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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  June 5, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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>> today on christian world news, denmark's church of love, how one pastor is spreading the love of christ to the very muslims who are threatening to take his life >> and doubts over jerusalem day, but could that city be divided once again? >> and answering the biblical call to call for orphan, how adoptions are on the rise in the church. >> the united states appoints an ambassador to monitor
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religious freedom worldwide, i'm george thomas. er >> and i'm wendy griefn. the ambassador has a way to mon nor religious freedom across the board, a new pastor took over the post this week, she faces a long list of trouble spots. >> so help me god. >> a baptist preacher from the bronx, she's for international religious freedom >> we have a passionate visionary and defender of religious freedom. >> and we have a big stack of issues just waiting for her. >> hillary clinton served when she served as a domestic advisor to president bill clinton. she's been described as the hair yot turban or women in
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industry, breaking barriers for the new york -- and the first black woman to be elected senior pastor of the usa. >> around the world, authoritarian regimes abuse their own citizens, violent extremists attempt to exploit sectarian tension and religious freedom is under threat from both quiet intolerance and violent attacks. >> she's prepared to step on to a volatile world stage, as christians and people of other faith is growing with persecution. >> christians must have the right to worship freely in cairo, just those who have their mosques, will never have their mosques destroyed in
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berain. >> as ambassador, she's worship with different faiths around the world while monitoring religious persecution and discrimination, she'll help private organizes promote religious freedom and identify -- reporting her findings bab back to secretary clinton and president obama. >> religious freedom -- corner stone were every healthy society, and we must encourage the highly religious countries of the middle east and north africa to follow full equality of the law of all acts. >> she says god has prepared her for the challenge. cbn news, the state department. >> thanks, jennifer, gary lane is here, he works with a great organization called voice of the modern of ministry to the persecutor of church, this young lady faces a tremendous challenge, that's putting it lightly. >> around a third of the
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country is persecutions of religious faith so, what do you do with that? >> what would you tell our audience, the first top three countries where she would focus on? >> she needs to begin in north korea, saudi arabia, pakistan, also in iran where christians are under fire there, and even in china, as you know, some churches have come under fire there, those should be the first ones. >> we have talked on this broadcast for a long time about the rome roll of this particular office but you have the opinion that it has been softened, perhaps weakened, how so? >> it took the president a year and a half to even appoint someone, so that shows it's not a priority here, in addition to that, it took another six months to get confirmation, she'll get her feet on the ground and his term might be up, beyond that, she needs to report directly not president
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and to the secretary of state, the position is relegated fo some obscure office where she reports to the assistant secretary, she needs direct access. >> and i think what's going to make a difference i'm sure our viewers will understand is putting some teeth beyond these elements when there are elements that persecute, that there should be consequences. >> and it's hard for places in china. >> gary is monitors these events around the world, so thank you. >> in the christian nation of denmark, the number of immigrants is going, about 4% of the population is now muslim, there's also a vibrant ministry that shares the love of christ through these ministries and it's led by a former muslim. >> he's the pastor of the dynamic community, and it's the
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author of the forbidden salvation, my path to freedom, he's born a muslim in iran, he fled to denmark in the
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>> no matter what happened, the good news is we believe in god. and we build in love, and all love. >> dale hurt, cbn news in denmark. >> coming up, how christians are responding to the biblical call to care for orphans.
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>> china's one child policy was designed to control population growth. it also led to a practice called gendercide, there was a campaign to end gendercide, all because of a christian ministry called all girls aloud, don
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jessica explains. >> china may be america's fiercest competitor on the world chase, but soon chinese men will be competing against each other, by the year 2020, 20 million chinese men will not be able to find wives. >> the number of girls in america is [inaudible]. >> high man rights group blame it on a gendercide. >> these had to be aborted, killed right after birth, abandoned and trafficked. >> china's not alone. many asian countries like india, south korea and vietnam place a premium on boys which lead some couples to abort their babies once they find out it's a girl, it's practiced in
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ar maine ya, her law makers -- calling special attention to china's holiday which they say has resulted in killing 50 million girls. >> i believe china should be at the hague answering crimes against gender, crimes against humanity for what they have done. >> the assault also targets the united nations politician fund, so when the states asked the politicians, all girls allowed said the u.n. population fund. >> we have two days to vote and we were able to get the votes in and the council decided to do the cutbacks. >> it's one of those issues
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that has obama reinstated. it's our hard earned tax dollars has to go to things that are better. >> they see it as a win, win, it's not about cutting spending and saving money, it's also about saving longs. capital hill. >> when the reynolds family adopted threes of triplets from russia, they had a set of biological twins, that made 11 children in the family and they're part of a growing trend, charlene israel tells us more about these remarkable families. >> morning are a busy tyke for lisa hoarding in lakeview minnesota, they had a lot of experience over the years getting five kids ready for school, they were waiting for empty nest in a few yearser but things didn't turn that way, it all started with a mission trip to africa.
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>> we thought we would work with digging wells in africa. >> it turns out they were needed for another project. >> it hadn't occurred to us that god may want us to parent african children. >> well, what are you going to do about visiting orphans in distress, that's a question of obedience. for us, it meant adopting. >> the hoarding adopted phillip and [inaudible] >> a little family in minnesota and two boys not even born yet, with god digging in my heart, across the continents and across time zones and all of that, he put a family together. >> they're convinced this is only the beginning. >> i'm excited about refueling what's attached to us, there's no period to the end of the sentence, now it's what next?
