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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 14, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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because i knew he had some cat. want to make sure the cat was okay but it was super super smokey in there. go to the
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bathroom open it up the closet er upt in flames. i kind of hit the deck and get my feet and run out. grab my bag. call 911. bang on the 10 apartment underneath us. got them out. that's it. >>reporter: the red cross is offering tenant hotel voucher to have a place to stay tonight. many people however will be staying with friends. the fire department will be hear for awhile. mopping up and investigators are her to determine the cause. live m san francisco, lil i don't know kim abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. if just tuning in agent technical problem at the top. glad you are with us. it's fixed now. >> being warned of potential for devastating rove in california and it is not from an earthquake. capitol correspondent annette with the warning today from scientist. >> our storms really are as bad as hurricane. >>reporter: it is like a fire hose spewing what the non-stop. new uning of atmospheric rivers which are high powered storms that pound an area for days or weeks with tropical
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rain. shows california could potentially suffer 1 trillion dollars in damage state wide from subsequent floods. the u.s. geological survey dub that catastrophic storm the other big one. >> the loss peb are positive continuingally 4 to 5 times more than alarming earthquake on the san an degree asphalt. hence our concern. >>reporter: it wasn't the one southern california got a taste of an arc storm dropping 17 inches of rain in one part of la county in 3 day. the usgs study lacked at wore case stor storm. don't of tropical rain for 9 days straight. >> you get touch what the it overwhelms our storage system and has to go somewhere else. that's where we can lead to catastrophe. >>reporter: other mega storms in california include the one in late december early january of 1861 and 62 when governor elect stanford famously took a row boat to his inauguration.
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because it rained for 45 days. u.s. gs said he notes that arrange storms are rare. >> about every one to 2 centuries. >>reporter: nonetheless scientist your honor communit communities in california to prepare. only some levee are built for a 200 year storm. >> if we have bet plans and we have in our community it will save lives and property. >>reporter: scientist would like to develop a storm rating scale similar to the one used for hurricane. that way californians can prepare based on the predicted severity. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> the parents of more than 5 55,000 low income children in california will continue to receive child care funding from the state. payment go to parent who were open cash assist tan now but now have jobs or in school. state will use 60 million dollars in unspent department of education funds in order to keep this program going. that will cover payments until april first. governor brown proposed budget
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would cover payments after that. blue shield of california says tonight that it plan to go forward with an increase in health insurance rates. blue shield announced plans to boot rates for individual policy holders by up to the 59 percent in some cases. company issued a news release promising to subject the new rate to an independent rae view and even issue refunds if the rate can not be justified. >> 4 years ago governor announced plan to open health clinic at 500 elementary schools around the state but according to california watch, project of the non-profit center for investigative reporting, not a single one has been established. education reporter lee ann had a the story. >> i'll take your bloop. >>reporter: they have a moderate he were health care center for the students. mental health service and enrichment program are also offered. >> these people can tell they love you. they care for you. they are always here for you. >>reporter: jennifer is the center director. she says if
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student are healthy physically and mentally it will reflect in the school work. >> we knew that if we could create a set of services and connect the service was young people that we would support them to do well in school. >> they have tissue when we cry. they are here. they are our shoulder to cry on when we don't have nobody to talk to at home. >>reporter: there are 176 health center in schools in california. there should have been more by now. 4 years ago then governor schwarzenegger promised to add 500 of them in elementary schools. >> that initiative came about when the state was trying to pass it own health reform legislation and i think the thinking was that these health centers would be part of that. >>reporter: but the california legislature never passed health care reform. then came the recession. according to california watch, as a result to date not a single one of these centers has opened. tom is the new state superintendent
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of schools. >> we are in a fiscal emergenc emergency. state built is still in crisis. the economy is still in crisis. >>reporter: school district like oakland yawn fight are going forward. building health care centers by relaying on help from the community. they are counselling on local bond money. grants. donation and some money from the federal government. any future funding from sang to is unlikely. >> governor brown not made health care reform a mainly part of these platform, campaign, hasn't talked about it. since he tack office. >>reporter: even though there is a financial incentive to fund these centers. >> school health center get prae convenienttive health care to kid right away. they prevent illness prosecute spreading in the school. they keep kids in school saves money for the school because they get to keep the average daily attendance up. and they also prevent kids from getting really sick and going to the emergency room. >>reporter: something that
