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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 7, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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the family of missing nursing student michelle le clings to hope she may be alive as hayward police saying they have conclusive evidence of targeted murder. we are excepting more information today. i'm aim is live at the hayward police department with the latest. >> slowly there is some acceptance this morning that michelle le may have been murdered. samuel merited university released a statement that michelle le was student and it's with heavy heart that michelle le's missing person case is now a murder vision.
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the pain we feel is indescribable. they called michelle, energetic and compassionate. >> police are behind closed doors with investigators and yesterday their actions said a lot. they revisited the home of le's friend gizelle esteban. they already searched her home butthey went back for more evidence. she has told "abc 7 news" she openly hates michelle for stealing her husband but she has nothing to do with the disappearance. they have named her as a suspect but have said they believe le was murdered. >> forensic examination of the car and the parking structure where it was parked, information gleaned from multiple interviews including those of friends, family and of persons of interest. le was last seen two weeks at kaiser hospital where she was working. she said she was going out to
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the garage to get things out of her car. her car was found half a mile away. they say they don't think it was a random attack, they believe someone that knows her killed her. they plan to search for her month body in remote areas. le's family don't want to believe this. on a facebook book page the brother said the family believes she is alive and they are holding out hope. family is expected to make a statement later this afternoon. >> kristen: organizers expect up to 400 people to expect n a peace march in oakland in a violent neighborhood. there wereeven shootings last weekend. 56-year-old man was killed and six others were killed. students and members of st. bernard church will begin the march at 3:00 p.m. they'll meet with the police chief to ask for more officers.
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there are no suspects in i of those shootings. >> tonight's game at at&t park will be dedicated to the memory of two fallen san francisco firefighters. mayor ed lee will throw out the first pitch. the two firefighters died while battling a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood last thursday. both worked out of station 26. condolences continue to pour in. a vigil for the men will be held at st. mary's cathedral and 'formal funeral services are set for friday afternoon. >> beginning tonight coit tower will be lit in red as a tribute to the firefighters. the tower originally built as a tribute to all firefighters will remain bathed in red till friday night. >> the chairman of the republican party is demanding anthony wiener's resignation
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after he admitted to tweeting lewd pictures of himself. she refusing to step down, but even his own party leaders are voicing their disappointment. >> in an exclusive interview, 26-year-old make an broussard admits he is a relationship with anthony wiener. >> yeah, it was nothing like relationship, whatsoever. it was like. >> you sent photos to him. >> they weren't bad pictures. but he sent me them. >> after a week of lying after a twitter picture surfaced. he confessed in a news conference admitting to having online relationships with six women. >> for the most part they took place before my marriage but some took place took after. to be clear i have never met any of these women at any time z
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says it obtained messages on a porn star in saying how to lie to dov up the relationship. he is not resigning. >> i don't see anything that i did that violated any rules of house. i don't see anything that violated my oath of office to uphold the constitution. >> nancy pelosi has opened an ethics investigation while he defends the backlash. >> why is so obviously smart do something t the answer is narcism, pure and simple. >> he was a popular member of congress and had a h hoped to run for the mayor of new york city a goal that now appears in jeopardy. > today several special elections are being held in the bay area. voters in the city of richmond will vote on two measures, the first would increase the city's sailts sales tax to 10.25%.
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it would join two other cities as the highest sales tax in the east bay. secondly proposal would give $6 million in projected new revenue from this tax measure to schools and city services for the poor. >> meanwhile, the city of hercules is holding a recall election. voters there must decide whether to remove the mayor and city councilman from office. recall supporters accuse them of wrong leadership and accused the two of supporting questionable development deals. a new poll shows that president obama could be in for quite a fight in the 2012 presidential campaign. the poll found republican mitt romney is in a dead heat with president obama. the former massachusetts governor formally announced his candidacy next week and plans to make jobs and the economy the central issue of his campaign. the poll also found that
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president obama's members are sliding when it comes to how he is handling the economy. 59% disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. 89% of americans say the economy is in bad shape and a third of americans consider the country, quote, seriously on the wrong track. >> president obama acknowledged a new economic slowdown but says he is not afraid of the economy slipping into a double-dip recession. he says it's too early to clearly read the impact of the latest unemployment report which shows a slowdown in job growth. >> we don't know whether this is a one month episode or a longer trend. obviously, we're experiencing head winds, gas prices being most prominent. it has enormous impact on the budgets and psychology of consumers. >> his comments came during a joint news conference with visiting german chancellor angela merkel.
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right now at the state capitol, jerry brown is scheduled to release his plan to reduce the prison population. it's after the decision last month to decrease the prison population by 30,000 inmates to ease overcrowding. the plan is expected to shifted thousands of criminals to the counties. 32 prisons house 144,000 inmates in space designed for 80,000. >> new questions surrounding a man's drowning at alameda beach while emergency responders watched him die. new accusations that first responders could have done more to try to save him. >> three families in east palo alto get used to their new homes today. today. what turned their d
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tonight the alameda city council will tackle new concerns about a drowning at the beach. a man walked on the surf and the whole incident lasted an hour and firefighters never attempted to rescue them. they say they couldn't because the program that certified them was cut two years ago from the budget. mercury news one councilmember
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is questioning whether the cuts were temporary and somebody didn't follow up. there are questions whether officials did all they could to call in outside help. alameda police department but the fire department, alameda county fire department are both trained and equipped for water rescue say they were never asked important help. it's moving today in east palo alto for three grateful families who are getting their own homes thanks to habitat for humanity. live from east palo alto with a great story, nick? >> reporter: you said it right there. east palo alto is just one bay area neighborhood that has been hard hit by the housing foreclosure crisis, three new families will occupy the homes and three new families will be welcomed to the community. >> if it seems as though the woman is walking with an extra pep to her step, you are right.
