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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 1, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. frightening moments for passengers on a southwest air lines jet bound for sacramento. a large hole opened up in the cabin and plane made an emergency landing. the photo of the 6 foot hole were taken by passengers on board flight a 812 from phoenix. some
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passengers say they heard a noise then felt the rush of wind suddenly. the cabin went through a rapid decompression and descended 16,000 feet in one minute. that's according to a flight tracking web site. oxygen masks came down. but one passenger says a few people passed out because their oxygen wasn't working. >> one of the flight attendant did actually faint and pl probably broke his nose. vl he was gasping and bleeding pretty profuse 52ly at one point. >> thank goodness the plane landed safely at military base in yuma, arizona. 118 passengers were put on another plane. it is expected to land in sacramento in about half an hour. we have more on the story coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. frightening moment for air travelers tonight. >> san francisco giants fan barely survived the season opener in los angeles. he is in critical condition tonight put in to a medically induced coma after being beaten by
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dodger fans. l wayne tonight with the story. >> it was pretty, i wouldn't say frightening but pretty tense. from before we even parked. >>reporter: when kevin of san rafael went to donor stadium last nature he expected ribbing but not verbal and physical hostility. >> a lot of people were saying you guys are going to get jumped. get your butt kicked. >>reporter: after the game in an outer section of the parking lot other giants fans received worse. 3 of them including from a-year-old brian stow of santa cruz tried to walk away from taunting fans. but they were attacked any way. stow remains in critical condition. >> he fell to the ground and hit his head and they began to kick him several times and fled the scene. >>reporter: there will always be some level of tension when the giants and dodgers play. this sign which giants fan paid to fly above dodger stadium last night certainly did not help according to george costa who runs ballpark security for the giants. >> winning or losing requires measures of grace. it should be good enough to win.
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>>reporter: but time again sports fans exceed the red line from soccer riot over seas to local raider fans who cut loose after the last super bowl in 2003. mob psychology. >> that's why they are called fanatic. i think there's an an ownership and entitlement that they almost become the player. they are winning or losing. so immersed in the outcome of the game it becomes sometimes irrational. >>reporter: a dose from los angeles. lapd says it does expect to make at least one arrest but it is safe to say that after last night the dodgers have lost some return customers. >> i will never come back here again and my wife has fond memory growing up of going to dodger games and she never wants to come back again. >>reporter: mark von says unlike giants game security was severely lacking at donor stadium. today the donors did release a statement it reads quote it is extremely unfortunate that this incident
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took place on what was otherwise a great day at dodger stadium for tens of thousands of fans. we are committed to having the most fan and family friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority. no comment from the dodger about how they intend to make the stadium safer for giant fans tonight or rest of the series through this weekend. from the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> for the first time a former narcotics task force commander at the center of growing scandal is speaking out tonigh tonight. norm welsh wants to set the record straight on some of the cushion against him. he spoke exclusively with laura anthony today. >> i'm now being accused of something that i didn't even do. >>reporter: as he awaits trial in criminal case he has some things to say about other allegations he says are untrue. welsh spoke to channel 7 surrounded by his family. the former head of the central contra costa county narcotics task force welsh and private investigators chris butler face 28 felony counts accused of
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stealing and selling seized drug evidence. >> i want to say i'm very sorry to my friends, my family, my agency l, law enforcement in general. >> these officers are acting like mobsters and gangsters. >>reporter: wednesday vallejo attorney announced multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit against welsh. another agents and antioch police officers claiming they stole private property during warrant searches. >> we are alleging these individuals are conducting a pattern of continuing criminal enterprise abusing the court and police authority to seize jewelry, money, currency, and other personal effects from these law abiding citizens. >>reporter: he provided these surveillance photo and video showing the officers including a man he claims is welsh searching the grow it yourself store in antioch in 2009. the lawsuit claims much of the serve was done without a warrant. and that the owner of
