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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. winter is definitely back. get out your boots and your rain gear. weather nasty tonight and for
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the next 24 hours. good evening. i'm dan ashley. we are just starting to get the brunt of it right now. spencer is following the storm for us. he will start us off. >> okay dan. until just last few minithe storm is confined to the north bay but pushing down into san francisco. as you can see on live doppler 7 hd but most intense activity still is in the north bay. now inand around san francisco we received over/100ths inch of rain but getting heavy. you see how much heavy it is as you move north up into marin count county. and other parts of the north bay. in fact up around santa rosa so far inch and a half of rainfall and some locations near the russian river three inches of rains as you can see an extensive area of heavy rainfalling up in that part of sonoma county. so still coming down rather heavily and will continue to do so late into the night and during the overnight hours. wind advisory in effect until 1:00 a.m. wind out of the south east tlaiv to 45 miles per hour. gust to 50 and further complicating things we have a high suvb advisory from 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning
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until 2:00 a.m. on thursday. wave height rising to up about 14 or 15 feet. could rise even higher. more a little bit later and complete accu-weather forecast. >> thanks spencer see you later on the hour. >> john is live at ocean beach in san francisco. john the weather is already ruined dinner plans for one couple i know. tell us about it. >>reporter: actually they got in. wasn't terribly ruined but it's a hideous, nasty evening out here. i don't know if you can see the rain and going side ways. we had a portable wind meter an we had gust here of 30 miles an hour. that's probably at bit higher and side ways rain you may be able to see right now well that started it a little after 7:00 p.m. now as you mention it was a struggle to get to dinner at the cliff house tonight. we bumped in a few couple who were having delighted value continues day dinner. one of them says he lived in san francisco for 25 years joked this was just another day in
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san francisco. we don't go out on value tains indicate. we wait the next day and go out for our dipper. >> picked a will have night. >> we did. yes. well item kind of a nasty thing to have. enjoying it as long as i'm inside. but outside it's agent bit wet and cool and time to get home and get out of the rain. >> good idea. also going to be getting very dangerous here as spencer mentioned. high surf advisory beginning at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. going until 2:00 a.m. thursday and that is going to lead to some dangerous rip current along shoreline area including hear at ocean beach. also there may be some minor coastal flooding as well. earlier this evening up at marin county at sunset as the winds were picking up and above the rain started but as you can see it made it here to the city of san francisco where it is rather
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nasty. live at ocean beach, abc 7 news. john spencer tells me the gust are over 30 miles an hour roughly where you are. has it been lick that for long? >> no. in the minute before we went on live it really, really picked up. it held off for a minute. we almost lost our camera but ron able to grab it and salvage it and hanging on for dear life now a i'm hanging on to the sidewalk. >> look like a hurricane john thanks very much i appreciate it. >> all right. well moving on now. all of united 7 57 are being pulled out of service tonight causing delay at sfo. united temporarily grounding the planes to complete a check on their computer system. lisa is live at sfo tonight with that story. lisa? >> the entire fleet as you mention, 96 planes still grounded impacted flight here at sfo starting at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. you are looking at video taken from sky 7 today. those are just 2 flights that were held at the gate during the 4:00 o'clock
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hour. one was supposed to have left for san diego and the other for seattle. so far today flights at denver, hawaii and new york have also been delayed. all because united personnel realize today that an faa direct 452004 was never checked and signed off on. 6 and a half years ago the faa told united to install new software so the flight crew would have correct information when it came to the plane speed and warning system. and apparent glitch in the system made an alarm go off at times which distracted the crew and could cause them to take unnecessary and possibly dangerous action. the work was done and the system was fully fuchxing. it just hadn't been checked by the correct officials. >> if they fail to properly do these maintain check in a timely manner as provided unthe air worthiness directive united could be fined 26,000 collars for every flight that that 7 57 takes. and the 96 airplanes
