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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  May 29, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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>> today on "christian world news" global food crisis, how rising costs and growing demand could push millions into poverty and hunger. and persecuted for their faith. why the islamic republic of iran is going after christians in a string of arrests. plus revival in china. see exclusive video from evangelist witnessing an unprecedented miracle firsthand. mobilizing resources to fight a growing global food crisis,
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hello and welcome to "christian world news" i am george thomas. around the world food prices are rising to previously unseen levels and consequences could be dire. high cost for food fueling political in instability and pushing millions into poverty. charlene israel shows us more. >> reporter: recent extreme weather patterns here in the u.s.>> it has been well a problem everywhere. we had a low level. we are not about to run out of corn. the carry over is getting where we need a good crop this year. >> vegetable prices soaring 70-75 percent of lettuce crops damaged. texas is the biggest producer of cattle. the second larger winter wheat crop.
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state experiencing its worst drought in 44 years, much of the wheat crops have been damaged, forcing ranchers to reduce cattle herds. weather problems aren't limited to the u.s. in russia, the worst drought in half a century devastated wheat crops. australia known for producing a lot of meat but have sent prices soaring. china, the worst drought in 60 years threatening the wheat crops. the chinese government doesn't admit there is any problem. rising food prices for kron, rice and wheat in 2008 sparked riots from haiti to egypt. earlier this year food riots in tunisia and egypt.
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many protested dramatic price hikes such adds rice, cereal, cooking oil and sugar. >> in 2008, food riots erupted in 30 countries. in 2011, rising food prices combined with rising unemployment have also sparked riots and political unrest. >> there is more to rising food prices than weather. dr. robert thompson of the chicago council on global affairs says the rising global population contributes to food shortages. >> we have to feed 78 million more people each year, expansion of middle class and asia. demand for food is growing faster than supply. >> demand will double in the next 40 years and only 10 percent more land to grow and less water available to world's farmers. we are likely to see continued
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long term upward trend in prices. >> looks like higher food prices will be with us for a while. >> era of cheap food prices over. >> meat will go up and corn for 2-3 years. >> charlene israel, cbn news. >> joining us from washington, paul at the christian humanitarian agency world vision. paul, how will the rising food prices effect the world's most vulnerable populations? >> they are effective the most vulnerable in a number of ways. many people are foregoing certain types of food. they are diverse fiing their diets and cope with rising food prices, they maybe skipping meals and may also be substituting cheaper-types, less nutritious for the foods
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they usually ate. >> also here in the united states, where are you tracking the crises in terms of their greatest impact? >> well, we are monitoring the situation all over the world where we work. we work in almost all the countries, particularly the developing world in most of the regions. we are watching the situation unfold. unfortunately it is not a great picture. rising food prices in asia, africa and latin america. many crops are staples for the diet. maiz in africa, rice in asia and maize in latin america as well. >> world vision is one of the largest humanitarian aid agencies in the world. wlar you doing specifically to help these folks in desperate need in these regions you have mentioned? u in new world vision through
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its programs has short and long-term approaches to the problems. in the short term, we are giving people food vouchers and in the long term we are trying to give people sustainable livelihoods over the long term. despite rising food prices, before the rising food prices in 2008, there was 1 billion out of the 7 billion hungry. with population pressures, the world is adding another 2 billion by 2050. we are struggling to feed 1 billion people today and add an additional 2 billion in the next #40r years. that is a huge challenge and need to address the issue right away. >> staggering numbers when you
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throw out the sta statistics. talk about the faith based churches in all the countries around the world. >> world vision works mainly with communities and local church institutions in many areas of the world. we work in africa and particular with church groups to mobilize volunteers to care for the sick assist people by providing extension services, we are finding huge success with retired schoolteachers to provide assistance and knowledge. we are able to work through the chanls to mobize community reurces and bring in our assistance from overseas so it can be channelled to the people most desperate and the burden falls on women and children. >> you guys are at the forefront literally. i have seen your work in so
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many parts of the world helping those suffering from poverty and the war-torn regions, thank you for joining us on the broadcast. >> thank you for having me. >> the situation in abyeai -- the north and south want the city. leader believe the muslim north is planning a full scale attack. it is the main issue of contention in the days leading up to southern sudan's independence. crack down on christians. how islamic militants in iran are punishing christians for their faith, that story right after this.
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>> some egyptian muslims helping christians rebuild a church attacked by islamists earlier this month. mary's church was selt to fire. muslim craftsman helping to restore burned icons to the original condition. church restoration was ordered by the government. authorities are cracking down on christians. elam ministries reports 285 believers in 35 cities have been arrested in the past 6 months. many spent weeks and months often serving long stretches in solitary confinement and endured psychological business. david is u.s. director of elam ministries that serves christians in iran. gary lane spoke with david about the arrests.