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ends up costing 3 to 4 times more than a trip to the doctor's office. you can read more of the california watch report this weekend on line at california in the the news room, abc 7 news. if you would look to know more read the complete california watch report at california state legislators are set to try a second time to repeal california open carry gun law handgun law. it allows registered gun owners to carry unloaded firearms in public. la year the legislature passed a bill repeal the law but failed to get to the governor desk before the end of the legislative session. of assembly speaker or assembly member anthony port of flint ridge introduced a new bill to give the measure a second chance. >> open carrier are law abiding citizens and basically what we do is exercise our second amendment right. it was a law abiding citizen who washington armed who decided not to employ had own firearm to, one who
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washington one of the hero who stopped the tucson tragedy. >> california police chief association another law enforcement group have endorsed this bill. personnel at hunters would be exempt from the open carry ban if it passe passes. arrest tonight in a coffee house killing in san francisco. shooting happened in san francisco tenderloin district. man chased at gun point into a cafe and shot dead. it may have been over a debtor lap top but whatever the moyvt, the killer chased the victim through the streets and as vick lee report, the security camera show an act of cold blooded murder. >> family and friends came to this coffee shop where terri turner washington murdered. among them florez who is a distant cousin. >> heard it was really, really really gruesome and brutally violent and it just really scare me like i mean this is my neighborhood. >>reporter: the owner opened up the back of the could have fee shop so they could bring in flowers to a memorial atop a
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small table. this is where the 29-year-old washington chased and then shot execution style. the story on the street unconfirmed by police is that the 2 were fighting about a block away. >> the dispute washington over money actually so when the fight broke out, i guess one person took another lap top and the victim he ran in here. >>reporter: this reporter saw the graphic video from security cameras in the room. it showed the gunman chasing and firing knew him are you shot at turne turner. gunman chased the victim carrying a brief case or lap top over here next to the bathroom. the gunman shot him a couple of times here. the victim went over here. fell to the floor. gunman then shot him several times in the head at point blank range. grabbed the bag and escaped. >>reporter: it's the third fatal shooting in the neighborhood in a movement one
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man killed at lark and fairly near the children playground. another died at turk and taylo taylor. but the cafe owner who didn't want to use his la name says item a relatively safe neighborhood. >> there's a lot of projects but it's going to be happening to the area, a lot of business are opening. over all it is pretty good area. >>reporter: police aren't talking. so far there's no arrest. vick lee, abc 7 news. there is a lieutenant more to get to this friday night here on 7 news at 9:00. why drivers could come down with sticker shock after buying an electric car. look at what it could mean for your monthly utility bill. >> in southern california a downed power line kills man then had wife and had son who tried to rescue him. accu-weather forecast center. mild weekend coming our way but lack out for the dense fog. i show you where you can find it in the alaska weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. michael steel is weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. michael steel is out as head of the republican
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>> horrible story in southern california. doupd power line electro cute add couple there and one of the children. fair department says the tragedy happened when the father accidentally stepped on the line. wife tried to help and then the son. relative said the power line has fallen on the house before and it could have been prevented. here's robin. >> this is the second time those lines have fell on my brought's house. second time they have caught fire on my brought's house. this time it killed my brought family and him. i would like to know why that is happening. like to know why the fairs fell and killed my family? >> frank says his brought stev steve, had wife sharon and their son jonathan were all
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killed this morning. police are still investigating what happened. the thought is that somehow the whipped caused power lines to fall in the bac back. frank says it sparked a fire. >> he went back because of the fire. trying to get the fire out before it got out of control. evidentiary he didn't see the line it was down. he stepped on it and tragedy just escalated from there. family members trying to help him. and it just domino effect and i lost 3 people. >> 2 children were inside the home at the time. they both survived. >> our thought and prayers go out to not only the family members but also the neighbors her would are obviously close to the family. words can't express obviously the tragedy take place here today. >> reporter: that's rob mcmillan reporting from southern california. >> alameda firefighter are mourning one of their own tonight. captain scott cash died of cancer of the esophagus from a years old. this morning