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they are talking about is one quarter of united fleet. >> him if strand the passengers were of course feeling caught in the milt and wondered why the faa didn't check the system years ago and delays are to continue into tomorrow. as for when quantityed will catch up and have the flights running back on time, that could take until some time thursday. leif at sfo, abc 7 news. thank you lisa. >> well just about 15 minute ago or so the city of berkeley took autopsy poleizing debate. should the city council roll out the welcome mat to 2 detainee at guantanamo bay. mayor says the council has more important things to deal women. guantanamo bay is basically a side show that is irrelevant and l l distract. a in a lot of waivlt real issue that we have a problem like a lot of local government. we have to figure out how we cap get our
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budget in line. >> more on the debate now from abc 7 cecelia. >>reporter: welcome to berkeley. home to top university peace and love attitude. and if the city council see fit 2 guantanamo detainee may call it home too >> no danger to the community whatsoever. >>reporter: cynthia heads berkeley no more guantanamo. her idea to invite 2 detainee cleared of wrongdoing to live with local family is safe and willing to let one of them live in her own home. >> we believe innocent from the beginning and they simply need to heal and resume their lives and we would love to offer them that opportunity in berkeley. >>reporter: the 2 who would be invited to move to berkeley are this algerian chef moved to afghanistan. he was arrested while crossing into pakistan and ballet dancer converted to islam while in the russian army and later moved to afghanistan and pakistan. >> first thing through our mind
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here's berkeley at it again. >>reporter: move america forward visited guantanamo bay in 2008. he says berkeley officials are so eager to live with guantanamo detainees his pro troop organization will pay to relocate them to the island prison. >> berkeley putting the citizens in danger f.they are putting their citizens at considerable economic risk as well. >>reporter: berkeley guantanamo debate comes as city faces an 11 million dollar budget deficit and potential cut to police and mental health services. but the sponsor of the detainee resolution and member of the city peace and justice commission says there would be zero fiscal impact if the former inmate move to town. >> i'm concerned that the issue get a fair hearing and that it will not be a kind of painting with a broad pwruvrnlt it's another berkeley thing. >>reporter: well item not it turns out just another berkeley thing the. berkeley not the only thing considering a resolution like this couple cities in massachusetts already
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passed similar resolution but it turns out there's a catch. last month president obama signed an act that for bids the u.s. from paying for clear detainee to relocate anywhere to the u.s. if they are in prison they have no money and they have got to passport. unclear how they would get here. reporting in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> victory for prosecutors today in the barry bond perjury case. federal judge will allow prosecutors to play an audio recording they claim has the personal trainer discussing the former giant stared use. they asked the judge to exclude the recording claiming no way to authenticate it since trainer anderson refuses to testify. the judge agreeed to allow it however since the man who secretly made the recording the former business partner will testify for the prosecution. the trial is scheduled to start march 21st. >> in sacramento today state judicial officials were grilled over bunk eled contracts and huge cost overruns in massive
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computer project for the state court system. about vick lee was at that legislative hearing. >> this is certainly one of the most sobering l aids that i have read in my tenure in the legislature. >> this is about fiscal prudent enls. this is about best practices. >>reporter: legislators criticism were blunt and daj damming questioning the propriety of court computer system that the state audit says may cost nearly 2 billion dollars. >> are we going to let more courtrooms go dark? are we going to see more layoffs while the a o c moves ahead? with ccms? >>reporter: ccms. the court case management system. to link all 58 county trial courts together. brain child of the judicial council which set state wide policy for the courts. the project has been mired with serious glitches. cost overruns and delay. state audit says the judicial council and it administrative arm the office of the court miss manage
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the project by failing to control cost. >> project about substantial risk of failure. >>reporter: elaine howell is the state auditor. >> cost estimate and uncertain funding plagued this particular system. >>reporter: audit also said the judicial council failed to disclose the full accident of the projected cost to the legislature. >> they have to gain back some trust from the public from the court and from the legislature. >>reporter: almost all who testified had harsh words for the project. >> i see it as a train wreck and has not work at all for my court. >> shaken our confidence in both our executive and our bench. >>reporter: william l administrator of the court promised more transparency. >> we also will follow every single recommendation that the state auditor has made. >>reporter: but when he spoke with us, after the hearing, he appeared to refute the audit findings. >> i don't think we have wasted money. everything that has
