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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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 >> doors blew in. on the upstairs terminal and on the baggage claim. i think every glass door blew in. >> what apparently was a tornado in st. louis blowing out glass at the airport and over turning cars in the garag garage. good evening. a
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severe storm packing hail and high winds pummel st. louis in the area there tonight. main airport is closed. planes diverted to other locations. several people are injured. passengers say it seems to have just come out of nowhere. >> sky went totally black. the wind picked the car up maybe an inch or 2. dropped it and blew out the windows. real fast. piece of plastic came in and hit her. l i grab her out of the car seat and put her in my lap in the front seat and bent over and held her until the wind calmed down and then we got out and ran inside. >>reporter: storm tossed the shuttle bus on top of a cement median. damage was extensive. look at the pictures. passengers were calm but certainly scared. >> then the siren started going off so we huward in and almost almost all the windows started
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blowing out and next thing we know we heard crashes and policy were falling and they told us to go down to a bunker underneath the airport and lights were going out and turned generator on and kept us down there we just got out and it has been 2 hours now. >>reporter: the storm was so severe it lift add roof completely off one of the terminals. half the windows in one terminal shattered. >> the airport is closed indefinitely as a result. the power that is on right now is through generator. we have 4 people who were transported to the hospital but the preliminary reports are that the about. >>reporter: now those injuries are said to be minor. passengers on at least 2 planes were stranded briefly on the tarmac because of debris. they were conveniently taken away by buses. there are reports of several tornadoes across the state of missouri. we will continue to update you on this but joining us by telephone now is jeremy who was a passenger on a plane on the tarmac. in
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st. louis at the airport when this tornado apparent tornado hit. jeremy are you there. >> yes, i am. >>reporter: thanks for coming on with me. i appreciate it. tell me what happened just walk me through very equipment quickly. sitting on the plane ready to take off for chicago then what. >> yes. we were sitting on the plane and we were waiting for lightning delay and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it started raining a lot heavier. wind started picking up. the lights in the air plane started to flicker and we started moving along the tarmac i gues guess. next to the airport then we blew 5 and 10 feet away from the connector thing. and then they evacuated us. and on our way out we i notice that part of the tail was also really badly damaged. >>reporter: part of the what was badly damaged. >> the plane's tail. >>reporter: the tail okay. so what you are saying jeremy is the plane moved and it wasn't the pilot moving it. the wind
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moved your plane. >> yes. the wind moved our plane side ways. may have lifted up a little bit. kind of felt like it was going to tip over side ways. and we shifted over about i guess between 5 and 15 feet from what i can gather. >> wow! what was the reaction on the plane? >>reporter: actually pl more calm than i would have thought. i don't think people realize it was tornado rather than just wind. people were already a little anxious because it was two hour delay due to the rain and at this point it was like they were all laughing about it. then the lights went out then it got kind of scary. >>reporter: jeremy how long after this happened did you were you able to get off the plane. >> we were evacuated pretty late. like about an hour and a half later. they said the plane was the safest place to be at the time. we didn't have any injured so i didn't see any reason they would put us in priority and the runway was all torn up and broken glass
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everywhere so i believe probably was the safest place. >>reporter: what an unexpected freight engine night. jeremy thanks for coming on with us here i appreciate it very much. >> yes no problem. >>reporter: safe travel to your destination. niece a hotel tonight. he presumably will be on his way tomorrow. but again really scary situation. many people say in st. louis the storm seemed to come out of nowhere shattering window all over the airport. you saw the daniel. we'll follow-up and more in the hour if need be and full report for you as well on 7 news at 11:00 over open channel 7. >> but let's move on. another story involving the airlines. new information tonight about the terrifying southwest air line flight earlier this month where part of the 737 jet ripped open in mid-air. investigators have now pinpointed the defect. raising new questions and concerns story tonight from lisa. >> harrowing moment at 34,000 feet when the skin of the south west jet opened up. 5 foot hole. passengers could see daylight as oxygen mask dropped
