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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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 >> tonight search rescue team from southern california is heading to new zealand. 74 firefighters will try to help find any survivor from yesterday huge earthquake. good evening. >> rescue workers already in c cibingt church said to be digging by hand. one woman was
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rescued late today. money still heard from unneevt all of this rubble. at least 75 people have die. more than 300 are missing. police chief says bodies are littering the streets. more now from abc reporter. >>reporter: the quake struck just before 1:00 p.m. thousands race into the street streets. some broke the office window to escape. the damage staggering. buildings flattened. sidewalks buckled. cars december void. people still trapped in the rubble. reports of some phoning out to rescuers from crushed office buildings. one woman pulled out alive. >> i was buried under part of the ceiling when i looked out i saw that we were on the road and people were lacking at us. >>reporter: at this school rescue workers search for young
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survivors. across the city bloody survivors collapse into the arms of loved ones. >> i think in the building 2 meters in we would have been squashed. >>reporter: even the landmark of the city were shattered this this cathedral before the quake and now. the steeple a pile of rubble in the square. inside. >> unbelievable. completely caved in. >> we have been hit by devastating earthquake. >>reporter: journalist l captured the moments. >> whole building was just rocking. and i looked across from me to another reporter who was also hiding under his desk and he was just yelling back just saying the building is coming down we are going down we are going down. >>reporter: earthquake is actually an after shock of a massive deeper 7.1 quake that struck new zealand last fall. that quake caused less damage and no fatality partly because it was nearly 30 miles away from christ church. but the one yesterday was only 3 miles
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away. his impacted the glacier largest in new zealand. force of the quake broke the glacier knocking off a 30 million ton piece of ice. equivalent of 35 empire state buildings worth of ice. tumbling into the water. . the city continues to be rocked by after shocks. l at least 20 in the hours following the 6.3 quake. some caught on live television. f rescue effort continue tonight with help from teams from australia and the u.s. arriving soon. if bob woodruff abc news. >> l lester mckey watching events unfold in christ church with a sense of horror and worry. most of his relatives live in and near the area hardest hit by the earthquake. lester finally reached his mother by phone and knows now his immediate family is fine. >> i got the word last nature
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before hid night but i have very good friends who i still haven't heard from. >>reporter: lester is vawing the latest video with both a personal and professional eye. he has a degree in geology but his scientific knowledge of earthquakes doesn't lessen the shock of reality. >> no amount of training or reading text book can prepare you for approximately seeing people bloody and hurt. >>reporter: whatever the final death toll christ church is a community that will come together. fichlt 100 people are dead. everybody is going to know somebody. everybody is going to know somebody injured or died and is going to have of the need of help. >>reporter: he is scheduled to return home in april but if he can help the disaster may dictate a change in plans. in oakland, abc 7 news.
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of course living here we are keenly aware of the dangers of earthquake. small one happened tonight. we just got word of 4.4 hitting northern rural lake county. 4.4. not big obviously. no word of any damages as a result but we are staying on top of it. >> well we move on. now to the battle over bargaining rights. legislation to limb the power of union is happening in wisconsin, ohio, indiana and now california. costa mesa republican says the cost of retired public employee is sky rocketing and he says collective bargaining is to blame for that. >> you have pensions that are unsustainable and the taxpayers on the hook. so i think we need to go back to the way it was when the legislature simply addressed these issues with the governor and you put about benefit and ping in place that is reason and sustainable that the taxpayer can afford. >>reporter: pe introduced his bill today. however it has the
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chance in the legislature controlled by democrats. but his idea may find support among tea party backers. they staged this demonstration in napa in support of wisconsin governor. he was he has proposed taking away the union bargaining power to bargain for employee health an pension benefits and warns today that 1500 people may have to be laid off if the state, 1 1500 people may have to be laid off if the state doesn't gain more flexibility in making budget cuts. now on the other side in condition cord hundreds of mount diablo school district employee gather this evening outside elementary school here where the school board is meeting tonight to consider closing a third campus to save money. like the workers in wisconsin they claim the administration is using budget cuts as an excuse to chop away at the bargaining rights. more cuts as an excuse to chop away at the bargaining rights. more now from laura anthony. massive protest at the state capitol in wisconsin inspiration to union members here in the bay area. in
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concord union members held a rally to say like the counter part in the midwest they will not stand for any reduction of their collective bargaining power with the cash strapped mount diablo school district. >> attitude what we are seeing here noise different than the attitude that we are seeing in wisconsin from their governor who says it's our way or no wa way. >> we have agreed to macon sessions as never before in history and still that's not enough. so they move us to fact finding which then moves to vl imposing what they have asked for in the first place which undermines the whole philosophy of collective bargaining. >>reporter: the school board president says efforts to get union members to macon session have to do with economic reality. not union busting. >> we are closing schools. we have had tons of layoffs. we have cut 50 million dollars out of our budget and still need to find ways to continue to trim that. >> wisconsin is serving as the moment for labor.