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been ton has been done to develop a successful product. >>reporter: legislators will introduce at least 3 different bills by the end of this week. they are designed to reduce the power of the judicial council and provide for more tran parent situation in the council financial affair. this is 7 news. many sticker shock at the store. coming up here from t-shirts to 11 vyes how much more you can expect to pay the next time you go shopping and why. prices are going up. >> the local man who has been on the state payroll longer than anyone else. >> if about just didn't come across that kind of dedication to the state. >> there is some light oil on top of the water. >>reporter: plus why a bay area boat captain ran this barn stop stop stop.ately. 7 news
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>>reporter: suspicious substance in envelope forced evacuation of office building at the va medical center in palo alto just after 1 this afternoon. sky 7 hd overhead. paramedic took the employee who opened the envelope to the hospital after he reported feeling nauseous. we understand he's just fine. fbi is now analyzing the substance and is expected to announce what it was some time tomorrow. >> bart has sworn in 4 new chaplain. they will offer spiritual guidance to transit police officers as well as victims of crime. chaplain will not be paid. within the hour emergency crew are expected to free a barge that is the captain used quick thinking to avoid an environmental mess and we have the story. >> at the yacht club they were any visiting vessel is a
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curiosity but none like this. the dredging barge, just off the green. it is leaked small amount of oil as well. >> there is some light oil on top of the water. >>reporter: where does it come from. >> hydraulic oil. >>reporter: apparently vented from the barge when it beached from sky 7 this morning that spill looked significant but it appears to have had minimal impact to protect the boom that they deploy around the barge and tug. the oil concerned the environmental group they launch a boat to survey the scene an incourageed by the spots and ab sen of oil in the water but remain watchful. >> it is good to see the oil in place in case some kind of oil leak. >>reporter: the dredge hear was not happenstance. sand mir chapter in mid bay early this morning when it began taking on water. captain moved it here to the shallow. in doing so he prevented it from sinking and caution much more zeros us problem. coast guard believes
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they handled this by the book. >> they made some really good calls. i can't say what went wrong at this time. we are still looking that that. however they made a good call. >>reporter: by mid afternoon the company had moved in a second barge to transfer some of the 3000 fons of sand still aboard and to lighten the load. it is what it is as the saying goes but the good news this incident wasn't what it might have been. >> one other note. it was no small hole that caused this problem in the barge. one foot square. no idea yet how that hole got there. >>reporter: from the marina green in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and the storm that spencer showed us at the top of the newscast is starting to dump some much-needed snow on the sierra. we explain how desperately that snow is needed in lake tahoe. >> after a very stormy december that brought a lot of snow to the sierra 2011 hasn't been that plentiful. it has been
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mostly sunny with blue skies. the cool but spring like weather is great to walk around in. >> i get here once a year. so being out here like this is great. nice being able to walk without snow. no rain. >>reporter: not so good here. at lower elevation you can see how the snow is on the ground. snowmobile operation can only operate on weekends if at 8. you need nice good snow we haven't had good snow in over 5 weeks. not enough to keep the track goings. >>reporter: while plenty of snow to enjoy the winter sport the quality of the runs could certainly improve. >> first thing in the morning item very hard. since there hasn't been snow up here in a long time it gets very icey. >> i feel in bad for the people paying for ticket and stuff right now. we need fresh snow. >>reporter: visitors may get their we shall. big storm forecast to arrive over the next several hours could give the area the pwingt it need to get california back that the
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winter mode and visit the slope. >> back into the groove and thinking about winter. it is still winter. by the calendar. back in the winter business here in the next few days. >> hopefully get it p.didn't get any last nature. hopefully get some tonight. >>reporter: this is 7 news. all right now back to the bay area. there are wind advisories currently in effect on 4 bay area bridges. bay bridge. richmond san rafael. golden gate. and san mateo. bay bridge is behind me awfully windy up there all afternoon in fact but now wind advisory on there as well. talk to expense we are the full forecast. this is moving through all weekend. >> it is indeed. significant storm we have seen in quite some time. calm and mild lately but this is a very significant storm. live doppler 7 hd shows large areas of heavy rainfall in fact some heavy rain just now beginning to move through san francisco and down on to the peninsula early in the evening motor activity confined to the north