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had colleague staged procession in had honor through the streets of alameda. look from sky 7 hd. fares hope the procession brings an attention to the brave fight against the cancer. also he contracted the disease from exposure to toxins fighting fires. he was 13 year vet rap of the department. he's survived by his wife and had son. if you live in san jose or spend much time this you may have noticed a sharp i hope crease in the amount of graffiti. all over the place. but what might surprise you is that gangs are not primarily responsible for it. so who is? we have the report. >>reporter: gang graffiti in san jose make up about 15 percent of the graffiti vandalism and that number is pretty can i ept. graffiti removal crew however are tackling a noticeable spike in other kinds of graffiti. >> tagging crew go from place to place, initial that sort of thing just wherever they condition find a place to do i
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it, they will do it. item strictly spray it and go. >>reporter: it is what you might call spray can scribble. regardless of the message the result is malicious property destruction. >> you can see the pole right there by the street. light pole. item just got all kind of little things on it. doesn't appear to be gang related. sometimes they will tag the mail box. >>reporter: most recent number support what many people are seeing with their own eye. 2008-09 fiscal year, city crew removed 101,000 graffiti tag. the following year the tag removal jumped to 148,000. to break it down another way in the la year calls to the graffiti hotline an average of 166 a week to 200 a week. while the tagging crews don't threaten violence like gang member they of compete for volume and take pride in marking hard to reach places. >> the stuff you did in the mortgage you will notice they
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come back and it i tagged agai again. it's never ending battle. >>reporter: city spends 1 million and a half dollars every year undoing graffiti damage. and despite budget cu cut, takes pride in painting over gang graffiti within 24 hours of being reported. in san jose, abc 7 news. can you imagine more than 100,000 tag they had to remove in the last year. spencer here with the forecast and there's a reason he's all smiles. >> because wave weekend worth smiling at. great sunny sky. mild weather coming our way. we have a very pleasant evening right now as a matter of fact. clear sky and live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville lacking we ward back across the bay. light on the bay bridge reflecting off the water of the bay and this is a lock at today's high pressure. this is a great mild way toned the week and into the weekend. high pressure and much of the bay area. notice the small positivetive letters next to the posting of the high pressure indicating how much warmer it was today than
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yesterday. 7 degrees warmer in concord and napa. 13 degrees warmer today in santa rosa. 4 degrees warm intersan francisco. get the picture. virtually every location except clear lake increase, standingal increase in temperatures. right now a little cool you have in some of the northern location, santa rosa 49 degrees. napa 4 48. fairfield 47. temperatures in the low 50's virtually everywhere else. these are the highlights patchy dense follow tonight overnight into the early morning hours. sunny mild weather prae vail this weekend and see warmer days on sunday monday. dense fog advisory in effect for the north bay valley from 11:00 o'clock tonight to 9 okay tomorrow morning patches of dense fog will reduce the l quarter mile visible. please exercise caution if draiving in that area. this will continue again until tomorrow morning. now this afternoon you see on the satellite image close-up satellite image fog retreated into the san joaquin valley but overnight tonight it's spreading northward and then west ward through the car kin a straight an delta and many part
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of the bay area but especially dense fog settle into the north bay valley where visibility at the lowest. meanwhile overnight low pressures will be lower than la night. cold but cooler than last night. low 40's in the inland valley of the north bay and much of the east bay. on we good to the satellite image showing high pressure dominant feature in our weather that give us a nice dry pleasant weekend. stormtrack remains to our nort north. no disturbance our way. several days of pleasant mild weather. tomorrow south bay sunny skies. high pressure 67 and mid 60's on the peninsula. p.m. san mateo menlo park mid 60's pacifica half moon bay and san francisco downtown top out at 61 degrees. sunset district around 60. santa rosa 68 will be the high. 67 at clover dale. 65 sonoma and petaluma. nearest bay about high of sdmiv
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this area. 65 at danville and dublin and walnut creek and livermore. near monterey bay the mildest weather of all 68 in santa cruz. 69 at watsonville, gilroy and 70 at salines as. 7 indicate forecast, 7 days of sunny sky and mild conditions with high pressure climbing into the mid to upper 60's for most of the period but temperatures taper off a couple of degrees still mild but not so mild. this weekend and on monday and tuesday. lovely weather. enjoyment look out for the early morning fog tomorrow and sunday is that nice to see. >> great weather. great january weather is that come up next. rebirth of san francisco landmark. historic bay area legacy of the palace of fine arts. >> plus buying golden globe arts. >> plus buying golden globe nomination startling cushion@