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>>reporter: u.s. berkeley professor specialize in labor issue noychlt union leader would wish for this but wisconsin is causing many union leaders an members in the community to stand up against what they deal with unfair treatment. >>reporter: whatever the outcome in wisconsin union members in the bay area feel emboldened by what is happening 2000 miles away. >> i'm very inspivrmentd i think it was wonderful that they all turned out, 70,000. i hope it will happen here. >>reporter: labor relation expert doesn't expect it to happen here for one thing he point out the governor jerry brown is historically pro labor. in concord, abc 7 news. >> oakland police have arrested a person they believe is connected to a string of robbery where thieves target women leaving a supermarket parking lot. officers stepped up patrol after 6 customers were robbed after leaving the safeway on redwood road. pair
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of thieves follow the victim home in white suv before robbing the women in their own driveway. neighbor surveillance camera captured one of the robbery on camera that gave police enough information to obtain an arrest warrant. san jose police chief new policy on racial profiling is winning wide spread praise tonight. minority group who have felt targeted by officers in the past say it's a big step in the right direction. amy explains what is going on. >> i think this is a major accomplishment. this office is pushing for the change for quite a while and to see it realize with the new police chief only in office just a mat of a few weeks is huge. >>reporter: about she has spent 9 months in this job worrying about what happens to people of color after they are pulled over or stopped by a san jose police officer. as the independent police auditor she hears the complaints. but the department policy only focus on why the officer pulled someone over. not what happened next.
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until now. >> it is important to have rules that say to law enforcement these are the things that you must not do when you are engaging with the public. >>reporter: she tried to get the former police chef to change the policy. then she approached the new chief. chris moore. who got it done. >> i took over at a time when there was a level of distrust in the community and community raised a number of concerns particularly around racial profiling and issues of of people l bad treatment of people with color. >> the relationship between minority and san jose police as strained but he thinks relations will improve under the new chief especially considering this policy change. >> i think it actually is a big deal and the reason that is because it sends a message out to the community that if you are, you think that you are a victim of racial profiling that now there will be more investigation into the matter. >> this police chief says he obviously has a lot on his
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plate. like the budget problems. but lack for him to pick more steps to try and heal relations between police officers and the people they serve. san jose, amy abc 7 news. >> more to come here tonight. it was topsy turvy campaign. immanuel is he the next mayor of chicago? >> there has never been anything conclusive about the safety of cell phone. just a lot of debate. tonight a new study stirs things up again. >> about cold canadian storm is going to drive the snow levels down by week end. we are talking below 1,000 foot elevation. we talk about the snow potential coming up. >> thanks. also don't always hear these kinds of stories but now that is changing. >> i was stay at home wife. kid all grown. >>reporter: tonight why the kid all grown. >>reporter: tonight why the long time bay area
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>> all i can say you sure know how to make a guy feel at home. [applause]. >> chicago has a new mayor tonight. former white house chief of staff immanuel elected to that position this evening. he trounced his opponent. he got more than 50% of the vote. his victory caps a campaign that included an unsuccessful legal challenge to try to keep him off the ballot. now you know why his competitors wanted him off the ballot. he call his victory humbling and grat fichlingt he says he's ready to make a great city even greater. top mind in politic and business grapple with way to put people back to work and rescue our economy, bay area woman has come up with a very simple idea. if every business hires one person just one
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person perhaps the problem would be solved. political reporter mark matthews the idea and reaction to it. >> remember when the president spoke to the chamber of commerce. he reminded them that u.s. company sit on more than 2 trillion dollars waiting for the economy to improve. >> many of your own economist and sales people now forecas forecasting a healthy increase in demand. i just want to encourage you to get in the game. >>reporter: carla heard that. >> i remember i was in the car. and i was listening to npr. >>reporter: she thought there need to be some inspiration to get businesses off the dime. >> i mentioned it to my husband. he said why don't you do something about it. >>reporter: she wrote a story. got picked up by the post a challenge to companies to create just one extra job. just one job for america. >> they were very responsive. and so that's how it began. that was just last week jeans. >>reporter: last thursday