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and the pilot began to dive to a lower altitude. >> mask came down. pretty frightening. >>reporter: investigators found wide spread cracking in the metal. initial thought metal fatigue. caused by the plane 39,000 take off and landings. but abc news has learned that in fact part of the problem may have actually been a defect when the boeing plane was manufactured in 1996. investigators are focused on rivet. thousands of metal pin that hold the pieces of airplane together. the concern is that in the area that failed those pieces were not held together as they should have been. at this seam in the fuselage where one piece of metal overlapped another, sources say some of the rivet hole were his not sized correctly. that the 2 pieces were not fastened together tight enough at the seam. over time it's believed that stressed the area and resulted in the cracking. even as the investigation continues that damage plane has been patched. it's expected to go back into
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service. after this incident boeing ordered inspection of similar 737 worldwide. nearly 600 in all. but 190 of those were to have the inspections right away. and boeing now tells us 75 percent of those planes have been checked. only 5 l all south west jets were found to have even slight cracks. sources say most of those 5 planes were built about the same time as the aircraft that came apart. this is abc news, washington. landmark settlement reached today is forcing insurer john hancock to pay for nearly 20 years worth of shakey handling of life insurance policies. audit initiated by california state controller john chung found john hancock failed to pay death benefit to the beneficiary of life insurance pochlts instead take money from the policy of the deceased in cg payments. the settlement requires john hancock to restore the full value of more than 6400 accounts dating back
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to 1992. that's a sum that totals more than 20 million dollars. well for anyone looking for work there's a very encouraging development tonight. top silicon valley executives are telling us that the job picture is improving. which means a lot of bay area companies will be hiring in the next few mont months. david lou explains tonight what is driving the turn around. >> it's a big change from 6 months ago. instead of lay off companies are starting to hire again. engineering tech got hired after two years of doing contract work without benefits. >> you can see more opportunity p.look in the paper or webb for job site people are starting to higher more. >>reporter: survey of 175 silicon valley ceo found over half of them plan to hire this year they supply chip to the fast growing wireless smart phone industry so adding employees. >> silicon value area is one of the 2 or 3 spots in the nation that has a good breath of talent in that area so that was
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were you able of the reasons they wanted to have a good establishment and foothold her here. >>reporter: ceo advises job seekers to act fast. >> get my resume back out. i would go more aggressive and get out and make sure i'm at the front of the new wave. i would also make sure you are differentiated because this is a wave this too will pass and another tough cycle some day. >>reporter: 100 kruck workers building a new facility in santa clara data center. they have gone from 1 to 38 employee ins a single year with plans to triple the number in the next 2 years. clients need more server to handle growth in on line commerce. >> data center growth needs and facility needs have been growing at double digit growth rates. >> while the job growth projected there are still major stumbling pwlochblingt the ceo said housing cost, cost of employee recruitment and retention, business taxes and the state budget crisis could hurt silicon valley future. >> while google may be grabbing the headline with the goal to hire 3000 people it's companies
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like this one and advantage that are really making a difference here in the valley hiring only 10, 20 or maybe 100 people. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> you need a good job to pay for gasoline these days. highest price ins california today according to gas buddy 4.99 outside yosemite national park. 5 dollar gas is already appearing on gas signs in major cities and according to experts we could see 6 dollar gas this summer. 6 dollar gas is probably one well placed hurricane and one tiny little bit of supply disruption away. >> some already cutting back on amount of gas they are buying. 6 week in a row consumption is down and according to new post poll reports that 71 percent say gas prices are causing them some financial hardship. >> muni drivers have voted to authorize a strike if talks with the city breakdown. but the group has not actually stressed a strike. pl the