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the store the o'toole had personal items even victoria secret gift card seized and never returned. o'toole were never charged with a crime. >> i wasn't even there. >>reporter: welsh acknowledges there's some resemblance that says that man in the images is not him. >> to me it look the officer has tattoo. i'm not sure about that but it definitely if you lack at the hair. hair is not the same and build is not the same. plus we wear totally different raid gear than antioch pd wears. if i 5 done something wrong to it i'll admit to it but if it's not me, it's not me. >>reporter: the attorney who filed the civil lawsuit told me that he believes and still believes that the man in the surveillance video is norman welsh and he says he wants this case to go to a jury so they can decide. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. l very slow progress fixing the damage from several mud slooits slides in the south bay and santa cruz county. crew hit a delay in trying to replace a storm drain behind a
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mobile home park in cap toll a.they are waiting to be certain that the rain has stopped and the ground not going to move again before laying down 125 tons of concrete pipe. in the mean time resident remain evacuated from 3 mobile homes. near morgan hill crew clear part of massive mud slide that trapped an entire neighborhood that was on cry road. crew reopen one lane. in scott's valley crew still in the middle of building a temporary road around a slide that closed nelson road. that slide won't be cleared until crew are sure that it too has stopped moving. >> new documents have been released about a high profile former jesuit priest in prison for sexually molesting young boys. new evidence shows church officials knew what was going on but did not come forward including some here in san francisco. the story tonight from lee ann. >>reporter: former jesuit priest mcguire of chicago is serving 25 years in prison for sexually acts with two minor in the 1960's. he's also been
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indicted in arizona for molesting this man's 2 sons. jim would not tell us his last name. >> he did retreat in the phoenix area. i was a retreat organizer. >>reporter: documents have shown jesuit leaders knew for more than 40 years mcguire was a predator. and still allowed him to move around. in 1970 the president of loyola academ academy, a high school in illinois wrote his presence here has become positively ds destructive and corrosive. i consider it absolutely essential that he be removed from this community. the letter was written to one of the top jesuit in chicago. mcguire was then transferred to other places and from 1976 to 1981 he taught at usf saint iing echinacea us institute. members of snap survivors network of those abused by priest held a press conference in front of saint iing echinacea us church to reach out to other potential jim's.
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even though to date no student from usf has come forward. >> to try to tar us and sort of make it as if we are guilty of something when no one has come forward and no evidence that anything happened here i think is quite a bit unfair to the university. >> the only way that we have been able to get documents and find out about the truth has been through the civil justice system. the more victims who come forward and use the civil justice system, the more we can get to the bottom of what happened. >>reporter: in 1981 three months after mcguire was forced to leave usf the jesuit of california wrote a letter to mcguire's superiors. don will have to go serious psychological evaluation and therapy. not only was he trusted by his followers but in 1983 he became mother teresa's confess or. knowing that this mother says she never felt uncomfortable leaving her son alone with him. she says her son was molested as a child by mcguire during his stay in san francisco. >> mcguire is in jail but what happens to the rest of these
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people who covered for him? >>reporter: mcguire conduct add number of retreat in the bay area during the 4 year statement he has never apologized and in court he said he would pray for his accusers. he's 80 years old. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. if everything seems like it is more expensive than it used to be, probably is. sales tax went up today. in 7 bay area city. el cerrito, union city highest rate anywhere in the state. 10 and quarter percent followed by san leandro at 10%. the rate also went up today by a quarter percent in santa rosa a and by half percent in novato. concord and tracey. all approved by voters last fall. half cent increase will cost you an extra nickel for every 10 dollars you spend. another way to think bit for example 150 dollars l on 30,000 dollar car. governor brown is trying everything he can think of to him reduce the state massive budget deficit. even resoreing now to using his own pet,
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butter, to raise money. capitol correspondent annette reports now on how little sutter brown promoter try to make a big im prex appreciatio appreciation. >>reporter: governor brown has become a celebrity at the capitol. the welsh koring ie capitalizing on his popularity by selling his own line of merchandise. t-shirt, blaze with his twitter name. 3 dollars of each sale pays down the budget deficit. yes. the remaining 14 billion dollars deficit. i confess i'm kind of a l fairngs jennifer likes sutter so much she bought a hoodie and coffee mug. deficit just should rank by 6 dollars. >> i genuinely think a fun way to chip in to the budget but let's be honest it will l create fumes to the huge hole that we have. >>reporter: the brown administration says at sutter brown account are unofficial