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carla and her husband were on camera. he's a prominent advertising exec created a one job for america web site and in morgan hill the owner of specialize a bike company decided he would take the pledge. >> if you really believe something if you believe you can make something happen you can make it happen. >>reporter: made it happen here. this year his bikes ridden by alberto and andy finish first and second in the tour de france. he says if company sit on the side lines waiting to see what will happe happen, nothing will happen. >> you have to go for it. right. you have to go for it and make it happen. so i hope within within a few months we really get a tipping point and things really begin to develop. >>reporter: as of this morning the web site showed 78 companies had joined them in pledging one job for america this afternoon it was 81. >> i had hoped for more you know just optimistic person. >>reporter: she admits she has high expectation for her simple idea. then she looked at the
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list and saw a lot of the company are smawchlt one job mit mean more risk. >> and i thought my goodness. these people are actually making this commitment. taking a chance. and have a belief in this. and so him if so i'm feeling good. >>reporter: the thing about carla's idea is not exclusively how many jobs it creates but how it promotes optimism and inspiration in place of fear and hesitation. simple idea. not a small one. in the newsroom, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> item sparking new debate. more than two-thirds of us have cell phone but long been a question does heavy cell phone use hurt your health. lindsay cave is reports on major new study which for the first time shows cell phones do have some mysterious affect on the brain. >> some call the study a landmark event in our understanding of how cell
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phones affect the human body. 47 participant had cell phone placed on their left and right ear. one cell phone was activated but muted. the other was turned off. after 50 minute the researchers took pet scan of the sub. look at what they found. the image on the left shows what happened when the cell phone was turned on. most active area are in red. notice the upper right part of the brain. that's the area closest to the antenna. compare that with this image on the right. of the same subjec subject. when they had the cell phone turned off. the researchers were hoping to determine if the radiation from the cell phone had any physiological impact at all. >> i confess that after the findings i change my behavior. so now i use it on speaker phone. i put a wire on my ear phone. >>reporter: for years studies have tried to link cell phone and cancer but they have been inconclusive. experts say this new study offers perhaps the first real step in the search for an answer.
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>> this is a study that l is interesting and will almost certainly promote additional study. >> we have a responsibility to investigate whether there are or there are not long lasting consequences from repeated stimulation after 5 or 10 years of cell phone exposure. >> that's lindsay davis reporting. tia wireless trade association says the leading global health organization has overwhelmingly indicated that wireless devices are not public health risk. still editorial accompanying the study says findings warrant further investigation which is of course what is going to happen. okay. let's mav it over and talk to sandy who is here with us tonight. to talk about a changing forecast getting cold. >> absolutely. not only about to get colder but we are talking about extremely low snow level. viewers are already talking about it. viewers sent me actually posted on my face book and said i
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started researching. when is the last time it snowed here in san francisco. it was 35 years ago. >> it could snow in san francisco t.the friday night. >> that's weird. >> that is very unusual. especially this time of year. let's get you outside i'll show you what it looks like right now. not snowing. and then we will talk about the snow potential. high definition sutro camera. we are looking at san francisco and visibility is great tonight. we just have a few clouds out there. mostly clear otherwise. take a look at the temperatures. they are falling. it's getting cold outside. numbers in the low 40's around napa and fairfield. we have mid 40's around places like livermore. our highlights partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow. cold storm arrives on thursday. and snow may fall below 1,000 foot elevation. latest computer model that are coming in are certainly keeping with the theme of perhaps snow down to about 500 feet. closer to sea level. we have to wait and see. still far out there. here's satellite and radar.