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current contract has no strike clause but the union says it is open to legal interpretation. san francisco city attorney dennis says the current agreement requires binding arbitration to resolve bargaining stalemate. he says he will take legal action in the event there is a strike. >> there's a lot going on as you gather this friday night. coming up here. health department campaign against smokeless cigarette. should they be banned from no smoking area if there isn't any smoke? >> bay area soldier finally laid to rest. he lost his life in service to his country 68 years ago. fichlt i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. don't let reports of sprinkle or 2 dampen your spirit. i have a nice weekend forecast coming up for new a moment. >> endangered butterfly release nude the wild in san francisco. just ahead. latest findings that are giving new hope for just ahead. latest findings that are giving new hope for the future. stay with us
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>> they look like cigarettes and they have nicotine. but no smoke. they are called electronic cigarettes and they are gaining in popularity. now there's a push in san francisco to ban them just like the real thing. regular cigarettes. that is angering the e.cigarette industry. story tonight from thomas ramone. >> heather is puffing away on an e cigarette smoking since 14. and now sees an electronic cigarette as healthy alternative. >> they feel like a cigarette. when you hold them. l they look like a cigarette. but they don't have the bad
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properties of cigarettes. >>reporter: electronic cigarettes contain a battery where the tobacco would normally go as well as a heating element and container with a filter is with a nicotine that many smokers crave. but the san francisco health department says if it looks like a cigarette and acts like a cigarette it's a cigarette and needs the same restriction. dr. thomas the city health officer says e.cigarettes are another nicotine delivery system and sends a message to youth that some smoking is okay. >> big concern is the ability for people to become addicted to nicotine and also to be smoking in an environment where tobacco smoking is not allowed. >>reporter: the vapor electronic cigarette association says a ban is ignorant. cigarettes are not dangerous or unhealthy and much better than smoke regular cigarettes. we reached spokesperson ray in atlanta by phone. >> to have a product and ban a product, you have to show caus cause. you have to show at one point in time that this product has armed anyone.
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>>reporter: ingredient in the cigarette are all fda approved. don't emit harmful secondhand smoke and can be used in public places like restaurants without bothering anyone else. heather agrees. >> i think that's up to the public place. i don't think that people shouldn't be able to just use them without checking first. >>reporter: smoke shop we visited in the city said the e cigarette gaining in popularity and hard to keep on the shelve shelves. tl he wants to change them. >> we already have laws in place around tobacco consumption. by redefining what we mean by tobacco consumption we should be able to go ahead and include this. >>reporter: now san francisco airport board was able to put the ban on e.cigarette in place right away but the city there's good through the city attorney, through the environmental health department and board of supervisors before putting the ban on the books. in san francisco, 7 news. >> several mission blue butterfly released top twin
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peak in san francisco today part of effort to restort endangered species in the area after small population was discovered there. l today san francisco park officials carefully placed several butterfly on plants to reintroduce them to the habita habitat. >> butterfly will stay there for the rest of the afternoon until it gets cold. because we want it to stay on that plant and lay its eggs before it flies off tomorrow morning so at the he said of the day today we'll release those, that netting over the plant. >>reporter: san francisco park department and u.s. fish wild life service say the spread of invasive plants reduce the butterfly habitat in san francisco. they are doing pretty well now. >> he was fichlt spring coming out. >> why have a forecast designed to lower your expectation. sow will wake up on monday and say that wasn't such a bad weekend after all. >> low performance. here's the
