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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  May 22, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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>> today on "christian world news" revolution in the middle east, america's president says israel should move the borders to create a palastinian state. find out how this will effect religion freedom. what was the relationship between faith and science. >> plus a booming muslim population in the land down under, how believers are using the opportunity to spread the gospel.
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>> u.s. president barack obama stunned israel in a major speech in the middle east. also implications for christians in the region. hello everyone, i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. will it impact the future. paul marshal of the hudson of religion freedom as well as our own expert john waage will join us in just a moment. first, white house reporter jennifer wishon brings us thr report on the president's speech. >> as a revolutionary wave continues to spraed across the middle east and africa, president obama says, released a bomb shell on israel and palastinian. requiring israel to give up land it gained during the 1967 war including east jerusalem. >> we believe the borders of
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israel and palastinian should have mutually agreed spots and secure for both states. the palastinian people must have the right to govern themselves and reach their full potential in a sovereign and contiguous state. >> president says his position is likely to angry israelis, especially those already disillusioned with his policy. >> no one wants to wear his face, no one likes him. he is only causing problems. >> as the arabs create new governments, president obama called for equal rights for weem and freedom of rights -->> these revolts -- would shepherd
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them and help them become a republic, it could be a nightmare for the christian. >> first here to help us understand the implication for israel is senior editor john waage, who has spent several years in israel. what is the consequences of going back to pre 1967 borders, can israel live with that? >> no. there is no way they will ever go back to it. he called it oush wits. there is no way we will ever go back to that. the chief of staff in the army said those are not defensive
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lines. >> what does this mean for jerusalem, if we go back to pre 1967, jerusalem would certainly be dwieted. until 1967 there were barbed wire and check points and on beyond that the mount of olives. as you know, wendy you can freely travel, you can walk it if you wanted to. if it were divided you would have check points. >> tourism would be off limits. >> tourists would be able to go but not jews. >> how can christians support israel right now?
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>> praying is first and foremost, congress is very supportive of israel right now, so writing a congressman is another effective thing that can be done. >> here to talk ability the future of religious freedom is paul marshal, joining us from our bureau in washington, d.c. paul, great to have you back on the program. president obama said america will work to see that all faiths are respected. he specifically mentioned the right of christians to worship. was it good enough? >> no it isn't. it is good, the president mentioned it and others. it is good he used the phrase when it listed human rights when it spoke about religion out freedom. when he talked about the right to worship freely, that is one
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part of christianity. that is one part of any religion, any. we worship that at the core of the christian faith. but we also want to speak about our faiths to our children and rebuild churches and run schools and more fundamentally, to have equality regardless of your religion. his example focussed on a very small part of religious freedom. i think that is disappointing. what the cops in egypt want is equality regardless of religion. >> there are there are a -- you wrote an article saying in essence, using the word muslim
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community undertakes religious freedom, why? >> because he was referring to countries, such as egypt. countries such as libya, syria. it is important to remember there are many people who are not muslims. >> egypt has more non muslims, more religious minorities than america has non christian minorities. same thing with syria and lebanon. they have millions, way over 15, 20 million people aren't muslim. when he called them a muslim country, you ignore everybody else. we are going to relate to the pivot of islam. it sidelines, many muslims who don't want to brought up primarily, politically they would say, i am an egypt or
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iraqi or curd, politically a muslim. the president keeps imposing this framework on politics of -- that is political islam and bad for christians in the area. >> real quickly, we have a few seconds, the muslim brotherhood in egypt announced they were going to hire a christian cops to serve as president of the muslim brotherhood party, is this a farce? is this window dressing, or are you encouraged by this? >> it is probably sincere. the muslim brotherhood probably thinks its policies would be good. i am saying they are not. the program with the muslim brotherhood wants to implement if it comes to power will be bad for the cops. they might believe otherwise, they do in the end which will found.
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i would treat it as window dressing. >> terrific, always good to have you. paul marshal -- you can see it at our website coming up on "christian world news", he called heaven a fairy story, now this british scientists has provoked a fire storm.
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>> welcome back, remarks by a well known astro physicist are creating a stir worldwide about heaven, what the bible says >> reporter: stephen hawking is known as a brilliant
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intellectual, 69-year-old suffers from a form of muscular distrophy. he said there is no heaven, that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark. >> i have far better grounds for believing in life after death as it were than i do if i were believing in theory, stephen hawking latest candidate theory of everything, there is no evidence, very strong evidence for the resurrection. >> science measures things visible. >> roughly 3/4 of americans believe heaven is real. this 12-year-old boy says he was there.