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this low pressure system continues to slide south. we are seeing mainly clear skies across the bay area so it is going to get cold tonight. cold last night. but you haven't seen cold yet. very cold arctic air mass is going to slide down here. this system coming in from western canada and watch what is going to happen. first the showers arrive on thursday as we show you our computer animation . late thursday morning we start to see some showers behind this system is where the cold air is going to come in. and if this verifies snow level is near 1,000 foot elevation by friday night. possibly dropping even lower as we head toward the overnight hours and into saturday morning. sierra nevada this is going to amount to 2 to 4 more feet of snow above 7000 foot elevation. winter storm watch thursday afternoon through friday night. lake level 1 to 2 feet. gusty winds dangerous driving conditions. might not want to travel during the time period.
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wait until saturday afternoon. we also have a winter storm watch for lake county. 1 to 2 inches expected at clear lake. 4 to 8 inches for the surrounding areas. snow and ice on the roadway will make for very tough driving conditions in that area as wel well. tonight cold again. down to 30 in napa. that's what it was this morning. 31 in santa rosa. watch out for patches of frost tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon mix of sun clouds temperatures in the 50's. certainly going to be a breezy afternoon around the monterey bay dry tomorrow numbers in the 50's enjoy this one more day of dry weather. showers coming thursday. much colder friday saturday temperatures only in the mid to upper 40's for your high. and that snow level really going to come down as we head towards that friday night saturday time period. dry sunday monday tuesday a chance of showers but last measurable snow fall on twin peak in san francisco was 35 years ago, dan. so this would be quite
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unusual. computer model very is cold system through. >> we'll see soon. that's interesting thanks very much. >> moving on. still ahead here tonight. new zealand earthquake and parallel to the big bay area quake of 1989. find out why our next big one could be even worse. >> solidarity through pizza. supporting striking teachers in >> solidarity through pizza. supporting striking teachers in wi@
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>> smoke billow from a fiery crash today on the dump barton bridge. both drivers managed to survive the wreck. blocked traffic for more than 2 hours. big rig slammed into the vehicle this stalled on the shoulder of the bridge at 11:00 o'clock this morning. both vehicle caught fire and burned beyond recognition. we talked about the the new zealand earthquake at the top
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of the newscast. and there is one very big parallel between that quake there and the big one that hit here 21 years ago. story tonight from wayne. >> this was san francisco marina district today. clean. quiet. sound. but do not trust appearances. >> you can't take this for granted any more. no. >>reporter: charles simpson used to be the beat cop in the neighborhood. he remembers this street 22 years ago such was the affect of marina district. neighborhood built on sand and fill. very much like parts of christ church new zealand. both quake share one word in common. liquid. >> it amplify the shaking substantially by order of magnitude. >>reporter: seismologist at uc berkeley spent much of day studying christ church. it was an after shock to larger one last september but it did so much more damage because the rupture occurred directly beneath the city. and liquid
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played a role. >> essentially just lick the crown falling apart underneath you. so you have a building that is losing its footing and one side of the building. >>reporter: that was the marina district in 1989 sound familiar? george lived through it firsthand e.i lacked down the street and i saw some houses like in the middle of the street. >>reporter: as bad as that was the doctor warns of worse. hayward fault is now well overdue for 7.0 type quake give or take a couple of poychbilitys around san francisco previous generations made a habit of building on fill. did it in alameda. on treasure island. south of market. here in the marina. when not if the hayward quake hits those areas face severe risk is. >> that was three times as far from the marina district as the hayward fault is. so the damage would be larger. earthquake would probably be of similar size. it would be very bad. >>reporter: that's wayne
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reporting. when we continues here tonight. murder on the high seas. >> they know that they are in our hearts and in our prayers. >> today unexpected ending to the hostage situation involving 2 american couples and pirates. >> i'm in sacramento where state workers are showing support for the wisconsin comrade but new proposal in california targets their pension too. >> and indiana demonstration contract take a cue from wisconsin. choosing to leave the state rather than cue from wisconsin. choosing to leave the state rather than vote on an
