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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 2, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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jaycee dugard's family delivered their message in court today. philip and nancy garido were spernd sentenced this morning in eldorado county court. terry mcsweeney is live with reaction. >> reporter: jaycee dugard was not there in person to the people that held her captive for 18 years but she did get her message across read by her mother. take a look at video this morning. 60-year-old philip garido.
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431 years, his wife nancy has been sentenced to 36 years to life in prison. in june of 1991 they kidnapped jais jaycee dugard and took her to a house and for all those years she was raped repeatedly and two children fathered by dugard. here is a quote to philip garrido. i chose not to be here today because i refuse to waste another second of my life in your pleasant. i hated every second of every day for 18 years. you stole my life and that of my family, end quote. >> the attorney for nancy garrido talked about his client. >> i spoke briefly on behalf of nancy giving an apool describe. she said the words are not enough and what i did was evil and every time i look in the
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mirror reminds of how evil i was. >> garridos were arrested after philip brought dugard to a visit with the parole agent and the plot unraveled. a few minutes ago, a u.c. berkeley police officer who noticed how strange was that this man was with this woman and two daughters, she addressed the media. >> i just was a little off guard by the defense attorney's remarks about how three life sentences would be enough. no one had a rebuttal for that, but i do. philip garrido ruined the life of jaycee dugard. she is going to remember this forever. it has affected her life forever but he has ruined the life of his mother and her father and
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her stepfather and now her two children and her extended family. everyone's lives, even my own has been affected by this man. so no, i don't think three life sentences is enough. >> and attorneys are fighting to keep the media from access to the grand jury testimony. they were saying, that is like a coyote nosing through the cache. dugard is coming out with a book next month which is called "a stolen life." which is a tell all. now let's go to eric eric live in -- eric thomas where what is reaction there. >> they want to get a hold of that book what was going on right next door. we are in the neighborhood. this is the house that philip
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and nancy garrido lived in while secluded in the back was jaycee in a bunker of sorts with two children she had. since none of the neighbors knew this was going on, this is recent. that you were so close to a situation and one slip up you could have broken this up years before it happened. some people are still in shock and others in the neighborhood think that the sentences aren't nearly harsh enough. >> i spoke to them one time. i didn't know that was going on over here. it makes to convict 431 years, when we have 20, 30 years left. it's a waste of money. death row. >> reporter: he is probably not alone in that thought. as you can see the house is boarded up. weeds are overgrown and i have
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been asked by a couple of people what is going to happen to the house in the wake of their guilty plea and sentences now. nobody around here seems know but nobody around here seems to want to live next door to it san jose's mayor and police officials are responding this morning to the possibility of the city laying off 156 officers because contract talks broke down right before an important deadline. it comes at a time when police need a bigger presence and not a smaller one. amy hollyfield is live at police union headquarters with more. >> the police union officials they walked out of negotiations and if the city called they would come back to the table. time is running out the layoffs will go into place on july 1st. >> both sides agree this a
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terrible time to be laying off police in san jose. >> i think the rise in the homicide rate demonstrates why i think we need more police officers. >> when you have a homicide rate that has exceeded -- now is not the time to be laying off police officers. >> both sides say they are disappointed. >> i'm sorry wecouldn't come to an agreement. >> it's horrible. you've been on the gravy train, feeding at public trough, feeding the cancer, people that are willing to risk life and limb for citizens, how do you think they would feel? >> both sides agree they should reform their pension plan for the police officers but that is where the conversation breaks down. since the two sides can't agree how to do pension reform they have agreed to lay off 278 officers. >> now the costs of pensions is
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skyrocketing. this year it's going to be $180 million and next year it's going to be $250 million. >> can you imagine 60 role cop when a 25-year-old muscle bound, they want you to send a 60-year-old police officer to help you. that is ludicrous. >> so what now? are they going to give it another try? they don't vote on the budgeted until june 21. they set a deadline yesterday to have the contract agreed upon, but if there is no agreement, b. there last been a last minute reprieve for an elementary school that was set to close next week. they voted last night to rescind a closure order and keep shannon
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elementary open this fall. district officials had previously said even though they discovered it cost more to close the school than to keep it open, they couldn't reverse the is decision made two years ago because the district is under state control. cleanup is under way in massachusetts after several powerful tornadoes ripped through the state killing several people and injuring 200 others. senator john kerry the city of springfield looks like a blast zone. residents have never seen anything like it. one of the twisters was caught on video sucking up water from the river sending debris hundreds of feet sky ward. >> it was mess. everything was flying. i heard a big bang and i didn't know what was falling or where was coming from. >> i've never seen anything like this ever. >> more than a thousand national
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guard troops have been called in. there ever been reports of looting. this is the first deadly tornado in massachusetts in 16 years and the most significant damage there since 1953. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney made it official announcing he is running for president. >> the principles that made this nation a great leader of the world has not lost their meaning. we know we can bring in country back. i'm mitt romney and i believe in america and i'm running for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> romney made that announcement in new hampshire and early battleground for the republican nomination. his first priority will make america world's top job generator.