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live view for high definition camera looking on to the bay. we have cloud in the sky tonight and earlier in the evening we had a sprinkle or 2 but pretty much evaporated at least for now's quick look at live doppler 7 hd. late snow earlier over in the sierra at lake tahoe. still flurry or 2 but pretty much tapered off as has our little sprinkle activity here in the bay area. right now we look at temperature readings mainly in the low 50's. so still pretty mild outside. but it's cool overnight. sprinkle still possible for the remainder of the night. slight chance of showers tomorrow very slight chance and partly cloudy and mainly sunny easter sunday afternoon. here's satellite radar composite image. a little system that moved in in advance of the main system earlier pushed on through now and has taken what little moisture it had with it p.but the moist flow continues thank you dan. moist flow continues. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we don't expect
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much to be happening in the way of precipitation but we'll have more clouds advancing over tonight and tomorrow morning and chance of shower or 2 passing through and sunday morning we will have spotty showers here and there. not area wide. we'll have tl clouds area wide and sunday morning when the sunrises if you are recognizing easter and going through a sunrise service probably be some cloud around maybe a spriching el or 2 but later in the day, mainly sunny and dry and lovely sunday afternoon. for tonight, cloud clouds. threat of sprinkle and low temperature generally in the mid to upper 40's. a little cooler. low to mid 40's in parts of the north bay then tomorrow we will see lots of clouds and break of sun here and there. south bay high mainly in the mid 60's. 6465 in most location. low to mid 60's on the peninsula. mid 50's on the coast n.and around san francisco 56 degrees sunset district 59 the high downtown. north bay high mainly in the
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low 60's so warm-up much there either and east bay in the low 60's as well and perhaps to about 63 in oakland 63 in castro valley. inland east location a little bit milder. 63 to 65 degrees most part and monterey bay we see upper 50's 60's and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. chance of shower tomorrow or 2. but not great chance. then mainly dry on easter sunday and relatively mild in the afternoon hours. slight chance of light rain on monday and remainder of next week is sunny and dry and mild with high pressure climbing into the mid 70's by wednesday l inland location. >> lower expect taichlingts i expect to receive lots of positive mail on monday. >> you will get it. thanks spencer. >> when we come become tonight. smallest university in the state of california. place where students learn the ropes before
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the technology-packed, all-new honda odyssey.
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welder accidentally opened a hole in 15,000 fall fuel tank on ship being dismantled in vallejo. 65 workers evacuated. its not clear how much fuel was in the tank but firefighters filled it quickly with gases to remove the oxygen in order to prevent a fire from erupting. the ship is part of the moth ball fleet of abandoned ships out in the bay. >> following up on a story we reported last night. san francisco planning commission has narrowly approved a redevelopment plan for treasure island. it is a 1.5 billion dollar project to add 8,000 residential units, business district, ferry terminal and several park. critic are concerned about the island earthquake safety and the traffic the project is going to generate. it passed 4-3 but still needs the atravel of the
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board of supervisors. >> and there is a jump in the number of cruise ships you will see sailing under the golden gate this year. the crystal symphony arrived in san francisco today. bound for alaska. recession brought a sharp decline in cruise ship visits here but the economy is picking up now and 60 ships are expected to bring in 160,000 passengers this season. that's an increase of about grave,000 over last year. still, though, far fewer than the 225,000 cruise passengers that visit the san francisco in 2006 before the recession. you might have seen it while crossing the bridge. huge white ship with giant golden bear on it. it is a massive classroom for the smallest university in the state. in tonight's assignment 7 report transportation reporter heather attends the california maritime academy. >> cadette not students will run this huge ship when it sets sail from vallejo in a couple week. >> on the bridge of the ship.