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with a high sea hostage drama that came to tragic end today. 4
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american missionary handing out bibles as they traveled are all dead. somalia pirates stormed the yacht and one victim is from seattle and her mother lives here in the bay area. 59-year-old mckay had been shot but still alive when u.s. naval special forces boarded the hijacked yacht. but they could not revive her. >> my aunt is a very smart and avid sailor. she water living her dream sailing around the world for this now third year. >>reporter: abc jim traveled through somalia reporting on the wave of pirates and brings us details on how this whole thing ended. >> the u.s. had been negotiating face-to-face with two of the pirates on board the destroyer uss sterritt without warning pirates on board the captured yacht fired a rocket propelled grenade at the ship shadowing them 600 yards away. they missed. but hearing the
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sound of small arm fire on board the yacht the navy quickly launched 15 navy seals and 2 high speed assault craft. as they approached some pirates raised their hands appearing to surrender. u.s. forces boarded without firing a shot. only to find 2 american hostages dead. 2 mortally wounded by the pirates. >> step to provide life saving care all 4 of the american hostages died of their wound. >>reporter: but danger still lurk. sealsen countered more pirates killing 2 of them. one in a close quarter knife fight. in all they have captured 15 pirates. >> may they rest in peace. >>reporter: back home in santa monica, california fellow church goers of jean and scott adam spoke of the mission along with friends phil is and bob of seattle sailing the world to spread the bible. >> they wanted to go tiny little bit for the world. >>reporter: the tour took them straight through increasingly
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treacherous water. more and more so nationalia pirate subject hospital substance to torture, starvation and murder. >> pirates used to hover within a few hundred miles of the somalia coast line. now they are striking as far as 1700 miles away. creating a danger zone that could fit most of the continental u.s. trapping more and more ships. >>reporter: when we visited somalia we found hundreds of miles of unpatrolled coast lin line. remote hide out and supply of young somalia men like this one volunteering for 200 million dollar a year business and now deadly one for 4 mesh. this is abc news. washington. >> in libya. gadhafi vowing to track down and kill protestors house by house. state department is telling americans in libya who want to get away from the turmoil there to be the at a particular port in tripoli tomorrow morning so they cap leave by ferry. libb why pumps 1.6 million barrels a
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day of world production of oil. unrest rattles the oil market. crude oil prices jumped bi biggest one day gain in more than two years. in an effort to calm the turbulence and concerns saudi arabia oil minister said opec cartel is ready to pump more oil to compensation for any drop-off that mayo occur in libya. >> come back home. california teachers face uncertain future tonight. retirement system is sliding toward insolvency. capitol correspondent annette has more tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: if no changes are made, the california state teacher retirement system known as cal ster will be broke in 30 years. and will increasingly rely on taxpayers to bail it out. almost 1.3 billion dollars of the state general fund this year goes trardz the teacher pension fund. >> 11,000 dollars per teacher
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per year for the next 15 years is what we need in order to keep the plan from going broke. >>reporter: median benefit for new retire is 49,000 dollars a year or 60 percent of pay. right now the state is kicking in a dollar for every 2 dollars the teachers and school district each pay into the retirement fund. shortage has worthen because teacher lay off meant fewer people paying into the system while benefit were expanded leading to 40 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities by 200042. >> there is no media chris's for us right now. >>reporter: pension fund man year say there's still time to act. >> for now we are in good shape. we can pay these benefits for 30 years but the longer we wait to craft a solution the more expensive it will be. >>reporter: lawmakers have been slow to act since the teacher union is one of the major contributors to democrats who control sacramento agenda. some of the solutions include reducing retirement benefits not just for new employee but for the current teachers and
