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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  February 4, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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chief batts staying. when she did want to be on camera, he said he needs support from all sides to want to stay and apparently he is going to get that. he has had some problems an the force since he arrived. the force has dropped from 800 officers to about 650. there have been problems with squad cars falling apart, computers not working, and most recently -- in fact just yesterday a couple more incidents of two-way radio communications between police and dispatch not working. but despite all that, the chief says he is staying and in a press release he put out today he was not available on camera until this afternoon, he did say they, meaning city officials, have said they understand the needs of the police officers and will work diligently for the residents of oakland and are willing to work with me to address those needs. now, one of needs, the immediate need, is getting those radios
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fixed so officers can call for backup. they're doubling up in squad cars. i talked to the union president about it this morning. >> now the officers have to double up, two officers per car until this radio situation sticks. that's probably going to delay some response times. >> so far fewer squad cars out there? >> correct. >> fewer squad cars meaning a greatly reduced police visibility. the most recent incident was yesterday when officers chasing burglary suspects couldn't get their radios to work between squad cars. yesterday it was between squad cars, officers were shouting to each other and using hand signals. chief bats knows all this, knows what the situation in oakland is. perhaps the mayor and the city council threw him a bone. ten of the 80 officers who were laid off last summer are being brought back on the force.
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just ten out of 80 and the 80 only half the number since batts became the chief. maybe they'll start moving in the right direction and chief batts is staying here in oakland. >> an emeryville police officer was slightly injured while trying to break up a massive bar fight early this morning. kitty's bar on holland street flagged down a passing officer. they told them about 180 people were battling it out with bottles, knives and guns inside. that's where the mob turned on officers. one officer was hurt when he was hit in the face. additional officers from emeryville, oakland, berkeley, the chp and u.s. berkeley police came to help. police arrested only two people. >> arson investigators are looking into yet another suspicion fire in san francisco castro district, the fourth in two days.
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a small fire was set outside the door at a home at 18th street around 4:00 this morning. a neighbor helped put out the fire before the firefighters arrived. that comes less than 24 hours after three fires in the same area. one of yesterday's fires damaged an apartment building at 16th and market streets. a resident took some cellphone video of that fire. a fire seriously damageds a nearby building under construction. the third fire scorched a trash can. they don't know they were all set by the same person. >> in san jose firefighters are looking for the cause of a fire that heavily damaged an apartment building this morning. the fire broke out after 6 a.m. on warren drive. sky 7 hd was over the scene. officials say it started in the downstairs unit on the right side of the building and spread to the second floor and the attic area. a firefighter suffered a minor burn and a resident suffered a
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minor injure as well. eight had to be evacuated from the building. one of our viewers uploaded this photo of the fire to abc 7's youreport powered by today. if you see breaking news, we'd like to share your photos with other viewers. just upload them or e-mail them. >> and now to the revolution in egypt where thousands of protestors are in the tenth day of a massive movement to force egyptian president hosni mubarak out immediately. the united nations is criticizing what it calls a blatant attempt to stifle news coverage. al-jazeera's tv officecess were stormed d and buburnrned todad the laatest o on this rapidly changing story. >> chereryl, it's estimated tha 100 reporters and photographers have been atttacked in thehe pa few days h h hampering theirir
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evidencece of video and picture here's a live picturere from th square. about 100,000 anti-government demonstrators have packed the square. manyny havave brought food and blanketing vowing to say there until the egyptian president steps down after ruling the country 30 years. they are calling the day a day of departure. so far it's been very peaceful over all. there were tense moments outside the square between anti-and progovernment dem straltors but nothing like when supporters stormed the square and launched an attack. president obama and his administration have been in constant communication with top egyptian officials trying to put pressure on egyptian president hosni mubarak as soon as possible. >> other president's made it very clear he would like to see that move reasonably quickly. but at the same time in the end