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this is where our cadette train at sea. >> captain harry will stand watch over a crew made up of college students. >> they learn right here. this is where they learn. they get to experience this at sea. >> at sea requirement is part of the education at california maritime academy. the only maritime school on the east coast. and one of 6 state owned facility in the nation. it ace fully accredited university and part of the calf state university system. students here pay the same tuition as other csu and learn about everything from driving a super tanker to managing and designing a port to running the engine below the deck. freshmen spend a semester living on board the ship to get the sea leg. >> i think a little bit rough for people came from home an living on a ship but it's also good thing because it gets you more exposed to that environment. >>reporter: school is a throw back to time when super tanker ruled the san francisco bay. long shore men ruled the san francisco waterfront. it opened in 1929. has been training ship mates ever since
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including captain bolt on who spent 30 years at sea before come back to the aach. >> you must take leadership and responsibility. you must learn how to handle this ship or you are not going to graduate. >>reporter: unlike l p.m. universities this one must follow strict rules set forth by international and national law. maritime president has to balance several bosses run thanksgiving campus. >> we are unique also in that i have 3 bosses essentially. homeland secure, secretary of transportation and the governor of the state of california. >>reporter: among the federal requirements there is roughly 1,000 students must wear uniform making this college campus look more like a naval academy than a university. >> uc berkeley you go there as freshman you are almost overwhelmed. it's too much. but at cal maritime they stress on the small community and building relationships. >>reporter: while some may leave for leadership job in the u.s. s navy most end up in the private sector. in fact they tout graduation rate of 80
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percent. roughly twice the national average. graduation from the academy nearly guarantees a job. >> placement rate normally is about 100 percent l in these hard times drop down to 94 percent within a month or 2 of graduation. >>reporter: with that diploma comes good salaries for someone fresh out of college. >> ample salary hovers between 60 and 70,000 dollars. not bad for a first job out of college. >>reporter: heather, abc 7 news. at most of the schools applicant are men. only 20 percent of the student body is female. graduation day is next saturday. >> when we continues tonight. senator mccain in libya. to show his support for rebel fighters. >> my hero. >> for many lybian john mccain is the face of u.s. involvement. >> local woman who was a part of the civil rights movement. and how her work is now being carried forward by others.
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>> sweet reunion between a father and a daughter. another >> sweet reunion between a father and a daughter. another half hour of new
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a. >> good evening once again. we start this half hour over seas. at least 75 people were killed during sweeping pro democracy demonstration in sir why. government forces fired live ammunition and tear gas into the crowd. it was the deadliest day in 5 weeks in protest. intensifying the pressure on syria president. more now on martha. >> the crowds were enormous. gathering all across syria for the first time since nearly 50 year old state of emergency was lifted by syria president. protestors demanded the he said
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of the regime. ripping down a statue of the president's father. bracing to see the reaction of heavily armed government security forces. the answer came quickly and violently. unrelenting gunfire left dozens and dozens dead. among the casualty, a 12-year-old boy. carried it is believed in the arms of his father. his head injuries far too gruesome too heart breaking to show. in a battle between the powerful and seemingly powerless, this is far from over. with protestors promising to return and the government promising to stop them. this is abc news. l well stay overseas. white house says it disagree with senator mccain call for the u.s. to recognize lybian opposition political leaders as the legitimate voice of the
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lybian people. mccain made that call during his visit today to libya. white house says lybian should choose their own leaders. more now from miguel senator welcome to benghazi. >> thank you nice to be here. >>reporter: a hero welcome here in the rebel capitol for senator john mccain. early supporter for u.s. vov in the meantime libya mccain criticized obama administration for not moving fast enough and even gone against the grain of his own party to support the rebel cause here. he's attending full day of meetings with rebel military and political leader. rebel want more help. everything from humanitarian assistance to weapons. they do have new help from the air. president obama has authorized predator drone to strike gadhafi military
9:33 pm
position though only 2 drones have been authorized they could make a critical difference in places like the be sieged city here where gadhafi has adapted to nato airstrike by locating heavier weapons near or in mos mosts schools and mosques. for those predator now operational the rebel in the city may have been getting the support they have been begging for. they can stay up all day to show themselves and with sophisticated targeting capability and the hell fire missiles, allow the u.s. to strike with deadly precision. abc news, bengazi gentleman petaluma soldier buried today with full military honest. what makes the story army private mir vin sims so unusual and so powerful is that he died in world war ii. vick lereports tonight on the 68 year gap between his death and burial. pl ♪ [ taps].