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but all signs point to someone in the governor's inner circle. governor himself denies being behind all the musing and marketing. are you twittering on sutter brown behave. >> no i'm not. >> the merchandise netted the state almost 700 dollars which the finance department won't refuse. >> the chinese if i loss ferry confucius!confusius once said a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. that applies here. >> absolutely. yes. just covering their cost and whatever profit are made go to the deficit. more power to them. more power to sutter brown. >>reporter: in sacramento, abc 7 news. much more to get to here this friday night. they burned a quran in florida and sparked a murder spree in afghanistan. what the pastor behind the burning says tonight. >> glimmer of hope in japan. dog found safe after 3 weeks adrift at sea floating on a
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house. fichlt accu-weather forecast center. say goodbye to record warmth. hello to cool and breezy. i have my accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. >> opening day at the coliseum. how the a's are hitting humanitarian home run. >> and the worst word that you can say on a job interview. it ace 4 letter word but not the ones you probably thinking. for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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9:15 pm can get all this. kfc's $5 everyday meals. like two pieces of original recipe. your choice of sides, biscuit and a medium drink. 5 for 5 bucks every day. today tastes so good.  >> horrifying story about fringe group in florida an massacre it prompted in afghanistan. furious mob at un of the citing the action of a relimb us pastor in florida murdered at least 7 people. nick reports now from kabul. >>reporter: rally that began peacefully ended in brutality. thousands of afghan filled this
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after friday prayer furious over news that pastor his burned a copy of the quran. world away in florida. they took their anger to the doors of the local un building. that's when a radical preacher up the ante telling the crowd quote infidel burned multiple quran. crowd incensed overwhelm the afghans police taking the ak 47 and opening fire on the un guard. they stormed into the building. killing 3 un staffer. behea f them. of heart of 2 billion muslim are burning this man says. behind this storm florida pastor terri jones. last fall jones a fringe preacher with a tiny following threatened to burn the quran on the anniversary of september 11. he caused a worldwide uproar but in the end backed down until 12 days ago. when he and another pastor went ahead and torched the holy book of the world muslim. for days the burning received barely any
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attention here. but then president karzai condemned it. afghan media covered it and today it became a key topic during sermon in friday prayer across the country. today in an interview with abc "newsnight"line pastor terri jones was unrepent interest. >> we do not feel responsible, no. we feel more that the muslim and the radical element of islam use that as an excuse. if they did not have us as an excuse they would use a different excuse. >>reporter: but tonight his act of hatred inspired a massacre. this is abc news, kabul. >> l and we are learning more tonight about a pleasanton soldier killed this week while serving afghanistan. turns out 23-year-old army specialist jaim lynn was one of 6 american solders who died in battle along the afghanistan border. abc ns says the 6 men came under fire on 3 side by taliban firefighters. firefighters
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lasted hours. 50 taliban fighters were killed before it was over. the soldiers were from the 101 airborne division in fort campbell, kentucky. specialist lynn was due to be discharged next year. l we'll move on now and discuss the weekend weather forecast. beautiful for the last few days. spencer here but slight change. not a bad weekend. >> just a little cooler than we have had lately. that's not hard to achieve given the fact with record warmth last three days. live view from the high definition sutro camera looking out over san francisco. sky mainly clear tonight. we have a few high clouds moving through the area. quite pleasant after such a warm day. pretty mild night. let's look first at some of the new record high set on date. san jose 84 degrees. monterey 86. 90 in salinas. all new record high for this date in those locations. santa cruz at 86 degrees. tied the record high for the day. right now we look at mild conditions. 70 degrees san rafael. 71 in concord. 70
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in antioch. 60's in most other location but in the 50's in san francisco and a half moon bay. highlights are these. l cool this weekend but certainly pleasant. gusty wind along the coast and over the hills chance of rain by midweek next week. may ab cold rain. here's the satellite radar composite imag image. cloud ahead of the frontal system moving through the sky right now. just high cloud no. precipitation likely. we'll get some precipitation next week as the pool of cool air drops down for the wean. changes our pattern. breezy conditions and then later next week some even cooler air along with precipitation. winds bit gusty overnight tonight along the coast and certainly out over the coastal water. even by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon as winds are diminishing a bit still see gust up to 25 miles per hour clover dale. 26 miles per hour at half moon bay and of course stronger gust out over the water. but tonight very pleasant night. in fact a mild one. low pressure will drop only into the 50's. low to mid 50's in most location so it will not be cool. tomorrow will be cooler than today but