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>> listen to this. days before the golden globe an insider is claiming that you can buy a nomination. former publicist for the golden globe says he and his company were fired from long-term contract with the award show after trying to stop the award show from accepting cash and gifts from studio in exchange for vote. he has slapped a two million dollar lawsuit on hollywood foreign press. michael russell claims the press accepted lavish vacation and gift the from studio in exchange for support of films. and that they sold media decree depositional for profit. >> san francisco landmark fallen on hard times is back as as a gleaming sparkle jewel tonight. 96-year-old palace of fine art just reopened after a major renovation. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez reports on this work of
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art. >> it is a classic landmark. restored to the glorious origi origin. palace of fine arts was fading. falling apart. now it has been retrofitted pantyed replanted even the swans are back in the clean lagoon. >> we tore everything out. basically started from scratch. all new concrete. all new paving. all new landscape. irrigation. drainage. >> 21 million dollar project that took seven years. 16 million dollars of that money came from donation. donna grand parent fell in love over the dome. she hayed up fundraising. >> the a lot of people have passion about the pal la of fine arrest. memory of speeding the duck and swan or story of the 1915 exposition and relatives being here so a lot of passion out there. over 1200 donors came through for us. >> great example of where a private public partnership can work. >>reporter: the palace was part of the 1915 exposition. never to last but hearst led a drive to save it and patched up
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over the years. it was designed by the renowned architect to reflect the spirit of ancient rome like a roman ruin. not at all ruined. two million visitors a year come here. >> well worth money spent to actually preserve it. >> they have done a great job. >> for some actors inspired performance. palace of fine art. meant to be here for another 96 years. >> we hope. that is what inspires me to be involved. to help take care of the legacy project. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight. tweeting tirnts out of power. internet brings down a foreign government. >> out cry against foreign trade agreement some people claim will put jobs s ineopard jeopardy. >> also tonight. secret that every driver can use to save time, gas and lives.
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fox hunting where the time, gas and lives. fox hunting where the hunter is out foxed
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>> good evening. start the half hour running down the headlines we are following for you. fire tonight raced through 2 apartment buildings in san francisco's mission district. 16 people are evacuated as a result. good news, no injuries there. researchers are now warning of a disaster that could did three times at much damage as a large california earthquake. it is a catastrophic storm that could overwhelm the state flood protection system and could dra patcly harm the state economy speakingally in the central valley. they expect the storms every one to 200 years. blue shield of california is he it plans to go forward with an
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incredit in health insurance rates. blue shelled has announced plans to boost rates for individual policy holders by up to in some cases 59 percent. headlines tonight. president obama has strong words about the dramatic events almost 8,000 miles from here. about. >> he is applauding the courage of the people of tunisia a protestors took to the streets against the oppressive government and forced the strong arm president to nreechlt revolution fueled in part by the internet. >>reporter: anger erupted on to the streets today. police rush a crowd carrying banner reading yes we can. using tear gas and then live round to disburse them. it was enough to bring down the government to first a nation president to flee. for 23 years the president grip on the anything
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has been brutal. then there was a wikileak revelation. the messages from the u.s. outlining the lavishly corrupt lifestyle of the president and his family. life of mansion and yacht while the nation suffered under soaring unemployment and food prices. one leak cable even described how the president son-in-law owned a tiger and influence in ice cream for over seas. all these details turned into instant rally cry on the internet. >> people have been using twitter all day to give us a minute by minute vivid account of what was going on in the country. for example this person writes breaking news. wow! the dictator leave the country. my god my god this is amazing he writes. >>reporter: crowds are using twitter on the cell phone to mobilize and coordinate the protest and fellow demonstrators where snipers were perched. >> me and my phone and my fellow tunisia over through a
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government that every foreign nation supported. >> many arab government are said to be watching the city in tunisia very closely from morrocco to egypt and jordan. countries are worried refuse logs by the people and for the people might be headed to their countrnext. dozen top terror suspects with link toal tied escape from jail in iraq today. men somehow got the hands on police uniforms which they put on before walking out. they were in jail for multiple car bombings in basra. marine killed today when amphibious assault vehicle sank during training exercise at camp pendleton. this was the scene earlier as rests cue crew searched for the marine in the water at oceanside harbor in san diego county. homeland security secretary janet nopolitano has cancel the continual virtual fence along the border with mexico. designed to reduce smuggling the fence only covers 53 of the 2000 mile border and has cost taxpayers almost 1 billion dollars. technical problem