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maybe even switching to 401(k) style plan. 18 year veteran can't believe part of the discussion is to ask work investigators contribute more even after a couple of round of pay cuts. >> i don't know that anybody is going to want to come into teaching. you know. at this point i'm barely making my bills as it is. annette reporting. earlier in the newscast we talked a little bit about the budget battle in wisconsin. as barbara explains that dual between democrat and republican is now crossing state lines. >>reporter: inside wisconsin capitol the state business inches along. 14 democratic senators still on the lamb. governor said today if the democrats don't return and allow a vote by week end there will be a mass lay off of state workers. meanwhile thousands of union supporters continued their vigil in the capitol for the eighth straight day. ed has been sleeping here for a week now. how long are you
9:37 pm
prepared to camp out here. >> one day longer than the governor is prepared to did what he is intend to go do. >>reporter: the state that gave birth to union is now the epi-center is war on organized labor and expensive union benefits. pitched battle between cash strapped states and unions are erupting across the nation. from indiana and ohio to new jersey this afternoon governor cristy announce major cut to pension plan and health care with a shout out to the governor of wisconsin. >> they have decided no longer 2 class citizens. one that receives rich health pension benefits and all the whose are left to pay for them. >>reporter: those 14 wisconsin senators remain holed up in illinois. someone disclose the form easterly undisclosed locate. protest trs showed up there today. >> left the state of wisconsin because we love the state of wisconsin. we had to come to the listened of lincoln because we felt that the value and traditions of wisconsin were being threatened. >>reporter: back in madison republicans ratchet up the
9:38 pm
pressure pass ago lawyer that requires run away senator to pick up the paycheck in person. about this is abc news madiso madison, wisconsin. >> and you might say madison, wisconsin pets a place is feeding the protest one slice at a time. last week they started promoting the idea of donating peta to protestors on the face book page. now the neither a place gets so many orders from people in other part of the country paying for pizza to be delivered to protestors they had to stop taking other orders for awhile. >> most of the people coming in the door or almost all the people coming in the door are people up at the capitol protesting and things like that so weather in store or delivering it to the capitol. >> delivered more than 500 pizza to the protest trs and hundreds more are on order. donor called in from 43 state and 10 country including egypt by the way. he is politically neutral but he's good business.
9:39 pm
>> coming. domino pizza saved the life of elderly woman. >> i feel in like i have been kicked around. >> i have watched it good down to nothing. l. >> up close and very personal. unique perspective on those who 
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>> tennessee woman to save a peta a day saved her life. after three days she had not heard from an elderly regular who ordered a large pepperoni every day. the driver voluntarily checked on her customer when no one answered the door she called 911. police broke the door down and found the woman on the floor. she had fallen over the weekend and lay there for three days. unable to reach the phone. and call for help. north bay man hopes to change the lives of the hom homeless in his community by telling their stories. his indepth look at life on the street that he is interest to you report powered by you tube shows how hard it is to get a handle on a growing problem. >> icap fell like i have been kicked around. >>reporter: these are the faces of homeless necessary in vallejo. >> i have watched it go down to nothing.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: and this is where many of them live. shutter auto dealership on the edge of this now bankrupt city. >> i was a stay at home wife. my kid are all grown. >>reporter: it could be divorce. recession. substance abuse. >> test where you hold the make phone. >>reporter: filmmaker is giving the homeless an opportunity to share their experiences and to raise awareness about their situatio situation. >> more often than not what i get is articulate well informed interesting people with real hum an stories. >>reporter: he's part of national campaign of volunteers documenting 0homelessness in america called homeless in the heart land. >> sometimes it is coal. sometimes frightening. most of the time i'm having really good experience with the people i'm talking to. >> to me their lives are in danger. >>reporter: this woman is in khrnl of code enforcement for the city of vallejo. county estimates already 250 people on the streets of vallejo and only 2 homeless shelters. city provided this video showing what is behind the auto dealership gates.