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bay but now south ward but you can see still very large area of active weather with strong wind and see up around saint helena, calistoga and we have heavy rain. over in the sierra snow is near lake tahoe and in fact interstate 80 between l blue canyon and truckee require chains so snow only going to get more intense during the overnight hours as our rainfall becomes more tense here in the bay area. right now we look at temperature readings mainly in the low mid 50's so fairly uniform temperatures around the bay area but look at the whipped gust up to 32 miles per hour at oakland 32 at hayward. 31 miles per hour wind gust down at san jose. 24 miles per hour gust at napa so all around the bay area it is windy and gusty at the moment and on we good. rain gusty wind persist overnight. snow level cold air coming in and drop to 2500 3000 feet so the highest bay area
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peak will probably see some snow before the system places itself out. isolated thunder and small hail also possible as we have some instability in the atmosphere. satellite radar composite im am shows the system bringing us this weather disturbance and behind the front will come cold unstable air. so let's take a look at our computer animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight. at which point of course we see heavy rain continuing to fall spreading south ward, eastward overnight then by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning are your hour still see pockets of rainfall. heavy in some location so expect a wet commute tomorrow morning then for much of the day we see trailing showers and possibly thunder showers and by 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening may be seeing snow top mt. st. helens that. into thursday morning a bit of break but then thursday at 5:00 a.m. or so we see more waves of rain and showers coming in and some heavy rape at times during the day on
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thursday before finally beginning to the ease up a bit late thursday afternoon. at which point we are looking at rainfall total of possibly up to three inches in the north bay mountain. 1 to 2 inches generally in the north bay and in the east bay peninsula. 3 quarters inch, inch and a half in the south bay and possibly three inches in the santa cruz mountain. tahoe area storm warning in effect until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. p-3 to 5 feet of snow before 7000 feet. gust to 100 miles per hour over the rim top. back in the bay area tonight. low pressure in the upper 40's to low 50's and tomorrow under rainy conditions high range from mid 40's in the north bay to low to mid 50's in other parts of the bay area and intermonterey bay high applied 50's as well. 7 day forecast entire 7 day forecast period we can probably expect only one completely dry day. looks like that will be sunday. we have showers, rain, and active weather through friday into
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saturday. mainly sunny skies and dry on sunday and then showers again monday and on tuesday. >> busy 24 hours. >> rain we missed out the last month or so. >> thanks very much. >> still to come. school celebration. >> if get good job and live a happy life that's why i say get good grades. >> coming up. mid year party for half an east bay high school where students are for half an east bay high school where students are planning the ladder of success
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>> what kid likes to miss class every now and again right. that's what a group of hay school students in oakland allowed to do today. as laura reports, that's one of the perk of a b average. >>reporter: it's a party in the middle of the school day. for hundreds of sky line high
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school students who are making the grade in the classroom. . why are you here. >> i got a 4.5. >> 3.38. >> i got a 3.0. >> i have never been below like a 3.5. >>reporter: this first annual event is called climb the mountain of success. it includes more than 800 of 1900 student invited to celebrate their achieving a 3.0grade point average. or they worked to raise the gpa by at least half point in one semesterth. >> it was hard but i worked towards my goal. l i slacked last year but i picked up this year. >> i want to say i'm very proud of all of you. >>reporter: oakland mayor kwan 2 children both graduated from sky lane and went on to ivy league college. >> oakland is a direct of many different kinds of schools. many of the schools in the hills and midland are the best in the state. >>reporter: administrators at sky line believe this event is especially important in a
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district where only one third of young african american males even graduate. >> we feel it's very important for us to recognize student success because they encourage themselves to put forth even bet effort. >>reporter: hope is that the success of these students will send a message to others. >> want to get to good college and good job and happy life that's why i say get good grad grade. >>reporter: in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. good work. when we continue here tonight, refuse logs in iran. look at the pro democracy movement building there now and how they use the internet technology can cut both ways. >> plus basketball star and bay area native bill russell and prestigious honor given at the white house today. >> and too many people. not enough pavement. why the pedestrians equivalent of road rage is a very real phenomenon. [ male announcer ] hands free driving.