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cost overrun and schedule delay she says she will use existing tech until ji taylor to local needs. >> in san francisco today protestors rallied outside the federal building to demonstrate their unhappiness with the president's effort to ratify a free trade agreement with kore korea. political reporter mark matthews explains why. >>reporter: outside the federal knowledge at seventh an mission california fair trade coalition director tim robertson is beating the drum against the proposed free trade agreement with credit 8. bad for workers. bad for the environment. >>reporter: he says it will kill u.s. manufacturing jobs while growing job in china. >> the deal allows up to 65 percent of korean product to be source from chin eric's according to him the agreement gives china a back door to ship more goods to the u.s. open his trip to korea in november the president said the agreement would create jobs at
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home. >> for america this ace job strategy. because with every one billion dollars we sell next port 5000 jobs are supported at home. >>reporter: the deal calls for south korea to cut the tar i have on u.s. made cars in half. 8% down to 4. and to eliminate it completely in 5 years. u.s. tax on korean automobile remain at 2 and a half percent until the fifth year when it too would be completely eliminated. u.s. international trade commission estimates the terror of cut would increase exports of american goods by 10 billion dollars. while the president was in korea protest over the agreement rocked the capitol. federation of trade union there says the deal would put corporate profit ahead of standard for labor and wages. but in silicon valley a senior software specialist with a korean trade promotion agency says trade agreement will benefit silicon valley. >> many korean company looking
9:35 pm
for american engineer pshltion opening u.s. open rigs here. >>reporter: he says the u.s. is well known important its software and they have good television and cell phone and says the trade agreement will increase business for both. the president plans to call in the state of the union speech scheduled a week from next tuesday. in the newsroom, 7 news. republican national committee is turning the page on michael steel tumultuous chairmanship. steel is out as chairman of the republican party. he led it through the most successful midterm ever but the committee is facing million dollars in debt. he's being replaced by this man. steel former right hand man. listen to this one. fox hunting for man in bella russ did not end quite the way had he planned. according to the london telegraph the hunter was about to use the butt of the rifle to fish off the wounded
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prey somehow as erased his gun the fox leaped discharged the rainfall and bullet hit the if if you wanter in the leg. fox escaped. hunter recovering in the hospital. back here at home. more electric car out on the road has a wrinkle. will the money you save on gas be spent instead on paying for more electricity to charge the car? after all the more electricity we use the more it costs. but as heather explains, there is an effort to make an exception. >>reporter: california tiered rate system put in place to discourage high energy use and make the state more green. more electricity you use the higher the rate. new university study says that means californians will end up paying the highest cost for charging electric cars. study show as plug in hybrid volt would increase household electrical young by 60 percent. even accounting or charging at night at off peak rate the costs will still be higher than
9:37 pm
elsewhere because our rates are 35 percent higher than the national afternoon. uc berkeley renubble energy expert is currently writing the world bank energy strategy an says the study is premature. >> california has been working through the governor office, p uc and air resource board on system to make the state ready for electric vehicle. that would involve special charging rates, special charging time, charging centers where you can bring in vehicle in fleet or private people to be charged. >>reporter: electric car use will be promoted and offering a discounted rate for charge ago car. >> 25% or so less than the residential customer rate but depends on how much you use and how long you are plugging in. generally what you use for electricity. bill really depends on that. california working through some really important innovative plans to make these vehicles the first choice for motorist whet private vehicle or fleet and to
9:38 pm
take advantage of the fact electricity is in fact so low carbon. >>reporter: consumers soon weigh in as more all electric and plug in hybrid hit the market. this is 7 news. coming up here next. danville hero pilot sully. >> one of those seminal events people remember where they were when they first heard bit. >> miracle on the hudson
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>> business tech news. net flicks able to buy remote with net flicks button. call up the screen so you can watch strea streaming video right on the television. sales of app from apple l i tune web site now approaching 10 billion and the no. 1 free i-phone game out there right now is called bubble ball. invented by a utah eighth grader. in just over two weeks it has been down loaded over 1.5 million times including 400,000 down loads just yesterday. catching on lake wildfire. >> tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of the so-called miracle on the hudson. that's when bay area pilot sully
9:42 pm
safely landed his air bus 320 loaded with passengers and crew on new york hudson river. in an instant sully was a household name. and national hero. i had the chance to sit down with him once again this week to discuss how that event changed his life and how he is using his fame to make the skies safer. this must have been the fastest two years of your life. >> especially the first one. at first it was drinking from a fire how's hose. i can't tell you words almost fail me being able to tell you if you haven't gone through it yourself going from complete anonimity to worldwide recognition literally in minutes. and the fire hose of public attention is focused clearly directly on you. learning curve is just about vertical. >>reporter: that fire hose of public attention hit sully full force the moment he exited that plane. the captain who only evacuated after making sure
