san diego state hoch. went to the first bowl game in 12 years and named mountain west coach of the year. he was assist tan at michigan for 8 seasons. now to the nfl.
9:58 pm
cleveland denver and raiders still looking for head coach. al davis potential head coach to have a staff in mind before he hires you and hue jackson talking about assistant around the league and good sin for jackson. carolina panthers have the new head coach. chargers defensive coordinator rivera former cal chicago bear linebacker grew up on the monterey peninsula. 4 49-year-old won super bear with 85 bear and second latino head coach in nfl history. florez the first. >> get into playing you strive for one thing and that's super bowl champion. when you yet into coaching you strive to be a superbowl winning head coach. that's what my goal is. >>reporter: spring training right around the corner and yankees pursuing ace free agent pitcher. 33-year-old thrown only 28 innings the past two years due to injury. duke 33 and 25 with 3.1 era with texas and a's. all star in 2005 and
9:59 pm
starter and reliever. now to germany for the world christmas tree throwing championship. good end to go the christmas season with unwanted pine. start you off with a javelin throw competition. form is operational. get a grip and let it rip. technique also operational. move on to the spinning throw competition lake the hammer throw. sport for everyone. athlete cool counsel afterward with roaring of a fire of course and p you guessed it of the christmas tree. >> this should be an olympic. >> i have one of the artificial tree. item so heavy can't even about picture up. thanks that's good stuff. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 for mike and all of us i'm tan ashley thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye for hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye for now


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