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cars that park themselves. an unmanned car driven by a search engine company. we've seen that movie. it ends with robots harvesting our bodies for energy. [ engine revs ] this is the all new 2011 dodge charger. leader of the human resistance.
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& 2011 dodge charger. >> we start this half hour with the continuing spread of democracy in the middle east. thousands of people took to the streets today in yemen, bahrain and iran. internet is giving voice to protestor. but also helping iran authorities silence sent around the world. story tonight from political reporter mark matthews. >> i'm so sorry. >> that's all right. >>reporter: outside popular iran restaurant customers told us they couldn't talk about the protest in iran. half dozen other places told us please don't even bother stopping by. >> because afraid to go back to iran probably grab him. they don't want that. >>reporter: he laughs but he's
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not joking they suspect the government would watch that and take repriceal. >> watching everything. absolutely. i'm not going back so that's why i'm talking to you. >>reporter: far fichltd you know it is difficult because some go back. >>reporter: every iran american told me it's an issue you don't want to give me your name. >> no i don't. >>reporter: i understand that. internet has given global reach to both sides in iran. >> they stop a lot of search key words and can't say a word. >>reporter: the restaurant manager says iran government an protesttors are playing a cat and mouse game. video like these of protestors pop up on web site the government shuts them down. they appear somewhere else. on the government controlled television the information control is blatant. >> rioters open fire on bystanders killing a university student and leaving over a dozen people injured. >>reporter: government sanction reports blame the protestors. and the west for supporting the illegal demonstrations. >> meanwhile iran lawmakers
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condemn the illegal protest in tehran. >>reporter: iran lawmakers shown chanting for the execution of 2 men who oppose the president in the last election. of link tv is showing us the broadcasts and the competing coverage from dubai and other sources out of iran. >> our people in iran able to see this the at national version. >> only maybe on the web. >>reporter: at stanford iran expert and author of new book on the shah is convinced that iran current regime will lose. >> internet social network, facebook, twitter, the satellite technology, all these have made our world a much smaller place and very inhospitable territory about for those claiming to have a monopoly of truth. >> aside from the official iran news outlet, other report say it was iran security forces
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that fired into the crowd today using tear gas and rubber bullet opposition sources say dozens of people were killed in tehran. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. during the protest in egypt at least 140 journalist were injured. you may recall anderson cooper was attack. now cbs news says a reporter was hurt in the square after president man wreck stepped down. cbs provided this picture moment before the attack. cbs says she suffered a brutal and sues tawnd sexual assault beating. she was saved by a group of women and estimated 20 egyptian soldiers. she's now recovering in a u.s. hospital. the medal of freedom is the nation highest honor given to civilian and today 15 men and women gathered in the east room of the white house where president obama placed the medal around their neck. we honor them the president said as best of who we are and who
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we aspire to be. >> worthy of one of the greatest nickname in sports. stan the man. first player to make get this. 100,000 dollar dollars. even more shocking he asked for a pay cut when he didn't perform up to his own expectations. can you imagine that happening today. yet for all the money he earned you don't see warren buffet wearing fancy suits. driving fancy cars. you see him devoting vast majority of had wealth to those around the world suffering or sick or need of help. [applause] the girl mark writ an johnson she found her voice.