9:43 pm
everyone else got out first. it started out ordinary enough that january date two years ag ago. suddenly just 3 minute into the flight the plane struck a flock of geese disabling both engine. unable to make it back to the airport sully made a split second decision on where to land. >> 1529 turn right runway. >> we can't do it. we are going to be in the hudson. >>reporter: ditched the plane in the hudson river avoiding catastrophe on the street of new york city. and the captain never takes all the credit it was his skill and composure that saved 155 lives that day. and to the hero the spoils in the 2 year since. sully has met president. been hobed at the superbowl. thrown out the first pitch. among countless other opportunity and experience. have you enjoyed the ride. >> one of the biggest surprise about this was that for all of us involved was that it didn't fade away lick most stories do. this lasted a long time. one of those seminal event people
9:44 pm
remember where they were when people first heard about it. because of the special nature of the story all of us involved felt an obligation to use it for good. >>reporter: last march sully rae tired from the cockpit and is now focusing his attention on making the skies safer for everyone. and he's had some success. >> we have gotten through the congress signed by the president a bill that increases the minimum flying experience pilots have to have to become an airline pilot. >>reporter: as airlines tighten the belt he's concerned about the pressure on pilots. he wants to see changes in the number of hours pilots spend in the air and between shifts to reduce pilot fatigue and he has serious reservation about his shifting aircraft maintenance out of the country. >> repair of the components parts of the airplane overhauled, put it somewhere else far away where the people working there, native language is not english yet they are dealing with highly technical manual that must be followed exactly in proper order that are written in english and when
9:45 pm
you don't have as many regulation agent from the united states overseeing that work, it is quite frankly more difficult to have as much cold front deny in the outcome. >>reporter: do you feel satisfied what you have been able to accomplish. >> no i don't feel satisfied. we have much work to do. >>reporter: he pledges to continue to do this work. sully already has one book in print about the incredible flight two years ago and another now in the work. new book focus on leadership. expect to see tonight book stores later this year. as we continue. did claim at change help kill off the roman empire? that story up next. plus the driving secret that could save time and lives. plus the driving secret that could save time and lives. back in a swere prese i want you to s.
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>> fall of rome may be recorded in tree, tree ring. researchers lacked at 9,000 tree fossil from the past 2500 years and they say there is a
9:49 pm
link between sudden shift in europe climate and the fortune of the roman empire. scientist say that period of warm wet summers coincided with prs parrot while political turmoil occurred during times of climate instability. findings are published in the on line journal of science. while we talk all things climate let go back to spencer. these are good days. >> we have spring like weather. here's a live -- a time lapse view from the high definition camera. this afternoon showing agent area of circulation offshore coastal eddy and low clouds spiraling. but doing no harm at all. pleasant day and tomorrow another pleasant day our way. sunny skies and morning at 8:00 o'clock temperatures in the 50's in most location. up in the mid 60's by midday and mid to upper 60's by late afternoon it is a nice mild pleasant again spring like day. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we are going to have 7 sunny days of mild weather coming our way. a little bit of morning fog tomorrow and sunday but afternoon is nice and rosey and
9:50 pm
we have high pressure in the mid upper 60's for the first 4 or 5 days of the 7 day period noychlt political turmoil during that time. >> the i hope not. >> what if you could get to the committees ty nation faster safer and even burn less gas getting there. new study has crunched the numbers and discovered that the key is living without left turns. jeremy has the story. >> hang ago left may work for nascar drivers. after all what was this sport without left-hand turn? but for the rest of us there is scientific proof left just isn't right. >> if people stop making left turns tomorrow we in the traffic business would be out of business the day after that. because left turn just contribute so much of our problem. >> researchers wondered what would happen if we stopped turning left all together. so they looked at especially designed super street intersection where in steady of going left you hang a right. drive a little ways then flip a legal u turn. it may sound
9:51 pm
time consuming but they found travel time actually dropped 20 percent. collision cut nearly in half. injuries plummet, to too. >> it's right thing to do. >> left-hand turn are no joke to u p s. >> we will make a right turn here. >> few years ago the company installed navigation software that minimize number of left hand turns drivers make. result has been staggering. sin 2004 avoiding left has saved the company 10 million gallons of gas and reduced emission that are equal to taking 5300 cars off the road. for an entire year. something to think about next time you approach the intersection. apparently you can't go wrong going right. this is abc news, new york. >> isn't that interesting? saves a lot of georgia lean and maybe makes you agent safer. i need to make a hard right turn and go to sports. >> all right. coming up in sports. 49 ers head coach jim harbaugh not going very far to fill out hads coaching staff.