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this is really up to the egyptian people and egyptian government. >> the president who spoke exclusively says he's determined to stay in power until the elections in september. he says if he steps down now there could be more chaos and unrest in egypt. protestors in the square are feeling empowered. i just spoke with a professor in cairo who has spent every day in that square. he says there's a lot of stability and kindness there and for the first time ever the people feel like they finally have a voice. >> the sense of excitement, the sense of thinking the people now own their destiny. they have a future to aspire to. they have something to look up to. >> but the professor also says there's a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety not knowing what's going to happen with that transitional government. the way the constitution is written right now he says the speaker of the parliament would
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take over if egyptian president hosni mubarak steps down and people believe he just as corrupt. california senate president darrell steinberg says community and religious leaders are holding a news conference about egypt. they're condemning an attack on a u.c. davis professor and violence against protestors in cairo. she says she was beaten by state police after talking to a reporter on wednesday. she flew to cairo a week ago to join the protest. the white house has also condemned the violence. president obama is expected to talk about the unrest in cairo later today and, of course, we'll have the latest tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thanks a lot. the labor department released what some are calling very good or very clouded jobs report full of both good and bad news. it says the unemployment raid dropped from 9.4% to 9% last
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month, the lowest level in nearly two years. but it contained a big disappointment. 36,000 new jobs were added last month and that's the fewest in four months. economists were expecting nearly 150,000 new jobs. >> 36,000 jobs added in a single month isn't even enough to keep up with the new workers that the economy adds every month. so we need to see a level significantly higher than this to really start making headway and kind of filling in the recessionary gaps in the number of jobs that we've lost. >> california's unemployment is still much higher at 12.5%. economists believe brutal winter storms maybe partly to blame for the small number of new jobs created last month nationwide. speaking of jobs, abc 7 is cosponsoring another free job fair next tuesday. it will be on concord february 8th at center concord on late ton road. you can find the address and
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hours at under "see it on tv." >> here's some potentially great news for the bay area. moffett field in sunnyvale is a major contender for the 2020 world exposition. some say it's a front runner. if it happens it could bring hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of visitors. moffett field has 500 acres right in the heart of silicon valley with mass transportation systems. the competitors include turkey and thailand and possibly russia. the last expo was in 1984 in new orleans. >> what would you do? coming up nasa makes a critical announcement on whether the husband of wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will command the final for shuttle "endeavour." >> the
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. nasa confirmed today that mark kelly, the astronaut husband of shooting victim gabrielle giffords will head to space in april. kellie will command the space shuttle "endeavor" for its final flight. he'll make the official announcement in less than an hour at houston johnson space center. he took a leave from training after his wife was shot in the head outside a tucson shopping center january 8th. gifford is undergoing rehabilitation in houston and dramatically improving.
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liftoff is scheduled for april 19th. it will be his fourth mission. he's looking forward to rejoining his crew and appreciates nasa's confidence in him. >> the government has for the first time approved a drug to halt premature labor. the pregnancy hormone injection. those babies are more likely to develop lung problems and learning disabilities. in trials, weekly injections lower the rate of delivering prematurely but did not completely eliminate the risk. the fda approval is only for women who already had a preterm baby. barbara walters tackles a subject close to home. she tells the story of her own recent open heart surgery. she talks to patients who have survived similar life-savings
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operations. it includes former president bill clinton. they were all given two years to live throughout the surgery. but it's not all doom and groom. >> i had an aortic valve and we have a cow valve and robins says he gives good milk now. >> women are especially at risk and she wants everyone to know what they can do to prevent the diseases. a matter of life and death tonight at abc 7 at 10:00. >> mike ahead with the super bowl forecast. >> one of the things you can do this weekend, walk. a great way to get some exercise. >> you can do that sunday, as long as you walk a couple more miles in the sunshine on saturday. eat all you want sunday as long as you exercise on saturday. how warm and if we threaten records this weekend. >> the verizon i-phone is breaking records before it even
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hits store shelves. >> and listen to this. football, fans could spend as much time
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♪ >> giants fans, tomorrow you get to be up close and personal with the team.