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>>reporter: today was the end of a long 68 year mystery. the day army private first class mir vin sims came home. with full military honors. his final resting place the cemetery where his mother and father are buried. >> he's back home where he belongs. with his family. 19 38 about. >> there he is. >>reporter: she brought her year book from petaluma high school. she and betty grew up with him. >> i went from the first grade all wait through high school with mir vin. >>reporter: they both said the same thing. he was a nice young man. like many of the young men, the 23-year-olden listed in the army air force. in april of 1943 his cargo plane crashed over the hump. term pilot used for the dangerous 500 mile route that crisscross the jagged ridges of the him lay a. in 2003 a private expedition searching
9:35 pm
for mia found the wreck annual and sims bones. fment person who led the ex at the diagnosis says by luck his guide found a small piece of aluminum. >> i looked at it and it was the aircraft data plate. kind of bent up but most important identifier you can fine twoyshtion months ago the army notified sims next of kin sharon rome that they finally identified him through dna sample. this is his niece but never knew her uncle. >> do you recognize flim that picture. >> yes. >>reporter: today she got to know him better. through his friends like evelyn ransom sims first girl friend. >> he was a wonderful guy. but i didn't have him around listening enough. when they took him into the sichlts i think the community got what they needed as well as us as family got what we needed and it's a perfect day.
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>>reporter: day celebrated with sadness and gratitude. most never knew private sims but today everyone here was his friend. vick lee, abc 7 news. p.m. happier moment for an army specialist based in after establish. he told his daughter that he would try to accepted her something special for easter. turned out to be much more than she expected. >> i tell what you i'll go on a mission with you. bunch of gu guys and don't feel anything i'm a little nervous now. she thinks aim in after establish right now flying around in a helicopter. easter bunny had to bring something. >>reporter: his daughter rachel had no idea about the surprise visit to her florida school. [applause] relieved he's oka
9:37 pm
okay. and i miss him a lot. >> like every letter i write, we e-mail back and forth it's always you are my whole world. big hug big kiss. >> happy he's home and i love you daddy i missed you. >>reporter: rachel didn't think she would see her dad until next february. sxwrool bay area woman has received a unique birthday gift. foundation in her name to help carry on her fight for civil rights and equality. carolyn tyler has tonight's abc 7 salute. >> just about every monday you will find jill wake man hear at call primrose a burlingame organization that provides food to 1700 needy families each month. >> i just had this need. as long as i could remember p.m., to put myself in somebody else's shoes and say okay what can do i? >>reporter: the 76-year-old says she always felt compassion
9:38 pm
for others. but it was the civil rights movement of the 60's that led her to step up her work to answer a preacher kaichlt the minister was recruiting for her to go down there. >>reporter: she went to mississippi for the summer. her letters home reveal the culture shock. she says i feel in completely out of the world here. she took part in the final leg of the historic march and rally organized by james meredith in the summer of 66. >> dr. king came. at the last night. dr. king was there $18 talked. and it brings tears to my eyes even now. >>reporter: once back home in san mateo she joined those trying to tee segregate the school including elinor. >> spl that was if there. >>reporter: she has written a book detailing some of the projects an programs.