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>> owning a home has been a goal of mine. single parents with two daughters, it's such a blessing. >> she and her daughters received the keys to their new home tonight. habitat for humanity started the neighborhood revitalization program in 2009 in response to the foreclosure crisis. >> it's about stable environment so families can thrive. >> through the program, they acquire bank owned homes and rehabilitate them. they have no money down payment and zero interest mortgage after completing home ownership training. working alongside hundreds of volunteers. >> every house of habitat in collaboration are able to rehab and it's one step closer to eliminating those issues of blight, of gangs and other
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social problems that come with neighborhoods that are downtrodden. >> i didn't think i would be homeowner so soon but i am just blessed to have this opportunity. >> she says by volunteering, she is part of something bigger and after each of her girls have selected their rooms, she knows what the first meal in her new kitchen will be. >> fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn bread. >> i'm thinking about going to her house for dinner but i want to know they have completed 15 homes to dated. if you wanted to know more about the problem or habitat for humanity go to our website at >> kristen: thanks so much. and you can see the without the jacket. >> and it's looking great outside. we do have flight arrival delays around 40 minutes even with the
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increasing sunshine and talk about the warming trend. >> kristen: also, the next step, the delusions that could come with drinking too much coffee. is it good practice or bad tourism? 
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a crackdown on so-called drug tourism. famous marijuana shops will be off-limits to to all foreign visitors. it's beginning with shops amsterdam that is private clubs that open only to adult citizens with a proper i.d. they call the ban tourism suicide for country known for the liberal policy on pot. that policy is credited with attracting visiting college students for decades. >> and here is something to think about before you pour your next cup of coffee. drinking five or more cups of coffee could cause people to hear sound and voices that don't exist. researchers played a fuzzy sound and those that were stressed reported hearing music within
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those sounds even though the music didn't exist. they describe caffeine the most commonly used psychoactive drug. >> how about you, two. >> i think one but i think it's giving me a kidney stone. >> how about some sunshine instead. >> see if we can find some. here at 11:20 and westbound from emeryville and some of the clouds and breaking and sunshine opening over the bay area. one more beautiful place, at&t park. they got a game today against the nationals. and you can see some of the sunshine breaking also. take a look at the satellite and see the clouds slowly racing as the wind is becoming more like it should be this time of the year out of northwest instead of the westerly winds.
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everybody else around the bay shore into the north bay valleys low to mid-50s. upper 50s around concord and antioch and pretty warm around monterey bay, santa cruz and watsonville, in lotto to 60s. 67 in gilroy. monterey with northerly breeze, stay cooler than everybody else. 57. increasing sunshine and warmth today. cloudy tonight and few patches of drizzle are possible. warmer afternoons all the way through the weekend. 24-hour temperature change, maybe cooler in san jose and only one degree. one degree in fremont. san francisco 5. notice as you head inland, concord and santa rosa, 11 and 12 degrees warmer. we'll start down in the south bay, upper 60s to low 70s. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula to 70 in los altos. 50 in half moon bay. low to mid-60s downtown and
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south san francisco. mid to upper 50s, sausalito and san rafael. mid to upper 50s at your beaches. mid to upper 60s to 67 in castro valley. low to mid-70s inland valleys and mid-70s. monterey 50, mid to upper 60s for the rest of the bay. few scattered showers, 70 in yosemite. you can see near 80 throughout the centrality valley but 92 in palm springs. giants forecast, first pitch at 7:15 against the nationals. 60 dropping down to 57 degrees. tonight the clouds will come back. they drop a little drizzle along the coast. higher elevations, it's going to be cloudy low to mid-50s. here is an area of low pressure the counterclockwise flow is blowing the wind offshore.
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that, we're seeing clearing today. this high pressure should dominate our weather and steer the storms to the north. so that means sunshine and warmer weather. we should be anywhere from four to six degrees warmer by thursday and temperatures will hold all the way through the weekend. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> one of california's biggest health insurers says it's ready to give back to its consumers. blue shield says it will cap earnings 2% and return the rest to its consumers. last year's profit of $167 million which means the 3 million customers will get $55 a apiece. they say his company doesn't have control to rising health care costs but they can do something. >> and a fan who managed to make a baseball dream come true with 
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today at 3:00, actor mcgregor and tips to help you sleep. then at 4:00 and 5., michael finney exposes the fine print on mileage claims that car companies claim. which cars really get more than 40 miles per gallon. those stories and more at 5:00.
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a programming note, game four of the n.b.a. finals between miami and dallas begins immediately after "abc 7 news" at 5:30. that will be followed by after the game. and one man's priceless ball cap. it happened at toronto blue jays in kansas city, a foul ball and uses his popcorn bucket to catch it. didn't even need a baseball gloves. the fan is thrilled with the catch and didn't mind at all he may have had to get another bucket of popcorn. >> you need to watch out for that. >> and warming up? >> temperatures will be back to average and should be hacking around all through the weekend. >> giants game right here at at&t park. >> enjoy.
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have a great day. bye-bye.
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