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ron paul, newt gingrich and tim pawlenty is also running. >> the state -- fines several bay area hospitals for putting patients in danger. >> plus, the new healthy eating symbol. >> how the federal government is now getting involved in google's
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my place, the new agriculture healthy eating symbol that contains, fruits, vegetables and protein and grains. michelle obama was on hand saying nutrition doesn't need to be complicated. >> it's a wonderful tool. it's an image that can be reinforced and practiced at breakfast, lunch and at dinner the no matter how old we are. >> officials say that the old food pyramid is so complex and confusing. trying to put nutrition facts at once. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says they are investigation into the hacking
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of the e-mail system. the charges are very serious and disturbing. mountain view company says the accounts of several hundred people including senior officials and military officials were breached. they traced it to china. they were linked to an assault 17 months ago. china says it's not behind the hacking. >> state health officials have issued $650,000 in fines to a dozen hospitals of putting patients' lives in danger. they were not in state compliance with state licensing requirements. they include contra costa regional medical center in martinez, kaiser foundation hospital in san francisco, in santa cruz, dominican hospital and emanuel medical center in stanislaus county. they must provide the state with a plan to correct problem or
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appeal the fines within ten days. mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> it looks like it's going to be sunny today. small chance of showers but the big story, what comes in this weekend. it won't look like this. plenty of sunshine in san jose right now. we'll talk about the record setting rain. >> new proposal that could make it for
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good news for procrastinating california voters. they are allowing to people register and vote same day. the cut off is 15 days before the elections. if you miss the boat, you don't vote. it should increase voter turnout. california ranks 41st in turnout in the nation. >> and there is some rain procrastinating. when is it going to get out of bay area? >> it could be next week. we still have storm to go through. good morning to you. coming up on 11:19 we're looking back to the west from emeryville. you see the clouds have pretty dark bottoms in them. i wouldn't be surprised light rainfalls from time to time day. any kind of organized weather, watch out for a few sprinkles on
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and off during the afternoon hours. dancing with the sunshine and breaking off as we look northbound from sutro tower this morning. take a look at live doppler 7-hd. a few radar returns across the north bay and that is where they are going to stay other than a few sprinkles. in fact you can definitely see the clearing trend starting to take place offshore. that should move onshore giving us warmer weather this afternoon. right now in the mid-50s along highway 101 corridor from santa rosa to san rafael and half moon bay 55. you can see the low 50s developing elsewhere. 58 in santa cruz and monterey. we'll keep an isolated shower in the forecast but the most part it will be dry as far as the rain comes in tomorrow. it comes through through saturday and showery in nature on sunday and monday.
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for today, you can see the sunshine breaking out and mid to upper 50s, still about 5-10 degrees cooler than a average. 59 in half moon for are the cool spot. monterey, 62. mid to upper 50s for the rest of the bay. upper 60s to near 70s for gilroy and hollister. tonight partly cloudy. mid to upper 40s to near 50 san francisco, oakland and concord and antiococh. you can see the area, trough of low pressure moving through. that is the triggering mechanism. that is why our best chances of vein behind us but the cool unstable air mass hangs around. any time you get the sunshine it can irritate that atmosphere and pop off a light shower here or there. the significant weather, larger storm coming in with cold front straight from alaska. here we are from noon, all the way through the evening showers. the sky clears a little bit.
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look at the clouds increase ahead of the storm and already by noon, light rain developing in the north bay. by 5:00, it starts moving through the rest of the bay and keep moving inland through the overnight hours. then you see the waves of light rain moving in and showers develop as we head to sunday morning. it will be tough go if you have outdoor plans this weekend. coolest weather will be saturday. sunday we start a little warming and then monday and tuesday, that is when we start to turn the system off and bring warmer weather and sunshine for wednesday. by wednesday we need to see temperatures for the first time in like a month back to average. >> we won't be used to that but a we'll take it. >> be prepared to be impressed. fewer than 20 are left in scripps national spelling bee. the semifinal round is going in washington, d.c.
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the finals will be held tonight and air on espn. sadly no californians remain in the contest. there were two bay area girls a 14-year-old an eighth grader and a fifth grader at challenger school in san jose. neither made it into the semifinals but they can come
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we have breaking news in san francisco right now. there is a raging structure fire in the glen canyon park area. reports that two firefighters are injured, possibly critically and at least two ambulances were recalled. it's burning near diamond heights boulevard. firefighters are having a difficult time to get it under control. stay withs and we'll have more at 4:00 and 5:00 and also at >> finally this morning, an escape from alcatraz and grateful dead. don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ >> ethnic dance festival brings more than 750 northern california acclaimed dancers and musicians to explore their hair contamination at zellerbach hall. ♪ >> the world premiere classic tales of the city, a.c.t. brings the beloved characters to the
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stage. ♪ >> last week i gave you an exclusive look inside bob weir's new studio. he joins phil lesh at shoreline. >> a rare bay area performance tony lindsay in san rafael. ♪ >> charles lloyd headlines the healdsburg jazz festival, entertainment everywhere. >> world's best athletes try the try ath triathalon in the escape from alcatraz. >> and u-2 place the coliseum in oakland next tuesday. don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> and air temperature at
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alcatraz. >> probably colder
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