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>> american who knew the change could not wait for some other person or some other we honor george herbert walker bush for service to america that spanned nearly 70 years. humility and decency reflects the very best of the american spirit. his life is a testament public service is a noble cause. [applause]. >> distinguished group of men and women. bill russell is oakland native who played basketball at the university of san francisco. going on to the boston celtics. as we continue here tonight. whether someone talking on the cell phone or crowds out on the street why is it harder to escape the sidewalk equivalent of road it harder to escape the sidewalk equivalent of road rage these days
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>> big warning about the cost of food we eat and clothes we wear. recent drought and frudz here and around the world are
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sending prices soaring for those items. here's david wright. >> the calamity in the news are having a real impact open prices at home. droughts in china. heat fwhaev russia. near biblical floods in australia and wheat praises soaring. 67 percent over last year. here in the u.s. flood in the midwest means corn prices have jumped nearly 60 percent in a year. >> we have had extremely strange weather patterns the world over. many crops destroyed. we have actually sepa hit to the supply of have had available. >>reporter: grocery store men higher praises for corn flake and wheatie and drive up prices for pork. beef and poultry. >> because the main thing farmers feed them is corn. worldwide food price now up a staggering 29 percent. world bank warns global food prices now hit dangerous levels. not just food. those natural disaster also sent cotton prices through the roof. cost
9:40 pm
of a 12 dollar t-shirt liable to go up 2 dollars this year. hanes underwear could rise as much as 30 percent. pair of levi 501 is to jump 4 dollars because the price of cotton is now at 15 year high. year ago raw cotton cost 55 cents a pound. today it is 1.80. more than three times the price. >> everything is going up right now. so about we are pretty much limited in what we can afford. >> retail analyst say even though supplies are down for commodity, demand is high because so many consumers in china. that means prices are unlikely to drop any time soon. >> as the new spring receipts hit the stores, lack for retailers to try to raise prices as much as 10%. >> retailers have nope for months they would likely be facing price increases but many l have held the line for as longs as possible because still struggling to recover from the
9:41 pm
recession. now they have to charge higher prices knowing the consumer may be buying les less. david wright abc news los angeles. while we are talking about money. in sacramento late today governor brown imposed across the board hiring freeze on allstate government agency except for public safety and patient care jobs brown order applies to all vacant seasonal and full-time pochlingts also prohibit the hiring of outside contractors to do the work. all exceptions will have to be approved by the governor office. brown is trying to close a 25 billion dollar deficit and shave more than 350 million dollars in operational expenses from the california budget. well just about everyone who has doctrine on bay area roads and freeways knows about road rage. either as victim or someone guilty of it. now it seems you don't need a car to experience road rage. >> okay let's get started. welcome to rage aholic anonymous. >> this can help you.
9:42 pm
>> i am not hear for rain. i am hear for revenge. >>reporter: sounds like something out of seinfeld. rage over slow walkers. phenomenon is real. >> if you carry out complaint in your mind constantly about the other pedestrians and feeling bad about it, you have rain and sometimes it is accompanied by desire to let the other people know how you feel. >>reporter: dr. james is a psychologist with the university of hawaii. >> under certain conditions other people excite our neglect activity and walking in crowded places is one of those areas. >>reporter: crowded places like sidewalk, grocery aisle and airport hallway aggression is often directed towards tourist who walk 11 percent slower than the average walker and cell phone users who walk 1.6 percent slower. that's according to study by the city of new york. dr. james says pedestrians road rage is growing. >> it is growing in some sense because approximately rage in
9:43 pm
our culture is growing. people are now socialized as children with the feeling that they should be expressing themselves rat than containing themselves. so this leads to more rage. >>reporter: on facebook even a group called i secretly want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head. it has nearly researchers say rageers display aggressive behavior because they think other pedestrians are not following the rules that they think they should. if. >> rage hoybling. why? >> probably because this whole universe is against me. >> that's a little rage. now they want me to bolt it up. it makes me so mad. >>reporter: approximately well this would be a natural segue to larry but no i'm kidding. we'll get to sports shortly. experts say even negative thoughts can raise stress leve level. suggest changing your behavior so when you encounter slow walker immanuel the perso persons as lost or confused or
9:44 pm
simply doesn't see you. give them a break. >> just ahead. man who has been on the state payroll longer than anyone else. cominghat has kept him going for 62 years. and cominghat has kept him going for 62 years. and counting. back in a moment. 
