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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  February 13, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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>> today on christian world news upheaval in egypt after 30 years in power, president hosni mubarak steps down. big question now, who takes over? what does this all mean for the country's christians? plus he spent 3 months underground and telling the story of his dramatic rescue and god's unfailing grace. and signs and wonders of the land down under. prayer revival literally healing a nation.
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a popular uprising shakes lose a dictator a ruling that ruled for 30 years. hello, i am george thomas as you all know tens of thousands camped out in the streets of cairo, specifically tahrir square where hundreds of thousands, even millions marched in the streets. at times protests turned violently and more than 300 people died and hosni mubarak steps down and handed over power to the military. who will take over egypt? many are worried muslim brotherhood. they want to establish islamic states. >> reporter reporter: hundreds
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of thousands want change. egypt's vice president, omar suleiman -- muslim brotherhood it is now becoming a political issue here in the u.s. house majority leader erick cantor says stop the spread of islam. that is where the focus should be. >> growing number of percent people are growing concerned about the muslim brotherhood gaining influence in a new egyptian government saying jihad is the way. >> jihad for allah, a muslim brotherhood writes is not limited to the specific region of the countries. muslim homeland is 1 and not
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divided and continue to be raised with the help of allah until every inch of the land will be liberated. michael youssef pastors a church in atlanta. he tells cbn news, he dreads egypt being under the muslim brotherhood. >> god may have mercy on all of us, christians, israel, the west, and going to lose an incredible powerful ally. it will be like a domino, going to start falling, jordan and all the secular states. >> author joel rosenberg says they should be weary of the muslim brotherhood. >> muslim brotherhood is the worst case scenario for israeli, american interests, they want sharia law, radical
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muslims taking over egypt as radical muslims took over iran 30 years ago, this would be the twin pillars of radicalism. >> jennifer wishon cbn news pwashington. >> thanks, jennifer, joining us is paul, an advocate for it is country's christians. paul, you have been hearing my colleague, jennifer wishon report from d.c. what do the christians think about the muslim brotherhood? >> most of the christian leaders of the major churches have expressed their fear of the muslim brotherhood. while percent they have been repressed under mubarak, the dominant note is fear that the future is likely to be worst than the past. they hope it won't be, a lot of
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trepidation. >> are you saying mubarak was good for egypt's christians? >> no. they were repressed and discriminated under mubarak. almost impossible to build churches, difficult to repair churches. when christians were attacked by extremist muslim groups that happens almost every week in egypt they were not protect pd and people weren't punished. the big fear pwhat if the muslim brotherhood comes to power? er they want an open free democratic like in tahrir square. a fear of the muslim brotherhood. >> is it your sense today that are the christians are perhaps
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breathing a sigh of relief, christians making up 10 percent of the population going to get better or worse? >> i haven't spoken to people since mubarak actually stepped down, but um, i think the fear is still there saying, it is good that he is gone. this could be as first step towards democracy and freedom. what comes next? now the power is the military as it has been over the last 60 years. what will they do? will there be presidential electionds. tomorrow, the question is: what happens now? >> two of egypt's neighbors,
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sudan are ruled by muslim brotherhood. what is it like for christians who live in these 2 countries ? >> it is terrible. christians in gaza isn't easy, but under hamas, a muslim brotherhood off shoot. their situation hassing worsened. churches, christian bookstores attacked. further south in sudan, national islamic front which took power in 1983 was another off shoot of the muslim brotherhood . the government waged a war, several wars one against west, also a north/south conflict. have many christians in the south. two million people died in those conflicts in sudan. probably the majority are christians. the examples we have, though
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they are very different sofrts of countries and territories. examples we have so far of whether muslim brotherhood off shoots have come to power, results are terrible for christians. one reason for the fear. the hope and fear of christians in egypt. >> last question: we have been focussing on the muslim brotherhood. absent from all of that, dialogue on the international scene, christians make up 10 percent of the population in the country, who is speaking out and do you think they are playing any role in any future government? >> firstly, very few people speaking out for the christians, you are one of them. there are others. but a governmental level. at least the united states government hasn't said anything
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about the christian community. in europe, increasing throughout the middle east, basically no major political figures are speaking out for tg christian there is. >> terrific, paul marshal, great to have you on the broadcast. thank you for your insights. we spoke with our cbn middle east chris mitchell, hell told us how christians robert are responsibilitying. >> reporter: if you read isaiah 19, one day a holy highway between syria, egypt and israel. that is what many are doings. in egypt praying for the fulfillment of that prophecy. >> to see chris's entire interview log on to our website
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southern sudan willing become the world's newest country in july. more than 98 voters choosing independence. sudan's president accepts the outcome. the north and south fought a decade-long war. more than 2 million people died in the conflict. two sides must negotiate a border, citizenship and oil rights. one man's journey from darkness to light and how he found god's goodness, even, even in the depths of the earth.