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still pleasant in the south ba bay. mix of clouds and suchbility high pressure up in the upper 60's to around 70 degrees in campbell and los gatos. peninsula high in the mid 60's. 66 in redwood city and menlo park. upper 50's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco look for high of 64 degrees. downtown 59 and sunset district north bay high get up to the around 70 at santa rosa association know him, napa, 71 over at calistog calistoga. pretty mild day in the north bay and pleasant in the east bay as well. nearest bay high mid upper 60's up to about 67 in oakland. piedmont castro vaechlt over the hill in the inland valley of the east bay high right around 70 degrees upper sdoys about 70 and near monterey bay high of 65 at santa cruz. upper 60's inland gilroy and morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast pleasant and breezy weekend. a little bit milder on monday. high climbing back to mid upper 70's inland. pleasant dry on tuesday then cold showers
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arrive on wednesday thursday and thursday high pressure will not make it out of the 50's anywhere in the bay area and then we start to get milder weather again next friday. >> that is a little bit of a being cha. >> a little bit. just a couple day. >> thanks very much. >> new study finds the single worst word that you could say on a job interview. according to discover magazine it is a 4 letter word but not the one you probably think of. the word is like as in at my old job i was like i a really hard work. so if you or someone you know has an interview think of saying something else. all right.i'll be back. like a couple minutes. >> come up next. april fools day opening of wonder con and fascination with super hero. surfer who left a terrible shark attack in her wake and even riding the waves again in shark attack in her wake and evenwe are fourteenth in linen for takeoff.
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>> comic book graphic novel mask hero convention known as wonder con opened for three days bigger than ever. big for book and movies. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez what it is all about. >> they come in costume as legendary character or just provocative or a bit goofy. >> stupid funny is stupid funn funny. >> fascination with super hero. 25 years of wonder con. >> comic book fans to people who are techie. we have surfer who come. it's difficult versus. >>reporter: marvel comic in the show for first time with newcomb ick and video game featuring the unique super hero. >> more about people. regular people who get powers. once they get the powers they still have the every day problems. still having trouble paying the rent or getting the girl. >>reporter: newcomb ick everyone wants to see. x men moved to san francisco and on
9:25 pm
the cover with the world series trophy. another super hero is real flesh and blood. lou was the hulk. >> very happy to be here. people get excited. my fans. i'm connected with the fans. >>reporter: chance to meet artist too. watch them work. brian grew up watching sesame street. >> comic like the last stand of just salute sprivs artwork. you can you are a story teller. you can do pretty much whatever you want. >>reporter: why lee got into the business 40 years ago. >> the main stream comic were pretty much closed to women. it was an open field in the underground. >>reporter: wonder con has changed over the years. originally started as comic book graphic novel convention it's now a show case for hollywood. studio are here to promote the big summer films. >> studio come here and make a really big impact. >>reporter: cast of green lat ernie mortal is here and now
9:26 pm
back to lou. he still works out. >> okay. niece shape. lean. smart about ourselves. >>reporter: i guess i'm not super hero material. in san francisco, abc 7 news. you are a super hero to us. one more note about comic. archie introduced openly gay character kevin perhaps you heard about. that character is so popular kevin is getting his own miniseries. >> when we continues here tonight. outlook for government shut down next week. what you can expect if it happens. and the local landmark where you will feel it first. these are not your parents cars. even as we drive more traffic deaths are down. just how safe today's cars really are. >> also. price we pay for convenience. who is paying 5 dollars to access their own money? >> we take a look back on the oakland a's in their hey-day as they have the season opener oakland a's in their hey-day as they have the season opener 
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>> good evening once again here's a look at the headlines we are following for you this friday night. los angeles police still looking for the donor fans who beat up 3 san francisco giants fans last night. one is in critical condition. giants fans are blaming a hostile atmosphere and lack of security at dodger stadium for this attack. new documents have been released showing church officials in san francisco were among those who ignored the activity of a former jesuit priest now in prison for molesting young boys. >> we learn more about the death of a please anton soldier killed in afghanistan this wee week. jaim lynn was one of 6 american soldiers completely out numbered as they fought hard for hours against the taliban on the afghan border.