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>> cbn news met with the hoarding with the orphans summit. >> it's how does god want to use us. >> this couple adopted three sets of triplets from russia, something their biological sign is thankful for. >> i'm just so amazed in what god has done with the adoption to our family, it's changed it so much. the three oldest of our family talked about it, we didn't have a younger siblings, we have to be focused and have to share, also have a lot of fun as a big family, people counting us and drive a massive van, it's just a lot of fun, we were so blessed with god and give thanks for that. >> some like kyle and caroline also take in children that unadopt *bl,
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>> these children have hiv. >> it's really exciting to see just the networking and see how orphan's promise fits into the whole picture of serving orphans around the world. >> award winning singer have been champions during this stage, their youngest daughter maria died in a tragic accident. >> this little girl, god brought her into this family and for her five years into this world, well, why wasn't it, we thought that was the plan, and now this whole new dimension, grieving and as we grieve through this process saying this once again brings us back to god for orphans. >> god's heart for a adopted children have grown deep into their hearts as well.
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this story is not about me, it's god's story. >> people have said, aren't they lucky, you rescued them for whatever, and i said, are you kidding me, i'm the lucky one, i get to be rescued from my impatient, and disease ridden in my soul. i'm the lucky one. >> charlene, cbn news. >> jerusalem's future still in doubt, questions linger after 40 years after israel captured the city, will it be divided again?
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>> so, this week, christians and jews celebrated jerusalem, the anniversary parks the date in 1967 when israel city recaptured the city of jerusalem, 40 years later, they're wrestling out of the
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outcome of that. >> jerusalem must never again be divided, jerusalem must remain the united capital of israel. >> others want to divide the city, later this year, the pal tin yin authority leader wants to take his case fot united nations, his request, a palestinian state, but is there more under the surface? >> we know the gun under the arabs, the goal, the palestine liberation organization says they want to wipe israel off the map. >> hines has the group committed to keep the group under israeli sovereignty, he says it would harm both jews
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and civilians. >> jerusalem is the heart of the jews, it is part of the christian world and forcing us to give away these areas would first of all delete and disconnect the whole of the jewish world. >> the faith of jerusalem often centers of the temple mount. the temple mount place of the world would be jewish people, the last one destroyed by the romans in 70ad, now it's under muslim religious control. >> this is essentially the universe, and this is where everything revolves around. if we manage to solve the issue of the holy places in jerusalem, then there will no longer be a middle east problem.
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>> the stumbling block was the temple mount. >> one of the reasons it fell through was because of the the sovereignty over the places, israel wanted israeli so*frpty. >> those talks fell apart and more than ten years later, jerusalem stands in the centre of the argument. what happens here will affect not only the middle east but the world. cbn news, jerusalem. >> and i's not only jerusalem that's at risk. now, two young farmers from america are trying to educate u.s. churches about the biblical significance of the land, caleb and joshua is with the land, i spoke with them about their mission.
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>> let me ask you guy, most 20 year-old guys are trying to finish school, play video games but you're farmers in one of the most hotly contested pieces of real estate in the world. you know, what are you doing there? >> yeah, it is a different thing, you can say that much, but it's an awesome privilege to be there in this area that god all throughout the bible says, you have abraham, isaac and david, the stranger's coming and being farmers there. >> you're touring america right now raising awareness of the biblical significance of the west bank. what is your main message to the churches as you speak about israel? >> if you look at israel, you hear west bank a lot in the media, you hear that it's a word that's been throwing around, we're trying to educate
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the people, that 80% of your bible is written in this area, when you here our president say 367 borders, that means gives up all of old jerusalem, basically he would use a mask to say east jerusalem or if you hear the west bank, that's where the ko*f nans was made with the heart of israel. >> presently, the palestinians said there's no room for jews in a west bank pan stin yan state, how do the west jews of samaria respond to that? >> they say -- they stand up very well to things like this, they say, you know what, they're looking at the world of god, they're saying the world of god says this is our land, god gave us toize sam, aib mam and david, and they're standing on those things. >> how many jews are on the west bank? >> about 250 thousand.
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>> this is a division your father had, you grew up in an amish community where you learned farmer, where god you didn't know was preparing you to take it to the west bank. how many years have you been there? >> about 7 years. >> that's a pretty large group with 11 children. now it's grown? >> about 150 there. >> now, when you first showed up 7 years ago and said to the jewish farmers, we don't want money, we're here to help, they must have been skeptical. >> they looked at christianity, they have a good reason to be suspicious, they think of the holocaust, we went in there to say, we're sorry what our forefathers have done, we want to bless you guys. >> so, caleb and joshua, it's wonderful to have you with, we
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love what you're doing and god bless you. >> thank you. >> if you want to join the guys for the harvest system, check out their website, tla's cw we'll be right back.
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>> the global day of prayer is just days away, christians will seek god's blessing for their countries and the world, the annual event is on june 12th, leaders are asking christians to pray daily for the event, find a link at our daily prayer event at cw >> that's it. that went by fast. >> that's this week's edition 
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