9:39 pm
>> she is the kind of person who continues to say what are we going to do next. >>reporter: one of the latest efforts is fighting on behalf of gay and lesbian for example by protesting against the pl baptist church. to celebrate her activism she was given a unique present for 75th birthday. >> i thought of how can i create a gift that sort of helps her legacy live on. >>reporter: he's created a non-profit foundation in her honor and developed a fundraiser cupped for equality as in coffee cup. >> 112 million americans every day purchase cup of coffee. think about it. how much change do we do if everyone just gave up one cup. >>reporter: and if instead they donated the coffee money to causes his god mother supports. >> primrose is one of the organization her foundation will help. that would have a tremendous impact here where they are seeing a record number of crimes. >> anything generated by the
9:40 pm
support web site and foundation and continue to keep up with increased demaichbilityd i can't change the world but maybe i can make a difference in somebody's life. >> she sure has. and so we are very proud to salute her to her community and creating a legacy of hope and of compassion. >> all right as we continue tonight. everything android. lots of development today about the operating system. l. >> plus. pl flash bob put the the operating system. l. >> plus. pl flash bob put the moves on union square.i'll be
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>> amazon server outage yesterday is still affecting web sites today. social networking site@> this is a reality check that when you put things out on the
9:44 pm
internet when they fail they fail somewhat spectacularly because it's such a width spread service that can come down to one building full of computers having a problem and all of a sudden you may not be able to reach it. >> new sharing site is still in read only mode and smaller site still reporting problems. however other major sites use amazon web service like net flicks reported no problems with their server. >> big coup for google tonight. united states army hasen listed google android platform. it picked an destroyed over i-phone to power the new smart phone. 2 pound device does everything from charting trap movement to requesting a medic. meanwhile bad timing or not a security firm says android has huge l software problem. app loaded with malicious software are infill grating the google system at soaring rate. google working on it trying to stay one step ahead of increasingly
9:45 pm
sophisticated hacker. according to the "wall street journal"android phones just like i phones are collecting user location and keeping track of where you are. all right. stay with tech few more moments. mack versus p c. seems some of the stereo type about who uses what, well, they may be true. stay with type about who uses what, well, they may be true. stay with us. @
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>> about 700 people from schools dance clubs came together for one big flash dance to kick off 13 national dance week. in the bay area it's called one dance celebrates dance diversity and cultural impact. it was all about fun, too. >> many styles of dances there are people in the world, right? because san francisco is so multi-cultural. >> main idea is that everybody brings a little bit of themselves. so we have 3 minutes with everybody doing their own dance and we have the union i son brings everybody together. we are a dance community. >>reporter: national dance week continues through may 1st with 600 free events plan ad round the bay. for details go to our web sigh. let's go back to spencer. always a song in his heart and nice dance step. >> trying to dance around the rain traps right now. here's
9:49 pm
live doppler 7 hd. drain drops earlier disappeared and not much showing up on our radar at the moment. tomorrow we will see the chance of a couple showers or 2. lots of cloud. high pressure only in the low to mid 60's most part and giants at home tomorrow afternoon against the braves again in time 1:10:00 p.m. fairly cloud at that time. chance of shower or two pretty cool temperatures ranging from 54 to 57 during the game. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast after tomorrow's chance of showers we get some clearing by sunday afternoon. nice sunny and pleasant easter sunday afternoon then slight chance of showers again on monday. breezy. but remain dear of the week after monday be dry and pwhild high pressure climbing back into the 70's in the inland areas. >> finally thank you very much. here's the question. are you a p c or mack person. apple ads with a 20 something self satisfied hip sister. p c was older square looking guy in
9:50 pm
brown suit. those characterization as fair as they may be appear to be absolutely true. survey of nearly 400,000 people by hunc shows this. mack users tend to pick designer or vintage clothing and p c previous khaki, jean or casual. l rack read "new york times"and p c with new york today. mack want hum must and red wine. p c old school tuna fish and white wine. guess who prefers a investigation pa over a harley. there you go. >> all right let's go down to larry with all the sports tonight. >> vespa harley or scooter for you. >> maybe none of the above actually. >> big mac. >> yes. i don't know if tuna. i don't know. stereo typing all those. i know some of the them. just the beginning for theen. introduce you to the end parker san francisco native heading to ucla but first he end parker san francisco native heading to ucla but first he was busy dunking on me. sports