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> what crime are these christians accused of? >> actually, they are not officially accused of anything. they haven't been given charges, they have kept in prison for months at a time. >> david, when mahmoud ahmadenijad came to power in 2005, he said he will stamp out christianity in iran. this is an ongoing thing ever since he came to power. why now is it intensifying? >> it has been intensifying these last few years and in particular, the last year it has been very, the persecution has gained momentum. that is because the church is growing with increasing momentum. the government officials are publically stating that. for the first time they have never acknowledged that the iranians are becoming christians. for the first time they are saying this publically writing
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it about it in the newspapers, warning people. states publically they will arrest people who are becoming christians. that they will close down networks of house churches and this is the result, that hundreds of christians have been arrested, have been interrogated. their lives has been turned upside down. >> what happens to them. what do they have to endure in prison? >> hours of interrogation. sometimes we know some of them have faced sleep deprivation and other forms of treatment that really tries to weaken them and cause them to give in. we know christians are standing firm for their faith. they have been a wonderful light for the gospel. very difficult. it is not an easy thing at all. i heard the stories of several who have been imprisoned. it is definitely a situation
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where we really have to pray for the christians in iran who are facing often hours, days, weeks, months of solitary confinement. it is very, very difficult. also remember the family members who sometimes don't hear about their loved one for weeks or months. they don't know what is going to happen to them. all around it is a trying thyme ing time for the church. time we know the lord using persecution to build the church. there is a certain faith there, but at the same time, it is never easy to see your brothers and sisters go through such trial. >> david, we'll be praying for our brothers and sisters in christ and certainly for your ministry. >> thank you. change is taking place in middle east creating
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opportunities for believers to share their faith. one ministry is the bible league internags. they have been working in the middle east and north africa for more than 30 years. they tell us the political upheaval is inspiring the church to action. he asked us not to reveal his name for security reasons. >> in the first place it is forcing christians to become much more vocal. with their faith. they are being bolder in sharing the good news with others. in many of the countries we have seen the domino effect as people calling out for more freedom. it is not a democracy as we would think in western european terms. islam will probably be the predominant religion. christians say there is true freedom you can experience
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apart from political freedom. we are finding christians to be bolder in sharing their faith. we are finding more people going to internet sites and making inquiries. the whole unrest is simply made the world more unstable for them and so they are beginning to ask more questions. >> the bible league international works with believers on the ground delivering scriptures an training materials to find out more about their work and this interview, check out our website up next, miracles from inside china you won't see anywhere else. the amazing revival taking place in china's country side.
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>> welcome back to "christian world news" china's vast country side experiencing a
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powerful move of god. on a recent trip to china, i met a pair of chinese evangelist and obtained images off this revival. >> these images captured on video home camera are proof that god is moving in china. this is the first time you are seeing pictures of christians from the villages openingly praising god. >> dwaun gave cbn news, exclusive video taken in dozens of locations in china. one thing in common, men and women of all ages being touched by the power of god. >> everywhere i go i meet people hungry for god. >> since 2003 they have crisscrossed the heart land.
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>> difficult and simple in many ways. dwaun showed cbn news how people are baptized in rural areas. >> sometimes in a river. sometimes in the back of a pickup truck. couple of times i have conducted baptisms in the shower. have often we impro vise. >> it was here christianity first began decades ago. most of the rural christians now are women meeting in government-sanctioned churches or house churches. >> the young and older men have moved to the big cities. most are older women. >> sharing the gospel in china is still forbidden. >> i was arrested here a number of times. >> such christian gatherings are illegal since they are not
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approved by the government. >> the government doesn't allow us to travel to another city. >> what is happening spiritually is nothing short of remarkable. >> there are masses of converts every day in the country side. very encouraging. >> this man who we'll call peter has worked in underground churches for decades. cbn has agreed to protect his identity. >> so many places coming to christ in large numbers. churches are healing and reaching out to rural minority groups and unreached people groups. >> today is communist china's newman manifesto. >> it is a far cry from the
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past. >> at the time all churches, >> dwaun say it is preaching is usually followed by miracles and healings. >> people could never walk before begin walking. the blind see. we see amazing healings and miracles each time we travel. >> drawn is a walking miracle himself. in the late '90s he and his wife lived in budapest. >> we were making lots of money and didn't know the lord. i eventually gave my heart to the lord. >> six months after gives his wife to the lord, he was attacked by a mofia team base budest. >> he ows e knifars on
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back, arms and stomach serve as reminders of god's protection and faithfulness. >> i was stabbed over 50 times and almost lost my life. i know god spared me for a reason. >> this is it. the opportunity to deliver hope and salvation found in jesus christ. >> i preach in the government-sanctioned churches and house churches. in both places god is moving in powerful ways. my prayer is that one day everyone in our nation will hear about jesus christ. there are tremendous stories about what god is doing in china, go to our website and find many links to the growth of christianity in china. we will have more of "christian world news" right after this. stay with us back in a moment.
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>> how would you react if you were a victim of a terrible
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crime? such a person and his act of unbelievable forgiveness. paul strand talked about the man that lived the story and written and produced the movie. >> brooks douglas watched his missionary mother and father gunned down before his eyes. >> they never got to see the age i am living and their grand kids. >> he, too was left for dead and his sister violently raped. he was 16 and sister 12. both survived and had to relive as the killers were tried and repealed. he hood a face to face meeting with the killers. heaven's rain is the result and
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available on the dvd. it is rated r where the rape of his sister is discussed graphically. no sex or nudity, any of that. >> if you are embarrassed by the quality of christian films, watch this. >> you can invite your lost friends, to be proud of the production quality, we didn't spend this, the hollywood crowd thinks we have spent lots of money. if we have people asking us to come, we will go to their city and make sure it gets where they can see it. >> paul strand cbn news, washington. >> thank you, paul, folks that is it for our broadcast. if you have comments, questions, send it to us.
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