9:44 pm
>> oftentimes when citizens call complaining about homeless camp they are complaining about blight. trash. junk. debris. hum an waste. >>reporter: it is her job to respond to the complaint. make sure people are following the law. abandoned buildings like this dealership may offer shelter but as the video provided by the city shows they also present serious health and safety concerns. >>ll the structure there have been red taking. >>reporter: it burned in a fire and hasn't kept people ou out. >> no water. no electricity. there is no sanitary facilitie facilities. >>reporter: city like vallejo are obligated by will you to follow-up on those code violations. but they don't always have the cash to deal with the human reality of the problems. so they rely on community groups to fill in where city services fail. >> we have a mobile food distribution unit that goes out twice a month to distribute food. >>reporter: tshing jshing is hoping the video project will lead to solution. he already spawn add machlt in vallejo.
9:45 pm
homeless now speaking up. >> 32 grease at night. i really don't think that anybody like sleeping in. that i didn't. >>reporter: homeless people fed up with the way they are being treated are organizing even showing up at city meetings. >> sometimes we are not opening the doors that need to be opened. >>reporter: doug is an advocate for the homelessism it is a vicious cycle when we evict people from their dwelling and we force them to go from one location to anothe another, but we are not providing alternatives. >>reporter: he suggest using abandoned buildings at the now closed mayor island naval shipyard to create shelters for the homeless. item agreed that could be a start and hopes the video will spark a dialogue that will ultimatelyly lead to long-term solution. >> everybody wants their rights respected. >> owner of that dealership was ordered to clean up the property or face thousands of dollars in fines. he agreed to level the site but still uncertain a what to do with all
9:46 pm
the people who made it their home. tj will be following the stories and posting his video at you 7 and we'll follow-up here as well. all right. as we continue here tonight. from no fly to no eat. why a restaurant says here tonight. from no fly to no eat. why a restaurant says 
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>> we could be making snow men on the streets of san francisco in a few days. that's an xanl ration but snow levels are potentially going to drop. heats go back to sandy to update the forecast. >> item going to get interesting toward the end of the week of. may not have enough snow to build a snow man but certainly could be dropping down below 1,000 foot elevation. could see a few flakes falling here. temperatures tomorrow morning 30, 40, by nann time 40's, 50' 50's, and tomorrow afternoon still dry. temperatures in the 50's across the bay area and you will enjoy the sun tomorrow. but not for long. we have showers coming on thursday. if you like that kind of weather you are in luc luck. feel like winter as we head towards friday saturday. low snow level below 1,000 foot el vision and temperatures only in the 40's. we could be talking about some record snow here in the bay area. >> all right. thank you very much. >> well because of what many
9:50 pm
consider to be intraws i have airport passenger screening the tsa has had a rough time in the public relations department. it just got worse. restaurant interthe seattle tacoma airport sea-tac is are everything to serve ttsa agent. they post several signs to say they have the right to refuse service to anyone and they say the agent are not awill you do. one person said when an agent attempts toi] eat there we turn our back and completely ignore them and tell them to leave. their kind are not welcome in our establishment. apparently the owners are angry over lack of privacy rights and feel that the tsa agent are accomplice it in erosion of though right. patron of the restaurant approve of what the owners are doing. it is apparently legal since they are not discriminating on the basis of race or age or gender. which means they can keep certain sport cast terse out as well. >> larry is here.
9:51 pm
>> has it happened to me before dan. >> not surprised. >> yes. yes. what a shock. the warriors take on the best team in the east. boston celtics. a's looking armed and dang are you. dallas gives us celtics. a's looking armed and dang are you. dallas gives us his unique perspective on his
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. effort to stop california budget crisis from derail the new forty-niner stadium. latest on that.