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spa. >> abc 7 news at 11 elaborate tattoo that solved a cold case murder and why the teenager faked pregnancy for months. mother and principal approval. those stories and more for you
9:54 pm
coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry here with all the sports. >> giants are back home but only for a brief respite. they got home from a week long road trip. spend the weekend at at&t park. then fly east for monster 10 game road trip. giants and braves in a rematch of last year division series tonight. do they do this at your job. put a cup on head of unsuspecting guy. wanders around for hours i don't know how the cup stays on. madison rough go lately. nice grab here. in the second. diving cam. unfortunately for him couldn't get out of the third the. single to right. mccloud skovrments 1 nothing atlanta then chipper jones goes with the pitch. slams a fast ball to right. ross welcome back. off the wall. 2 run score. right now the braves are leading the giants in the 4-1 in the 9th. lonely broadcast
9:55 pm
booth for ken. he's radio on the air all by him z.even lonely like the a's played tonight. wilson. brown. kennedy in 1 nothing seattle. ross pulled in the fifth. pl the bases loaded. 2 nothing seattle. kennedy pete the a apartments last night with a homer. right up the middle. that scores a bear and right now seattle is leading oakland. score is 4 nothing in the eighth. san jose sharks. one win away from advancing to the second round of establishly cup play off. remarkable turn around considering a week ago they looked like toast. come from behind win with dominating effort last night. sharks take the ice in the tank tomorrow night they can close-out this series against the kings in 5. when you have the opportunity to win that fourth game you have to take advantage of it. i think we are at home. you know. no we don't want to have to get back on a plane. go out there and fight for another 60
9:56 pm
plus minutes. you want to take care of business when you can. >> speaking of play offs. lakers drop the play off opener to new orleans. only seemed to make kobe bryant angry and you won't like him when he's angry. for the 80th time kobe scores 30 points in play off game. out of my wait a minute he finance wished 30. karl is strong. love to see him on the warriors with authority. i love me. l struggling. and i do. with low post game hits the corner 3. wow! then it's kobe. how dishe do that? i'm not sure. lakers take game three. 100 to 86 and lead the series 2 games to 1. celtics in game 3. stoudamire battling back spasm. played. not a factor. back-to-back 3 in the third. pierce with 38. ray allen 8, 3. celtics up by 23. coasting at msg. pl 25 here
9:57 pm
and triple double. helps feed to go allen. 32 points. if they take a series lead. now for the story of the end parker yes that is his name spelled d.end. he led city college san flan to the state title and just signed to play for ucla. t.the to understand how far end parker has come you have to go back to the beginning. youn youngest of 7 children he almost died at by. prompting his mom to come up with his unique name. >> youngest killed. last kid almost died. i'm not going through this again so i got d.end. >> d.end and i tossed and shot and talked smack. >> a little closer. i don't like young kids. >>reporter: end is a 6 foot 6 guard. handle the ball and shoot. yes he can fly. final second parker had the game
9:58 pm
winning tip in for city college as they capture the state championship. >> i have never won a champ zi zip. in my two years i played in high school we lost both years at championship. so i never had the feeling of winning it so that last play i told coach i'm not losing this game. >>reporter: he wasn't losing this game either despite creative attempt by yours truly. >> you have to show me the pump fake. show me the pump fake. i have to learn that one. no defense? ucla coach loved the defensive intensity. >> as soon as he came n.e. said this is my kind of guy. i have to have this guy. i have to have this guy. >>reporter: he average 12 points game this season and impressive 3.5 gpa. >> i know going to ucla i have to put the ball in the bucket and defend a lieutenant so getting back to that mentality. oh. what? what? got to be quicker though.
9:59 pm
>>reporter: he has endured a difficult child hoot. foster home. sibling in trouble. overcome all challenges. smiling and dunking his way to success he's just a natural born winner. >> whatever i do i always try to win. even out here with yo you. i understand the able is a factor in this. >> that's nice. >> that's cold. >> the old maichbility i rea realize do i have him by a few years and i realize i have him by a few decades actually which is even worse. funny thing is i didn't realize he could shoot that well from outside and so it's raining 3s down on me and he is talking smack and he says to me do you think this is going to be, do you think came out here to did a story on a scrub. what did you expect was going to happen. >> that's funny. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us larry got skunked. 


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