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at age 4 when nearing death, colton underwent emergency surgery, he knew thing that is were never told to him. >> i will believe what i can believe in. if you don't believe it, okay. >> how he can say there is no heaven or higher power, he is a fool, really. >> reverend dr. rodney holder is calling for people to pray for him. >> a response to stephen hawking, atheisms are created for people afraid of the light. i think there is a lot of truth in that. and yet jesus is the light of the world. that is what stephen hawking
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needs to recognize. mark martin cbn news. a christian couple in the united kingdom are battling to become foster parents. the judge said their biblical beliefs about homosexuality make them unfit to take care of children. uk correspondent peter wooding. >> reporter: after high court judges ruled homosexual rights should take precedents over the rights of christians in fostering cases. >> unison cared for several children in the 1990s are campaigning to be reinstated after it was halted because they refused to endorse a homosexual life style. >> a landmark judgment which will have a serious judgment on
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adoption in the uk, the high court suggested that this couple are unsuitable as foster carers and potentially harmful to children. >> we didn't believe it. we were so disappointed. we thought this was a christian country. so to have this, the judge is saying it was no longer a christian country, we were shocked to hear. >> they say christian beliefs make them more suitable to be foster carers, not less. >> our bible teaches us to love. so many of these children need care, love, and understanding. and our bible teaches all of that. i think we could make wonderful foster carers because we have done it before. >> andria williams is representing the couple. >> homosexual rights trump
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christian freedom. >> in response to this case, a major new petition is calling on the uk prime minister to address the challenges th recentequalities legislion has brought for those seeking to live according to christian teachings. >> if we were to get a million signatures, we would believe would be able to get a bill introduced into parliament. >> they are hoping they can provide a loving home to vulnerable children. >> we are going to keep fighting. we are not going to stop. we are good foster carers. we love that are part of children. children that are less fortunate, we want to give them a home. >> peter wooding for cbn news.
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up next, outreach in the land down under. how christians are witnessing to australia's growing muslim population.
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knew newel >> welcome back to "christian world news" australia is a popular place for muslims leaving the middle east. >> the country's christians see it as an opportunity to win them to christ. gary lane has more from sydney. >> >> 40 years ago, you would rarely see muslims on the streets of sydney or melburn. muslims having sought refuge and opportunity down under.
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>> many will settle into neighborhoods exclusively islamic. they have little chance to hear the gospel. >> life tv is an arabic television channel broadcasting christian programming in australia and other parts of the muslim world. launched in australia, former muslim michael austri. he started the channel with his own funds and feared persecution from the muslim community. they air christian programs in a way muslims understand. >> it is so important to muslims, we love him as a man andrew russo -- and her as a woman. the lord protects us and a special mission like that tlord
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will provide for them. he died for them. they deserve the message of salvation. who is going to give them the message? >> australian muslims are not only hearing it, they attend this church in sydney. ala bazi has pastored here for 2 years, it is called alabore which means cross over. some come here secretly because they fear being discovered by muslim family members. several have received death threats. >> because of the religion of koran encourages you to harm people. those backslider, or we call it in english, they are doing something good to the lord if i kill you, to all la. >> pastor has received many
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death threats since he became a christian. bazi spent youthful years as a radical muslim in lebanon. a muslim friend who converted to christianity introduced him to the bible and jesus. >> i like the possibility of jesus christ. they way he is presented from the bible and share with people, heal them, feed them. i said mom, i am a newman. she said if there is a god able to change ali, i want to believe in him. all my family became a christian except my dad. >> now serving in the australian church, brother active leader and sister leads worship. her brother converted. she explains why she left her country. >> national security police came to take me.
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they could kill me, torture me and do terrible things. >> also experienced the rejection of a loved one and societal condemnation. >> after the rejection, which it was a sexual rape. i felt like i lost my identity. i don't know who i am anymore. >> helena was strengthened by a scripture verse. >> come to me with heaven burden and i will give you rest. only way god can reveal to me or receive even his peace and joy is only through jesus. >> former muslim came to christ after she married. they changed their minds after that -->> i was cured from cancer. god made my parents change their mind so i could marry my
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husband and lived the christian life i wanted to live. >> despite australia's ongoing pressure, they are able to live with others. if you turn on your television, you are like i to see this program. god's world will continue to penetrate hearts everywhere, especially down under. gary lane cbn news, sydney.
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>> people from around the world came to honor pastor david wilkerson this week. he died in a car accident in east texas in april. >> among his many accomplishments in 60 years of ministry, the founding of time square church in new york city. thousands gather to remember him. efrem graham has the story. this memorial service made one
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thing clear, pastor david wilkerson's 60 years of ministry touch millions around the world and began at home with his family. >> one thing i appreciate with my dad not only be a minister, but an amazing father behind closed doors. he was a great dad. really was. >> wilkerson's wife was injuried in the car accident that killed her husband and not able to attend the service. >> you hear behind every great man there is a wife rolling their eyes? that was my mom. [laughter]. thank you for area prayers for her. she'll be in the hospital a cup couple more weeks. >> his brother shared memories together they founded the church. >> he said there is only going to be 1 star on the star and
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that is bright and morning star. >> they also created brooklyn teen challenge, gang and drug rehabilitation programs. ed to there are more than 1,000 teen challenge centers in 85 countries. among the many lives touched, a minister who spent more than 3 years on the streets before finding salvation at time square church. >> pastor, david, i can say he was tlchlt sometimes that is the most important thing you can say is that they were there. >> efrem graham can cbn news. >> certainly a giant of the faith. >> yes. huge. >> thanks for joining us. >>
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