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some of the headlines tonight. >> another headline. good news about the yearly mount of traffic death in this country. number has dropped dramaticall dramatically. last year saw the fewest traffic death since 1949. that's when they started keeping records. lisa stark on what is driving that change. >> to get a sense of just how far we have come. take a look. 2 chevy. 1959 meets 2009. our cars of 50 years ago no match for the safety designs of toda today. just in the past few years leap in safety watch this frontal impact. just three years later. this. as for the devastating side crashes. here's before air bag. and now today. most cars offer this kind of protection for the head and body. side air bag will eventually save over 800 lives a year. >> this really is a trb out to the safer car. more advanced safety feature we are seeing
9:31 pm
and more cars with basic safety features. >> one of the motor critical advances electronic stability control without it too sharp a turn and you are out of control. helps prevent deadly rollover. and will save more than 5000 lives a year. it is astonishing to think that highway death are as low as they were 60 years ago. even before the interstate highway system was complete. drivers are helping, too. 84 percent now buckle up. up from just 11 percent in 1980, 50% in 1990. but some drivers will still behave badly. >> still 30,000 people that were killed on the highway. we can't rest on our laurel. >>reporter: the next target distracted drivers. in the push to make the wide open roa roads of america even safer. lisa, abc news, washington. >> new unemployment numbers out today indicate the u.s. economy is finally gaining some real strength. national jo jobless rate fell to 8.8%
9:32 pm
lowest in two years. and businesses are adding workers at the fastest pace since before the recession began. total of 216,000 jocks were added last month most of them in health care, business, services, education, leisure and hospitality. >> in washington another budget deadline is approaching. this time congress appears closer to an agreement. both republican and democrat in congress are trying to avoid a government shut down. that's not the message from the tea party. political reporter mark matthe matthews with the push now to beat next week deadline. >> positive employment figure today's president obama issued a warning. shut down would jeopardize the recovery. >> it would be the height of irresponsibility to halt our economic momentum because the same old washington politics. >>reporter: congressional negotiators are inching closer to a budget deal. >> our goal is to negotiate this and get it finished as soon as possible. >>reporter: senate majority leader reid told reporters
9:33 pm
negotiations are going but not as fast as he would like. behind close the doors 2 sides seem to have settled on 33 bill in cuts where exactly the cuts come from is still being debated at demonstration in washington, d.c. yesterday, tea party supporters said 100 million in cuts or else. >> i say shut it down. >>reporter: if the government does shut down the department of defense has said military personnel will serve without pay until such time as congress makes funds available. that from a draft plan reported by office of management and budget has instructed agencies to keep their shut down plans under wraps. but we know from the last time the government shut down in 95 national parks were closed and that means alcatraz could be on the hit list. spokes william for the ferry service that carries million and a half passengers a year to the island tells me even the worst case scenario isn't that bad. >> government will shut counsel for maybe a few days. come
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back to business. everything will be fine. we are really not concerned about it at all. >>reporter: if no budget deal reached by next friday and government runs out of money and forced to shut down, a lot of agency still remain open. postal service still operating. social security checks still go out. military and all the justice department people still employed. in fact 3 out of 4 federal employees will not be furloughed. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> st. mary's college is one of 12 universities around the country being considered as possible debate site during next year presidential campaign. st. mary's issued a statement today saying hosting a debate would continue the tradition of great conversation at st. mary's about significant that's statement from st. mary's. now dominican university in san rafael among the other sites under consideration. u.s. military ships helicopters assisting the japanese in the search for tsunami victims. search could be the last chance to find those swept out to sea nearly 3
9:35 pm