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once again the warriors are fill out hads coaching staff. once again the warriors are trying to beat
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>> coming tonight at 11:00. another live report from the fire tonight in san francisco mission district. we have more from one man who had to run back into his smoked filled ap app. tell you why. >> one woman says it felt like a virtual rape. what you can learn from how an admitted facebook stalker had as areed dozens of women. those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but sports warriors in
9:55 pm
action tonight. >> pretty good game going on tonight after losing a tough 1 to the lakers on wednesday the warriors are trying to bounce back again the other la team the clippers. only way to slow down griffin trip him. former warrior davis once again playing well. sets up griffin. now gordon. weaving his way through the defense. griffin the follow dunk it might have been in the cylinder. 2 man game. ellis to lee for the two handed flush. golden state up by 4. monty at 38 wednesday against the lakers. tonight 21 in the first half. just 3 just beat the shot clock. another former warrior ike now with the clip and makes his presence felt. warriors led by 7 at intermission. second half now here come the clippers. gordon the steel and dunk. la within 2. tied at 96. andre misses unbut stays with it. monty for 3. the first point of the second half. 6 minutes to go. xwriv inspinning high off the
9:56 pm
glass. foul. but writ now the warriors lead the clip 11 116-108 with about a minute left. new 49 head coach harbaugh back to stanford to fill 3 coaching position. roman hired as offensive coordinator. vick offensive coordinator and tim will coach the offend i have line. former forty-niner all pro defensive tackle young is headed to florida. he has been hired by new head coach to coach the gators defensive line. he held the same job at san jose state last year. nick will not return for the senior season. some predict he will be the no. 1 pick in this year draft. 6 five set a record with 11 and a half sachs this season and mvp in the national championship game. >> nfl play off resume tomorrow with fair pretty good match up in the afc the steelers host the ravens while in the nfc it
9:57 pm
is green bay at atlanta. in late november the packers and former cal star rodgers lost in atlanta 20-sfaern. game decided by late field goal. rodgers says he and the team mates ready for the rematch with top seated falcons. >> play offs and significance but there is an urgent level to fix up for all the guys. >> want to give back. be flying we didn't want revenge. but i think we got real confidence. i think we fell like we match it well against them and we are going to be ready to go. >> game getting the most hype this week is sunday show down at foxboro between the patriots and jets. they split the 2 games this season but lasts month new england embarrassed new york 45-3. that upset an loss only stoked get can i have fire of jet head coach rex rya ryan. >> this one probably be the second biggest game in the history of the franchise. obviously super bowl 3 being the most. plenty of respect
9:58 pm
for them. we don't fear them the. i ka can promise you that. we didn't fear them. we respect them. we are going to win the game. >>reporter: jets are 8 and a half point under dog. now to baseball. if you can't get enough of the giants you might want to subscribe to show time. world series champ get their own tv series. pay channel network granted access to go behind the scene and follow the team throughout the upcoming season. the series is is it to premier during opening week in return each giants player has a free year of cinemax. just kidding. kidding. you know about cinemax. former stanford golfer joseph brand made the debut today in honolulu after heavy rain postponed the first round yesterday the weather was picture perfect. he and tiger woods are the only african american players on tour. the rookie was not exactly tiger like this chip is off the mark. shot a 1 over par 71. matt is one of 9 players tied for second and shot a 65. leaving him uses one stroke back of the
9:59 pm
leader stewart apple l bee. warriors game i understand is still going on. do we have a score right now? >> 20 seconds left. 110-2122. >> thank you very much. i think the warriors have it wrapped up is that looks like it. >> the chip you showed in golf they have a terrible chip for the rest of it's fabulous. >> 1 over par an we are complaining. we'll 97 get close. >> this game the jet, patriots mawch is going to be pretty good. >> a lot of trash talking this week. >> playing best football. >> they have to be the faith to win again this year. >> we'll see thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20 for rick and spencer i'm dan thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in one hour over on time as always. hope to see you again in one hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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