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>> the husband of an american missionary killed in mexico says he'll continue their work in that country. nancy davis died after gunman opened fire on the truck 70
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mile holy spirit south of the texas border. she and her husband were visiting churches they established. the husband will continue to visit and support churches in mexico. 33 miners buried percent underground and watched with joy as the miners emerged 1 by 1, iii months later. one in particular thinks the world needss to hear his story. >> reporter: last october, jose henriquez emerged after being trapped underground. now he is sharing his story nn different cities in europe and united states.
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in washington, henriquez joined president barack obama at the national prayer breakfast. he recalled the december desperation. >> we realized we only had one alternative and that was god himself. >> they were running out of food. >> so we decided unless we prayed, there would be no way out. >> henriquez drew praise. >> a privilege to be at this national prayer breakfast ws miner, jose henriquez who was able to share the experience it was faith that helped miners nor chile enduring 17 days
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without any contact were the world. >> i can say that the president himself called for prayer meeting. in the chap l of the presidential palace, we lead a prayer meeting, something like the prayer breakfast today. it is spirit of jesus. >> underground, henriquez cultivated a spiritual clie mate that gave hope to the miners. >> they came out and passed the psychology exam so i have no problems with terrible dreamens and have the joy of god in my heart. it is wonderful. >> henriquez has had his share of accidents. this one left a message. >> he is still in control h. he is a god that keeps promises and. we are living a time of love
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and continues to follow. waiting for people to have an encounter. >> stan jeter cbn news. coming up, god's power moving through australia's churches, miracles are shaking the land of all.
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>> australia has been devastated, flash floods and cyclone, in the midst of hardship there is good news, miracles red blood are being reported, rise ups australia. gary lane has more from sydney. >> australia once considered a christian nation. aggressive secularization making many groel cold to christianity. only 10 percent of the population attends church.
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a number of churches and ministries are becoming more resolve. pastor daniel nalliah created a movement called rise up australia. christians gather for monthly meetings in 75 australiaian cities. >> reformation is what we are looking for. i can smell the fragrance of the percent rain. i know australia will come to jesus chltd>> it can goal ising to gets christians to pray for the transsfor medication of their nation. a number of miracles have been reported. >> deaf hear, lame start to walk, people are set free from demonic spirits.
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this woman set free from depression. >> if we kept up with that track, i would have ended up in suicide and certainly our marriage would have broken up. started casting demons out of me. marriage ri stored. so much better. i want to worship god like never before. >> even australia's secular media reporting on the miracles. the age wrote about a woman who was raised from the dead. diane na shield suffered a heart attack while on a bus tour. an expert on cardiac resuscitation and says she was lifeless. >> as pulseless cardiac arrest. to put that on a context of a bus with one doctor, no
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equipment, no drugs. chances coming back, very slim. >> i went into a dark place, wasn't as nice voice, you are going to die in israel. i had a word from the lord, from one of the other men about a future of my life. >> dr. james wallace was trying to revive her, pastor daniel nalliah began praying. >> diana, jesus is the winner, satan is the loser, life come back. she turned to him hopened her eyes and smiled weakly. i said to the pastor. i'll place myself under your authority. this is pastor says he died
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while attending a national prayer meeting. >> speaking from the platform and come out of the spirit of death. to go away. >> pastor cullkata shares his supernatural journey. >> they took me to the foot of a building, beautiful building, beautiful church. one thing catches my eyes when i look at the building, foundation is made up of beautiful -- and heard the spirit of the lord, son, what are you singing now? is tg picture of my church and the world. looks beautiful on the top. but doesn't have any foundation.
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the foundation is very weak. >> and today he shares that message were churches and anyone else that are will listen. as for pastor daniel nalliah he is convinced god is pouring his spirit out after many years of intersession. he believes it will spread and in thes after math of floods and cyclones, that australia's faith will be restored. >> in the midst of all the natural disasters, for more great reports how god is ats work through his church, go to our website we'll be back right after this.
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>> finally this week israeli archaeologist have uncovered an
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ancient church they think marks the site of zechariah. julie stall has the story from israel. >> reporter: about 20 miles from jerusalem. archaeologist discovered after looters damaged the surface of the site. >> the israel authority decided to start excavating. the results were fans tasic. >> archaeologists said what is special is the way it is preserved. >> looking at the mosaic floor. the southern hall is the one best preserved and you can see intri kate designs and wild animals, fish swimming in a pond. another spectacular scene of a
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lion hunting a gazelle. >> marble columns lined it shall central hall of the basilica. >> we are trying to find out why it feels built here. >> one theory back to bible times, this part was built over an ancient tomb. archaeologists say it could be the tomb of the prophet zechariah. remains are the only thing visible. jewish villages exited here during the second temple period and the great jewish revolt against the romans. they built it as a means of escape. they think an earthquake destroyed it during the 8th century. >> the visitor coming to thr church uncovered, walks into
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the same buildening and sees the same thing that the christian worshippers would have seen 1500 years ago. >> the israel antiquities authority plans to open the site to the public. it will be covered up with sand and layers offen fabric in order to preserve it from decay. >> thanks so much for joining us on this week 's edition of christian world news. i hope you will join us again next week, until then good-bye and god bless.
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