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the annual giants fanfest will be held at at&t park. during the four-hour festival, a chance to get autographs, interviews of coaches and players, tour the field and see the world series trophy. games open 11 a.m.. fans can buy tickets two hours before that. the team is expecting 40,000 people. that's about twice as many as last year. >> listen to this, the super bowl experience, anything but super in dallas. several days of bad weather got even worse with 5 inches of snow on the ground in arlington where the game will be played sunday. traffic came to a standstill. that made it next to impossible for thousands to get around and enjoy the festivities. dallas usually highs in the 50s this year. the temperatures below freezing every day since tuesday. i hear nicco laughing about that. >> oh, gasping more than anything. but they're going to have it in
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new york a couple years. there is a gamble. you wonder where all our snow is. there it is in dallas. we haven't had any in heavenly in a while. we need more and we'll get more. maybe next weekend into early, like valentine's day before we get some snow off of the sierra. looks beautiful up there. they'll find decent conditions from what i understand. let's bring it home and talk about what a beautiful picture from sutro. some of the high clouds and haze hanging around. just high clouds and sunshine, kind of a lazy day around the bay area. temperatures mid to upper 50s, already 60 oakland. 62 los gatos and the monterey bay and inland mid-50s until you get to monterey at 63. let's talk about our highlights. we'll have sunshine, high clouds today, the warming trend begins today and it climaxes through the weekend. clear, calm and cool conditions tonight. the breezes may pick up the next couple nights to keep our temperatures a little warmer
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than this morning and tomorrow morning and definitely dry and warmer than average this weekend. compared to yesterday, jumping up everywhere, 2 degrees in san francisco, oakland 4, concord, san jose and 5 fremont about 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. about 10 hours, 25 minutes and 22 seconds of sunshine. two more minutes than yesterday. 4 degrees warmer in san francisco, redwood city 5, livermore 6. napa, oakland, san jose all 7 degrees warmer than average and the sun will set -- san jose 68 degrees cupertino. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. slightly cooler. say low 60s along the coast. mid-60s downtown and south san francisco. mid to upper 60s through most north bay valleys. the low 70s the farther north you head. low 60s at your beaches. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. same type of temperatures over into the east bay valleys. may hit 70 monterey bay and inland like watsonville, gilroy
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and salinas. 30s harder to find but in our inland valleys. upper 40s around the bay shore and out to the coast. as far as heading to the sierra, the forecast, temperatures get warmer as the weekend unfolds. 51 tahoe by sunday. 61 in yosemite. as far as our forecast, 70s away from the coast this weekend, mid to upper 60s there. we'll still be warmer than average through most of next week, although a dry cold front will temper our temperatures a little and make it breezy tuesday to wednesday. >> enjoy this warm weather temperatures for now. >> we'll have to pay eventually. >> i know. thanks, mike. >> you bet. >> verizon is not taking anymore preorders online for the i-phone until next wednesday. after seeing record sales on its first day. the carrier said in the first two hours of sales yesterday more customers ordered the phone in any previous phone launch.
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stopped taking orders just before 8:00 last night. the phone will be available to the public in stores next thursday. >> what a phenomenon. >> just ahead, friday's perfect pet. >> mik on the streets of europe... "now, our government, our politics are leading us to war."religious and ethnic battle lines are being drawn by muslim immigrants... "i cannot bear to tell my future grandchildren that i have done nothing to preserve our french values. so staying here is marking our territory."could parts of
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europe be headed for civil war? yes, we see our society is splitting and dividing. cbn's dale hurd investigates. on the "700 club" monday
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, supermodel on their careers. plus christy brinkley gives a tour of her home in the
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hamptons. >> at 5:00, the bay area gas station computer glitch, drivers rush to get in on a 39 gallon mistake. and all coming up at 5:00. >> how about a little free love. we're talking about the perfect pet! >> i think so. a little cutie, mike. >> who loves it! >> checkin' me out. breathing in my ear. a lady that's fallen in love. i think i am, too. i have two cats at home so we have to find another home. hello, how are you. >> i'm very well, mike. >> tell us about this little bundle of love. >> sahara is a little over a year old, about a month over a year. and she is a chihuahua dad san mix if you can say this with a straight face, taweenies. >> i tried to talk mike into saying it about --
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>> thank you. my kids went through school. she's so adorable. >> she's very sweet and she is currently sharing her kennel at the spca with another dog. we know she gets along well with other dogs. as a cat person, you know most cats would be able to kick her around at eight pounds. >> she's a special exception, the club's second chance. >> she has a minor skin condition but her hair is growing back nicely and she'll be fine when that's taken care of. >> call the oakland spca. we already know she's a little love bug. she just needs someone to love. >> she's saying hi to her new home.
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