weeks ago exactly. more than 16,000 people are still missin missing. nearly 12,000 death confirmed. but today aerial search found this. a dog in the middle of the ocean on the roof of a home that had been swept away by that killer wave. amidst an island of debris as well. coast guard boat coaxed him off the roof. ate a meal of sausage and biscuit with gust to. ray of hope twoychlt of japan biggest stars sports hero were on the field tonight. matsui and ichiro as the oakland a held the season opener versus the seattle mariners tonight. they use the weekend game to raise awareness and money for disaster victims in japan. >> dollar per ticket donateed to jp niece relief. we raised 50,000 dollars to help the people suffering there. >>reporter: the a's will could nature 1 dollar to the red cross for each ticket sold for this sunday game. both matsui
9:36 pm
and ichiro donated significantly to the cause and yawn form will be auctioned to raise even more money for the victims. sports director larry will have more on the game a little later on in sports but now a look at one a's fan for whom opening day has very special meaning. laura explains why. >> these are pictures of our 7 72-73 trophy. >>reporter: a happens every spring. when the a's opening day comes along. nancy finley gets nostalgic about the old days. >> everything is new again. and you have that chance to make it to the championship. >>reporter: finley is the daughter of karl finley who was a minority owner of the a's and cousin of charlie. >> he became the common enemy. dad was the one everyone loved. >>reporter: finley was just 12 years old when she moved about with the a's from kansas city to oakland. young girl growing up with a big league team. >> my cousins and i used to
9:37 pm
jump around on top of the dug out. before a game started. and it was just fun. >>reporter: with players like jackson, blue, fingers, cat fish hunter, the a's were perennial champion. still charlie was not always well liked. for one thing he did not spend lavishly on players. >> we started ricky henderson out at 30,000 dollars a year. yes that was 1977 but still. >> we were a misfit group of guys went out and played baseball real hard. >>reporter: blue remembers charlie finley prickly personality as motivatetor. >> i was trying to prove every day that we were worthy of the money we were making but he dangled it in front of us. kept us hungry. >>reporter: for a time it worked. in the 70's the a's won 5 straight division title and 3 consecutive world series. nancy finley has the memory and the rings to show for it.
9:38 pm
>> and this one about has the 3 leaf clover on the side. >>reporter: in dublin, abc 7 news. coming up here. surfer just 13 when shark attack captured headlines and changed her life forever. now she is riding high once again even trying out bay area waters. that story next. 2
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>> you could soon be paying a lot more to get your money from an atm. new regulation mean banks lose billions of dollars on overdraft fee and debit card so trying to make up for the loss n.a test run chase charges non-bank customers in illinois 5 dollars each time they withdraw money from an atm n.text bank is post ago 4 dollar atm withdrawal fee if not a chase customer. the fees are expected to spread across the country. so be prepared. >> federal auditor recommending that sonoma county return two million dollars in federal disaster aid. money was awarded after hundreds of homes and business were his flooded 5 years ago. the audit conducted by the department of homeland security says the county failed to follow proper guidelines for that money. sonoma county officials tell the press
9:42 pm
democrat that fema has already cleared the county of any wrongdoing. well, pretty soon around the country you may soon have a better idea of how many calories you are eating in food. today the fda proposed new regulations for the country that require large restaurant chain to list how many calorie are in the menu tooims items. rules apply to chains with 20 or more locations as well as bakery, grocery and convenience stores. the changes would not apply however to movie popcorn, theater owners fought long and hard for an exemption on that. also exempt are airlines. bowling alley and other businesses whose primary business is not selling food. mere idea shark attack is enough usually to keep some people out of the water but the reality of one is not enough to stop one woman from jumping back in. her story soon on the big screen. here's the story. >> surfing second nature to bethany hamilton. so much that
9:43 pm