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>> u.s. department of labor reports the average length of time a u.s. worker stays on the job is 3 to 5 years. so when someone spends more than 6 decades in the same position of pretty remarkable. wayne has the story of one legendary state employee. chp headquarters in san francisco the staff learned to take a certain standard for granted. see it in the clean counter. gleaming glass. the spotless floors. empty waste basket. to fine the man responsible just listen for the jingle sound. >> how long those keys any way. >> oh, i have had these keys for about 49 years. >>reporter: after all the complaints you have heard about greedy state employee here's the opposite. riley jameson. >> he has been the longest
9:48 pm
state employee as far as we can find from record. >>reporter: 62 years in all. so listening that when he came to work for california some of these old picture on the wall hadn't even been taken yet. >> i could have retired 20 years ago easy. >> just don't come across that kind of dedication to the stat state. >>reporter: and at level we have yet to reveal because technically. >> i am just here now. i'm off the book. i'm on the retirement list. >>reporter: don't get the wrong idea. riley official retirement date was december 31 2010. they threw a big party for him. legendary by chp standards. then he walked out that door. just one small complication. the next workda workday, riley came back. >> i don't know. i woke up the next morning and by was coming in the parking lot. >>reporter: maybe it had something to do with the lure of his raw teen. but riley
9:49 pm
could noten daughter more than a weekend without missing his home sweet home away from home filled with the tools of this trade. >> i still have to turn my keys in. i haven't cleaned my locker out. >>reporter: no, sir because a man turns 88 he can still be productive and that would be riley jameson. as much as he would miss the place, it is really the people. >> he misses us girls. >> he's a big flirt. >> let him know you are a bachelor. >> he complains when i put too many paper clips on the floor. >>reporter: to make his retirement new volunteer status truly official the department will throw a major party with all the brass here next month. as to how they might further honor riley who knows, his picture is already been up for years. >> oh, yes. i questions when you get so you can get on the wall, you are noticed around this place. >>reporter: he's noticed all right. with how he lived an object lesson that tee fines
9:50 pm
the difference between identity an function. item not what you do it is how you do it. >> well i think a good day work is you do the same thing every day and you never have no complaint. >>reporter: not a one except that some day they will have to learn to get along without him. from chp headquarters in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> wow! congratulations riley. let's go back to spencer. what a wonderful way he's lived his life. >> we should all be so rich. >> i agree. >> let look at the live doppler 7 hd. rain is richly drenching us right now. moved south ward below the golden gate. down in the san francisco and parts of the peninsula and over to the east bay now. we weren't seeing rain in the easts bay half hour ago but now over near concord and pleasant hill and over clayton road and walnut creek and berkeley heavy downpour and downpour near novato and north up into napa and sonoma county up around
9:51 pm
unitville and saint helena, calistoga, all heavy rain right now so it is here. with us overnight. let's start our computer animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and front will sweep on through with heavy rain over nature. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. still raining wet pavement for the morning commute and by late tomorrow we see some snow top the higher peak lake mount hamilton and mt. st. helens nachlt on to the is 7 day forecast. periods of heavy written that tomorrow. more showers continuing into thursday. rain on friday. some lingering rain into sat. mainly dry day on sunday and more showers on monday and tuesday. >> thank you expense snaer here we go again. why did the giant and a's spring training in arizona. >> that's right. makes me wonder why i'm not there. issued urgently get down in scottsdale. giants pitchers and catchers first work out today. will the parade and and catchers first work out today. will the parade and party lead to