9:54 pm
>> and the clock is ticking for san jose mounted police patrol. those stories and a lot more for you when we see you again on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. larry is here. warriors game went fine. >> fresh from the editing machine. l piping hot. >> were yrs not piping hot. that was the problem. warriors came back from the break hoping 5 days off would not slow down the momentum but the task huge. take down the real beast from the east boston celtics. david lee and warriors not backing down. coming through fellow. double technical foul. set the tone for the game. make it look easy. garnet. rhondo. curry slashing and finishing. warriors up 7. look at the passing. pierce to rhondo to kj. like all star game. not a lot of defendants to stop them either. pick and roll with lae and ellis. tied at the half 60 appease and rubbing off rubbing
9:55 pm
so well. no good. missing the corner 3. garnet rebound. warriors don't get back in time. pierce throwing down. warriors close within 4 but a reason boston had a best record in the east. allen with the finish. game just went final and celtics win 115-93. knicks put themselves back on the basketball map with deal to bring carmello anthony to new york. official today. everybody passing the physical and such. chance he could suit up for the knicks tm night. new teammate stoudamire can not wait. >> electric. new staple center if i can say because la is known for having the stars there i think new york is now going to take offer that l stage. >>reporter: to the detroit physical contest dan boyle and logan could sure take the stick in the face with nicholas. bloody. 2 minute penalty could
9:56 pm
have been 4. closing period. 300 gel of had career 1 nothing. men in teal. to the second tied at 2. fires. to devin who ends up in the net with the puck and the goal count. another set of goal made it 4-2. lit power play goal. to make it 4-3. the wings empty the net. assault on the lake best save of the night right there to preserve a victory 35 saves for miami. san jose with the fourth straight win. on to baseball. though they would never weren't to admit it the oakland a's want to follow in the giants foot steps. same blue print for success and all starts with pitching. mike with more on the 2011 a's at spring training in phoenix. >>reporter: the a's hoping to return to the my offs first time since 2006 with same formula as the giants. great pitching. solid defense and timely hitting. a's young
9:57 pm
pitching staff had the best era in the league last year led by all star trevor. >> i think we are all know what we are capable of and last year i think we came into our own and i think this year will be exciting. >>reporter: he will be joined by brett anderson, gonzalez and dallas as core of the young statement pitching staff up there with anybody in the league. it could be a if you please year for the a's. >> all lack to the old man dallas for leadership. took time to describe his other 3 temperature mates. >> 22. going on 12. tl i'm not sure if he's land on earth yet. he's a cadette. space cadette ever sense of word. anderson like a silent farther in the room. deadly but nobody know it's coming. we feed off each other and when each is pitching we are all pulling for each other. >> catcher kurt will man the control of this juggernaut. >> great arms. talent level
9:58 pm
approximately out of the roof so just about getting comfortable out there and being consistent and they showed that last year so this year who kno knows what can happen. very exciting. >> the staff is backed by great defense and added matsui and willing ham and jesus as additional lumber. >> we brought in good hitters and we changed up our line up and it's going to be a different season for us. we are excited. look like we have a chance to make it this year and we will continue to make it to the play off and maybe within the world series. >> this is abc 7 sports. >> t description of teammate. youngest driver ever to win daytona 500 made pit stop in san francisco this afternoon. trevor bain came to visit where they hold their race in june at this race way. hyping up the spovrment bain in chicago this morning visited the square tonight. whipped up ice cream sunday. now before he within
9:59 pm
the race the youngest driver to win daytona was 25. bain is just 20 years old. i talked with him about a victory that nobody saw coming. >> yes i really captain believe it. i wear this 500 ring. i normally don't wear bling like this but i keep it on because every morning or throughout the night if i wake up only slept probably 5 hours total so far if i do fall asleep wake up i look down and see it and we are good to go. >> can you believe. 4 years removed fromhe learner prlt. >>tarted driving. >> nice guy. remind me of buster the enthusiasim. totally unexpected. he's soaking it all up at this poin point. >> nice to see. thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 11


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