when she's on the water it can be hard to notice there is something a little different about her. >> i already know how to surf. i had to adapt to the new change in my body. >>reporter: much is the same. but so much has changed. since that halloween morning 7 and a half years ago. 13-year-old bethany hamilton was surfing with friends when a tiger shark came out of nowhere and ripped off her left arm. >> you know how you go oh. it was kind of like that. and then i looked down at the water an it was like really red from all the blood. >>reporter: when you lack back to that day, of the shark attack, would you change things if you could. >> i definitely would allow the shark attack to happen. i know that god allowed it to happen. because of all the good stuff that has come from this terrible experience. pishtion and now a grown up bethany riding the red carpet to promote the movie soul surfer. you are just 21 years old and
9:44 pm
already a movie of your life. what is that like. >> i grew up in hawaii. my family and i just pretty humble lifestyle and then everything just changed after the shark attack. >>reporter: bethany helped select anna the actress who plays her. >> she's playing me when i'm younger. so she's about the height i was. >> i was so shocked she could get back in the water after something that traumatizing happened to her. >> call 911. >>reporter: the scene lasts for mere seconds. >> not really hard for me to watch but i see it and it's like exactly how it happened. how could this be god plan for me. >>reporter: much of the movie deals with her faith and her return to surfing. tell us about the day that you decided to go back in the water. >> i kind of struggled on my first couple waves and didn't get up. and then i got up on my third wave and rode it to the beach. >>reporter: and surf again she
9:45 pm
did. as the film shows she fought her way back into the competitive surfing world. >> bethany hamilton holding nothing back nishtion real life bethany took the silver at the world junior championship. >> inspirational bethany hamilton. >>reporter: does it feel so different now or are you so used to being on the surfboard with without your other arm. >> yes i'm pretty used to it. it has been 7 to 8 years. i lake forget what it used to be like. >>reporter: she did her own one arm stunt walk for soul surfer and helped anna learn to surf and get of her fear of sharks. >> figure if she can still get back out there and not worry then i should be able to as well. >>reporter: when we met her near san francisco the water wasn't exactly inviting. >> how do the waves lack today. >> looks a little cold. we are here in northern california. i don't know how i'll do but i'll just get wet. >>reporter: 48 degrees. unlike the locals, she didn't
9:46 pm
have a hood or bootie. but she still gave it her all. what do you have to say to people who watch your movie and are inspired by what you have been able to accomplish and overcom overcome. >> little kid and thits just go for it. fought let the world tell them what they can and can not do. >>reporter: if anyone is proof of that, bethany is. this is half machine bay, california. tough customer. snoop dogg and the queen? why the rapper got a call from buckingham palace.i'll be back. 
9:47 pm
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>> you have made it to the weekend. let's go back to spencer to update the forecast. >> start with a time lapse view from the high definition sutro camera. this afternoon looking northward we can see a few high cloud moving overhead. some things down a little bit from yesterday. but still we had some record high today. still another very warm day. 3 con sbingtive day of record high and high of 84 record high this date. santa cruz high of 86. record high with this date. but things cool down more tomorrow. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning it's mild. temperatures in the upper 50's. see mid 60's by noon and by late afternoon we see high up around the 70 degree mark in the warmest location that's about as warm as it gets. here's a look at our
9:50 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast. pleasant weekend. breezy one. temperatures dropping off to more seasonal level then we have a big cool down midweek next week with about showers on wednesday thursday. high pressure thursday. natural climb out of the 50's but edge into the 60's by friday of next week. a little bit of a chill late next week then warm-up again. >> i don't like it. >> take some days off. >> thanks very much. >> snooing snoop dogg confirming the rumors about writing and dedicate ago song to the royal couple prince william and kate middleton. he was on lopez tonight and said yes buckingham palace contacted him. >> how did you get that call how did it come about from buckingham palace. >> me and the queen got a cool relationship. so the queen reached out and called one of my nephew and he connected me on the phone with the queen and she said she wanted something special for her grand kid. so why not. let me do it. i'm the best throwing parties any way. [applause].