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> come up at 11:00. rain wind waves and snow. we are live as this fierce winter storm moves in at full force overnight. and michael finy with 7 on your side investigation that a program that promised a veteran low cost financial help that left him with a bill for 10,000 dollars instead. though stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00. but on to larry all the sports i have i was going to say is there anything worse if behind the desk missing michael walk up with this. you know it's a bad day. >> item a bad day. good day
9:55 pm
for the giants. they gap spring training in scottsdale. maybe this is 0men but on the first swing buster homered in batting practice. bruce reaction don't peak too early. okay. he thought the phillies were the favorite to win the national league this year and raised eyebrow but the giants love the under dog role. he shaved the mustache. he joked and said his dog licked mustache off. not much of a stash. there's brian. these giant after all the victory parties and all that, will they be complacent. time to get to work and guys like buster say they are ready to start grinding. >> our goal coming in to spring training last year was to do what we did. not going to change. that's the great thing about a new year is everybody starts with a fresh start. right now i think we have to take it take things day by day. >> we walk in. see a banner that says 2010 world series champ and that just doesn't get
9:56 pm
old to see. >> everybody did what they needed to do. off season to get prepared for spring. and everybody looks good really. i think we are more than excited and ready to take on the challenge of all of last year and come out and play and pitch well this year. >> all right. warriors now wrapping up nice long stretch of home cooking. 10 of the last 11 at other cal arena and welcome in chris paul and hornet. honoring the family of franklin and 75 championship team. about nasty show and go. but he had only 11 point in this game. of about hornet up early. up 15 in fact. marco former warrior, second quarter. come back charlie never gets any run and 3 ball here. another 3 ball. warriors within 2 next possession ellis. warriors up 47-46. david lae
9:57 pm
liking the show. golden state breathing room in the third. curry knocks down the 3. transition. wright with authority. then off made basket warriors running. monte throwing down. warriors win going away. very happy here. one 02-89. swinding road trip n style end of 7 game odyssey in overtime. in nashville. with a win. miss underwood in the house. about the dude with tale hair. predator on the power play. francis squeezes it past and sharks even it up in the second. this is pure speed. rush and top shelf to beat renee. ties it up at 1-one. as for about miami 20 saves and this is outstanding here. stretch full extension over time tied at 1. ken plt
9:58 pm
puck lose and marlow break awa away. sharks win 2-1. they go go 5 and 2 on the road trip. next up home against alex and washington on thursday. aaron rogers got all the attention for leading green bay to super bowl win but another member of the packers honored today. former cal lane backer about byrne open who grew up in hunters point he was at city hall receiving a black history month special accommodation award and he had a message for kid. >> about anybody can do it from anywhere so any kid out there about in san francisco bay view hunter point in particular sky is the limb. stay in the clas class. keep your nose clean and work hard and you can accomplish anything you want. >>reporter: great message. bieber denied at the grammy. it's okay he made it as ring tone on mike's phone. football coach at oklahoma state. they have become fans of 1 another.
9:59 pm
fichlt that's his my ring tone for everything. >> come after me i'm a man. >> bieber ring tone is from a rant from 2007 when he was yell at newspaper reporter when he heard bieber was using the tirade as ring tone he developed bieber fever and down loaded the kid song baby to his own phone. >> all 3 of the guys did that. ♪ baby baby. >> i changed mine last night. i figure if he was going to use my ring tone then i should use his ring tone. >> that is so funny. >> bff. >> you have a bieber ring tone. i'm not alone in this. >> no. everybody has it? thanks larry. >> for all of us here. about mick jager programs. see you


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