9:51 pm
>>reporter: oh, boy. yes prince william is is a fan of snoop. he wrote a special song for him. snoop says he wanted william to have a little fun before he gets maivrmentd i can see william that it perhaps but not the queen i don't think. how. >> how does the phone call go. would i like to speak to mr. dog please. >> something lick that. >> is dog available? all right. giants go for win no. 1 in los angeles and if there's any question about why ryan made the team the rookie 
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
jive giants fans severely beaten outside the dodger stadium last night. what the co-workers have to say about the attack and how the man is doing tonight. latest on his condition. >> one governor controversial idea to bridge the state budget attack. tax on over weight. more on channel 7 at 11:00. >> all right. we'll see how it goes. larry is here you were at the oakland coliseum. >> packed house. very warm. baseball from a perspective started out well. optimistic. weather great. a's open the 2011 season in front of a full house at the coliseum. 35,000 plus. new outfielder josh made an instant impact but trevor didn't last long as starter. dave stewart throwing out the first pitch good. to see him out there. bottom of the firs
9:55 pm
first. josh first at bat athletic that's the way you want want to start. deep off felix hernandez. 2 run shot and a's lead 2 zip. trevor soiled early. striking out ryan then shawn down swingin swingingdale pitched only 4 and 2 third. struck out 8. relief kind of shakey. a's up in the sichblingt ichiro takes craig of to left. ryan racing home. he's safe. that ties it up. if deep to left here and that is gone. mariner lead 3-2. move to the seventh. seattle now leading 5-2. with brad on the mound. pennington throws home and miguel called safe. now the bigger issue is the injury to suzuki. this is hard to watch. look at the left heel. ankle there with the runner. right on top of suzuki in obvious pain. and would
9:56 pm
leave. now 6-2 mariners leading in the 9th inning. no word on suzuki condition at this point. sanchez signed a one year contract extension with the giants. today covering the 2012 season. worth 6 million dollars. which is what he will make this year. rookie brandon making his presence felt tonight in la. this has got to be illegal. giants and dodger they are dating. no. fichlt high driv drive. center field. get back. out of here. about. >>reporter: l welcome to the team. gives them a lead. unfortunately sanchez and the giants could not hold the lead. 6th inning. sac. fly to left. make it 3-two later in the sixth. 2 out. sanchez can not feel it cleanly. rod scores and that ties it up. bruce remember 3 error last tonight. giants very shakey in the fiel
9:57 pm
field. bench get pulled. pl rafael rake a single to right. aaron scores for fourth lead and right now donors continue to lead it 4-3 in the eighth. another nl west match up. roc rockies and diamond back pop 7. arizona leading by 2 runs. up ton ground to lopez behind the back. nasty play. pl bottom 7. 2 down. juan on the hill gets lopez to ground and melvin tm throws high there. this tied the game at 6:00 to. extra. top 11. getting away and diamondbacks win opener 7-6. what a finish in phillie phillies. trail 4-2. heading to the 9th. tv pull it out. john liner over the head of michael. borne experience not a good one. and the game winning run scores 5-4 phillie phillies. pl cal baseball team
9:58 pm
1 million dollars away from being saved. l robert seat goal of 10 million dollars back on february 11. pledge donation now over 9 million. former cal bear and current oakland a player jackson hoping one final push will get it done. >> if the money is there i can't fathom why they turn a program like that away. so hopefully everything gets reinstated and they take positive steps towards this. >> talk final 4. big boy. kentucky and yukon in one semifinal then cinderella vcu and butler in the other semi. virginia commonwealth what a run. first 4 to the final 4 in houston. beat usc, georgetown, purdue, florida state an kansa kansas. remember on selection sunday the experts said vcu didn't even belong in the 68 team field. coach smart used that as motivation. >> our video guys are constantly taping all the things that the naysayers say.
9:59 pm
we print off every single article that talks about our game. talks about butler and we will certainly use some of the things that are said but to be honest with you i have heard just as many people pick butler to win the whole thing as anybody else. >>reporter: unbelievable if vcu was able to win it all. that would be fantastic. >> you would be thrilled. >> love that. >> doesn't get any better. the coach is very smart. >> smart money on him. >> good. >> march madness. >> all right thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news. at 9:00 here on could have fee tv 20 for larry and spencer and i'm dan thanks for watching we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7. finish out the week with us over hour over on the big 7. finish out the week with us over there. goodbye for now.


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